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00:30Chutt hrm
00:30Chutt done with patch night
00:30Chutt silly sql patch took over an hour :(
00:35Majestik Ouch
00:36Majestik I didn't notice, but did the altivec stuff end up in?
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00:38Chutt yup
00:40Majestik Cool
00:41Majestik Now, if I could only get qt/mac built :)
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00:45dopester glad to see the hdtvrecorder stuff go into myth
00:46Chutt it's been in my local tree since before the weekend
00:46Chutt just now had time to commit it :(
00:51dopester im still shocked at the buffering thing but then again i dont know enough about how much of the machine the playback eats up
00:52o_cee_ Chutt: yepp i'll apply it
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01:11the_boy has anyone tried mythtv in freebsd?
01:11the_boy just curious if it works well or needs any changes, etc?
01:12the_boy oh whoops sorry
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02:46Delemas Hmm someone broke mythgallery...
02:49Riff-Raff wasn't me
02:49Delemas galleryutil.h8o)
02:49Delemas Doh!
02:49Delemas It claims three files are missing although CVS doesn't find them...
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02:50Delemas galleryutil.h, constants.h and galleryutil.cpp
02:51Delemas Perhaps I should say a CVS update of mythgallery doesn't find them...
02:54stoffel_ Delemas: cvs update just worked fine for me
02:54stoffel_ oh, but make fails ;)
02:54Delemas stoffel_: Uhm ok but does it blow up claiming those files are missing when you build?
02:55Delemas lol 8o)
02:55Delemas Good I'm not on drugs...
02:55Delemas Not so good but you get the idea...
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07:32Torq just got my digest, who is this gay kevin elliot bloke?
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12:22Torq and why is it so quiet in here
12:22Chutt people are at work
12:23stoffel_ or don't have a glue what others are asking
12:27Delemas Hmm glue
12:28Delemas 8o)
12:29stoffel_ clue, rather :)
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12:42Beirdo Chutt: I see you had quite the commit-fest last night :) Time to compile again, I think
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12:43Chutt tonight's the sql patch, and one of kevin kuphal's patches
12:44gr8nash chutt.. thanks for last night.. very cool
12:44gr8nash i like the patches more then normal.. =)
12:44Beirdo nice. It's good to have some spare time once in a while for patches :)
12:44Chutt well, they're already in my tree
12:45Chutt i just wanted to have a clear point after david's changes last night
12:45Beirdo Ah yes.
12:45Chutt and before the sql patch went in, so it'd be easier to test if one of them's broken badly
12:47kvandivo not that that would _ever_ happen...
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12:47Chutt of course not =)
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15:36o_cee 2004-12-08 21:30:05.670 Checking signal on device input: 4
15:36o_cee uhm?
15:37Chutt what?
15:38o_cee where does that come from?
15:38Chutt hdtv recorder patch
15:38Chutt it's harmless :p
15:38o_cee ah, k :)
15:39o_cee just remembered when there was signal strength code for ivtv checked in by mistake some time ago
15:39Chutt yeah, this still doesn't get called for that
15:39o_cee hm, mythweb stopped working.. fsockopen(): unable to connect to why oh why. strange
15:40o_cee status page works.. heh
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15:40o_cee happy with the panasonic?
15:40Chutt so far
15:41Chutt would like to get the screen working
15:41Chutt need to go buy more fabric tonight
15:41o_cee saw you wrote it was noiser when upsidedown? that's bad.
15:41Chutt stupid crease
15:41o_cee heh. alot cheaper though
15:41Chutt yeah, the fan turns up a very small amount when you tell it it's in ceiling mount mode
15:42Chutt not when it actually is, just when you toggle the setting
15:42o_cee ah k, guess it might get hotter due to vent placing and stuff
15:42o_cee you can't put it on a little table up in the ceiling?
15:42Chutt i'm building a shelf
15:43Chutt it'll let me position it better that way
15:43o_cee m'kay.
15:43o_cee maybe a bit shorter dvi cable as well :)
15:43Chutt naw, probably about the same
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15:44Chutt thor, good morning :p
15:44o_cee is it possible to zoom it down to more normal tv size easily?
15:44Chutt yeah
15:44Chutt iirc, i've got it about in the middle of the zoom range at 80" at 12 feet
15:45o_cee that's cool, not that fun watching the news all over the wall :) 80"? k, still big hehe. what do you get maximum, 150" or something?
15:46Chutt i dunno
15:46o_cee 120" according to my reseller
15:47Chutt at 12 feet?
