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00:30xris Chutt: you around?
00:30Chutt yeah
00:30xris figured I should alert you to that.
00:31xris not sure when it'll get sent in, but there seem to be a number of people on the users channel who wanted some kind of petition.
00:31Chutt heh
00:31Chutt cool.
00:31xris lol
00:36Chutt going to post that to the list?
00:36xris only with your permission.
00:36Chutt i'm fine with it :p
00:37dopester chutt: you see i re-did it?
00:37Chutt yeah
00:37Chutt i'll apply it tomorrow
00:37Chutt tired :(
00:38dopester ok np.. i look ok though?
00:38dopester or didn't ya look..
00:38Chutt yeah, looked ok
00:38dopester signed the petition :)
00:39dopester oooooo.. im number 4.. i feel special
00:41Beirdo you are special :)
00:41xris hah! I'm #1. ;)
00:41dopester yeah i did get to take the shorter bus to school :)
00:58xris so when scheduling a recording override for a specific episode, does mythtv pay attention to things like profile/etc?
01:00dopester betcha gigem knows
01:02xris oh, and is there a way to get the original recordid from a program that's overriding a schedule?
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01:06Chutt best to ask david
01:06Chutt i'm not up on the scheduler very much anymore =)
01:06xris lol
01:06xris I'll email him
01:08Chutt that speedup he did is pretty nice
01:08Chutt reschedules things extremely quickly =)
01:09xris cool
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01:09xris now I'm wishing I hadn't torn apart the guts of mythweb. heh
01:12Chutt heh
01:13Beirdo It will be worth it in the end, xris
01:15xris Beirdo: I know.
01:15xris I just wanted to be poking at my recipe program by now. heh.
01:15Beirdo :)
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01:33xris man, so many commits.
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01:36xris ok, only 2 more things to do for .17.
01:36xris well, and then cosmetic changes.
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01:38Beirdo heh
01:38nfsv4 heh
01:38Beirdo famous last words
01:40xris well, two big things left (and they're really the same thing -- record a program, and recording schedules)
01:40xris scheduled recordings page works again.
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01:45cuban How can I delete a scheduled recording? IE: I set MythTV to record the late show every night, but I no longer want it to do this.
01:46xris ask in the the user support channel, please.
01:47cuban what channel is that?
01:47xris read the topic
01:47Beirdo read the topic
01:47Beirdo wow, in stereo
01:48xris heh
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08:33Anduin "work very hard to quell attempts to set up some kind of show-sharing network for MythTV program" should be programs or reworded, and "unrequited lawsuit"??
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09:46GeckoFiend Ok I think I borught the release notes up to date if everyone can have a look and see if anythign needs added / changed I'd appreciate it. Don't want to leave anyone's work / favorite new thing out.
09:53Dibblah Mac support has moved along very well. Mac users can now compile and run Mythfrontend "out of the box". Mythbackend does not yet work.
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09:55Dibblah tv_grab_uk_rt no longer loops unnecessarily (Mythfilldatabase run times are now sensible)
09:58Dibblah Many asserts have been removed. Previously these would cause either the frontend or the backend to terminate, with little useful debugging information available.
09:58Dibblah That's all I can see. Good summary :)
10:02Dibblah Doh. Libsoundtouch doesn't seem to be in there?
10:05Dibblah I take it the mythmusic audio integration patch didn't make it?
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10:06laga that'd be sad.
10:08Dibblah Errr... No. Sorry. That got committed 26/01/05 :)
10:09Dibblah In which case, that needs to go in as well :)
10:10laga hehe
10:10laga great
10:11Anduin GeckoFiend - Will there still be an abbreviated version? Something more end-user friendly?
10:12GeckoFiend hehe that IS the user friendly version
10:13GeckoFiend Dibblah that's in there
10:13Anduin GeckoFiend - I don't think it is very, I probably care about half of that stuff, maybe add a TOC at the top?
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10:18GeckoFiend The problem is that there's a LOT of information there. I've tried to catagorize it where possible. The misc list could probably be made smaller, but I really need to work on catagorizing things better from the start
10:19GeckoFiend I'll see if I can't clean it up more
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10:54Chutt maybe a list of the big, user-visible changes first?
