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01:12defaultro morning everyone
01:12defaultro im new here
01:13defaultro I would like to know what hardware cards I need to buy that will allow me to record regular and HDTV signals?
01:13defaultro I also would like to output the recorded program to my hdtv set
01:17Omnic see the topic
01:18defaultro thanks
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01:30Chutt rkulagow, i'll do the docs update tomorrow. it's getting late now :(
01:33rkulagow sure
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04:21Riff-Raff hi
04:31KaZeR hi Riff-Raff
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07:24o_cee anyone know off hand what size the channel logos should be? might as well make em the right size from the beginngin, have them in vector format now
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08:10ree has mythtv been fixed for gcc 3.4?
08:37KaZeR i saw a patch on the mailing list
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10:03o_cee Chutt: what size should i make the channel logos in? 75x75 or something?
10:03o_cee to avoid scaling
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11:01iver anyone around?
11:02iver can i use the pvr350 for output to my tv while simultaniusly (?) using the dvi output of my gfx card to the projector?
11:06* Beirdo points at the topic
11:07iver ah, sorry :p
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14:05o_cee i hate vi
14:05o_cee how the hell do i quit it
14:06o_cee bah logout
14:08Ragge :q!
14:12GreyFoxx vi/vim is sweet :)
14:14Ragge been working with it for years and still have only scratched the surface..
14:14Ragge but then.. I haven't spent that much time reading the manual. :)
14:14Beirdo o_cee: hit escape
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14:15Beirdo then :q! if you don't want to write the file
14:15gr8nash the : is important
14:15Beirdo as is the escape (if you aren't in command mode)
14:16GreyFoxx I use vi/vim for all editing
14:16GreyFoxx I kinda forced myself to learn it :)
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14:18Beirdo me too :)
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14:18Beirdo anyways... back on topic we go :)
14:23dennis- yeah, and the topic is
14:23Beirdo development of MythTV
14:24dennis- how are keys in the keybinding table specified? to be more precise: how are multi-keys (ie Ctrl+M) declared?
14:25dennis- i was not able to find anything about it in the docs
14:26* Ragge is trying to decipher backend protocol.. geesh.. reading code is hard.. especially code not written by himself :)
14:34Chutt you shouldn't need to use key modifiers.
14:34Ragge Is it possible to do asearch for a title or something with QUERY_RECORDINGS? Can't see it in the code but I can read it wrong too.
14:35dennis- Chutt: why not?
14:35Chutt because the ui should be able to be used with a minimum of buttons.
14:35dennis- yes, but i wanna map jumppoint
14:35dennis- and most keys on the keyboard are already in use
14:36dennis- (by default)
14:36Chutt most of the function keys aren't.
14:37Chutt besides, that's a question for the users channel.
14:39dennis- well, it's not if i want to develop a tool to map the keybindings
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14:39Chutt already exists in mythweb.
14:39dennis- not all people use (and want to use) mythweb.
14:39Chutt too bad for them
14:40dennis- no, that's why other tools should exist too.
14:41Chutt if you can't figure things out from the code in mythweb, though, i doubt you'll be able to write a separate tool.
14:41dennis- multi-keys aren's handled in mythweb.
14:41Chutt sure they are.
14:42dennis- in which way? they are parsed and validated?
14:42Chutt why on earth would it parse them?
14:42dennis- to validate them?
14:42Chutt why?
14:42Chutt it's not necessary
14:42dennis- to present an error message if they're entered in a wrong way?
14:42Chutt what error message?
14:42Chutt invalid keys are ignored.
14:42dennis- lol
14:43dennis- so, in which way are multi-keys handled in mythweb?
14:43Chutt the same way normal keys are.
14:43dennis- *sigh*
14:44dennis- i think you don't have a clue what we are talking about.
14:44Chutt there's absolutely no need for special handling, since it's just reading and writing strings to the keybindings table
14:44dennis- yes.
14:44dennis- that's my point.
14:44Chutt and considering that i wrote all this code, i _think_ i know what i'm talking about.
14:45Chutt just a guess, at least.
14:45dennis- doesn't seem so.
14:45dennis- anyway, as you aren't of help at all, i'll figure it out myself.
14:45Chutt which is what you should have done in the first place.
14:46dennis- yeah. i wouldn't have had to cope with your annoying arrogance then.
14:46o_cee Chutt: any recommended size for channel logos? to avoid scaling?
14:46dennis- waste of time.
14:46Chutt o_cee, i think it's 45x45
14:46o_cee Chutt: that small?
14:46o_cee okay
14:46Chutt dennis-, if you're going to be developing something, i don't want to deal with people that can't figure things out by themselves.
14:46Chutt i don't have time to waste explaining simple things to people who can't do that.
14:47dennis- you still don't get it.
14:47Chutt sure i do
14:47dennis- nope.
14:47Chutt you don't want to look at the source to figure something out, so you asked instead.
14:47dennis- because the mythweb-source is not helpful at all in this case. you still do not get it.
14:48Chutt there's _no_ special handling for modifier keys at all
14:48Chutt anywhere in the source
14:48Chutt because there doesn't need to be - it's all handled by qt
14:48dennis- yes, and that's the point i wanted to know. mythweb is not related to it at all.
14:50Chutt then why'd you say that mythweb doesn't support them?