15:47o_cee for 3,7 meter, 12,1 feet
15:47Chutt ah
15:48Chutt yeah, looks like i can go from 60 - 120
15:48o_cee 150" at 4,6m, 15 feet
15:48o_cee that's still.... big... :)
15:48o_cee 42" plasma feels tiny
15:48thor___ heh
15:48o_cee hi thor
15:49thor___ hey, o_cee
15:49thor___ what's new?
15:50o_cee moving my stuff around, waterblock for my reserator was broken so i had to send it back, just finished last assignement in one of the courses i'm reading (real time programming).. uhm. had ice-cream half an hour ago. and mythweb doesn't want to talk to mythbackend. yepp.
15:51Chutt the carpet in my basement is getting installed =)
15:51Beirdo sounds like a good day, o_cee
15:51thor___ pretty much sums it up
15:51Beirdo Mmm. carpet fumes
15:51o_cee Chutt: ooh, finally :)
15:52o_cee Beirdo: yeah, plus i'll send my new mouse with black leather back, scroll wheel is wonky..
15:53o_cee good thing i tested the waterblock before installing it, heh
15:53thor___ mmmm .... carpet -> projector goes in -> basement done ?
15:53Chutt yup
15:53Chutt aside from a couple trim pieces to cover bad things up =)
15:53o_cee we excpect pictures :)
15:54thor___ excellent
15:55thor___ by friday, I will either have a lot less free time or a lot more
15:55Chutt heh
15:56o_cee thor: good thing or bad thing?
15:57thor___ venture round nearly closed ... if they sign the check, I will actually have a lot _more_ free time
15:57Chutt heh
15:58thor___ we'll see
15:58o_cee :)
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15:59Chutt mmm, venture money
15:59hubrix anyone around from the nintentod64 discussion on the list?
16:00thor___ tasty, tasty venture money
16:01o_cee bbl
16:01Chutt hubrix, doubtful
16:01hubrix oh well, i'm just bored at work, figured someone might want to talk about it :)
16:01Chutt i'd really like to see all the crappy emulator config gone, but the rest of things stay
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16:03hubrix thats kinda what i was trying to get at, i dont mind the verification and categoriation code (although i think it should be modularized) but i like the idea of being able to add emulators
16:03Chutt yeah, a generic emulator that took a file extension, etc
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16:17Wildgoose Chutt: You here?
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16:24Chutt yeah
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16:40Torq Hmm
16:41Torq Chutt: do you get dvb where you are?
16:43Wildgoose Oops, sorry, walked away. Chutt: I hope you took my comments in a positive way? I personally could use some overview docs on quite a lot of bits, and obviously am happy to pitch in and help. Can you have a think on how we can best do this (eg doxygen)?
16:55o_cee anyone running current cvs?
16:56Beirdo I have it compiled, I'll be running it in an hour or two when I get home
16:56gr8nash Beirdo compile accross vpn/ssh?
16:57Beirdo always
16:57gr8nash heh.. *cheers* to a true addict!! =)
16:57o_cee k, mythweb doesn't really work here, dunno if it's something just here or something in cvs that broke
16:57Beirdo I don't console on my PVR :)
16:58Beirdo Hmm. you did cvs update -d right?
16:58Beirdo that -d gets you new subdirs, there may be some
16:59o_cee normally use -PAd
17:00Beirdo OK, that should have you covered then
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17:13kvandivo had an article i was reading today that said you were supposed to clean the air filters on those things every month or two
17:14kvandivo i had no idea the frequency was that high
17:20o_cee_ right, was my router that decided to drop dragon from the static dhcp list...
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17:28Torq I'm all broke right now as the dvb patch fails against current cvs
17:28Dibblah1_ Anyone noticed that the new priority code doesn't seem to handle 100% CPU usage too well?
17:28Torq I guess the hdtv recorder code broke the patch
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17:29Dibblah1_ I accidentally left Folding@home on my frontend box after a burn-in test, and it jitters like buggery...
17:30Dibblah1_ (Current CVS, split backend / frontend, no load on backend)
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17:41hubrix hey, i messed something up (boredom is evil)
17:41hubrix what table does this command look at
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17:54hubrix anyone actually here?
17:56o_cee thor?
17:57o_cee thor_: beep me when you see this
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18:05* kvandivo is reminded of seagulls on Finding Nemo saying 'me', 'me', 'me', 'me'.
18:06gr8bigNash its
18:06Beirdo mine. mine.. mine...
