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02:31Eivind Morning.
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04:54OmegaNine Is there a way to get a color picture with a ATI TV wonder in linux? I have never seen a good pic with it
04:56OmegaNine Oops, sorry guys...
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10:26o_cee 1280x1024 is fun :)
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10:53dopester 1920x1080 is more fun :)
10:53o_cee i don't understand this at all. in filldata.cpp i use lastQuery() and boundValue() to check a query.
10:54o_cee result: SELECT title,subtitle,starttime,endtime FROM program WHERE chanid=:CHANID AND starttime>=:START AND starttime<:END;
10:54o_cee chid: 4 s: 20041225074000 e: 20041225083000
10:54o_cee rowsAffect: 0 size:0
10:54o_cee but, if i run that directly, i get: mysql> SELECT title,subtitle,starttime,endtime FROM program WHERE chanid=4 AND starttime>=20041225074000 AND starttime<20041225083000;
10:54o_cee | Reprisstart: Nicke & Nilla | | 2004-12-25 07:40:00 | 2004-12-25 08:30:00 |
10:54o_cee 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
10:54o_cee i'm vely confused
11:02o_cee dopester: my tft doesn't go that high :)
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11:34pourriture at some point this weekend mythfilldatabase took a crap ... it this a zap2it thing that affected everyone or was it more likely just my database?
11:35Anduin pourriture - mine worked
11:35pourriture Anduin, thanks ... I will rerunn mythtv-setup
11:35o_cee if no one got any suggestion for that query i'll turn this off and start mounting the water cooling..
11:35pourriture and see what I get
11:37Anduin o_cee - how are you binding your datetime?
11:37o_cee one sec
11:38o_cee query.bindValue(":START", startstr);
11:38o_cee and startstr is..
11:38o_cee QString startstr = (*i).start.toString("yyyyMMddhhmmss");
11:40o_cee just above that query is another query that runs, different sql but also uses both chanid, startstr and endstr
11:44o_cee ah yeah and i is QValueList<ProgInfo>
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12:24Anduin o_cee - I couldn't reproduce the problem
12:24o_cee qt and mysql version?
12:25Anduin 3.3/3.23
12:25kvandivo_ why don't you turn on full mysql logging and see what SELECT is being sent from mysql for that query?
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12:25kvandivo_ sent from mythtv, rather
12:26o_cee 3.3.3 / 4.0.22
12:26o_cee yeah i'll do that
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12:38o_cee guess i'll need to look into this later, no time now, but the sql looks fine: SELECT title,subtitle,starttime,endtime FROM program WHERE chanid=6 AND starttime>='20041214190000' AND starttime<'20041214193000';. output from filldata indicates 0 results but once again, manual exec of whats in the log guves me a result..
12:39o_cee gives
12:46Riff-Raff Beirdo: "See also FedoraFAQ for Fedora Core specific questions" links in Distribution-specific Questions and Information in your wiki seem to point to the edit-functionality, is this intentional?
12:47Beirdo yes, nobody's put in any Fedora-specific content yet.
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12:51Beirdo We'll put in empty pages properly soon, haven't gotten to it
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15:07Beirdo nive
15:07Beirdo nice even
15:07* Beirdo glares at his fingers
15:07gr8nash DAMN nice!
15:07gr8nash i love the monster inc look!
15:07Chutt eh, it's a crappy picture
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15:08Chutt my camera doesn't do too well in the dark with the flash off
15:08Beirdo many don't. But it gives an ides. nice stuff.
15:08Beirdo idea
15:08Chutt i need to buy/make a component tower
15:09Chutt move the sub to the other end of the couch
15:09Chutt and fish those wires out of view =)
15:09kvandivo_ aren't projectors wonderful things?
15:09gr8nash Chutt donest look crapy from here
15:09Chutt and rip down and stain the shelf
15:10gr8nash is that a widescreen projector
15:10Chutt yup
15:10gr8nash is there such a thing?
15:10gr8nash cool
15:10Chutt kvandivo, how did you mount your screen?
15:10gr8nash ill have to look em up
15:10kvandivo_ :) well, since you asked...
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15:10kvandivo_ we screwed two screws into the wall and the frame is just sitting on them
15:11Chutt heh
15:11phil__ mythtv@tv:~$ mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 /vol/home/mythtv/epg.xml
15:11phil__ ### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file
15:11phil__ Error in 4:196: unexpected end of file
15:11phil__ Updating icons for sourceid: 1
15:11phil__ Adjusting program database end times...
15:11phil__ 0 replacements made.
15:11phil__ wer hat ne Idee?
15:11Chutt phil, read the damn topic.
15:11phil__ das xml file sieht v\xF6llig oj aus
15:11phil__ sorry wrong windows
15:11Chutt and this is an english channel
15:11phil__ sorry
15:11phil__ sorry
15:12kvandivo_ put the screws the-width-of-the-board down from the top and screwed them in to where there was about half an inch sticking out
15:12kvandivo_ and the frame sits on them nicely..
