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00:27[Xander] could someone please point me to some knowledge on getting mythmusic to compile on my gentoo amd64 box please? The threads i found seem to point to a patch of some sort...
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01:54Chutt yay, 50% done
02:01Chutt -#if defined(CONFIG_VIDEO4LINUX)
02:01Chutt +#ifndef _WIN32
02:01Chutt wtf?
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02:48xenomorph morning everybody
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03:04Chutt there
03:05Chutt all applied
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09:33Torq Is dvb committed now?
09:33stoffel_ not yet
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09:52rkulagow_ morning. chutt: there?
09:58Anduin he was here until 3:05, probably not yet
10:00rikstahh <Chutt> there
10:00rikstahh <Chutt> all applied
10:00stoffel_ locally i guess, but not in cvs yet
10:01rikstahh ahh yeah
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10:15dopester chutt: you around? not sure if you know whos names to put on the commit..
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15:21Delemas Hi. FYI someone checked in a dud wrt/ mythmusic recently.
15:22Delemas gcc -c -pipe -Wall -W -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -O2 -g -pipe -m32 -march=i686 -mtune=pentium4 -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE -DPREFIX=\"/usr\" -DHAVE_MMX -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr\" -DMMX -DCONFIG_VIDEO4LINUX -DUSING_IVTV -DUSING_OSS -DUSING_OPENGL_VSYNC -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -DQT_PLUGIN -DQT_SHARED -I/usr/lib/qt-3.3/mkspecs/default -I. -I/usr/include -I/usr/include -I/usr/
15:22Delemas include/kde -I/usr/include/cdda -I/usr/lib/qt-3.3/include -I/usr/X11R6/include -o zoom_filter_mmx.o goom/zoom_filter_mmx.c
15:22Delemas goom/mmx.h: In function `zoom_filter_mmx_supported':
15:22Delemas goom/mmx.h:72: error: PIC register `ebx' clobbered in `asm'
15:22Delemas make[1]: *** [zoom_filter_mmx.o] Error 1
15:23Delemas That probably needs a patch like my 2004/08/15 patch here:
15:26* Delemas pokes mythmusic a bit...
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15:31Delemas Last time this happened, my patch avoided using ebx by converting to ecx usage. That code uses eax, ebx, ecx and edx so that trick won't work... 8o(
15:31pat2man anyone here involved with Mac compatibility?
15:32Delemas Mythtv runs on a mac??
15:32pat2man the frontend does
15:32pat2man pretty well in fact
15:33Delemas Hmm cool. I had no idea...
15:33beavis Delemas, it works here
15:34Delemas I suspect the devs must be using older compliers. My Aug patch was required for gcc 3.4.1+. What gcc are you using?
15:35beavis gcc-Version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-6)
15:35Delemas ya that is why....
15:35Delemas 8o/
15:35Delemas Any current gcc will choke on that code...
15:35Delemas ex. such as the gcc-3.4.3 I use here...
15:36beavis I'll just try to install the new deb...
15:36Chutt using 3.4 at the moment is pretty stupid. it
15:36Chutt it's not stable.
15:36Delemas Well it works for everything else here...
15:37Chutt you don't know that :p
15:39Delemas gcc 3.3 has a long list of problems. gcc itself is obviously a work in progress. Anyways, ebx is used internally it seems. The simplest fix of the problem last time was avoiding ebx.
15:40Chutt send in a patch
15:40beavis Chutt, did you find any more problems with the DVB patch?
15:41Chutt yeah
15:41Chutt someone got rid of the v4l define, and substituted it with !win32
15:41Chutt i obviously didn't apply that part
15:42dopester chutt: where was that at?
15:42Chutt and whatever moron took out the tabs in transform.c didn't bother looking over to see if there were any lines that used spaces, not tabs.
15:42Delemas I will if I can wrap my head around the asm...
15:42Chutt so the indentation was all fucked up in both patches.
15:42Chutt dopester, videosource.cpp, i believe
15:42dopester was that not reverted code cause i would have never touched that..
15:43Chutt it's been that way for a long time
15:43Chutt there were a couple places where you were reverting recent changes to the source, too
15:43Chutt also fixed.
15:45dopester transform.c is metzlers work
15:45pat2man well it seems that no mac guys are around so my second question is: anyone here do much with mythvideo?
15:47dopester well no more branching so anything from this point forward should be much much smaller
15:47dopester thanks again for fixing that stuff..
15:51Delemas pat2man: try myth-users perhaps...
15:51Delemas I wonder if I can figure out which commit broken things and revert some of it...
