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00:13Chutt i just fixed the issue with video playback some people have been seeing ever since the last ffmpeg resync.
00:13dopester i see you put poets patch in too
00:13Chutt if anyone who was getting it (jerky playback, not in sync video) could test...
00:15Chutt yes, i did
00:16dopester John, Jesper and I will probbably give you a patch in a day or so.. just need to make sure we got the current -dev issues resolved withit first
00:16Chutt ie, it trying to tune many many times per second? =)
00:17dopester got that guy fixed i think
00:17dopester was the deleting fd 0 100s of times bug :)
00:17Chutt heh
00:18dopester changed the key of the filter manager to be the fd (easier for atsc stuff) and never changed the close filter function.. hehe
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00:20dopester when do you think you will have a chance to look over the whole thing?
00:22Chutt i dunno
00:22Chutt i'm going to be out of town tuesday through saturday
00:24dopester ok
00:24dopester well if you dont get to it by tuesday then i'll probbably have a newer version for you by saturday
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01:34Chutt i like easy ffmpeg merges.
01:35riksta i like hamburgers
01:41Chutt heh
01:41Chutt so far, absolutely no one's noticed that i forced ac3 audio to downmix to stereo
01:43dopester well i noticed 5.1 stuff played back all screwed up
01:43dopester but i wasn't sure if it was the remuxing of the mpeg or not at the time
01:43Chutt it's downmixing it now, instead of just playing the left and right channels
01:44dopester ahh so it wont be choppy?
01:44dopester i never looked too deep into it at the time.. was down the list somewhere
01:44Chutt it was choppy?
01:44dopester yeah
01:44Chutt i've not had a problem playing back any of the hdtv demo streams i've got that are ac3
01:44Chutt aside from the fact that it was only playing 2 of the channels =)
01:44dopester are they 5.1 or just 2 channel?
01:45Chutt both
01:45dopester hrmm..
01:45dopester i gotta try again its been a week or so since i even thought about it
01:46dopester does mplayer report those steams are 5.1 you are testing with?
01:46Chutt it reports them as what they are, iirc
01:47dopester oki cause mplayer always was a way i verfired what was getting recorded.. parses the whole nasty ac3 header :)
01:48dopester the ac3 header has to be the nastiest pes header ive ever seen to parse.. probbably would take 300 lines of code to do all of it
01:48Chutt heh
01:49dopester if (random bit = 1) then parse the next 5 bits this way else parse the next 7 this way..
01:49dopester over and over again
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02:09A|B hello my name is A and I have a question about myth. not in its use but its design. Why does it use a master/slave relationship for the frontend and backend. Why not a peer model?
02:09Chutt scheduling.
02:10A|B hmm
02:11A|B couldn't you assign preference in scheduling resources to the devices in order of preference?
02:11A|B I think that the master/slave works great until you wish to have a portable frontend. to say, take to a friends house with a different backend
02:12Chutt frontends don't store data
02:12A|B or multiple backends each with a different set of resources, like a bunch of movies on one and a tuner or two on another
02:12Chutt so that doesn't make sense.
02:12Chutt neither does that.
02:12Chutt a backend _only_ has tuners.
02:12A|B then what stores data?
02:12A|B such as media files?
02:12Chutt anything that wants to
02:12Chutt the only thing the whole master/slave stuff takes care of is scheduling recordings.
02:13Chutt perhaps you should look at the code a bit?
02:13A|B I was hoping to talk to someone who was familiar with the project enough to explain that to me
02:14Chutt i doubt anyone's going to spend time walking you through the source.
02:14A|B as it seems more like a planing thing then programinng
02:14A|B and I don't ask for that
02:15Chutt then what did you just ask for?
02:15A|B was mythtv more of a mutation type development or is there a set of features/goals that have been set out?
02:16Chutt both.
02:16A|B hmm
02:16A|B interesting
02:16Chutt why?
