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01:17Delemas Would a bug report on missing alsa mixer support in mythmusic be productive or does everyone already know about that? Mythmusic seems to depend on a working mixer. Mythtv CVS now works with an alsa mixer but mythmusic doesn't can doesn't allow separate configuration.
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03:16zhenre quick question: can anyone tell me why I can't see my recorded videos in the watch videos section, they are seen by the video manager
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04:34Bhaal Hey, would a P3 800Mhz be fast enough to watch TV over the network? Just setup as a mythtv frontend?
04:37o_cee wrong channel
04:37Bhaal Ohhh yeah hahaha
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04:39o_cee Chutt: looking at the keybindings.. almost feels like we should change I when watching to U instead. moore consistent with how Watch Recordings uses I and U. also keys.txt says M brings up the EPG, that was changed to S right?
04:40o_cee (the keys 'I' and 'U' that is :)
04:43o_cee also "(Most useful in the alternate EPG)" is obsolete i think?
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06:48o_cee from qt docs: "All Object subclasses using the Q_OBJECT macro automatically have a reimplementation of this function with the subclass name as context.".. what exactly does that mean? what should i do to be able to do ProgInfo::tr() instead of the generic QObject::tr() ?
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08:39GeckoFiend o_cee yes, and I think that gives additional context if i'm not mistaken
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08:48GeckoFiend Chutt around?
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09:07o_cee GeckoFiend: additional context, is that a bad thing? makes it easier when translating since stuff is gruoped by context.
09:27GeckoFiend o_cee it's a good thing. I *thought* that the object name that did the tr call showed up someplace. At least I seem to recall getting yelled at for chaning a cll from QObject::tr to something else and it breaking things.
09:28GeckoFiend o_cee have you done much work lining things up at 100 dpi? it alost seems as though I need to run at 800x600 100dpi. when I did all that stuff yesterday at 1280x1024 100 dpi it doesn't line up right on my TV
09:30GeckoFiend it's mainly just selection bars and the like but still
09:32o_cee there's like 1300 strings in mythfrontend. 1000 of those are in QObject. 'linguist i18n/mythfrontend_sv.ts' and you'll see what i mean. much better to have it more contexts
09:32o_cee i check directly on my tv.. running PAL resolution there though, so i dunno
09:36GeckoFiend o_cee yeah I set up a TV in here but it looks so crappy it's hard to tell. It's old so I have to go through a converter box to take svideo and send it to the TV on channel 3
09:37o_cee heh. old tvs suck :)
09:37GeckoFiend yeah I might pick up a small LCD TV for the office if any go on sale
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16:39Chutt what an idiot
16:41dopester who?
16:41Chutt kenneth, on the -dev list
16:42dopester oh lord.. i havent seen this..
16:43Baylink Oh, cool; I haven't filed today' traffic yet. :-)
16:44dopester i guess kenneth isnt getting a christmas card this year :)
16:44Chutt seriously, please tell me why an assert() for a known issue makes sense
16:44Chutt i can't figure it out at all
16:45dopester he seems like the guy who goes out and gets drunk just as an exceuse to start a fight..
16:46Baylink "I'd like an argument, please."
16:46Baylink Are those arrows in CVS Titivillus permanent?
16:46Chutt ask geckofiend =)
16:46Baylink Shoulda figgered. :-0
16:46Baylink Excuse me: :-)
16:46Chutt which arrows, though?
16:47Baylink Aside the selected menu item.
16:47niqo Chutt: i'm here
16:47Chutt niqo, so?
16:47anduin Baylink - what do you hate the most about them?
16:47niqo you said I was an
16:47Chutt because you are
16:48niqo hmmm
16:48niqo thanks
16:48Chutt shall i temper my comments so i don't hurt your feelings?
16:48niqo no bring it
16:48Baylink Mostly the size, though I could think of more stylish ways, I suppose, to disambiguate the only-two-items-on-a-menu problem.
16:48Chutt heh, they are kinda big =)
16:49niqo c' on, where half a world apart
16:49anduin Baylink - I've resized mine and am significantly less upset about it.
16:49dopester evening kenneth
16:49niqo good day to you to
16:49Baylink Oh yeah; they are in the XML, aren't they?
16:50dopester niqo: you tried any of the patches yet?
16:50Chutt baylink, would have to resize the png
16:50Baylink It's not that I'm 'upset', per se, anduin; I just think they're clunky.
16:50Baylink AH; got it.
16:50Chutt and you'd probably want to tweak the xml a little, but, it's not difficult
16:51niqo nope, working on some other project..I do not have any active mb/mf here..
