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02:10BenB hi. the graphical setup program crashes on me with simply "Illegal instruction" (after the xinerama msgs). I have to run it on a remote display (server has no monitor). Other QT program (qps) works fine.
02:11BenB any ideas?
02:12BenB it worked a few months ago.
02:13BenB is there any other way to configure capture cards and channels, apart from hand-editing the database?
02:20* BenB sees the topic and goes to #mythtv-users
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03:38o_cee_ i teach you bigtime!
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03:52BenB o_cee_: that's my job
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09:45o_cee_ yey thunderbird 1.0!
09:45o_cee_ a day late hehe
09:46kvandivo do you feel your life is complete now?
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09:53o_cee_ kvandivo: i'm hoping it'll fix some delete junk problems i'm seeing though
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13:55Riff-Raff is there some reason that OSDTypes cannot be removed from OSDSet or OSDSets from OSD ?
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14:01Riff-Raff locking maybe?
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14:36MrIch hello
14:37MrIch please look at this image and say me what is wrong with the tvout
14:37Riff-Raff i cannot see it, must login to some forum
14:38MrIch ok I will give you another link, just wait
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14:42Riff-Raff nice colors
14:42Riff-Raff i've never seen anything like taht
14:43Beirdo and how is that a development issue? :)
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14:48MrIch has nobody an idea?
14:50Beirdo MrIch: even if we did, this isn't the right channel (see topic), but no idea
14:51cmorgan its a good question for #ivtv-dev
14:54MrIch no it is no ivtv problem
14:54cmorgan uh
14:54cmorgan so you can capture data from /dev/video0
14:54cmorgan and play it back?
14:56MrIch oh sorry, I thought to be in the user channel
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15:49o_cee_ Chutt: those utf8's from hiro ok? looks fine to me, but i dunno about sched.patch
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15:57emes how can i generate a backtrace for a seg fault? mythfrontend is seg faulting if it tries to play fullscreen video, -v all doesn't show any errors
15:57emes using 0.16
15:57stoffel recompile myth for debugging and follow the debugging docs from
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15:58emes it is compiled with debug
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16:03emes ok, i'm running it un gdb, when it tries to play fullscreen video, it just stays on a black screen, and ctrl-c doesnt get out of it, how do i get back to gdb? i had to killall it
16:03emes s/un/in/
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16:06emes but, it was at: 0xb7d97b61 in get_avf_buffer_xvmc(AVCodecContext*, AVFrame*) (c=0x82c21c8,
16:06emes pic=0x8627790) at avformatdecoder.cpp:689 when it got the sigsegv
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16:06emes stoffel: does that mean anything to you?
16:07Chutt it means you enabled xvmc when you don't have a video card capable of doing it.
16:07stoffel same as chinese to me ;)
16:14emes Chutt: i cant find that option
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16:18stoffel emes: in
16:19Chutt you specifically enabled it when you compiled things.
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16:23emes i got it, thx
16:23emes and gentoo compiled it, not me
16:24Dibblah1_ Hmmm... I'm sure I remember seeing a bug in bugzilla, but I must have been imagining it. It looks like when Xine-ui exits, it leaves a non-existent window with focus. I didn't think that was possible...
16:24Dibblah1_ Gentoo only does what you tell it.
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16:25emes Dibblah1_: its not a USE flag so i dont control it
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16:26Dibblah1_ You building the release ebuild?
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16:26emes yeah
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16:29Dibblah1_ Ewww... What's wrong with doing things the right way?
16:29Dibblah1_ sed -i -e "s:OPTFLAGS=.*:OPTFLAGS=${CFLAGS}:g" config.mak
16:30emes eww?
16:30Dibblah1_ Well, config.mak is autogenerated, isn't it?
16:31emes the ebuild does all the seds
16:31Chutt people that replace the cflags with their own (unless they have to for an epia board that doesn't do ppro) do not get support.
16:31Dibblah1_ ... Or at least should know how to turn it back to defaults.
16:31Dibblah1_ However, this is in the official Gentoo ebuild.
16:32Dibblah1_ And there's no easy way to turn it off.
16:32Chutt maybe i'll have to go smack the gentoo packager again
16:32emes well, everything is working now, so i'm happy
16:35Dibblah1_ It's different from the last attempt...
16:35Dibblah1_ local cpu="`get-flag march || get-flag mcpu`"
16:35Dibblah1_ if [ "${cpu}" ] ; then
16:35Dibblah1_ sed -e "s:pentiumpro:${cpu}:g" -i "" || die
16:35Dibblah1_ "sed failed"
16:35Dibblah1_ fi
16:35Dibblah1_ Nice error message, there.