18:06kvandivo ya.. but i can't control what i'm reminded of
18:06Beirdo of course
18:10thor_ o_cee, beep
18:11o_cee thor_: hug
18:11o_cee you got hash stuff in mfd
18:11thor_ yup
18:11o_cee busy with tr things now, got halfway
18:11o_cee would it be possible to put that someplace i can use it from mythfilldatabase?
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18:12* o_cee wonders why anyone would want to translate "MySQL".... hmm
18:12thor_ code is pretty darn simple:
18:13thor_ just an md5 of first 4k, file length, and last 4k
18:13o_cee yeah found it in some file named xm and then in pluginmanager.cpp, got that one open. but then i started doing something else
18:13o_cee yeah k just thought it would be good to re-use code ;)
18:13o_cee xht
18:14thor_ the .h and .cpp are easily copied over
18:14thor_ into libmyth, I guess
18:15o_cee yeah i dunno, guess i could just put the function in mythfilldatabase instead. just need the string->hash part
18:15thor_ but you'd want to run that by Chutt first, 'cause if there's something stupid in there, we do not want to change the algorithm
18:16o_cee change wich one?
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18:17thor_ 4096 + length + 4096
18:18o_cee mmmkay
18:18thor_ once anyone starts relying on the hash, you don't want to end up changing it
18:18o_cee no true
18:18thor_ oh crap
18:18o_cee :/
18:20thor_ money decision delayed to the 14th
18:20thor_ bugger
18:20o_cee :(
18:20thor_ bah
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18:25o_cee thor_: mythdigest.cpp "// In then uses"..
18:27thor_ should be "It then uses
18:27thor_ "
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18:29o_cee yeah :)
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18:30o_cee ah that hash is for apple stuff
18:30o_cee right. hm, guess i could use md5 from ssh just like you do though?
18:32thor_ not strictly for apple stuff
18:33thor_ the music plugin checks the hashs to see if files have been updated on disk
18:33o_cee recognized the name, elf algorithm
18:33o_cee k, that's the one i meant
18:34o_cee int _xhter(const char *s)
18:34thor_ so even if you use, say, easyTag to edit metadata, that will go into the myth database on the next sweep of the music watcher plugin
18:34o_cee sweet
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18:35o_cee hm it's not even used anywhere, heh?
18:35o_cee ah nm
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18:43Torq i just got a blank cvs commit email
18:45o_cee i think it's because of a created dir
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19:31o_cee hooray for ccache
19:52Dibblah1_ Hooray for ccache with a central NFS cache, 5 machines with distcc :)
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19:58o_cee___ i really need to call my isp tomorrow
20:00o_cee___ Chutt: i'd want to add "season" to programinfo, is there any other place than programinfo i'd need to change? (apart from using it and creating the database field)
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20:18Torq I am worried about creeping featurism
20:24--- User: *** Baylink is now known as Other-Guy
20:24--- User: *** Other-Guy is now known as Baylink
20:26Anduin I want to add season using only python
20:30Chutt anduin, heh
20:31Chutt o_cee, not really.
20:33o_cee___ Chutt: still don't really understand all of this.. like, i could do all this from filldata.cpp (need to do it), and then also in programinfo to be able to retrieve it. hm. just feels like it's scattered all over the place, some things are only in the DD files and so on..
20:33--- User: *** o_cee___ is now known as o_ce
20:33--- User: *** o_ce is now known as o_cee
20:34Chutt eh?
20:34Chutt everything in programinfo is in programinfo
20:35Chutt filldata has a separate struct for things because it used to be completely separate.
20:35o_cee yeah but filldata.cpp does its own inserting into the db?
20:35o_cee ah ok..
20:38o_cee if you grep for "syndicatedepisodenumber" you see that it's only occurrence in proginfo is for that statusscreen bruce made..
20:38Chutt yup
20:39o_cee why's that?
20:39Chutt i remember explaining this to you before
20:39o_cee oh? hmm. thinking real hard..
20:40o_cee can't remember, but nevermind then, i'll figure it out
20:40o_cee :)
20:40Chutt remember, when you were asking about it for using it as a scheduler thing, to look for dupe episodes?
20:41o_cee i know i've asked about it before.. but can't remember this, sorry
20:41Chutt that value is given to TMS by the networks
20:41Chutt it has no relation to reality
20:42Chutt it may be the season + episode number for one network, or just a raw episode number, or anything
20:42Chutt won't even be there all the time
20:42Chutt therefore, it's useless for anything besides display purposes.
20:42o_cee yeah, but.. ah k you mean like that. i've used it as a normal "episode".. guess i'd need to add both "episode" and "season" then.
