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02:35IMTheNachoMan| ok my computer just crashed (cant open mozilla browser, burning a cd so i dont wanna reboot and dont wannna fix it), but a few quick questions i was reading mythtv site but gah
02:36IMTheNachoMan| i forgot the exact model, but my digtal tv pci card has outputs, will mythv allow me to use them so i can hook the comptuer up to a tv, and also does anyone know if lirc works with the remote control that comes with windows media center?
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03:07Dibblah IMTheNachoMan: Read topic.
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06:14johnnyST Should it be possible to compile mythtv on debian sarge?
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08:29o_cee Chutt, still not around?
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08:35johnnyST o_cee, do you know if it is possible to compile mythtv on debian sarge?
08:36o_cee not running debian
08:36johnnyST ok
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11:00Dibblah Isn't fixed?
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11:07o_cee Dibblah, can't really say i've seen it in a while, but i haven't watched that much tv while recording lately
11:15Dibblah Okay. Just remember seeing a patch going by. Not sure if it was committed.
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12:12IMTheNachoMan| oops
12:12--- Channel: Chutt changed the topic of #mythtv to: This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users
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12:38o_cee Chutt, did you see what i wrote about the categories yesterday?
12:39Chutt yeah
12:39Chutt should just be a simple tr
12:41o_cee k, great. any idea where? guidegrid or uitypes? or someplace else? won't all the categories need to be specified someplace, so that it's known what different categories there are to translate?
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12:48Chutt nope (idea where)
12:48Chutt and yep (good idea to enumerate them somewhere)
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12:50o_cee okidokey. i'll see if i can get a grip of it. hm, maybe it'd be possible to use the translation to decide what color to use even with foreign genres in the db? a reverse translation thingie?
12:51Chutt <lilo> so, hmmm, let me see if I understand your position.... you don't think it's appropriate to have to provide personal information, and you're not worried about any problem situation which might result from our being unable to authenticate you as project leader?
12:51Chutt <Chutt> nope
12:51Chutt <Chutt> i'd happily switch networks if a situation like that arose
12:51Chutt <lilo> I see
12:51Chutt <Chutt> there's nothing tying me to freenode
12:51Chutt <lilo> kay.....if the network isn't useful to you, then I can't see any special problem there
12:51Chutt <lilo> thanks!
12:51Chutt what a fuckwit
12:52Chutt o_cee, possibly could go in reverse like that
12:52o_cee Chutt, i'll see if qt's translate thingies does that
12:56o_cee yeah well it's possible with the normal tr().. will look at it tomorrow, exciting to say the least ;)
12:56Chutt just make it a trutf8() or whatnot
12:56Chutt so it doesn't choke on utf8 input (ie, the existing translations)
12:59o_cee yep. will be back tomorrow, so ttyl
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13:33Beirdo so, Chutt, not sure if you saw it, but someone on the -users mailing list was wondering about the possibility of using gmain as a mail<->news gateway for the myth mailing lists
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13:34Beirdo thought you might be interested in knowing about it should you have missed it. :)
13:34Chutt no gmane
13:34Chutt they can try to set it up, but i've blocked it :p
13:34Chutt gmane was the source of a lot of extra spam when it was hooked up before
13:34Beirdo Heh. I'm not surprised at all
13:35Beirdo and once again, I typed gmain instead of gmane.
13:35Beirdo did that in my news config, that was fun.
13:36Beirdo INN decided it wanted to feed the two groups I was pulling from them right back to them
13:36Beirdo sigh
13:36Chutt heh
13:36Beirdo thankfully, their server refused :)
13:37Beirdo so if you feel like squashing their hopes and dreams, the subject line is "Mail -> news gateway (Gmane)"
13:37Chutt i've still got almost a thousand messages in my users and dev folders left unread
13:37Beirdo yeah, being away for a few days would do that
13:38Beirdo welcome back, BTW :)
13:38Chutt ehh
13:38Chutt means i have to do actual work
13:39Beirdo You can't win them all, I guess.
13:40Beirdo man, the luser ratio on -users mailing list just seems to keep rising, doesn't it?
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13:41Chutt i tend to ignore it
13:41Beirdo which is a good thing, as replying to each and every one would take all day, and would likely be enraging :)
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15:31Cardoe Chutt: ping
15:32Chutt yes?
15:32Cardoe got a question about VLD XvMC
15:32Cardoe and was pointed to you
15:32Cardoe it's partially enabled by default in
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15:32Cardoe And was wondering why...
15:32Cardoe since it's non-standard XvMC
15:32Chutt it's not partially enabled.
15:32Cardoe and it's basically breakage of XvMC to support the Via HW
15:33Cardoe I just got CVS and CONFIG += using_xvmc using_xvmc_vld
15:33Cardoe but extra_libs are commented out
15:33Chutt that's not what's in cvs.
15:35Cardoe hrm. Could ./configure enable it?
15:35Chutt nope
15:37Chutt i'll assume that you're using some random ebuild
15:37Cardoe no
15:38Cardoe I actually did cvs checkout
15:38Cardoe and ran configure
15:38Cardoe I'm attempting to test a CVS version
15:38Cardoe to package one into an official ebuild.
15:38Chutt there's a number of cvs ebuilds for myth
15:38Chutt all are broken in various ways
15:38Cardoe right
15:38Cardoe which is why I'm not using any of them.
