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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-01-28

---Logopened Fri Jan 28 00:00:37 2005
00:07dopester looks to all be encrypted
00:07hadees dopester, do you need a tuner?
00:08hadees shouldn't we be able to break cable encryption, i mean we have encrypted data and how the video looks on the screen
00:09Beirdo that's illegal, hadees. Bad boy
00:09hadees Beirdo, doing it illegal, this is speculation
00:09hadees doing it is illegal
00:10hadees i know you create a program like SETI but to break cable encryption
00:10hadees and share it over bit torrent
00:11Beirdo well, you know where the government representatives are to complain.
00:11hadees then with the program you use the massive amount of band width of the p2p community
00:11hadees and commuting power
00:11hadees computing
00:12dopester there are 4 channels so far that are fta
00:12hadees fta?
00:12dopester unencrypted
00:13hadees are they still digital?
00:13hadees or is it like normal cable
00:14dopester i dont know
00:14dopester the box im messing with is in NJ and im in NC
00:14hadees hehe, is it your box?
00:15dopester yeah i control a vast array of boxes around the globe..
00:15dopester and they happen to have air2pcs in all of them hooked up to arbitrary sources
00:15hadees that would be cool, i wish i did
00:16hadees i always wanted to put one at my parents to get football
00:16Beirdo dammit
00:17Beirdo commercial skipping just hung my frontend
00:17Beirdo sigh
00:17hadees i never care about that just as long the backend doesn't crash
00:17hadees thats all i care about
00:18Beirdo ahh, it recovered.
00:18Beirdo but quit the recording playback
00:18Captain_Murdo| probably not flagged and it was diong the manual searching for blank-frames. may have searched to the end and got an EOF
00:19Beirdo well, the show was from Monday
00:19Beirdo but you could be right
00:19Beirdo I'll see if it occurs again on another show
00:19Captain_Murdo| doublecheck by going into edit mode and hitting Z then C.
00:20Beirdo ah. OK
00:20Beirdo it loads them then clears them
00:20Captain_Murdo| C is clear
00:20Captain_Murdo| Q works also actually
00:21Captain_Murdo| since most people who do comm skip will have Z & Q mapped already.
00:21Beirdo I think it just skipped to the end of the show, it was the last break
00:21Beirdo maybe I'm just an idiot
00:21Captain_Murdo| autoskip or manual with Z?
00:21Beirdo manual
00:22Captain_Murdo| ok. some people have reported problems with auto-skip at the end of some shows, but I've never been able to reproduce.
00:22Beirdo ah. well, I'll keep my eyes open
00:23dopester well this is pretty damn cool.. digital cable with the air2pc.. too damn bad its all encrypted
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00:25Beirdo heh
00:27Chutt dopester, qam256 or 64?
00:29dopester 256
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00:31Chutt _probably_ the local hd channels
00:34dopester whats probbably the local hd channels?
00:34Beirdo so, Chutt, the backend is happy now with tonight's CVS.
00:38Captain_Murdo| Just to verify, if I add new text using tr() to a source file, do I just run "lupdate ; lrelease" and then cvs commit?
00:40Captain_Murdo| guess I could just get Oscar to do it when I'm up in a few hours for a maintenance window (work not personal) :) since he'll probably be online.
00:41dopester now all we need is a CI interface on the Air2PC and we got a OpenCable card..
00:41dopester too bad it will never happen
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00:42dopester chutt: i have to have been looking at this guys complete digital lineup.. i had about 10 multiplexes each with 10-15 channels on em
00:42dopester and i stopped tuning and looking after tuning to about 30 channels
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00:47Chutt the 4 fta channels
00:48Chutt unless there's more? :p
00:48Beirdo Jeez, Cardo's an ass on the mailing list too, it seems
00:48Beirdo Cardoe rather
00:48Chutt i've got 4 locals that are supposedly in the clear
00:49dopester chutt: i made some stream dumps and just based on the size of them id have to say they are the hd stations
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00:49dopester well that completely sucks ass.. i was thinking there might be a chance the basic digital channels would be fta
00:50dopester just hbo and that stuff would be encrypted
00:50Chutt heh
00:51dopester chutt: what cable company do you have?
