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01:04Chutt heh
01:04Chutt guess i should apply patches some time
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05:07LaidBack_01 is it possible to decode audio to two different sound cards?
05:08Riff-Raff see /topic
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10:22rkulagow chutt: here?
10:31rkulagow hrmm. can anyone read this? (new setup, port forwarding via SSH, blah blah)
10:34Anduin yes
10:34rkulagow thanks
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10:52ange_ anyone know if the hauppage pvr-350 card has any problems with dvb, linux, vdr, or mythtv? or is it a good allround card?
10:57Beirdo wrong channel
10:58* Beirdo points at the topic
10:59ange_ ah sorry
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12:00rkulagow_ chutt: docs sync please
12:05Chutt sure
12:05Chutt kinda busy at the moment
12:07rkulagow_ NP
12:09rkulagow_ so i hooked up a hauppauge PVR-usb2 to my box using the devel driver that some french guy has written. works in the sense that the box doesn't crash, and mythtv sees "TV, Composite, SVideo" as input choices. doesn't work because i get this:
12:09rkulagow_ "2005-01-20 21:35:23.435 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
12:09rkulagow_ Error setting codec params
12:09rkulagow_ VIDIOC_S_CTRL:: Numerical result out of range
12:09rkulagow_ "
12:10Chutt heh
12:10Chutt probably needs some specific code, since it doesn't follow the ivtv stuff exactly
12:10Chutt shouldn't be hard to fix
12:10Chutt where's the driver?
12:10rkulagow_ i set it up as a PVR-250 type in setup, i'll see what happens if i say that it's a V4L
12:10Chutt won't work as either
12:11rkulagow_ ah
12:14Chutt yeah, won't work
12:14Chutt the ioctls are completely not compatable
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12:15rkulagow_ that sucks. when gerd was talking to the ivtv people, i brought in aurilien to see if there was some coordination needed, so i guess there's still some coordination needed.
12:19Chutt can you capture outside of myth?
12:19rkulagow_ haven't tried yet.
12:20rkulagow_ just noticed that in the pvrusb2-v4l2.h file he's defined:
12:20rkulagow_ #define PVR_HEIGHT_PAL 480
12:20rkulagow_ #define PVR_HEIGHT_NTSC 576
12:25Chutt heh
12:25Chutt i'd make sure capture works outside, first
12:25Chutt then i may be able to fix it inside of myth, without the hardware
12:29rkulagow_ i'll give it a try. someone else on that page says that he got it working with xawtv v4, which i guess does something different.
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13:05rkulagow_ chutt: anyone mention anything about PVR-250 and using "DVD-Special 1 or Special 2" streamtype causing program lengths to be inaccurate? i setup "default" as 720x480 x 4500/6000 Special 1 and my recording of "Lost" had a mythtv timebar duration of 2 hours. (instead of 1 hour, which was correct)
13:06kvandivo so something "Lost" an hour?
13:07* thor_ is hoping kvandivo will be here all week
13:07rkulagow_ drive safe, and don't forget to tip your waitress
13:08thor_ ba dump, tssss
13:08kvandivo when someone gives me an opening, it's my civic duty...
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13:41Chutt heh
13:41Chutt NYT photographer wanted an hour and a half
13:41Chutt i said 'uh, no, i have work to do'
13:41rkulagow_ geez!
13:42kvandivo (why am being reminded of the bill gates photo spread that made slashdot last week?)
13:42rkulagow_ let me guess, 1:25 minutes for makeup, 3 minutes for lighting, 2 minutes for photos?
13:42rkulagow_ :)
13:42Chutt heh
13:42Chutt and thing is, i just have the myth box hooked up to the projector
13:43Chutt so i have no idea how they'd want a photograph all that
13:43Chutt computer on one wall, screen on other wall
13:43Chutt camera would probably wash out the screen enough to make it look shitty
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13:44Chutt ah well, they're going to tell whoever's setting it up i'm cancelling
13:44Chutt screw that =)
13:44rkulagow_ everyone loves pictures of equipment.
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13:45rkulagow_ maybe if they send me $$$ i'll get a tricked out HDTV projector system and everything.
13:46rkulagow_ you know, for the photos
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13:46Chutt heh
13:46Chutt so, i wonder if there's any usb remotes that work in osx
13:47rkulagow_ does the elgato come with one?
