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03:41Torq the wiki just got spammed!
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03:57Torq I just removed all the spam from the wiki
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10:37dopester whats the difference between the closedcaptioned and subtitles fields in the program table?
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10:52Baylink To slightly rephrase my question from yesterday, to make it more acceptable to this forum (:-): does anyone here have a CVS build script they're fond of that I can steal?
10:52Chutt i do it all manually
10:53Baylink Isn't it *harder* to regression test, that way? (he asked innocently :-)
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10:54Baylink (In addition to which, it's harder for us to take advantage of your learning, o fount of building knowledge :-)
10:56Chutt hehe
10:56Chutt <shrug>
10:56Chutt i know when there's a break faster if i have to restart it :p
10:57Chutt instead of looking through some build logs and actually reading things
10:58dopester chutt you have any idea about captions vs. subtitles?
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11:01Baylink <chuckle>
11:01Baylink True.
11:01Anduin dopester - they are usually different things (movies being subtitled, CC being more for shows)
11:01Baylink Someone posted one to tone of the two lists in the last month or two, but I can't find it in my archives, damnit.
11:01Baylink Dope: could you vague that question up a bit?
11:01Anduin Baylink - if you hadn't asked for "fond of" I'd part with my makefile and two scripts (so I can ./update && ./build)
11:02dopester in the program table there are 2 fields.. 1 closedcaptions 1 subtitles.. They seem redundant to me..
11:02dopester That better baylink?
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11:04Torq dopester CC is for the usual NTSC CC, I am thinking subtitles may refer to teletext subs
11:05Torq if youre sure that column isnt for extended information about the actual program i.e a sub-title
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11:06Anduin I'm pretty sure it is for information about the show, if you look at the programs that are tagged "subtitled" it means "words on the bottom of the picture"
11:07dopester then whats the subtitle field for?
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11:07Anduin dopester - a second title
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11:08dopester so then subtitled?
11:08Anduin dopester - that means it is on IFC
11:09dopester uh ok..
11:11Torq sub-titled more accurately
11:12Anduin sure
11:12dopester so what is the purpose in both.. dont they describe the same thing in the end?
11:13Anduin dopester - no, CC indicates that CC info is being broadcast, subtitled means you have to read the words at the bottom because it isn't in a language you understand (probably)
11:14dopester you mean the subtitled field means the film has fixed text on teh screen.. like say a french film with english text embded in the video?
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11:15Anduin dopester - "Camille Claudel", "The Weeping Woman of the River", yes
11:15dopester ok thats clear..
11:16dopester i cant believe the ATSC EIT tables dont have Genre
11:17Torq all the more reason for encouraging the swift demise of ATSC.
11:18Chutt mdz, yo
11:18Baylink Anduin: ok: "Does anyone have any CVS build scripts that they think Suck Less than building by hand?"
11:18Baylink :-)
11:22Anduin Baylink -
11:22Anduin Baylink - if you make it better I demand the changes, if you make it worse you can keep them.
11:22Baylink Thank you kindly sir; and a Happy Chris-Kwaanz-ukkah to you.
11:23Baylink You know it. :-) This one handles the "you must install mythtv before you compile the other stuff" thing, right?
11:23Torq Anduin: does this do the plugins too?
11:24Anduin Baylink - if by handles you mean has mythtv as the first directory it drops into, does a make, and then make install, why then yes.
11:24Anduin Torq - only those I use (I don't use mythmusic)
11:25Baylink Cool. Does it deal with whacking old stuff, as well? I've had *lots* of hassle with library version mismatches.
11:26Anduin Baylink - the default build: rule does a distclean (I use this to prep my lame local rpm build)
11:30Baylink Yes, but I don't believe that will whack the *installed* copies of libraies, will it? (IE: it is *not* "make uninstall".)
11:30Baylink Oh: you're building RPM's. That takes care of your uninstall.
11:30Anduin Baylink - writing over them works a treat
11:30Anduin Baylink - yes, I build on a much faster machin than I run myth on
11:31Baylink Not always, apparently.
11:31Baylink I may do it that way anyway, just to get the uninstallability (not to mention rollback -- though hearing that word gives Isaac hives :-)
11:32Anduin Baylink - I get rollback for free by keeping the rpms I make
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11:32Baylink Indeed.
11:33Baylink Course, you have to go down to build one. Oh, no you dont: you're building on a different machines.
11:34Anduin Baylink - no, I save older versions of the rpms I make, to go back I just have to reinstall the older ones (Chutt is right though, after some DB changes this isn't a very good idea)
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11:35Anduin It is nice though, because every now and then someone futzes with the screen saver code and rather than having to hit the keyboard every three minutes I just --oldpackage it
11:35Chutt it's nice to just disable the screensaver
11:36Anduin Then nobody will know when the disable the screen saver code is broken.
11:37Chutt true, but if no one used it, it wouldn't matter =)
11:37Torq Why do we have config stuff in two places? theres some stuff in ./configure and theres some stuff in you need to comment out. Surely it should all be in ./configure
11:37Chutt configure doesn't have any actual user configurable options
11:38Chutt it's all for libavcodec, which you would see if you bothered to read the output.
11:38Torq It doesnt? oh gee. yes.
11:38Anduin Torq - mention automake next!
11:38Torq I dont like automake either, so I wont mention it...
11:38Torq but I do like a decent build script as much as the next man
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11:55Baylink Anduin: is the RPM building in your script as well?
