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---Logopened Tue Jan 18 00:00:43 2005
00:01Captain_Murdo| yw. had a couple of them sitting in my tree but hadn't committed yet. :) wanted to commit my new commercial stuff so people could check it out but wanted to commit the bugfixes separately. about to commit one or two other things then the newer commercial detection code.
00:02Chutt cool.
00:02Chutt can't wait to try that =)
00:03Captain_Murdo| making some videotapes from Myth for my wife's mostly-bedridden grandmother, so I added the ability to tag recordings and play or delete them as a whole or change the recording group as a whole. also supports random playback of the selected videos (for people with kids). :)
00:03Chutt nifty
00:03Beirdo now that's neat
00:03Captain_Murdo| nice to be able to tag 8 1-hour shows (with commercials marked and verified) then come back 6 hours later and have a tape full of 8 episodes.
00:04dopester or better yet drop em straight to dvd :)
00:04Captain_Murdo| if you have an external dvd recorder, sure I guess. :)
00:04Captain_Murdo| she doesn't have dvd, only vhs. :(
00:04dopester well all the hd stuff ive been playing with (the 480i) stuff has been 720x480 48khz ac3
00:05dopester so should be able to write it to a vob/ifo with virtually no cpu
00:05Captain_Murdo| I got tired of going back in the living room every 45 minutes to startup another myth playback so I just coded up the tagging.
00:06dopester chutt: got a few minor tweaks to make and i'll have the patch.. been kinda slack last few days.. did you look at any of the 3.5 patch?
00:06Captain_Murdo| that's why I record at 352x480 always with my M179 cards so I can just remux and burn. haven't done much, but easy when I need or want to.
00:07dopester i still want to figure out some way to archive the hd shows i can get on pbs.. would fit on a dual layer dvd easily but don't want to deal with converting an 8 gig mpeg2
00:09Captain_Murdo| I've wondered if you could use tcrequant for that.
00:11dopester i was thinking about just writing em to dvd spec formatted discs (knowing the video size was too large) and make em play on a pc
00:11Beirdo this X server using 33% CPU on playback is baffling. and 16.5% when paused
00:12dopester chutt: did you see the fix for those australians ac3 issues?
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00:38* Captain_Murd compiles latest commercial detection code against current CVS and runs one more time before committing to make sure he didn't leave on any non-VERBOSE-ified verbose messages.
00:39dopester whats new with this commercial code?
00:40Beirdo Argh
00:40Captain_Murdo| better logo detection, the ability for the blank-frame detection to take advantage of the logo information so it detects frames as blank if it's just the logo on them. a new "all" method that tries to use all the methods together (seems to be working better in testing here).
00:40Beirdo I didn't realize you were committing tonight, I woulda waited before compiling :)
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00:41Beirdo might wanna bump the datecode in the version string too :)
00:41Captain_Murdo| trying to get it out there to get a wider test base. I'm putting a note in my CVS commit message about not making it your main detection method if you have a low WAF right now, just in case it does worse for some people. :)
00:41Beirdo hehe
00:42Beirdo I don't have to deal with WAF
00:42dopester murdoch: have you tried it with upconverted sd->hd tv? or even hd content since ALL commercials ive seen on HD stuff are 4:3 with black bars on the side?
00:42Captain_Murdo| that is supposed to get changed when libmyth changes I believe.
00:43Captain_Murdo| dopester: no. I have a few HD samples but haven't done much with them yet. the new "all" method has a bitmask for every frame and it goes through flagging things about the frame. adding code to say "this frame is 4:3" or "this frame is letterboxed" and then looking for changing aspect ratios should be relatively easy to add with the layout I've done.
00:43dopester i could send you some samples if you want to try that out?
00:44dopester captain: this stuff doesn't actually change aspect ratios or video resolutions just goes black on the sides..
00:44Captain_Murdo| if you can get a sample of the change from non-4:3 content to 4:3 plus bars that might help.
00:44Captain_Murdo| yeah, I know what you mean.
00:44dopester yeah i'll try and grab you a sample in a few days..
00:44dopester does PES or TS format make a difference to you?
00:45dopester right now i dont think anything is in hd here
00:45Captain_Murdo| as long as it plays in Myth if I drop it in my recordings directory and name it properly and add a fake recording table entry. :)
00:45dopester ok either one is fine..
00:46dopester i want to get rid of pes soon and move it but gotta get in -cvs for that first
00:46Captain_Murdo| dohh, left a debug statement in there, just printed 107,794 lines of debug messages when it was done scanning. :)
00:46Chutt dopester, what was the fix?
00:46dopester just set the dvb ac3 stream id of 0x06 to atsc/dvd spec stream type 0x81 since thats what ffmpeg expects
00:47dopester was 1 line of code
00:47Chutt haha
00:47Beirdo nice
00:47dopester i dunno why ffmpeg only expects 0x81, but i about died laughing when i saw that
00:48Beirdo I'm betting my hanging backend deal is a missing initialization somewhere, likely in the player thread
00:48dopester they musta spent a month hacking at mpeg.c and mpegts.c ..
00:50Chutt that's pretty damn funny.
00:51dopester yeah they say they still have problems but i don't know if i want to even believe them anymore
00:51dopester did you get a chance to look at any of the 3.5 code?