10:58GeckoFiend How's this look:
10:59GeckoFiend I should proabably work on catagoizing the bug fixes better as well.
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11:09Anduin GeckoFiend - on an unrelated note, you really don't see the problem even in mythvideo?
11:09GeckoFiend nope not at all and I use the video manager a lot.... I'll try a fresh CVS checkout to make sure I don't have any uncommited changes.
11:11Chutt i've got lots of clipping in titivillus
11:12Chutt but i don't run at a 4:3 resolution
11:12Chutt most annoying thing is the song format info in mythmusic, and the title screen (blank image for the button text is too short)
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11:34Anduin GeckoFiend - also some of the weather images don't scale right (some are 200x150 others are 128x128)
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11:38GeckoFiend Chutt yeah, I've actually got a version for widescreen nearly done once it's done I'll try it on a 4:3 to see if it still looks ok
11:38GeckoFiend The clipping is caused by the scaliing I think.
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11:39GeckoFiend Anduin Are my images the same as the GANT ones?
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11:48Anduin Gecko_Lunch - not anymore
11:49Chutt geckofiend, authored for 1280x720?
11:49Chutt i need to find a not horribly overpriced 12ft hdmi cable
11:49Chutt and a not horribly overpriced dvi -> hdmi adaptor
11:50beavis did the location of the themes change yesterday?
11:50Chutt nope
11:50beavis my cvs build tells me it can't find the theme
11:51Chutt nothing's changed
11:52beavis strange
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12:17Chutt wildgoose, yo..
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12:18Baylink Do people still say that? :-)
12:19Baylink I feel like I'm watching Isaac of Arcadia, or something. :-)
12:19Chutt heh
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12:39Gecko_Lunch Chutt yeah, I'm usinga 30inch LCD as a monitor now at 1280x702
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12:41gr8nash man gecko share the wealth =(
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12:45GeckoFiend gr8nash heh I got a KILLER deal on it. $999 after rebates,
12:46jams afternoon GeckoFiend
12:46GeckoFiend hey jams!
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12:47jams welcome back
12:47GeckoFiend thanks!
12:52jams i'm attempting to get the 3000 dvb driver working. Hopefully I will have something positive to report later today
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13:15Delemas Chutt: I just testing bug 77 w/ 0.17 snapshot. A works for me resolution is tempting (although I'm probably not allowed.)
13:15Delemas s/just/was just/
13:18Chutt i'll test it in a bit
13:18Delemas I tried doing what he did... I was using internal lirc support though which seems to work fine...
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13:59rkulagow_ chutt: here?
14:01Chutt yeah
14:02rkulagow_ so, after all is said and done, what do you think i should do about the section of the HOWTO that has the parallel compile stuff. those gentoo ebuild people sure were yelling alot.
14:02Chutt as long as it works for the release, i don't mind it there
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14:03rkulagow_ is there a better technique then explicitly specifying the subdirectories? i did it because otherwise sometimes one thread gets ahead of the others and depends on an earlier subdirectory
14:03Chutt you can always do a make -j<blah>, then do a normal make if it fails
14:04Chutt can also try to see what happens with the current build tree, since the dependencies are a little better specified.
14:04rkulagow_ ok, i'll give it a try
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14:06beavis Something sets m_installprefix to /usr/local/ in mythcontext.cpp in my debian build today. hmm
14:06Chutt hasn't changed :p
14:06stoffel *g*
14:07beavis ;)
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14:11Beirdo Chutt: just curious (if you have the time). What are the current mailing list subscriber counts?
14:11Chutt i dunno
14:12Beirdo I remember it being a significant number (tens of thousands) on -users a few months ago
14:12Chutt naw
14:12Chutt several thousand
14:12Chutt not 10s
14:13Beirdo really? bad memory then I guess
14:13Beirdo you guys must really burn through the bandwidth with all that mail
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14:21stoffel Chutt: hey, did dibblah's comment about libexif help?
