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00:26Chutt fucking hell
00:26Chutt managed to lock up ed's mythmusic patch 3 times now
00:31Beirdo nice patch :)
00:32Chutt make it 4
00:32Chutt just fucking seeking
00:32Beirdo nice
00:33Beirdo something tells me that patch is going back for rework
00:35Chutt no, i'll fix it
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00:48Chutt there, easy fix.
00:55Beirdo Good to hear :)
01:03dopester chutt: does any of the pathces those aussies keep making make any sense to you?
01:03Chutt the first one's ok
01:04Chutt second one looks to be, but i'll ask dtk about it
01:04Chutt dunno about the 3rd (to transform.c)
01:04Chutt rejecting the 4th completely
01:04Chutt that 'preferac3' thing is just dumb.
01:04dopester yeah im not sure about 3
01:07dopester i'll apply 3 and see if it keeps everything working here.. im not sure and metzler is impossible to get a hold of..
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01:11dopester thanks for putting the scan fix in chutt
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02:58Chutt closing bugs is fun.
02:59Dibblah :)
02:59Dibblah What on earth are you doing up at this time? ;)
02:59Chutt not sleeping
02:59Dibblah Got a sec to look at a backtrace related to "2005-01-25 22:35:00.141 13 ACCEPT[]:[]14
02:59Dibblah 2005-01-25 22:35:00.147 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
02:59Dibblah 2005-01-25 22:35:00.147 adding: backend1 as a client (events: 0)
02:59Dibblah 2005-01-25 22:35:00.147 2 OK
02:59Dibblah 2005-01-25 22:35:00.159 waiting for a thread..
02:59Dibblah "
03:00Dibblah ?
03:00Chutt ah, sure
03:01Dibblah (This is an attached live backtrace - I still have it open in GDB)
03:02Dibblah Oh bugger....
03:02Dibblah Just noticed the distinct lack of symbols.
03:02Dibblah Sorry to have bothered you.
03:02Chutt not enough stuff with symbols :p
03:03Dibblah Okay. Next time, I'll get the varmint.
03:03Dibblah Have you seen this before?
03:03Chutt well, kinda
03:03Chutt something's holding up each of the various worker pool threads
03:04Dibblah I see this fairly often - But I have a wierd setup (1 MBE, no cards, 2 slaves with 1 + 2 cards)
03:04Chutt heh
03:04Chutt it's really not suggested to run a backend without a card
03:04Dibblah Oh bugger.
03:05Chutt but, be good to get that fixed..
03:05Dibblah Right. I'll try and automate a backtrace (with symbols this time) next time this occurs.
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10:09kvandivo anyone else noticed that timestretch audio became stuttery sometime in the last week or so? (admittely, haven't tried cvs updates from overnight) I can enable timestretch by going to 1.05 and back down to 1.0 and it is still stuttery
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10:09kvandivo haven't went through all the cvs commits to see what might have caused it yet
10:10laga_ timestretch audio? what's that? ;)
10:12kvandivo myth-dev mailing list archives are your friend
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10:14laga_ ok, thank you
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13:02Chutt wildgoose, was a bug when using blocking mode
13:03Chutt note the extra condition broadcast in the output loop
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13:05thor_ Chutt, for mythfilldatabase, I'm thinking I'll just add a bool to skip all the update stuff, but add a flag --do_channel_updates that will make it keep doing them. Sound sensible?
13:08Chutt yup
13:09thor_ k
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13:45stoffel_ o_cee: yeah, removing the translations would make sense ;)
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14:38o_cee silly italian
14:41beavis o_cee, there are two strings missing in mythgallery*.ts, I'll add them
14:42Chutt o_cee, see my commit about mythvideo last night?
14:43o_cee Chutt, yeah, odd?
14:43beavis o_cee, should I send a separate patch for every language then?
14:43o_cee what was the patch about that was on the list?
14:43o_cee beavis, huh?
14:44Chutt yeah, i've not no fucking idea why it needs to be uncompressed
14:44Chutt but, translations don't seem to work everywhere they exist in mythvideo without it
14:44o_cee heh, i'll see if i can find anything in the qt docs later
14:45o_cee Re: [mythtv] [i18n][PATCH] mythvideo that one claims to fix it as well, will try to see what it does, hmm
14:46Chutt url?
