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00:22rkulagow chutt: here?
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01:39thor_ dopester, when you send the patch, you should think about a link to a website with a PayPal button
01:40thor_ at least some people getting an Air2PC card configured would feel a little thankful that someone who doesn't have the CPU power to actually play the output has got it all working
01:40thor_ just a thought
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01:41Rince morning
01:41Rince can anyone help me compiling mythtv-cvs on amd64?
01:41Rince /usr/bin/ld: ../libmythsoundtouch/libmythsoundtouch-0.16.a(SoundTouch.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
01:41Rince ../libmythsoundtouch/libmythsoundtouch-0.16.a: could not read symbols: Bad value
01:43wswanson still lots of segfaults with latest cvs rewinding/fastfwding: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
01:43wswanson [Switching to Thread -1273222224 (LWP 7904)]
01:43wswanson 0xb6a1fd2d in mallopt () from /lib/tls/
01:43thor_ wsanson, you need a backtrace off of that, sent to -dev :-)
01:44thor_ err, wswanson
01:44thor_ Rince, sorry .. no amd64's handy here :-)
01:44Rince bad ;)
01:44Rince (at least for me)
01:44dopester thor_: I am liking your idea.. :)
01:44Rince I tried the debian-compilations, but they freeze
01:45wswanson thor_ send to where again?
01:46thor_ wswanson, as per the docs, a full backtrace to mythtv-dev ... that's the only way anyone will have a chance of diagnosing your problem
01:46wswanson what, rtfm? :) will do
01:46thor_ dopester, as long as the web link doesn't cost you anything :-)
01:47dopester well all this code will probbably make myth the first atsc + dvb box available in the world
01:47dopester i should get something for that too i would think :)
01:47thor_ wswanson,
01:48thor_ dopester, well ... don't set your hopes too high, but a PayPal link couldn't hurt
01:48thor_ but first, finish the patch !
01:48dopester hehe i figure a paypal link would get me 20 bucks.. i can't see it being anymore than that
01:48dopester im at a stopping point now
01:48dopester gonna have my partner in crime look at it when he gets up in an hour or 2 test a few things and package it
01:49dopester chutt probbably doesn't believe me :)
01:49thor_ sweet
01:49dopester i mean there is way more that can be done but its stable and easy to use i think
01:49dopester OTA guide should work properly now too.. atsc + dvb.. :)
01:50dopester that extra week of stalling got that working
01:50thor_ heh
01:52dopester well on that note i think im outta here..
01:52thor_ n n
01:52dopester now if dvb is screwed up they can't blame kenneth.. will be me they blame :(
01:53thor_ it's all a mystery to me ... device drivers are all voodoo as far as I'm concerned ... sleep well
02:00dopester i like to think of it as black magic
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03:24Matt-- Hi all
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05:14digress if I only have one cable box, then even if I have two-tuners, there's still no "watch one channel while recording the other" possiglity right?
05:15digress damnit, sorry, wrong channel
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07:44Dibblah Captain_Murdoch: 25% of the CPU used in commflag is through the simple YUV -> RGB conversion in the ratings detection... Maybe normalise the threshold to a YUV value?
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11:26dopester chutt: im compiling my code against current cvs now :)
11:28Captain_Murdo| Dibblah: I replied to your message in the -users channel, but just in case you see this and not that, I disabled rating symbol detection in CVS because of the cpu usage and the fact that it still gives too many false positives so I'll have to work on it some and then reenable.
11:29dopester captain_murdoch: get a chance to look at those clips yet?
11:34Captain_Murdo| not yet, but was going to this weekend. this is for the black bars right?
11:34dopester yeah
11:35dopester like i said if you need more just let me know.. during primetime i can easily grab you a 30 minute hd show
11:35Captain_Murdo| yeah. I was noticing that several of the shows I watch on regular SDTV have the black bars in them also, so I'm going to test with your samples and mine.
11:35Captain_Murdo| shouldn't be necessary, I think what you gave me and what I have is probably enough. I was thinking about how to code it last night so I hope to get some coding on it done this weekend.
11:35dopester black bars on teh right and left?
11:36dopester i told you how 2 stations here put up a grey bar with their logo during the local commercials and the network provided ones are black?
