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00:23* rt is having difficulty signing up to datadirect
00:23rt anybody care to give me a clue?
00:28o_cee yeah, read the topic
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05:48o_cee boooring
05:50dennis- hey o_cee, could you help me a bit?
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06:55o_cee gecko: any idea why 1,1 shadows aren't displayed?
06:55o_cee don't see any shadow at all until i get to 2,2
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07:37o_cee italics not availible for fonts?
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08:18GeckoFiend o_cee I've got italics and underline in my tree. I'll comit them in a bit
08:18o_cee thanks :)
08:19o_cee just can't get the status icons to show on playbackbox now.. straaange
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08:25GeckoFiend o_cee Whe nthat happened to me the box I allowed for them was just a hair to small or something
08:25o_cee hm..
08:28o_cee <container name="program_info_play">
08:28o_cee <context>0</context>
08:28o_cee <area>20,70,760,158</area>
08:28o_cee <image name="bookmark" draworder="7">
08:28o_cee <filename>type/bookmark.png</filename>
08:28o_cee <position>626,215</position>
08:28o_cee </image>
08:28o_cee hm
08:28o_cee seems i'm getting a wee bit tired
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08:42o_cee GeckoFiend: could you help me to pretty this up? there must be an easier way to do i?
08:42o_cee <o_cee> bool ok;
08:42o_cee <o_cee> int ep = episode.toInt(&ok, 10);
08:42o_cee <o_cee> episode = episode.setNum(++ep);
08:42o_cee episode is a qstring that contains a number that i want to increase
08:42o_cee and put it back to a qstring
08:45GeckoFiend hrm episode.setNum( ++(episode.toInt()) ); should do it
08:45o_cee will try it in a minute, compiling your commit
08:45o_cee but i think i tried that
09:01o_cee yeah, doesn't work
09:01o_cee filldata.cpp:1370: error: non-lvalue in increment
09:01o_cee but breaking it up works..
09:06o_cee GeckoFiend: just fyi, italic for the buttons in the theme is <italics>.. might be a good idea to use the same wording :)
09:06GeckoFiend will do
09:08GeckoFiend done
09:08o_cee great :)
09:09Riff-Raff any dvb hackers here?
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09:22o_cee having major focus issues with myth, fresh cvs. anything you can see as well GeckoFiend?
09:23o_cee using blackbox, can't alt+tab, change desktop or anthing. myth just stays there if i try to and i hav to kill x, heh
09:24GeckoFiend o_cee yeah those window changes hosed things. I set mine to run in a window (but still full screen) and it went away
09:24o_cee blah
09:24o_cee those?
09:25GeckoFiend Waiting for word from Chutt to see if the offending flag should be removed or run in window is the standard. I have a feeling the flag needs to go it breaks mythvideo pretty badly
09:25GeckoFiend yeah it's the Qt::WX11BypassWM that's doing it
09:26o_cee yeah
09:28o_cee yepp worked here as well, thanks :)
09:30GeckoFiend I'm adding offsets for the managed treelist up and down arrows. I have having the empty areas above and bloew the text just for the stupid arrows
09:30o_cee so that you get more space, where?
09:31o_cee or move them?
09:31GeckoFiend look at
09:32GeckoFiend errr look at
09:32o_cee allrighty
09:32GeckoFiend When I made the arrow fit inside the box the tree offset the first and last row to compensate for the arrow hieght
09:33GeckoFiend I want to have the list fill the box AND have the arrows inside the box
09:33o_cee heh
09:34GeckoFiend I like the new playbackbox! I had thought about putting the metadata on top. I really like how it's tied together with the list
09:35o_cee thanks, been working in it now for.. well, too long. did sleep last night ;)
09:35o_cee dunno when i'll have time to finish up the rest though :/
09:35o_cee just need to put the icons somewhere
09:36GeckoFiend What do you use to do the art with? Gimp?
09:36o_cee photoshop
09:36GeckoFiend are you keeping your source images around?
09:36o_cee yep
09:36GeckoFiend cool
09:46o_cee have you gotten shadows like 1,1 working=
09:46o_cee ?
09:50GeckoFiend o_cee nope. haven't looked into the code yet to see what's up
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10:03Randy00 question about msp3400... I renamed the msp3400.ko in the /lib/modules/$MYKERNEL/kernel/driver/media/video and after that, if i do lsmod, there isn't an msp3400 . Where do i locate the other msp3400?
10:04Randy00 i have a pvr-250 with fedora core 2 and I can't get the sound to work
10:04Randy00 2.6.8-1.521
10:04Randy00 is the kernel
10:06anduin Randy00 - wrong channel
10:06Randy00 what channel is this?
10:06anduin Randy00 - mythtv developer
10:06Randy00 isn't this for the mythtv project?
10:06anduin /j #mythtv-users
10:06Randy00 ahh, i see, my bad
10:12streamtrade I am running cvs and gdb. I now have a lock-up and can get to gdb. I have run the thread apply all bt full. What else can I do to debug? Is there someone who can walk me thru my first time?
