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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-01-27

---Logopened Thu Jan 27 00:00:26 2005
00:00dopester programid comes from xmltv and isn't created by myth though right?
00:00Chutt right
00:01* dopester wipes his head
00:01Chutt heh, where'd cardoe go
00:01Chutt all you have to do to get rid of the internal -L/usr/X11R6/lib is stick 'QMAKE_LIBDIR_X11 = ' in
00:02Chutt xris, are you ok with the (very rough) release schedule?
00:04xris if it's 1.5+ weeks, I should be fine
00:04Chutt i was thinking late next weekend
00:04xris just a matter of balancing coding time with wife time. :)
00:04Chutt yeah
00:04xris yeah, should be fine
00:04Chutt cool
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00:05dopester chutt: are you doing a code freeze at any point?
00:05Chutt naw
00:05Chutt never do that
00:05xris heh
00:06dopester not even while you tag cvs? :)
00:06xris you're as bad as I am
00:06Chutt if someone fucks stuff up when i'm tagging cvs, they can fix it
00:06fman right-o
00:06fman just compiling latest myth under powerpc
00:06fman see if this works
00:07fman would be nice if it does
00:08fman hmm
00:08fman deb sid misc
00:08fman ops
00:08Chutt there's a couple things in to set if you're doing that
00:08fman yep
00:08fman cc1plus: error: invalid option `arch=pentiumpro'
00:09fman any idea what off the top of your head?
00:09Chutt look at the macx sections
00:09fman ok
00:09fman this is debian ppc (btw - just making sure)
00:09dopester beirdo: fe runs good on your g3 now right?
00:10Beirdo I haven't tried in a while :)
00:11dopester too little time to dick with building it on my powerbook
00:11fman ok, just changed the processor type
00:11Chutt other stuff won't work if you just do that
00:11fman couldn't see anything else ppc specific (apart from darwin stuff)
00:12fman but this aint darwin (so, not sure)
00:12Chutt arch_ppc
00:12Chutt etc
00:12fman hmm
00:12fman that aint in settings
00:14Chutt bottom of it
00:14fman is this stuff documented? The instructions mention different processor types
00:14Chutt not really
00:14fman but not ppc specificallys
00:14fman mainly x86 variants
00:14Chutt it's been on the mailing list
00:15fman ok sorry :)
00:15fman hopefully I'm not pissing yo guys off
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00:18Cardoe ok back now
00:18Chutt cardoe, i just checked in a one line fix to cvs that gets rid of the early -L/usr/X11R6/lib
00:19Chutt really hard and timeconsuming :p
00:22xris man, this recording stuff in mythweb is a horrid mess.
00:22Chutt heh
00:22laroth__ Having an issue with CVS from tonight. When I delete a program, I get the following repeating in the output from mythbackend:
00:22laroth__ 2005-01-27 00:20:40.042 51 BACKEND_MESSAGE[]:[]RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE[]:[]e...
00:22Chutt laroth, already reported, fix going in to cvs soon.
00:22laroth__ Cool
00:22laroth__ thanks.
00:23xris I'm thinking that I really just want to split the recording schedules editor out of the specific-program schedule editor.
00:23Beirdo so I shouldn't delete anything for a moment? :)
00:23xris so much old code. blech.
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00:23Chutt it's been broken since sunday or so
00:24Chutt that's the 2nd report, besides bruce :p
00:24Chutt should only happen with a slave backend in the mix
00:24laroth__ I don't have a slave backend.
00:25Chutt <shrug>
00:25Chutt might not be fixed for you, then :p
00:25laroth__ Is it only deleting that causes it?
00:25dopester chutt i think you would accel at a help desk :)
00:25Beirdo ahh
00:25Chutt nope
00:25Beirdo OK, I don't use a slave backend, so I'll assume I'm fine for now
00:30Chutt heh
00:31Chutt mythgallery had 6 sets of identical code to get the rotation angle from the db
00:32Beirdo nice :)
00:35xris ok, this is a SERIOUS mess.
00:36fman nope - I can't find what has to be done to get this to compile
00:36fman mailing list mentions patches, but these messages were back in 2003, so would hope these patches have been integrated into mythtv by now?