15:52Delemas s/broken/broke/
15:52pat2man Delemas: I just wanted to mention that compiling mythvideo on Mac OS X requires a patch, but it works
15:52Chutt send the patch to the -dev list, then.
15:52pat2man ok
15:53Delemas Ah k. I don't have OSX but that is interesting...
15:56pat2man it looks like someone already set it up to compile on the mac, there is just a little problem with a bug in mac os x that makes isnan() not work
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16:23stoffel win3
16:23stoffel ups, sorry ;)
16:25beavis you're using win3.11? ;)
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16:30pat2man woo hoo, torrentocracy and mythdvd plugins work too :)
16:31pat2man small patches
16:34Torq what is torrentocracy? sounds like an excuse for the fbi to impound your myth box
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16:37Delemas k I fixed the mythmusic build:
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16:47pat2man Torq: torrentocracy is a plugin that basically downloads torrent files from an rss feed
16:47pat2man a lot like a podcast
16:48Delemas Chutt: Is that good enough or is an email required?
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17:03Captain_Murdo| Delemas: email the -dev list and there's more of a chance it will get committed by Chutt or someone else.
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17:04tzanger hey all
17:04tzanger I've build qte 3.3.3 and myth is failing its build in mysqlfilldb
17:04tzanger filldata.cpp:419: error: exception handling disabled, use -fexceptions to
17:04tzanger enable
17:05tzanger is this a known issue? It looks like a makefile issue but before I alter CXXFLAGS I just wanted to ask
17:05tzanger it's not a QtE issue, since exceptiosn are turned on by deault on that ocmpile
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17:22tzanger yup just adding -fexceptions cause the build to work fine
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17:33Chutt tzanger, remove the -fno-rtti as well
17:34tzanger hmm I did not do that yet
17:34tzanger what's that do?
17:35Chutt makes it not crash whenever something uses rtti in mythtv?
17:36tzanger hehe
17:36tzanger what's rtti though
17:36tzanger damn myth needs to use something other than mysql, what a waste :-(
17:38Chutt why?
17:39tzanger it's HUGE overkill
17:39Chutt um, no, it's not
17:39tzanger sqlite would do very nicely, or even just gdbm if you didn't NEED sql
17:39Chutt why would you think that?
17:39Chutt sqlite doesn't do jack shit
17:39Chutt no network layer
17:39Chutt and the multithreaded access is a joke
17:39tzanger yes sqlite lacks a network layer
17:40cmorgan i think patches to support other DBs have been welcome for a while, as long as they don't make the code a mess
17:41dopester only issue ive had with mysql (probbably is a QT thing) is NULL and 0 are both 0 from qsqlquery
17:41Chutt dopester, it depends on how you convert it from the qvariant
17:42dopester do you have an example somewhere where thats used?
17:42Chutt just read the docs on qvariant :p
17:42Chutt it's used everywhere we read from the db
17:43dopester readings overrated :)
17:44dopester thats what i wast thinking off.. IsNull doesn't work for mysql
17:45dopester at least i had some issues with 0 being reported as null or vice versa.. who knows..
17:51GreyFoxx What is ?
17:51GreyFoxx oops
17:51GreyFoxx wrong channel
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17:59Chutt dopester, your stuff's in, btw
17:59Beirdo woohoo
17:59Beirdo congrats, dopester, it's in before 0.17 :)
18:00* mikegrb puts Beirdo in
18:01Beirdo well, back to cutlisting a pile of Trading Spaces
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18:05dopester chutt: im checking it out now and going to make sure it still works :)
18:05Chutt thanks
18:06Chutt i'm not doing much besides reading a book tonight, so i'll be able to get patches in quickly if needed
18:06dopester np
18:06dopester if its broken it shouldnt be too hard to fix im sure
18:06dopester i'll be sure to run it through an auto-indenter before i send it to you :)
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18:40rkulagow_ chutt: here?
18:45rkulagow_ chutt: if you see this in scrollback, i've got my pvr usb2 working with that driver i sent you the link to.
18:45rkulagow_ there's at least one other user out there - he just posted a message to the -dev list.
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18:53Beirdo one of my friends is trying to get that working too. you have a URL I could sent him?
18:54Beirdo Ah, thanks
18:54Beirdo I'm sure he'll be happy to know that someone has successfully used it too
18:56Anduin MYTH_PROTO_VERSION has been reverted?
18:56Beirdo I'm betting that was a mistake
18:56dopester what file is it in?