11:36Captain_Murdo| top and bottom for 4:3 to make the video closer to 16:9. NBC has been doing a lot of this lately.
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11:36dopester ahh yes.. pbs does that here as well.. although not many commercials to flag there :)
11:37dopester is it your code that spits out all the mpeg2[] error codes?
11:37Captain_Murdo| yeah, I'm going to look for dark black. plan on making it look for letterbox and pillarbox. still thinking it through a little though, so might be tonight or tomorrow afternoon before I code anything.
11:38Captain_Murdo| no, probably the decoder. my code just plays through the file the same way that NuppelVideoPlayer does during normal playback.
11:38dopester yeah its no rush at all.. hell i can't even beg people to be speedy.. ive been messing with this dvb/atsc crap for close to 8 months now
11:41Captain_Murdo| thats' ok, I'd want to get something done on it. one of the new things I did when I did the "All" method was to make a bitmask array for the frames. each bit signifies something different, like blank-frame, scene-change, logo found, rating symbol found, aspect ratio found, etc.. so it's easy to add new detection methods. just make the function/method to do the detection for a frame, update the bitmask with the result, and code
11:41Captain_Murdo| f logic to change the score on the blocks. I think I can probably get the aspect ratio change stuff working this weekend for video where the black bars are actually in the video. for video that actually changes aspect ratio, I'll have to look at that further. I'm not even sure how the current code handles it when the video size changes which I think it can with digital TV right? the current detection code probably chokes and go
11:41Captain_Murdo| segfaults.
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11:43dopester i haven't seen a actualy mpeg res change here
11:43dopester all the stations send the same res here just upconvert stuff
11:44dopester have one station that screwed up the de-interlacing yesterday on the upconvert so the fields were swapped.. it was horrid looking.. even on my 4:3 tv.. heh
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11:44Captain_Murdo| ok, not 100% sure about that, I can try to detect the aspect ratio change that myth's player handles.
11:45dopester yeah if i ever see one i'll try to capture it for you, but its not too likely
11:46Captain_Murdo| that's ok, I've got a guy in the U.K. who's got some he's going to put up for me to D/L.
11:47dopester ed?
11:54Captain_Murdo| no, Christopher McEwan. one of the guys who's been replying in that "Skipping adverts in UK using DVB-T - supported" thread on the -users list.
11:56dopester ahh i stray away from the users list.. i have too little tolerance for 2/3 of the threads in there :)
11:57dopester [mpeg2video @ 0x4083e024]ac-tex damaged at 8 4 <-- is that created by the commercial flagging?
11:57Captain_Murdo| yeah, I just skim the subjects looking for "commercial" or a few other words. if the title looks interesting I'll read it.
11:57Captain_Murdo| no, that's the decoder. commercial flagging uses the normal decoding process so you'd probably get the same exact error if you played the file and looked at mythfrontend's log.
11:58beavis hmm yesterdays build crashes
11:58beavis Inconsistency detected by ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c: 72: _dl_next_tls_modid: Assertion `result <= _rtld_local._dl_tls_max_dtv_idx' failed
11:58dopester ahh ok ive never know if there was an issue with the mpegs that dvb creates or with that code..
11:59dopester or ever what produced i
11:59Captain_Murdo| might need a make clean, not sure. I've got current CVS on my dev box and it hasn't crashed on me yet today or yesterday while I was testing some things.
12:01Captain_Murdo| I think that's a libavcodec error. if you have current CVS, Jeremiah just committed a way to use libmpeg2 to decode mpeg2 recordings so you might try enabling that. It's supposed to have better performance than libavcodec's decoding according to him.
12:02dopester i will look into it later i need to get this dvb stuff tested and off to -dev
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15:06beavis aaaaaaaaa, my recording table got deleted with todays cvs
15:07Chutt uh, not myth's fault.
15:08beavis my fault? ;)
15:08Chutt would have to be
15:09beavis hehe, how is it called in mysql? recordings?
15:10Chutt i dunno, go look it up
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15:24beavis ok, there are new columns in the "record" table (findday, findtime and findid) and they're missing in the table
15:25Rince damned...
15:25Rince even cvs-version of mythtv isn't futex-resistant
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15:36Chutt what the hell is futex resistant?
