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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-01-30

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00:59Chutt heh, comcast added another hd station
01:01mikegrb oh yeah? which
01:03Chutt nflhd
01:04dopester heh the CVCT and TVCT are the almost the same
01:04dopester guess I don't need ParseCVCT and ParstTVCT :)
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01:07dopester i guess they will just choose some game already out there and re-play it on that channel?
01:07Chutt dunno
01:07Chutt don't watch football
01:07mikegrb interesting
01:08mikegrb espnhd is almost never in hd
01:08Chutt but that's 9 hd channels i get now =)
01:08mikegrb so it doesn't count ;)
01:08Chutt this hasn't been at _all_, from flipping through it
01:08Chutt espn is occasionally
01:08mikegrb yes, not often though
01:08mikegrb is comcast carying discovery hd or universal hd yet?
01:09mikegrb I've quite liked universal hd since I moved from a comcast -> cox area
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01:09Chutt discovery
01:09Chutt no universal, but there's rumors of it soon
01:09mikegrb it is like INHD with lots of universal movies and lots of law and order and soon monk
01:09Chutt ah, cool.
01:09Chutt and possibly battlestar galactica
01:09mikegrb :)
01:09Chutt they're showing last years mini-series next month, supposedly
01:09mikegrb I didn't think to ask in here
01:10dopester just get a cband dish and get hdnet for free :)
01:10mikegrb a few friends have been downloading every episode of the uk series via bittorrent on my colo
01:10mikegrb but the season is over there just as it begins here
01:10Chutt i'll see em when they're aired here
01:10Chutt the uk's only 9 or 10 episodes ahead
01:10mikegrb them showing the mini series in high def is sure to make them jealous though
01:11GreyFoxx You wont be disapointed. It was sweet
01:11Chutt gives me something to do on friday nights
01:11GreyFoxx the final episode(13) aired last Monday
01:11GreyFoxx Now it's a waiting game for season 2 :)
01:11Chutt heh
01:11Chutt they just aired #4 last night, here
01:11mikegrb I haven't seen the mini series so will probably watch it if unihd airs it
01:11dopester at least its not the waiting game for sopranos
01:12mikegrb time for bed g'night
01:12GreyFoxx Hopefully soon they will announce whether or not there will even be a Season2. But most are counting on it happening
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01:24k-man_ hello
01:24k-man_ anyone awake?
01:28Beirdo no
01:29k-man_ thats good to hear
01:30k-man_ has the database format changed much in the last few weeks?
01:30k-man_ i just installed the lastest cvs, and mythtv has stopped working for me
01:32Beirdo I'd suggest reading the mailing lists
01:38Chutt the dbformat changes all the time
01:38Chutt if you're using cvs, you're expected to be on the cvs commits list
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01:51orangey chutt: Is there a special reason why "mythtv file.nuv" challenges the network before allowing the file to be played?
01:51Chutt it does?
01:52Chutt how's it challenge it?
01:52orangey checks the database, seemingly..
01:52Chutt it has to load settings from the database.
01:52orangey chutt: Could it not do that?
01:52Chutt such as your display size, what deinterlacing method, etc
01:52Chutt no.
01:53Chutt the 'mythtv' program is only there for me to test with.
01:53orangey chutt: I ask because I'm trying to find some native non-networked way of playing .nuv files (i.e., on laptop)
01:53Chutt run a local copy of mysql with a copy of your settings on it.
01:53orangey chutt: Is there no real way to play .nuv files offline, then?
01:54Chutt i just told you a way.
01:54orangey Yeah : )
01:55Chutt transcode them into another format if you don't want to do that.
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01:57orangey OK, cool.. Thank you..
01:59dopester bwahaha
01:59dopester got opencable working
01:59dopester was the damn drivers
02:00orangey what's open cable?
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02:03Chutt dopester, write the -dev list :p
02:03dopester yeah im about to
02:03AndreasSB good morning to all from germany!
02:03dopester my code was fine..