00:51Chutt when they brought out my new cable box, all i got were the hd locals until they added the box to my account - none of the other digital channels
00:51Chutt comcast
00:51Captain_Murdo| Beirdo: but thanks to Cardoe, literally dozen's of disenfranchised gentoo users will finally be able to compile CVS Myth on gentoo.
00:51dopester ahh
00:51Beirdo Umm.
00:51Beirdo I think that should say "thanks to Chutt"
00:52dopester gotta love the old dvb table cruft in the db now.. :)
00:52Beirdo I do believe that Chutt was the one that fixed the issue :)
00:52Captain_Murdo| :) they'll still find a way to hose it up. I'm not talking about the lib fix. :) I mean autoconf/automake. :) for those who can't figure out how to type "qmake"
00:52Beirdo ahhh
00:53Beirdo qmake has bugs at times too, of course, but Chutt's points make perfect sense to me :)
00:53Beirdo and I *like* autotools for my own stuff.
00:53Chutt the only thing i wish qmake did was per-file cflags
00:53Chutt and maybe better inter-directory dep handling
00:53Beirdo that would be nice.
00:54Beirdo but if you are using Qt, qmake is the logical choice for sure
00:54Captain_Murdo| I use auto* for a GUI chat client I wrote in GTK, but that's because I used Glade to make the initial UI.
00:54Captain_Murdo| configure checks way too much stuff when all you want is something simple a lot of times.
00:55Beirdo most of my projects are C and no gui at all, so autotools works well for me in those situations
00:55Beirdo but it does add a lot to distribution size for sure
00:56Beirdo so I guess to Cardoe, for someone to disagree with him is to insult him.
00:57laga re
01:12dopester i betcha you could take the demod off of a air2pc and put it on a dvb card with a CI interface and use a CableCard
01:14Chutt oops
01:14Chutt wife's going to be pissed
01:14Chutt one of the speakers marked up a wall a bit
01:14dopester she'll get over it :)
01:15Chutt naw
01:15Chutt not if i touch it up with some left over paint
01:15Captain_Murdo| Beirdo: you probably want to change that mpeg2cut query you have looking for the highest type 6 record to look for 6 or 9.
01:16Beirdo ahhh.
01:16Beirdo thanks
01:16Captain_Murdo| that's what the other guy was having a problem with. do a max(mark) where type in (6,9)
01:16Beirdo what data does the type 9 have? a frame number, an index, what?
01:17Beirdo for type 6 it is a GOP number, effectively
01:17Captain_Murdo| dvb stuff and maybe hdtv but not sure. it's another thing for mpeg2 files that the GOP stuff didn't work for.
01:17Captain_Murdo| don't know exactly, just know I've had to code around it some. :)
01:17Beirdo hehe
01:18Beirdo OK, well I'll look into it tomorrow, I guess
01:18Beirdo I'm a bit too tired to mess with the script tonight
01:18dopester i think type 9 is dvb and hd gop marking
01:18Beirdo I have to redo the DVD exporter for nuvexport using ffmpeg too
01:19Beirdo dopester: could you grab me a few sequential records of type 9 from a recording?
01:20dopester yeah hang on a sec
01:20Beirdo argh
01:20Beirdo that's three recordings now without sound
01:21Beirdo and all off CBC
01:21Beirdo wonder if that machine needs a powercycle
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01:49Chutt bah, all these changes
01:49Chutt keep having to recompile
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02:00Chutt heh
02:00Chutt that libsoundtouch mmx stuff is what fucked things up
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02:49streamtrade Do you need someone to test building cvs now, or shall I wait until the am?
