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00:12Chutt hmm
00:15pigeon hmm, does anyone know in myth how is it doing the alpha blending for images, in short?
00:15Chutt qt
00:16pigeon right, so qt is doing that, ok, thanks.
00:16Chutt it's using the render extension
00:16pigeon hmm, it's builtin in qt?
00:16Chutt yup
00:17pigeon would you happen to know which qt class i could look into for those kind of things?
00:17Chutt qpixmap
00:17Chutt qpaintengine
00:17pigeon thanks.
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02:03kazaa i have no clue how to set this up
02:04kazaa someone wanna get my ass jump started
02:04Chutt well, you may want to start by reading the topic
02:05kazaa what topic
02:05Chutt of this channel?
02:05kazaa ha peace
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03:15achandrasheka| hello anyone know if mythtv-0.4.2 only works withj xebian 1.0.1? and more importantly what backend versions you need such that there is compliancy? I get an error version 13 not compliant with version 8 error.
03:16achandrasheka| I tried to upgrade the mythfrontend and it blew up :)
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05:23firestorm When I play an optical disk, eg a DVD in Myth it starts playing the first track, finishes then quits (end of file). How can I configure Myth so that it always goes to the DVD menu?
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05:51GeckoFiend firestorm go to -users
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06:42firestorm I can't figure out how to change channels in mythtv!
06:46Riff-Raff numbers and arrows
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06:47GeckoFiend firestorm again go to the users channel see /topic
06:47firestorm GeckoFiend: sorry and thanks :)
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09:33Arrta hi all
09:33GeckoFiend hola
09:34Arrta I'm having a problem with the front end and am trying to get a backtrace but gdb seems to halt when starting the second thread. canyone able to assist me with finding out what is wrong?
09:37Arrta the problem in myth is that I watchtv or a recording, go back to the menu and then go back to tv/recording and instant seg fault.
09:38anduin Arrta - press c when gdb stops
09:38Arrta it doesnt stop it completely halts.. not input allowed at all
09:39Arrta wait ctrl c or c
09:39anduin Arrta - both, I was thinking just c though (normally it tries to start a real-time priority thread, if you're not root that fails)
09:40Arrta anduin: I am running as root.
09:40Arrta I'v tried gdb 6.0 through 6.3 no luck
09:43Arrta gdb is compiling again will try in a sec.
09:46Arrta I posted my problems to the mailing lists and got no replies.. I did see that some other peolpe have bene having this problem too but they have not gotten a reply either =( course none of us have supplied backtraces yet.
09:47Chutt that's because the mailing lists really aren't the place for general linux support =)
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09:51Arrta no I meant for the myth crashes
09:53Arrta nope. 'c' didnt work. just echos on the screen
09:53GeckoFiend chutt does Titivillus look better now? I've still got work to do but at least it shouldn't look horrid like it did
09:53Chutt arrta, right, but having a broken gdb is a distribution issue
09:53Chutt and without a working gdb, there's nothing anyone can do for you
09:54Chutt geckofiend, yeah, it does. main thing remaining is the lack of room for items in lists, but that's mainly because of the resultion i'm running it at =)
09:54Arrta true.. stupid thing is I cant find anyone else with this same problem in gdb.. and I cant find anywhere to ask for help with it.
09:56GeckoFiend Chutt what are you running at? I do most of my work in a window so I can try your resolution and come up with something that works for both
09:56Arrta anyway.. got a question.. I'm testing myth now how to use it ect cause I got perts coming in to build a box.. which distro would you recommend.. what about kernels? right now I'm using gentoo with a 2.6.9 kernel.
09:58GeckoFiend Arrta /topic
09:58Chutt i generally suggest anything aside from gentoo
09:58Arrta oops sorry
09:59Chutt geckofiend, 609 x 459
09:59Chutt fits _perfectly_ =)
09:59Arrta well I'll head over there.. thanks for answering my questions =p
10:13GeckoFiend Chutt if the list fonts were dropped by a point size or two would they be too small for your screen?
10:14Chutt i dunno
10:14Chutt they're kinda small as is
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10:24Arrta one quick question.. would building myth with "-march=athlon-mp -O3 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -msse -mmmx -mfpmath=sse -fforce-addr" cause a problem with debugging
10:30anduin Arrta - it doesn't help things, but the breakage is more of a usability thing, not a "gdb won't let me debug" thing
10:50Chutt building that way _will_ get you a slower binary, of course
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11:24Arrta I'll be back later, turkey time, and I may have a backtrace at that time.. I'm being told -fomit-frame-pointer wont allow gdb to debug and that I'll have to recompile glibc again and turn it off there too.. not sure if it will work but cant hurt
11:36thor_ proper thing to include for ceil() is math.h?
11:36thor_ or is there some <math> using namespace std; weirdness preferred method?
11:48thor_ hmmmm .... seems like <cmath>
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11:53anduin Arrta - it doesn't stop the debugger from working, it does make it significantly less useful though (basically impossible to walk back up the stack)
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12:31o_cee Arrta: build glibc without strip, search the gentoo forums
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12:41peanut_ i'm having some issues with my pvr350, can anyone help?
12:42GeckoFiend peanut_ /topic
12:42peanut_ oops :)
12:42* peanut_ apologizes
12:43GeckoFiend chutt: Looks like the recent window changes introduced some focus issues with MythVideo. Once I watch a video irxevent no longer sends keys to the frontend. If I set the run in window flag to on then it works as normal
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18:55o_cee Chutt: you here?