14:50dja wow, I haven't had this much fun reading #mythtv in a while...:-)
14:50dennis- i didn't say mythweb does not support them.
14:50Chutt <dennis-> multi-keys aren's handled in mythweb.
14:50Chutt sure you did.
14:50dennis- yes.
14:50dennis- nope.
14:50dennis- read it again.
14:51Chutt handle means support.
14:51Chutt if you said 'processed', that would be different.
14:51dennis- in this case i would even expected from you that you would be able to interpret it "correctly"
14:51o_cee dennis-: this is a really great way of getting your future patches accepted.
14:51Chutt what future patches?
14:51dennis- o_cee: that's a great way of encouraging other people to submit patches in the future.
14:52o_cee Chutt: heh, true
14:52dennis- i have never seen developers as arrogant as chutt is.
14:52Chutt what, because i want people to figure things out for themselves?
14:52dennis- i guess he has never worked on development projects in the real world, where teamwork is important.
14:53o_cee heheheeh, you're funny
14:53dennis- yeah.
14:53dennis- whatever, grow up and get over your ignorance.
14:53dennis- bye.
14:53Chutt yeah, i work with people who can actually write code and are independent about things
14:53Chutt it's quite nice
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14:55Chutt heh
14:55Chutt that's fun
14:55o_cee Chutt: gant/ui.xml, container chanbar, <iconsize>30,30</iconsize>. has to be it, right? the scaling, making the icons an even multiplier of 30x30 would help right?
14:56Chutt yeah
14:57Chutt stuff should look ok, though, it does a smooth scale
14:57Chutt at whatever resolution
14:58o_cee right, it scales it according to res as well. ah well, will see how big 90x90 get
14:58o_cee filesize (since we're paying the webservers hehe)
14:59Chutt heh
14:59Chutt they should only be grabbed once per user
14:59o_cee yeah that's true
15:00o_cee did you see my mail about the osd sleep menu? haven't had time to actually try it yet
15:00Chutt looks fine
15:01Chutt but the existing stuff's fine, too
15:01o_cee didn't quite get what the Sleep 60 thing was for
15:01Chutt default value
15:02o_cee yeah, but having it two times looked strange. having it there to turn it off is ok. and also adding minutes is pretty good i think, heh. might as well be seconds
15:03o_cee ttyl, csi now
15:17* kvandivo wakes up and thinks to himself, "How _dare!_ someone blasphemy the name of vi"!
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15:21Chutt heh
15:22Chutt there, test app finished for this axim =)
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15:23Chutt i must say, 480x640 in a little 3.7" screen is quite nice.
15:24kvandivo it's quickly reaching the point of actually being usable
15:25Chutt what is?
15:25kvandivo 480x640
15:26kvandivo that's getting up there to where you can actually accomplish more than toy applications with it
15:26Chutt ah
15:26Chutt yeah
15:29Chutt i think my zaurus may have died
15:30Chutt oh, neat, it's still working
15:31Chutt trolltech needs a version of qt for wince
15:33* Beirdo shudders at the thought :)
15:34Chutt eh, i figure more people have a wince pda than a linux based one
15:34Beirdo true
15:34Beirdo only a few of us are crazy enough to put linux onto an iPaq, etc.
15:37o_cee kvandivo: sorry :] but i'm used to nano, heh
15:40Chutt hrm
15:40Chutt i need to get a bigger SD card for this
15:41Beirdo Chutt: you developing stuff on the PDA?
15:42Chutt yeah
15:42Beirdo fun stuff. I've considered buying a used iPaq and developing on it as an embedded system, but I've never gotten around to it
15:46gr8nash Chutt you developing myth related wince stuff?
15:46Chutt nope
15:46gr8nash ohh gotcha
15:46* gr8nash watches the rain fall on his parade
15:49Beirdo gr8nash: I think he's doing it as his "day job". Nice wishful thinking though :)
15:50Riff-Raff what is the ffmpeg version that is embedded in myth source tree?
15:50Chutt hmm
15:51Chutt riff-raff, cvs as of about a week ago
15:51Riff-Raff ok :)
15:51Riff-Raff i'm planning some modifications to it to get it to read dvb subtitles from recordings
15:51gr8nash that is the coolest thing.. how you can suck an enitre cool project under yours.. as a former windows boy that amazes me =)
15:52Chutt riff-raff, that's cool.
15:52Riff-Raff my subtitle parser already works, I can see subtitles :)
15:52Riff-Raff now the hard part, integration
15:53Riff-Raff I also noticed avfile can write pes
16:02o_cee Chutt: prices on SD's dropped lke hell here. 1gb for 900/7 USD. guess it's even cheaper over there
16:03Chutt ~85 or so
16:03fishhead o_cee unban me please
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16:07mBob hi - anybody know how would i go about resetting the mysql password back to a known value?
16:07o_cee Chutt: nice
16:07Beirdo mBob: see /topic please
16:07mBob ooops, sorry, wrong channel
16:08mBob beirdo - i just read that after i asked the question, sorry
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16:08o_cee Chutt: wonder what it'd cost to send one here via airmail :)
16:11Chutt heh
16:12o_cee yey, no recs going on. will check my sleep changes, and check it in if it behaves like it should ;) i don't need change any other place right? i saw his original diff changed some other stuff as well
16:12Chutt nope, don't need to change anything else if you keep the actions the same
16:13o_cee yeah but i remove one item when it's not active?
