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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-12-18

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00:07doc|work night
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03:38radikal1 does anyone here know why the gentoo ebuild of mythv distables distcc for most of the mythtv compile?
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09:31squigly any aussies here
09:43stoffel_ try -users
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09:51spiderworm hi, anyone here know how to get tv out on ati cards working in FC3?
09:52stoffel_ try -users
09:57squigly join #mythtv-users
09:57squigly join #mythtv-users
09:57squigly join #mythtv-users
09:57squigly sorry being uno
09:57squigly sorry being unco
10:00spiderworm nah its ok, you're just being squigly
10:00squigly very squigly tonight, i just finished a tv_guide parser and wanted to share
10:01spiderworm lol
10:01squigly its taken me all day
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10:45PCjabber anyone familiar with mfd/mfe?
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11:38thor_ possibly
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11:53PCjabber Thor, you still here? I /msg'd you a minute ago...
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12:37thor_ I'm back (for a bit)
12:38thor_ (busy day)
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12:51tristan77x hello. is there any way to use the radio function of my pvr-350 within mythtv?
12:52PCjabber please use #mythtv-users for support
12:52PCjabber =)
12:52Crush Ahh I'm in the wrong place too, then :) Cheers o/
12:52tristan77x PCjabber: thx :)
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12:53PCjabber np tristan77x =)
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14:02jams nice, component cables for the ps2 does make a difference
14:03Chutt 'specially for games that support 480p
14:04Chutt ie, alien hominid =)
14:04jams so far i only have jak II
14:06jams If i wanted to send in a backtrace for an epg hang i'm having would that be frontend,backend or both
14:06Chutt depends
14:06Chutt probably just frontend
14:07jams cool
14:07jams let me check bugzilla first, don't want to send in a duplicate :)
14:10Torq how do you get component output from a PS2? didnt know they did a component kit
14:13Chutt you buy the cable?
14:19dopester we hew! i got atsc guide going into the db..
14:21jams Torq, the cables are like $9 for the mad-catz version
14:21jams nice dopester
14:21jams my card is sitting in the warehouse no less then 2 miles from here :(
14:21dopester its still super buggy but i did get it in once..
14:22dopester sucks i only have like 18 hours of guide though
14:23Torq dopester: I have 8 days of guide for 40 channels!
14:24dopester jams: do you know what kind of guide you have there? most channels here send "WB 22 DT Event" over and over again or something similar..
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14:31jams dopester, never really looked.
14:32jams i will look :)
14:33dopester you not have an stb?
14:34jams nope
14:35jams just the 3000 card
14:35jams ask dhofstra , i think he has a stb
14:36dhofstra whats that?
14:36dopester i can wait.. hopefully i can get this all working and patch ready in a few days since I have the rest of the year off...
14:36dopester set top box
14:36dopester sorry talk to too many euro kids..
14:36dhofstra for hd?
14:36dopester yeah
14:36dopester for atsc i should clarify
14:37Torq euro kids? ;)
14:37dopester well you guys have aerials and we have antennas.. lots of different terminology..
14:38dhofstra i have a samsung DirectTV HDTV reciever; and recently have setup a pcHDTV 3000; both work prety well. what kind of questions are you having?
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14:39dopester i was curious what sort of ota atsc guide you have access too..
14:39dhofstra i am in the US so I get my guide from datadirect
14:40dhofstra it is in the broadcast section; all the digital channels are -DT like 22 (analogue) and 22 WSBT-DT is the HD channel, 22 WUPN-DT is a subchannel and needs to be renamed in myth
14:40dhofstra my STB gets its guide data from DirectTv
14:41dhofstra if you are interested in listings for your STB, I might recommend
14:42dhofstra dopester: is that what you were asking?
14:42dopester what the quality of your over the air listings are..
14:43dhofstra pretty accurate here, but then most of the time my stations (NBC CBS) etc all broadcast simultaneous with their analogue counterparts
14:44dhofstra i get a full 13 days of data, though
14:45dopester over the air?
14:46dhofstra yes
14:46dhofstra you mean on the STB? or Myth?
14:46gr8nash-home | thats what i was going to ask
14:46Torq 13 days via DVB??!?
14:47dopester i mean over the air sent in the ATSC stream.. not downloaded from someplace on the internet
14:47dhofstra I think I have cornfused everything: my STB gets guide data for both SAT and OTA from directtv
14:47dhofstra heh
14:47gr8nash-home | ohh bummer
14:47dopester so it doenst get any guide from your terresterial antenna then :)
14:47Torq ahhh.
14:48dhofstra i can go count the number of days if you like, but it is many.... directtv sends guide data in the SAT stream for local stations (even terrestial)
14:50* dhofstra got you all cornfused; I use datadirect listing for Myth; and my STB gets guide data from DirectTV; I have heard that guide data is available in the ATSC stream, but my box does not use that, so I cant comment
14:50dopester yeah im asking about the part you dont use :)
14:51dhofstra of course =)
14:51dopester i really dont like using online services to get guide when i can get it over the air.. one less dependency.. :)
14:52dopester besides i feel like its only a matter of time until dd starts charging or tracking you with it or something..
14:54dhofstra we could all look at the paper every day and enter 1 channel manually; then bittorrent the complete data every day;
14:56dopester ;)
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18:20dhofstra gr8nash: still here?
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19:54eyver Hey guys, this is a bit off-topic, but the folks in #xine are pretty silent, and I figured someone here might be able to help me. I have deinterlacing enabled in xine but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. How do I make sure deinterlacing is enabled in xine with the bob deinterlacer?
19:54eyver Woops, thought I was in #mythtv-users. Ignore that question.
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20:45Netslayer have there been any table schema updates in the last month?
20:45Netslayer or at least any in the recorded table?
20:59Anduin Netslayer - cvs annotate dbcheck.cpp (yes)
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23:39treke|home cool. now my remote front end works. Myth completely rocks
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