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00:05Chutt actually, all throughout the UI, nothing fits anymore
00:05Chutt text is all over the borders
00:05Chutt looks sloppy
00:06Chutt geckofiend, are you running at 100x100 dpi?
00:14Chutt stuff looks bad even at the defaults, let alone the res i need to run on my tv =)
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00:25Chutt color difference between fonts on the conflicts screen for recording and disabled recordings isn't very great, either =)
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01:02dopester is this beatup gecko day? :)
01:03Chutt heh
01:03Chutt naw, just using the theme since my wife likes it
01:04dopester sounds like even if it blinds you the wife still overrules :)
01:05dopester oh chutt there is looking to be really good hope for atsc alternatives and real opencable options in a few months
01:05Chutt that's cool.
01:06dopester the fusion hdtv gold3 has mac drivers that are opensource
01:06dopester and b2c2 is coming out with a qam card that can do us style fec
01:06dopester both of which are already working in linux just the tuners might not be supported
01:07Chutt nifty.
01:07dopester but writing a tuner driver is meerly getting the datasheet and sending the right things over the i2c bus
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01:07dopester have you seen "cablecard" before?
01:09Chutt nope
01:10Chutt hrm, back to gant for a bit, i guess
01:10dopester its an opencable cam module.. electricaly identical to dvb cams, and from the small ammount of info i can get from without an nda it looks like the protocol is just a tad different than the dvb version..
01:11dopester let me see if i can dig up a link.. i know time warner rents then for 1.75 a month here
01:12dopester so if any us qam cable cards come out that have ci ports getting it to work might not be very hard..
01:12dopester then would you care about dvb? :)
01:12Chutt eh
01:13Chutt maybe
01:13Chutt time for bed
01:13dopester yeah same here.. take it easy
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02:07streamtrade Is there some debugging that I can do running mythfrontend in gdb to track down the cause of prebuffering pauses?
02:08streamtrade I am running gdb now and getting those messages
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05:13GeckoFiend Chutt I'm doing the updates in stages. Nothing fits right now because I haven't finsihsed the update
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08:52Riff-Raff i'm working on adding dvb subtitle support to myth, I'm trying to get the dvbrecorder to record subtitle pid into ringbuffer but the ts2pes decoder in transform.c does not seem to comply to more than two streams (video+audio), any suggestions?
09:12firestorm Hi. I've set up 4 different channels in MythTV but cannot work out how to change channels
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11:38Chutt geckofiend, ah, cool.
11:46o_c Chutt: did you see my messages from last night?
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11:46Chutt yes
11:47Chutt none of that data is consistantly correct, so it can't be used.
11:47Chutt the programid is always correct, and it completely superceedes anything else, so it can
11:47o_cee with dd?
11:47Chutt i really don't see a need for _another_ id to be used in dup checking, if there's already a field in the database for one
11:48o_cee previously-shown, i found 'originalairdate' in the db. will put it there.
11:48o_cee another id? you mean the previously-shown date?
11:49Chutt yes
11:49Chutt like you asked about
11:50o_cee yeah, no guess i'll just add it for display purposes as of now and try the generate ids. but we're not getting the same good episode/series info from all channels.
11:50o_cee and the program-description thing?
11:50o_cee does dd provide that?
11:50Chutt nope
11:51o_cee too bad :/
12:01o_cee need to get the data into the db first.. or, get the data to the .xml in the first place ;)
12:01o_cee then i'll see if i can add some stuff like that
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12:10Chutt geckofiend, the text area for the menus was slightly too short - i just committed a fix to cvs for it, but you may want to change the numbers =)
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12:11Chutt doh
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12:15Chutt geckofiend, the text area for the menus was slightly too short - i just committed a fix to cvs for it, but you may want to change the numbers =)
12:15Chutt heh
12:16Chutt geckofiend, also, i think that the font bases and stuff aren't getting reloaded properly on theme change
12:16o_cee Chutt: anything special your wife doesn't like about gant? :)
12:16Chutt o_cee, i dunno, i think she just liked the blue better
12:17o_cee experimenting a little with other bg's
12:22o_cee no orange though, heh
12:23Chutt heh
12:24Chutt neat, new pda for work shipped
12:24Chutt should get it friday, stupid holiday :(
12:24o_cee and more like the old one
12:24o_cee ooh :) what holiday is that?
12:24Chutt thanksgiving
12:25Chutt ah well, at least i'll get it this week
12:25o_cee ah
12:25Beirdo I was just thinking... Happy Turkey Day to all Americans :)
12:26o_cee ah need to get some dinner and stuff, ttyl, let me know what you think of those screens ;)
12:28o_cee as well. show it to your wives and lemme know ;) later
12:28GreyFoxx Mmmmmm Turkey Day
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13:05Beirdo o_cee: I like the tint in the gant_graphit one. it's still grey, but not bland (in my mind)
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14:51eli hi everyone, I am currently configuring tv channels for Uruguay and it does not exist the service to bring the channels
14:51eli how can I create and configure such info somewhere ?