15:36Rince Chutt: when I start mythtv on my amd64-machine and try to scroll through my recordings it freezes and the last syscall I can see with strace is futex()
15:37Rince like that:
15:37Rince rystalball:~# ps -ef|grep front
15:37Rince root 5415 5384 18 21:20 pts/1 00:00:17 /usr/local/bin/mythfrontend
15:37Rince crystalball:~# strace -p 5415
15:37Rince Process 5415 attached - interrupt to quit
15:37Rince futex(0x40fffa00, FUTEX_WAIT, 5433, NULL <unfinished ...>
15:37Rince and it just waits
15:37Rince forever
15:37Chutt why the hell would you use strace to debug anything?
15:37Chutt it's completely useless for that purpose
15:37Rince tell me something better...
15:37Chutt gdb?
15:37Chutt an actual debugger?
15:38Rince ok, that would be an alternative. But I do not know how to use gdb
15:38Chutt then learn
15:38Rince (that's why I used strace ;)
15:38Chutt and it's not an alternative
15:38Chutt it's the _only_ way
15:39Rince ok
15:39beavis or just kgdb if you want a gui
15:39Rince I am (more) interested to learn it; is there a good howto for it or so?
15:40Chutt dopester, where's my patch?
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15:44johnp Chutt, We're just doing some test compiles
15:44stoffel_ heh, "it compiles, let's ship it"
15:44Rince no, no ;)
15:44Chutt i could have merged it in by now :p
15:44Chutt i'm going to be out tonight
15:45johnp I'll twist his arm :)
15:45dopester ok chutt here ya go..
15:46dopester its the V4 one
15:46Chutt cool.
15:46Chutt be a bit, though, food's ready =)
15:46Chutt what's the increase in size of 3.5?
15:46dopester guide parsing
15:46dopester probbably some whitespace stuff
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16:07Chutt you guys could've put junk in a subdir, ya know :p
16:08Chutt like the atsc stuff is
16:08Chutt any reason for the EIT define in
16:09Chutt and i really don't like shit like this:
16:10Chutt -QWidget* VerticalConfigurationGroup::configWidget(ConfigurationGroup *cg,
16:10Chutt +QWidget* VerticalConfigurationGroup::configWidget(ConfigurationGroup *cg,
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16:10Chutt you never mix a whitespace patch with other stuff.
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16:13dopester we had talked about the subdir.. i got no problems with it going there
16:14dopester eit define is cause its not really that well tested and may need some work / optimization
16:16dopester can re-make it with whitespace removed if you want
16:17Chutt yes, i do
16:17Chutt it makes the patch unreadable.
16:19dopester im sure it has to do with the stuff daniel jsut did to fix tabs and whatnot.. didnt seem like it was that much crap like that in there
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16:19Chutt you'll notice i didn't apply that, either
16:19dopester yeah i wouldn't have
16:19Chutt you never, _ever_ mix a functionality patch with one that affects whitespace.
16:19Chutt especially completely unrelated whitespace
16:20Chutt that's just stupid.
16:20Chutt what's with the added while loop in TVRec::ChangeChannel?
16:20mennie when i load ivtv everything freezes :(
16:20dopester johns hack when a channel fails to tune
16:20Chutt mennie, read the topic.
16:20Chutt dopester, there's no way to break out of it
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16:21dopester want it outta there? john thought you might not want it in there..
16:21Chutt of course
16:21mennie tnx
16:21Chutt you don't intentionally add a possible infinite loop :p
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16:22dopester i didn't add it.. :) i'll get it fixed, or out outta there..
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16:25Chutt aside from that and the whitespace, i don't see anything else that jumps out
16:25Chutt though i just skimmed the settings stuff
16:25dopester you look at the new files?
16:25Chutt nope
16:26Chutt 'slong as they don't touch non-dvb operation, i'm fine with whatever
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16:26Chutt dvbsignalmonitor.* was +x
16:26Chutt heh
16:26Pentageonate | oo ... okay guess there is a channel for MythTV
16:26dopester interesting..
16:26Pentageonate | <--- Having an issue with audio .... probably not a surprise to anyone just wondering if anyone could help.
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16:27Chutt read the topic.