02:03dopester damn dvb_demux.c code from 2 weeks ago is broken atleast for atsc
02:04Chutt heh
02:05dopester i think the dvb-kernel cvs is broken more than it works
02:05dopester i was sorta waiting to finish my testing tonight before i replied to that guy
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02:10dopester well chutt you can order your air2pc now :)
02:14Chutt heh
02:14Chutt i don't have a frontend that can playback hd, though
02:14Chutt well, unless i stop underclocking my 2200+ xp-m
02:16GreyFoxx Hrm, makes me wonder what I might be able to pull from my local cable company
02:17dopester probbably just local stations
02:18dopester thats what ive seen here on Time Warner, and thats what it sounds like for Comcast as well
02:19GreyFoxx Bah. Would have been nice to be able to get te HD stuff :)
02:19dopester i get the same thing on cable as i do ota with my antenna
02:19dopester only exception is the pbs hd station is on all the time on cable and its not ota
02:19Beirdo nice
02:20GreyFoxx I don't know of any OTA HDTV here, only over the air stuff I get is 3 or 4 regular channels :)
02:20dopester well if you are in the USA you should be getting something
02:20Beirdo I'll know tomorrow what OTA HDTV we have in Toronto
02:20GreyFoxx Canada :)
02:20dopester yeah aim your antenna south then :)
02:20GreyFoxx hehe
02:21Beirdo I bought a card that will only work in Windows, but will be fine in my gaming machine
02:21Beirdo I think from Halifax, you'd be pretty screwed for HDTV for a while
02:21dopester i can almost play this 1080i with libmpeg2 on my 2000+ so amazing..
02:22GreyFoxx certainly no OTA. Several channels available on digital cable though
02:22dopester no guide on digital cable it looks like though
02:29dopester well i feel much better than last night.. tonight stuff works when im going to bed :)
02:30Beirdo much better feeling
02:31dopester yep
02:31dopester and knowing ive trumped the dudes in Utah by myself also feels good :)
02:33Beirdo vindictive SOB :)
02:33dopester yes i am..
02:33dopester ;)
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06:54stoffel hey, i want the random quotes in mythweb back ;)
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07:35stoffel shouldn't dvd_settings.xml and dvdmenu.xml be deleted from cvs? as they are created from the .pre .mid and .post partial files
08:02stoffel anyone here familiar with the mythgallery code? it doesn't compile on debian unstable configured with --enable-exif. the exif_entry_get_value function seems to have changed
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09:54rkulagow_ wait a minute. is the official project wiki? really?
09:54stoffel hehe
09:54laga i dont think so
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10:48mikegrb rkulagow_: just like is the official project donations page ;)
10:49stoffel hm, what's the difference between scattered and isolated (in a weather forecast)
10:49mikegrb scattered is all over in bits
10:49mikegrb isolated is generally more contained
10:50stoffel contained? so concentrated on a few places
10:50mikegrb ja
10:50stoffel danke ;)
10:51mikegrb Sie sind willkommen
10:51stoffel Das ist schoen
10:52mikegrb :D
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11:10stoffel hmpf, what exactly is a wintry mix?
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11:12laga very good question ;)
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11:12DarkHelmut It means the temp is right around 32F, and they don't know whether you'll get rain, sleet, snow, or all 3
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11:58o_cee Chutt, i'll go ahead and commit my filldata patch later today if you don't have any issues with it
12:00mikegrb I have issues with it.
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12:05phh hi
12:05* stoffel predicts phh actually wanted to join #mythtv-users ;)
12:06phh stoffel, i done both :)
12:06* mikegrb gives stoffel a cupcake
12:06phh i don't know if my ask is more for mythtv or mythtv-users
12:06mikegrb then it is for mythtv-users
12:07stoffel hm, yummy
12:07mikegrb :D
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12:22dopester thor_: try the qam patch now for the air2pc.. i got it working just fine.. I am going to have to do some playing to get it to do setup with myth..
12:22dopester if you want to try it in myth you can screw with the dtv_multiplex table and get it to work..
12:33stoffel o_cee: what happened with chutt's script to update themestrings.h?
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12:43o_cee stoffel, no idea, he promised to have em updated couple of days ago so i guess we'll see something soon.. :)
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12:46danielholth hello
12:46danielholth anyone know anything about using a bt878 ir receiver with another remote besides the one that came with it?