14:53eli anybody here?
14:58Loto read the topic
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15:56GeckoFiend Chutt I noticed that withthe fonts. Planned on looking into it over the long weekend
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16:16GeckoFiend chutt: the font thing is fixed. Just did a full CVS update i'll check in in after that
16:37Chutt cool
16:38o_cee diff --minimal makes the diffs smaller right? like good for translation patche
16:39GeckoFiend I had forgotten to reset the parsefonts flag when the reloadtheme was called.
16:40Chutt ah, something simple =)
16:41o_cee i see a very odd thing when reloading gant, the selection goes to the top item but it's only half orange after the reload.. is that just me?
16:43o_cee GeckoFiend: i god an answer from the author of those bg's with a small tutorial on how to do them.. not alot but i might give it a shot later
16:43GeckoFiend o_cee yeah, I've seen it with most themes. The highlite doesn't get completely redrawn or something
16:46Chutt geckofiend, i'm not ragging on you or the theme, btw =) i was just pointing out stuff i saw, since my wife wants to use it instead of gant now
16:46o_cee *ahem* :)
16:46GeckoFiend Chutt not a problem. I WANT people to find flaws.
16:46o_cee guess i'll need to do some work to win her back, hehe
16:47GeckoFiend sad thing it *I* don't use titivillus anymore. my wife and duaghther saw the new blue and made me switch our main box over
16:48Chutt heh
16:48Chutt i don't like the menus in blue anymore
16:48Chutt and it's too bright, overall, i think
16:48GeckoFiend yeah it could stand to be darkened a bit.
16:48o_cee i like the graphit color for gant. better contrast overall, need to muck with the colors though
16:49GeckoFiend o_cee yeah I liked the shot you posted
16:50o_cee i'll use it for a couple of days and see how it feels. but i'll need to change like all colors, and tone it over a little to blue. and find some good highlight color instead of orange
16:50o_cee brown is nice as well, but it gets to light
16:52o_cee Chutt: you know there's something wrong with viewcvs right? when you're in uhm logview. someone posted a fix a while ago
16:52Chutt something to do with branch view?
16:52Chutt that myth doesn't use, so it doesn't really matter much? =)
16:52o_cee "An Exception Has Occurred"
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16:52o_cee at the bottom
16:53Chutt yeah, that's with the branch stuff
16:53o_cee still works, but
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16:53o_cee ok
16:53Chutt i don't really care about it :p
16:53o_cee m'kay :)
16:53Chutt it'll get fixed whenever debian fixes it and we update the install on the server
16:54o_cee GeckoFiend: need to take a look at your font inheritance thingie
16:57jams o_cee, given the choice the wife prefers gant_graphit.png
16:58o_cee jams: thanks. it seems to win
17:01o_cee would it make sense to have the bg in 1280x1024 so that downscaling to hd resolutions or whatever is better? i mean everyone is not using 800x600 anymore, or how's that scaling doing its thing?
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17:24GeckoFiend o_cee the font inheritance simplified a lot of look and feel issues.
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18:54o_cee GeckoFiend:
18:54o_cee <font name="info" base="basefont">
18:54o_cee <shadow>1,1</shadow>
18:54o_cee </font>
18:54o_cee <font name="description" base="info">
18:54o_cee <shadow>1,1</shadow>
18:54o_cee </font>
18:54o_cee i'm missing the point..?
18:54o_cee just started looking at it
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19:24GeckoFiend it's a placeholder. that way I can change the descriptions in the program guide independent of the info font
19:29o_cee okay
19:29* o_cee is not confused, not at all
19:29o_cee :)
19:36o_cee GeckoFiend: <outline> not possible?
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19:45GeckoFiend o_cee is that supported by the main fonts? I thight that was just for the menu fonts
19:45o_cee i'm looking at qt docs now, trying to find it.. never tried it before i think
19:45o_cee would be nice
19:46GeckoFiend looking at the code now. it doesn't look like it is.
19:46Chutt it'll be supported in mythui
19:46Chutt but not before then
19:47o_cee oh okay then.
19:49o_cee damn would need a way to bind a key to reloadtheme :)
19:51riksta Chutt: when are you planning on looking at redoing the ringbuffer?
19:51o_cee i'll wait for the new code instead.. feels like a better time to re-do pretty much everything
19:53o_cee GeckoFiend: <textarea name="messageplay" draworder="0"> can i right align the text in the one?
19:56o_cee found it
20:03o_cee status screen, tuner selection. imo the selector shouldn't be visible unless you're in the right hand side of the display, kind of confusing.
20:10o_cee damn ui.xml is big. would be nice to do #include to be able to split it up
20:11o_cee nighty all, got some ideas i need to sleep on :)
20:16Beirdo night, o_cee :)
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