20:45o_cee the plan is to generate program id's that can e used like your programids DD provide. problem is that the quality of data is varying alot, from some networks i get unique ids that can be used directly, from some i get a unique series id and episode+season info, and some i'm not getting anything more than descriptions from..
20:49o_cee Simpsons -- EP4694515-6-111 (generated id from the title - season - episode). that episode is the total episodes though, heh. ah well, can't do much more now without more data extracted from our sources..
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21:05o_cee bed time, nighty night
21:06mikegrb g'night
21:37kvandivo I'm noticing in tv_play.cpp that mainWindow and myWindow both have their geometry and fixed size set to 1920x1080. does that actually use additional memory to set them that high, or is it just an int that is stored somewhere? i happen to be looking around the file for the default timestretch thing and ran across that. My xbox is SO low on memory that i thought i'd ask. :)
21:38--- ---> emes [] has joined #mythtv
21:38emes hey, could there be a little flag next to a recording that has been completely transcoded?
21:50mikegrb kvandivo: try 320x240
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22:04Chutt kvandivo, it switches back to the video resolution after that
22:04Chutt just to work around bugs in some Xv implementations, we have to switch the res of the main window to the maximum video decoding size before initializing Xv
22:04Chutt and i just got done stretching my screen =)
22:05kvandivo cool. does it look good at the corners?
22:05mikegrb it looks marvelous
22:06Chutt yeah
22:06Chutt looks good, except that you can kinda see the interior edges of the wood
22:07Chutt and i had to remove my vertical brace, since that was _really_ visible
22:07Chutt so i need to figure out how to put that back without it being seen
22:07Chutt got my carpet, screen half done (need to do the black border)
22:07mikegrb I would suggest a cloaking device
22:08Chutt almost time for 7 foot gaming =)
22:08* kvandivo grins evily.
22:08mikegrb :D
22:08mikegrb s/evily/jelously/
22:08kvandivo we tried to 720p on the crash team racing game on the xbox, but i think we got a dud xbox component cable
22:08Chutt ah
22:08Chutt no xbox, here
22:09kvandivo i would think that something like a high end pc with 5.1 sound output would be ideal for a projector gaming session
22:09Chutt no high end pc, here =)
22:09kvandivo doh! I'm trying!
22:09Chutt just a gamecube and a ps2
22:09mikegrb not very successfully
22:10--- <--- emes [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
22:10kvandivo we've seen a component cable for the ps2... and i suspect that the digital out on the gamecube can be used for something, if you can happen to find a store that actually sells anything that will hook into it
22:11Chutt they kinda discontinued progressive scan support on newer gamecubes
22:11kvandivo what inputs does your proj have?
22:11Chutt hdmi, svga, component, svideo, composite
22:11kvandivo rather.. what model is it? i'll go to and investigate myself. :)
22:11Chutt panasonic pt-ae700u
22:12--- <<-- stoffel_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15Chutt i need a new receiver, though
22:15Chutt mine doesn't switch component
22:16GreyFoxx I've got my room all ready, next is the projector. I'm hoping santa is gonna put it under the tree :) Especially since I told her the specific make, model and where to get the one I wanted :)
22:16kvandivo wow.. 2x zoom.. nice
22:16mikegrb yes
22:16kvandivo GreyFoxx: your santa is obviously nice than mine if that is even a possibility
22:16Chutt i said it's pretty flexible :p
22:16GreyFoxx I'm still using 0.1.9 on my boxes
22:16GreyFoxx oops
22:16kvandivo nicer, that is
22:16mikegrb kvandivo: ask the gf for her projector for christmas
22:17kvandivo ya.. i don't see that happening
22:17GreyFoxx kvandivo: Hehe yeah.
22:21--- ---> rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
22:21--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:27rkulagow chutt: here?
22:29Chutt yeah
22:29Chutt what's up?
22:30rkulagow whoops, never mind.
22:31Chutt heh =)
22:32rkulagow sorry about that. thought i was having a lirc issue (defined in, but not in the resulting gcc blah blah blah -DUSING_LIRC lines i was watching go past. but then i saw it. now, to figure out why it's not actually doing anything.
22:32Chutt ah
22:41Beirdo Ahhh. My other minor complaint in myth just got fixed last night
22:42Beirdo if I compiled during playback, the playback would get all jerky. Not any more
22:42Beirdo so whatever all was checked in, good work :)
22:43Beirdo it used to give me prebuffering pauses when compiling on the PVR, or when a recording started, etc. And it's fixed
22:43Beirdo I bet it's related to gigem's patches
22:46--- ---> gr8nash-home [] has joined #mythtv
22:51--- ---> AlbinoTux [] has joined #mythtv
23:01AlbinoTux How can I get information on how the mainmenu.xml action tag works?
