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00:03fishhead hey
00:03fishhead treke how is the status on the windows frontend
00:06treke|home no clue
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00:40emes how plausable would a mythp2p plugin be?
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00:40ExElNeT hi
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00:42Captain_Murdo| emes, not much. none of the core developers would touch it with a 10-foot pole and any patches submitted would be ignored or probably condemned. search on the mailing lists for Isaac's and other's comments on why not to expect one.
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00:43ExElNeT is it possible to use mythtv without a capture card?
00:43Captain_Murdo| that's a #mythtv-users question
00:44ExElNeT ah ok ... didnt know the system sorry
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00:45mikegrb because he couldn't read
00:46emes Captain_Murdoch: well if you dont remove the commercials, and you make sure that the user was paying for cable at the time the show was broadcasted, but just didnt record it, i dont see anything illegal
00:46Captain_Murdo| WhAt Do YoU eXpEcT fRoM sOmEoNe WiTh A nAmE tHaT iS wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs?
00:46Beirdo emes: you are welcome to write your own and maintain it outside of mythtv-proper
00:47Captain_Murdo| emes, you might not, but you wouldn't be the one trying to sue Isaac or the other developers. :) That'd be RIAA or MPAA or various other groups.
00:47treke|home emes: The practical problem is with downloading a 2-4 gb file off of the average residential network connection
00:47emes treke|home: bittorrent
00:47emes and mpeg4
00:48Captain_Murdo| emes, search for torrentocracy on the mailing lists to see lots of discussions about the topic.
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00:50emes i'd really like to know if its illegal to get a copy of a tv show if you were paying for cable at the time
00:51Beirdo then ask a lawyer
00:56emes i think the problem would be more the redistributing
00:56Beirdo and how is p2p not redistributing?
00:56emes i mean the person who can legally get a copy redistribting to someone who wasnt paying for cable
00:56Beirdo go talk to a lawyer
00:56Beirdo none of the developers are willing to take the legal risk involved.
00:56Captain_Murdo| whether something is technically legal (and in who's eyes) doesn't matter much right now, what matters is if you have the money to fight off the other guy's lawyers when he sues your butt for writing the p2p app.
00:56Beirdo it will not be officially sanctioned in myth :)
00:56Beirdo I think Isaac made that quite clear in the torrentocracy discussion, and I can't blame him one bit.
00:56emes maybe a better idea would be to link backends over the internet, so you could share with a friend
00:56emes without a central network
00:56Beirdo same difference
00:56emes no
00:56treke|home it's still the same thing. You don't necessarilly have the right to redistribute the video
00:56Captain_Murdo| if you want to share files, make a webpage with links. :)
00:56Beirdo if you want to share with your friends, give them access to your mythweb or find some other way to do it
00:56Beirdo it's still legally questionable
00:57emes first, the author is not responsable at all
00:57emes and the two friends if they are both paying for the same cable service
00:57Beirdo emes: the author will still get sued
00:58emes for making an easier way for people to transfer files?
00:58treke|home emes: Whether or not both parties have payed for the service, you may not have the legal right to redistribute the files
00:58treke|home emes: yes.
00:58emes then they better sue whoever wrote mytherb
00:58emes *mythweb
00:58treke|home don't give them any ideas
00:59Beirdo nobody in their right mind gives other people access to their mythweb
00:59Beirdo its lack of security will cause people to password protect, and that's a good thing
01:00emes there's nothing stopping anyone from giving a friend a user/pass
01:00GreyFoxx Cable Companies, and TV stations PAY for the right and go into legal agreements with content makers for the rights to distribute content to viewer. You are buying a viewing connection and are not legally entitled to redistributed it to anyone. You can legally tape something for your use but you may not rebroadcast nor redistribute it to anyone else, not even someone who could have recorded it themselves. the laws are pretty clear on that
01:01emes i guess mythweb needs to start verifying by biometric data
01:01Beirdo I guess silly people need to quit trying to shatter the law
01:02Chutt why does my channel look like a silly slashdot discussion?
01:02Beirdo good question, Chutt.
01:02GreyFoxx Chutt: Cause we're lame people :(
01:02GreyFoxx hehe
01:02emes no, a silly slashdot discussion would be alot worse
01:02Chutt copyright only matters if someone violates the gpl!!!!
01:02GreyFoxx haha
01:02Beirdo heh
01:02dopester evening chutt
01:03Chutt everyone's copyright but mine is meaningless!
01:03Beirdo that too
01:04* fishhead kick Chutt in the nuts
01:04fishhead copyright this!
01:04Beirdo fishhead: you are just TRYING to get banned, aren't you?
01:04dopester well i already have a patent on any device that records video on any medium.. im just waiting for you to make a buncha money to take you out chutt :)
01:04fishhead beirdo no I am trying to be friendly and kid around you arrogant bitch
01:04treke|home Beirdo: It comes naturally to him
01:05Chutt fishhead, you're not.
01:05fishhead yes I am
01:05Chutt you're being your normal annoying self
01:05fishhead <Chutt> everyone's copyright but mine is meaningless!
01:05Beirdo so kicking someone in the nuts is being friendly?