16:14o_cee the sleeptimer that is
16:17Riff-Raff hmmh, ffmpeg make install is not very library-like
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16:27o_cee Chutt: code style, do you prefer if (foo) or if (foo != "") ? :)
16:30kvandivo does qt have String typecasting overloaded to make those equivalent?
16:31o_cee doing != "" so far, been working so i guess so
16:35Chutt for a string, use isEmpty or isNull
16:35Chutt or whatnot
16:36o_cee okay
16:38o_cee any idea why this doesn't work? episode is a QString containing a number that i need to increase with 1.. episode.setNum(++(episode.toInt()));
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16:39o_cee if i split it up it works
16:39o_cee //bool ok;
16:39o_cee //int tmp = episode.toInt(&ok,10);
16:39o_cee episode = episode.setNum(++tmp);
16:40Chutt dopester: int tmp = episode.toInt(&ok, 10) + 1;
16:41Chutt err, stupid nick completion
16:41Chutt do that, instead of the ++tmp :p
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16:41fishhead wow
16:41fishhead I actually understand a bit of that
16:41fishhead mabye my collge programming cources did do some good
16:43o_cee Chutt: i want a single line solution :) no?
16:43Chutt why, though?
16:43o_cee still need to get it back to episode
16:43o_cee because it feels like such a simple thing that looks big and ugly, heh
16:43Chutt episode = QString::number(tmp);
16:44o_cee okay thanks :)
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16:54Chutt heh
16:54Chutt i really should make it so this app doesn't require the pda to be soft-reset to exit out of =)
16:55o_cee heh
16:55o_cee the osd menu change works fine.
16:56o_cee removing menu items, no problem that there's less items when the timer isn't running right? seemed to work
16:57Chutt should be fine
16:57o_cee committing it, just need to remove the things i commented ;)
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17:14kvandivo how the heck did nick completion turn o_cee into dopester?
17:15Chutt i typed, do:
17:15Beirdo I get caught with that sometimes too.
17:15kvandivo ahhh.. ok... you weren't trying to type o_cee.. I that case, i_cee
17:16Chutt stupid automatic outlook syncing
17:16Chutt i just got 3 separate reminders for a meeting on 3 separate devices
17:16Beirdo bleep bleep bleep...
17:18o_cee Chutt: sounds like something i'd need ;)
18:05DonLKSAB Oh mighty programers.
18:05DonLKSAB I have a quick question
18:06DonLKSAB I want to add somethng to the "UserWishList"
18:06DonLKSAB Should i add it in the top or bottom?
18:06Chutt on the wiki?
18:06DonLKSAB Yeah
18:06Chutt no one reads that :p
18:07DonLKSAB I gessed that
18:07o_cee Chutt: the chanicons are squished if they aren't square right?
18:07Chutt probably add to the bottom, though i don't know anything about proper etiquette for a wiki
18:07DonLKSAB But its the only place to tell people my ideas
18:07DonLKSAB Oki
18:07Chutt o_cee, i believe so
18:07DonLKSAB Thanks
18:07o_cee Chutt: then lets make em all square :)
18:08* DonLKSAB runs off to #mythtv-users agin
18:09ree grr, WMP54G isn't such a great card
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18:49gr8nash ask yourself.. what have you done for gr8nash today...
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18:50stoffel_ absolutely nothing
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19:14o_cee Chutt: any idea what could cause this when trying to transcode, from the backend: sh: line 1: mythtranscode: command not found
19:14o_cee all paths are okay.
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19:25Torq gday
19:25o_cee ok, this is really odd. i'm not sure this is what caused it, but in the call to myth_system i removed the .ascii, because there was a .ascii beeing done in myth_system already. now it stated. will try to add it back again
19:25o_cee Torq: topic
19:25Torq i am just about to submit patches to make some plugins work under OSX, it is mostly fixes. before i do this am i missing anything obvious?
19:25Torq o_cee: I have perused the topic, yes.
19:26o_cee Torq: we're just used to saying that ;)
19:26o_cee Torq: submit patches with cvs diff -u
19:26o_cee and put [PATCH] in the subjct
19:26Torq yes, i know how to make patches.
19:26o_cee great
19:26o_cee you asked if you where missing something obvious.
19:26Torq just puzzled as to why nobody has fixed the for OSX
19:26Torq people say it builds etc.
19:27Torq but it cant with -march=pentiumpro!
19:28o_cee don't think anyone here is involved in the macos stuff
19:28Beirdo what the hell?
19:29Beirdo pentiumpro and OSX just don't go together last I looked
19:29Torq exactly. which is why i have fixes
19:29Beirdo what's in CVS compiles fine
19:31Torq on OSX?
19:31o_cee nope added back .ascii and now it works. it's like magic. ah well.
19:31Torq Beirdo: was that directed at me?
19:32Torq Beirdo: main mythtv compiles fine. but for all the plugins is broke
19:32Beirdo Torq: yes it was. and for user support, please use the users channel
19:32Torq are you guys always this unhelpful?
19:33Baylink Building MythTV from source is not a developer issue, Torq.
19:33Baylink If you're hacking and patching, yes.
19:33Baylink But not for straight building.
19:34* Baylink scrools back
19:34Baylink Um...