12:47danielholth I am enjoying mythtv quite a bit, connected to directv via serial cable to change channel.
12:47danielholth sorry, developers.
12:47danielholth I'll go to the other channel now.
12:47laga hehe
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12:51dmakalsky Hi everyone, anyone here using knoppmyth?
12:53laga read /topic, please
12:53thor_ dopester, I'm soloing with kiddies today, but will definitely play with it tonight
12:55dopester thats fine.. just wanted to let ya know it works :)
12:58dopester anyone here with an air2pc in a USDTV market?
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13:15laroth_ I've got the Air2PC card in the US.
13:15dopester are you in a market with USDTV? I.E. Las Vegas or LA or Chicago? :)
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13:16laroth_ Nope, sorry misready that. I'm in NW Ohio.
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13:17laroth_ Is that the company that uses spare bandwidth to sell pay channels?
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13:17dopester yeah
13:18dopester i wanted to get my access_controlled code in ParseVCT i just added
13:18dopester no way to test here
13:18dopester no one has sold out yet :)
13:18dopester in this market
13:19mikegrb (other then dopester)
13:20dopester ?
13:20mikegrb you are a sell out ;)
13:22mikegrb found out when heidi ordered new internet and cable here she got the "value high speed internet package"
13:22mikegrb it is fsking 256kb/256kb
13:22dopester bwahaha
13:23mikegrb in other words I got 50.2KB/s on a bandwidth test page
13:23mikegrb slower then 56K dialup!
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13:37AndreasSB hello to all!
13:37AndreasSB i am a newbie in linux and i search for a debian-package?
13:37AndreasSB is anyone there, can help me?
13:37laga AndreasSB: this is the development channel.
13:38laga AndreasSB: you probably want to join #mythtv-user or #myth-de (german)
13:38AndreasSB THANK YOU VERY MUCH! i will try #myth-de
13:38AndreasSB good evening!
13:38laga :)
13:38laga AndreasSB: sorry. it's #mythtv-de
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16:30Anduin Why aren't the versions in mythcontext.h defined in some version header that is only included where it is needed? Would a patch that made it so be accepted?
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16:37Chutt well, generally, the lib version number only changes when binary incompatability has been broken
16:37Chutt err, compatability, rather
16:37Chutt hard to break incompatability
16:37Chutt =)
16:38Chutt i like having it in mythcontext.h as a way to force recompiles
16:38Anduin yeah but it has changed at least twice in the last two days, resulting in compiles that are 7x normal.
16:38Chutt right
16:39Chutt but those were legitimate changes
16:39Chutt everything's going to get recompiled anyway...
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16:39davatar hi all.. I guess nobody has had an interest in using 2+ threads for avcodec since last year eh?
16:40Anduin sure, but let the legit changes hit mythcontext and force a recompile not just the version... ok, I admit I didn't actually look at what changed in mythcontxt, I guess it was going to happen anyway
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16:41Anduin curse you cvs server with no diskspace in /tmp
16:41Chutt heh
16:42Chutt none 32768 0 32768 0% /tmp
16:42Chutt it's all clear :p
16:42Chutt i need to remind snowman to double that again
16:42Anduin yeah, two failed, followed by working
16:42Chutt it gets cleared every 15 minutes or so.
16:43Baylink Was the timestretch stuff from a BZ patch? Trying to figure out how we accidentally turned it on last night.. :-}
16:43Chutt a bz patch?
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16:43Anduin Baylink - you have to enable it even when it is on
16:43Anduin Baylink - unless you have my version where you can set defaults per record setting
16:43Chutt with the default keybindings, i think the only way to enable it is through the playback menu
16:44Baylink A patch posted on bugzilla; yes. Hmmm. I *thought* we got it merely by hitting the wrong key, but I know we didn't bind it on purpose.
16:44Chutt err, ah
16:44Chutt 'A' will pop up the slider to select the speed
16:46Baylink Ah. Yeah, I can see how we might have hit that.
16:46Baylink Silly ass IR keyboard: KeyUp events sometimes go missing.