03:03Chutt it should be fine
03:04Chutt i've been building it all night
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08:19Dr_Barnowl Sorry to ask in the dev group, but how can I fix "Unable to get major 81" errors when loading videodev?
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09:52rkulagow__ chutt: here?
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11:05thor_ Anyone having issues with the mailing lists ?
11:07Beirdo Sorry, I wouldn't really notice, I receive digests.
11:07Beirdo argh
11:07Beirdo my post was from the wrong userid. I hate when I do that
11:08Beirdo awaits moderator approval. God I suck
11:08thor_ ooops, nm
11:09Beirdo and I don't think I have a copy to send properly. Ah well, I'll re-reply later
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11:40stoffel so, any opinion on changing the priorities menu options?
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14:49rkulagow__ haven't seen this before (current CVS checkout)
14:49rkulagow__ [mythtv@basement mythtv]$ cd mythtv
14:49rkulagow__ [mythtv@basement mythtv]$ ./configure
14:49rkulagow__ Please note that these settings only deal with libavcodec, not MythTV.
14:49rkulagow__ CPU x86
14:49rkulagow__ Big Endian no
14:49rkulagow__ MMX enabled yes
14:49rkulagow__ Vector Builtins no
14:50rkulagow__ Creating config.mak and config.h
14:50rkulagow__ [mythtv@basement mythtv]$ qmake
14:50rkulagow__ [mythtv@basement mythtv]$ make qmake
14:50rkulagow__ cd libs && qmake -o Makefile
14:50rkulagow__ cd filters && qmake -o Makefile
14:50rkulagow__ cd programs && qmake -o Makefile
14:50rkulagow__ Project ERROR: Please run the configure script first
14:50rkulagow__ make: *** [programs/Makefile] Error 2
14:50rkulagow__ [mythtv@basement mythtv]$
14:51stoffel_ doesn't happen here with latest cvs
14:52Beirdo maybe a make distclean is in order?
14:52Beirdo didn't happen here either
14:52stoffel_ cool, chutt now owns rkulagow__'s computer
14:52Beirdo heheh
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15:20Anduin rkulagow__ - that stuff was removed in a commit last night
15:31rkulagow__ well, this is from a checkout from about 5 seconds before i posted here into an empty mythtv directory
15:32rkulagow__ every file was grabbed, so any CVS changes should have come down with it.
15:32rkulagow__ but just for grins:
15:32rkulagow__ [mythtv@basement mythtv]$ make distclean
15:32rkulagow__ cd programs && qmake -o Makefile
15:32rkulagow__ Project ERROR: Please run the configure script first
15:32rkulagow__ make: *** [programs/Makefile] Error 2
15:33stoffel you ran ./configure?
15:33Beirdo hahah
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15:33stoffel and i'm not joking
15:34rkulagow__ yes, i ran configure. it's up in scrollback.
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15:40rkulagow__ ok, just tried again. same deal.
15:40rkulagow__ $ rm -rf mythtv
15:40rkulagow__ $ cvs -d login
15:40rkulagow__ $ cvs -z3 -d checkout mythtv
15:41Beirdo hmm
15:41stoffel i'm just doing a clean checkout, maybe it doesn't happen for updated sources
15:41rkulagow__ $ cd mythtv
15:41rkulagow__ $ ./configure
15:41rkulagow__ $ qmake
15:41rkulagow__ $ make
15:41Beirdo well, my last update was last night, so it's possible it got bent after that
15:41rkulagow__ then error
15:42rkulagow__ box is FC2
15:56stoffel rkulagow__: works fine on debian unstable with a fresh checkout
15:57rkulagow__ stoffel: hrmm.
15:57rkulagow__ interesting
15:59Chutt might be related to the version of qt..
15:59rkulagow__ $ rpm -qa|grep qt
15:59rkulagow__ qt-3.1.2-14
15:59rkulagow__ qt-MySQL-3.1.2-14
15:59rkulagow__ qt-devel-3.1.2-14
16:00Anduin rkulagow__ - have you looked at the Makefile?