19:34Torq read what i wrote initially. i have built mythtv. its the qmake config stuff for the plugins that is all broke
19:34Baylink Ok, building ports is a bit closer to the line.
19:34Torq Well, I'm glad someone thinks so.
19:34* Beirdo apologizes. Just send in a patch, I'm sure Jeremiah will be happy to see it
19:35Baylink Yeah, I'll go spank Gavin; this time it looks like he was worng. :-)
19:35o_cee Torq: was that directed at me?
19:35Torq o_cee: ha ha
19:35* Beirdo sulks and continues fighting with mediawiki
19:38Torq I'm thinking the plugins should be better integrated with the main build tree
19:45Baylink Expand?
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19:53Torq ./configure should pass its settings through to the plugins, or we should put ./configure in the plugin dirs too
19:57o_cee heh. Beirdo; got time to try something? setup/setup, set your max jobqueue jobs to 1.. how many does it start up? (3 here). if i set it to 2 jobs, it spawns 1 job.
19:57o_cee nevermind
19:57o_cee second one just took forever to start
19:57o_cee heh
19:57Beirdo interesting
19:57Beirdo I'm not near the PVR to try it right now though
20:05o_cee Beirdo: do you know if the transcode framerate is constant?
20:05o_cee or does it depend on the video over time?
20:05Beirdo not sure
20:05Beirdo I assume you mean mythtranscode, not transcode, right?
20:06o_cee if it's somewhat constant we could add an ETA
20:06o_cee yeah
20:06Beirdo sorry, I don't know ;(
20:08o_cee wonder where chris pinkham is :/
20:08Beirdo Haven't seen him for a week or two
20:08o_cee at least
20:09Beirdo yeah, maybe longer.
20:09Chutt read the dev list, he just sent a message :p
20:09o_cee oh? :)
20:09o_cee you don't know about the framerate?
20:10o_cee weh! he's aliiiive
20:11Chutt processing time does vary over time
20:12o_cee but maybe we could make a mean value, at least to give _some_ hint about the time?
20:12o_cee did you see that pretty commit sendmail script?
20:13o_cee If configured, mails can include links to a ViewCVS pretty neat
20:13--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
20:13o_cee hey chris!
20:13o_cee :)
20:14Captain_Murdo| hey
20:14o_cee i was just thinking about you when you sent that mail hehe
20:14Captain_Murdo| had a lot going on recently, death in the family and a new room being built on the back of my house so I've been kinda busy for a while.
20:15o_cee sorry to hear that
20:17o_cee the thing i was thinking about earlier was.. what do you think about counting some mean value for transcoding/commflag framerate to give an ETA?
20:17Torq Is Jeremiah here?
20:18Beirdo Torq: I don't think he does IRC
20:18Captain_Murdo| that should be possible if the totalframe is known. could put that in the same field where the fps is shown and could show visibly in mythcommflag when run from the command line.
20:18Torq Thats a shame, he must have a life then
20:19Chutt o_cee, are you ever going to update the .ts/.qm files? :p
20:19o_cee Captain_Murdoch: just thought about it now when looking at the status page. /some/ kind of indication would be nice
20:19o_cee Chutt: heh, yeah maybe i should
20:19Captain_Murdo| o_cee, I'm adding a comment to my TODO list about it.
20:20Chutt captain_murdoch, hey
20:20o_cee cool
20:20o_cee Captain_Murdoch: did you see that mail about opaque logo thingie?
20:20Captain_Murdo| Chutt, hey. I take it you didn't get my email a week or so ago about that guy's jobqueue patch?
20:20Chutt oh, maybe i did
20:20Chutt i don't remember
20:20Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, have it sitting in a temp folder so I remember to reply to it.
20:20Chutt been busy
20:20Captain_Murdo| just said thanks cause I hadn't had time to commit it.
20:21Chutt ah, could you look at kevin kuphal's recent patch?
20:21Chutt it changes the autoexpire logic a little, and i'm not all that familiar with it
20:21Captain_Murdo| yeah, have that saved off as well so I can peruse it.
20:21--- ---> gamename_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:21Chutt cool.
20:21o_cee Chutt: he added back the grayOut stuff
20:22Chutt that's fine
20:22o_cee yeah but you removed it since it wasn't working :P
20:22Torq Well I just sent jeremiah an email
20:23Captain_Murdo| what was the consensus on that whole info menu change on the watch recordings screen? isn't that in Kevin's patch as well?
20:23Chutt yeah
20:23Chutt he ok'd that with me, though i haven't looked at how he actually did it yet
20:23Captain_Murdo| ok.
20:24Captain_Murdo| I also saved off that other guy's patch to fix the OSD in zoom mode and will look at that also since it doesn't look like it's in there yet either.
20:25Chutt cool.
20:27gamename_ hi guys... I'm thinking of building a system. But I need to find out if HDTV is supported for capture from a cable box. Has that been done yet? TIA
20:27Captain_Murdo| with the patch-fest that's been going on over the past week or two, is anyone here running current CVS?
20:28o_cee gamename_: topic please
20:28o_cee Captain_Murdoch: yeah i am
20:28Torq oh god, movies in mythgallery now. what next.
20:28Captain_Murdo| o_cee, so nothing major that would reduce the WAF? :)
20:28o_cee Captain_Murdoch: not 100% cvs though, got some changes but nothing big, why?
