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12:10kvandivo_ 300 gigs of music.. at 2 megs a minute that would be something like 3 and half months of 24 hour a day music playing
12:13Chutt yup
12:14Chutt and i still don't see any way to make selecting a single album any easier
12:14Chutt well, at least with a remote
12:29Torq Did anyone comment on the DVB subtitle patch yet?
12:30Chutt i haven't even looked at it.
12:33Beirdo is thor_ around?
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13:23Chutt hrm
13:23Chutt i wonder if i could sneak a new receiver into my audio component stack without my wife realizing it
13:24Beirdo one way to find out :)
13:26Chutt i'm thinking of getting a denon 3805
13:27kvandivo_ good luck with that
13:27Chutt need something that handles component video
13:28kvandivo_ Component video up-conversion with OSD... nice
13:29Chutt and i'd like the possibility of moving to 7.1 surround eventually
13:29Chutt though i'd have to buy in-ceiling speakers for that, i think
13:29kvandivo_ says "No digital sources output to Zone 2/3" not sure what that means yet
13:29Chutt i don't have a use for the multi-zone stuff =)
13:30kvandivo_ " This receiver is geared towards the serious home theater enthusiast, while being priced for the (subjectively-speaking) budget-conscious."
13:30Chutt heh
13:31jams heh i just put a new receiver in, After a week she still has not noticed it. Although she did comment movies sound better :)
13:31kvandivo_ if that's priced for the budget conscious, i'd hate to see what they call mine
13:32Chutt i currently have a yamaha i bought from best buy for like $500
13:32Chutt many years ago =)
13:32kvandivo_ i paid about that for the pioneer i got from there
13:35Chutt only problem is that i forsee having 4 component video using, well, components
13:35* jams is very happy with the harmon kardon. Although after that Aiwa anything is nice
13:36Chutt so i'll need to buy a switcher for the game systems
13:36Chutt well, maybe 5 eventually, if i go for component instead of dvi for the mythbox
13:37jams did you notice a major difference using component video for the game system?
13:39Chutt don't have the cables yet :p
13:39Chutt but, there's a noticeable difference on the dvd player
13:41jams same here, i'm not for sure I have found a game that warrents going out and buying the cables
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13:42jams almost did it one day, but then decided against it mostly because at that time my reciever didn't do component switching.
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15:45Smurf_2 has anyone had any any problems with
15:45Smurf_2 I keep getting a user error :-\
15:45Smurf_2 mnt/storehtv mary]$ /usr/src/mythtv-0.16/contrib/ --dir /
15:45Smurf_2 DBI connect('database=mythconverg:host=mythtv','mythtv',...) failed: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@mythtv' (Using password: YES) at /usr/src/mythtv-0.16/contrib/ line 128
15:45Smurf_2 Cannot connect to database ()
15:46stoffel_ Smurf_2: see /topic
15:47Smurf_2 hmm sorry wrong window :-|
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16:33jsheedy I am using alsa with mythtv and I only get mono (only right side works), Does anyone know how I might fix this?
16:47o_cee__ jsheedy: yeah just read the topic'
16:49Beirdo still looking for thor_
16:49Beirdo he in? :)
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16:50o_cee__ thor_: idle for 1 days, 20 hours, doesn't look like it
16:50Beirdo sigh :)
16:50Beirdo he could have been near the computer though
17:07jsheedy you know I always join the wrong one.
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18:02Torq got a problem. how do I check out cvs from an earlier date? the hdtv recorder code conflicts with the dvb patch, i didnt take a backup stupid me.
18:05Torq the hdtv patch went in at Wed Dec 8 02:04:08 2004 not sure what timezone that is
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18:26Beirdo man cvs
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21:11o_cee looking at bug 169 but can't really get a grip on it.. but i'm getting closer i think :)
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21:11thor_ Bierdo, what did I do?
21:12Beirdo Ahhh, hello :)
21:12o_cee hi thor baby
21:12Beirdo I was wondering what version of ivtv your VBI patch is designed to work with
21:12thor_ that would be the other thor I think
21:12Beirdo Gah
21:13thor_ Daniel Thor?
21:13Beirdo yeah. Crap
21:13thor_ heh
21:13o_cee hah
21:13* Beirdo slaps himself
21:13o_cee :)
21:13thor_ two days of waiting, wrong guy
21:13* o_cee slaps Beirdo
21:13Beirdo yup
21:13o_cee that you could have just asked me
21:13* Beirdo is feeling really stupid now
21:13thor_ heh
21:14* thor_ is not used to having more than one thor around either
21:14Beirdo how's it going, BTW? :)
21:14thor_ exhausted, just got off a plane
21:14thor_ I think I'm going to bed
21:14Beirdo likely a good idea after a long flight
21:14o_cee you don't know until 14:th still?