00:38Chutt everything's in cvs
00:39fman so not 0.16 then
00:39fman ?
00:39Chutt 'course not
00:39fman reall
00:39fman y
00:39fman man
00:40fman ok - pulling down cvs now
00:40fman so, is the settings file different for this version then?
00:40Chutt yup
00:41fman ah, thats nice :)
00:44GreyFoxx ld: cannot find -lXext
00:44GreyFoxx Well, that's new since tonight :)
00:44Chutt heh
00:44Chutt oops
00:44Chutt ah well
00:44Chutt paste the link line for me?
00:44Chutt i'll fix it, but i need that
00:46Chutt heh
00:49Cardoe Chutt: btw. I removed the /usr/X11R6/lib references before.. qmake just readded them
00:50Chutt cardoe, you didn't remove it right.
00:51Chutt you can override everything qmake adds
00:51Chutt see GreyFoxx's link right there
00:51Chutt i messed it up =)
00:51Chutt anyway
00:51Chutt is that the only reason you want to break stuff enough to redo it with auto*
00:51Chutt ?
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00:54o_c Chutt, did you look at the mythfill patch i sent to you and bruce? need to change some of the sql, but besides from that i'm happy with it. happy as a little fish. yesh. g'morning btw.
00:54--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
00:55Chutt heh
00:55o_cee sql updates that is, not set origairdate as notnull
00:56o_cee messed up stuff in other places, and not necesarry
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00:57o_cee the only thing you might want is that i make it optional with a flag, but i don't really think it's needed
00:58o_cee bbiab, need to shower and stuff ;)
00:59Chutt GreyFoxx, update again
00:59Chutt Cardoe, anyway, in current mythcvs, the -L/usr/X11R6/lib isn't until the end now.
00:59Chutt that should fix some of your users' problems.
00:59fryfrog woo woo
00:59fryfrog must have been a pretty recent change? last day or two?
01:01Chutt last hour
01:01GreyFoxx Crabbing now
01:01fryfrog spiffy
01:02Chutt laroth__, still here?
01:02laroth__ yeah
01:03Chutt i just checked, and you should be fixed by the same patch
01:03Chutt this was a master -> master loop, not a master->slave one
01:03laroth__ cool. I'll update now. Thanks
01:03Chutt same root cause, though
01:03Chutt it's not in cvs yet
01:03Chutt :p
01:03Chutt David Engel's testing it
01:04laroth__ right.
01:05hadees to track down a problem in mythtv that causing a seg fault do i just need to run mythfrontend and mythbackend in gdb?
01:06Chutt you need to run whatever's dying
01:06hadees well it is mythbackend but it seems like it doesn't happen till mythfrontend trys to connect to it, and even then it takes a while to happen
01:07hadees what ever causing it started from the changes in cvs today
01:07Chutt just the backend should be enough.
01:07hadees should i post that to the dev list or the user?
01:08Chutt dev
01:08hadees k, thx
01:12* GreyFoxx taps his fingers as myth compiles.
01:12GreyFoxx I'mway past that last error though :)
01:12Beirdo good stuff
01:13Chutt lemme know if there's more like that
01:13Chutt i didn't do a full recompile, obviously :p
01:13GreyFoxx Heh
01:14GreyFoxx I'll know in a moment or so
01:15Chutt it takes me too long
01:16GreyFoxx hehe yeah I know the feeling
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01:22GreyFoxx All compiled without error
01:23GreyFoxx root@woop:/home/mythtv/mythtv/mythtv# /etc/rc.d/rc.mythtv stop
01:23GreyFoxx Shutting down MythBackend
01:23GreyFoxx root@woop:/home/mythtv/mythtv/mythtv# make install
01:23GreyFoxx oops
01:24Chutt heh
01:24streamtrade clear
01:24Chutt bed time
01:25Chutt o_cee, sorry, no themestrings update tonight :(
01:25GreyFoxx nnenight
01:25o_cee Chutt, m'kay, maybe tomorrow :) nighty night
01:29GreyFoxx hehe running using libmpeg2 + denoise3d uses 83% of my cpu, 30% without denoise3d .... ffmpeg uses 22% and 70% with denoise3d
01:30GreyFoxx But alas I have no HD content to play with :)
01:30fryfrog is libmpeg2 a filter?