16:46Chutt heh
16:46Baylink Suspect ambient IR in room, but can't nail it down.
16:49Chutt anduin, cvs should be compiling quicker due to jeremiah's settings changes
16:49Chutt he copied my compile speedups into most of the other settings files
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16:51Anduin normally it takes about 2 minutes for ccache to grind through, the context patches pushed it out to 15+ minutes
16:51Chutt right
16:51Chutt but a full recompile should be a bit quicker these days
16:51Chutt well, this day
16:51Anduin but yeah, I understand
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16:55Torq Chutt: how did you feel about your name in lights on the front page of section 2 of the NY times?
16:56Chutt crappy article
16:56Torq Did you know it was going to be published?
16:56Chutt yeah
16:56Chutt didn't know they were going to lump me in with bittorrent crap
16:56Torq oh well. do you want me to mail you the section of the paper
16:56Chutt i picked one up earlier
16:57Torq oh, didnt know you got it out there
16:57Chutt yes, we have bookstores in ohio :p
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16:57mikegrb puhwahahahahah
16:57Torq People can read there?
16:58mikegrb we even get it in florida
16:58Chutt well, some people can
16:58dopester i think about 3% of this place is literate sometimes..
16:58mikegrb dopester: higher
16:58mikegrb dopester: all the people not reading the topic and what not
16:58Chutt anduin, and, be glad of your 15 minute compile. last i checked, mine was closer to 25 :(
16:59Torq not including Qt...
16:59Chutt i've never compiled qt :p
16:59Anduin Chutt - yeah, I long ago stopped compiling myth on the box I run it on, has made my life much better.
16:59Chutt i just need a faster dev box
16:59dopester and a box to playback hd :)
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17:00Chutt heh
17:01Chutt website's done 40GB of traffic today
17:01--- ---> jedsmith [] has joined #mythtv
17:01Torq thats a lot...
17:01Chutt i'm glad the screenshots are still at sourceforge =)
17:01Torq I didnt think the website had code or anything on it
17:02Torq presumably you have had a spike post NY times.. got any charts
17:02jedsmith hey there guys
17:03Chutt no public ones
17:03--- <<-- beablis [] has quit (Success)
17:04jedsmith i haven't personally used your software, but someone referred me to your project as a good place to start browsing. i'm working on a video router using my unused system, and i'd like to do full functionality, maybe previews of what's on each input, and so forth
17:04* Torq points jedsmith at the /topic
17:04jedsmith i'm not asking for user help
17:04Torq yes you are
17:04--- ---> danielholth [] has joined #mythtv
17:04jedsmith i'm writing software, and i was wondering what sort of techniques you developers employ to process video
17:04--- ---> beablis [] has joined #mythtv
17:05jedsmith i'm not familiar with processing video as a rule, i'm looking for a pointer in the right direction -- if that's a "user" question, i'm awfully surprised
17:06jedsmith and it just adds to my image of freenode as a whole
17:09danielholth hello developers, I have some kind of bug: when I try to change the channel, with a channel change script, I get this error: QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range and the channel does not change.
17:09danielholth it is intermittent.
17:09danielholth 0.16 on gentoo.
17:10mikegrb probably because of gentoo
17:11jedsmith so no recommendations for books or places to start? have i hoped for too much from the all-busy programmers working on an open project that hasn't even hit 1.0? doth my request for a tip incense you, oh all-knowing beasts of prowess?
17:12Anduin jedsmith - look at mythfrontend
17:13jedsmith thank you Anduin. i assume that's your graphical overlay?
17:13Anduin jedsmith - and comments like that probably aren't going to inspire anyone to help
17:13Anduin jedsmith - no that is the code which calls the code which decodes
17:13jedsmith i don't think i've inspired anybody, and i was shunned right off the bat, so i don't feel i'm burning any bridges.
17:13jedsmith ah, okay
17:14jedsmith i'm looking to just pass video through without processing, hopefully, from a tuner card to a straight out, but i'd like to do overlays
17:14jedsmith this router is matrix, so i'm going to have multiple-outs, and that sort of thing.
17:15jedsmith what's an interface from a tuner card like? grab each individual frame?
