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01:36xris anyone around who can clue me in about the new recording types?
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01:45xris anyone? just trying to figure out where things like kFindDailyRecord are defined.
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02:04streamtrade xris: /usr/src/mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmythtv/recordingtypes.h
02:05xris streamtrade: all I see there are some enums with no values
02:05xris or is that creating an incrementing kind of thing?
02:06streamtrade xris: I beleive you add 1 for each entry so the last entry is 10
02:07xris ok
02:07xris that makes sense
02:07xris I just don't look at C code enough to understand most of it. heh.
02:07xris thanks
02:08streamtrade np
02:09xris now to figure out what else goes into them to match up recordings.
02:10streamtrade I can find the code, will still take me a while to figure out what it does :)
02:10xris heh
02:11xris well, I found stuff that I thought was returning totally different numbers than I knew it was supposed to.
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03:29MrProper anyone from australia here?
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06:30L1th10n hi... has the problem of sound and XvMC been found with mythtv?
06:32L1th10n I don't mind the greyscale when using XvMC but the sound breakup is a little fustrating...
06:39Dibblah Read ^
06:40Dibblah (Topic)
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08:10dopester chutt: the second patch i just posted lets DVB compile after Gigem changed scheduledrecording
08:13o_cee dopester, haven't looked at it, but in mythfilldatabase it's called with -1?
08:14dopester it might be that way i'll have to see but i want to get it compiling at least
08:15dopester i had a ton of emails this morning cause of it
08:15dopester :)
08:16dopester if the EIT is still broken its ok its still beta but it should at least compile past it
08:16o_cee k :) just remember seing it as -1 and not 0
08:16dopester yeah i saw it as 0 in schedulerecording.cpp
08:16o_cee k different things then i guess
08:17dopester yeah i'll have to dig on it later.. EIT is still a work in progress, so like i said im not THAT worried about it since i'm still going over that code a bunch now
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09:20Torq I notice Google Video has been launched. We need to do something like this with myth
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10:35Chutt why the hell is a simple compile error generating a dozen messages to the dev list?
10:36Chutt are people really _that_ incompetent?
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10:38Beirdo seems so
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10:41laga_ hi.
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11:08o_cee yey, a post from gecko
11:10Beirdo he lives...
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11:53tzanger Chutt: you'd mentioned that I should remove -fno-rtti from the Makefile -- is there a reason it's in there in the first place? There are about a dozen Makefiles I'd have ot edit
11:55o_cee isn't "Bugzilla Bug 184 Backend connectivity on episode deletes from frontend" the bug with the backend not releasing the files that's been fixed in cvs for ages?
12:02Chutt no
12:02Chutt tzanger, it's there because qt/e adds it
12:02Chutt you typically want small binary size on embedded platforms, and rtti uses a bunch of space.
12:03tzanger Chutt: aha. so I should be able to find it and eliminate it in the .pro files
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12:03tzanger does qt/e need it enabled as well?
12:03Chutt nope.
12:03tzanger ok just Myth
12:03tzanger thank you for the explanation, very clear and to the point. :-)
12:14streamtrade .c;ear
12:25o_cee Chutt, does this look right for bug 178? test compiling it now.. + QString file = gContext->GetThemesParentDir() + "default/lb-" + fileName + ".png";
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12:28Chutt sure, but it doesn't need to
12:28Chutt it doesn't use those images
12:28o_cee oh, okay. want me to commit it anyway or just close the bug? (kinda bored heheh)
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12:29Chutt sure
12:29Chutt test it first, though
12:29o_cee need to see what images it is..
12:30Chutt oh, maybe it loads the arrows
12:30Chutt i dunno
12:30o_cee heh okay, i'll add a print in there and see if it's used ;)
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12:43o_cee Chutt, yeah lb-up/dnarrow is used at least, and it worked like it should
12:43o_cee i'll commit it?
12:43Chutt sure.
12:49o_cee thought "144: incorrect position in recordings list" had been fixed.. but i haven't really watched in progress for a while
12:52Chutt <shrug>
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13:28tzanger Chutt: uh
13:28tzanger are you sure I don't need to recompile qte without -fno-rtti?
