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01:23Uberbot I'm trying to recover from a borked db. Mythweb tells me: Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION:
01:23Uberbot None of the software has been upgraded.
01:23Uberbot Any ideas?
01:29Beirdo sigh
01:29* Beirdo points at the topic
01:29Uberbot Doh! Sorry.
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01:36Cardoe seriously... this channel should move to #mythtv-dev if it's such an issue
01:37Chutt no, it shouldn't.
01:38Chutt why should i move my channel because of people that can't be bothered to read before asking off-topic questions?
01:39Chutt hell, check the docs on irc:
01:40Chutt that's the only place this channel's mentioned :p
01:43* Cardoe shrugs.
01:43Cardoe I was just saying since it seems to be such a problem
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08:38Napo Hi all!
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10:21o_cee yikes, 43 commits over the weekend :)
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13:15mchou how do I go about compiling and linking myth against a specific library (libstdc++) version?
13:16Dibblah Woah. Time travel.
13:16mchou Dibblah: yeah :)
13:16mchou found out my compile is still screwed up.
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13:23o_cee Chutt, want me to apply "[mythtv] [i18n][PATCH] mythvideo"? was waiting for geckofiend to do it but he hasn't been around for a while? don't really use mythvideo so i haven't tried it
13:24Chutt sure
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13:26o_cee bah, wasn't -u.. will have a look at it when it gets back.
13:27o_cee do you have any good suggestion for the translate category thingie? with the list being populated with translated strings?
13:29Chutt not really
13:29Chutt i don't really like it being in themestrings, since it's going to be a fairly static set of categories
13:30o_cee yeah just thought it'd be a nice way of keeping them synced, since the color defines are in the xml's.
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14:31Chutt heh
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14:32rkulagow__ what could possibly be so amusing that it warrants a "heh"?
14:33Chutt trying to figure out the best way to handle this mythmusic audio patch
14:34rkulagow__ ah
14:34Chutt oh, and videos of katamari damacy 2 at =)
14:35rkulagow__ is "katamari damacy 2" supposed to mean something or did you cat walk across your keyboard?
14:35Chutt sequel to a fun little game
14:35rkulagow__ ah
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14:42Chutt wildgoose, is the blocking variable ever initialized?
14:49wswanson is there an lxr or similar for the mythweb codebase in CVS?
14:49Chutt no.
14:50wswanson would be nice. ;)
14:51wswanson I would be happy to turn one up -- any chance of rsync d/l access to the CVS tree?
14:51wswanson [for all of myth, obviously, not just the mythweb tree]
14:51Chutt i could set it up if people really wanted it
14:51Chutt don't really see the need, though
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14:52wswanson I would just find the search func handy more than anything... easier to get familiar with the codebase
14:55Chutt grep :p
14:55wswanson :)
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15:18beavis what's the current CVs DBSchemaVer? 1062?
15:18Chutt something like that
15:29Wildgoose chutt: just going to check now
15:32Wildgoose Chutt: oops, nope, blocking is never initialised... Luckily it's explicitly set in the code (I think). It's not something I broke mind, but yeah, I should have spotted that. Nice catch
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15:43Chutt it's never set anywhere that i can see =)
15:49Dibblah I'm starting to look at the causes of my issues with the MySQL query cache, just in case anyone else has seen a problem with it.
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16:25[Rui] hi, I have a "slowness" doubt. I already read that my cpu is too crappy for live tv, but ... should the UI be _so_slow_ on the music part?
16:25[Rui] or dvd playing?
16:25[Rui] or even setting preferences...
16:26KillerBunny No.
16:26Chutt yes.
16:26KillerBunny I have a 1ghz and thats fine.
16:27[Rui] well, even being 750MHz doesn't really explain such slowness
16:27Chutt buy a real computer
16:27KillerBunny I think that should be more then fine.
16:27Chutt read the topic of an irc channel before babbling about off topic crap
16:27KillerBunny For play movies too.
16:28[Rui] live tv I understand, but the UI?
16:28KillerBunny Its not like this chan i super active right now Chutt.
16:28Chutt ui's full of alpha blending
16:28[Rui] I'm thinking it could be a problem with the version supplied at atrpms
16:28Chutt if your computer sucks
16:28Chutt it'll be slow.