17:15Anduin jedsmith - look at mythbackend for that
17:15Anduin jedsmith - of just v4l
17:15jedsmith are these modules in your cvs? or just subdirectories of mythtv?
17:16Anduin jedsmith - large sections, programs, and directories
17:16jedsmith cool.
17:16GreyFoxx cvs -z3 -d checkout mythtv
17:17jedsmith /var/lib? yuck ;)
17:17jedsmith thanks for the pointer
17:18--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
17:19GreyFoxx oops
17:19GreyFoxx tht was an accidental paste of course
17:20jedsmith oh.
17:20GreyFoxx was was grabbing the latest cvs source in another window :)
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17:22mikegrb or since your questions have absolutely nothing to do with mythtv development you could do what everyone before you has done and just read the fucking v4l speck rather then asking for it to be handed to you with no work on your part
17:24jedsmith i'm not developing on linux, so obviously, v4l has nothing to do with me, now does it
17:25jedsmith how about dropping the holier than thou attitude and realizing that your knowledge doesn't make you any more of a superior person, and that sharing a little tiny bit of knowledge with someone outside your circle isn't going to hurt you
17:25Beirdo then why are you asking questions on a development channel for a Linux program?
17:25cmorgan mikegrb: man, no need to get all pissed off about people asking questions
17:25Torq why dont you take this fucking crap conversation elsewhere?
17:25jedsmith because i'm looking for (read this carefully, now) general advice and pointers on processing video on a computer
17:25mikegrb Beirdo: because he can't read
17:25jedsmith you know, problems we solve, it's what we do, we're called programmers
17:26mikegrb jedsmith: then why do you want people to solve the problems for you?
17:26cmorgan jedsmith: yeah well people here aren't always as friendly as they could be
17:26jedsmith we don't turn out one product and become obsessed with ourselves and seek to shove all our fellow kind away
17:26Torq should have ignored him in the first place
17:26jedsmith i'm not asking for having one problem solved, am i
17:26jedsmith am i asking you to write my software? no. i'm looking for general advice from people that work with video on how working with video on a computer works
17:26Beirdo jedsmith: this channel is for the development of MythTV, not for general video programming questions, unfortunately for you :)
17:26jedsmith because it's the one field i haven't tackled yet
17:27* Torq wishes jedsmith would GO AWAY
17:27jedsmith oh christ, have i infringed upon your bubble?
17:27mikegrb Torq: everyone does
17:27jedsmith give it a rest, it's not like there's scrolling cvs commits you need to constantly watch in here
17:27Beirdo jedsmith: read the topic.
17:27jedsmith i did read the topic
17:27cmorgan jedsmith: feel free to pm me if you want to chat
17:28Torq jedsmith: I pointed you at the topic when you joined, go to flaming mythtv-users, this belongs there
17:28jedsmith i have nothing to do with mythtv whatsoever, i was looking for people versed in video-related programming to shed a little bit of advice
17:28jedsmith no, it doesn't. because not only do i not use your software, i don't plan on it
17:28jedsmith that moves me from "user" to "independent programmer"
17:28Torq bullshit
17:28mikegrb jedsmith: "i have nothing to do with mythtv whatsoever," exactly why you should not be here
17:28bomba hilarious
17:28Beirdo the people in #ffmpeg (if they are around) may be able to give you info
17:28jedsmith there's one gem of advice
17:28GreyFoxx #ffmpeg is a much better place
17:29GreyFoxx '\\\\\\\\\\=
17:29jedsmith thank you Beirdo, you've just proved once and for all that all developers that work on this project aren't full of themselves
17:29GreyFoxx \oops, my kid decided to type that
17:29jedsmith i mean, christ, people, do you ever wake up in the morning and say, man, i'm a jackass to people on irc?
17:29cmorgan hah
17:29Beirdo GreyFoxx: \\\\\\\\\= to you too
17:29Torq jedsmith: suggestion, shut the fuck up?
17:29jedsmith do you have any idea how honestly stupid you sound, Torq
17:29jedsmith i'm off topic, wow, the world's still spinning
17:30Torq you clearly have no idea how stupid YOU sound.