01:30Chutt alternate decoder
01:30GreyFoxx No, alternative decoder library
01:30fryfrog ah
01:30Chutt greyfoxx, it seems to use more on SD sized video
01:30Chutt but less on HD
01:30GreyFoxx ahhh ok.
01:30Chutt i can play 1080i on my 1800+ with it, but can't with ffmpeg
01:30fryfrog how do you specify what decode lib it uses?
01:30Chutt config option
01:31fryfrog ah
01:31Chutt first screen of the playback settings
01:31fryfrog spiffy, looking forward to seeing it
01:32dopester yeah im liking libmpeg2 :)
01:34GreyFoxx Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to try and configure my dvb card under myth
01:34GreyFoxx if anything get cleaner looking recordings than what I get off regular cable :)
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01:42fman any of you devs able to help with this build problem
01:42fman can I dump some output
01:42fman ?
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01:43ecliptik I just got mythtv working, but for some reason my tv-tuner is gettin black & white fuzzy channels
01:44ecliptik I can use tvtime and then "fine tune" each channel and it appears correctly, is there a way to do this with mythtv? or perhaps to all the channels at once through a module option, etc?
01:45hadees ecliptik, topic
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02:17fman ok dev guys, how do I skip compiling of libmythmpeg2
02:17fman seems to have some x86 specific code in it
02:36Riff-Raff is it possible to use OSD when using hardware mpeg2 decoder, for example pvr-250 or 350 ?
02:36Dibblah Topic?
02:37Riff-Raff I'm on the right channel, this is from development's point of view :)
02:38Riff-Raff right now my dvb subtitling code is in avformatdecoder but I'm wondering if it should also support ivtvdecoder
02:38Riff-Raff hence the question
02:39Dibblah Sorry :)
02:40Chutt yes.
02:44Dibblah Riff-Raff: Where are you storing the subtitles?
02:44Riff-Raff they are in the recording
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02:44Dibblah (Might be an interesting addition to the commercial flagging arsenal)
02:47Riff-Raff maybe
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02:48Dibblah (With the new 'all' method, things add to the potential "advertismentishness" of a frame... Maybe keywords / cadence are different in ads)
02:49Riff-Raff dvb subtitles are bitmaps so using words would require ocr
02:49Dibblah Oh. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Cadence should still be cheap, though?
02:50Riff-Raff what is cadence?
02:50Dibblah Speed / pattern.
02:57Chutt riff-raff, that 'yes' was to you, btw
02:59Riff-Raff so I figured, also checked the code
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08:41Cardoe speaking of subtitles...
08:42Cardoe does anyone actually have them on their commericals?
08:42Cardoe I don't.
08:43Cardoe be a sure fire way on Cox Cable (and possibly others) to detect
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11:19gr8nash Ill just throw this out there and let it sink. =) mythdvd ripping in the newer distros (the ones i tried. FC2 and R5 knoppmyth) takes ~9 hours + on excellent. R4v5 takes ~3 hours same qualite ALOT less processor. I have been googleing it for a few months and no one on -users knows. if any devs know would you come to users and explain anything you know about this?
11:20laga gr8nash: mythdvd uses mtd, right? and mtd uses transcode. it's probably an issue with the version of transcode?
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12:13likewhoa is anybody out theerreee...
12:13* likewhoa hears an echo
12:14o_cee hm
12:14likewhoa you alive
12:14likewhoa if not wake up man, i wanna record some shows..
12:14o_cee then have a look at the topic man.
12:14likewhoa oopps
12:16likewhoa thanx o_cee
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12:35kvandivo like, whoa... he left..
12:36mikegrb yes.
12:47Beirdo hehe
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13:58o_cee Chutt, is there any good way to handle null checks in qt, for sql stuff? i mean, i need to use sql's isnull, but that makes it kinda hard to define the query..