01:05fishhead espically after you said that, which wasn't serious
01:05fishhead this is irc nimrod
01:05fishhead oh you know what you aren't even worth trying to explain to
01:05* fishhead ignores
01:05dopester chutt: had what i think is the first person get that card i wrote drivers for up and running tonight.. helped him a bit with some email tag.. looks like he likes it so far..
01:06Chutt cool.
01:06fishhead I swear beirdo is female
01:06Beirdo what a wanker
01:06Beirdo Wonder if I should update CVS tomorrow or wait until after Christmas...
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01:08Chutt i'll be doing patches tomorrow night, most likely
01:08Majestik Twas the night before christmas, and Chutt was patching
01:08Majestik Well.. not quite :)
01:09Beirdo Hmmm. OK. good to know.
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01:09fishhead yay majestik is here
01:09fishhead my favorite canuck kick toy
01:09* fishhead polishes his boots
01:09fishhead piss on mythtv
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01:10fishhead you guys should take a break
01:10fishhead you deserve it
01:10dopester oh i feel a ban coming
01:10Beirdo Jeez.
01:10Chutt yeah, i'm fairly tired of him
01:10* Delemas remembers why he had fishhead in a kill file...
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01:10fishhead good luck with that, I am good friends with lilo delemas
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01:11--- !!!! fishhead was kicked from #mythtv by Chutt (Chutt)
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01:11Beirdo ahhh, much better
01:11Delemas 8o)
01:11Delemas What a tool...
01:11Majestik how did he get unbanned?
01:11Chutt he wasn't ever.
01:12Beirdo he has been in -users for over a month
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01:12Majestik wow.. it's a christmas miracle that he wasn't banned from here..
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01:13dopester no what will be a christmas miracle is if the pchdtv guys stay in business.. heh
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01:13@Chutt clearing out old junk
01:13Majestik no pun intended?
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01:14Delemas Hmm he still hasn't been banned from #ivtv-dev.... No ops....
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04:36Bradders Evening all!
04:37Bradders Anyone had any luck with resolving the "prebuffering pause" issue?
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06:55johnnyST Have someone looked at this?
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08:22dylan2 Hi everyone, im trying to get mythfilldatabase to work: get the error error: file not seekable
08:22dylan2 at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.5/Archive/ line 950
08:23dylan2 using with tv_grab_uk_bleb
08:23dylan2 any ideas?
08:29Torq wrong channel. please read topic
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10:35Saint-K1d anyone wrote their own tv grabber before?
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11:40shodan I just found some company selling mythtv boxes , but they don't mention mythtv anywhere on their website (well I haven't found it yet), I know they use mythtv because they mention dsmyth in their documentation , they have their "Home Media Center" for download in iso form , but I doubt mythtv's source is on it
11:40SiD3WiNDR the source doesnt necessarily have to be on the iso..
11:40Saint-K1d URL?
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11:42shodan SiD3WiNDR, it doesn't look like it's anywhere else , there's only an iso available , and that seems to be for updating you "Home Media Centre" not a working system
11:42SiD3WiNDR should send a mail asking for the source then
11:42SiD3WiNDR if they dont ship it, they're violating gpl :)
11:43shodan I'm still going through their documentation , this is just a head ups
11:44shodan don't know if they ship yet , but it looks like a fairly complete product , they're not giving you guys much credits though !
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11:46shodan check out their order page , , more than a bit on the pricey side !
11:48shodan they really go for the dummy , can't even add a hard-drive market , they have 3 identical systems but with 80 , 160 and 250 gb hard drives , and the prices are 1700 1900 and 2100 AUD
11:48shodan they could have at least expressed that in "hour of recording" not in Gb that average joe can't understand , they're not being consistent eh ;)
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11:49SiD3WiNDR how much is that in EUR/USD? :)
11:51shodan * 0.572 for EUR and * 0.76 for USD
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11:54shodan still a lot for a epia board , a hard drive , maybe a dvd burner , probably 512mb ram , a lirc supported remote , a homebrew IR transmitter , a cx88-based capture card and what is probably a GF4MX with a tv out
11:54shodan and a mini-itx case (worth 200 tops , it has a lcd but it's not even backlit !)
11:54shodan they even have a homebrew mythtv theme
11:55shodan and their documentation is adequate , except for the fact that they don't mention mythtv anywhere
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11:57shodan if I were a mythtv dev , I wouldn't mind their making money , but I'd be pissed off by their taking all the credit
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12:09Torq Is it a license condition that the mythtv devs have to be credited? I dont think so...
12:12Anduin shodan - believe it or not this has been pointed out before
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13:42MaDsKiLLz did the patch for shoutcast support ever make it into mythmusic
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14:57nick0001 anyone here know of any car-mp3 multimedia projects that are linux based, simillar to mythtv ??
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18:28xris looks like the cvs server ran out of room again?
18:29xris oh, just in /tmp
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21:11chovy hi
21:12chovy is it possible to stream a tv show live from my home pc so I can watch it from work?
21:12Beirdo by reading the topic and asking in the correct channel for starters
21:12chovy woops. sorry
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21:35kvandivo we're going to start calling you the B Police
21:36Beirdo heh
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21:42hadees this channel just needs a bot that reminds people of the topic when the join
21:47Beirdo where'd the fun be in that?
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