17:30jedsmith it's not like one person going off topic is going to shut down your entire fucking product
17:30Beirdo some channels like to stay on topic. This is one of them
17:30jedsmith staying on topic at the cost of personal insults and introduction of vulgarity and adandonment of common sense?
17:30mikegrb and you have no respectg for that and therefore no respect for the people in the channel
17:30jedsmith correct, i don't
17:31mikegrb therefore you have given us permission to treat you however the hell we wish
17:31jedsmith because i haven't gotten any respect since i arrived
17:31Torq you havnt earned any fucking respect.
17:31jedsmith i've been treated like some piece of worthless goo that you high and mighty, linux PVR programmers step on
17:31jedsmith you treat people the way you want to be treated, if my morality training hasn't left me
17:31mikegrb because that is how you treated us
17:31jedsmith no
17:31GreyFoxx jedsmith: You sir are a fool with apparently very little in the way of social skills
17:31jedsmith i asked
17:31jedsmith a question
17:32mikegrb by not respectging our wish to be on topic
17:32Beirdo whatever. You are in the wrong channel, please respect the channel or piss off
17:32Torq you needed to be trained in morality? geez
17:32mikegrb and we told you the question was not for this channel
17:32cmorgan people asking questions aren't assholes, it doesn't hurt to be tolerant
17:32jedsmith what channel's it for, then, genius
17:32jedsmith mythtv-users?
17:32jedsmith i'd get "your question is not about mythtv"
17:32jedsmith think ahead
17:33jedsmith i was looking to communicate with -programmers- about a topic i felt would be -discussable-
17:33mikegrb well you were wrong
17:33jedsmith but apparently i've found the sorriest two-bit bug patchers this side of ircle
17:33mikegrb we told you that and you had to talk about how we were all that
17:33GreyFoxx Maybe, just MAYBE there is no channel for it. That doesn't mean that this one would suddenly become it. Besides. You';ve now been given a place to start (#ffmpeg). You are still here because you want to feel righteous and strike back at those who DARED not help you
17:33mikegrb you are just jealous of our 1337 skill
17:33jedsmith you act like you are -- you're off topic, that's a reason to smite you and tell you to go solve your own fucking problems
17:33jedsmith your 1337 skill?
17:33jedsmith you write linux software to copy a tivo
17:33jedsmith wow
17:34* GreyFoxx decides to now longer add to the drivel
17:34jedsmith i'm honestly truly fucking impressed, now, you are programmers, you had a problem, you solved it
17:34--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
17:34jedsmith it works great
17:34GreyFoxx you sir, are not worth the effort
17:34jedsmith apparently a lot of people are happy with your product
17:34Beirdo you have no idea
17:34jedsmith i looked to garner a little bit of knowledge about how you got started for a completely unrelated project
17:34Torq but a lot of people also think youre an asshole. get with the program.
17:35jedsmith i'm an asshole for asking a question?
17:35jedsmith i didn't turn asshole until treated asshole
17:35Beirdo and at least one person has said to go to pm with him, but you carry on ranting here
17:35bomba jedsmith: are you new to IRC?
17:35Torq youre an asshole for persisting
17:35mikegrb bomba: apearentl
17:35mikegrb y
17:35jedsmith new to freenode
17:35jedsmith this is my third experience with freenode and they have all turned out the same
17:35Beirdo maybe you should learn then
17:35jedsmith the general attitude on this network is 'if you're off topic, you're satan'
17:35jedsmith learn?
17:35mikegrb well then I would it might be a problem with you then
17:35jedsmith i already have common sense
17:36mikegrb obviously not
17:36mikegrb are you masochistic?
17:36mikegrb I think so.
17:36Torq maybe freenode isnt for you then, go back to your kiddie channels.
17:36bomba jedsmith: try lurking around on a channel for a while before pissing everyone off
17:36jedsmith "kiddie channels"
17:36jedsmith now can any of you give me one valid reason to get so incensed about going off topic
17:36jedsmith one
17:37Beirdo sure.
17:37Torq yeah, kiddie channels, where you chat up the little kiddies.