02:17A|B well to answer your last question I had a question that would be easaly answered by someone familiar with the project. Looking at the source code would be similar to looking at the source for an ip stack to try and find out how something such as a webserver is configured
02:18A|B well I have a friend who has been trying to get me to change from vdr to myth for quite some time now, and I realy am impressed with the program
02:18A|B but it always seems to be in a state of development unsetteling for someone who is looking for a slightly more stable system to use
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02:19A|B but he inisists that I should use the cvs with daily checkouts if I want to do myth at all
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02:22Chutt_axim heh, oops
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02:23Chutt_axim there it goes..
02:23A|B Chutt: did you get my last three lines?
02:24Chutt_axim nope
02:24A|B 00:17 < A|B> well to answer your last question I had a question that would be easaly answered by someone familiar with the project. Looking at the source code would be similar to looking at the source for an ip stack to try and find out how something such as a webserver is configured
02:24A|B 00:18 < A|B> well I have a friend who has been trying to get me to change from vdr to myth for quite some time now, and I realy am impressed with the program
02:24A|B 00:18 < A|B> but it always seems to be in a state of development unsetteling for someone who is looking for a slightly more stable system to use
02:24A|B and thanks for answering my questions btw
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02:25Chutt always in a state of development?
02:25Chutt how long has it been since 0.16?
02:25A|B that analasis is from a total outsiders point of view
02:25A|B based on how often HIS box is working
02:25A|B so yeah, take it how you will
02:25Chutt that's his fault
02:25A|B fair enough
02:25Chutt the last stable release was almost 4 months ago
02:26dopester you run cvs you are taking a risk on stability i always thought..
02:26A|B true with most projects
02:26Chutt and even then, stuff doesn't break
02:29A|B so the master/slave relationship only comes into play with tuners, does mythtv have the ability to share groups of files to other systems running mythtv, or would that need to be handled via nfs or smb?
02:29Chutt depends on which plugin you're using
02:30Chutt but, you're now asking questions that don't belong in this channel.
02:30A|B so then it is left up to the plugin to decide that. check
02:30A|B fair enough.
02:31dopester chutt are you going to have any time ot look over the dvb code you think before tuesday or should i just wait until next saturday?
02:31Chutt can't say
02:31A|B any problems with users lurking in this channel gleaning the info they can?
02:31Chutt as long as they don't as support questions, no
02:31dopester i think thats what most people do in here :)
02:31dopester bucnha logging bots hoping for some clue when the next release will be.. hehe
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02:33stoffel Chutt: cool, will test it this WE (jerky playback fix)
02:33stoffel and good morning ;)
02:36Chutt heh
02:36Chutt morning?
02:37dopester somewhere its always morning :)
02:38stoffel 8.30am, on a nice saturday morning. even birds are chirping
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02:39dopester 2:30 here.. about to not be able to see straight im so tired :)
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03:40johnp Chutt ? hdtvrecorder.cpp needs #include <cerrno> again :)
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09:56Anduin hdtvrecorder.cpp needs a #include <cerrno>
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12:41Chutt baylink, that guy's autologin stuff's way overcomplicated
12:42Chutt instead of writing a stupid little program, he could have just used a getty that supports autologin, like, say, mingetty
12:45jams which is also in an earlier issue of linuxgazette
12:48dopester chutt: im about to put 3.5 on the list.. if you get a chance look over it and let me know what you think needs changing if anything.. going to do a bit more cleanup and just put the final verison on the list next saturday.. you cool with that?
12:48Chutt sure
12:49dopester probbably 95% of the stuff will be the same between 3.5 and what you get..
12:49dopester got some warnings and things like that to cleanup.. remove dead code.. stuff that has no place in your cvs
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13:21klpt hello
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13:21klpt hi
13:28Baylink Yes, klpt/
13:28Baylink ?
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15:12mBob what username does mythtv use to access the mysql database?
15:12mikegrb the topic
15:12mBob bloody hell
15:12mBob every time
15:12mBob im sorry
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17:26Riff-Raff is it possible that NuppelVideoPlayer does not have osd ?
