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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-01-29

---Logopened Sat Jan 29 00:00:03 2005
00:23Chutt Delemas, rkulagow, should now be fixed.
00:23Chutt dopester, it'd let people record their local hd programs without an antenna =)
00:24dopester heh
00:26dopester seems almost pointless
00:27Beirdo dopester: but it would win geek points
00:27Chutt why?
00:27dopester so few channels
00:27Chutt i can't get my locals with an antenna
00:27Chutt too many trees
00:27dopester excuses excuses :)
00:27Chutt and since comcast's eventually going to carry all of them...
00:28dopester turns out my free cable is back now that the neighbors moved in
00:28dopester going to see if i can find the digital channels on time warner
00:28Chutt should be just as good as the OTA cards, but less interference
00:28dopester WAY less reception issues that for sure
00:29Chutt i'll buy one of those cards if i can record hd over cable with it :p
00:30Beirdo I'm sure others would too
00:30dopester could do it now actually
00:30dopester mod the driver to select qam mode
00:30dopester see if the cvct parser works
00:30dopester i just wrote it but never had antyhing to test with until now
00:30dopester commit
00:33dopester i did test it with comcast in NJ so it should be hte same for all comcast networks
00:35dopester wonder if time warner uses qam64
00:35dopester not finding anything with qam256
00:38dopester argh.. not using the modified driver i just did
00:42dopester working now.. heh
00:45dopester well chutt i can do the digital cable thing probbably pretty easy.. i think you inspired me to do it
00:46GreyFoxx Ummm how much are those air2pc's ? :)
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00:57dopester 169
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01:41thor_ dopester, you live in NJ?
01:42dopester no
01:42dopester NC
01:42dopester bytenik gave me access to his box
01:43thor_ <dopester> i did test it with comcast in NJ
01:43thor_ bytenik is in NJ?
01:43dopester yeah i dvbstreamed some streams to a file and scped em here
01:43thor_ ah
01:43dopester well thats what he claims
01:43thor_ I was in NJ yesterday
01:43thor_ it's awful
01:43dopester his air2pc with his antenna picked up wcbs so hes gotta be somewhere close to nyc :)
01:44dopester supposed to sleet here tomorrow
01:44dopester my favorite crap
01:44dopester its up there with freezing rain
01:45dopester but im completely frustrated with computers tonight so im signing off :)
01:45thor_ Right, thought you were south of DC
01:45thor_ right, cool, relax for a bit
01:45dopester i need to..
01:45dopester mplayer segvs now even with mplayer -help :)
01:46thor_ heh, get away from the box
01:46Beirdo make some speedholes using a shotgun
01:48thor_ Berido, cold in TO?
01:48thor_ err, Beirdo
01:48Beirdo yeah, but warming a bit
01:48Beirdo was about -9C today
01:48Beirdo up from the -30C a few days ago :)
01:49thor_ not too bad (for Jan.)
01:49Beirdo it's bearable
01:49thor_ yup
01:49thor_ (did 14 winters in Niagara/Toronto)
01:49Beirdo now if I could figure out why I've had 4 or 5 recordings with no sound.... all CBC
01:50Beirdo everything else works, but CBC is pissing me off
01:50Beirdo I might just powercycle it tomorrow
01:50thor_ Perhaps Peter Mansbridge has gone completely deaf?
01:50Beirdo How'd you like the winters up here? :)
01:52dopester ive experienced about a week of toronto winter.. just longer and crapier than here :)
01:52thor_ If you're going to have winter, I much prefer Toronto/Montreal (very cold, but generaly so cold it's sunny) to something like London/Paris (somewhat cold, but just soooo grey)
01:53Beirdo I'd agree there
01:53Beirdo Toronto doesn't get much snow, but we do get a fair amount of cold
01:54Beirdo nothing a down jacket and good mitts, etc can't fix
01:54thor_ yup
01:55thor_ dopester, what are you doing for a living ATM?
