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06:24MrFluffy ok, just built a fedora core3 box with 2.6.9-1.667 kernel, I have a bt878 audio chip in my card, bt87x is loaded as a module amixer -c1 displays the mixer options for it but I cant work out what the /dev device it gives me is as /dev/dsp is the soundcard (and gives me no tv audio) and /dev/dsp1 is reported by myth as a illegal socket? , any thoughts?
06:27MrFluffy The error recorded in mythbackend.log is :- only read -1 from 4096 bytes from '/dev/dsp1', read audio: Input/output error
06:27Beirdo yeah, read the topic
06:27MrFluffy ack sorry
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06:38o_cee thor: you've slept enough now man
06:40Beirdo unlike me :)
06:40o_cee heh
06:41o_cee haha :)
06:41o_cee great
06:41Beirdo 6:41am, and I'm still awake
06:41o_cee hope you got alot of stuff done
06:42Beirdo I did for a while, then I played a game, then I watched TV
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06:42Beirdo now I'm just too lazy to go to bed :)
06:42o_cee sounds good enough :P
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12:15|PT|MegaLung | Test
12:16Anduin failed
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12:18mikegrb miserably
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13:18o_c the categories (for colors) that's in ui.xml, they're not translated like mythweb does right? so i'd need to add all the swedish categories into all themes?
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13:31o_cee makes it a little hard to maintain :/
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14:31Chutt o_c, categories in the db are in english.
14:31Chutt translate them to whatever on display.
14:35o_cee is that beeing done? translating them on display?
14:35Chutt should be.
14:36o_cee i'll try
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14:37o_cee a quick search in the langfiles doesn't show any categories.. let's dive
14:37Torq how deep?
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14:52o_cee Chutt, it's not translated when shown in the EPG
14:53o_cee should it be doing it in guidegrid or uitypes? just looked quickly at it, dunno how to fix it since it doesn't feel like a normal tr() add..
14:58o_cee bbl
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17:03o_cee Chutt, any idea?
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17:13o_cee i mean, in the gant ui.xml file there's belgian, dutch and japanese stuff, plus a lot of duplicate stuff like "Movie" and "Movies", "Kids" and "kids" and so on.. just doesn't feel right adding another bunch of swedish stuff there :)
17:17o_cee since i've got control over the new swedish xmltv feed, i can put out english categories (with a lang id) and change mythfilldatabase to use english categories, but i would like it to display in swedish so i dunno.. can't find any trace of guidegrid trying to translate it at least..
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17:23o_cee see some spanish strings categories in there as well :P
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18:38o_cee Updated programs: 0 Unchanged programs: 298 <-- :)
19:02Beirdo you got it working? :)
19:06o_cee nah not the categories, but all my other changes to mythfilldatabase
19:06Beirdo ah. Well, you're getting there by the sounds of it
19:06o_cee yeah just sent a diff to bruce for review ;)
19:14Baylink Beirdo: isn't it Capt Murdoch who owns transcode?
19:16Beirdo no, it's Geoffrey last I heard
19:16Beirdo Captain_Murdoch does the commercial flagging stuff
19:16Beirdo of course, my memory may suck
19:16o_cee i think you're right
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19:28Captain_Murdo| yeah, Geoffrey is transcode
19:28Captain_Murdo| he said he's been very busy lately I believe and I think he said he doesn't use transcode much anymore. only thing I think he's done recently with it is to make it run via the jobqueue rather than having its own scheduler.
19:29* Captain_Murd goes back to occasional lurking
19:30o_cee heh :)
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19:38o_cee Chutt, i neeeeed you ;)
19:49Baylink Alas, Cap, it's borken. BZ bug posted; several people with same prob.
19:52o_cee Captain_Murdoch, been doing any logo-detection stuff lately?
19:56Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, been running the code on my main myth setup and it seems to be working better than what's in CVS. I spent some time yesterday trying to get it to detect those rating symbols that U.S. stations must display to show what a show is rated. seems to be working, but need more testing on that. need to work on my logic in my scores a little, there's a couple miss-detections I think I can work around by changing the logic a
19:56Captain_Murdo| Baylink: yeah, I have only transcoded 1 file ever and that was to test something else. I needed a transcoded file to test the decoderbase stuff I did a while back.
19:56o_cee cool.. did you ever try those recordings i sent you? :)
19:57Captain_Murdo| was too busy with the holidays and traveling out of town to mess with them much, but did a little. have them though, keep them in a samples directory.
