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00:02GreyFoxx No, the problem is with people and their perceptions
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00:02GreyFoxx All your TV is overscanned past the edge of the screen. And when you output a fullscreen of data/menu it will also go past the edge of the visible screen
00:03GreyFoxx So in myth you simple edit the appearance settings to make the menu smaller and offset to fit completely in the visible part of the screen leaving video playback as fullscreen
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00:54braniff what is the apt package name for myth cvs ?
00:57mikegrb haw haw
00:58braniff no apt pkg ?
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01:40jasoncohen does the zap2it tv info have the correct dates for first airing of shows? It's showing New shows as being aired 1/1/04
01:41jasoncohen i checked and the shows were in fact aired today for the first time
01:41Chutt topic.
01:42jasoncohen sorry, my mistake
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03:06thor_ Chutt, on scrollback, good news on the funding/my-availability front
03:06thor_ some libmythui work over the holidays with any luck
03:09Riff-Raff is libmythui myth's gui layer on top of qt or separate, not qt-related ui layer?
03:10thor_ not used by anything at the moment, but pegged for future use
03:10Riff-Raff why a new ui is needed?
03:11Riff-Raff do we want to get rid of the qt? or only qt ui stuff?
03:11thor_ abstract graphics rendering (openGl, alpha, etc.) into a small renderer
03:11thor_ it's all Qt based
03:12thor_ more something that automatically adjusts the display depending on the hardware
03:12Riff-Raff now I see
03:13Riff-Raff hmh, no comments on my dvb subtitle patch, seems that no-one is interested in it :)
03:14Torq I am interested in it! Very much!
03:14Riff-Raff :)
03:14thor_ dvb, being euro-centric, tends to take a while to garner feedback
03:14Torq dvb, euro centric? not for much longer...
03:15Riff-Raff thor_: right you are, and most european countries tend to dub their programs so subtitles are only interesting for smaller groups (Nordic countries and people with hearing problems)
03:15thor_ just a technology thing, people hacking dvb are from europe
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03:18Riff-Raff Isn't Taylor Jacob American?
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03:18thor_ No idea
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03:24Torq yes he is...
03:30Riff-Raff If only I got my card..
03:31Torq wish i could help. dvb-c hard to get
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07:48dopester yeah that Taylor Jacob guy did write a driver for an ATSC card this week that didnt get much attention.. thats sticktly an american thing too..
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09:05jams taylor jacob will be happy to know it was discussed with enthusiasm in the knoppmyth world
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09:40Chutt on a side note, goom looks pretty cool when it's about 6 feet wide
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12:41braniff hi
12:41braniff audiooutputalsa.h:10:28: alsa/asoundlib.h: No such file or directory
12:41braniff when compiling CVS on fedora
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12:43Chutt you must have alsa installed if you want to compile with alsa support.
12:43braniff it's installed + alsadrv-devel
12:43Chutt doesn't look like it is.
12:44Chutt else you wouldn't be getting that error message, now, would you?
12:45braniff hmm on fc2 alsa is installed by default, but maybe not alsa source
12:47braniff oh header files are in apt repository alsa-lib-devel which i didnt have
12:47braniff that fixed it
12:50braniff what would it take to implement this feature: in MythTV Guide, jump to a channel by typing the channel number
12:51Chutt someone to do it.
12:51braniff i'll do it, i just want some perspective
12:53braniff what i really want to know if it would require modifying themes
12:53Chutt why would it?
12:55braniff good design shouldnt require that i agree
12:55braniff of existing code
13:00braniff i can program, but haven't yet contributed to an open source project
13:01braniff what's the procedure to contribute to mythtv ??
13:04braniff yeah that's it
13:04braniff i mainly just want that one feature so let's see where i go with it heh
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16:25Emma242 ooops
17:06dopester yeah who is this infamous taylor jacob guy..
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17:09braniff how do i tell CVS "setup" command where to find the "blue" theme ? it crashes and says it can't find the blue theme
17:09Chutt install the thing properly, would be a good first step
17:10Chutt might also want to read the topic, but, that seems to be optional quite often
17:10Beirdo especially when they already asked in the proper channel
17:11braniff well i thought installing from cvs with development intentions warranted asking in this channel
17:11braniff also
17:12braniff since noone answered in #mythtv-users i thought maybe THAT was the wrong channel
17:12gr8nash you cant develop until you atleast know the system alittle
17:12Beirdo maybe nobody answered as they were busy.
17:13gr8nash for instance.. i feel sure that i would make a good leader if a battlefield 1942 module was ever developed for myth
17:13gr8nash >=)
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17:14braniff gr8nash: installing from cvs is a good start to learning the system
17:15Chutt no it's not
17:15Chutt it's a good way to see something compile
17:15Chutt which really isn't all that exciting
17:16braniff why don't you just make this a private channel ?
17:16braniff that way there would be no confusion
17:16Chutt there would be no confusion if people could read, also
17:17Beirdo what confusion is there to be had from the topic?
17:17Beirdo in either channel for that matter
17:17gr8nash yeah branif.. i dont develop..but learn from reading.... dont be an ass an ruin it for the rest of us
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19:10fishhead few weeks more and I move and finally have room and time to setup a mythTV box
19:10fishhead :P
19:16Xandria hey, I was talking with some people in #mythtv-users about PVR-250MCE support, because the official docs stated it wasn't supported
19:16Xandria and they said that for the most part it was
19:16Xandria and to let you guys know the page was out of date
19:16Xandria I'm assuming this is the correct place to report this that is...
