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00:05DOUGY hello?
00:06DOUGY oops wrong chan
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01:04rkulagow chutt: awake?
01:14Chutt not especially
01:14Chutt i've been meaning to do a docs sync :p
01:14rkulagow just wondering. docs sync?
01:14rkulagow also, long time no talk
01:14rkulagow so, hey.
01:14Chutt has anyone from a '' sent you email ever?
01:14rkulagow doesn't sound familiar
01:15rkulagow but, who knows
01:15Chutt lemme forward you this..
01:16rkulagow ok
01:18Chutt just out of the blue, as far as i can tell
01:19Chutt you get that?
01:20rkulagow yeah, checking it now
01:21rkulagow that's pretty weird
01:22dopester sparking my interest now :)
01:22rkulagow i recognize the standard consultant / contractor boilerplate
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02:30CaseysZ28 anyone around?
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02:30Chutt nope
02:31CaseysZ28 Chutt: do you know how i can switch out mplayer for xine?
02:31Chutt nope
02:31Chutt i don't even know how that could be related to mythtv
02:31CaseysZ28 damn
02:31CaseysZ28 because mythtv uses mplayer to output things to the tv
02:32CaseysZ28 i want to change it to xine
02:32Chutt it does?
02:32CaseysZ28 but can't figure it out
02:32Chutt that's news to me
02:32CaseysZ28 that is the way i understood it
02:32Chutt you understood wrong
02:32CaseysZ28 i know for a fact it uses mplayer to play dvds
02:33CaseysZ28 and mplayer doesn't like to play encoded dvds
02:33Chutt i suppose that's understandable due to your obvious reading comprehension difficulties
02:33CaseysZ28 ok
02:34Chutt if all you want to do is change what's called for dvds, go in to the setup program and change it
02:34Chutt it's not rocket science
02:34CaseysZ28 ok how would i get mplayer to play dvd's?
02:34Chutt geez
02:35Chutt and with an .edu domain, too
02:35CaseysZ28 lol
02:35CaseysZ28 yeah i know
02:35dopester degrees are a dime a dozen these days ya know..
02:35GreyFoxx CaseysZ28: You might want to try asking in #mythtv-users . This isn't a support channel :)
02:35CaseysZ28 ooops
02:36CaseysZ28 by the way i am new to mythtv and it is an awesome program you guys keep up the good work
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02:37dopester 1 down 2^256 more to go
02:39Chutt heh
02:40dopester sad reading isnt a prerequisite on irc
02:41Chutt how can you miss the topic of a channel?
02:41Chutt it's the first thing that scrolls past in most irc clients
02:41dopester man beyond me
02:43Chutt all right. it's bed time for me
02:43dopester same here nite man
02:44stoffel gn8 to you, and good morning europe
02:44* stoffel yawns
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02:47LukeK evening folks
02:51stoffel fyi, i also experienced the 'segfault on channel change' with recent cvs, but only two times. i'll apply the patch and see how it goes
02:55Beirdo hey, stoffel... how stable in general is current CVS?
02:55Beirdo I haven't updated since before Christmas, and probably should, but if it's borked right now, I'll wait :)
02:56stoffel Beirdo: quite i'd say. there was a problem with playback but chutt fixed that just yesterday (at least it looks ok to me now)
02:56Beirdo ah, good to hear
02:57Beirdo minor problems do creep in at times, just didn't want to sync up while the code was busted :)
02:57stoffel and the mentioned patch caused the frontend to crash during channel changing, but it only happened two times in a few days here
02:58stoffel syncing today should be fine, except for this two-line patch
02:58Beirdo Is that patch likely to be something that will be committed tomorrow? :)
02:59stoffel maybe, it's simply two uninitialised variables
02:59Beirdo wow, have a lot of files changed :)
03:00Beirdo well, maybe I should wait for tomorrow anyways so I'm not tired while compiling, etc :)
03:00Beirdo it being 3am here after all :)
03:01Beirdo good morning, BTW :)
03:01stoffel and start complaining about how unstable cvs is, while it's all due you fcking up :) good idea
03:01stoffel good morning
03:01Beirdo heh. on the other hand not much will be recording right now :)
03:02Beirdo but not worth messing things up while tired
03:02stoffel 3am, luckily it's sunday
03:02Beirdo yeah, that too
03:02Beirdo I'm often up this late anyways
03:03stoffel really? my body insists on 6-9 hours sleep
03:04Beirdo well, I guess I'm a bit of a freak :)
03:04Beirdo I usually get 6-8h on week nights, 9-12h on weekends
03:05stoffel like 5x 6 hours and then 2x 12 hours? ;)
03:06Beirdo often
03:06Beirdo :)
03:06Beirdo then there was a 4 month stretch in university where I was on a 36h cycle
03:06Beirdo 24h awake, 12h sleep
03:06Beirdo that really buggers your brain up :)
03:07stoffel why that?
03:07stoffel the cycle i mean
03:07Beirdo I dunno, it just kinda happened, and it stuck
03:07stoffel heh
03:08Beirdo thankfully it was 8am/8pm
03:08Beirdo other times woulda been strange (like noon/midnight)
03:08Beirdo I can't believe I actually passed that term :)
03:09Beirdo and I never quite got to a 48h awake period.