13:47Chutt i just want a remote, though
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13:56Chutt heh
13:57Chutt the guy that was coordinating things just called back, sounded all pissed off :p
13:57Chutt no photo for him
13:58kvandivo he apparently thinks he doing you a favor by taking your pic
13:59Chutt 'well, the thing is, it's now or never'
13:59Chutt heh
13:59kvandivo and his point is?
14:00Chutt i really couldn't care less =)
14:00Chutt heh
14:02Chutt why the hell is this thing saying 'device or resource busy' on a reopen of /dev/dsp
14:02Chutt after i've closed it and everything
14:02Chutt stupid embedded linux
14:13Baylink Article in the works?
14:13Chutt yeah
14:13stoffel_ probably they cancelled it now ;)
14:14Baylink Cool. Let us know where.
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14:14Chutt this weekend, supposedly
14:14Chutt NYT
14:14Chutt pc magazine (john dvorak) is a month or so
14:14Chutt just people that saw the trasmeta stuff at CES, mainly
14:20thor_ Mmm, Fedex brought toys
14:20Chutt toys?
14:20thor_ gonna build me an Air2PC HDTV box
14:20Chutt you don't mind looking after those lcd & mythmusic patches, right?
14:20Chutt like, the compilation stuff
14:21thor_ not at all
14:21Chutt and, cool on the hdtv box =)
14:21thor_ heh, we'll see
14:23thor_ are you waiting on the dvb people for a 3.5+ big DVB patch to commit?
14:24Chutt yup
14:24Chutt figure i'll get that in, wait a week, then say 0.17's a week from release
14:24Chutt give people that want to keep translations updated a chance to do so
14:24Chutt hopefully dopester will have a patch for me today/tomorrow
14:25thor_ right ... I've got the patches in on one box, and the backend seems to crash on a database error once a day ... I'll try and track it down
14:27Chutt ah
14:27Chutt any idea what the error is?
14:27Chutt one bug down
14:27Chutt 2 to go
14:29thor_ no, I've been too lazy to actually investigate and don't recall exactly what the message was ... part of the motivation for the new box is to have something I can debug the DVB stuff (instead of squinting at the TV)
14:30Chutt heh
14:30thor_ plus I was a little cavalier with database additions/rolling back to non-dvb-patched versions, so I may just have a mucked up DB
14:34rkulagow_ crap. kernel: 3w-xxxx: scsi0: AEN: WARNING: Sector repair occurred: Port #3.
14:41johnnyST rkulagow_, I have seen that to sometimes.
14:41johnnyST And it still works.
14:48Chutt damn
14:48Chutt one bug fixed, one bug added
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18:10sabian hmm
18:10sabian the developer of mythweather is not in here is he?
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19:28Chutt sabian, there is no more developer of mythweather
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19:55sabian crap
19:55sabian i am trying to understand its source
19:55sabian i want to broaden it
19:56sabian i also want to change the timeout error messages
19:56sabian i understand how all the backend stuff works
19:57sabian i just don't understand/see where it communicates with the gui
20:01dopester more hd stations are sending guide.. amazing what happens when the fcc mandates valid psip
20:01dopester :)
20:02sabian sending guide?
20:02sabian tv guide?
20:03sabian anyone understand how mythtv modules work
20:06Anduin sabian - mythweather is the easiest example
20:07dopester sabian: over the air guide..
20:07sabian well
20:08sabian there are certian error messages
20:08sabian and i don't see that text anywhere in source
20:08sabian for example
20:08sabian timeout error message
20:11sabian Qt does not look that hard
20:15Anduin sabian - the error on 2134 or something else?
20:22sabian if it cannot update within 20 seconds it asks you if you want to retry
20:22sabian with a bigger timeout value
20:23Anduin sabian - yes, weather.cpp:2134
20:27sabian what is the text
20:27sabian it is blank line
20:27sabian above it are some widget declarations
20:27Anduin sabian - 'tisn't
20:27Anduin sabian - CVS right?
20:29sabian no, i downloaded it from
20:29Anduin sabian - yes, that is a great idea
20:29Anduin sabian - because then when you make it better it will be cake to merge your changes in.
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20:32sabian lemme grab it
20:42sabian ahh
20:42sabian helps to have the proper version
20:42sabian excellent, this should be fun
20:43sabian i cannot hack it by modifying the value in the database becuase it checks for a timeout value >15 and if so then value = 15
20:43Anduin sabian - how long of a timeout do you need?