13:58Chutt nope
13:58o_cee (i don't want to use isnull)
13:58Chutt better to define things as not null
13:58o_cee bah, k. i'll just remove originalairdate from the update check
13:58Chutt and ensure that they're not null
13:59o_cee yeah, but it broke stuff elsewhere that i don't want to tackle right now
14:00o_cee hm however i could change it to notnull in program, and leave it as it is now in recorded..
14:00Chutt i wouldn't do it at this stage
14:00Chutt after the release, sure
14:00o_cee m'kay
14:00o_cee was hoping to get this stuff in though, the other parts
14:00Chutt right, just don't break the queries if you don't have to yet :p
14:01o_cee i'll try :P
14:02o_cee will wrap it up and send it to you, but bruce has been following it from the beginning so it should be allright ;) hehe
14:02Chutt just ask bruce to test it
14:02o_cee yeah
14:02Chutt he can commit it too, if you don't want to
14:03o_cee heh, just afraid to break stuff, but i've been testing it for a long time now so ;)
14:15o_cee the schedule notify thingie david changed in mythfilldatabase and other places prints out stuff now..
14:15o_cee 2005-01-27 20:15:14.186 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
14:15o_cee 2005-01-27 20:15:14.199 Using protocol version 14
14:16o_cee has to come from that
14:19Beirdo looks like I have some debugging to do tonight
14:19Beirdo 2005-01-27 11:30:00.005 Finished recording Oliver's Twist on channel: 1057
14:19Beirdo 2005-01-27 11:35:00.055 ReadStringList timeout.
14:19Beirdo 2005-01-27 12:35:50.168 unknown socket
14:19Beirdo 2005-01-27 12:38:19.610 waiting for a thread..
14:19Beirdo sigh
14:21Chutt o_cee, yup
14:23o_cee yey, final diff sent to bruce for the last lookover ;)
14:25Beirdo that crap-out has happened twice today, BTW, and is with CVS as of about 8pm yesterday
14:25Beirdo but I'll have time to track it down this evening, I hope ;)
14:31Baylink So this would be a bad weekend to check out a new CVS. :-)
14:32o_cee what a beauty..
14:32o_cee anyone who could recommend a good home theater online shop in the states? thinking about ordering a buttkicker, they're really expencive here
14:34o_cee Chutt, no update on the next driver release? :]
14:57Chutt baylink, actually, cvs should be pretty stable right now
15:01Beirdo Chutt: I hope my issue is something that's been fixed, or is just my own stupidity :)
15:01Chutt naw, it's likely a bug
15:01Chutt i've just not seen it :p
15:01Chutt shouldn't be terribly difficult to fix, if i got a decent backtrace
15:02Beirdo heh. Well, if it recreates itself, I'll see what I can do
15:02Beirdo I expect it will
15:03Beirdo and probably shortly after the current recording ends, which will be in an hour, so we shall see. I always compile with debug on, so I should be able to get you a backtrace
15:10Chutt thor, hey, you around?
15:33Baylink Cool.
15:33Baylink I'm refactoring my build scripts, so I can snarf now and build later.
15:33Baylink Any chance the library thing will ever be uncoupled again?
15:35Chutt uncoupled?
15:36Beirdo the libraries are getting divorced?
15:37Anduin libmyth and libmythtv have been fighting for ages, no surprise really.
15:37Dibblah But... They looked like a perfect couple!
15:38hadeees first Brad and Jennifer
15:38hadeees now this
15:39kurre2 hmm, do you guys see the message "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!" often ? I mean, I have hard time to find audio settings with DVB-card which does have a working sound and usually that means that I loose lip sync
15:40Chutt no.
15:40kurre2 I think, I started to have audio problems on weekend when I switched my borrowed analog WinTV-card to TT-Budget DVB-C card
15:41laga kurre2: /topic
15:41Beirdo that looks suspiciously like a -users question :)
15:41kurre2 it seems that restarting the mythfrontend live-tv or restarting the video record play fixes the problem every second time
15:41kurre2 how on earth, anyone on -users could help me dig this bug ?
15:42kurre2 I've already been able to get rid of the loop-bug today :)
15:42Chutt doesn't seem like you're wanting 'help'
15:42Chutt seems like you're wanting someone to do it for you
15:42kurre2 no, I'm willing to dig it up
15:43Chutt then do so
15:43kurre2 I just wanted information if it's known feature, or am I the only one seeing this prob
15:43Chutt come back when you've got actual information.