14:47Beirdo Chutt: wonder how many computers you will get to confiscate :)
14:47Chutt none so far
14:47o_cee damn diff is not -u, can't read this crap.. uhm well reading it locally
14:48o_cee he's adding some stuff like qApp->installTranslator(&translator); i think
14:49Chutt i did that last night
14:49Chutt wasn't enough, it seemed
14:49o_cee ah k
14:49Chutt still needed to run it uncompressed
14:49Chutt yeah, found it here
14:50Chutt there's a french update in there, but, i think i have everything else
14:50Chutt aside from that or whatnot update
14:51o_cee i'll ask him to rediff against cvs
14:52Chutt probably best to email directly, since he didn't respond to your first email on list :p
14:53o_cee yep :)
14:53o_cee i liked the response from the italian guy on bugzilla :P
14:54Chutt what was it?
14:54o_cee ------- Additional Comments From 2005-01-26 15:02 -------
14:54o_cee 'mythsetup' not include "Italy" for 'xmltv'
14:54o_cee well yeah, you said that already :P
14:55Chutt heh
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14:58o_cee hmm, from 6544
14:58o_cee # Total Space: 70,987 MB
14:58o_cee # Space Used: 73,747 MB
14:58o_cee # Space Free: -2,-760 MB
14:58Beirdo nice
14:58o_cee Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
14:58o_cee /dev/hda3 74G 69G 1,1G 99% /
14:58o_cee odd
15:01orion2012 Anyone available to help me with a mythmusic(CVS) compilation error? And yes, I'm compiling against today's CVS mythtv.
15:01o_cee this will be intresting.
15:01orion2012 sorry
15:01orion2012 wrong chan
15:02Chutt what's the error?
15:02orion2012 cddecoder.cpp: In member function `void CdDecoder::flush(bool)':
15:02orion2012 cddecoder.cpp:74: error: could not convert `(*(((Decoder*)this)->Decoder::output()->AudioOutput::_vptr.AudioOutput + 24u))(((Decoder*)this)->Decoder::output(), ((CdDecoder*)this)->CdDecoder::output_buf, samples, -0x000000001ll)' to `bool'
15:02orion2012 cddecoder.cpp: In member function `virtual void CdDecoder::run()':
15:02orion2012 cddecoder.cpp:219: error: 'class AudioOutput' has no member named 'Drain'
15:03Chutt you're not compiling against cvs mythtv
15:03Chutt very simple =)
15:03beavis confiscated ;)
15:03orion2012 doh
15:03o_cee heheheh
15:03Chutt need to install it
15:03Chutt not just compile it
15:03orion2012 I did
15:03orion2012 using gentoo cvs-ebuilds
15:04Chutt heh
15:04beavis mythfrontend --version
15:04Chutt sounds like they're broken
15:04orion2012 I rmmed the libs before I isntalled
15:04Chutt you're missing the updated header files, not the libs
15:04orion2012 ah
15:04Chutt i really wish people would stop using those damn broken gentoo cvs ebuilds
15:04beavis what are you using Chutt?
15:05o_cee hahahahah
15:05Chutt uh, source?
15:05o_cee man cvs
15:05beavis which distribution?
15:05Chutt debian
15:05Chutt ubuntu for my tv box
15:05beavis :) is there a way to get the debian/ dir into cvs?
15:05Chutt no
15:06Chutt mdz doesn't like doing that, and i agree
15:06beavis I've fixed some little bugs in mdz's dir but there is no way to commit it to everybody
15:06Chutt you send it to mdz, and he incorporates it in the next version :p
15:06mdz beavis: you could send it to me
15:07mdz beavis: are you the guy who is distributing the cvs debs?
15:07beavis is there a way to put a diff for the cvs builds?
15:07mdz to be honest, I don't keep the packaging up to date with CVS; I update it when a release happens
15:08beavis mdz, that's what people miss on debian ;) no way to use myth with cvs
15:08Chutt you use it from source
15:08orion2012 erm, how can I make sure everything from the older CVS checkout is positively gone?