16:28Chutt killerbunny, so?
16:28KillerBunny So, if nobody is talking ontopic, who is he bothering?
16:28Chutt me.
16:29[Rui] Chutt: well, sorry for not being on topic, I really didn't notice the /topic
16:29Chutt why didn't you?
16:29KillerBunny Or do you wanna pull an Astrix madhouse on him ?
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16:31[Rui] Chutt: well, you have a pretty good attitude, actually, that's what I'd expect from an user :) I'll just shut up an go th -users anyway.
16:31[Rui] KillerBunny: thanks anyway.
16:31Wildgoose Chutt:hmm, ok, I need to look closer at the code on the blocking thing. I am sure it was setting the blocking stuff somewhere - it must be doing it somewhere or else it would be out of control right now... Wierd
16:32Chutt it's not setting it anywhere
16:32Wildgoose I agree I can't see that either...
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16:32Wildgoose I'm sure this is something that I looked into before when I was tracing the code...
16:32Wildgoose Can't recollect now...
16:33Wildgoose Guess we better make it default to blocking then!
16:33Chutt heh
16:33Chutt probably =)
16:33Chutt though, the old way was non-blocking
16:33Chutt drop extra stuff
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16:34Wildgoose Hmm, could do that as well
16:34Chutt for tv, at least
16:34Chutt music's blocking
16:34Wildgoose I *think* I need blocking for music yeah
16:34Chutt you do, it decodes as fast as it can otherwise
16:34Chutt tv's decoded as needed
16:35Wildgoose In an older version of the code that I am looking at I had a output->SetBlocking(true) in playbackbox.cpp
16:35Chutt so, i'll default it to non-blocking, then set it to blocking in music?
16:35Wildgoose in the play function. But I had it commented out, which suggests that I thought it was redundant...
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16:36Wildgoose Yeah, well I haven't tested this, but looks like in music the play function creates the AudioOutput object
16:36Chutt yup
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16:36Chutt did you ever test gapless playback?
16:36Wildgoose In here, please add a output->SetBlocking line
16:37Wildgoose Nope, but it was worrying me and that's why I had played around a bit with the function to get the data block in the audio output loop
16:38Chutt i'll revert things if that's broken :p
16:38Chutt very important =)
16:38Wildgoose I've been up for quite a few late nights recently so would have to look closer to remind myself! However, gapless playback is high on my priority list!
16:38Chutt i have the mythtv stuff all in my local tree, didn't get to the music patch last night
16:38Wildgoose Cool. Thanks
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16:39Wildgoose At the moment there is only one volume control
16:40Wildgoose Do you want seperate volume controls for music and tv re-implemented?
16:40Chutt probably
16:40Wildgoose I was going to do it, then I decided I actually quite liked it the current way
16:40Chutt volume control really should be completely separate from the audio class
16:40Wildgoose The point is that I turn down the tv low, then flick to some music which also should be quiet
16:40Chutt ie, you shouldn't have to _have_ something playing to adjust the volume
16:40Wildgoose Hmm, good point
16:41Wildgoose I think we are ok on the point here though?
16:41Chutt no
16:41Wildgoose Really. Hang on let me look again
16:41Chutt since you need to setup an audiooutput class to get volume control
16:41Chutt like, with the pvr-350
16:41Wildgoose Well, yes.
16:41Chutt doesn't need to play any audio, but needs to make a whole audiooutput class just for that
16:41Wildgoose But how does the pvt work
16:41Wildgoose hmm
16:42Chutt and the audiooutput class isn't always around, so you'd have to conditionally create one elsewhere
16:42Wildgoose how does the pvr have audio piped to it?
16:42Wildgoose All in the mpeg stream?
16:42Chutt generally people use the audio out of the pvr-350 to your soundcard's line in
16:42Chutt and use the soundcard as a passthrough
16:42Wildgoose hmm
16:42Chutt so volume control works, other stuff can be played, etc
16:43Wildgoose I must admit I hadn't thought of that case when thinking the current audio situation
16:43Chutt i'm just saying that it'd be slightly better to have a volume control class always available as a singleton or something
16:43Wildgoose I figured that you really wanted to tie the audio output device together with the volume control so that you didn't have to set both items up seperately
16:43Wildgoose I think we could remodel the current code to make that work?