20:28--- ---> Majestik [] has joined #mythtv
20:28Torq I'm on current cvs, works ok
20:29o_cee heh, dunno about waf anymore, but no, don't think so hehe
20:30Captain_Murdo| I'm at least 6 weeks behind on my main system, want to update but wanted to check first. :)
20:30o_cee heh, lots of theme updates to titivil and blue
20:30Chutt current's working fine, though i'm a day behind
20:31Chutt bruce's most recent changes do have the potential to be wrong, though
20:31Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, that's part of why I wanted to update. :)
20:31--- <--- gamename_ [] has left #mythtv ()
20:31Torq do ppl actually use bugzilla here?
20:32Chutt torq, not really
20:32Torq didnt think so
20:32Chutt i setup the bugzilla because a bunch of people said they'd fix bugs or otherwise contribute if there was one
20:33Chutt guess what never happened :p
20:33fishhead man I could use a mythtv box right about now
20:33Torq bugzilla is good, when everyone uses it.
20:33dopester chutt: is daniels hdtv patch going in soon
20:33dopester ?
20:33Chutt dopester, yup
20:33Torq the firefox/mozilla bugzilla is absolutely fab
20:33Chutt torq, i tend to fix things when i find them
20:34Chutt and i really prefer a mailing list for bug reports
20:34Chutt easier to get more info, in my experience
20:34Torq its getting a bit busy though
20:34Torq and its only going to get busier
20:34Chutt naw, the dev list hasn't gotten any more traffic recently
20:35Torq yeah its gone quieter, mind, there are not many bug reports.
20:35Chutt and 99% of the stuff reported on the users list is useless due to lack of information..
20:36Torq dopester: planning on rolling dvb into cvs soon?
20:36cmorgan Chutt: haha
20:37cmorgan "i can't record, whats wrong?"
20:37Chutt i just dislike bugzilla, and how users can randomly up severity of bugs =)
20:38dopester torq: depends on what kind of feedback comes back..
20:38Torq dopester: its fine for me
20:38dopester ultimatly ist still up to chutt
20:38Torq its starting to become a bit of a grind syncing up
20:38dopester there is still some sloppiness that needs to be cleaned up before I will even consinder handing it over..
20:38Beirdo Chutt: I am getting hit by bugs 150 and 151 (I think they are) as well. The editor not behaving ones
20:39Beirdo if there's any troubleshooting necessary, I'd be happy to try
20:39Chutt dave's fixing them
20:40Torq can always clean up sloppyness after its in cvs...
20:40dopester the dvb patch is probbably less sloppy than whats in myth now honestly..
20:40Beirdo OK. :)
20:41o_cee dopester: heh :) is -C working now?
20:41dopester i wonder if daniel will try to wrap in the si/psip parser i wrote or not..
20:41dopester ocee: i dont know.. if someone that knew how to give me a bug report with dvb-c would let me know id love to know.. :)
20:41dopester i got -s and john has -t but no one involved remotely seems to use -c..
20:41o_cee heh, got one i my drawer, but haven't got any cable here
20:41Captain_Murdo| am I the only one who would prefer that "Media Library" be the default menu item instead of "Watch TV" on the main menu?
20:42dopester o_: you in the us?
20:42o_cee dopester: sweden
20:42dopester ahh ok..
20:42o_cee Captain_Murdoch: dunno, maybe.
20:43dopester well if you want to test it out with the patch id love some feedback..
20:43Torq Ah. jer came back to me. apparently someone put a patch in for mythvideo on OSX.
20:43Torq i must have missed this one. hope the archive has attachments...
20:43o_cee dopester: yeah, but i haven't got any digital cable to receive here :/
20:43Captain_Murdo| o_cee, I switched it in my source the day I started using Titivillus, cause I hardly ever use LiveTV. :)
20:43dopester the only things that can be wrong with dvb-c are simple sql query stuff..
20:43dopester oh well then nevermind.. :)
20:44o_cee Captain_Murdoch: know what you mean ;)
20:44o_cee (damn that re-design is really needed.. need to win back people hehe)
20:44o_cee dopester: won't be until april
20:45dopester well by april thecode better be in cvs or i need to hand it over to someone else to finish.. thats WAY too long.. :)
20:45o_cee dopester: yeah, thought so :)
20:45Torq april for what?
20:45Torq i cant wait until april for dvb in cvs!
20:45o_cee until i move and will have digital cable again
20:45Torq that would be too painful
20:47dopester id like to in april have it working with opencable and atsc cards too..
20:52Torq does anyone with mythtv actually have opencable?
20:52dopester anyone with digital cable in the united states
20:52Torq but you cant get the adaptors in the US, only from europe?
20:53dopester there are some cards that can do it now.. just no linux drivers yet
20:53dopester european cards use a different fec scheme than us cards for digital cable so they are incompatable..
20:53Torq Ah. well thats a different issue isnt it. cant expect to support it in mythtv if linux doesnt support it.
20:54--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:54dopester well there is a guy on linux-dvb working on the dvico fusion gold
20:54dopester and if he doesnt write the driver i will myslef.. i got all the code i need that was written for osx..
20:55anduin a very recent build has my frontend seeing prebuffering pauses, maybe a bad time to upgrade...
20:59Torq anduin: i have that too. i thought it was my backend/frontend network connection...
20:59anduin Torq - in my current setup that is the same box
20:59Torq anduin: erk.