17:37jedsmith i respect you desiring to stay on channel, but why fly off the handle? it's just irc
17:37Beirdo the topic is meant to be read and obeyed
17:37jedsmith "obeyed"
17:37mikegrb it is quite anoying that 10 people a day want to come in here and not read the topic
17:37Beirdo if you don't like how people run their channels, stay the hell out of them
17:37jedsmith i respect that
17:37mikegrb at least these people generally apologize and go elsewhere when pointed at it
17:37jedsmith he presented a valid point
17:38jedsmith okay, i see what happened
17:38jedsmith i got lumped in with two-bit rednecks that come in here after setting up your product and wondering how the hell to do something
17:38mikegrb you think you are better then that and you deserve to have your queries answered no matter what they are and no matter how far from the topic they are
17:38jedsmith i don't think i'm better than anybody
17:38jedsmith i think i'm equal to you, at least
17:38mikegrb then why are yoiu still here trying to lecture uss?
17:38jedsmith because your attitude is a joke
17:38Torq so fucking what?
17:38jedsmith your collective attitude is honestly a fucking joke
17:39mikegrb you are not our mommy
17:39jedsmith this entire network's collective attitude is a joke
17:39mikegrb it is none of your business
17:39mikegrb if you don't like it, leave and go where you are wanted
17:39GreyFoxx he's still here because his ego is forcing him to try and "win" and be "right" by scolding us children for not bowing to him :)
17:39jedsmith no, i'm still here because you want me to leave
17:39Torq go lie down in a dark room and take a few pills
17:39mikegrb GreyFoxx: exactly
17:39jedsmith i honestly can't believe the backlash for one person asking a question
17:40jedsmith you guys work on an open source project
17:40jedsmith didn't you expect questions on your code?
17:40jedsmith where the hell do those go?
17:40jedsmith mythtv-code?
17:40mikegrb you aren't asking about the code
17:40GreyFoxx jedsmith: The backlash is not for asking the question. It was your continues overreation to the answer you got that is causing it :)
17:40jedsmith i was going to ask what part of the code to read
17:40jedsmith and then ask a couple questions on the code, perhaps
17:40mikegrb someone pointed you to the code and you had no idea wehat they were talking about
17:40jedsmith exactly
17:40jedsmith and i downloaded the code, and i have it open
17:40jedsmith but i got a jackass remark from you to go solve my own fucking problems
17:41Torq jedsmith: how old are you? anybody with your attitude must have some pretty serious social problems.
17:41Beirdo Get bent, will ya?
17:41jedsmith my age not only has nothing to do with this discussion but is something i'm not going to give you
17:41mikegrb Torq: 12
17:41jedsmith precisely why
17:41mikegrb Torq: or 45 living in parent's basement
17:42jedsmith touch\xE9
17:42Torq mike: aye, I'm trying to decide which one it is.
17:42jedsmith keep trying
17:42jedsmith maybe you'll get your head out of your ass for five minutes
17:43Beirdo Maybe if Chutt were here, you'd be gone already
17:43jedsmith maybe
17:43mikegrb or if this was another network
17:43Anduin jedsmith - you should stop and talk to cmorgan if he will still have you, scrolling up should give you at least one reason to stay on topic.
17:43dopester /ignore is a useful thing
17:43Torq Just did google on "jed smith" apparently he is a famous gay porn star.
17:44jedsmith hah.
17:44Torq first hit on google
17:44jedsmith thanks for making me laugh.
17:44dopester im a gymnist if you search for my name :)
17:44jedsmith actually, if you google my name, the first hit is a cross country running event that has nothing to do with me
17:44jedsmith but is named after me
17:45Chutt heh
17:45Chutt funny conversation
17:45Beirdo :)
17:45Chutt jedsmith, you do know that none of the people you're talking to are developers, right? :p
17:45mikegrb Chutt: <3
17:45--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Connection timed out)
17:45mikegrb hey I have submitted a total of three accepted patches!
17:45dopester chutt: jams is reportin success with the qam patch as well so thats 3 successes and 0 failures now for QAM
17:45GreyFoxx hehehe We didn';t want to tell him that :)
17:45mikegrb well 4 sort of
17:45jedsmith i'm not surprised, Chutt
17:45Chutt cool.