16:27buck68 anybody here use the mythvideo plugin, i have a newbie question
16:28Pentageonate | Otay ... I'll try that
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16:28dopester grr.. too bad reading isnt a prerequisite of irc
16:28mikegrb dopester: indeed
16:28Chutt yeah, from a very quick scan, the added files look fine
16:29dopester cool.. ill make ya a new diff in a bit then
16:29Chutt thanks
16:29dopester you want a subdir while we are at it?
16:30Chutt naw, doesn't matter
16:30dopester or just a general complaint
16:30dopester ok
16:30buck68 suppose i have a set of files for a tv series, is there a directory structure/naming scheme that mythvideo uses? I can't find any relevant documentation...
16:30Chutt just a general complaint
16:30Chutt buck68, you joined _after_ i said 'read the topic', right?
16:30dopester nope before :)
16:30buck68 read the topic where, forums somewhere?
16:31Chutt in the channel you happen to be interrupting a conversation in, perhaps?
16:31buck68 oh nm, my apologies
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16:36Rince interesting
16:37Rince ddd says "waiting for free video buffers timed out"
16:37Rince when the program just waits
16:39Chutt ddd doesn't say that
16:39Chutt mythfrontend says that.
16:39Rince that's correct
16:39Rince I just try to find the right place _where_ this comes
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16:47Rince 0x... in pthread_join () in /lib/
16:47Rince hmm
16:52Rince Chutt: does it help to tell you where (in the source) the problem starts?
16:55Chutt nope
16:55Rince too bad
16:57beavis :/ mythtranscode still destroys my recordings
16:57beavis [mpeg4 @ 0xb791c010]warning: first frame is no keyframe
16:57Chutt so fix it
16:58Rince Chutt: hmmm. so, is this a problem of libpthread or of mythtv in your opinion?
16:58Chutt rince, i have no idea.
16:58Rince ok ;)
16:58Rince sorry if I put you on the wall but you seemed to know a lot about mythtv in the development stage ;)
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17:17Goldfisch2 I now have my MythTV box hooked up to my 44" HDTV, and I can cruise IRC from the sofa.
17:17stoffel_ but still need to learn how to read an irc channel topic ;)
17:18stoffel_ well, depending on wether you intended to ask for support
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17:28beavis Is it ok to add the i18n stuff to mythphone?
17:29beavis It looks like I'm the first one who's working on a mythphone translation
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18:11dopester chutt: you still around?
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18:45Chutt dopester, yeah
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18:55dopester chutt: i have a new diff john just made but it still has a few whitespace issues.. you want it or no?
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19:44Chutt i'd like them all removed.
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21:12dopester chutt: there now?
21:14Chutt yup
21:15dopester i got a new diff for ya
21:15Chutt excellent
21:15dopester let me get ya a url hang on a sec
21:16dopester im still doing a final sanity compile with that so don't rush to apply it
21:16dopester im 99.9999% sure its ok though
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21:16--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
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21:17--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:18Chutt heh
21:18Chutt almost 100k shorter
21:18dopester yeah I made this one
21:18--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:18dopester john did the last 2
21:18--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:20Chutt heh
21:20Chutt did you just generate it with -w?
21:20--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:20Chutt yeah, you did
21:20Chutt you do realize that that just fucked up any place where you legitimately reindented thing?
21:21Chutt well, -Bb, rather
21:21--- <<-- pat2man [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21dopester is that ok the way it is though?
21:21Chutt not really
21:22Chutt + GENERAL(QString("CA: CiHandler needs CA_PMT"));
21:22Chutt pthread_mutex_lock(&pmt_lock);
21:22dopester what command lines should i use then
21:22Chutt you shouldn't be reindenting code you're not touching in the first place.
21:23Chutt + if (!query.isActive() || query.numRowsAffected() <= 0)
21:23Chutt + {
21:23Chutt + ERROR(QString("Could not find capture card for transport %1")
21:23Chutt + .arg(mplexid));
21:23Chutt + pthread_mutex_unlock(db_lock);
21:23Chutt return false;
21:23Chutt + }
21:23Chutt current patch is full of stuff like that
21:24dopester whats wrong with that? i only see the return false as being an issue
21:24Chutt you don't think having lines being randomly indented is wrong?
21:26dopester yeah.. grr..