18:57Anduin mythcontext.h of course
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19:23Delemas k cats I sent my mythmusic build fix patch to the dev list. Anyone know a fix for "Reading PCM volume: : Bad file descriptor" in mythmusic? mythtv volume control works fine here. I'm using alsa.
19:30dopester chutt: looks to work here, same for the uk
19:33Delemas Hmm there seems to be some kind of mythmusic fix up tar from 2004/12/18... I wonder if that has already been commited...
19:41--- ---> kb8ude [] has joined #mythtv
19:44Chutt anduin, the proto version was > 14?
19:47Anduin Chutt - yeah, I got almost as far as an e-mail before I realized that it is only in my version
19:47Chutt heh
19:47rkulagow_ chutt: when you have a mo can you do a docs sync?
19:47Chutt yeah
19:48Chutt doing something right now, but will get that done before much longer
19:48rkulagow_ you see my message in scrollback about the PVR USB2?
19:48Chutt yup
19:48rkulagow_ cool
19:49Chutt i don't know if i'll have time to look at that any time soon, though
19:49rkulagow_ NP
19:49rkulagow_ i think having the tuner outside of the case may actually result in a better capture. not as much EM
19:51rkulagow_ off for dinner
19:55kb8ude anyone use one of the MSI TV@Anywhere Master cards?
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20:04Beirdo wrong channel, kb8ude.
20:04* Beirdo points at the topic :)
20:05kb8ude oh sorry..forgot there was a dev and a users channel
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21:47b_9 anyone use the pvr 250 to play console games on your box?
21:48Chutt topic.
21:48b_9 I've tried and there is a log
21:49dopester chutt: you saw code seems ok right?
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21:49Chutt yup
21:49--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MythTV
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22:24dopester issac: you want me to say any more to that guy on -dev about ac3 in australia?
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22:39Cardoe Chutt: ping
22:40Torq Cardoe: pong
22:44Cardoe Chutt wanted me to give him the error msg that happens in the log file when the disk fills up or gets near full
22:44Cardoe that causes MythBackend to just hang.
22:52sphing my frontend goes black during livetv and segfaults during Manage
22:53--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:53sphing should i be saying this in users?
22:53Torq Cardoe: what is the error message?
22:54Beirdo in -users would be better... The docs do say how to help debug
23:06Cardoe ERROR: file I/O problem in safe_write(), errcnt = 1: No space left on device
23:06Cardoe ERROR: file I/O problem in safe_write(), errcnt = 2: No space left on device
23:06Cardoe ERROR: file I/O problem in safe_write(), errcnt = 3: No space left on device
23:06Cardoe over and over
23:06Cardoe the HD light is pegged solid on
23:06Cardoe there's my activity then when I'm recording a show.
23:06Cardoe lags the whole system its writing so much
23:06Beirdo nice
23:07Cardoe cpu usage is up near 100%
23:09Cardoe mythweb shows me most info
23:10Cardoe but super super super slow
23:10Cardoe except backend status
23:10Cardoe it's just abunch of CSS code that displays
23:10Beirdo the backend status comes directly from mythbackend
23:22Anduin so the soundtouch thing is working for people?
23:22Chutt it broke?
23:23Anduin for me at least, not too surprising I guess, cpuid is clobbering ebx
23:24Chutt in libsoundtouch?
23:24Anduin yeah, in detectCPUextensions
23:24Chutt i don't think you're synced with cvs
23:25Chutt it uses edx, eax, ecx, and esi
23:25Anduin yes, I know, however the results of the cpuid instruction aren't just in eax
23:26Chutt ah
23:26Chutt heh
23:26Chutt i really need to consolidate all the various cpuid crap
23:26Chutt there's 8 or 9 copies throughout
23:26Anduin yes, i know it has been working for me for a long time, it doesn't anymore
23:27Chutt the one in libavcodec doesn't clobber ebx
23:30dopester chutt: the patch i just posted isn't anything vital to the code working just a small bug fix..
23:30Chutt i'll get it in tomorrow
23:30dopester yeah i just wanted to not make you rush in case you thought i found something broken in the merge
23:31Chutt you didn't say it was critical in the message, so :p
23:31dopester oh is that the magic "apply this now" keyword :)
23:31Chutt heh
23:31Chutt back in a fe
23:31Chutt err, few
23:31Chutt anduin, if you save/restore ebx, does it work?
23:32Anduin Chutt - doing it now, I'm betting that is what =S does for the one in libavcodec
23:33Chutt well, the mov/xchg in libavcodec does it :p
23:33Chutt ah, well, back in a bit
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23:48Anduin hmm, yeah, works fine with a push/pop
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