14:21Chutt oh, yeah
14:21Chutt i've been a tad busy, though
14:21stoffel np, just wanted to mention it
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14:33rkulagow_ chutt: here's what happened when i did a make -j 4:
14:33rkulagow_ usr/share/qt3/bin/moc sr_root.h -o moc_sr_root.cpp
14:33rkulagow_ make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../libavcodec/', needed by `'. Stop.
14:33rkulagow_ make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
14:33rkulagow_ make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmythtv'
14:33rkulagow_ make[1]: *** [sub-libmythtv] Error 2
14:33rkulagow_ make: *** [sub-libs] Error 2
14:33rkulagow_ is "better" dependency supposed to be 100% (is what i pasted an actual error?)
14:34Chutt in libs/
14:34Chutt try adding a: 'CONFIG += ordered' line
14:34Chutt make distclean, then try rebuilding with the -j 4
14:34rkulagow_ ok
14:35rkulagow_ put it before the subdirs line?
14:36Chutt sure
14:36rkulagow_ ok, lets see what happens...
14:36rkulagow_ so, now there's a "mythtv store" selling the Air2PC-ATSC card...
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14:55rkulagow_ chutt: how do you feel about getting rid of the ivtv stuff? i asked tmk if he was going to release 0.2.0, never got a response, and i don't want to keep trying to stay up to date with the latest CK rc
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14:58goodie with 0.16 version, there seems to be issues with adding alot of files to the playlist. First of, it uses really long time to index, but worse, random features only random to G in the alphabet or something. Is these issues known?
15:06Baylink rkulagow_: as annoying as it is, my estimate is that 50% or so of, at least, the people I see on lists and IRC, seem to be using Hauppauge cards. What would be the impact of what you suggest?
15:08laga *cough*
15:08* laga readies his shootgun
15:08laga you'd have to get my pvr 250 from my cold finger.
15:09GreyFoxx And considereing that CK has al but stopped updating his stuff It's not like there are a lot of changes going on at the moment :)
15:09rkulagow_ well, i'd assume that the ivtv people will have the latest install documents
15:09Baylink I expect a lot of that; I'm curious what, precisely, the thrust of his inquiry is.
15:09Baylink "Getting rid of" which stuff, rk?
15:09rkulagow_ the part of the howto that tells you how to compile and install for mandrake
15:10rkulagow_ (the ivtv items)
15:11Baylink Oh, just in the howto. Well, if it refers to someone else's, I don't see why not. I thought you meant code support; did I come in late?
15:11Beirdo as long as the process is documented somewhere, we should be fine as long as people can easily find said docs, no?
15:12stoffel Baylink: basically it's like this: rkulagow -> docs, chutt (and others) -> code ;)
15:12stoffel with exceptions to the rule of course
15:12laga oh, i'm sorry. ;)
15:12laga i thought you wanted to remove the support for ivtv from the backend
15:13Beirdo God no, that would be horrible :)
15:13GreyFoxx That's what I thought he meant too hehe
15:13stoffel like 'back to the roots'
15:13laga i'm glad i'm not alone with that terrifying assumption ;)
15:13laga stoffel: yeah. one frame = one punchcard.
15:14Baylink Got it. Naw, rk; as I say, as long as it points to someone's reasonably current doco (and if that's not at, I'll fix it tonight :-)... No reason why not from me.
15:14laga Baylink: btw, i've added a link to chris' petition to the front page of the wiki. i hope you're ok with that.
15:15stoffel petition?
15:15stoffel on the frontpage, ah
15:15laga stoffel:
15:15beavis the nytimes petition stoffel
15:15laga i probably need to update that link, though.
15:15Beirdo It's not really a petition.
15:16laga whatever.
15:16laga ;)
15:16Beirdo it's more of a letter to the editor from many many people :)
15:16stoffel 'interesting' title so far
15:17laga huh? "immutable page"? am i missing something?
15:17laga i can't edit the frontpage
15:17Baylink Chris has a petition? I'm fine; it's not really my wiki; I just flack it.
15:17Baylink You're not logged in.
15:17laga Baylink: oh. hehe. ;)
15:17Baylink Dummy. :-)
15:18stoffel omg, he's only 26. i feel old now
15:18* laga hands baylink a trout
15:18GreyFoxx Beirdo: Ever try one of those FXO cards you were looking at ?