20:59dopester /dev/lo is the problem then :)
20:59--- ---> Henkie [] has joined #mythtv
21:00Henkie is this the place to ask about mythtv on a fbdev?
21:00--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Connection timed out)
21:00Henkie hmm, maybe not
21:02Chutt anduin, bruce's changes?
21:03Torq Humm, regarding the mythtv commits list. its a right pain the subject line always reads "mythtv commits", any chance of making that more verbose
21:04--- <--- Henkie [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:04Torq I'm trying to find something that was committed to mythvideo and its painful
21:05o_cee Torq: get a better email client who can search, hehe
21:05anduin Chutt - seems, I just stepped back to yesterdays build and things are working... I'll need to spend more time before I'm willing to blame anything but my bad luck.
21:11Chutt he just committed something else, might be worth a try..
21:12anduin Chutt - yup, building
21:14o_cee g'nighty
21:14Chutt but, email bruce if it's still not happy - he says it's stuff he's been using for a while and works for him
21:21anduin ok, never mind, I can't reproduce it, I'm just unlucky
21:22Chutt heh
21:27--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit ()
21:31Chutt cvs needs a distclean after a commit i made a few minutes ago
21:31Torq question: the is autogenerated by qmake (2 years ago in 2002) how is it generated in the first place?
21:31Chutt which
21:31Torq the top one
21:31--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
21:32Chutt by running 'qmake mythvideo' like the docs say
21:32--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
21:32Torq i mean the one line one in the top directory
21:33Torq TEMPLATE = subdirs
21:33Chutt that's just what i said.
21:34Chutt oh, i left out the -project
21:34Chutt qmake -project mythvideo
21:34Chutt but most of those were hand edited.
21:34Torq Ahh. thanks!
21:34Captain_Murdo| heh... the guy doing that comskip program for SageTV based on the code in Myth is stopping enhancement on the GPL version (except bugfixes) and rewriting from scratch using directshow. Here's a quote from a post he made on one of the forums: "Is that the end of commercial detection development? No. The current framework that comskip is built on is simpy too limiting, so I'm developing another program that will be far more fle
21:34Captain_Murdo| not be open source since I'm developing it from the ground up."
21:34fishhead chutt, chutt, it rhymes with butt
21:34* fishhead is bored
21:35Torq Chutt: so no problem if i submit patches to .pro files?
21:35Chutt torq, none at all
21:35Torq ok
21:35Chutt captain_murdoch, heh, that's funny
21:35Chutt directshow is horrible for that, but =)
21:35Captain_Murdo| yeah. this isn't the guy that started it but is the guy that's been making most of the mods to it lately.
21:36Chutt i wonder how the framework is too limiting
21:36Chutt since all it's doing is processing the raw video data
21:36Captain_Murdo| yeah, he said his performance is terrible so far but he wants to be able to run it on more than mpeg2 files it seems and wants to make it more of a windows app it seems. I have some of his recent code compiled and running under Linux. I was testing it against mine.
21:37Captain_Murdo| he'
21:37Chutt ah, he's probably talking about the decoder and junk it's wedged into
21:37Captain_Murdo| he's modified the original code quite a bit, and totally rewrote the logo stuff already I think.
21:37Captain_Murdo| yeah, he mentioned mpeg2dec specifically in another comment
21:37Captain_Murdo| that's what he's using now.
21:38Captain_Murdo| guy seems to have a ton of time on his hands. even has the current version doing detection based on CC information.
21:38Chutt heh
21:39Chutt i'm going to have more time soon =)
21:39Chutt basement's almost done
21:39Chutt waiting on the damn carpet
21:39Torq scary, i seem to have a whole load of plugins running on OSX
21:40Captain_Murdo| got my projector and screen last Wednesday for my new room.
21:40Chutt cool
21:40Chutt what'd you get?
21:40--- <--- anduin [] has left #mythtv ()
21:41Captain_Murdo| lower-end BenQ from VisualApex PB6100
21:41--- ---> s1n [] has joined #mythtv
21:41Chutt ah
21:41Captain_Murdo| wasn't sure how well it would work out since it's going in a "sunroom" (ie, 2 walls with windows or sliding glass doors). seems to work very well at night though which is what I wanted.
21:41Chutt happy with them?
21:41s1n where would i find documentation on setting up server backend nodes for myth?
21:41Chutt i was going to order from them or projectorpeople
21:41Captain_Murdo| yeah. I paid the extra $40 and had the projector and screen in 2 days.
21:42--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041107]")
21:42Chutt i'm going to get the panasonic 700u
21:42--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
21:42Torq are projectors really the way to go?
21:42Captain_Murdo| hey, I'm getting this from the code you just committed: "No rule to make target `nsvdec.c', needed by `nsvdec.o'. Stop."
21:42Chutt update again, i missed an add
21:43Captain_Murdo| ahhh. :) didn't see the 2nd email yet.
21:43Chutt torq, well, i can't fit a big tv down my basement stairs
21:44Captain_Murdo| for me with a lower-end model it was cheaper than buying a TV the size I'd want. :)
21:44Torq plugin directory - where do people usually put these? I keep them in my mythtv directory
21:44Chutt people put them somewhere?
21:44s1n i keep seeing references to setting up multiple backend encoding servers, but i cant seem to locate the documentation, where would i find this?