19:02o_cee thor? GeckoFiend?
19:04stoffel_ i'm here ;)
19:04stoffel_ so you are not alone
19:04o_cee heh. you good with c++ ?
19:05stoffel_ err, your next question please ;)
19:05o_cee heh :)
19:08Beirdo nice answer
19:22o_cee ah maybe it's that turkey-day today
19:22thor_ o_Cee, yup
19:23o_cee yepp yepp.
19:23Beirdo those not eating turkey are likely passed out on the couch from having eaten too much turkey
19:23o_cee thor_: "14 . 327 ." best way to parse out 14 and 327? will get the whitespace removed in the data
19:23o_cee heh
19:24thor_ you know there's always periods there ?
19:24o_cee tokenizer?
19:24o_cee yes
19:24thor_ QString split (on .), then clean whitespace
19:25o_cee ah maybe i should look at qt docs, okay. looking at regular c++ string stuff
19:26o_cee will get the whitespace removed in the original source instead, no need for it
19:26o_cee thank you
19:26thor_ yup
19:31o_cee thor_: vacation?
19:34thor_ no, just a bit of free time
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19:34thor_ :-)
19:34o_cee nice :)
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19:45o_cee damn, it compiled..
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20:15o_cee any reason programid is set to be not null in the db?
20:16o_cee when it's used in ProgramInfo::isSame it's checked for null anyway
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20:17o_cee won't be able to make progids for all shows so i need to change that
20:17xris anyone here familiar with gettext? I got a gettext patch for mythweb, but it doesn't seem to work properly. would be nice to get a real translation mechanism set up.
20:17o_cee can't help you, but it would be nice ;)
20:18xris o_cee: yeah, no kidding.
20:19o_cee xris: my sql is veeery rusty, how'd i change programid in program to allow null?
20:20xris I think you have to redefine the type
20:20xris ALTER TABLE foo CHANGE programid programid INT;
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20:21xris that's the quick way to do it, anyway. just don't add the "not null" on the redefine.
20:21o_cee noo, i can have it allow null even though it's char
20:21o_cee bah i'll leave it to chutt :)
20:22xris right. INT was just an example.
20:22o_cee ah k
20:22xris just redefine the field to the same type as it is now, but leaving off the "not null" part of the definition.
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20:22o_cee ah, gotcha
20:42o_cee thor_: still here?
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21:14o_cee blahblah
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21:28thor_ yup
21:28thor_ err, o_cee, yup
21:28o_cee hi
21:29o_cee found it, stripWhiteSpace()
21:29o_cee :)
21:29thor_ ah, yeah ...
21:29o_cee :)
21:29o_cee got time for a little code-review?
21:29o_cee 10 lines
21:30thor_ sure
21:30o_cee if it could be made prettier or something.. in privmsg if you didn't see it
21:31thor_ you sure you want the second argument ('.', 1, 1)
21:31thor_ ?
21:31o_cee maybe that's not needed no
21:32o_cee you
21:32o_cee nm that
21:32thor_ ie. from "14 . 327 ." you want 327, not 14 ?
21:32o_cee yeah it's the season
21:33o_cee i'd need to ++ both those numbers as well, they're stored from 0.. couldn't just cast it to an int
21:33o_cee 14 is the season, 327 the episode
21:35thor_ you're getting an XML segments like "14 . 327 . 6" and you want to turn it into "S14E327P6", correct?
21:35o_cee yeah but E first right?
21:36o_cee so "E327S12P6
21:36o_cee seems to be working quite well.
21:36thor_ ah, yup
21:36thor_ seems fine
21:37o_cee not too ugly looking then? i mean all the QStrings?
21:37thor_ don't know if you want an "Unkown" if none of it works ... don't know the context of the problem
21:37thor_ but no, it looks finr
21:37thor_ err, fine
21:38o_cee nah better to be null.
21:38thor_ k
21:38o_cee great, thanks
21:38o_cee will add episode to syndicatedepisodenumber as well
21:39thor_ what's xmltv_ns? I'm guessing it's not for Nove Scotia ...
21:39thor_ err, Nova
21:39o_cee it's the scheme, like SS.EE.PP
21:39o_cee xmltv got some other scheme as well that can be an ordinary string with info
21:39thor_ ah
21:39o_cee i think it's working, didn't complain at least
21:40thor_ cool
21:40o_cee i mean i think it checks that xmltv_ns thing
21:40o_cee :)
21:40o_cee you're always surprised when something works at the first try, heh
21:40thor_ I am
21:40thor_ I tend to think Chutt isn't though
21:40o_cee hehe
21:44o_cee if (episode != "") could be just if (episode) right? dunno if there's some preference?
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21:52o_cee yeah the other thing. i'd need to increase them as well.. since they're counted from 0. could change it in the datastream directly i guess, but the xmltv dtd says it should do it like that for some odd reason
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22:46o_cee there must be an easier way, no?
22:46o_cee bool ok;
22:46o_cee int ep = episode.toInt(&ok, 10);
22:46o_cee episode = episode.setNum(++ep);
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23:18* rt just tried to sign of @ zapit, but got a bizarre error page when he submitted his information.
23:18rt anybody have any ideas?
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