19:57o_cee great
19:58o_cee just lemme know if you need stuff to test with
19:59Captain_Murdo| ok. I want to get this kinda stable then try to merge in the other opaque logo detection that someone submitted. I think the stuff I have might do better on transparent and he said his did better on opaque so I want to check that out. have myth auto-detect and use whatever's best if possible.
19:59o_cee sounds cool. current code never really worked reliably for me
20:04Captain_Murdo| yeah, another thing I need to do is try to enhance the "all" method in places that have little or no blank-frames. right now it keys off those to group the video into blocks. If it detects a logo though, now it is smart enough to exclude the logo area from the sample when it does blank-frame detection, so it doesn't say a frame isn't blank just because it has a logo on it. that should help out a lot in some cases.
20:04Baylink So where does one find Geoffrey? Is the the assignee on mt bugs on bz?
20:09Captain_Murdo| I've just emailed him a few times in the past when I was talking with him about the transcode integration with the jobqueue. I think he reads the -dev list occasionally, because he used to pop up every so often. is this the cutlist related issue?
20:10Captain_Murdo| I can tell you a couple things to try if you want to see if you can fix it. one thing might be it, but I'm not 100% sure.
20:12Baylink Yeah, it's the cutlist thing. I hung the bug.
20:12Baylink You mean patch-y stuff?
20:13Captain_Murdo| let me read the bug report first. it might be a 1-line change.
20:13Baylink You go, guy.
20:14Captain_Murdo| do you know what bug number it is?
20:14Baylink Wait one
20:14Baylink 192
20:15Captain_Murdo| is the file hosed after this or does it just not cut the 2nd and succeeding cuts?
20:16Baylink SFAICT, it played fine, and like that; it merely only implements the first cut.
20:18Captain_Murdo| ok, you can try this fix. It might be the same thing that had the commercial flagger hosed for a while. edit NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp and search for NuppelVideoPlayer::TranscodeGetNextFrame inside that function/method, search for "if (framesPlayed >= dm_iter.key())" replace "framesPlayed" with "videoOutput->GetLastDecodedFrame()->frameNumber". should end up looking like the next line I post.
20:18Captain_Murdo| if (videoOutput->GetLastDecodedFrame()->frameNumber >= dm_iter.key())
20:21Captain_Murdo| that's the code that handles skipping over the cut portions I guess it should print out multiple "Fast-Forwarding from" lines if it works, should only be printing out one right now.
20:22Baylink Will check. That sounds like I'll have to rebuild everything, though, not just mythtranscode. It will *play* fine, skipping *all* cuts. It's only transcode that only cuts the first one.
20:24Captain_Murdo| yeah because it's in libmythtv, it will rebuild most/all of the myth* executables.
20:25Baylink But I *have* to rebuild everything for mythtranscode to get it.
20:26Captain_Murdo| that's the same kind of thing that caused commercial flagging to be hosed after the recent changes in the decoders though. used to be that the framesPlayed in NuppelVideoPlayer was equal to the decoder's framesPlayed, now framesPlayed in NVP comes from the videoOutput so it's a true framesPlayed, not framesDecoded (which is what it really was coming from the decoder)
20:26Captain_Murdo| yeah
20:26Captain_Murdo| I'm probably 99% sure that's the fix. does the first cut only work if it starts at frame 0?
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20:27Baylink I think I've got that. I'm not sure I see how it applies, though. // Not SFAIK.
20:27Captain_Murdo| or does it still do the first cut even if it's not at the very beginning of the video.
20:27Baylink I believe the latter; yes.
20:28Captain_Murdo| ok, maybe make that 90% sure, not 99% then. :)
20:28Baylink I
20:28Baylink I
20:28Baylink Dmanit.
20:28Baylink I'll try it, but the rebuild will have to wait.
20:28Captain_Murdo| ok. no hurry, just something I thought you could try. let me know if it works.
20:29Captain_Murdo| or if you see anyone else who wants to be a guinea pig let them know so they can try. :)
20:29* Captain_Murd goes back to lurking.
20:29Baylink It's in the CVS here. Someone should hang a patch, no?
20:29Baylink Tnx
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20:54Captain_Murdo| Baylink: if that fixes it, then I can commit a patch to CVS, but I don't want to commit it unless it fixes the problem.
21:05Baylink Noted. Will let you know tomorrow.
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23:49bytenik is mythcvs currently broken?
23:50bytenik i'm getting compile errors on dsputil_mmx.c on line 662... i was hoping someone else might have seen this before I start hunting
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