15:08Chutt binary cvs packages are a sin against nature
15:08mdz I install cvs into/opt/mythtv or such for testing
15:08Chutt i thought about using that line last night when someone brought up auto*
15:09beavis mdz, I'm not distributing them, I just change the debian/ files and give the diff file to some people
15:09Chutt dopester, want jesper's patch in cvs, or wait?
15:10mdz beavis: I'm thinking about doing the packaging in arch
15:10beavis mdz, so what's about putting a diff file for cvs users to your repository
15:10mdz but I shudder to think what would happen if I tried to import mythtv CVS into arch, given what Chutt has done with the repository ;-)
15:11Chutt bad things
15:11Chutt bad things...
15:11Chutt hate losing history =)
15:13mdz beavis: if you want to maintain it, I could drop it in a directory on my web server or something
15:13beavis I've checked some of the packages with lintian, they're buggy now in cvs.
15:14beavis sure would be great mdz
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15:14o_cee Chutt, we'd need an updated themestrings.h before the next release as well :)
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15:16Chutt yea yea
15:16Chutt eventually
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15:16o_cee :)
15:16beavis mdz, why don't you want to have the debian files in CVS?
15:16Chutt i'll try to do it tonight
15:16o_cee great
15:18* kvandivo updates his gentoo system to latest cvs without, amazingly enough, touching an ebuild.
15:18mdz beavis: because mythtv releases and package releases will be out of sync, don't want people to distribute CVS debs anyway, shipping a Debian diff when there's a debian/ dir in the upstream source is a pain, and the debian/ in CVS will have screwed up versioning
15:18Chutt <gasp>
15:18Chutt i didn't think it was possible!
15:20beavis mdz, I'm just building packages with a date string every day (0.16.20050126)
15:20mdz beavis: two different builds done on the same day will be different
15:21mdz even the source in CVS will have changed
15:21beavis then they just get a -1 after the version number
15:22mdz who is going to put the -1 there?
15:23mdz everyone who builds a deb from CVS?
15:23mdz I don't think they should all have commit access ;-)
15:23beavis I've created a script where dch uses a date string, if you try to build on the same day it just creates -1 after the date
15:23mdz that only works if you are the only one doing builds, and if you are the only one doing builds, there's no point in putting it in CVS
15:24beavis dch -v 0.16.20050126-1 cvs from $date
15:24mdz anyway, that was only one in a list of reasons
15:24mdz I know how to use dch, thanks
15:25beavis well so it's perhaps a good idea to put a diff to your rep only
15:25mdz I don't mind doing it, but I don't see why it matters whether it goes on my server or somewhere else
15:25mdz it just means that you'll need to wait for me to publish it before it's available
15:26beavis It's just difficult for debian users to use CVS builds
15:26Chutt tell em to use cvs directly
15:26Chutt i have no problems doing that
15:26beavis make && make install on debian?
15:27Chutt 'course
15:27beavis so you're using /usr/local/ as $PREFIX then
15:27Chutt yup, but i could change that if i cared
15:28Chutt the uninstall target _does_ work
15:29beavis it's the only possible way to use /usr/local, /usr only could corrupt apt
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15:31Chutt how could it corrupt apt?
15:32Dibblah Anyone any idea when --only-keep-debug appeared in strip? Is it too recent to rely on?
15:33beavis it's the usual way to install non-apt packages with PREFIX set to /usr/local/
15:33Chutt of course, but there's nothing forcing you to.
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15:34Dibblah (Seems like it might be an interesting way to give everyone symbols)
15:35Chutt got to compile without opts
15:35Chutt as well
15:35Chutt can't just use symbols
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15:36Dibblah I'm not sure about "got to"... Unless you're using unit-at-a-time, only functions are optimised internally, therefore at least the stack trace should be good?
15:36Chutt nope
15:36Dibblah Okay.
15:36Chutt it inlines lots of things with optimizations on
15:37Chutt makes it really hard to figure out what's going on in gdb
15:37Dibblah This sounds like bad experience :)
15:37Chutt happens all the time
15:38Dibblah Oh well. Sounded like an easy win, too.
15:39beavis mdz, what'd be the best way to permit people to send patches to the debian/ dir just to always have a way to get cvs compatible debian/ files?