16:01Chutt anduin, it's the include(config.mak) in the top level
16:01stoffel rkulagow__: err, actually i tested './configure && qmake && make'
16:03stoffel nm, i'm tired
16:06Chutt i don't think qt 3.1 scopes the include right
16:14Chutt rkulagow, i'll have a fix in tonight.
16:14rkulagow__ chutt: thanks
16:24Beirdo ah, that'd be why I'm not seeing this, I use qt 3.3.3 I think
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17:09Wildgoose Chutt: Did you see my small patch to fix a little bugette in the mythmusic code. avfddecoder and cddecoder didn't have a number of channels set
17:09Chutt yes
17:09Chutt i fixed avfdecoder last night.
17:09Wildgoose Cool. Did you do it the same way as my patch? (ie just read the value in initialise?)
17:09Chutt pretty much.
17:10Wildgoose cool. We also need a chan=2 in cddecoder. Tested it here.
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17:27Anduin Chutt - so are you ok with the new tags as implemented?
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18:03srqhivemind anyone have problems emerging .16 on gentoo 2.6.10? it keeps failing emerge...
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19:11Chutt anduin, yeah, though i'd think that the extra class in xmlparse.cpp could just be included in the big class
19:11Chutt didn't have time to go through it completely last night, though.
19:12srqhivemind anyone here run gentoo?
19:12--- ---> ExElNeT [] has joined #mythtv
19:12Chutt no.
19:13Chutt you may want to read the topic of the channel, though.
19:13srqhivemind oh, heh, missed that
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19:32Chutt anduin, the filters don't need to know about size changes - they're reinitialized on every single one
19:32Chutt ah ha
19:32Chutt that's what it is..
19:32Chutt i don't think there's a lock around that reinitialization.
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19:50stoffel anyone else noticed some blue distortions with the goom vis. in mythmusic? it worked fine the last time i used it (months ago)
19:51stoffel or is it supposed to look like this?
19:51stoffel ;)
19:51mikegrb yes
19:52stoffel hrm, :( i liked the older goom more
19:52mikegrb well I wasn't necessarily saying it was supposed to look like that ;)
19:53stoffel but still i think you are right
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19:56Chutt screen shot?
19:56Chutt i don't think any of the guts changed much
19:58stoffel never mind, i think it works as intended.
20:08GreyFoxx Hrm, Ran into this error a little while ago
20:08GreyFoxx DB Error (delta position map insert):
20:08GreyFoxx Query was:
20:08GreyFoxx INSERT INTO recordedmarkup (chanid, starttime, mark, type, offset) VALUES ( '1009' , '20050128200000' , '4725' , :TYPE , :OFFSET NULL
20:08GreyFoxx Driver error was [2/1064]:
20:08GreyFoxx QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
20:09GreyFoxx Database error was:
20:09GreyFoxx You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ':TYPE , :OFFSET NULL' at line 1
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20:14bytenik dopester: You around yet? :P
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20:39Anduin Chutt - are you sure about that, if you recall this is the same thing I ran into some time ago, the kerneldeint stuff was very unhappy with frames that didn't have a size.
20:41Anduin Chutt - yeah, the extra class was/is mostly to save compile time, there are many things in the public interface of xmlparse that just cause recompiles when you change them, I understand the hesitancy but it was nice to be able to add/remove data/functinons as needed and recompile a single file.
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20:42Anduin Chutt - if you don't commit them just revert and I'll send another patch, it is a little further along, the first one was more to see if you or someone else would just shoot it out of the water before I put more work into it.
20:45Anduin On an unrelated note, I have a theory about time stretch and prolonged exposure causing some form of psychosis.
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21:03Delemas Chutt: Is that fix for the build issues in CVS now? Last night, even with a clean CVS checkout I was only able to build mythtv and mythweb out of all the plugins...