13:28tzanger main.o(.gnu.linkonce.r._ZTI6QGList+0x8): undefined reference to `typeinfo for QPtrCollection'
13:28tzanger there is no typeinfo in qte and mythepg is trying to get at it
13:29Chutt shouldn't have to
13:29Chutt but, maybe
13:30tzanger unless I just turn specific parts on and off
13:30tzanger but screw it, I'll just rebuild qte
13:30tzanger heh
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13:50tzanger hmm there is no nice way to remove the -fno-rtti from qte's makefile
13:51tzanger sed -ie to the rescue once again
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14:26Anduin Chutt - if I don't break backwards compat can I add new tags like: group, and style to the themes? Group would allow you to create arbitrarily nested groups with relative x/y, style would allow you to inherit attributes from a style.
14:26Chutt sure
14:27Anduin excellent
14:27Chutt since that's all necessary for mythui
14:27Chutt which is based on nested groups =)
14:27Anduin yeah, I haven't dabbled with that yet, is there a better way to specify contexts in it?
14:28Chutt yeah
14:28Chutt every item is relative to its parent
14:29Chutt any item can be the parent of any other item, etc
14:30Anduin ah, that is the cheap effect I'm trying for now, with <style> added just to save repeating so many things
14:30laga_ *cough*
14:30Chutt yup
14:30laga_ btw, i want to thank everyone for their great work.
14:31torq me too
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15:15wswanson not sure this is relevant to mythtv-users; i recently moved a phdtv to the master backend along with an existing pvr250 and setup (erasing channels and tuners first) with latest cvs. pchdtv works fine. pvr250 works fine in livetv mode, but in recording mode, does not switch to channel.... mythtv code problem with latest CVS, or tuner module problem? 2.6.9 tuner, ivtv 0.2.0-rc3b
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18:25dopester hello wildgoose
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20:32dopester thor_: get your air2pc working?
20:38thor_ yup
20:39thor_ more or less
20:40dopester whats more or less mean?
20:41thor_ don't think the ota guide program info is coming
20:41thor_ and does not seem very robust to short signal losses
20:42thor_ got an xmltv feed working though, which is why I posted that mythfilldatabase patch
20:43dopester oh cool when did you post that?
20:43dopester did you enable the USING_DVB_EIT in
20:44thor_ hour or so, just adds a --no_channel_name_update flaf
20:44thor_ err, flag
20:44dopester cool.. that was WAY down the list
20:44thor_ heh, easiest thing to scratch
20:44Beirdo hahah.
20:44Beirdo nice. I like Isaac's reply to the CVS Gentoo ebuild :)
20:45thor_ Chutt is not a fan of stupid things :-)
20:45dopester thor: did you make it not create new entries in channel? or just not clobber the names?
20:45Beirdo neither am I :)
20:45Beirdo that was priceless
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20:46thor_ just not update the names ... you still have to put the xmltv id's in by hand
20:47dopester ahh ok.. i was planing on doing a fuzzy match on the name..
20:47thor_ but at least once you've done it, mythfilldatabase will stop changing the name back to zap2it's callsign
20:48Chutt i'm just going to disable those updates
20:49thor_ thought about that, then thought it might be a little radical
20:50dopester thor_: did you use the USING_DVB_EIT flag?
20:50dopester chutt: is daniel right about not using kernel headers and we should copy them into myth?
20:50jams chutt, If I were to come up with a myth plugin for nuv2disc would you include it as an official plugin ?
20:51thor_ dopester, yes
20:51Chutt dopester, i dunno
20:51Chutt jams, sure
20:51Chutt shouldn't be a plugin, though, but part of mfd
20:52jams ok guess i should look into mfd then.
20:52jams havne't really messed with it in a while
20:53thor_ jams, get the logic (and headless code) of a burning process sorted and I can fit it into an mfd plugin fairly easily
20:54jams thor_, logic is already done could use some clean up though
20:57jams i'm sick of reading that dvd chain on the list , figured i do a little something more then what I already have.
20:57thor_ cool
20:57jams seems people cant compile
20:57thor_ I'm amazed nobody's solved burning yet
20:57Chutt lotta deps
20:57thor_ :-)
20:57Chutt bad!
20:57jams true it does involve alot of deps
20:58dopester i want to flame that idiot in Germany on the -users list so bad.. grr..
21:01Beirdo heh. So do it
21:02dopester :)
21:03jams before i start on this is anybody else working on it, don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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