19:17Beirdo no
19:17Beirdo the docs say where to report the errors/ommissions, etc
19:18Beirdo but still. don't think the guy who maintains the docs is on right now
19:19Xandria that him?
19:19Beirdo yep
19:19Xandria okay, sorry about that
19:19o_cee Chutt: around?
19:20Beirdo no prob, Xandria.
19:21o_cee <-- this is really starting to annoy me.
19:23Beirdo only difference I see is '' around the dates
19:25o_cee i think they where there when i looked at the mysql full log
19:25Beirdo I don't know how qt subs in the values though, you'd need Chutt for that
19:25o_cee i'll show you what it looks like in the sql log
19:25Beirdo sure
19:26o_cee SELECT title,starttime,endtime FROM program WHERE chanid=5 AND starttime>='2004-12-17T01:25:00' AND starttime<'2004-12-17T02:25:00'
19:27o_cee so it's fine
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19:27Beirdo hmmm
19:28o_cee however. looking at sql logs, need to look at another place..
19:28o_cee for other code..
19:29dopester i wonder if the enddate is getting substituded oddly and you need <= instead for the comparison
19:30o_cee lemme try
19:32o_cee hm, now that last one where it stops got size 2 instead of 1, and the other remained at 0...
19:33dopester hrmm.. 2 things having the same endtime? isnt that a key contraint in teh db?
19:33o_cee i'm doing it manualy now to see what happens, hold on
19:34Beirdo dopester: no it isn't
19:34Beirdo if you have more than one tuner, that can happen quite easily
19:34Beirdo now chanid + starttime + endtime
19:34Beirdo that should be unique
19:34o_cee | Miami Vice | | 2004-12-17 01:25:00 | 2004-12-17 02:25:00 |
19:34o_cee | Fotbollsfruar | | 2004-12-17 02:25:00 | 2004-12-17 06:00:00 |
19:35o_cee looks ok
19:35Beirdo Miami Vice and soccer, eh? :)
19:35o_cee yeah :P
19:38dopester beirdo: sorry wasn't quite thinking..
19:38Beirdo hey, no prob :)
19:41Torq Miami Vice? jeez. ha ha, you have a mullet?
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21:43fishhead beirdo
21:43fishhead what's the status on the PVR150
21:44Beirdo STFW
21:45fishhead ?
21:45Beirdo search the fucking web
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21:45mikegrb Beirdo: :D
21:45mikegrb Beirdo: have a muffin
21:45fishhead I only hope beirdo someday your kindness is repaid to you 10x over
21:46* mikegrb hands Beirdo a muffin
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21:46mikegrb fishhead: read the damn topic, asswipe
21:46* Beirdo chows down. Thanks, mikegrb :)
21:46mikegrb Beirdo: I MADE IT MYSELF! :D
21:46Beirdo Nice. :)
21:46fishhead mikegrb I have watched how he treats others in here vs me
21:46fishhead it's a definte personal grudge
21:46fishhead so you stfu
21:47mikegrb it isn't his fault nobody likes you
21:47fishhead well the real problem is freenode is full of cocksuckers
21:47cmorgan hah
21:47fishhead that's why I left in disgust yrs ago
21:47fishhead after being here since it started
21:47mikegrb then maybe you should leave again?
21:47cmorgan #ivtv-dev is a better place to ask about the pvr150
21:48fishhead yeah well after I find a few more contacts I will
21:48cmorgan i don't believe it works at the moment
21:48fishhead cmorgan see :)
21:48fishhead thx
21:48Beirdo fishhead: you have the same access to the same information as everyone here. Go research for yourself, K?
21:49fishhead beirdo I tried actually
21:49fishhead all you had to do was point me to another channel like cm did
21:49* fishhead hands cmorgan one of his fresh from walmart packs of oscar meyer honey ham slices
21:49Beirdo Actually, all I had to do is point at the topic.
21:49cmorgan ha
21:49Beirdo your question ain't on topic
21:50fishhead well newbies don't code the drivers
21:50fishhead so they can't tell if it's going to be doable or not
21:50fishhead k thx
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21:57* Beirdo sighs
21:57Beirdo I wish the ffmpeg guys would invest some time in creating documentation
21:57* mikegrb creates BeirdoDoc 1.0
21:58Beirdo using their API is painful with the lack of documentation
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22:04fishhead HAHAHAH
22:04fishhead CANUCKdoc
22:05Beirdo dude. Get a life.
22:07dopester ?
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22:10fishhead beirdo I hope you don't use rpm
22:10fishhead cause my name is in the credits
22:10* fishhead rubs it in beirdo
22:10fishhead and some newbie I helped yrs ago with linux started doing the docs for kde
22:10Beirdo Like I bloody care.
22:10Beirdo what does that have to do with MythTV development?
22:11fishhead nothing, you just want to have nothing to do with me, and I am saying you will never be totally free of me :)
22:11Beirdo Get a life.
22:12Beirdo my thought patterns do not revolve around you in any way. Get over yourself
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22:44mikegrb fishhead: rpm sucks ass
22:44mikegrb fishhead: guess I know why
22:47fishhead hehehe
22:47fishhead I just helped get a bug fixed
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