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15:39Cardoe and it would not be a CVS ebuild
15:39Cardoe it's a snapshot
15:39Cardoe This all stems from the fact that I have a bug from 0.16 and another user complained about it.
15:39Cardoe I confirmed it
15:40Cardoe and everyone yelled at me for not using CVS to test if it was fixed.
15:40Chutt heh
15:40Cardoe considering it was ignored on the ml, I doubt it was fixed. and considering it seems to happen under a certain set of circumstances... I doubt the devs have that in their hands.
15:41Cardoe entirely besides the fact that I was not complaining, nor did I care if the bug was fixed.
15:41Chutt what's the bug?
15:41Cardoe LVM'd drives.
15:41Cardoe XFS partition on them
15:41Cardoe when there's no enough HD space to record the next show
15:41Cardoe the backend will hang
15:41Cardoe not crash
15:41Chutt ah
15:42Cardoe and start flooding /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log
15:42Chutt no, i doubt that's fixed
15:42Cardoe so I'll go to work for the day
15:42Chutt tad on the hard side to reproduce :(
15:42Cardoe Chutt: exactly.
15:43Cardoe I won't realize there's a marathon of some show I have set to record.
15:43Cardoe so there's like 12 episodes of it playing
15:43Cardoe I'll come home and myth is hung. /var is full.
15:43Chutt what's the messages in the logfile, though?
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15:44Cardoe I'll write it down next time.
15:44Cardoe it's the same one over and over.
15:44Chutt right
15:44Cardoe like once every second or even less.
15:45Chutt i've never liked dumping all the stderr output to a logfile, but all the distros set things up that way for some reason
15:46Cardoe so basically #-users agreed that 01/15/05 was a stable CVS day
15:46Cardoe so I pulled that day.
15:46Cardoe tar'd it up
15:46Chutt it's no more or less stable than any other day
15:46Cardoe well, I had a couple of people say it's stable.
15:47Cardoe so... why not go with it.
15:47Cardoe I'm pushing it out on to the Gentoo mirrors
15:47Cardoe and there's gonna be a 0.16.20050115 version marked unstable in Gentoo.
15:47Chutt that's rather silly
15:47Cardoe are we gonna see 0.17 soon?
15:47Chutt if i wanted a release out there, i'd make one
15:48Chutt around a month, i'm thinking
15:48Cardoe Chutt: a lot of Gentoo users want to try the latest features
15:48Chutt they can use cvs
15:48Cardoe a lot are going to broken ebuilds
15:48Cardoe contrary to popular belief... not everyone likes CVS
15:48Cardoe especially when they have a decent package manager.
15:49Chutt then why are they using a distribution where everything's compiled from source?
15:49Chutt i don't get it
15:49Cardoe the package manager handles everything... including cleaning up when you upgrade versions.
15:49Cardoe one last question
15:49CyberKnet Why does a TypeR sticker or primer gray make your car faster?
15:49Cardoe via_hwslice that option gone?
15:49Chutt has been for months.
15:50Cardoe CyberKnet: it's not about speed.
15:50CyberKnet Cardoe: *shrug*
15:50Cardoe CyberKnet: ask in #gentoo-dev
15:50Cardoe if any of us have crazy CFLAGS
15:50Cardoe and rant about speed.
15:50CyberKnet Cardoe: My inference, btw, was because it is cool.
15:51Chutt cardoe, if you put out a snapshot, i can't make the guarantee that it'll upgrade to 0.17 cleanly.
15:51Cardoe CyberKnet: I like it cause I can trim it to my needs and the package manager handles the /usr fs very well.
15:51CyberKnet anyway, I interrupted, sorry. I'll keep to myself.
15:51Chutt which i think is a disservice to people, but, whatever
15:51Cardoe Chutt: how wouldn't it upgrade to 0.17?
15:52Chutt uh, database issues?
15:52Cardoe and how does your CVS user base do it?
15:52Cardoe they just purge the whole database?
15:52Chutt by hand if it's necessary
15:52hadees i have been using mythtv-cvs from and it has worked pretty well thus far
15:52Chutt the auto-upgrade stuff doesn't always get done right initially
15:53Chutt but since it's cvs, i don't have a problem with that.
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17:48GreyFoxx Guess I picked the wrong time to be updating everything to the latest CVS : connect to failed: Connection refused
17:48GreyFoxx heh
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20:47ramb0 what is a video card for displaying to a TV
20:47ramb0 ohh
20:47ramb0 sorrry
20:47ramb0 should be in mythtv-users
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22:14Beirdo Anyone in tonight? :)
22:14dopester nope we are all out
22:14Beirdo heh
22:14Beirdo well, I'm about to backtrace a hung backend
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22:23Beirdo gah
22:23--- ---> linuxwhore [] has joined #mythtv
22:23Beirdo OK, now I have to wait for it to self-imolate again
22:24Beirdo I musta mistyped something, I couldn't attach to the process, then the process terminated
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23:16Chutt bugzilla needs an option to not allow idiots to reopen bugs
23:18dopester :)
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23:40Beirdo heh
23:41Beirdo so I'm seeing my backend wedge itself again lately
23:42Beirdo gonna try to grab a backtrace next time it happens, see if we can't decipher the issue
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23:49Chutt captain_murdoch, thanks for fixin bugs
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