11:55Anduin Baylink - no, it is in a .spec, and it is even less pretty
11:56Baylink And if so, what might I have to tweak to build on the same machine I install on...
11:56Baylink Oh.
11:56Anduin Baylink - that makefile I posted has an install rule... it will install it on the machine you build it on
11:57Anduin Baylink - (the makefile I use predates my use of RPM to handle pesky things)
11:58Baylink Ok, see; I'm confused now: the problem is that "subsidiaries require the mythlibs to be *in their final install location before you build them" thing, which seems incompatible with that.
11:59Baylink I haven't the luxury of a separate build box at the moment...
12:01Anduin Baylink - that is why build: does a make install, the install: is there for when I would use quick_build (which doesn't do a distclean)
12:01Anduin Baylink - the only real rule is you need to build and install mythtv before building modules, that is why it is first on my list of build dirs
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12:10Baylink Yeah, got that.
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12:21mdz Chutt: hey, how goes it
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12:55Chutt heh
12:55Chutt that was weird
12:55Chutt some random guy called
12:55Chutt said he was calling back in response to my posting on 'scriptland' ?
12:55dopester hehehe
12:56Chutt i have no idea what he was talking about, he said it was about mythtv
12:58dopester you ought remove your name from the google address search then :)
13:02cmorgan hah
13:02cmorgan now people call you about mythtv?
13:03Chutt apparently there's a posting for someone to help on it
13:03Chutt but, what the hell is scriptland?
13:06dopester probbably not worth anymore brain cells to think about :)
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14:51Michel I have a weird problem, with which I could use some help. Version 0.15 of MythTV works fine, but 0.16 freezes my entire system when either watching tv, or watching a recording. I've tried running mythfrontend with "-v all", but the log doesn't show anything special, nor does the log of the backend, or the syslog...What are the best steps I could take?
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14:53Michel B.t.w.: I'm using a PVR 250 and a PVR 350. Recording always work, and mplayer doesn't have a problem either.
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14:59thor_ sciptland is something associated with userland, I think
15:03Michel Nobody here to give me a hand? :(
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15:07thor_ Michel,
15:07Michel k, thx...
15:07Michel I'll give that a try..
15:08Michel But it doesn't segfault, it freezes the entire system, so I'm not sure if I will be able to get a dump from gdb.
15:09thor_ if it's locking up your system, that's either borderline buggy hardware or a driver problem
15:09thor_ myth doesn't touch any hardware directly
15:09Michel well, with the same drivers and stuff, myth 0.15 works perfectly...
15:10thor_ and 0.15 doesn't touch any hardware either :-)
15:10Michel Any idea why 0.16 freezes the system, and 015 works fine?
15:10Michel Is there some new function that is used or anything?
15:11thor_ not off the top of my head, if I had to guess, probably different ioctl-ish calls to the ivtv layer, but I really don't know
15:11Michel I know mythtv runs in userspace, but can't it provide something funny to the drivers, which causes them to crash maybe?
15:11Michel Sorry, don't know much about this :-)
15:12Anduin using the 350 for output is always extra fun
15:12Michel I'm currently compiling for debug mode, so I will give that a try.
15:12Michel No, I'm not using the output of the 350...
15:12Michel I'm just displaying on a monitor... nothing fancy
15:13Michel (except maybe that I'm using an ATI card, but hey, 0.15 worked! )
15:18thor_ the other option is to detail what MB, CPU, Ram, configuration (which PVR in which slot), BIOS settings, and send all that to the -user list, you never know, someone else may well have had the same problem
15:18Michel k, I'll keep that in mind... Thanks for the suggestion.
15:18Michel I'll try debug mode first.
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15:32Michel Nope, even with gdb it freezes my system :(
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16:33Octane im running .16 just fine but i wanna upgrade... is right now a good time to upgrade to cvs?
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17:51Kyler I'm trying to make some special user jobs. I need to get information about the recording based on its file name. I don't see the file name in the "recorded" table. Where can use the file name for a lookup?
17:52Anduin Kyler - look at the filename, then look at the database, then back at the filename, or even the code... or any of the contrib tools that deal with it.
17:52Michel perhaps the script will give you some hints? should be in contrib
17:57Kyler Ah! "${chanid}_${start}_${end}.nuv" Thanks!
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18:07Kyler While I'm at it...anyone have a script for using mysql.txt and making MySQL queries in Python? Don't want to reinvent it if I don't have to...
18:07mikegrb har har
18:10stoffel use perl ;)
18:11Kyler's bad enough that I have to redo the user job interface; I'm not going to torture myself with Perl.
18:12stoffel gfiend: around? the new schedule-recordings screen doesn't honour the commfree flag and always defaults to 'mark commercials'
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18:15stoffel gfiend: ok, it's defined by the 'mark comm. in new recordings' setting but i think in addition the commfree flag should be considered as well.
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18:25stoffel GeckoFiend: hey
18:26stoffel gfiend: around? the new schedule-recordings screen doesn't honour the commfree flag and always defaults to 'mark commercials'
18:26stoffel gfiend: ok, it's defined by the 'mark comm. in new recordings' setting but i think in addition the commfree flag should be considered as well.
18:26stoffel ;-)
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19:16Octane im running .16 just fine but i wanna upgrade... is right now a good time to upgrade to cvs?
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19:49splif whats up everyone?
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