02:21thor_ or not
02:23Beirdo I think he walked away from his computer before breaking it into pieces
02:23thor_ heh
02:24thor_ constantly trying to find developers for projects
02:24thor_ ...
02:25Beirdo heh
02:25Beirdo in the US, right?
02:25thor_ largely, yup
02:25Beirdo mah
02:25Beirdo meh even
02:25Beirdo that's unfortunate :)
02:25Beirdo for me anyways :)
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02:25thor_ hey, Canada skipped the late 90s
02:25thor_ (cept for Mark Valentine)
02:26thor_ and they tried to put him in jail
02:26Beirdo muh?
02:26Beirdo you lost me there
02:26thor_ investing in technology
02:26thor_ the whole boom
02:26Beirdo ahhh
02:27Beirdo Kanata/Ottawa area really was in the boom
02:27thor_ right, but aside from Nortel
02:27thor_ is was lost on the TSE
02:27Beirdo Newbridge, Cisco, etc...
02:27Beirdo Newbridge sold to Alcatel though :)
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02:28Beirdo oh, and Mitel/Zarlink, Corel,
02:28Beirdo Cadence...
02:28thor_ right, but the one guy who took risks and made insane investements ....
02:28Beirdo Ottawa used to be great
02:28Beirdo heh
02:28thor_ they arrested him
02:28Beirdo There were others, just not as insane
02:29thor_ yup
02:29Beirdo like Celtic House.
02:29thor_ but I know Mark, we went to high school together
02:29thor_ it was just silly
02:29Beirdo yeah well
02:33thor_ The immediate point is that I have (another) serious job I'm trying to farm out to MythTV people
02:34Beirdo location and job desc?
02:35thor_ location is largely open
02:35thor_ work is about deploying emerging wireless technologies into enterprise settings
02:36Beirdo interesting. Like 802.11 type wireless?
02:37thor_ no, mostly GPS
02:37Beirdo ahhh
02:37Beirdo that kinda wireless
02:37thor_ (it's a large US Carrier)
02:37thor_ yup
02:37Beirdo but it would be a travel to CO type of thing, I take it?
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02:38thor_ it's a typical kind of "large wireless carried has a million things they want to do and wants smart people to think about how we could deploy all these services to clients"
02:39thor_ I used to be quite successful in this space
02:39Beirdo ah, so a product development type of thing.
02:39thor_ yup, but quite decent pure R&D
02:40Beirdo not quite telecommute territory though
02:40GreyFoxx Sounds sweet. I've always enjoys R&D. Anything that's not end user support only :)
02:40thor_ they frankly don't care where you live
02:40thor_ as long as it is NA time zones
02:41Beirdo Hmmm.
02:41thor_ but this is not a "pure-geek" kind of think
02:41Beirdo yeah, I'm more of a embedded development type
02:41thor_ this is developping product, thinking about marketing, strategy, etc.
02:41Beirdo that's a bit too much marketing for my brain
02:42Beirdo I'm sure I *could* do it, but I don't think I'd excel at it for a while, likely not a good choice :)
02:42thor_ starting is about 125K
02:42thor_ US
02:42Beirdo not bad
02:43Beirdo too bad I'm the wrong shape of peg for the hole this time round :)
02:43thor_ heh
02:43thor_ well put
02:43thor_ GreyFoxx, ?
02:47Beirdo Hmm. He might be busy putting his computer back together right now, give him a couple minutes ;)
02:47thor_ ... I have absolutely no commercial interest in this what so ever .... a good friend of mine that I did post-doc worth on the west coast is now running a large enterprise practice for Cingular/At&T and asked me if I could come up with anyone who was technically literate and might be interested in a nice challenge ...
02:49thor_ err, post-doc work with
02:49Beirdo it'd be intriguing, but I wouldn't fit the role. :(
02:49thor_ right, ok, I'll bite, why not?