16:43Chutt no
16:43Chutt i don't think so :p
16:44Chutt about the downmixing stuff
16:44Wildgoose Well by that I mean we could split the classes out
16:44Chutt oh, yeah, splitting it may work
16:44Wildgoose If you have any ideas then please drop me a mail. I will have a think in the meantime
16:45Wildgoose It would be nice to have a closer correlation between volume and output device though
16:45Chutt why?
16:45Chutt they're separate tasks
16:45Chutt volume's a global option
16:45Chutt should be able to hit the mute button on the menu, without anything playing
16:46Chutt and have stuff be muted whenever you start playing
16:46Wildgoose Not always. For the software audio mixers you have to emulate it by controlling the output signal itself, eg jack, arts, esd
16:46Chutt i'd argue that those are broken.
16:46Wildgoose Some audio cards don't have a volume control either
16:47Chutt i don't especially care about corner cases like that
16:47Chutt if it breaks what _should_ work
16:47Wildgoose It's not so rare actually.
16:47Chutt with the current model, you can't hit mute on the menu
16:47Wildgoose My expensive pro audio card has no master volume control
16:47Chutt and have it mute everything
16:47Chutt volume should be global, not tied to what you're playing
16:48Wildgoose Don't disagree there
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16:48Wildgoose It's a tricky one. There are a few cards like the PVR where we need the volume external, and some output devices where we need software emulation. Tricky
16:49Chutt not really
16:49Wildgoose Go on..
16:49Chutt singleton volumecontrol class that stores state
16:49Chutt emits signals whenever things change
16:49Chutt audio output classes connect to those, do the appropriate thing if they exist
16:49Wildgoose Can we make that tie into the audio output class so that it can do software emulation where necessary?
16:49Chutt else they just read the state on init
16:49Chutt it's simple
16:49Wildgoose Hmm, yes, that would work
16:50Wildgoose Do we even need the signals?
16:50Chutt yes
16:50Wildgoose I guess so that the gui can flash up status messages
16:50Chutt unless you want things to poll
16:51Wildgoose OK, here is a design
16:51Wildgoose Volume control a singleton with signals, that is basically a very small class wrapper around a couple of variables like "Mute" and "VolumeLevel"
16:52Wildgoose (Do we need left and right volume...?)
16:52Chutt probably should have it in there
16:52Wildgoose The output code though stays as is because some devices want/need software emulation
16:52Wildgoose However, how do we do the PVR?
16:52Chutt same as it's currently doing it
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16:53Chutt anyway, that's easy enough
16:53Wildgoose You would still need to fire up an audio output object of the correct type to get it to actually do anything
16:53Wildgoose But I think this is still ok
16:53Chutt i really want a way to downmix multichannel audio into whatever the device is currently using, though
16:53Wildgoose So the basic change really is to abstract the volume control values, but leave the code as is. Nice
16:53Chutt right.
16:53Wildgoose OK, lets talk downmixing
16:54Wildgoose Got a baby crying though... Hang on
16:54Chutt heh
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16:59Chutt just - dts audio cds, multi-channel audio. oss audio - 2 channel. no way to handle that right now =)
16:59Chutt the decoder shouldn't have to downmix
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17:05Anduin Does anyone know if someone plans to fix Titiblah before .17?
17:05Chutt what's busted with it?
17:05Chutt i haven't really heard from geckofiend recently
17:05Anduin Chutt - just display issues on some screens
17:05Anduin some things are clipped
17:05Chutt ah
17:06Chutt want to fix it?
17:06Anduin if he isn't, yes
17:06Chutt oh, does my pushl/popl i added to soundtouch work for you?
17:06Chutt i wouldn't count on him fixing it, since i don't know what he's doing =)
17:06Anduin yeah, you didn't add them exactly where I did though (and I just used push/pop)
17:07Chutt heh
17:07Anduin yeah last time I talked to him he wasn't even using it so it wasn't really a priority for him
17:07Chutt ah
17:07Chutt my biggest annoyance is the clipped text on the main menus
17:07Chutt and some stuff on the music playback screen
17:08Anduin ah, see, I'd never get to the music screens, but I'll work up a patch to fix what I can
17:08Chutt cool.