20:46sabian well, i have 120 second timeouts and still getting the error message
20:46sabian basically
20:47sabian i don't want to be prompted
20:47sabian i want it to always retry
20:47sabian in the box where it says "Updating...."
20:47sabian it should say "TimeOut in retrieving data...retrying"
20:47sabian it should never prompt
20:48sabian the timeout can be made something reasonable
20:48sabian and maybe placed in the Settings table of the database
20:50sabian well i am gonna take off for the weekend
20:50sabian thanks for the help and i will prolly be back monday if i am not lost in a snowstorm ;)
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20:52sabian also enter zip code should allow for corrections and wait for a ENTER or just pause for 3 seconds before retrieving zip
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21:15* jeffpc notices that there is WinTV PVR-150
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21:34thor_ hmmm, P4 3.2's are fast
21:35dopester quite surprising :)
21:35thor_ heh, nice change at least
21:36dopester one of these days i gotta get something that will play back hd content..
21:36dopester thinkin about one of those puppies
21:36thor_ that would make your job somewhat easier
21:37dopester yeah i had to send .nuvs to a few friends to make sure the atsc stuff i wrote worked.. glitching on my box wasn't a sign of it working or not.. :)
21:38thor_ heh
21:39thor_ 6 minutes 14 seconds to compile a new kernel
21:39dopester nice
21:39dopester hows the weather up there?
21:39thor_ not snowing ATM
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22:09jams wish i could say the same
22:10--- <<-- dfghj [] has quit ("ashdf")
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22:22cfreeze Anything change in CVS the last week that would cause live tv to hang after about 3 seconds on? Playing /dev/video0 with mplayer keeps going and going.
22:23hadeees cfreeze, i am using cvs from yesterday and am not having that problem
22:24hadeees but i am also having problems with playback freezing, but that might just be the ivtv driver i am using
22:24cfreeze playback of a recorded session keeps going, just live tv
22:24cfreeze you using the ck driver?
22:24cfreeze think I'm using rc2 that was released in Jan
22:25cfreeze yea, 2.0rc3
22:25cfreeze think I'm going to back off HEAD and try about 7-9 days ago
22:31Anduin cfreeze - I'm using cvs as of about an hour ago, no problem like that.
22:32cfreeze no problems on the box with the m79 card, just the 250
22:34hadeees Anduin, did you use an ebuild? did it compile?
22:35Anduin hadeees - no, yes
22:35cfreeze hadees: yes/yes
22:35cfreeze had to add a line to the cvs ebuilds I'm using though
22:37hadeees cfreeze, i wasn't asking cause of your problem, mine couldn't compile from a few hours ago
22:37cfreeze emake -C libs/libmyth || die
22:37cfreeze + emake -C libs/libmythmpeg2 || die
22:37cfreeze emake -C libs/libmythtv || die
22:37cfreeze I know, but knew what you were wanting
22:37hadeees cfreeze, yeah thats an old hack
22:38cfreeze old hack? libmythmpeg2 was just put in cvs in the last 24 hours
22:38hadeees oh well there is another one? there was another line very similar to that one added a month ago
22:39cfreeze about 2 or 3 new ones over the last month
22:39hadeees i have'nt had a problem with my ebuild till right now
22:39hadeees after the last one i added
22:41--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
22:42hadeees cfreeze, did you have to add 3 in?
22:42cfreeze over the course of the last month or so
22:43hadeees cfreeze, did it stop building? i hope i am not missing any, it built fine till today
22:43hadeees could it be they didn't get made? that can't be right
22:43cfreeze add the line with the '+'
22:44cfreeze it will build
22:44hadeees i meant for the other ones you said were added
22:45cfreeze if it built last week, that line is all that is needed
22:46Chutt i like how the broken ebuild specifies each directory
22:46Chutt that's _really_ smart
22:47dopester :)
22:47Chutt dopester, where's my patch?
22:47Chutt :p
22:48dopester its not saturday :)
22:48dopester assuming you don't make merging with cvs any harder gonna do it tomorrow
22:48dopester you said you couldn't look at it till tomorrow anyway
22:48Chutt i could tonight, but, tomorrow's fine
22:50dopester you want to look at my cvs and tell me anything that you think needs fixing? its almost there i just want to get Johns "ok" before i send it off to ya
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23:24rkulagow chutt: here?
23:25dopester he was about 30 minutes ago
23:26rkulagow ah
23:31--- <--- Anduin [] has left #mythtv ()
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