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02:50Beirdo I'm not a marketing thinker primarily :)
02:50thor_ no sales
02:50Beirdo I'm more purely technical most of the time
02:51Beirdo but I could be misunderstanding the role required :)
02:51thor_ err, uhm, you don't have to sell anything
02:51Beirdo Hmm.
02:52Beirdo well, what I'm doing now is nice, but not completely satisfying (UNIX admin in a corporate environment)
02:52thor_ what you have to do be able to do is look at 10 different protocols, 14 different devices, and 6 standards, and see your way clear to a better way
02:53thor_ hey
02:53Beirdo Hmm.
02:53Beirdo and the money is definitely better... and if I didn't have to move, that's a huge bonus
02:53GreyFoxx It does sound kinda of interesting
02:53thor_ I can promise nothing
02:54Beirdo of course.
02:54thor_ but what I can tell you is they are desparate
02:54thor_ and they pay very well
02:54Beirdo do you have any writeup on the opportunity that you could forward on?
02:54GreyFoxx Hrm, how long have they been around ?
02:54thor_ and don't care where you will
02:54GreyFoxx well funded ?
02:54GreyFoxx I'd like to check it out as well
02:54thor_ GreyFoxx, this is the enterprise division of Cingular
02:55GreyFoxx I'm REALLY REALLY bored with my current job. too easy, and it's too much end user support
02:55GreyFoxx ok, well funded then :)
02:55Beirdo GreyFoxx: I hear ya.
02:55thor_ hey, yup\
02:55GreyFoxx I'm a Unix/Network admin and we produce provisioning and monitoring systems for broadband providers
02:55thor_ bah
02:56thor_ :-)
02:56GreyFoxx I'm bored out of my mind :)
02:56thor_ Heh
02:56thor_ yup
02:56thor_ if you can critically look at systems
02:56GreyFoxx I'm sick of dealing with Cable ISPs that don't know the basics of their own technologyu hehe
02:56thor_ and suggest better ways to do things
02:56Beirdo right now, I'm primarily responsible for migrating about 10000 DNS zones to new servers that I have to design and implement.
02:57thor_ details
02:57GreyFoxx Absolutely
02:57Beirdo Yeah
02:57thor_ once again
02:57GreyFoxx I'm big into optimization and proper planning
02:57thor_ I can promise nothing
02:57Beirdo I wouldn't expect any promises
02:57thor_ but they are looking for smart people
02:58GreyFoxx I'm definately interested in hearing more about it
02:58Beirdo me too
02:58GreyFoxx and am willing to learn whatever I need to :)
02:58GreyFoxx They could hire Both of us and we could be Their Canadian remote offices heh
02:59Beirdo heh, yeah
02:59thor_ the VP in charge on enterprise stuff is Todd Allen. If you send me a CV with a telephone number, I can promise that he will at least call you on my recomend.
02:59GreyFoxx CV ? (resume?)
02:59thor_ yup
02:59Beirdo OK, I guess I'll be updating my resume tomorrow
03:00Beirdo you have an email for me to punt it off to?
03:00GreyFoxx Cool. I was going to update mine this weekend as well. (day from hell today) heh
03:00Beirdo nice
03:00GreyFoxx Beirdo: hehe we picked a good time to start getting into Voip heh
03:00Beirdo yes, how fortuitous
03:01thor_ and again, no promises
03:01GreyFoxx Totally understand
03:01GreyFoxx I have no expectations :)
03:01Beirdo me neither, but it sounds like a potential opportunity to follow up on
03:02thor_ but Todd and I were post-docs together and worked together for 5 years. He's just looking technically capable people
03:02thor_ err, looking for
03:02GreyFoxx It's funny. I have my backend open in front of me, with nothing set to record for like 16 hours, yet I feel a sense of urgency to get it back online fast
03:02GreyFoxx heh
03:03Beirdo we get so addicted to MythTV :)
03:03GreyFoxx I use the box for so many thing, and obviously myth too, that It's odd not having it on
03:04Beirdo argh, why do people insist on using html-only email?
