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00:00fishhead hehehe
00:01fishhead I think I figured out how to hack up mythTV on my box to do what I want,
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03:42banyan Any ideas on why my mythfrontend would die with a floating point exception when it's run as a regular user -- right after registering MythMusic as a media handler?
03:43banyan This just started after the last update I received for myth, like a week ago.
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10:19o_cee *phew* just saved the file i was working on.. damn autoshutdown.
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11:26AlbinoTux What up g-dogs
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11:37chschamper I have found a slight fix needed in the current CVS to get a HD3000 card working - There is a hardwire comment on line 875 of NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp that forces v4l instead of v4l2 - the HD3000 requires this is commented out
11:39Chutt that's not current cvs
11:40chschamper I had checked it out yesterday
11:40Chutt stuff changes :p
11:41chschamper hehe yep
11:41chschamper oh well - I just wanted to make sure someone knew that little bit was there
11:41Chutt yeah, it snuck in in someone's patch that was applied
11:42chschamper I'm just glad that I finially get video
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11:44Chutt why're you using that card in analog mode?
11:45chschamper for the moment I'm just trying to get regular cable
11:46chschamper AFAIK, ATSC will do digital HDTV but I've got to use the generic v4l to get anything off of the adelphia line
11:47chschamper I could be sadly mistaken though
11:47Chutt that's true
11:47Chutt until they get their QAM support, then you should be able to grab unencrypted hd off of the cable
11:49fishhead hey Chutt
11:49* fishhead pokes Chutt
11:49chschamper thankfully QAM is not enabled on the cable - I can get the video just fine - now I'm trying to get the sound to work. For some reason the line out on the card is not enabled when mythtv uses it but is for tvtime
11:49Chutt do you really want banned, fishhead?
11:49fishhead uhh
11:49fishhead actually I just wanted to tell you
11:50fishhead keep up the good work :)
11:50Chutt then stop being annoying.
11:50fishhead some of us do appreciate what you are doing
11:50kvandivo if i didn't have HD towers in two different directions i'd be all over one of those 3k's... but i've no desire to figure out how to get myth to rotate the antenna to point the right direction to record a show..
11:50fishhead kvan whoa
11:50fishhead are you doing free to air hdtv stuff?
11:51kvandivo umm.. no...
11:51fishhead oh
11:52gr8nash is down.. btw
11:53o_cee gr8nash: not really
11:53gr8nash ohh?
11:53o_cee works fine here
11:53Beirdo and here
11:53thor_ ditto
11:54kvandivo i haven't bothered checking, but 4 positives is enough of a consensus for me.. so i'll say that its working for me as well
11:54gr8nash wow.. i just did a proxy.. and it works... *sheepish* sorry
11:55gr8nash here is what i get This server is temporarily unable toservice requests.(Internal-Reason: 3)
11:55gr8nash ohh well sorry
12:08riksta Chutt: you started work on replacing the ringbuffer yet?
12:08riksta s/replacing/redesigning/
12:09Chutt nope
12:13riksta :(
12:14gr8nash riksta may i ask whats wrong with the current one?
12:15riksta read Chutt and others' posts on the list back a few months
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12:48Chutt projector ordered =)
12:48thor_ righteous
12:51o_cee Chutt: pt-ae700? been looking at that one too. how much is it there? it had an U at the end? ours is named E, wonder if there's any actual difference (guess it's USA / Europe)
12:52Chutt $2200
12:52o_cee got a friend who's brother work in the states, so he can bring it over..
12:52Chutt and, yeah, there's a u that means it's the US version
12:52o_cee you know if thre's any difference?
12:53o_cee 2400USD here, not that big price difference
12:53Chutt no idea
12:53Chutt i'd imagine there's _some_ difference
12:54o_cee 1280*720, 2000:1, hdmi..
12:54o_cee 1000 ansi
12:54o_cee ah well will be intresting to hear what you think about it :)
12:54Chutt well, i'll not have a proper screen for a bit
12:54o_cee oh :/
12:55Chutt so, might be a while before i have a good opinion of it =)
12:55o_cee heh, k.