21:45Captain_Murdo| Chutt, the PT-AT700U?
21:45Chutt yeah
21:45Torq just i have a patch, you will need to go into every plugin and apply individual patches...
21:45Torq unless you want one bundled patch which changes pro files in each plugin dir
21:45Chutt s1n, well, read the topic. but:
21:46Chutt torq, oh, i've got a ~/mythtv/
21:46Chutt directory for all my source trees
21:46Captain_Murdo| nice. I debated a better model but wanted 4:3 ratio for and the higher lumen output of a business-type model vs a home-theater type since I could have light coming in sometimes since it's not a true theater.
21:46s1n that doesnt seem detailed enough
21:46Chutt s1n, why?
21:46Torq ok. so the plugin dirs are all off your ~/mythtv/
21:46Chutt because it's short?
21:46Chutt captain_murdoch, yeah, i wanted a 16:9 and didn't care about light terribly much since it's in the basement with no windows =)
21:47Chutt and i'm pretty rainbow sensitive
21:47Chutt with dlps
21:47--- User: *** Netslayer is now known as NetRanting
21:47--- ---> hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
21:47s1n im not sure why, it just seems to thin on details
21:47Captain_Murdo| if I dug a basement here it'd end up an in-ground pool by morning. water table is only 2-3 feet below ground sometimes.
21:47s1n i guess maybe im used to wading through mounds of documentation
21:47Chutt s1n,
21:47Chutt there's that, too
21:48Chutt it's extremely simple to set up.
21:48s1n ok that title seems more appropriate, lemme read through it
21:48Captain_Murdo| I haven't noticed rainbows but can see the screendoor if at a distance equal to the width and occasionally a little further on bright whites.
21:49Chutt i'm going to end up around 11 feet from an 80" screen
21:49Chutt so, should be pretty bright, even with the lights on =)
21:49s1n that still seems a lil .... thin on details
21:49thor_ is there a difference with the PT-AE700U?
21:49Captain_Murdo| about 14ft away here from the same width.
21:50--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:50--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
21:50Chutt thor, that's the one :p
21:50thor_ sweet
21:50s1n i should preclude by saying that i havent setup and installed myth _yet_, im preparing too. that's why it seems empty on details
21:50Chutt s1n, um, then why are you even asking in here?
21:50Snow-Man Yeah, get the fuck out.
21:51Snow-Man :)
21:51Captain_Murdo| I assume you visited
21:51Chutt yeah, read actual user reviews on avsforum, etc
21:51s1n the docs on configuring a master backend seem more appropriate, i'll read that, thanks
21:52Chutt setting up a slave backend is identical to setting up a master, aside from telling it that it's a slave
21:52--- <<-- Jayakumar [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:52Chutt C_M, i'm just trying to decide on the extra warranty or not
21:53Chutt since it _is_ a tad on the expensive side
21:53--- <--- s1n [] has left #mythtv ()
21:53Chutt and there's no point in me ordering it until i know when the carpet's going to get installed
21:53Torq In your status view do you see the mythtv server uptime and load info? mine says unknown
21:53Torq wondering if this is a bug
21:54Chutt torq, that's not implemented for osx
21:54Torq but surely this is just returned from the backend?
21:54Chutt nope
21:54Torq i am using OSX for a frontend.
21:54Chutt that's all local info
21:54Torq linux for backend
21:55Torq the section i am talking about is mythtv server. local info is fine
21:55Chutt look at the source
21:55--- User: *** NetRanting is now known as Netslayer
21:55Torq ok
21:55Chutt it doesn't ask the backend for that information
21:56Chutt it's just using local info
21:56Torq strange
21:56Chutt which is ok for the most common case (combined frontend/backend)
21:57Torq we should have the backend give that info
21:57Chutt <shrug>
21:57Chutt i don't think that should be in there at all, but...
21:58--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:58--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
21:58Chutt ah well, back in a few
22:03rkulagow chutt: did you leave yet?
22:09--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
22:09--- <<-- stoffel_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11* ree thinks #mythtv should be for users and devers, then #mythtv-dev for developers
22:11ree :)
22:12Torq good idea...
22:12ree kind of silly to have to tell everyone who thinks this is a channel about mythtv to go join the 'real' channel
22:12ree maybe the developers should go join the real channel?
22:13Chutt i think that it's my channel, and i can decide what it's for.
22:13cmorgan heh
22:14rkulagow chutt: docs sync?
22:14Chutt rkulagow, yeah, will do
22:14Chutt and i certainly don't think i should have to cater to the illiterate people who join and ask off-topic questions
22:14rkulagow forwarded you an email about the commercials not getting flagged
22:14Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: did you see my reply on the list?
22:15thor_ I thought this was the basement renovation channel
22:15thor_ damn
22:15Chutt rkulagow, it showed up here
22:15rkulagow c_m: nope. i think my email is broken; haven't gotten hardly any mail today
22:15Chutt and chris' reply =)
22:15rkulagow ah, then it's probably something on my end.
22:15rkulagow anyway, was there anything interesting in the response?
22:16Torq poo. I am getting bus errors from some plugins
22:17ree stupid attitude
22:17--- <--- ree [] has left #mythtv ()
22:19Torq strange, plugins work from the main entry, but when i go to the plugin setup, in plugins, i get bus error and boom
22:23Torq looks like dynamic libes are not being built quite right
22:25--- ---> fbenites_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:25fbenites_ hi i got an error
22:25fbenites_ No error type from QSqlError? Strange...