15:39mdz beavis: you could set up a cvs repository with just the debian/ dir in it, if you really want to
15:40mdz beavis: do you have people sending you patches?
15:40mdz (I don't)
15:40Chutt i wish i didn't, at times
15:40Chutt fixing other people's stuff isn't much fun
15:40orion2012 K, nuked the headers, all is right with the world now, sorry for stupidity. But you're not confiscating my PC :)
15:40Chutt heh
15:40mdz Chutt: want to add all of debian/ to that list? ;-)
15:40beavis arpm packages are often changing
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15:41Chutt heh, no
15:41mdz beavis: the other problem is that the debian diff contains more than just the debian/ dir
15:41Dibblah Chutt: Thanks a lot for all your manual work on DVB, btw.
15:41mdz beavis: so it would require a separate branch
15:41mdz and branching in CVS _sucks_
15:42beavis mdz, I don't have people sending patches, I'm patching them now and distribute them if anyone needs them
15:43beavis mdz, yes cvs branching sucks. I'm the cvs admin in my team, I know all the questions by heart
15:45Chutt hrm
15:45Chutt cvs packages are evil, yet, i don't know if people fucking up their own compiles and complaining about it to the list is worse
15:46Chutt i mean, if you really don't know about the -d option to update, you kinda shouldn't be using cvs for everyday stuff
15:46Dibblah Less fun is the libmyth* linking against prefix/lib rather than the newly-built libs...
15:47Chutt it's not
15:47Chutt it's because some smart person thought that /usr/X11R6/lib should be a symlink to /usr/lib
15:47Chutt is that true on your box?
15:48Dibblah Nope.
15:48Chutt it shouldn't be linking against installed libs, then
15:48Dibblah Nope. I agree there.
15:49Dibblah Ugh. It's true in Gentoo, though. How much brokenness can one distro exhibit?
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15:51Dibblah Doh. Of course, you're right. Looking at the box where I remember seeing the problem is a better diagnostic than a different box.
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16:23orion2012 Dibblah: Could you elaborate about Gentoo? Not trying to pick a fight or anything, just curious.
16:27Beirdo hehe. maybe in the -users channel would be a better venue for that
16:27Beirdo we are due for an argument anyways
16:27orion2012 no really, not trying to argue, really just wondering
16:27Chutt a lot of it is the users
16:28orion2012 Oh.
16:28Chutt and the brokenass cvs ebuild that all of them seem to insist on using
16:28* orion2012 blushes
16:28Beirdo and for me another part of it is the insistance to make Linux look like FreeBSD
16:29orion2012 Ok, last question then I'll take it to -users, what do you both use?
16:29Chutt debian, here
16:29Beirdo FC1 here
16:29Beirdo which has its own bevy of idiocy, I'll grant
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16:57o_cee thor, that mythfilldatabase update only affects dd still?
16:59o_cee looks like it. --help should say so at least
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17:31Tommck Is there an "FM" that I can "R" about the Myth development process?
17:31--- ---> vagrant [] has joined #mythtv
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17:39Tommck ping
17:41mikegrb yes, the source
17:41Tommck the source code documents its process too?
17:41Tommck I'm talking about the life cycle of the software.. how it gets developed.. patched, etc.
17:41mikegrb cvs
17:41mikegrb logs
17:42mikegrb dev mailing list archives
17:42Tommck so, it's not documented then
17:42Tommck I'm not talking about the past and the history...
17:42mikegrb yes, it is, just not in an easily digestible form\
17:42Tommck I'm talking about the structure of the development process... who decides what software goes into the builds, etc.
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17:43mikegrb yes
17:43mikegrb you will find this in list archives
17:43Tommck oh..
17:43Tommck so, if someone tells me to RTFM when I'm talking about this, I can tell them to shove it? :)
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17:44Beirdo RTFM :)
17:44Tommck shove it! :)
17:44Beirdo there we go
17:44Tommck hehe
17:44--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:45Tommck well... if I were to propose a change to mythfilldatabase, what should my first step be (I'm proposing I do the changes too)
17:46--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:46o_cee mail -dev
17:47Tommck cool... mail the idea in... see what people say... (subscribe to the list first too)
17:47o_cee indeed. -commit as well..