15:47kvandivo loose lip sync ship!
15:48Dibblah That sounds almost like a release cycle...
15:55mikegrb s/lip/lips/ s/ship/ships/
15:55mikegrb silly kvandivo
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16:22kurre2 ok, it seems that audiofree() called from AudioOutputBase::AddSamples() has some problems in estimating the audio device's free buffer size in the case where another OSS-software has opened the same /dev/dsp device (but is not using the device at the same time with mythfrontend)
16:23--- User: *** fman is now known as fmanaway
16:26Chutt sounds like a problem with your soundcard driver.
16:27kurre2 hmm, might be. Perhaps I'll test the case with additional PCI-card
16:28kurre2 do you guys think that ALSA-support is on stable level ? I mean, I've noticed the message that thou shall not disable native OSS-support without good reason ?
16:28kurre2 the thing is that my machines is running 2.6 kernel with OSS-emulation
16:29kurre2 and that might affect/create the problem in this case
16:29Chutt you still don't disable oss
16:29Chutt you can enable alsa, though
16:29kurre2 which part of the mythtv is relying on OSS ?
16:30Chutt why would you disable something like that?
16:30Chutt what possible reason could there be? it adds a few k to the binary size.
16:31kurre2 because nowadays most of the fellows are running native ALSA-sound with OSS-emulation. I'd be happy to get mythtv running on ALSA without OSS in the future --> ie. less emulation layers
16:31Chutt but why would you not compile in oss support?
16:32Chutt what you said has absolutely no relation to that
16:32kurre2 hmm, what do you mean ?
16:32Chutt what the hell do you think i mean?
16:33kurre2 >what you said has absolutely no relation to that ?? Please, clarify.
16:33Chutt how?
16:34Chutt you seem to think that compiling in support for oss means you have to use oss
16:34kurre2 no, I didn't say that
16:34Chutt how does that make sense?
16:34Chutt than why the fuck were you talking about disabling oss?
16:34kurre2 calm down
16:35kurre2 what I said is that I'd rather not use OSS-emulation
16:35Chutt so don't
16:35Chutt use alsa
16:35Chutt what's stopping you?
16:36laga kurre2: i believe this is the wrong channel ;)
16:37kurre2 Chutt: ok, I think I figured out what you mean
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16:58Beirdo heh, just checking on my backend, seems to have wedged again.
16:59Beirdo backtrace time
17:00--- ---> Dibblah_ [] has joined #mythtv
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17:01--- <<-- Chang [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:01--- ---> Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
17:02Beirdo Chutt: would you like me to post the backtrace?
17:04Chutt just send it to me
17:04Beirdo OK
17:05Beirdo any particular email address you'd prefer?
17:06Chutt they all go to the same place
17:06Beirdo OK :) So do almost all of mine. I'll send it to you in a moment
17:07--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
17:12Beirdo OK, should be on its way
17:15Chutt you're missing at least 5 threads worth of output
17:17Chutt can't debug the problem without them.
17:19--- <<-- hadeees [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:25--- <--- onyxsoft [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:26--- ---> CanadaBo_ [] has joined #mythtv
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17:27--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
17:29--- ---> Agrajag- [] has joined #mythtv
17:41--- ---> laroth [] has joined #mythtv
17:45--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
17:52Beirdo really?
17:52Beirdo OK, let me look again, I think that was all of it
17:52Chutt see how it stops at thread #6?
17:53Beirdo damn, so it does, my apologies. I'll send the rest on :)
17:53Beirdo hmm
17:53Beirdo no that's all that gdb is seeing.
17:53Beirdo odd
17:54Beirdo but if I specifically tell it thread 5, it takes it
17:54Beirdo hmph, I'll do the last 5 manually
17:55Chutt heh
17:55Chutt try 0, too
17:55Beirdo OK, making another email :)
17:56Beirdo on its way
17:57Beirdo wonder what's gdb's issue. silly debugger
17:58Beirdo crap. forgot "bt full" on the manual ones, I just did "bt" . silly luser
17:58Beirdo should I resend with bt full?