22:26Beirdo fbenites_: please read the topic :)
22:28fbenites_ sorry
22:34* Captain_Murd wonders who's "cout" (that prints each frame number played) got accidentilly committed to avformatdecoder.cpp
22:35Beirdo Gah! :)
22:37cmorgan Captain_Murdoch: cvs annotate(cvs blame) is great for that ;-)
22:37Captain_Murdo| yeah I know, just commenting in case the culprit was here (probably David's recent changes I assume)
22:39cmorgan if you run emacs it color codes the output
22:40cmorgan so you can see recently changed lines in red and old lines in blue, like hot and cold
22:40Chutt or just on cvsweb
22:41rkulagow captain_murdoch: other window
22:41Chutt rkulagow, docs are updated.
22:45rkulagow chutt: thanks
22:54--- ---> Doona_Grl [] has joined #mythtv
23:12--- <<-- cmorgan [~cmorgan@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:24Chutt lameass ivtv driver making me reboot my myth box
23:24Chutt no more 100+ day uptime :(
23:28fishhead oh the horror
23:28* fishhead slashes his wrists
23:29Captain_Murdo| don't get our hopes up
23:29rkulagow you can always run one of the 50 "rc" versions of the ivtv driver
23:30Chutt only 50?
23:31rkulagow well, i think it's iterated [12][a-z]; i think ivtv-0.2.0-rc3a is current
23:31Chutt ah
23:31rkulagow makes me glad i'm using a intel motherboard; the Via seems to be pretty craptacular
23:32rkulagow (or at least that's my impression based on how much effort has gone into getting the Via / Hauppauge PCI stuff working correctly)
23:32Chutt this is an nvidia board, of course =)
23:32Chutt but, it lasted 100 days or so
23:33fishhead rkula
23:33fishhead what via chipset
23:33fishhead the nforce/nforce2 is full of bugs
23:33fishhead Chutt you are lucky :P
23:33Chutt it is?
23:33fishhead yeah that's what I hear from my fellow techs
23:34fishhead at least on the windows and freebsd sides
23:34Chutt i've been developing on a nforce1 for many years now
23:34Chutt never had a single issue.
23:34fishhead good :)
23:34fishhead rkula what via chipset were you talking about
23:34fishhead their stuff before athlon KT266A and up are totally CANUCKED
23:35fishhead I got a old socket7 mvp3 here and it's a freaking nightmare
23:35rkulagow fishhead: the ivtv wiki / FAQ has the gory details. i don't really keep track since i don't have any problems with my intel mboard.
23:36fishhead no mb problems but a shitty cpu
23:36fishhead but I can understand why people choose intel
23:36Beirdo my nforce2 is rock solid so far
23:38--- ---> Chutt_axim [] has joined #mythtv
23:38fishhead A: Some VIA chipsets have issues with high amounts of DMA traffic (widely reported as bad are KX133, KT133(A). The following are assumed to be problematic, as well: KT200, KT333, KT400).
23:39fishhead bit concerning when they don't even get the model #'s right
23:39fishhead makes me wonder if they just assume they are all the same
23:39fishhead KX/KT133 are defintely horse shit
23:39fishhead I am most stable than that chipset
23:40fishhead well I just gave my power supply from my PII 350 to my dad's box because his had a bad fan
23:40fishhead so I might never get a complete system to setup mythTV backend on
23:40fishhead :/
23:41Beirdo hat to say it, but what does any of that have to do with development of MythTV?
23:41fishhead chipset bugs do
23:41fishhead affect driver
23:41fishhead admit it beirdo right now
23:42fishhead all you want to do is be an ass
23:42fishhead and cause problems on purpose
23:42fishhead ADMIT IT
23:42--- <--- rkulagow [] has left #mythtv ()
23:44Chutt_axim heh
23:45Beirdo Chutt_axim: actually on the PDA? :)
23:45Chutt_axim yeah
23:45Beirdo nice.
23:45fishhead cool
23:45fishhead wait
23:45fishhead does axim have linux support ?
23:47Chutt_axim dunno
23:48Chutt_axim hmm. wonder if i can ident as myself on this..
23:48fishhead Chutt
23:49Chutt_axim yes?
23:49fishhead nm already figured out by versioning you
23:49fishhead your axim is not running linux
23:49Chutt_axim wow, i hadn't noticed.
23:50Chutt_axim that's amazing
23:50fishhead [23:49] [Chutt_axim VERSION reply]: Pocket IRC 1.1
23:50Beirdo I'm sure he knows what he's running :)
23:50fishhead dude
23:50fishhead I wondered for MY SAKE
23:50fishhead I am in the market for a pda
23:50Chutt_axim you figured out how to paste?
23:50fishhead sheesh
23:51Chutt_axim i'm so proud
23:53--- <<-- splAt1 [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:54--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:56--- <<-- Chutt_axim [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:57dopester look about as reliable as irc on my sybian phone :)
23:57Chutt i quit
23:57dopester :)
23:58Beirdo I think I have some irc client on my Palm V
23:58Beirdo never really used it though
23:59dopester its about as useful as an sms bridge to im.. ive used that before but after a few ims it really sucks
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