15:18Beirdo not really the channel for it, GreyFoxx :)
15:18Beirdo heh
15:18Beirdo but yes, and none of them work
15:18GreyFoxx Forgot which I had focus on when I typed it :)
15:18Beirdo going to -users :)
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15:22Beirdo laga: you gonna fix that link, or should I? :)
15:22laga Beirdo: i'm on it.
15:22laga Beirdo: i've felt like updating my personal page in the meantime ;)
15:22Beirdo Heh
15:22* Beirdo goes back to -users...
15:25Baylink You *bet* you can publish it, laga. In fact, I'm going to punch it up a bit.
15:25laga Baylink: nice.
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16:18* stoffel suggests a feature freeze of one week. testing translations with 'hot' code (scheduler.cpp bug just fixed) isn't fun
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16:19Chutt too late =)
16:19Chutt you've got, oh, 5 days?
16:19stoffel well, yes. but i'd like to get some feedback from users before the release
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16:23Chutt code freezes are boring
16:23Chutt wastes time i could be using to do stuff
16:23stoffel hehe, i don't want to stop you
16:23beavis so a string freeze at least
16:24Chutt can't enforce that
16:24Chutt besides, none of the translations are 100% complete
16:24stoffel the english one is
16:24Chutt it's not treated as a translation
16:25* stoffel tried to be funny
16:25hadeees Chutt, when an offical module is installed how does the item get added to mythtv menu? i am trying to write some ebuilds for 3rd party myth modules (ie mythstream)
16:25Chutt yea yea :p
16:25Chutt hadeees, magic, essentially.
16:26hadeees Chutt, hehe it isn't a patch is it? does the qmake add it?
16:26Chutt menus must be patched, yes.
16:26hadeees and when they are uninstalled the menus patches get reversed?
16:26Chutt nope
16:26Chutt the menus contain entries for all official plugins
16:27hadeees Chutt, oh and they don't display unless the module is there
16:27Chutt righto
16:27hadeees ah, so can I come up with a similar patch for 3rd party modules? so that it will add all the possible 3rd party modules to the menu but won't show them unless they are installed?
16:27Chutt sure
16:28hadeees Chutt, cool, just for my own curiosity what makes something become an offical module? like why is mythphone one over say mythstream
16:29hadeees is it a maintainer>
16:29hadeees ?
16:29Chutt it's maintained, i've looked through the source and it's not doing anything horribly wrong
16:30Chutt acceptably written, etc
16:30Beirdo and isn't to do something illegal? :)
16:30Chutt that too.
16:30Baylink Or even questionably legal.
16:31hadeees Beirdo, mythstream is legal i think
16:31Beirdo I wasn't saying it wasn't :)
16:31Chutt but it wasn't written the way i thought it should be
16:31hadeees Chutt, I know my opinion doesn't matter much but I would vote for mythstream to be offical
16:31Chutt ie, integrated into mythvideo/mythmusic
16:31Chutt where it belongs, not as a silly separate module
16:32hadeees Chutt, yeah i guess your right about that
16:32hadeees although putting it in mythvideo and music might get confusing
16:32rkulagow_ chris pinkham: here?
16:32hadeees they are almost like their own tv channels
16:33Chutt where it belongs, though, really.
16:33* Beirdo points at the two instances of Captain_Murdoch
16:34hadeees Chutt, yet again I am going on a limb but you every think about making everything like a channel? for example then you could have mythmusic in the pip and mythvideo in the front
16:34hadeees hehe although i am guessing that would mean a huge overhaul of how mythtv works
16:35hadeees but in theory i think it would be a cool ui
16:35Chutt possibly
16:36hadeees Chutt, you ever read any books on good UI? and would you be open for donations of said books?
16:36hadeees not saying Mythtv has bad UI
16:36stoffel hadeees: that was too obvious
16:36stoffel ;)
16:37hadeees stoffel, nah i read these books my self, they are pretty useful
16:37Captain_Murdo| Beirdo, one is me at home and one is me at work.