17:59Chutt i'll check
18:00Chutt yeah, not enough info
18:00Chutt but i don't think bt full will help
18:00Beirdo hmm. yeah, doesn't look much different
18:00Chutt i really need more from thead 0
18:00Chutt err, 1
18:00Chutt not 0
18:01Chutt 2 and 3 would help, too
18:01Beirdo OK, I can send the bt full for those, might help some
18:02Chutt unless it goes back further...
18:02Beirdo doesn't show an aweful lot though.
18:02Chutt heh
18:02Chutt back later, time to make dinner
18:02Beirdo well I'll send it along just in case
18:02Beirdo have a good dinner :)
18:06--- ---> onyxsoft [] has joined #mythtv
18:08--- <<-- ExElNeT [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
18:11--- ---> ExElNeT [] has joined #mythtv
18:30--- ---> LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
18:31Beirdo Well, I'm gonna head home
18:37--- <<-- ExElNeT [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
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19:04--- ---> LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
19:07--- ---> ExElNeT [] has joined #mythtv
19:08laroth The fix for the backend looping issue I was having seems to be fixed with that checkin. Thanks.
19:23o_cee seems like that was all
19:24mikegrb the fix was fixed, does that mean it isn't working?
19:24* mikegrb looks slyly towards kurre2
19:24mikegrb er
19:24* mikegrb looks slyly towards kvandivo
19:24o_cee erh
19:24mikegrb hre
19:30kvandivo was that a thinly veiled attempt to get me to say something?
19:32--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:32mikegrb kvandivo: I was trying to be like you.
19:32mikegrb kvandivo: I want to be like you when I grow up.
19:33--- ---> Hamstaman [] has joined #mythtv
19:36--- ---> Kilaz [] has joined #mythtv
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20:04--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
20:14--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
20:14o_cee tataaaa
20:14o_cee that'll be fun
20:15--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit ()
20:16--- ---> LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
20:24--- ---> Delemas [] has joined #mythtv
20:28Delemas Anyone know which changes in CVS between 20050123 and today broke the build process for all the plugins?
20:31Beirdo this sounds like a riddle
20:32Delemas lol
20:32Delemas It must be this: "Using gContext directory-finding routines instead of hardcoded PREFIX "
20:32Beirdo compiles fine here
20:32Delemas 8o/
20:32Delemas Not using rpms I take it...
20:33Beirdo why would I be doing CVS from RPMs?
20:33Delemas So you have a clean system...
20:33o_cee since this is the dev channel, no... no no. no.
20:33Anduin Delemas - what is happening?
20:33Delemas I build my own rpms for everything I install. dev or not... I just need to figure out what changed...
20:33o_cee gooood night everyone
20:34Delemas cd mythbrowser && qmake -o Makefile
20:34Delemas Project ERROR: Please run the configure script first
20:34Delemas make: *** [mythbrowser/Makefile] Error 2
20:34Delemas for example.
20:34o_cee haha
20:34o_cee that's funny :)
20:34Beirdo so run the bloody config script first
20:34Delemas Of course there is no configure script...
20:34Beirdo follow the directions :)
20:34o_cee of course there is
20:34Delemas The new mythtv rpm is already installed...
20:35Anduin Delemas - hmm, could be that last checking form jeremiah, I'm not having any problems (but my checkout is hours old now)
20:36Delemas /usr/src/redhat/BUILD 20:35 {0}# ls -l mythbrowser-0.16.1/configure
20:36Delemas ls: mythbrowser-0.16.1/configure: No such file or directory
20:36Delemas /usr/src/redhat/BUILD 20:35 {1}# ls -l mythtv-0.16.1/configure
20:36Delemas -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 38155 Jan 27 19:06 mythtv-0.16.1/configure*
20:36Delemas This was a 19:00 checkout...
20:36Delemas oh silly that doesn't help much...
20:36o_cee mythbrowser hasn't been touched in a long time
20:37Delemas The same thing with all the plugins...
20:37o_cee i just compiled gallery at least
20:37Delemas They all built fine on 2005/01/23.