10:22o_cee thread apply all bt full should be enough, send it to mythtv-dev
10:23GeckoFiend welll after listening to the first couple of seconds of the same effing song over ande over again I finally got the stupid arrows where they belong
10:23o_cee :P
10:23streamtrade o_cee: ty, I would like to dig in deeper and try and debug it myself, but I have not had any experience with gdb or myth debugging. Would like to solve the problem.
10:32jams GeckoFiend, my problems yesterday with ffw/rrw segfault do not occur on the production box.
10:32GeckoFiend well that's something at least.
10:33GeckoFiend There's still some flakiness there though. Last night I had issues where it went 2x -> 3x -> 120x plus a couple times it decided to jump back to the start of the stream
10:41jams since it appears to be broken anyhow it time to move my dev to suse 9.2
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10:47firestorm nobody in mythtv-users had an idea on this one: Using MythMusic I can play music, but when I exit the music menu, music stops. It'd be great to continue listening to music while looking at teh image gallery for example. Is this somehow possible to achieve?
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10:51jams firestorm, i will answer in users
10:53* GeckoFiend just put a TV in his office for theme work
10:54GeckoFiend Blue is REALLY hard to read on this crappy TV
10:55firestorm jams: ok, posted
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11:23Chutt geckofiend, yeah, you can remove that flag if you want
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11:25Beirdo Happy Turkey Day #2, my American friends :)
11:27* Beirdo is feeling thankful for MythTV. Thanks Chutt (and everyone that helped)
11:29GeckoFiend bleh how do I find my DPI settings again?
11:30GreyFoxx xdpyinfo ?
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11:30GeckoFiend that's what I thought but I keep missing it
11:31GreyFoxx greg@blurb:~$ xdpyinfo | grep resolution
11:31GreyFoxx resolution: 100x100 dots per inch
11:31GeckoFiend ahh there I got it grepped out now
11:31GeckoFiend thanks
11:31GreyFoxx np
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12:51o_cee Chutt: see my rambling and pic? :)
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13:08GeckoFiend just got my dev box set to eactly 100dpi it was at something like 95 before.
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13:13GeckoFiend bleh that alwaysontop flag causes issues as well, can't alt-tab to anything else.
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15:22o_cee Chutt: see my rambling and pic? :)
15:22o_cee ops
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15:59GeckoFiend I'm having a REALLY hard time adjusting to a 100dpi desktop
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16:04o_cee heh
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16:45anduin GeckoFiend - I think button_on.png is about twice as big as it needs to be
16:45beavis with the latest cvs it's not possible to alt-tab between myth and another applications
16:45beavis i think it's a bug now
16:46beavis you cannot return to myth anymore after pressing alt-tab
16:46anduin beavis - I think the last checking was supposed to fix that.
16:46GeckoFiend anduin only partially.
16:46GeckoFiend I'm going to have to remove that other flag as well
16:47beavis myth stays always in the foreground. it's pretty annoying
16:49GeckoFiend beavis agreed do a cvs update and it's fixed though
16:50beavis ok, compiling...
16:51beavis is there a chance to put the debian/ files to CVS?
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17:49beavis GeckoFiend, ok it's better now. It's possible to return to myth with alt-tab
17:49beavis GeckoFiend, but it's not possible to push myth behind other apps
17:50beavis GeckoFiend, it always stays in the foreground
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19:46o_cee booooring...
19:47Beirdo yep
19:48Beirdo updated Titivillus... the green for currently recording is rather interesting on my TV :)
19:48o_cee haven't used it for more than 2 minutes
19:49o_cee did you see my new playbackbox i threw together?
19:49Beirdo and the selection bar in the right side of the recordings screen isn't aligned right for me
19:49Beirdo o_cee: not yet, I should go take a look at your changes
19:50o_cee screnshot
19:50cmorgan is there a known issue with odd skipping with cvs?
19:50o_cee not that i know of
19:50cmorgan playing back through a 350 and every few seconds it stutters oddly
19:50cmorgan audio is good but video skips
19:50cmorgan just upgraded from -2months cvs to todays cvs
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19:57o_cee damn bruce writes reeeeaaaaaaaaallyyyy long emails
19:57o_cee :)
19:58Beirdo hey, nice
19:59o_cee :) dunno when i'll have time to finnish up all the other damn dialogs, but i'll see how this feels
19:59Beirdo different from the others too, and uses the whole screen.
19:59o_cee yepp
19:59o_cee need to stand out a little
20:00o_cee screenshot is not 100% up to date, added some shadows and changed some stuff
20:00Beirdo different themes being differently designed is a good thing in my mind
20:00o_cee yepp
20:01Beirdo and I'm definitely liking the new background for G.A.N.T.
20:02o_cee yeah me too i think
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20:09linagee o_cee: Wildboyz? sounds like some sort of pr0n show. :)
20:09o_cee linagee: haha
20:09cmorgan hah
20:10o_cee riiight
20:10linagee maybe just wishful thinking. :)
20:10o_cee almost is sometimes
20:10o_cee ew :P
20:10linagee :P
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