16:51anduin Baylink - I just threw a resized button_on.png in the theme cache directory (the placement of things in the theme isn't final so I'm not going to tweak much to make it smaller)
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16:51Chutt i wonder if he'll respond on the list =)
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16:51Chutt heh
16:52Chutt niqo, please explain how it's good coding practices to use an assert instead of handling a known condition
16:52dopester :)
16:53Chutt because i really don't understand how anyone could ever think that
16:54Baylink Will take a look, anduin. How's that text rendered? I assume a traveling bar that underlays the selection, or something akin, is difficult?
16:54Chutt baylink, it's just as easy as the arrow
16:54Chutt the 'arrow' is actually the background image of the item text. where the text's drawn is just completely transparent
16:54anduin Baylink - took only a minute to change, it is a wide png with everything transparent (except the huge arrow)
16:54Baylink The renderers won't conflict, eh? Ok.
16:54Riff-Raff chutt, i can come up with one point where assert vs. handling could be justified, if you are trying to have one point of failure (for example a parser) that should not output any dangerous values, byt haveing assert on places it interfaces with you can find problems with the parser instead if ignoring them
16:55Baylink Got it, anduin.
16:55Chutt riff-raff, right, you're basically saying an assert is for unknown problems
16:55Chutt which is what it's for =)
16:56Beirdo I could see using them while debugging too, but not for "final" code
16:56Chutt that's why compiling in release mode disables asserts, generally :p
16:56Riff-Raff Beirdo: of course, for "final" code the problems are of course fixed :)
16:57Riff-Raff or at least safely notice the problem, notify user and not safely ignore
16:57Delemas Hmm looks like a alot of stuff in bugzilla has already been handled...
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16:57Baylink Well, I think he's suggesting the situation where an internal parser is called with an unexpected can't-happen from upper level code, and there's no good way to pass that category of error upstairs; in that case, he might be right.
16:57Chutt riff-raff, that'd be exceptions
16:57Riff-Raff that's one way to do it
16:57Chutt you can't recover from an assert
16:58Chutt well, standard ones, at least
16:58Riff-Raff no, but I meant you replace the assert with proper ifs
16:58Chutt ah, right
16:58Riff-Raff btw, can I use exceptions in myth?
16:58Chutt ah, i prefer not
16:58Riff-Raff I have one place which is really dying for one
16:58Riff-Raff just one small one :)
16:59Chutt heh
16:59Chutt it'd probably be fine
16:59Chutt it's just another thing that'll break if people try to use qt-embedded with the default qt cxxflags
17:00Chutt i don't think they're disabled anymore..
17:00Riff-Raff are many people using qt embedded?
17:00Riff-Raff no they are not, I checked
17:00niqo /**
17:00niqo * called at the beginning of each frame to get a buffer for it.
17:00niqo * if pic.reference is set then the frame will be read later by lavc
17:00niqo * avcodec_align_dimensions() should be used to find the required width and
17:00niqo * height, as they normally need to be rounded up to the next multiple of 16
17:00niqo * - encoding: unused
17:00niqo * - decoding: set by lavc, user can override
17:01niqo */
17:01niqo int (*get_buffer)(struct AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *pic);
17:01niqo sorry. chutt, it's not documented, so I should shutt up...
17:01Chutt wrong function, btw.
17:01* Beirdo detects a flood and hikes up his pants
17:01Chutt draw_horiz_slice
17:01Riff-Raff back to code it is
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17:02Riff-Raff what would be a good place to interface myth when drawing subtitles?
17:02Chutt on the osd?
17:02Riff-Raff on screen during playback, so I guess it is osd?
17:02Chutt err, draw_horiz_band, rather
17:02Chutt riff-raff, yeah. that's pretty much all encapsulated in osd.cpp and osdtypes.cpp
17:03Riff-Raff how about synchronisation to playback? and how to get data from the playback file? who reads it?
17:04Chutt ah, you'll have to check out how they work in the nuppeldecoder and NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp files
17:04Riff-Raff are mpeg2 handled by those?
17:04Chutt AddText() and ShowText()
17:04Chutt nope
17:04Riff-Raff ah, I misunderstood, sorry
17:05Chutt those are the software decoders, which handle subtitles internally
17:05niqo aw well, it does not make much sense to draw a fraction of a frame that does not exists
17:05Chutt well, teletext and cc
17:05Chutt niqo, really?
17:05Riff-Raff ok, i'll check
17:05niqo chutt? hmm?
17:05Chutt it's null there because things were flushed, and the decoder wasn't cleared completely, btw
17:06Chutt it shouldn't happen, but, it doesn't matter if it does
17:06Baylink Where do the libs live, again, that I have to kill off when upgrading?