03:04GreyFoxx To annoy you
03:05Beirdo and annoy it does. mutt doesn't take well to that :)
03:05GreyFoxx Hehe I set mine to convert it to text and display it :)
03:06Beirdo | less
03:06Beirdo heh
03:06GreyFoxx text/html; lynx -force_html -dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html
03:06GreyFoxx That's in .mailcap
03:06GreyFoxx auto_view text/html
03:07GreyFoxx and that in .muttrc
03:07GreyFoxx will auto convert it to plain text for you and display it in the normal mutt window
03:07thor_ oh, and Chutt ... if you're up
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08:23julian hi all
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09:43gilles hello
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09:44gilles i want to try myth on a debian, so i added "" to my sources.list
09:46gilles but now when it tries to uses mysql i got this " mythtv-setup
09:46gilles Unable to read configuration file mysql.txt
09:46gilles Unable to connect to database!
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09:56Peter_ Hi guys
09:57Peter_ Who knows which editor to choose for editing the xml files for the themes
09:58Peter_ I wanted to do it in Windows, tried dreamweaver and openoffice but the files get skrewed up that way.
09:58Peter_ Especially other languages (japanese)...
10:00stoffel any editor supporting utf-8 will do
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10:03Peter_ ok thanks I see
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11:02Chutt heh
11:02Chutt slashdot story
11:02Chutt i, uh, neglected to respond to the oreilly guy =)
11:02dopester uh oh
11:03Chutt naw, they just didn't say anything about myth, concentrated on freevo instead :p
11:03dopester freedom for your tv.. heh
11:03dopester isnt freevo a glorified python script?
11:04dopester i love the mysql comment about myth.. heh
11:05dopester how else would you keep track of say atsc, dvb, and 2 analog sources with anything but a database..
11:05GreyFoxx I think they use sqllite
11:06Chutt <shrug>
11:06dopester chutt: do you actually watch tv anymore?
11:06Chutt watched 4 hours of it last night
11:07Chutt sci-fi friday night =)
11:07dopester oh wow.. i haven't watched more than 30 minutes since i started on this mess..
11:07dopester well dvb code.. i shouldnt refer to it as a mess
11:08Chutt my nfs server got stuck and my production myth box tried to delete all its programs though
11:09dopester chutt: i'll probably do some opencable stuff in a few weeks once i get this guide stuff taken care of..
11:09Chutt cool.
11:09Chutt back later (tonight)
11:09dopester any recomentations of a video card? i need a new one :)
11:09dopester k take care
11:22rkulagow_ chutt: you ever hear back from NYT?
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14:05Tommck this may sound like an ignorant question, but I can't find the answer to this in any docs I find. What, exactly, is involved in submitting a patch to MythTV code?
14:07Dibblah Look on the -dev mailing list for anything beginning [patch] for a template.
14:07stoffel making sure it works, doesn't contains tabs and, most importantly, one of the devs care about it and comment it/commit to cvs. note that i'm not a dev myself but just a translator.
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14:08Tommck how do I figure out who's a dev?
14:08Tommck Dibblah - do I have to do a diff with the latest CVS code?
14:08Dibblah I'm not really a dev either ;)
14:09stoffel yes, always diff against cvs
14:09Tommck more newb questions: is there a command to diff a file against CVS, or do I just pull it down and diff it manually?
14:09stoffel Tommck: iirc there's some more info in the wiki
14:10stoffel Dibblah: thx
14:10Dibblah cvs diff x.c
14:11Dibblah If you're just patching one file and not introducing anything else. You'll also want to submit as context diffs (-c)
14:11Tommck I think it's 2 files
14:11Dibblah Doh -u - Unified.
14:11Tommck (and headers)
14:11stoffel usually unified diffs are preferred (diff -u)
14:12Tommck how was I supposed to know to go to, instead of :)
14:12Dibblah Good question. Next?