17:47Tommck ok... cross-post or just cross-subscribe?
17:48o_cee sub
17:48o_cee -com is ro
17:48o_cee damn i'm not feeling well. need to get some sleep instead
17:48Tommck ahh.. ok
17:49--- <<-- vagrant [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:50dopester chutt: wait on jespers patch.. i told him to make it just so we could get it out there but only part of it do i want the way it is..
17:51dopester i was going to seperate it into 2 pathces and submit what i wanted added.. the buffer changing code needs to be user definable and im not sure what a good default is since it depends on the ammount of EPG that needs processing..
17:51--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
17:55Chutt Tommck, suggestions that come with patches receive much more consideration than those that don't.
17:55Chutt dopester, why's it need to be user defineable?
17:57Tommck Chutt - I hear you...
17:58Tommck I will be making an attempt at the patch too. just figured I'd get feedback on the idea also
17:59--- ---> kurre2 [] has joined #mythtv
18:01kurre2 hmm, any known bugs/features where the mythbackend goes into a loop with msg: BACKEND_MESSAGE[]:[]SCHEDULER_CHANGE[]:[]empty ?
18:02--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:03* Tommck is off to hack
18:03--- <--- Tommck [] has left #mythtv ()
18:06--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
18:09Chutt kurre2, it's going to be fixed tonight.
18:14--- User: *** customsex is now known as l0ser
18:20kurre2 ok, great
18:32Chutt anyone use mythvideo?
18:33greem not much, but some.
18:33Chutt and willing to test? =)
18:33Chutt i just went through and changed all the sql queries
18:33Chutt but don't really feel like testing it much
18:34greem hm, I'll just do a backup and then I'll be ready to try it
18:35Chutt it'll just be in cvs in a bit.
18:37greem okay, i'm ready :)
18:37Chutt naw, i broke it
18:37Chutt heh
18:39greem oh, well at least I got my database backed up :)
18:44--- ---> Roots^ [] has joined #mythtv
18:45--- ---> Anduin_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:46--- <<-- Anduin_ [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
18:46--- ---> Anduin_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:46--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
18:46--- User: *** Anduin_ is now known as Anduin
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18:50--- ---> laga [] has joined #mythtv
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18:53--- ---> gom [] has joined #mythtv
18:53--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> jwhite [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> wswanson [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> levon [~levon@] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> l0ser [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> pigeon [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> Starv [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> johnnyST [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> m0j0 [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> DonLKSAB [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> FatDarrel [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- ---> flatronf700B [] has joined #mythtv
18:56--- <<-- levon [~levon@] has quit (Excess Flood)
18:56--- ---> levon [~levon@] has joined #mythtv
19:01--- ---> synwave [] has joined #mythtv
19:01synwave hi
19:01synwave my mythtv setup suddently doesn't want to record audio anymore.
19:01synwave can anyone offer any advice as to where to look?
19:02synwave it plays audio from previously recorded programmes just fine
19:06--- <<-- greem [] has quit ("leaving")
19:07synwave hello?
19:07synwave my mic input works fine
19:07synwave but aplay /dev/dsp does not work
19:08gr8nash wrong channel
19:08--- <--- gr8nash [] has left #mythtv ()
19:08--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
19:09synwave um
19:09dopester chutt: buffer should be user definable because i bet 80% of the users don't need much more than 16k but if there is tons of data it could require something larger like a few megs
19:09synwave how is that the wrong channel?
19:10Anduin synwave - #mythtv-users is what he's trying to direct you to
19:10Chutt synwave, read the topic.
19:10Chutt dopester, it can't grow as necessary?
19:10synwave ahh
19:10synwave alright. thanks :)
19:11dopester chutt: thats one idea i was thinking of as well.. thats why i dont want it in there :)
19:11dopester i dont want to hemmmorage ram if there is no need to
19:12Chutt i'm opposed to unnecessary settings
19:12thor_ heh
19:13dopester you should know i am too.. ive tried to make dvb as settingless as possible
19:14--- ---> vagrant__ [] has joined #mythtv
19:14dopester i guess i misspoke before.. the buffering still needs to be played with and it if has to be user definable a decent default chosen
19:14Chutt what's the buffer for?