17:06Chutt baylink, shouldn't have to kill anything off..
17:07Chutt well, unless you're going from rpm -> source
17:07Chutt or back
17:07Baylink I'm doing make distclean, qmake, make install and video and weather are giving me that "library out of date" message -- from a *really* old version (1014 vs 1126)
17:07Baylink (That's rough; I could post my scripts)
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17:08Chutt baylink, did you change the prefix, ever?
17:08Baylink Once, the very first time I installed CVS, but we've cleared that up long since.
17:08Baylink It almost killed me. :-)
17:09Chutt heh
17:09Chutt then you shouldn't have any old libs
17:09Chutt but you do need to recompile the plugins
17:09Baylink I didn't think so either. I think I am. My build log shows the compile.
17:10Chutt well, you can check for other versions of libmyth in random places
17:10Chutt but, are you doing a make install in the mythtv dir, before compiling the plugins?
17:11--- <<-- Jayakumar [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:11Baylink I'm pretty sure I'm doing it in the right order. The build log is at
17:11Chutt i don't see an install before the plugins compile
17:12Baylink *Oh*.
17:12Baylink I'm sorry. I get it now.
17:12Chutt heh
17:12Chutt they don't know where the mythtv source is, so they get the header from where it's installed to
17:12Baylink So I need to do make install on mythtv before I *build* the rest of the plugins.
17:12Chutt yup
17:13Chutt i generally just build mythtv and install that first
17:13Baylink Aw, ick. It is possible to mangle the call to make to add the build directory in the right place for that? Having to mix them together is messy...
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17:13Baylink I'm trying to make it possible to rollback by merely redoing the install.
17:13Chutt heh
17:13Baylink Don't have a separate devel box yet.
17:14Chutt it's really just easier to do the install first
17:14Chutt it doesn't handle rolling back very well (db updates, in particular)
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17:15Baylink Yeah, well, it's better than having sis rip my arms off. :-}
17:15Chutt heh
17:15Chutt i got in trouble the one night geckofiend was in the middle of messing with font sizes in titivillus =)
17:15Niqo just to mention it, my last path broke the via stuff...dunno why...have not had time to try figure it out
17:16Baylink Oh yeah: lots of them got smaller, just this week.
17:16Chutt niqo, 10/29?
17:16Baylink We Do Not Approve. :-)
17:16Niqo lemme check
17:17Chutt you removed the flush/sync from xvmcvldvideo, and the while() loop that checked for driver issues
17:17Chutt essentially, at least
17:17sasha__ Hey, I've found that myth cvs (as of a few hours ago) does not compile to a stable binary using the new gcc 3.4.3. It segfaults when you change something in the settings and then go to watch live tv. It seems to work otherwise. I'm about to capture gdb output, is there anything in particular I should do to make the result more useful?
17:17Chutt sasha__, just follow the instructions that are in the docs on the website
17:18sasha__ so nothing special, that was my plan already
17:18sasha__ ok
17:21Niqo nope, 1113, the flush/sync stuff, as it does not have an equivalent in libmythtv..
17:22Chutt 11/13?
17:23Chutt i don't see anything from you on that date..
17:24Chutt i applied your patch from 10/29 then, though
17:24Chutt yeah, that's the one i meant
17:25Chutt i really should buy a power supply for my epia-m
17:25Chutt so i can use it again =)
17:25Niqo hmmm :)
17:25Chutt well, and ram
17:25Niqo not worth it really, the epia sucks
17:25sasha__ nice for cute little project boxes
17:26Chutt i replaced it with an xp-m
17:26Niqo well, maybe radio :), hehe
17:26Chutt the machine's quieter now
17:26sasha__ you can run an epia passive...
17:26Chutt probably uses a little more power, but, goom works really well =)
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17:27Chutt niqo, is that while loop that was removed in that patch still ok as is?
17:27Chutt ie, removed
17:27sasha__ hey, what does "strange error: flushing audio buffers" mean?
17:27Niqo hm, chutt, disctinctly remember you telling everyone that epia's sucks dick because of goom :)
17:27Chutt yup
17:28Niqo nope, the other parts..
17:28Niqo the sync/flush calls
17:28Chutt right, i'm reverting it - just wondering if i should do the whole thing, or just those two lines
17:28Niqo only them two..
17:29--- ---> r3dw0rm [] has joined #mythtv
17:29Chutt ok, it'll be in my next commit
17:29r3dw0rm hello
17:29Chutt just did a ffmpeg resync, though, so i need to test stuff before committing
17:30Chutt thanks
17:30Niqo least till someone implements correct handling in libmythtv, it's still wrong in there, you see, right?