14:12Tommck lol
14:12Tommck thanks for the help
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14:17kgrimm hi, in mythtv my audio is way out of sync with video,, but in sync when i test with xawtv,, any ideas?
14:18laga This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv
14:18laga related user support, go to #mythtv-users
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14:19Tommck laga: you couldn't even rephrase it? put a little spin on it? ;)
14:24laga Tommck: yelling at newbies ain't nice
14:25Tommck hehe
14:25Tommck tell that to Beirdo ;) :p
14:26Tommck (*ducks*)
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14:26* Beirdo slaps Tommck with a trout
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14:27Tommck hehe :)
14:28laga beavis: you sound like you're using mirc ;]
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15:57Dr_Barnowl Anyone got an old Hauppauge bt848 WinTV PCI that they have working? Carre to tell me how to do it :)
15:57dopester wrong channel
15:57Anduin Dr_Barnowl - try over in #mythtv-users
15:57Dr_Barnowl Oops,. sorry
15:57Dr_Barnowl Shouldn've know, been here before
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16:16dopester ok got the fta opencable stuff working now
16:16dopester not too hard actually
16:17--- Netsplit over, joins: o_cee
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16:48dopester well got a patch for QAM mode for the air2pc.. super tiny..
16:50jams nice
16:51dopester man my cable here is shit
16:51dopester high ass ber
16:52dopester doubt its the driver cause it was clean on byteniks cable
16:57dopester oh wow dvbchannel already supports qam mode.. good thinking dopester :)
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17:30rkulagow_ chutt: here?
17:32rkulagow_ got another compile failure with current CVS
17:33rkulagow_ g++ -c -pipe -Wall -W -O3 -march=pentiumpro -fomit-frame-pointer -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DMMX -DUSING_IVTV -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I/usr/lib/qt-3.1/mkspecs/default -I. -I../../libs -I../../libs/libmyth -I../../libs/libmythtv -I../../libs/libavcodec -I../../libs/libavformat -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/lib/qt-3.1/include -o transcode.o transcode.cpp
17:33rkulagow_ transcode.cpp: In member function `int Transcode::TranscodeFile(char*, char*,
17:33rkulagow_ QString, bool, bool, bool, QString)':
17:33rkulagow_ t
17:33rkulagow_ ranscode.cpp:661: error: call of overloaded `arg(long long int&)' is ambiguous
17:33rkulagow_ QString::arg(long int, int, int) const
17:33rkulagow_ QString::arg(long unsigned int, int, int) const
17:33rkulagow_ (etc)
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17:38--- <<-- choenig [] has quit ("wuuuusch...")
17:39thor_ dopester, very cool ... post it, post it!
17:40--- ---> gom [] has joined #mythtv
17:48dopester thor: do you have digital cable?
17:49dopester the cable signal here has gone to shit cause of the ice and sleet so i dunno if my patch is borked or not
18:00--- ---> Slaytanic [] has joined #mythtv
18:01--- <<-- Netslayer [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:05thor_ I have QAM on the cable, yes
18:06mikegrb Yes.
18:07mikegrb oh wow
18:08thor_ dopester, unfortunately I'm going to be tied up shortly, but if you sent it to me I could certainly try it sometime tomorrow
18:10mikegrb dopester: where can I read more about opencable fta and stuff
18:16--- ---> mecraw [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
18:23--- <<-- beavis [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:27dopester thor:
18:27dopester mikegrb: there isnt much out there
18:27dopester just look at the atsc a65 docs
18:27dopester thats what it seems to be
18:36--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
18:41--- <<-- KillerBun [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:44--- <<-- gom [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:44--- ---> johnp [] has joined #mythtv
18:44--- <<-- Slaytanic [] has quit ()
19:17--- ---> _euphobot [[] has joined #mythtv
19:22dopester yeah my signal is just crap for cable
19:22dopester :(
19:22dopester i applied those patches to byteniks box in NJ and it works fine
19:23--- ---> LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
19:23--- <<-- johnp [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:24--- ---> prolific [] has joined #mythtv
19:26dopester thor: if you got the nxt2002.c patch get it agian.. i had the wrong one there
19:27dopester argh.. hold off once again
19:28--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
19:29--- <<-- jesse_132 [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:33dopester ok i think the patch up there is ok
19:33dopester i gotta do some more testing..