21:14thor_ correct
21:14o_cee mkay
21:14o_cee :)
21:14thor_ fingers crossed
21:14Beirdo you have a good sleep :)
21:14thor_ thanks
21:15Beirdo who woulda thunk... Two Thors...
21:16Beirdo such a fine Scandinavian name :)
21:16o_cee yupp :)
21:22o_cee if i run this sql manually i get a row back, but not when i run it from code.. hmm
21:23Beirdo that's odd
21:24o_cee yeah got query.lastQuery() and cerr's all over the place now.. trying to figure things out
21:25Beirdo I don't know qt-mysql for crap, I've only used mysql API in C directly
21:30Torq In file included from tv_play.cpp:17:
21:30Torq osdtypes.h:221: error: type specifier omitted for parameter `uint32_t'
21:30Torq osdtypes.h:221: error: syntax error before `*' token
21:31Torq OSDTypeImage(const QString &name, QPoint displaypos, uint32_t *pixeldata,
21:31Torq uint32_t width, uint32_t height );
21:31Torq i cant see a problem with this line, someone hit me
21:32* Beirdo shrugs and hits Torq
21:33Torq this is from the subtitles patch
21:33Chutt replace all the uint32_t stuff with unsigned int
21:33Torq i can only imagine uint32_t isnt defined, but seems strange
21:33Torq must be a broken patch
21:35Chutt just the standard differences between distributions and their headers
21:36Torq just been through the patch, riff-raff has used it hundreds of times
21:36Torq I'll email him
21:36Chutt it's generally a bad idea to specify the size of a variable unless it's absolutely necessary
21:37Chutt at least on regular PCs =)
21:37o_cee this is run from mythfilldatabase...
21:37o_cee chid: 6 s: 20041212220000 e: 20041213000000
21:37o_cee SELECT title,subtitle,starttime,endtime FROM program WHERE chanid=:CHANID AND starttime>=:START AND starttime<:END;
21:37Torq any thoughts on where he has got uint32 from, theres also uint16 etc.
21:37o_cee rowsAffect: 0 size:0
21:38Torq been through my gcc headers, its not there
21:38o_cee title subtitle starttime endtime
21:38o_cee Radera Saturday Night Live 2004-12-13 00:00:00 2004-12-13 01:00:00
21:38o_cee is what mysql responds manually to the same sql
21:40o_cee any idea anyone? seems very odd to me
21:40Chutt o_cee, what's the issue
21:40Chutt ?
21:41Chutt torq, bits/types.h
21:41o_cee bug 169, it doesn't delete stuff before inserting
21:42Torq ho found this in source #include <vector>
21:43o_cee first of all there's a if (no_delete) that should be !no_delete.. and that ends the insert errors here (no clue why) but the delete queries there aren't run anyway
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21:49o_cee Chutt: any clue?
21:50Torq uh oh
21:50Torq $ emacs osdtypes.h
21:50Torq Fatal error (11).Segmentation fault
21:50o_cee heh
21:53mikegrb ha ha emacs
21:55o_cee 4 am, guess i should sleep..
21:58mikegrb o_cee: nighty night my love
21:58o_cee yeah you too :)
21:58Torq xxx
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22:06Torq how do i disable database schema updates? i dont want a schema update
22:07mikegrb don't run mythtv
22:07cmorgan turn your database off
22:07Torq v funny
22:07mikegrb or don't update
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22:08Torq i already upgraded the schema, it is complaining about duplicate column name
22:08Torq it must store the schema version in use somewhere
22:09Torq ah dbschemaver
22:09mikegrb you are so going to break your shit
22:10Torq its complicated.. i am merging dvb patch with the subtitles patch and the hdtv patch
22:11cmorgan you are better of cleaning that stuff up and getting it accepted
22:12Torq yes i know...
22:13Torq where are the schema update files...
22:13cmorgan then everyone gets the improvements and things are done a little at a time
22:13cmorgan merging complex patches is just not cool
22:14Torq does coolness matter?
22:15cmorgan well if you enjoy the pain of conflicting changes, and apparently db table conflicts, i guess no, it doesn't ;-)
22:15Torq the idea is to see what the issues are with the patches in combination
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