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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-12-30

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00:22mirk Snow-Man: thanks. my firewall rules were blocking IANA reserved nets. Unfortunately, my list of reserved nets was horribly out of date.
00:22mirk all better now.
00:22mirk thanks again.
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08:40Snow-Man mirk: Hey, guess what? It's *always* going to be out of date.
08:41Snow-Man mirk: So, don't be a dumbass(tm) and don't block IANA reserved nets.
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10:19rkulagow morning all
10:19rkulagow happy holiday, etc, etc.
10:19rkulagow chutt: here?
10:20rkulagow this is current CVS:
10:20rkulagow g++ -c -pipe -Wall -W -g -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DMMX -DCONFIG_VIDEO4LINUX -DUSING_IVTV -DLCD_DEVICE -DUSING_OSS -DUSE_JOYSTICK_MENU -DUSE_LIRC -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -DQT_SHARED -DQT_NO_DEBUG -I/usr/share/qt3/mkspecs/default -I. -I/usr/local/include -I../libmythsamplerate -I../libmythsoundtouch -I/usr/include/qt3 -o util.o util.cpp
10:20rkulagow util.cpp: In function `bool diskUsage(const char*, double&, double&, double&)':
10:20rkulagow util.cpp:805: error: `bool diskUsage(const char*, double&, double&, double&)'
10:20rkulagow was declared `extern' and later `static'
10:20rkulagow util.h:51: error: previous declaration of `bool diskUsage(const char*, double&,
10:20rkulagow double&, double&)'
10:20rkulagow make[2]: *** [util.o] Error 1
10:20rkulagow make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmyth
10:20rkulagow (blah blah)
10:34Beirdo Oh, that can't be good
10:35Beirdo how's it going, rkulagow?
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11:01Chutt rkulagow, hey.
11:01Chutt that's nigel's fault, not mine =)
11:01Chutt i'll fix it later, if he doesn't
11:01Chutt i really should just ban posting from *
11:03Beirdo oh oh :)
11:03Beirdo I'm sure GeckoFiend and a few others wouldn't like that :)
11:06Chutt they have other addresses they could post from
11:06Chutt it'd stop the continual 'i have gmail invites' and 'i want one!' 'me too!' 'me too!' threads
11:06Beirdo that is true :)
11:07Beirdo I have some to give away, but I'm not going to spew on a mailing list to spread it around :)
11:08Beirdo some gmail users have the mentality of the AOLers we used to see on usenet
11:10Chutt everyone with an account has some to give away
11:11Beirdo yeah, it's just a matter of time. That's no excuse for spamming mailing lists for sure.
11:11Beirdo How's your vacation treating you?
11:13Chutt good =)
11:14Beirdo excellent. :) It's always good to get some time to relax a bit
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11:14Chutt except my wife wants to paint our great room
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11:15Beirdo oh oh.
11:15Beirdo just after you finished setting it all up too.
11:16Beirdo Well, I guess that's part of the price you pay for the joy of having a wife :)
11:16Chutt no, the upstairs =)
11:17Beirdo Ahhh, great room as opposed to the great basement room :) Gotcha
11:17Chutt right
11:17Chutt rkulagow, cvs should compile now.
11:19Beirdo Yeah, I guess I should read up on what all was changed while I was on vacation :)
11:20Beirdo I'm pleased to say that MythTV behaved admirably in my absense :)
11:21gr8nash glad to hear you didnt miss a show!
11:21gr8nash =)
11:23Beirdo of course, now I have a week of programming to watch, but that's life. It will keep my occupied while I try to finish the nuv2avi next version (with RT-JPEG->MPEG4 conversion in it)
11:24Beirdo Then I can go back and figure out why transcoded MPEG4 nuvs are giving me sync issues while non-transcoded ones aren't :)
11:26Beirdo but first, 30 more minutes of this half-day of work
11:34rkulagow chutt: thanks
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11:54Chutt heh
11:54Chutt actually, cvs still doesn't compile
11:54Chutt fixing...
11:55Chutt there.
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13:04mirk Snow-Man: well, that's pretty rude. :-/
13:08Snow-Man mirk: Hey, I'm not the dumbass.
13:11j9ayj9 hey, i missed what happened but take my advice... arguing on irc is like running in the special olympics... even if one of you "wins"... you are both retarded
13:12stoffel_ *g*
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13:59mirk Snow-Man: You're right. You're just the jerk.
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14:00Snow-Man awww.
14:01Snow-Man He hurt my feelings, really he did.
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15:02Beirdo did I miss something?
15:02Beirdo looks like someone was flaming Snow-man and I missed it.
15:05Snow-Man Beirdo: He called me a 'jerk'. :)
15:06Beirdo just outta the blue?
15:06Beirdo some people just suck
15:06Snow-Man Well, no, I was pointing out that he was a dumbass for bugging me about him not getting mail which turned out to be because he couldn't figure out his own firewall rules.
15:09Beirdo hehe
15:09Beirdo gotcha
15:09Beirdo so for pointing out that he's too dumb to use the internet, he proves it by calling you a jerk. What fun
15:09Snow-Man He was blocking IANA reserved nets, which is a pretty fucking stupid thing to do because they're not *always* going to be reserved.
15:10Snow-Man Beirdo: More-or-less, yes. :)
15:10Beirdo hehe
15:11Beirdo it's one thing to block 192.168/16, etc, but blocking other stuff is insane if you wanna use the internet :)
15:11Snow-Man It's just that eventually the iana reserved blocks are going to be used (except for the non-routables).
15:12Beirdo yep
15:12Snow-Man So it's really poor form to block them unless you update your list every damn day or something.
15:12Beirdo and if you get caught out with it, you should accept the inevitable: yer gonna get called a dumbass :)
15:13* stoffel is glad nobody noticed yet he's blocking reserved blocks
15:14* Snow-Man eyes stoffel.
15:14Beirdo stoffel: yeah, maybe so, but you're not bitching about losing email because of it :)
15:14Beirdo if you wanna block people, go nuts :)
15:14Snow-Man Yeah, really it was that he was bitching at me about it that was particularly annoying.
15:14stoffel well, iirc i'm only dropping incoming packets from these addresses
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15:14Snow-Man And that he stopped getting mail "all of a sudden"
15:15Beirdo heh
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15:15Snow-Man Even though, obviously, "all of a sudden" happened to be "when I implemented some firewall rules"
15:15Beirdo "I didn't change anything... Oh wait". Famous last words.
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19:04Kyler I'm looking for some help in finding a setting. What is it that causes (mythtv) playback to go in a window? I activated it somehow during my bout with trying to use overscan but now that I've restored my settings playback is still in a window.
19:04Kyler I've been looking through the "settings" table but I don't see anything there that would do it. Is there another place such things are stored?
19:04Kyler Thank you.
19:10Kyler *is* the "settings" table. I cleared all of the settings and playback was restored to fullscreen. More digging...
19:16Kyler GuiSizeForTV is the culprit. It has to be '1' in order to *not* use a window for playback.
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19:16Kyler Ug. This stuff is cryptic.
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21:55* kusznir is away: "out and about..."
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23:52tdb30_ anyone ever get an error compiling in the bttv driver in a 2.6 kernel. I get an undefined reference to 'request_firmware" in function pvr_boot.
23:53orion2012 Is there any literature regarding the theming structure?
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