19:51--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
19:52--- <<-- LLyric [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:53--- <<-- prolific [] has quit ("leaving")
19:56--- ---> jeffpc_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:01--- ---> orion2012 [] has joined #mythtv
20:19--- <<-- drd [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:25dopester this might not work.. not sure if its too much bandwitdh
20:28dopester i keep getting tons of continuity counter errors
20:29dopester same thing from nj
20:29dopester hrmm..
20:29--- ---> Torq [] has joined #mythtv
20:30Torq Chutt: you made section 2 of the New York times on sunday...
20:30Torq Chutt: its a big headline page about mythtv and isaac richards.
20:31cmorgan url?
20:31Torq not url, i just picked the paper up from the corner store
20:32Torq there is also a mention of knoppmyth
20:33Torq I dont believe it. thats 1.5 pages on mythtv in the new york times. Firefox paid loads to get just one page.
20:34--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:45--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
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20:53--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
20:54--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
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21:45--- ---> amell_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:54--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:08streamtrade Here is the NYT URL on myth. You need to register to get it (its free)
22:11--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:12--- <<-- Peter_ [] has quit ("Ik ga weg")
22:13Anduin What a horrible article.
22:13rkulagow_ i just read it. it seems like it's starts about mythtv and then rapidly goes into bittorrent, etc, etc.
22:14rkulagow_ it's a mish-mash of stuff
22:16Anduin Exactly, and someone should have told me about not needing to rent that set-top box.
22:16streamtrade You must now be a "trafficer in tv programs"
22:40--- <<-- amell_ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:41--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
22:46dopester that article is just crap
22:46mikegrb dopester: <3
22:46Anduin You just don't like that the didn't spend enough time talking about pirating HD stuff.
22:47dopester isn't that the emoticon for love?
22:47--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
22:47dopester oh did i need to read to the 3rd page?
22:48* mikegrb <3 dopester
22:48dopester still don't see anything making that article that good..
22:48dopester i at least know how old Isaac is now :)
22:49mikegrb he is four months
22:49mikegrb or did you not mean my first born whom is named after Chutt?
22:49dopester i meant chutt
22:50dopester not yours :)
22:50mikegrb oh
22:52--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
23:01--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
23:05--- <--- dopester [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:11--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
23:11Chutt heh
23:11--- ---> dopester [] has joined #mythtv
23:11Chutt that _was_ a horrible article
23:12dopester i agree :)
23:12mikegrb Chutt: <3
23:13Chutt rkulagow, .17 next weekend, btw.
23:14dopester chutt: did you see there could be issue with the air2pc? i can't tell if i got a bad signal or if the demod settings are wrong..
23:14mikegrb dopester: air2pc is hardware, right?
23:14dopester yeah
23:15dopester but since i dont subscribe to cable i can't tell what a digital cable box would be doing with the channels im trying to watch as well
23:15dopester bytenik said his local rebroadcasts all breakup like i was dumping with the air2pc
23:18dopester chutt: does your local re-broadcasts of atsc breakup?
23:18dopester er do
23:20Chutt occasionally
23:20Chutt not often
23:21dopester not every few seconds though right? :)
23:21Chutt right
23:21Chutt rkulagow, that compile error's fixed
23:21Chutt i think
23:21Chutt lemme know if there are more qt3.1 stuff
23:23rkulagow_ ok, i'll check in a little bit
23:23rkulagow_ thanks for the heads up. i'll get cracking.
23:29Chutt i did email the list about it :p
23:35--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:36--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
23:37--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:39--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
23:51--- <--- dopester [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:51--- ---> dopester [] has joined #mythtv
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