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16:38Dibblah1_ Exactly the same thing in the unofficial Myth CVS ebuild.
16:39Chutt see, that's just plain moronic
16:39Chutt ppro generally produces the best code, even for better cpus
16:39Dibblah1_ It's the Gentoo Philosophy.
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16:40Chutt i've seen -march=athlon-xp produce 50% slower code than -march=pentiumpro on very math intensive stuff
16:40Chutt on an xp, of course
16:41cmorgan nevermind the massive waste of energy that is compiling everything from source
16:42Dibblah Well, the benchmark times for compiling a kernel were getting too short to be geeky. So it had to happen.
16:43Dibblah Personally, I prefer Gentoo to almost any other distro I've tried. They _all_ have far too much cruft in the 'bare' install.
16:44Dibblah , however.
16:44Dibblah That sentence ended too early.
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16:56Beirdo Chutt: I had a similar issue with someone trying to compile nuv2avi (which is *very* beta) and overrode my CFLAGS
16:57Beirdo I told them to put em back :)
16:57Chutt yup yup
16:57Chutt it's stupid.
16:58Beirdo "your code doesn't compile with -mcpu=blah"... like I care, use the options provided.
16:58Dibblah Simple. Remove it from and hide it a little more :)
16:58Dibblah Or silently strip.
16:58mikegrb um debian has zero cruft in the bare install
16:58Chutt but there's a legitimate reason to change it
16:58Chutt if you've got a crappy cpu that doesn't support it =)
16:58Dibblah One reason.
16:59Beirdo well, yeah. Or you are compiling under OS X or something that needs some tweaking
16:59Beirdo in those cases, you do what you have to
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17:01Dibblah ... Or move to autoconf ;)
17:03Beirdo I'm sure there are compelling reasons not to do that with myth
17:03Beirdo I intend to do that with nuv2avi, but it's a big undertaking, and I want the code behaving first
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17:16o_cee_ Chutt: did you see hiros patches? the last one looked like something you need to look at, the other ones looked fine to me (utf8 stuff added).
17:17Chutt i haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
17:18o_cee_ okay, just lemme know.
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18:13Archangel-13 | hello
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18:50Dibblah Ugh. There's 2 places in the code where RunProgramGuide is called. Both are handled differently. I'm trying to get the guide to _always_ respect 'use select to change the channel', but it's not as easy as it first looked. I can't see a good way to start TV with a selected channel, when it's not already instantiated...
18:51Dibblah Specifically, that setting only applies when watching livetv.
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18:53Dibblah SO is used to getting consistent results from the Guide from Sky - And didn't understand why it didn't work :(
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18:55Fanfoue hello
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19:31orion How can I find the device name for my ALSA mixer? ALSA:default and ALSA:ctl.default don't work
19:32hadees orion, look at the topic
19:32orion eep, sorry
19:32hadees orion, its okay just doin't make the same mistake twice
19:34* gr8nash b* slaps orion
19:35Beirdo gr8nash: now be nice :)
19:36hadees if i wanted to add a device to conrtoll mythtv where would i inject the commands? do you think it would be similar to how internal lirc support is added?
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19:43Jonny0stars hi
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19:43Jonny0stars how do i set alsa to output my sound ?
19:43Jonny0stars i have no /dev/dsp device
19:44Jonny0stars can i pipe it trogh arts or xmms ?
19:44* Jonny0stars reads channel header
19:45Jonny0stars woops
19:45Jonny0stars sorry !
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20:24Chutt hadees, yes
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20:57hadees Chutt, do you know where to look for the internal lirc stuff or should i just grep for it
21:07Chutt libs/libmyth/lirc*
21:07Chutt and a tiny bit in mythdialogs.cpp
21:08Chutt but, just grepping for lirc would find all of it :p
21:14hadees thx
21:15Chutt o_cee, if you see this, hirobumi's sched.patch looks ok, if you'd want to apply it.
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21:39dopester heh mr. fast codebase over proper design..
22:06Chutt i really don't know where that came from
22:09Snow-Man Me neither!
22:12Chutt snow-man, he's referencing this:
22:14cmorgan heh
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22:20kvandivo chutt: so i've been using this time stretch feature literally ALL THE TIME since it went in, and i've got a couple of things to run by you...
22:21Snow-Man Chutt: *smirk.