16:37hadeees I was thinking of donating some UI books to any mythtv dev who wants
16:37stoffel hadeees: cool
16:38Chutt i don't really like computer books
16:38o_cee well i'm doing gant, and haven't really read that much about that stuff ;)
16:38Beirdo I figured, Captain_Murdoch. rkulagow_ was looking for ya
16:39o_cee Chutt, i'll add those new catcolors for .17 right? until we got something better sorted out?
16:39hadeees o_cee, i like gant =), i read the books because i do alot of programing in similar situations with mythtv, well kind of I program stuff on very small screens, like pda and phones, similarly where you have to be that much better with you UI desgin then say on a computer
16:40o_cee yep, intresting stuff. not easy designing a good ui, especially on something like a tv
16:40Chutt yup, might as well
16:41--- ---> wswanson [] has joined #mythtv
16:41o_cee couldn't make any sense of what they where talking about, waiting for another patch.. there's already stuff in there that says dutch and belgian grabber.
16:42o_cee crappy vesa driver is driving me nuts!! bah
16:43rkulagow_ captain_murdoch: you forgot to update keys.txt when you added invert cutlist. naughty, naughty!
16:43rkulagow_ (i'm syncing the HOWTO and keys.txt; I added it already)
16:46Captain_Murdo| :) thanks.
16:47Captain_Murdo| was too engrossed in trying to think up a catchy commit message about fans of the commercials in the Superbowl but not necessarily fans of the Superbowl.
16:51johnnyST I think I have found a a bug if I uncheck "Free to air channels only" then if I scan again the DVB channels then all channels are added twice in the database.
16:51johnnyST I think that is not ok!
16:52johnnyST This is todays CVS version of mythtv...
16:56Chutt rkulagow, that worked for you, too?
16:57rkulagow_ yep
16:58Chutt you'll take that bit out of the docs, then, i assume? =)
16:58rkulagow_ already have
16:58Chutt excellent.
17:00o_cee what's the deal with the super bowl commercials?
17:00rkulagow_ they're usually more interesting than the game that's on
17:01o_cee in what way? i mean, how can commercials ever be intresting? :)
17:01rkulagow_ you can ask the same question about american football.
17:02--- ---> mphardy [] has joined #mythtv
17:03Anduin o_cee - a large amount of money is spent producing them and showing them
17:04o_cee but they're still commercials.. ah well, guess that's another one of those things i'll never understand ;)
17:05Anduin o_cee - you're not alone, a huge waste of time, and generally not worth it (both the game and the commercials)
17:06o_cee hehe
17:07--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:07--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
17:08--- ---> beablis [] has joined #mythtv
17:10o_cee yey, just looked up the english name for what i've got, in case you all think i'm extra confused.. tonsillitis.. hurts like hell. muhah
17:10Beirdo gah. That does, yes
17:10stoffel where?
17:14o_cee it isn't possible to commit from different modules at the same time right?
17:14o_cee stoffel, got any german updates for .17?
17:15beablis mdz, will there be a deb for mythphone this time?
17:16rkulagow_ chutt: were you going to commit DTK's signal UI patch?
17:17Chutt dunno
17:17Chutt hadn't looked at it
17:18rkulagow_ did you get an email from some radio station about an interview?
17:18mdz beablis: is mythphone even properly released yet?
17:18--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (No route to host)
17:18mdz if/when it is, I suppose I'll package it
17:18stoffel o_cee: LOTS of updates, i'm just finishing them up before sending them in.
17:18beablis it's in the official repository mdz
17:18Chutt mdz, it was released last time
17:19--- User: *** beablis is now known as beavis
17:21--- <<-- johnp_ [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
17:21beavis mdz, the way myth works with mysql.txt has changed now, so the old debian files do work anymore, do you have a working debian/ for 0.17?
17:21mdz did I miss the 0.17 release?
17:21Chutt nope
17:22Chutt mythphone _was_ in the 0.16 release, though
17:22mdz I only update the packaging when a new release comes out; to do otherwise is a waste of effort
17:22mdz yeah, doing mythphone now
17:22beavis mdz, great
17:23rkulagow_ crikey! fox is starting football at 9AM on superbowl sunday.