17:08Wildgoose Chutt: I think I am missing something. How can we downmix if we dont decode the audio to pcm?
17:08Chutt you've got 2 weeks
17:08Chutt wildgoose, it'd be pcm
17:08Chutt just, 6 channels
17:09Wildgoose So you just want something like the resampler
17:09Wildgoose Which takes channels in, channels out and figures out the correct thing?
17:09Chutt yup
17:09Chutt just automatic to handle whatever's sent in
17:09Wildgoose OK, quite straightforward
17:09Chutt yup
17:10Wildgoose I'll trade you... If you can write the volume control singleton wrapper (because I haven't played with slots yet), then I will adjust the rest of the audio code to use it, and add in the downmixing
17:10Chutt ah, well, it might be a bit :p
17:11Wildgoose I'm thinking the singleton should only be 30 lines of code or so
17:11Chutt yeah
17:11Wildgoose Not a problem, I would be shooting for post next release for my stuff. Small baby is taking upa fair bit of time right now...
17:11Wildgoose Serious coding is probably off for 3 weeks or so...
17:12Chutt heh
17:12Chutt np
17:12Chutt i'm planning on 0.17 in two weeks.
17:12Wildgoose agree. I would prefer to go with what we have got right now, and change it for post 0.17
17:13Chutt ok
17:13Wildgoose By the way, the easiest thing is to assume standard layout for a 6 channel disk and downmix based on that standard layout. I forget now, but I think it's, front left/right, rear left/right, then center/bass
17:13Chutt probably
17:13Wildgoose However, some minor codecs do it a different way (I think)
17:14Wildgoose I was watching something about this on the mplayer list (where I would also propose to steal this very code from...)
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17:15rkulagow__ chutt: you see that signal stregth patch DTK posted to -dev?
17:15Wildgoose On a different note. I'm still getting minor jitter on my video output. I have video frame timing enabled as well
17:15Chutt yeah
17:15--- ---> shadash [~shadash@] has joined #mythtv
17:16Wildgoose I have a wild guess that since the previous jitter was bad timestamps, that this might be something funny occuring, say, on P frames
17:16Wildgoose B
17:16Wildgoose Any thoughts? (Bearing in mind complete lack of debugging info...)
17:16Chutt nope =)
17:17Chutt things are fine, here
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17:17Wildgoose Hmm, it's not bad in general, but just the odd jitter here and there. It hasn't been perfect since about oct/nov last year
17:18Wildgoose OK, will debug a little and report back. Just a note that it's happening though...
17:25o_cee is there any way to determine, after a sql select has been run, _wich_ fields that didn't match the query? that's not possible right? you'd have to do em all individually in that case?
17:29gr8nash Quick note and ill get outta the way.. I dont know if mythnews comes with the standard RSS feeds setup, but i always add slashdots RSS feed to my boxes.. and maybe it would be neat to have it as a default.
17:29Anduin Chutt - would it be ok if I extended the container tag to support an area attribute? If found all all contained positions would be assumed to be relative.
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17:30o_cee Chutt, for output to the console (mythfilldatabase) should .utf8() or .local8bit() be used? don't understand the difference
17:30Chutt anduin, sure
17:31Chutt o_cee, local8bit
17:31o_cee Chutt, ok thanks
17:31Chutt lotta stuff doesn't handle utf8 out
17:31o_cee okay
17:34Dibblah Chutt: Do you want a patch that converts all of the pthread_mutex* usage to QT, if it's as easy as it looks like it should be?
17:35Dibblah All == the easy targets, anyway.
17:35Dibblah (Post 0.17)
17:36Chutt sure
17:36Dibblah Any pitfalls?
17:36Chutt not that i know of
17:36Chutt maybe the rwlocks in the ringbuffer
17:36Dibblah Cool. An easy project, then.
17:37Chutt yup
17:37Chutt harder to replace all the actual threads, though
17:37--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
17:37Dibblah I take it you'd prefer I leave the external imports?
17:38Dibblah (libav, etc
17:39--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
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17:56Chutt yup, don't touch those =)
17:58--- <--- smyles [] has left #mythtv ()
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18:32shadash can anybody help me to understand why nuvexport isn't included in the main mythtv tree? Also is there a better myth module for burning DVD with menus?