17:30Chutt right, i agree
17:30Chutt but, i can't test that stuff, so i can't really do anything about it
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17:32Chutt dinner time.
17:32Niqo have a pleasant evening..
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17:46dopester niqo: if you ever get a chance to try any of the dvb patches id love to get some feedback from you..
17:47sasha__ and the corresponding backend info
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17:50sasha__ is anything in those files useful?
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17:54GeckoFiend Chutt speaking of font sizes... Do things fit better now?
18:00Sir-Al[deskto| anyone know VHDL?
18:01Baylink I know what it means enough to wonder why you're asking *here*...
18:01Baylink Geck: did you shrink text this week?
18:01Sir-Al[deskto| Baylink: well, mythtv does incorporate a bit of hardware
18:02Beirdo Ahh, someone else isn't running at 100dpi :)
18:02Baylink Is *anyone's* TVout running at 100?
18:02Baylink I'd have expected 72 as the default.
18:02Sir-Al[deskto| i use 72
18:02Beirdo I'm running at 100dpi. That's what those changes were for
18:03Sir-Al[deskto| i still can't read half the screen with some themes
18:03Sir-Al[deskto| ie. the default one
18:03Baylink I'll check in setup; that was where we had space problems.
18:06GeckoFiend Sir-Al[desktop] if you can't read things 100dpi will help. 100dpi on a 30inch screen from 12 feet is the guidline for them work.
18:06sasha__ how do you change the font res?
18:07Sir-Al[deskto| GeckoFiend: it's not the size, it's the color of the text
18:07--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
18:07GeckoFiend Sir-Al[desktop] which theme?
18:08Niqo everyone should install their x-desktop to boot at 100 dpi and also set the DisplaySize hard..?
18:08Sir-Al[deskto| GeckoFiend: the default
18:08Sir-Al[deskto| GeckoFiend: and with actually most themes there are some parts hard to read
18:08GeckoFiend Sir-Al[desktop] depending on which version you're running that's either GANT or Blue.
18:10GeckoFiend not that it really matters, both are being worked on. Colors and fonts are changing.
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18:25o_cee Chutt: around?
18:25o_cee ah dinner. ttyl then
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18:44o_cee Chutt: i'd also like a comment on the pbb pic, since i did them because your wife switched away from gant ;)
18:45GeckoFiend ROFL the battle for Chutts wifes eyeballs begins
18:46o_cee you're oooon! :)
18:46o_cee did you loog at linguist?
18:46o_cee look
18:46GeckoFiend not yet I haven't
18:46o_cee easier to understand my point
18:50o_cee GeckoFiend: you know off hand how to add an indicator to currently shown group?
18:50o_cee in pbb that is
18:51--- <<-- sasha__ [] has quit ("Trillian (")
18:52GeckoFiend o_cee I'm pretty sure it's only shown in the group info window, wouldn't be hard to add it a generaly avialable field though
18:52o_cee group info window, what do you mean?
18:52o_cee ah yeah mean what the current recording is?
18:53o_cee yeah i'd want to be able to show the currently shown group, like at the top.
18:55o_cee sitting here trying to think real hard about what info you _really_ want to see on watch recs..
18:57o_cee gwen stefanis album is really good
18:57o_cee :)
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18:59GeckoFiend o_cee I'll wrie up a new container called cur_group and check it in tomorrow morning.
18:59o_cee cool, thanks :)
19:00o_cee maybe a flag to only show it if it's != 'all programs'? so for normal viewing if you don't use the groups, you won't have to look at it?
19:01GeckoFiend sure
19:02o_cee yep. perfect.
19:02--- User: *** GeckoFiend is now known as Gecko_151_Time
19:02o_cee 151?
19:02o_cee i'm guessing sports..
19:02Gecko_151_Tim| 151 proof Rum in the blender ;)
19:03o_cee ooh :)
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19:12Beirdo Whatcha blending with it?
19:12--- ---> Sir-Al[desktop] [~EXiT@] has joined #mythtv
19:20Gecko_151_Tim| strawberries
19:22Beirdo Mmmm. Sounds yummy
19:23Chutt i'm willing to bet that most of these people with randomass crashes in myth are using gentoo, using gcc 3.4, and using some combination of cflags that makes qt break
19:23o_cee hi Chutt
19:23Chutt o_cee, i do like the image - i thought you were going to split up the things more, though?
19:23o_cee in what way?
19:24Chutt ie, whole width per column
19:24o_cee remove the left selection thingie like i talked about before?