21:26dopester i was looking for something more blatent
21:28dopester we did a tab cleanup thats where that crap came from..
21:28Chutt that wasn't a very smart thing to do.
21:28dopester how much of that is there? im not seeing that in many places
21:28dopester well i had it all tabed up
21:28dopester so it needed to be fixed
21:28Chutt anywhere where you edited an existing function, essentially
21:29Chutt basically, i won't accept a patch that's 1/3 useless whitespace changes, and i won't accept a patch that's got fucked up indenting.
21:36dopester so where is the useless whtiespace changes? i can see your argument of fucked up indenting.. just gonna hvae to fuckin go over this thing with a goddamn fine toothed comb
21:49Chutt the first patch
21:50dopester so final verdict is bad intending in the one you just got is only thing keeping it from going in?
21:50Chutt pretty much
21:50Chutt same as the first one, really
21:51dopester your loop was removed :)
21:51--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51Chutt but added to the channel object
21:52Dibblah dopester: Did you use a tool to do your indenting?
21:52Chutt apparently
21:52Chutt tools are always wrong
21:53Dibblah ... Might it be an idea to run the tool across the source, just generating a whitespace patch (and fixing it so it's consistent) first?
21:53Chutt no
21:53Dibblah Okay.
21:53dopester well i didn't do it..
21:53Chutt as i said, tools are always wrong
21:53Dibblah Agreed.
21:53Dibblah But so are people.
21:53Dibblah Tools are generally consistently wrong.
21:54dopester oh well.. time to go over this crap by hand.. grrr...
21:54Chutt it's either you or me :p
21:55Dibblah I can think of a scripted solution... But it's a little messy.
21:55dopester you volunteering? :)
21:55Chutt hell no
21:55dopester thought it was worth a shot :)
21:55Chutt honestly, i'd just go through the first patch and remove the unrelated changes
21:55Dibblah (Compare where the functional patch blocks are to a non-whitespace patch, then strip out anything that's not 'functional')
21:56Chutt in your cvs tree
21:56Chutt so you can generate a clean patch
21:56Chutt without ignoring whitespace
21:58cmorgan isn't there an option to ignore whitespace changes in cvs diff?
21:59dopester thats what i did
21:59Chutt you can't do that, since it then ignores any real changes
21:59cmorgan well if the patch is to change whitespace then yes, i'd imagine its pretty pointless :-)
22:00Chutt no, like places where you added a loop and actually changed the indentation level
22:00cmorgan oh gotcha
22:00cmorgan what does it do in those cases? left justify?
22:01dopester grr.. damn whitespace crap..
22:01Chutt no, it just leaves them where they were
22:01cmorgan ahh
22:02Dibblah Youch. 12k lines of patch...
22:02cmorgan Chutt: i'm usually pretty careful about editor settings so it isn't an issue :-)
22:02Chutt dibblah, with > 3k of those being unrelated whitespace
22:03Dibblah Ick.
22:03Chutt if it was just a few, i wouldn't care
22:03Chutt but that's way too many
22:03Dibblah A prettyprint filter on cvs checkin? ;)
22:04Dibblah And yes, I know why not.
22:05dopester this is looking more like daniels whitespace cleanup patch not being synched into my tree than anything
22:06Chutt i didn't apply his patch.
22:06cmorgan heh
22:06Chutt as i said hours and hours ago
22:06dopester no i never said YOU did..
22:06Chutt no one did
22:06Chutt it's not in myth cvs
22:07dopester wtf then..
22:07dopester then im going to strangle jesper
22:07Chutt one of you guys ran an automatic indenter on your code
22:07dopester yeah i know just who did it and when :)
22:07Dibblah Just find out when and back that change out of your CVS...
22:08Dibblah You are running a private CVS, right? ;)
22:08dopester can i rip out a certain revision?
22:08dopester yeah
22:08Dibblah You can... But you have to merge back in the changes afterwards.
22:08dopester well i meant something automaticly
22:09Chutt heh
22:09Anduin fixing it by hand would have been done some time ago
22:09Chutt hours ago
22:09Chutt then i could've merged it in quickly, and had it in the cvs tree
22:10Chutt and sent off an email to the dev list saying 2 weeks until release
22:10dopester fixed quickly?