18:32shadash sorry wrong channel
18:38kvandivo that was strange.. 6544 just told me i didn't have any shows scheduled for recording. a backend restart seemed to bring it back to its senses
18:49* mikegrb schedules kvandivo for recording
18:51Anduin I had a little blip with the scheduler last night as well, didn't require a be reset though (just a useless "schedule has changed" notification)
18:52shadash Is there a reason NUV2DISC and/or Mythburn or something like that aren't included in the main Myth tree?
18:53shadash I was wondering how development felt on this subject
18:56--- <<-- shadash [~shadash@] has quit ("Leaving")
19:07greem Don't know if this is the right place, but just wanted to say that there's an error in current CVS of siscan.cpp. Feels like development is the right place, though :)
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21:44dopester chutt: around?
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23:13thor_ dopester, you still here?
23:16dopester yeahim here
23:19thor_ re-redoing Air2PC stuff ... how long should it take to find channels on an existing transport scan ?
23:20dopester seconds
23:20dopester you got one of those cards?
23:20--- ---> jeffpc_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:20dopester brb man
23:21thor_ yup, weird
23:21dopester is it hanging on a specific channel?
23:21thor_ I dunno, should I be looking at ./setup console output ?
23:22dopester yeah id try that
23:22thor_ hmmm ... other box ... irc client ....
23:22laroth I had a problem where it would hang when I scanned when I was running the setup via VNC.
23:22laroth Locally it worked fine.
23:23dopester i run it over remoteX all the time
23:24laroth hmm. As far as I know that was the only difference.
23:24dopester really odd
23:25thor_ hmmm ... I had something inadvertently set as DVB in the transport
23:26thor_ weird though, it still said "ATSC"
23:26thor_ seems to have solved it
23:26jams heh i need to get around to setting up my air2pc again
23:29dopester yeah i love mine :)
23:31thor_ yeah, tha's a bug ... go into the channel editer, go to advanced, select an atsc channel ("ATSC Channel xx"), and set it DVB (Standard: DVB) in the ensuing dialog. When you go back, it will still show in the DVB Transport editor as "ATSC Channel xx"
23:31thor_ well, a bugglet
23:32dopester could be some case crap in the db i bet
23:34dopester thor_: how old is your DB?
23:34thor_ about 15 minutes
23:34thor_ :-)
23:35dopester k wasn't sure if you had upgraded or anything like that
23:36thor_ cvs of about mid-day
23:36thor_ no patches
23:37dopester i'll dig into that
23:37dopester add it to the list of crap..
23:37thor_ heh
23:37dopester when did you get a card?
23:38thor_ last week some time
23:40dopester ahh so its a new toy :)
23:40thor_ yup
23:42dopester i guess you haven't gotten it all the way working yet?
23:42thor_ I've got it working, just backing up and trying to do a few things properly
23:43streamtrade I have a card that appears to work but I cannot get any hdtv (ota) where I am
23:43dopester an air2pc you mean?
23:43--- ---> customsex [] has joined #mythtv
23:44streamtrade no, a pchdtv with rabbit ears
23:44thor_ streamtrade, it's all about the antenna
23:44streamtrade its also location
23:44dopester i have 2 uhf yagiis on my roof
23:44--- <<-- jeffpc_ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:44streamtrade where I live is the "boonies" lots of mountains and trees, even a big antenna no help
23:45dopester how far are you from teh transmitters?
23:45thor_ the reviews are true
23:45streamtrade 30-50 miles I think
23:45thor_ (at least from my experience)
23:46dopester streamtrade: you try a rooftop directional yagii?
23:46streamtrade dopester: not yet but I have talked to installers and they all say no signal here
23:47streamtrade This antenaas looked good too
23:47dopester thor: let me know if you get any EIT (Over the air Guide)
23:47thor_ ah, OK ... will do
23:48thor_ should just be in the OSD ?
23:48dopester some stations arent sending anything yet.. pbs stations seem to be sending good guide
23:48dopester yeah
23:49dopester it starts collecting when you tune to the station.. so if the DB is blank it might take a few minutes to pop in
23:50streamtrade I am having issues with latest cvs and length of recording (when I playback and ff the length resets itself). Is this a known issue or should I track it down?
23:59--- <<-- drd [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
---Logclosed Tue Jan 25 00:00:11 2005