19:15dopester buffering the epg data while processing it
19:15Chutt so, why's it have to have a size?
19:15dopester the buffer now holds 2 tables (8k) which if there is alot of guide it can be filled too fast
19:15dopester cause thats how the drivers are
19:15Chutt no, why aren't you simply dumping it into a vector or whatnot
19:15dopester i could add another thread to parse it and read it, but thats even crazier than just increasing the buffer a tad
19:15Chutt grow it automatically
19:16dopester the buffer is in the driver
19:16dopester once it hits myth it in qmaps
19:16Chutt so, what's the problem?
19:16Chutt read from the driver as you get it, and you're fine
19:16dopester if parsing the data takes longer than the read time of 2 packets you fill the drivers buffer
19:16dopester if the frequency of 2 tables is high you can fill it too quick
19:17Chutt heh
19:17Chutt ok
19:17Chutt you saw the most recent patch on the -dev list?
19:17dopester jespers stuff?
19:17Chutt no
19:17Chutt anders hanson
19:17--- <--- synwave [] has left #mythtv ()
19:17dopester let me get over there i got a new boss today at work so ive been on the phone since 3pm
19:18dopester holy crap -dev is getting as bad as -users
19:19dopester that patch is garbage
19:19dopester 0x4E and 0x4F is current/next events only
19:19dopester you cant schedule from that
19:19dopester sure it looks nice in livetv but it serves no purpose so i ignore them
19:21--- <<-- vagrant__ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:22dopester taken care of.. :)
19:24--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit ()
19:28--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
19:29--- ---> vagrant__ [] has joined #mythtv
19:35--- <<-- gom [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:44--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:10--- ---> coffee412 [] has joined #mythtv
20:17dopester chutt: is Nigels db schema issue as crazy as I think it is?
20:33--- <<-- coffee412 [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:40--- ---> ablyler [] has joined #mythtv
20:41ablyler are there any known issues where when watching something on mythtv, the clock drifts?
20:42ablyler it is only happening when i watch live tv... i have not recorded any thing yet
20:42ablyler if I am on the menu, the clock stays where it should
20:42ablyler but as soon as I start to watch tv... it drifts at about .5 seconds a second
20:53--- <<-- ablyler [] has quit ("leaving")
20:58--- <<-- vagrant__ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:03--- ---> vagrant [] has joined #mythtv
21:08--- ---> gr8nash-home [] has joined #mythtv
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21:18--- ---> Roots^ [] has joined #mythtv
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21:23--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
21:27--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Connection timed out)
21:34Anduin I haven't dug too deep into it yet but I think the scheduler is a broken a little, at least for channel recordings (this is the second time it has missed one, the first I though was a fluke)
21:35Anduin In both scenarios the scheduled start of the show was a minute or two past the hour.
21:37Anduin In both cases kicking the scheduler after it should have started recording has made it start.
21:40--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
22:07--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:16dopester chutt: do you see any problems with removing the old useless dvb tables from the schema?
22:16--- ---> greenghost [] has joined #mythtv
22:17Chutt nope
22:19dopester k i thought they were all just whining for no reason :)
22:22dopester chutt: any issue with me putting all the si/psip table parsing debug in a new loglevel?
22:31Chutt nope
22:37--- ---> mae^ [] has joined #mythtv
22:42dopester wow 2 more networks are sending good psip today over yesterday
22:45--- ---> squeegy_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:46Beirdo they saw ya coming
22:46dopester naw psip mandate at tne end of the month
22:47dopester doug larrick eat my shorts :)
22:47Beirdo heh
22:48Beirdo Chutt: just a heads up, there's a guy mumbling about using autotool to replace qmake for mythtv :)
22:50Beirdo and surprise... he's a Gentoo dev, and I think the guy who's making the busted CVS ebuilds :)
22:51dopester all these retards are making gentoo just look completley broken.. grr.. you just have to know what you are doing.. :)
22:51Beirdo you tell that to Cardoe
22:51dopester libmpeg2 is a huge speed improvement
22:52Beirdo oh hell, I was gonna try that, forgot
22:52Beirdo thanks for the reminder :)
22:52dopester yeah im watching 1080i on my amd2000+ dev box with almost smooth video
22:52gr8nash-home | dopester.. how much of a difference with libmpeg2 do you see?