22:21* mikegrb stretches kvandivo
22:21kvandivo 1) i'd like to set a default timestretch that would apply to recordings.. so somewhere in the settings you would say that you want 1.1 to be the default..
22:22kvandivo and 2) once that is in and working, take it one step farther and allow you to set per-show timestretch values..
22:22kvandivo i find that i watch my documentaries at 1.25, but the normal 'evening shows' i only watch at 1.1
22:24Anduin I hope you get that in
22:25Snow-Man wtf is timestretch?
22:25Anduin pitch adjusted fast play
22:25kvandivo basically a percentage change in the speed of the playback
22:26kvandivo i play everything back at 110% speed
22:26Snow-Man And that actually works decently?
22:26Anduin 1.3 is good for me (except music)
22:26kvandivo amazingly well
22:26Snow-Man That's fucking crazy. :)
22:26kvandivo it totally rocks
22:26Anduin It makes people talk as fast as I want them to.
22:26Snow-Man Alright, so, does Tivo have *that*? :)
22:26kvandivo :)
22:27Snow-Man Stupid people claiming MythTv is behind Tivo, yeesh.
22:27mikegrb puhwahaha
22:27Anduin Well... Chutt is a mean overlord...
22:27mikegrb sounds quite awesome
22:27mikegrb I need to use mythtv again but haven't since we moved
22:28Snow-Man Hey, mean overlords really are the only way to run an open source project. :)
22:28Beirdo hehe. A benevolent dictator?
22:28mikegrb and we got a free two tuner pvr here so that hasn't helped
22:28Snow-Man If you've read some of the posts Linus has made.. Well, he can be a pretty mean overlord sometimes. ;)
22:28Chutt kvandivo, sure, i'd apply that.
22:28Chutt kvandivo, _but_, i'd like someone to fix the live-tv catching up to real-time case
22:28kvandivo excellent.. i don't think it will take long.. i'll just have to find time to do it
22:29kvandivo agreed.. that will be an issue
22:29Snow-Man Man, I don't know what would happen if I got used to timestretch..
22:29Snow-Man I'd probably never be able to watch TV at regular speed again, it'd drive me nuts. :)
22:29mikegrb indeed
22:29mikegrb though being kvandivo would drive me nuts too
22:30mikegrb or a snowman in the summer
22:30Snow-Man hahaha
22:30mikegrb :p
22:32Chutt you really don't notice it that much
22:32Chutt except people move slightly faster
22:33Snow-Man That'd be awesome. :)
22:34Chutt kvandivo, my blackout cloth had a big (well, 3" or so) crease in it
22:34Chutt so i didn't get to stretch my screen tonight :(
22:45kvandivo we had left ours just hanging on the wall for a couple of weeks, so we got around that problem
22:46Snow-Man Stretch your screen?
22:46kvandivo for the projector
22:47Snow-Man ah, yes, ya'll are fuckers.
22:47Snow-Man mkay?
22:47Snow-Man :)
22:47Chutt kvandivo, this one looks to be un-removeable
22:48Chutt it's not just a wrinkle, it's a bigass ironed in crease :(
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22:55mikegrb Chutt: iron the face of the person who did it, that will help
22:55mikegrb Snow-Man: I agree
22:55fishhead opps forgot I was in this channel
22:55fishhead sorry
22:55dopester ?
22:55kvandivo you guys ever have a case where someone says something, and you have absolutely no clue what it means?
22:55fishhead the paste I wouldn't make it to this channel
22:55fishhead I did a global message
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23:01emes can there be an option to disable xscreensaver when mythfrontend starts up? mplayer has one, so it shouldn't be very hard
23:02Chutt already exists
23:02Beirdo that was already answered in -users
23:02Beirdo Oh, is there a way to do that now?
23:02* Beirdo takes notes
23:04Chutt there's been a way, just have to enable it
23:04Beirdo I must have completely missed that setting :)
23:04Beirdo Learned something new :)
23:05emes well, where is the setting?
23:05Chutt i dunno
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23:15emes does mythtv have a cli?
23:18* Beirdo wonders what part of the topic is unclear to emes :)
23:21emes well, if there isn't a cli, i would suggest that one be created, which is a development-related thing :)
23:22Snow-Man Only if you're planning on writing it.
23:22emes so there isn't?
23:22Snow-Man Uhm, just leave, mkay?
23:22emes :|
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23:29Majestik Yay, new ebuild for nuvexport in bugzilla
23:30Majestik hmm.. more people might care in -users... nevermind me
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