20:37o_cee so what other plugin doesn't work?
20:37Delemas I simply took a new set of tar balls and change the date on my specs.
20:38o_cee well that's not the recommended way so you're pretty much on your own.
20:39Delemas mythweb works. All the rest don't except mythmusic which I still haven't removed my gcc-3.4.x-patch which got commited.
20:40o_cee right, and they all complain about missing config scripts yes?
20:40Delemas Oh well time to diff the trees...
20:41dopester chutt: should i even suggest removing the old dvb setup scripts in contrib or will that cause another "gotta be able to revert" posting flurry
20:41Delemas Something is forcing the build to die because it is looking for a non-existance configure file (or is expecting a merged source tree.)
20:42Delemas A merged source tree was never required before today...
20:42o_cee Delemas, and of course you tried a distclean like a commit log suggested?
20:42Delemas This was a brand new source tree.
20:42Delemas I've never built anything in my cvs checkout tree.
20:43Delemas You think I have old files which weren't properly removed? cvs didn't say anything....
20:43Chutt do a clean checkout
20:44Chutt you've got something funky in there that's not in cvs
20:44Delemas k thanks
20:44Delemas will do.
20:45Beirdo Jeez
20:45Beirdo note to self
20:45Beirdo when redeploying a previously used machine, be sure to fix the DHCP reservations FIRST
20:47Beirdo there we go. :)
20:49--- <<-- ExElNeT [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
20:51Beirdo anyways, Chutt... did that last part of the backtrace help at all?
20:58Chutt nope
21:01Beirdo OK. well, I guess I'll restart the backend and see if the next time isn't more instructive
21:01Beirdo if it isn't then I'll start backing stuff out and see if I can isolate what did it :)
21:03Chutt make sure you're running current, too.
21:03Beirdo that's a good plan
21:03Beirdo I am now a day behind, so it may have been fixed, I may have caught it between updates
21:04Beirdo I think I'll update right now :)
21:04--- <<-- LLyric [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:07--- ---> LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
21:09Chutt heh
21:09Chutt almost done fixing up mythmusic to be utf8 in the db
21:09Chutt i wonder if this'll break mfd
21:10Beirdo heh. One of these days, I should look into mfe and mfd
21:10Beirdo my main use for Myth is a straight PVR, so I rarely even think about such things
21:11--- <<-- julietsierra [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:12--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
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21:54--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:55--- ---> ExElNeT [] has joined #mythtv
21:57Chutt anduin, i'm going to look at your patch shortly.
21:57Anduin Chutt - no rush
21:59Chutt and, btw, that should be very useful for mythui
22:00Anduin conceptually I was hoping for something even better, what I gave was the smallest possible work to get what I needed.
22:01Chutt want to help with converting over to mythui? =)
22:01Anduin I'd say yes, but my track record on anything that takes... or more than an hour or two... isn't so good.
22:01Chutt heh
22:05--- <<-- LLyric [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:07Chutt thor, around?
22:13--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit ()
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22:37--- ---> Forty| [] has joined #mythtv
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22:40thor_ Chutt, yup
22:40Chutt i just touched mfd :p
22:40thor_ dear god
22:41Chutt so, it's my fault if anything's broken
22:41thor_ k
22:41Chutt switched mythmusic to use utf8 in the database, essentiall
22:41Chutt +y
22:41thor_ ah, cool
22:41thor_ I want to try and look at the new mythmusic audio stuff anyway
22:41thor_ so I'll be poking around there
22:52--- ---> Forty| [] has joined #mythtv
22:52--- <<-- Forty| [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:54Beirdo nice. with tonight's CVS (as of 9:30 or so), the backend isn't wedging.
22:54Beirdo I must have just picked a very bad time to update yesterday :)
22:54Beirdo well not wedging yet
23:09--- ---> _hamsta [] has joined #mythtv
23:27--- ---> Elenyon [] has joined #MythTV
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23:38--- ---> kpettit [] has joined #mythtv
23:53dopester bwahah air2pc got a lock on comcast digital cable
23:57Beirdo heheh
---Logclosed Fri Jan 28 00:00:37 2005