22:52dopester ffmpeg couldnt do more than what seemed like 4 frames at a time without pausing
22:53--- <<-- squeegy [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:53gr8nash-home | how does libmpeg2 do and what are you specs?
22:54Beirdo uses more CPU here
22:54dopester amd2000+, 512mb ram, GeForce4 MX 440
22:54Beirdo was 19% without, 30% with
22:54dopester it might use more cpu i havent looked
22:54dopester it could do intelligent frame dropping or something
22:55gr8nash-home | you can play HD content with a 2000+
22:55Beirdo but I really don't need it for PVR-250 playback anyways
22:55Beirdo just thought I'd try it
22:56dopester no its not fast enough, but i get 5 seconds or so between glitches in video/audio with libmpeg2 but with ffmpeg it can't even play 1/2 second without it glitching
22:56gr8nash-home | impressive
22:57dopester cpu is pegged with both ffmpeg and libmpeg2 :)
22:57Beirdo I'll try again some other time with debug off (ie with optimizations)
22:57dopester so thats not much of a test
22:58Beirdo <Beirdo> Cardoe: well, convince Isaac to change, and I wish you luck
22:58Beirdo <Cardoe> +Beirdo: well I'm gonna write the patch
22:58Beirdo <Cardoe> +and then give it to him.
22:58Beirdo <Cardoe> +I pulled CVS locally and setup a CVS repository.
22:58Beirdo <Cardoe> +so I can make those changes.
22:58gr8nash-home | dang if lost wasnt going to record i would do the test on my HD system
22:58Beirdo what a nut
22:59dopester yep :)
22:59Beirdo <Cardoe> +Not forking... just so I can keep my changes clean.
22:59dopester i gotta figure out how to generate categories for atsc..
22:59Beirdo all sorts of nutcases
23:00* gr8nash-home is excited to try libmpeg2
23:01Chutt heh
23:01Chutt that's funny
23:01Chutt no autojunk in myth
23:01Beirdo I know, you aren't a fan. :)
23:02Chutt if it didn't suck horribly, i wouldn't care
23:02Beirdo as I said to him earlier... Good luck convincing Isaac to abandon qmake for autotools
23:02Beirdo others have tried and failed
23:02Chutt there are _5_ versions of automake in debian unstable
23:02dopester is it really that hard to build myth?
23:03Chutt all incompatable with each other
23:03Beirdo I personally like the autotools for my own stuff, but I don't think it would mix well with the Qt environment in MythTV
23:03Chutt it's not even that
23:03Beirdo and yeah, they are all individually busted
23:03Chutt it's that each and every point release of autoconf and automake completely break things
23:03Chutt libtool's nasty
23:03Snow-Man libtool *is* nasty.
23:03Beirdo you kinda would have to pick one and stick with it, but qmake works fairly well, why change
23:04Chutt and they add almost a megabyte to the distribution
23:04Beirdo how true
23:04Chutt i don't have a problem if people move stuff from to the configure script, though
23:04Beirdo Hey, it's your project, and what we have works. :)
23:05Beirdo qmake occasionally has issues too, but we survive
23:05dopester man atsc even with 1 day of guide is pretty cool.. :)
23:06dopester too bad its going to be all but impossible to do it in myth in 5 months
23:06Beirdo in the USA :) We'll see in Canada
23:06Snow-Man C++ interfaces are a pain in the ass anyway. :)
23:07dopester like they are going to make a custom run for all 200 people in canada who ar going to know about it
23:07--- ---> _hamsta [] has joined #mythtv
23:07Beirdo hehe, you have a good point there
23:08dopester nothing personal but unblocked 800mhz scanners are hard to find up there even though there is no law keeping them from being sold up there.. you guys just got screwed by american law
23:08Beirdo Cardoe is gonna have fun when his patches get rejected
23:08Beirdo dopester: that is true
23:08Chutt when?