17:46GreyFoxx It was too fun to watch :)_
17:46Chutt dopester, what's the url for the card again?
17:46Beirdo I've done a bunch of patches for nuvexport ;)
17:46Beirdo but still
17:46mikegrb Beirdo: <3
17:46dopester is one plac that sells it
17:46jedsmith i'm sorry if i strayed off topic, but honestly, it was just too good to pass up'
17:46Beirdo reminds me, I should finish that.
17:46dopester chutt: the bbti website has just about no info on it
17:46Chutt heh
17:46Torq You're still a dickhead.
17:46dopester just a pdf that is pretty vague
17:47jedsmith first, let me make sure this is logged
17:47jedsmith so i can have a laugh for the next month
17:47jedsmith and then i'll be on my way
17:47jedsmith cool, cheerio
17:47--- <<-- jedsmith [] has quit ()
17:47Torq geez
17:47Beirdo now to get back to work :)
17:49Chutt dopester, i'm ordering one.
17:49dopester cool
17:51Chutt wow
17:51Chutt $12 for shipping
17:52--- <<-- danielholth [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:55--- <<-- beablis [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:55o_cee Chutt, no response to my patch on the list. did you have time to look at it?
17:56Chutt it looked fine to me when i skimmed it
17:56Chutt go ahead and commit it if you want to
17:56Chutt there's a week to fix bugs if there are any =)
17:56Chutt dopester, there, card ordered. should have it this week =)
17:56o_cee allrighty :) just need to check if there's been any dbcheck updates..
17:56Chutt there have, i believe.
17:57o_cee yeah think i saw that as well
17:57Chutt make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/mythtv/mythtv/i18n'
17:57Chutt real 30m37.548s
17:57Chutt see, that just sucks.
17:57o_cee :/
17:57o_cee make em optional or something
17:57Chutt no, that's the full build
17:57o_cee ah
17:57o_cee hehe
17:58o_cee dunno how long it takes here, running one 3ghz and one 2ghz
18:01Baylink Yeah, 30 minutes wall time is about what I see too; Barton 2500, 512MB; 7200RPM drives.
18:02davatar dopster: talking about the hd-3000 or Air2PC?
18:03dopester davatar: in reference to what?
18:03davatar dopester: qam patch
18:03dopester Air2PC
18:03dopester if i talk about the pchdtv its usually negative
18:03dopester if i talk about the air2pc its usually positive
18:03dopester then again i wrote the demod drivers for the air2pc so im a bit biased :)
18:05davatar is the company being friendly to linux?
18:05dopester yeah
18:07johnp it's broken.
18:07--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
18:08johnp (sorry wrong window)
18:16--- ---> LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
18:18--- ---> billiebat [] has joined #mythtv
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18:35--- ---> [og]vizionary [~viper@] has joined #mythtv
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18:44--- <<-- davatar [] has quit ()
18:46--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:47dopester Chutt: do you mind if a submit fixes in 1 patch instead of 5-10 smaller ones?
18:48--- <<-- linuxwhore [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
18:48--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
18:51--- ---> linuxwhore [] has joined #mythtv
18:52--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
18:59Chutt sure
18:59dopester ok good :)
19:01--- <<-- tobo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:03--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:39mikegrb score, mother in law is buying us a new car seat
19:39mikegrb a $180 leather eddie bauer car seat with cup holders and shit
19:44--- ---> Angligash [] has joined #mythtv
19:47o_cee Chutt, rest of hiros patches ok? utf8 stuff
19:49--- ---> ExElNe1 [] has joined #mythtv
19:54o_cee also, should i add those categories for tv_grab_nl? guess it'll be ok for now
20:00--- ---> Torq [] has joined #mythtv
20:03--- <<-- ExElNeT [] has quit (Connection timed out)
20:05o_cee time for some sleep, g'night
20:06--- <<-- LLyric [] has quit ("Leaving")
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20:33--- User: *** amell__ is now known as Torq
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21:26--- ---> bazz [] has joined #mythtv
21:26bazz anyone know if the debian packages for mythtv have lirc support compiled in?
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