22:10dopester you said there was 3k lines of crap that needed fixing
22:10--- ---> Torq [~Torq@] has joined #mythtv
22:10Chutt it would take a bit, sure
22:11Anduin dopester - vim and emacs have very nice visual diffs
22:11cmorgan and they interface directly with cvs
22:11Dibblah You could try checking out the diff of the whitespace apply, then reverse applying it to current with some fuzz...
22:12Dibblah But it's probably better to do it manually.
22:13Chutt or i could spend the rest of my night doing it myself..
22:13Chutt hmm
22:13Dibblah No. Not for a feature you don't use.
22:14dopester naw its fine i can do it
22:14Chutt but it'd get done quicker
22:14Chutt and right the first time :p
22:14dopester thats probbably a given.. i just hate this kinda crap..
22:15Torq is this the dvb patch?
22:15Chutt yup
22:15Torq ooh how exciting. I am so looking forward to it in cvs
22:15dopester its not like ive messed with anything else with myth
22:15Dibblah dopester: How are you trying to do it now? Backing out the changes in your local CVS?
22:15dopester you want to fix this crap then? :)
22:16--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
22:16dopester dibblah: im going to just go at it in my cvs i think
22:17dopester but my cvs doesn't really serve any purpose once this code goes into cvs
22:17dopester so anything faster im ok with :)
22:22dopester should i just manually rip the crap outta the patch?
22:22Chutt that'll tend to break the patch
22:22Chutt i'll just apply it myself
22:22Chutt don't worry about it
22:23dopester man you sure.. i feel pretty bad about htis
22:23dopester i think dbcheck.cpp won't apply now cause it looks like it reved
22:23Chutt it won't take that long
22:24dopester yeah its a simple fix
22:24dopester gigem just reved it
22:24dopester 35 minutes ago
22:25Torq what crap is in the patch?
22:25dopester whitespace removal we did to get rid of tabs
22:25dopester BAD idea
22:26Chutt lot of single spaces at the end of the lines got removed
22:26Torq didnt see any commit message yet
22:26Chutt kinda makes it hard to see what's actually in the patch
22:26dopester yeah i think the single space at the end is most of what did it
22:26Torq cant you do a regex for space/linefeed
22:27Torq oh duh. i get it now.
22:28--- <<-- dfgh [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39Chutt 10% done :p
22:40dopester chutt: you want me to send you a bottle of your favorite alcohol?
22:40Chutt heh, naw
22:40Chutt this is less than i've done for other patches
22:40dopester hows this one compare size wise to others?
22:42Torq got to orlando this afternoon, I'm knackered, bed time.
22:42Chutt dunno
22:42Chutt in the channel setup stuff
22:43Chutt if that EIT define is present, you're not adding an XmltvID field to be edited
22:43Chutt so, people can't mix analog and dvb?
22:43Chutt ah, nm
22:43Chutt it's in there
22:46dopester :)
22:47dopester my dev box mixes analog, dvb and atsc just to test ofr crap like that
22:47dopester well no pchdtv i have no tolerance for that card anymore
22:49Chutt dvb_diseqc_type diseqc_port diseqc_pos don't have defaults
22:50Chutt neither does mplexid serviceid
22:50Chutt in the database
22:50Chutt should they?
22:51dopester null would work
22:51dopester its not really important
22:51Chutt ok
22:51dopester if they aren't filled in and your using my code you manually screwed your own database
22:51Chutt are there any files i can remove, btw?
22:51dopester and if its analog its irrelivant
22:51dopester dvbsections
22:52dopester im pretty sure thats the only one going to the attic
22:52dopester there may be a few in dvbdev but i need to check with jesper / marcus metzler about those since i didnt touch those
22:52Chutt ok
22:53dopester one again my appologies for this crap..
22:54Chutt no worries
22:54dopester i hope this helps v17 shine (at least hte dvb side of things)
22:56Dibblah At least it'll stop people complaining about running out of space on NFS mounts...
23:00dopester im just waiting for the EIT complaints to come rolling in.. every EIT ive run tests on is slightly different.. at least for DVB.. ATSC seems to be pretty much the same..
23:05Chutt 20% done
23:05Chutt break time
23:06Chutt well, cartoon time, really
23:07--- <<-- Dibblah [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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