23:08Chutt they're already rejected
23:09Chutt :p
23:09Beirdo yes, but he's not fully aware of that yet
23:09Beirdo :)
23:09Chutt tell him to come in here, and i'll discuss it
23:09Beirdo sure.
23:10Beirdo <Beirdo> Hey Cardoe: if you wanna discuss it with Isaac, pop over to #mythtv
23:10dopester this i gotta see
23:10Beirdo we'll see if he comes
23:11--- ---> Cardoe [~Cardoe@Cardoe.developer.gentoo] has joined #mythtv
23:11Cardoe hello
23:11Chutt howdy
23:13Beirdo so ya gonna discuss yer plans, Cardoe?
23:15* Beirdo sighs
23:16Beirdo wake me up should anything happen... gonna be working on nuvexport a bit
23:17Chutt heh
23:17Beirdo seems that the new transcode gaks on some MPEG files, so changing stuff around to use ffmpeg more
23:18Chutt Cardoe, so...?
23:22--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:24Chutt hrmph
23:24Chutt mythnews doesn't handle utf8 in the db properly
23:24--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25Beirdo wonder how many people use mythnews?
23:25gr8nash-home | *cough*
23:26dopester thats the rss feed plugin?
23:26Beirdo yep
23:27dopester tried it once maybe..
23:27Beirdo same here, don't even compile it anymore, personally
23:27gr8nash-home | i think its cool
23:28gr8nash-home | keeps me upto date on hollywood gossip
23:28dopester just seemed tedious to use compared to a computer :)
23:29Beirdo wow, Cardoe's so vocal.
23:30--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:32Cardoe yes
23:32Cardoe I'm loud
23:32Cardoe Chutt: autotools mainly.
23:32--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
23:32Cardoe cause qmake is the devil.
23:33Cardoe It uses badly ordered -L's which has been causing compile issues
23:33Cardoe at least for me and a bunch of Gentoo users.
23:40Chutt heh
23:40Chutt the problem there is that /usr/X11R6/lib is a symlink to /usr/lib
23:41Chutt that's the cause of it
23:41Chutt and since all the -Ls are specified by me, I don't think that'd be hard to change.
23:43Chutt next objection?
23:43dopester its amazing that never has caused me a problem compiling with gentoo here :)
23:44dopester of course ive only compiled myth maybe 2 times :)
23:50Chutt you keep the prefix as usr/local, though, right?
23:53dopester yep
23:54Chutt right, so it doesn't find libs in what it thinks is /usr/X11R6/lib (which comes before the local compile dirs on the link line)
23:54--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
23:54dopester this more broken ebuild crap? :)
23:54Chutt naw
23:55Chutt it's something which could pretty easily be fixed by reordering things in the .pro files
23:55Chutt but apparently it's cause to throw out qmake and use auto*
23:56dopester ahh yes i see the logic now
23:56Cardoe Chutt: well.. actually qmake adds them itself..
23:57--- <<-- nullman [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:57Cardoe I reordered it already
23:57Cardoe even removed it
23:57--- ---> nullman [] has joined #mythtv
23:57Cardoe qmake adds it on its own
23:57Cardoe brb
23:57--- <<-- Cardoe [~Cardoe@Cardoe.developer.gentoo] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:57xris anyone know if the season/episode number stuff ever got put into the program table? I see syndicatedepisodenumber, but it's seemingly not correct.
23:57Chutt xris, i think o_cee's still working on the patch
23:57Chutt that info's not guaranteed correct, though
23:58Chutt zap2it just passes on whatever they're given
23:58xris Chutt: ahh, ok. cool enough. was talking to someone in the users channel about it earlier today and he seemed to think that it was already there.
23:58xris yeah, the zap2it thing is a given.
23:58xris but syndicatedepisodenumber returns stuff like "EA1E04"
23:58xris which makes no sense at all. heh.
23:59Chutt yeah
23:59xris anyway, thanks. guess I should go poke at recording types again.
23:59dopester thats seperate from ProgramID right?
23:59Chutt zap2it's said before that the only thing they can guarantee correct is the programid
23:59xris my pvr-150 test is almost a bust. (but shows promise)
---Logclosed Thu Jan 27 00:00:22 2005