12:56o_cee got a friend who's waiting for his Sony VPL-HS50
12:56o_cee will be very intresting to see in action
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12:57o_cee time for some food, later
13:09Chutt i thought about that sony, but since there wasn't ever a firm ship date on them, i kinda passed
13:09gr8nash <---- very cool
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14:00kvandivo what we did for a screen... bought a bunch of blackout cloth from a local jo-anns.. built a frame out of 2x2s and then stretched the blackout cloth on it
14:01kvandivo works quite well
14:01Chutt that's what i'm planning on
14:01kvandivo err.. actually we used 3x1s.. not 2x2s
14:01Chutt i've got a lot of extra trim, to, so the frame can be all nice =)
14:01Chutt err, too
14:02kvandivo the blackout cloth comes in 54 inch widths, so we ended up making the screen something like 85x50
14:02Chutt i just want an 80" diagonal
14:02kvandivo that gave us 2 inches on each side to wrap around
14:02Chutt which is only 37" or so high
14:03kvandivo only problem we ran into was that the projector is so bright that it shines through the cloth, reflects off the wall, and causes a small shadow on the center support beam we built in
14:03Chutt heh
14:03kvandivo putting a layer of cloth between the screen and the support beam fixed that
14:03Chutt used the blackout for that as well, or just random fabric?
14:04kvandivo hmmm... she did that.. i wasn't actually around then, so i can't say for sure.. i think it was the latter, though
14:04kvandivo we finally got the proj mounted on the ceiling right before thanksgiving.. basically, projectors ROCK
14:04Chutt we've got tons of fabric lying around, so, either way =)
14:05Chutt my wife's all crafty and stuff
14:05Chutt makes quilts, currently re-upholstering a couch, etc
14:05kvandivo stretching the screen worked a lot better than i was expecting. i was actually pretty pleased with the results. i figured it would be a real pain to get it wrinkle free, but it worked out quite well
14:05Chutt stretch it like a paint canvas?
14:06Torq am i allowed to ask how i can ascertain the subtitles pid from the command line?
14:06Chutt ie, middle working outwards or so?
14:06kvandivo from what i understand, very much so..
14:06kvandivo yep.. that's what we did
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14:06Chutt i'm not sure about ceiling mounting
14:07Chutt i've got very limited space, so i think a shelf would work a little better
14:07Torq why not just paint the wall?
14:07Chutt can't afford to lose very much for the mounting hardware
14:07Torq paint wall with white emulsion and sand it smooth
14:07kvandivo we made our own mount
14:07Chutt because my wife wants to be able to rearrange the room later =)
14:08Chutt so a painted wall wouldn't quite work
14:08Torq well, it would if you put curtains over the painted square...
14:08Chutt heh
14:08Chutt kvandivo, what'd you do for that?
14:08Torq and a motor to pull the curtains open and closed, controlled by mythtv, depending on frontend status
14:09kvandivo ummm.. two squarish pieces of wood.. the top one mounted to the ceiling. But, before doing that, countersunk bolts facing downward
14:09Torq so whens the curtain control motor patch going in?
14:09kvandivo which go through the bottom piece of wood, which is attached to the projector
14:10Chutt kvandivo, ah - we've got a drop ceiling
14:10kvandivo if we need to take the proj down, we just undo the butterfly nuts attaching the two, and are good to go
14:10Chutt which doesn't actually drop, but it's the same stuff otherwise
14:10kvandivo nod
14:10Chutt i dunno if something like that would work for this
14:10Chutt hrm
14:10kvandivo we thought long and hard before coming up with that design. It lets us move the image up and down the wall by adjusting how much we unscrew the butterfly nuts
14:11kvandivo we don't have any left/right play, though
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14:11kvandivo so, the total room damage for our setup is a couple of screws in the wall that we hang the screen on, and four small holes in the ceiling that the upper board attaches to
14:12Chutt not bad
14:12Chutt now if my carpet would just get installed
14:12Torq "room damage" umm...
14:13kvandivo well, particularly if you've got a wife that likes to rearrange... yes, room damage
14:13Chutt as an example, she re-arranged her dorm room in college (a small-ish single) about once a month
14:13kvandivo yikes
14:13Chutt like, complete changes =)
14:14Chutt yeah, so, i've gotta have this stuff be flexible =)
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14:14Chutt it's already going to be set up in a different direction than i had originally planned on
14:14kvandivo the main thing that was annoying the SO before was that she had the proj sitting on the couch and the thing shook everytime she got up or down
14:14Torq my lounge has ethernet cable all over the floor
14:14kvandivo so if you have it on a shelf that sounds as good as possible
14:15Torq sony do a nice side projector. can mount it and project sideways onto the wall
14:15Chutt and she's flipped the exercise room, too, and wants the tv on the one wall that doesn't have close access to a cable outlet
14:15Chutt kinda frustrating at times =)
14:46Baylink Yaeh; that real world sucks sometimes, don't it?
14:46Baylink :-)
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15:06arango could someone please recommend an inexpensive TV card for mythtv ?