17:30Anduin Riff-Raff - it depends on when
17:31Riff-Raff when playing video with avformatdecoder
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17:38Riff-Raff or rather: when AvFormatDecoder::GetFrame is called
17:38Riff-Raff It seems it is possible, for example when gettins screen grabs
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18:37stoffel Chutt: the changes you committed to fix the playback stuttering seem to work for me
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18:45stoffel oh, any idea about when you will release 0.17? i'd guess after merging the dvb-update + bugfixes. a 1-2 weeks notice before would be great so the translations can be updated
18:45Chutt that's the most likely schedule
18:45Chutt i'll certainly give notice for people doing translations
18:45Chutt and thanks for testing that playback issue =)
18:45stoffel ah, great
18:46Chutt no one else has that i know of yet, despite lots of people bitching on the users list
18:47stoffel i only watched the matrix with latest cvs, but didn't notice any stutter. the problem was in mythfrontend? b/c my backend is still cvs from ~1-2 weeks ago
18:48stoffel it was shown on tv tonight, so i used live-tv btw.
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18:53dopester stoffel: you doing translations?
18:54stoffel yes sir
18:55dopester if you want to look at the dvb-patch 3.5 i put up there today i don't think there much to translate there but i can't forsee any of that changing
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18:55dopester most of its all technical terms so might have no translation anyway
18:56stoffel dopester: as i don't use/know about dvb at all, i never started all the dvb stuff which is in cvs today. except for some non-technical terms
18:57stoffel errr, started to translate
19:01LLyric Is the myth-dvb project going to be rolled into mythtv, or are they going to continue their patchset?
19:03stoffel afaik the goal is to commit it to cvs after further testing
19:04LLyric Heh, they'll have lotsa time, given mythtv release rate :)
19:05LLyric 0.16 has at least one bug, that I'd call a show-stop
19:06dopester llyric: up to chutt as to it going in.. :)
19:06stoffel are the binary packages are patched to fix this bug or are they original 0.16 code, LLyric?
19:07LLyric Nah, atrpms which seems to be the most common packager, still has the "frontend crashes when you start recording" bug
19:07* LLyric checks the rpm changelog
19:08* stoffel checks the deb's
19:08LLyric Nope, no significant changes since 0.16 - just fiddling with some X extensions
19:08LLyric If someone could point me to the commit that fixed it, I'll generate a patch and send to Axel
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19:10stoffel hm, connection refused for
19:10stoffel LLyric: really? 0.17 probably will be released in ~4 weeks anyway
19:11LLyric It's a really bad bug, and Axel doesn't mind releasing often
19:11LLyric I don't suppose there's a viewcvs on myth?
19:11stoffel there is
19:11LLyric Found it :)
19:11LLyric (duh)
19:19* LLyric idles, waiting for cvs2cl to run, so he can find the fix commit.
19:20LLyric Hopefully it quotes the bugzilla item
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19:30Chutt patches against patches
19:32LLyric Moi?
19:33Riff-Raff moi moi
19:33* LLyric grins
19:33LLyric Anybody got a pointer to when the fix for the "frontend crashes when recording starts while watching tv" was committed to cvs
19:33LLyric ?
19:33LLyric The commit log is less than illustrative
19:34Riff-Raff I have no idea but I'd check right after 0.16 was out
19:34Chutt that was a long time ago
19:34Chutt and only affected a tiny number of people
19:34Chutt hardly a showstopper
19:34dopester wasn't that fixed a week after 0.16?
19:34* LLyric looks at the changelog
19:35Chutt pretty much
19:35LLyric What were the conditions under which it happened? Happens here 100% of the time, as does it for a couple of other people I know
19:35Chutt i don't remember, it was almost 4 months ago
19:45LLyric Chutt: was it you that committed the fix? or could you remember who it was? the changelog comments aren't helping me much
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21:57* NightMonkey is away: I'm busy
21:57* NightMonkey is back (gone 00:00:29)
21:58* NightMonkey is away: Stepped away
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22:53fester hi, i installed mythtv and now i dont know what the password to the mythtv account is what is the defalt?
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