21:03--- ---> Wildgoose [] has joined #mythtv
21:06Beirdo Delemas
21:06Delemas yes
21:06Beirdo what version of qt?
21:06Delemas pretty current sec...
21:06Beirdo sorry, hit the wrong key :)
21:06Beirdo meant to hit :, hit enter :)
21:07Delemas smilies can't hurt :)
21:07Delemas qt-3.3.3-12
21:07Beirdo OK, it's not likely the same issue that rkulagow__ had then
21:08Delemas I have had no problems building cvs snapshots up until 20050123.
21:09gr8nash-home | im building fresh right now.. ill let you know
21:10* Delemas builds a current snapshot for kicks...
21:12stoffel hm, there's a buglet in the way alternative texts are chosen for the menus. only the english entries are considered but not the one from the language currently used.
21:21gr8nash-home | they are all compiling just fine here
21:21gr8nash-home | tv music.. all compiled
21:23Anduin Delemas - did you look at the makefile and see where it thinks it should be?
21:24Delemas I took a quick look. It wasn't immediately obvious where it was getting it from.
21:25Delemas I was very tired at the time...
21:25Delemas I'll try a new build tonight and dig deeper this time if it doesn't work again...
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22:24dopester chutt: you think anyone would care about unencrypted opencable support?
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22:37* Hamstaman ist jetzt nicht mehr da wegen: busy
22:38Beirdo English please, Hamstaman
22:38mikegrb Beirdo: he is curently not here
22:38mikegrb Beirdo: :p
22:39Beirdo yeah, but he can see it later
22:39mikegrb Beirdo: that is what he said silly!
22:39Beirdo I'm sure he did :)
22:40mikegrb Beirdo: <3
22:40Beirdo how's it goin, BTW? :)
22:41mikegrb not too bad
22:42Beirdo I'll be spending time this weekend installing asterisk :)
22:42mikegrb excellent
22:42Beirdo and working on nuvexport
22:42Beirdo and maybe on nuv2avi too
22:42Delemas Beirdo: What are you hooking up to it?
22:42mikegrb <- set this up last night
22:42Delemas asterisk I mean...
22:42mikegrb er
22:43mikegrb the url is there twich butg I'm sure you can figure it out
22:43--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:43Beirdo Oooh, pretty
22:44mikegrb though outgoing calls from home don''t go through that server
22:44Beirdo Delemas: eventually, mythphone, several phones and both my phone lines... and a VOIP provider yet to be determined
22:45mikegrb :D
22:45mikegrb we've got three extentions
22:45mikegrb one is a multi handset cordless
22:45Beirdo and if I feel rich, a cellular fixed station :)
22:46Delemas Beirdo: ah it was the voip provider angle I was interested in... I was consider a similar plan...
22:46Delemas s/consider/considering/
22:46Beirdo anyways, we are Sooo off-topic
22:50Delemas mmm
22:51Delemas sigh well I guess I'm going to have to floss this some more. All the plugins 'cept mythweb still don't build.
22:51mikegrb Delemas: I'm using for inbound and voipjet for outbound
22:54Delemas mikegrb: I was hoping to get a did in 613 area code...
22:54mikegrb there was a cheap company I can't remember the name of, sixtel I think
22:56Beirdo yup
22:56Beirdo they are on my short list
22:57Delemas hmm not I take it...
22:57Beirdo one sec
22:57Delemas .net
22:57Beirdo that's how I found them
22:59mikegrb yes that's it
23:00Delemas wow!
23:00Delemas $1.49/mo for local did...
23:01Delemas This is going to kill the phone company....
23:01Beirdo one can only hope
23:07Delemas 8o>>>>>>>>>> Fixed the rpms builds...
23:09Delemas In /usr/share/mythtv/build/ someone recently added a check which is broken when building as an rpm. If I comment out these three lines all is good:
23:09Delemas #!exists( config.mak ) {
23:09Delemas # error(Please run the configure script first)
23:09Delemas #}
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