15:06arango preferebly with S-Video or RCA input
15:07Beirdo sure... in the -users channel :)
15:07fishhead arango
15:07fishhead what speed cpu
15:07arango which channel ?
15:07fishhead arango I give you permission to message me
15:08* Beirdo points at the topic
15:08fishhead but ask for help in #mythtv-users
15:08arango amd 1800+
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15:34FatDarrel hey anyone her run a amd 2500 ?
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16:30fishhead baylink or chutt
16:30fishhead or any developer
16:30fishhead can I ask a question that probably the developers would only known
16:31kvandivo are you developing?
16:31fishhead nope
16:32fishhead beirdo got the answer
16:32fishhead so nm
16:32fishhead thx
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17:31AlbinoTux SPLIT!
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17:36xris ok, I popped over. will try to pay attention amid work stuff.
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17:43AlbinoTux okay, since the users channel isn't be extremely helpful :) How do I get sound to work with my Bt848 STB card?
17:43Doona_Grl #mythtv-users
17:44AlbinoTux since the users channel isn't being helpful
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17:44* gr8nash sits and waits.. hoping
17:45Beirdo Since you aren't getting help in the correct channel, you decided to come here and annoy. Read /topic for this channel, please
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17:47Torq Well said Mr B.
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18:05o_cee BUG: StackedConfigurationGroup::raise(): unrecognized child 0 on setting
18:05o_cee heh
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18:49o_cee Chutt: i see that some xmltv grabbers support channel config via some Tk gui.. maybe that could be used for config in myth setup?
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18:51o_cee would want to make something similar to what DD uses (haven't seen it but it has a built in config right?)
18:51mikegrb o_cee: I use a small trained monkey to do my config
18:51o_cee mikegrb: you shouldn't let your kid do all your dirty work :P
18:52mikegrb I thought that is what they were for
18:52o_cee not until they get older
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19:10o_cee Chutt: what about this. grab channels.xml.gz. it contains:
19:10o_cee <channel id="">
19:10o_cee <display-name lang="sv">TV1000 Action</display-name>
19:10o_cee <base-url></base-url>
19:10o_cee </channel>
19:11o_cee we'll add the name there as well
19:11o_cee add that to the db depending on yes/no, and then direct the user to the chaneditor
19:11o_cee yes/no meaning some UI instead of term
19:12o_cee it will be very hard to provide frequencies automatically, since they differ from location and provider. will need to make a few calls and see about that first though
19:13mikegrb yes
19:13mikegrb a few calls should do the trick
19:13o_cee we have a couple of major cable companies, at least that would be a start
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19:14o_cee for dd you just enter zipcode?
19:16mikegrb yes
19:16o_cee neat
19:16mikegrb yes
19:19o_cee and then you get an ui to choose channels? or it just fetches them all?
19:20mikegrb couldn't tell you
19:20o_cee k
19:20mikegrb oh I think we pick the channel lineup on the website
19:20mikegrb dd you give it your username and password
19:21dopester yeah you have to setup your stuff for dd on their website first
19:21o_cee ah, ok
19:27Beirdo Hmph
19:27Beirdo seems I can't watch TV while compiling Myth any more
19:27Beirdo I don't know if I ever tried before though
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19:51thread so I'm trying to get mythfrontend to connect to a remote mythbackend... and the frontend keeps saying stuff like
19:51thread 2004-11-30 19:34:21 Connecting to backend server: (try 1of 5)
19:51thread 2004-11-30 19:34:21 Using protocol version 13
19:51thread Connection timed out.
19:51thread Could not connect to server
19:51thread blhalb..
19:52thread it does list me the recorded shows
19:52gr8nash you are in the wrong channel
19:52gr8nash goto #mythtv-users
19:52thread whoa.. my bad!
19:52thread sorry...
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20:37o_cee what does "Special" mean? as the category type?
20:44Chutt one time special event or some sort
20:44o_cee ok, seems mis-used in the data i have from this channel then :/
20:47o_cee did you catch my previous ramblings? :) not really something i'll do now, need to make the data work first
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20:52o_cee nevermind then, need to get some sleep. took me two hours to de-scramble that data, heh.
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21:57pphillips does anyone in here have mythtv running on a 'dual-headed' system? I'm wanting to see an example config of setting up mythtv on one X server, while getting a desktop to work on on the other.
21:58pphillips I've already got my 2 x servers to run simultaneously, but am curious as to how to force Myth to use screen:0 with LIRC, and my keyboard/mouse to only use screen:1
21:59Captain_Murdo| try #mythtv-users
21:59pphillips will do, thanks
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22:00Beirdo heh, or #xfree86 or something
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