00:51Chutt no, sorry
00:51dopester ok np
00:52dopester like i said we've been kinda slack the last few days so its going to be a few more... keep finding little things..
00:52Chutt not a problem
00:52dopester any idea how long it will take you to give it an inital lookover?
00:52Chutt i won't have time until the weekend
00:52Chutt couple hours
00:52dopester ok fair enough..
00:53dopester i got some issues with the guide insersion so we made another define (for now) USING_DVB_EIT that going to be ok for cvs?
00:53Chutt fine with me
00:54dopester ok.. cause i can't get it to fail.. :)
00:54Beirdo hehe
00:54Beirdo I'm sure the users will find a way
00:54dopester oh im sure
00:55dopester dvb eit has all these crazy segmenting of the tables rules i got no examples of in NA so it was just a blind guess...
00:55dopester well based on specs..
00:56* Captain_Murd keeps wanting to say "well, then complain to the FreeBSD folks" whenever he sees that Myth bug titled "FreeBSD does not compile"
00:56Beirdo specs? who needs those? :)
00:57dopester no one follows them anyway
00:57Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: heh, I bet that's easy to fix if they knew what they were doing, or if anyone cared
00:57Captain_Murdo| :)
00:57Chutt there's a couple fixes in there, i think
00:58Beirdo BSD using slightly different system headers... usually easy to fix
01:03Beirdo why anyone would fight to get V4L running under FreeBSD rather than just using Linux is beyond me
01:03dopester arrogance?
01:04Beirdo "See, FreeBSD can do anything Linux can"... Like many of us care :)
01:04Chutt so, i think i shall buy a mac mini for the bedroom tv
01:04Beirdo they do look sweet
01:06Beirdo and cost about what this used iBook did :)
01:06dopester yeah they do
01:07dopester my powerbook is still cooler :)
01:10Chutt bed time for me
01:10Chutt stupid business trip fucked up my sleep schedule
01:10Chutt it's close to 'normal' now
01:10Beirdo you must have crossed timezones then
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08:25scuzzy hey
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12:17infinite hey dudes got an ivtv question .. i am trying to configure ivtv for the first time but apt-get didn't install ivtvctl.. any ideas?
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12:23AluCarD_ hello
12:23AluCarD_ I have a problem
12:24AluCarD_ like this 2005-01-18 18:24:18 dropping back audio_buffer_unused
12:24AluCarD_ do you underst\xE9and this ?
12:24* Beirdo points at the topic
12:25AluCarD_ oups sorry
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14:21tmk sup chutt
14:21tmk how's life
14:21Chutt good
14:22Chutt working a lot
14:23Torq me too
14:24tmk i finally had to let go of 2.4
14:24tmk got a new pvr250 (RMA) and the tuner wasn't in the older kernels
14:24Chutt heh
14:26tmk did that guy ever get the radio on the pvr's integrated into myth?
14:26tmk i saw a post about that a while back but never saw any follow-up
14:26Chutt not that i'm aware of
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15:41omry hi, I want to buy a cheap video card with descent video out (s-video), the machine will run linux, so it should have drivers for it. any suggestions?
15:43Beirdo yeah, read the topic
15:43omry sorry.
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18:19dopester captain_murdoch: you around?
18:23Dibblah captain_murdoch: Just a quick positive result to the new 'all' commflag stuff from the UK. Works a lot better than all the old methods.
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21:03mdz Chutt: around?
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21:21Xenomorph evening everyone
21:22Xenomorph just wondering if the pvr-150 lp is supported yet...I know someone was working on a fix for ivtv
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21:41Chutt mdz, on and off
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21:53Captain_Murdo| Dibblah: thanks. still a bit of tweaking to do, but glad it seems to be going in the right direction.
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22:40NightMonkey Hello. Apologies if this is inappropriate here, but I was wondering if there's been any discussion of integrating MythStreamTV into the mainline MythTV CVS? That, and a Myth-ified DVD burning interface will complete my Myth needs.
22:40NightMonkey I checked the mailing list, but thought there might also be some "back-channel" discussions.
22:53mdz Chutt: I always use find one recordings to record movies, so I don't really care about when they're scheduled, so i wanted something like the existing movies search list, but which only displays each title once. Assuming no one has done this already in CVS, what do you think would be the best way to do it?
22:53mdz Chutt: as a separate list? an option for the existing movies list?
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23:01Captain_Murdo| mdz, might be nice if the existing search results screens had the option to just display unique titles possibly alphabetically instead of by date.
23:05mdz Captain_Murdoch: yeah, would be nice to have the same functionality in other lists maybe
23:05Chutt heh
23:06Chutt hooked up a pair of my old speakers
23:06Chutt now i've got 7.1 =)
23:06mdz Captain_Murdoch: was thinking about whether it should be a toggle on those screens, or a separate function
23:07Chutt there is that next/prev view buttons
23:07Captain_Murdo| cool. I wired my new room for 6.1 in the walls/ceiling, now just need to order the rest of my speakers. found 1 pair on clearance, need the other 4 in-wall/ceiling and subwoofer.
23:07Chutt but those might be used for something else
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23:14Captain_Murdo| haven't worked on those screens but it probably could be hooked in fairly easily. could give the option of switching modes while on the screen or going into a different mode based upon how you entered the screen. or remember the user's current mode like the priorities screen.
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