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00:12KeyserLaptop | linux devices has an article on a company teaming with transmeta to sell commercial mythtv boxes:
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00:17Beirdo I wish them luck with zap2it
00:17KeyserLaptop | i wonder if they will have their own guide data service
00:17Beirdo not likely
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00:18Beirdo and apparently, it's based on MythTV 0.18
00:18Beirdo that article's obviously crap
00:18KeyserLaptop | huh. i thought mythtv was only at 0.16?
00:19KeyserLaptop | they are more up to date than the mythtv developers!
00:19KeyserLaptop | hehe. the story ended up on slashdot, as well
00:20* KeyserLaptop goes to see if there are any knowledgeble comments
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03:42KaZeR brb
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12:29|QuaD- hey, is anyone here?
12:30|QuaD- i want to purchase a cheap tv tuner for my linux box, any suggestions?
12:30* MajestiK suggests reading the topic, and moving the question to #mythtv-users
12:30|QuaD- thanks
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13:43Dibblah OK. Looks like the behavior of the RT grabber has changed since the reorganisation. It no longer requires (or honors) the --days or offset.
13:43Dibblah Therefore, it runs 14 times, rather than once.
13:44Dibblah I'm looking at patching filldata to (basically) remove the customizations for the _rt grabber, since the old version no longer works at all.
13:45Dibblah And the new version is faster and supported, anyway.
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14:23Cred Hi
14:23Cred DonLKSAB, here?
14:30DonLKSAB Yes
14:33Cred yay
14:33Cred DonLKSAB, do you remember when you sent me an MAKEDEV file like 6 months ago or so?
14:33Cred DonLKSAB, I had an problem with /dev/video0 missing etc. under Slackware.
14:34DonLKSAB Yes
14:34DonLKSAB Do you need it again?
14:35Cred DonLKSAB, I'm afraid yes. I deleted it (stupid me) after the use. Now, since then I've changed distribution hopes for better but.. For some reason it's not working on any other distro like it should.
14:36Cred So, if you could send it again.
14:36DonLKSAB Sure let mi find it
14:36DonLKSAB me*
14:36Cred I tried MAKEDEV from.. humm, it was included with some driver package. It did create video devs for me but they didn't work.
14:38DonLKSAB Right
14:38DonLKSAB I sent it to myself :-)
14:39DonLKSAB Hmm
14:39DonLKSAB Does it work?
14:39Cred What?
14:39DonLKSAB Im trying to DCC you
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14:40Cred Oh, sorry. Didn't notice.
14:40DonLKSAB :-)
14:40DonLKSAB There you go
14:41Cred Thanks, now lets se...
14:41Cred see even
14:42Cred I will have to boot this thing, probably.
14:42Cred It did create bunch of devices but it's not working, yet.
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15:13o_cee SELECT title,starttime,endtime FROM program WHERE chanid=10 AND starttime>='2005-01-12T08:30:00' AND starttime<'2005-01-12T09:15:00';
15:13o_cee size: 0
15:14o_cee but in mysql
15:14o_cee 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
15:14o_cee this is really driving me nuts
15:14Baylink Installing today's CVS appears to have nuked my mysql.txt, where old installs did not. Did I hork my own cleanup script, or did something change?
15:14Beirdo it should be working
15:14o_cee it _really_ should
15:15Baylink Where does the production file live on a working machine/
15:15Baylink ?
15:15o_cee Baylink, it's generated when running now
15:15Baylink mythsetup will build it, then?
15:15o_cee yeah or frontend i think
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15:15Baylink I always forget to run that after an upgrade, which is likely bad,
15:16o_cee it shouldn't delete any existing installed mysql.txt's, just the one in your cvs
15:16Baylink I might have accidentally added it's directory to my cleanout script; where is it supposed to life?
15:16Baylink (live)
15:16o_cee if you're using your own cleanup scripts, guess who you should blame.
15:17Baylink I already *took* the damn blame, now could someone just tell me where it *is*? :-)
15:22o_cee where what is?
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15:31Baylink Hmmm... ran backend setup. still no mysql.txt, apparently.
15:32Baylink Backendsetup itself found the DBMS
15:33Baylink Excuse me: I should be elsewhere.
15:38Dibblah Arf. My first real patch and there's a thinko in the text. The patch is fine, so I'll leave what I really meant as an excercise to the reader :)
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16:15zuralin haha, called me about all the gift certificates being sent to chris kennedy
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16:16Beirdo why would they be calling you?
16:18o_cee Beirdo, i cracked it
16:18Beirdo what was it after all that?
16:18zuralin because i sent him one i guess
16:18o_cee apparently the programs table was beeing cleared at another place, by another (old i think) function
16:19o_cee "all" != "one"
16:19Beirdo ahhh
16:19o_cee i dooont think it's supposed to be clearing it twice :P
16:19Beirdo so you were checking right after clearing?