23:01Chutt existing examples
23:08--- ---> Majestik [] has joined #mythtv
23:18--- <--- gr8nash-home [] has left #mythtv ()
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23:22--- ---> splAt1 [] has joined #mythtv
23:33--- ---> v_thunder [] has joined #mythtv
23:44kvandivo so where's the screen going to go?
23:45Chutt above the outlets, essentially
23:45kvandivo how wide is the room there? it looks a lot longer than it is wide
23:45Chutt it is
23:45Chutt about twelve and a half feet
23:45Chutt by 30 or so
23:46kvandivo i'd kill to have a space like that.. basements have been in and out of vogue here in illinois.. in the early 1900s, all houses had basements, which leaked like crazy
23:46kvandivo in the 50s, when my house was built, they had totally quit doing basements.. you can't find a house from that era that has one
23:46Chutt i wish it were wider, but there's the central support beam of the house right on the other side of that wall
23:46kvandivo but the newer houses.. they have started putting basements in them again.. guess they've figured out how to not make them leak
23:47Chutt this one doesn't leak =)
23:47kvandivo ya.. well, it's generally not much of a issue anywhere but a flat place like i'm in..
23:47Chutt heh, it's funny how much the wall color changes in those pictures
23:47kvandivo the color temperature on the white balance varies wildly
23:47--- <--- v_thunder [] has left #mythtv ()
23:47Chutt the flash makes them look a lot whiter than the halogens do
23:48kvandivo what's the white box in 12?
23:48Chutt wiring center
23:48kvandivo ahh.. nice..
23:49Chutt ethernet switch, cable amp/splitter, phone splitter
23:49Chutt lot of empty space if i ever want to expand things
23:49Chutt that room's going to be my new office
23:49kvandivo was your basement just totally unfinished before?
23:49Chutt yeah
23:50mikegrb you needed to take a picture with it open!
23:50mikegrb the box that is
23:50Chutt from about where the stairs are
23:50Chutt we weren't very good about taking pictures, though
23:50kvandivo awesome
23:50Chutt 4 sets of framing ones, then nothing until tonight =)
23:51mikegrb very nice work though
23:51mikegrb I would hire you ;)
23:51Chutt that took a year, essentially
23:51Chutt too long :(
23:51kvandivo well, i'm jealous.. i'd love to have a basement where i could put a home theater.. but, it wasn't in the cards for this house
23:52cmorgan kvandivo: start digging ;-)
23:52Chutt i'd love to have a dedicated home theater room =)
23:52Chutt but that kinda got vetoed rather early on
23:52kvandivo better to have a multi-purpose room that works than trying to squeeze the home theater into the doghouse
23:52Chutt yeah, true
23:53Chutt i'm pretty happy with how it all's turned out
23:53kvandivo cmorgan: take a look at what i woke up to one weekend earlier this year...
23:54cmorgan man
23:54Chutt heh
23:54Chutt that looks like that sucked
23:54cmorgan did all of the insulation fall down because it got wet?
23:55kvandivo the insulation was lying on the floor of the crawlspace.. i had been in the process of using it to fill in holes along the floor joists
23:55kvandivo and yes, it did suck
23:56kvandivo but, that's what happens when you have a water table that is only a few feet below ground level
23:56kvandivo so if you build a basement around here, it essentially has to be a waterproof tank
23:56Chutt that reminds me, i have to make sure my wife unhooked the hose
23:56Chutt don't want a repeat of last spring (broken water pipe)
23:58cmorgan ouch
23:58cmorgan i got up one night and heard running water
23:58cmorgan turns out some hose popped free from a plastic fitting thing under the sink and flodded the kitchen
23:58Chutt heh
23:58Chutt plumbing sucks
23:59cmorgan the good thing is that i caught it after 45 minutes
23:59kvandivo i hate plumbing and all things related to it
23:59Chutt well, except when it gushes
23:59cmorgan imagine if i didn't get up that night...
23:59kvandivo i'll do electrical all day every day, but i hate plumbing
23:59cmorgan there was like an inch of water in the basement below the kitchen...
23:59Beirdo plumbing is fun sometimes. soldering the pipes is fun
23:59Chutt the electrical in the basement was fun
23:59kvandivo i'm sure it was.. new construction is the greatest
---Logclosed Thu Dec 09 00:00:08 2004