19:24Chutt yeah
19:24Chutt i dunno, though
19:24o_cee haven't tried doing it
19:24o_cee been using it more lately acutally
19:24Chutt that a mockup, or real code?
19:24o_cee real
19:24Chutt cool.
19:24o_cee yeah, turned out like i had it in photoshop ;)
19:25o_cee only the icons left to fix
19:25o_cee "View recordings" at the top btw, heh
19:25Chutt geckofiend, yeah, stuff's much better
19:25o_cee Chutt: did you see the msg about keys.txt?
19:25Chutt not all centered in the highlight bar, but i haven't tried the very latest stuff
19:25Chutt no
19:25o_cee it's S for epg now right?
19:26Chutt ah, i have absolutely no idea
19:26o_cee heh
19:26o_cee <o_cee> Chutt: looking at the keybindings.. almost feels like we should change I when watching to U instead. moore consistent with how Watch Recordings uses I and U. also keys.txt says M brings up the EPG, that was changed to S right?
19:26o_cee <o_cee> (the keys 'I' and 'U' that is :)
19:26o_cee <o_cee> also "(Most useful in the alternate EPG)" is obsolete i think?
19:26o_cee [NICK] splAt1 is now known as splat1
19:26o_cee <o_cee> from qt docs: "All Object subclasses using the Q_OBJECT macro automatically have a reimplementation of this function with the subclass name as context.".. what exactly does that mean? what should i do to be able to do ProgInfo::tr() instead of the generic QObject::tr() ?
19:26o_cee bbl
19:26Chutt u?
19:26Chutt what's that bound to?
19:27Chutt ah, bruce's info page
19:27Chutt i dunno, i'll think about it
19:30--- ---> zhenre [] has joined #mythtv
19:30zhenre has anyone set up mythtv on fedora with a wintv go plus card (w/ remote)
19:31zhenre I've got the mythtv part working pretty well but just installed the wintv card
19:31zhenre I'm trying to get the remote and such working
19:33Beirdo zhenre: read the topic, please :)
19:45zhenre sorry
19:46Delemas Beirdo: kinda odd they didn't pick mythtv-devel or something...
19:46Delemas Less typing I suppose ;o)
19:49--- ---> heynow [] has joined #mythtv
20:04o_cee Chutt: what about the QObject::tr() thingie? would it be bad to create more contexts, if not, how do i do it? :)
20:06o_cee using the whole width for one list: not sure what to use the extra width for though. might try it later, see how it works
20:07--- ---> Doona_Grl [] has joined #mythtv
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20:21dhofstra jams: did you uninstall any of the suse xine packages before you built th xine-hd? mine is chock-full-of dependancy problems
20:36--- <<-- Doona_Grl [] has quit ()
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21:02o_cee Chutt: nvidia got a really nice loading indicator in nStant Media, you might want to convince them to let you use it in myth ;)
21:03Chutt heh
21:04Chutt can't :p
21:04o_cee :P seen it?
21:04o_cee exactly what you wanted
21:04o_cee spinning clock thingie
21:04Chutt yeah, i've seen it
21:05o_cee those programs you're involved in?
21:05Chutt not exactly, but same group as me
21:05o_cee k. own artist who makes stuff? i mean maybe you could ask the guy who did it directly to make something for myth :)
21:05Chutt naw, can't do that :p
21:06o_cee bleh :P
21:06o_cee nice fading between screens like mythui. also when you stop a video it fades it out a little, looks nice
21:08o_cee wonder if they'd notice if we'd use those images ;) Wait0000.bmp -> Wait0030.bmp
21:08Chutt uh, yeah :p
21:08o_cee hehehe
21:08--- <<-- Gecko_151_Time [] has quit (Connection timed out)
21:08o_cee anyway, nice idea. maybe we can modify some other clock
21:10o_cee i tr:ised ProgramInfo::showDetails
21:10o_cee annoying thing is that i have to use QObject::tr(), so it'll end up with 1100 other strings, heh.
21:10--- ---> heynow [] has joined #mythtv
21:12o_cee i also changed it so that the translation and the formatting is seperated: attr += QObject::tr("Repeat") + ", "; instead of "Repeat, ". that way the translation of "Repeat" will be useable in other places. shouldn't be anything wrong with that right? :)
21:30--- <<-- heynow [] has quit (Connection timed out)
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21:37--- User: *** gecko is now known as GeckoFiend
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21:49o_cee Chutt: what script is used to generate the cvs commit mails?
21:50o_cee <-- "mails can include links to a ViewCVS" would be kinda neat (and useful :)
21:54Delemas Hmm anyway to obfuscate my email addr in bugzilla without using a fake login?
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