15:12Chutt ah
15:12kvandivo_ not terribly permanent, mind you
15:12Chutt i just bought the heaviest picture hanging wire they had at lowes
15:12phil__ but perhaps you have an idea too... the epg.xml looks good
15:13thor_ heh
15:13Chutt phil, it's obviously a bad file, if it can't be parsed.
15:13Chutt it even tells you why it can't be parsed
15:13Chutt so why would you even bother asking a question about it?
15:13Chutt wasting everyone's time?
15:14phil__ what does that mean, is the error in line 196?
15:14Chutt no, line 4, column 196.
15:14thor_ probably line 4, column 196
15:14thor_ heh
15:14* thor_ must learn to touch type
15:15Chutt kvandivo, i need to take it down and tighten up the black fabric a little
15:15Chutt at least along the bottom edge
15:15thor_ sweet toy
15:15kvandivo_ how's it attached?
15:15Chutt staples
15:15Chutt just not tightly enough
15:15kvandivo_ through the blackout cloth? or does the bo cloth not go out that far?
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15:15Chutt ah, no, the black is a separate frame
15:15kvandivo_ nod
15:16Chutt sits on top/around the inner frame
15:16kvandivo_ good answer. :)
15:16phil__ thank you, I have found the error
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15:19kvandivo_ the number of the counting shall be three, and three shall be the number of the counting
15:20thor_ excepting that thou then proceedith to 3
15:21Chutt it took like 4 hours to move the stereo 10 feet
15:23kvandivo_ good thing you've got all that free time
15:24Chutt heh
15:24Chutt didn't work on myth at all over the weekend =)
15:25kvandivo_ i spent my weekend christmas shopping and working in Premiere designing a 'thank you' dvd for a retiring secretary
15:25Chutt heh
15:26Beirdo Chutt: you worked on your own Myth setup which is also important :)
15:27Chutt actually, i didn't
15:27Chutt the computer there's not hooked up yet =)
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15:27Beirdo Heh. Hmm. Well, it was the though that counts :)
15:28Beirdo looks nice
15:28Beirdo man, I can't type today
15:30Chutt i should probably get it hooked up, since i want to make sure that earthsea gets recorded
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15:42Majestik Chutt: I'm just wondering at what point you would say there is enough change/stability/whatever metric, to make cvs into 0.17? I don't care about when that is.. just interested in what would be involved in making that decision?
15:48gr8nash chutt how do you stretch your fabric?? by hand?
16:00Chutt there, new receiver ordered
16:00Chutt majestik, i dunno, i generally like to have some big improvement in a release
16:00Chutt right now, there's too much stuff in flux to do one
16:06gr8nash chutt was there a trick to streching fabric
16:06gr8nash or just by hand?
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16:08Chutt just by hand,
16:08gr8nash ok tanx
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16:38Majestik Chutt: Thanks, that sounds fair :)
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17:27Torq Chutt: this is a basement? they must have posh basements in america...
17:29Torq awesome picture, i must do something like this. what spec is the projector.
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19:36Chutt kvandivo, projector on a UPS?
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20:39* Torq is away: I'm away from my computer
20:39* Torq is back (gone 00:00:03)
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21:39dopester like the basement chutt
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22:36Delemas Anyone else seeing segfaults from CVS mythfrontend at shutdown?
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23:18spiderworm hi all, what filesystem would you guys recommend storing recorded tv on?
23:18cmorgan any of them will do
23:18cmorgan probably not fat16
23:18spiderworm will reiserFS be that fastest access?
23:19spiderworm lol yeah well not fats, or ntfs...
23:19Delemas depending who you ask...
23:19Delemas I like reiser... Others swear by xfs or even ext3...
23:20Delemas Really doesn't matter...
23:20spiderworm if the same harddrive doubles as a fileserver, any recommendations?
23:20cmorgan back up your other data ;-)
23:20spiderworm mp3 fileserver, divx fileserver, office files, photos, etc
23:21Delemas spiderworm: and raid it...
23:21spiderworm ah, well, i would love to raid but i'm too poor to do that
23:21Delemas or at least lvm stripe it with more than one drive...
23:21spiderworm hmmm....
23:22spiderworm but the filesystem, you dont think is going to matter much/
23:22Delemas That way you have some hope of moving the extents off the dying drive when it is going...
23:22Delemas I use reiser everywhere but I'm not a hard core developer if that is what you are after...
23:24dopester just sent off a frontend driver to linux-dvb so there are now 2 options for HDTV with myth..
23:24Delemas Cool...
23:26spiderworm thanx guys
23:26spiderworm i chose reiser
23:27* Delemas wonders what shared component between xine and mythfrontend is causing segfaults or if they are even related...
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