16:19Beirdo that would do it
16:19o_cee yeah
16:20o_cee and it got filled right back so that's why it worked outside
16:20o_cee and that's why there where no dup errors
16:20Beirdo right :)
16:20o_cee :)
16:20o_cee cleaning up this mess now, debugstuff all over the place hehehe
16:21o_cee don't think you want to see my swedish cursing debug outputs :P
16:21Beirdo heheh
16:21Beirdo I have left those in before
16:21Beirdo actually got code FROM a customer commented with "What the fuck does this do?"
16:21Beirdo and it was their code
16:22Beirdo I left the comment in :)
16:22o_cee heheheh
16:22zuralin o_cee, yes but they were interested in "all" the ones being sent to him.. not just the "one"
16:22o_cee ah, hehehe
16:23o_cee wonder how many he got
16:23Baylink_realw| Anyone built CVS today?
16:23o_cee for putting out 1000 versions based on trial and error
16:23Beirdo o_cee: well, it's hard to do it any other way with no documentation :)
16:24o_cee Beirdo, yeah that's one thing, but it's pretty clear he's no good drivers dev :P
16:24Beirdo heh
16:24Beirdo well, unless someone else steps up and does better, he's what we have
16:25o_cee wich only took a year or so..
16:25o_cee heh
16:25o_cee ditched the 350 tvout long time ago because of instability.. plus the upcoming opengl eyecandy :)
16:26Beirdo I won't be using opengl until I can figure out why my board won't behave with AGP support :)
16:26o_cee heh, get intel ;)
16:26Beirdo heh
16:26Beirdo no thanks
16:26o_cee i have to run this computer with vesa :/
16:27Beirdo GAH!
16:27o_cee yeah.. luckily it's fast enough so
16:27o_cee damn new gfx cards
16:27Beirdo which card?
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16:28o_cee 6600GT
16:28o_cee 6629 is supposed to support it, but it doesn't work good at all
16:28Beirdo ahh
16:28o_cee massive gfx errors
16:28Beirdo I'm running a 9600Pro
16:29* o_cee is dancing around all over the channel now that daddy isn't watching :P
16:29o_cee sorry think i need to sleep
16:29Beirdo heh. it's not THAT late yet is it?
16:30* o_cee is thinking about adding something like: "56 programs where updated" to the mythfilldatabase output
16:30o_cee nah, but i've got another exam tomorrow
16:33Beirdo exam first, then more code :)
16:33o_cee indeed
16:33o_cee seen thor lately?
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16:42Beirdo nope :(
16:42mikegrb I saw him today
16:42mikegrb though it was an actual person named thor and not the person who goes by thor on irc
16:43Beirdo hehe
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17:07bender hi there, would it be recommended to run mythtv just in order to in an easy way watch dvd/xvid/divx-movies on my tv (i have no tv-card)?
17:07* Beirdo points the robot at the topic
17:08bender oops, sorry
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17:11mikegrb bender: since you are here, could you unbend some metal for me?
17:11bender bah :)
17:12Beirdo you'd have to feed him some beer, probably
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17:31joseph is it possible for the cvs repository to be broken, i can't get it to compile
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17:47Anduin joseph - yes
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18:04Wildgoose Dibblah: I did the _RT stuff. Although it's reading the data too often, what other problems are you actually seeing?
18:15joseph ok so should i just wait a day or so to see if it is fixed?
18:17Anduin joseph - or you could see if your problem was on the list, or take it over to -users
18:18Anduin joseph - or better still make a patch (-users and the list are good just to make sure someone else hasn't done so already)
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18:32joseph o i wish i knew C but i'm only 15
18:32joseph i hope to help the mythtv project once i do however
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19:02Dibblah Wildgoose: It takes 6 hours to fill...
19:03Dibblah There's been complaints over in -users.
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19:06joseph what does?
19:06joseph o sry
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20:59mitcheloc does anyone in here run mythtv on their xboxes?
21:00Beirdo why are you asking in the development channel?
21:01mitcheloc doh! (forgot)
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21:46Omnic heh... honestly, losses should be cut, and this channel should move to #mythtv-dev :>
21:47Beirdo that's Chutt's prerogative
21:47Beirdo I'd tend to agree
21:48Omnic 1) yeah, I thought it would be
21:48Anduin hey, there is a bugzilla now, anything can happen
21:48Omnic and 2) yay, someone agree's :)
21:49Beirdo I think several people would agree, but it's not our channel :)
21:49Omnic indeed, and indeed :)
21:50Beirdo but yeah, there's a bugzilla, and I actually say Chutt refer someone to the wiki, so one never knows
21:50Beirdo saw rather
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