03:09Beirdo passed out at 45h, and never tried THAT nonsense again
03:09stoffel looser ;)
03:09Beirdo heh
03:09Beirdo and slept for 24h straight after that
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03:11stoffel i did that once even when i had enough sleep the night before
03:11stoffel well, didn't sleep all 24h but never got out of bed
03:12Beirdo heh
03:12Beirdo well this was 24h straight, didn't even turn (according to my roommate at the time)
03:12Beirdo I *was* trying for 48h though, so I failed
03:14Beirdo lost count of the >24h days since university though :)
03:15Beirdo I'm an oddball, but at least I'm not in denial
03:15stoffel hehe
03:16Beirdo so one advantage is that I adjust to jet-lag in a quite short time :)
03:17Beirdo my coworkers took almost a week to get adjusted to the timezone difference going to Europe
03:17Beirdo I took one day (two sleeps)
03:17Beirdo heh
03:18stoffel really? but it's only 6 hours difference, or?
03:18Beirdo yeah
03:18Beirdo 6h
03:18Beirdo but I'm used to tossing my sleep schedule around by 6h+ :)
03:19stoffel when i went to singapore (also 6h diff) the 2nd day was tough
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03:20Beirdo of course the one trip with two crying babies behind me from Montreal to London... that trip was tougher
03:20Beirdo I coulda throttled the parents
03:20stoffel *g*
03:21Beirdo if your kids don't like flying, for GOD's sakes, don't fly
03:22Beirdo we got to Vienna REAL tired :)
03:22Beirdo crashed from 11am to 5pm, then went out for a few hours
03:23Beirdo usually get at least a couple hours on the plane, but not that time.
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05:37mitchel could someone take a look at this?
05:37mitchel it looks like it is highly developed...very mature, maybe a way to tie it into myth
05:37mitchel and make the streaming work really well cross-platform
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07:09stoffel the way development for mythtv works is that everyone who feels a part. feature missing is free to add it. eventually it will find it's way into cvs
07:09stoffel mitchel: ^
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12:16Anduin Is the "Play from" feature supposed to be an improvement?
12:18Anduin Would a patch to allow both (while keeping the old play from bookmark if set by default) be accepted?
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12:34mBob hi - could this be a bug in mythtv? ive setup the channel (i think correctly) and when i run mythfilldatabase i get this:
12:34Anduin mBob - try -users
12:34mBob i have
12:35mBob some other bloke is having the same problem, but nobody can help and im beginning to think it might be a bug
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13:00ro0t does mythtvvideo play ogg files?
13:01Anduin ro0t - #mythtv-users (though mythvideo just calls an external player)
13:05ro0t what like mplayer
13:06Anduin ro0t - yes by default, though really these questions are better over in #mythtv-users
13:06ro0t what is this channel for then
13:07Rince development
13:07Anduin ro0t - carefully explained in the topic
13:13doug_ oh - im the "other bloke" mBob refers too
13:14doug_ i guess no-one thought it was a bug - shame, cos it has me stumped too
13:16Chutt it's not a bug, you've not set things up properly.
13:18doug_ hmm, well i dont know how. i have setup myth on several occasions (admittedly a while ago), and ive never has this till now
13:19doug_ if you can point me at a likely cuplrit id be very grateful, as no-one in myth-users seems to be able to help
13:19Chutt you fucked it up this time.
13:20doug_ well, it looks that way, but i cant see how.
13:21dopester chutt: do you have any prefered format for a db layout document?
13:21Chutt i believe that exact problem has been covered several times on the users mailing list
13:21Chutt dopester, nope
13:21dopester is just dumps of the tables with some detail ok as ascii?
13:22dopester im finally getting off my ass and making something since doug larrick is too lazy to read some code..
13:22Chutt sure
13:22dopester or search the list
13:22Chutt well, i would be too :p
13:22dopester but it probbably needs to be done anyway
13:23dopester i ought to scan in the scibbled pieces of paper i have laying around when i was planing it out and tell him to read that :)
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13:49Beirdo OK, it's CVS update time for the first time in almost a month :)
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16:32festr_ hello
16:33mitchel beirdo are you an active developer for myth?
16:33festr_ i'm new to mythtv and i'm searching for some info (not successfull with googling). i have no capture card, but i want only to play DVDs, divxs, some photos and maybe mp3. can mythtv do this?
16:34mitchel yes
16:34festr_ ok
16:34festr_ second question, can i play divx.avi with base package mythtv? or i have to download some plugins or addons
16:35mitchel myth is a big pain to set up so if your going to get capture cards eventually follow a guide to start with so you don't skip steps you'll need later
16:35mitchel i think it's myth-video that you need
16:35mitchel myth-music and myth-pictures
16:36festr_ ah ok i'm slowly getting in
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16:37festr_ mitchel: so basic package is only for viewing TV with some tuner card
16:38festr_ ?
16:38mitchel eh i don't know
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16:38mitchel i use yum and do "yum install mono-complete"
16:38mitchel so it just gets everything
16:38Anduin -users
16:39festr_ aha
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16:44Rince I am thinking about using cvs-mythtv on an amd64-system, since I seem to have locking problems
16:44Rince is someone (actively) developing on amd64 or is this just something like "fire and forget"?
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20:00kbrooks_ hi. i want a debian package of MythTV
20:00kbrooks_ i do not want to mess up my systeem by installing the dependices manually.
20:06Beirdo good for you. You're in the wrong channel :)
20:07Beirdo see the topic
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20:37Beirdo nice
20:37Beirdo running CVS myth. As 3 recordings started at 8, I got spewed with "Waiting for a thread"
20:37Beirdo sigh
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