17:23mdz can someone give me a useful description of what it does, for the package descriiption?
17:24--- ---> Hamstaman [] has joined #mythtv
17:24beavis does anyone know where myth's looking for a mysql.txt now?
17:24stoffel beavis: are you serious?
17:24Chutt same place it's always looked for it.
17:24beavis MythPhone is a plugin for MythTV that provides for phone and video calls to be made using a standard SIP protocol.
17:24stoffel beavis: $HOME/.mythtv/mysql.txt
17:25mdz oh, neat
17:26--- <<-- gom_ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:28mdz g++ -c -pipe -Wall -W -Wno-unused -O3 -march=pentiumpro -fomit-frame-pointer -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -D_REENTRANT -DUSE_PTHREADS -DFESTIVAL_HOME=\"/home/paul/Build/festival/festival/\" -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -DQT_PLUGIN -DQT_SHARED -I/usr/share/qt3/mkspecs/default -I. -I/usr/local/include -I../../mythtv/libs/ -I/home/paul/Build/festival/festival//src/include -I/home/paul/Build/festival/speech_tools
17:28mdz //include -I/usr/include/qt3 -o main.o main.cpp
17:28mdz I am not paul
17:28Beirdo heheh
17:28mdz -I../../mythtv/libs/ isn't going to fly either
17:28mdz if this thing can't be built in a standard environment, it isn't ready to be packaged
17:29mdz it seems to want libavcodec from the mythtv tree
17:29mdz the festival thing is easy enough to fix
17:29beavis mdz, I've created a fresh deb just one hour ago
17:30mdz beavis: I suppose you built it in a directory where ../mythtv happened to be the path to a copy of the mythtv source
17:30beavis yes
17:30mdz bingo
17:32--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
17:32Chutt hah
17:33mdz Chutt: any plans to export libmythavcodec?
17:33Chutt not really
17:33Chutt it's installing the headers, though
17:33Chutt so plugins should be able to just use those.
17:34mdz so I could fix it to compile, but not link? :-P
17:34--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit ()
17:34Chutt eh?
17:35Chutt it's all there
17:35mdz oh, so i tis
17:35mdz it is
17:35Chutt and you shouldn't need to explicitly link against it, as mythfrontend is
17:35Dibblah Any reason why pthreads are used in preference to QThread?
17:35Chutt different useage pattern
17:35mdz mind if I commit the ../mythtv/libs -> mythtv/ffmpeg fix?
17:35Chutt pthreads are a bit easier to use
17:35Dibblah (I'm meaning specifically the threads, not the signals / semaphores)
17:36Chutt course not
17:37Dibblah OK. I'm doing the lock conversions and was looking at moving the rest of the pthread depenancies across as well... But I think that may be beyond me at this stage ;)
17:37Chutt you're welcome to move things to use QThread
17:37Chutt i wouldn't mind - it's just a more complex change
17:38rkulagow_ chutt: i think i'm going to whack all the alsa compile stuff, which refers to 0.9. alsa's in the kernel now, and anyone using a distro should use what comes with their stuff, not downloading a tarball.
17:38Dibblah Not much more complex, but I started in audiooutputbase... Where I can see that a QThread may actually be a more obvious interface.
17:38Chutt could be, yes
17:39Dibblah However, I think that can wait and go in with the audio capture changes...
17:44--- <<-- beavis [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:54--- <<-- hadeees [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:03* mdz shrieks at mythphone/configure
18:04mdz "configure" == "write hardcoded paths to config.h"
18:05--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:07--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
18:09--- <<-- GeckoFiend [geckofiend@] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
18:09--- ---> GeckoFiend [~geckofien@] has joined #mythtv
18:10--- <<-- GeckoFiend [~geckofien@] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
18:10--- User: *** gecko is now known as Geckofiend
18:10--- ---> GeckoFiend_ [geckofiend@] has joined #mythtv
18:12--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
18:13Geckofiend chutt any objections to a widescreen mode where the w/hmults are based on 1280x720?
18:22hadees hey just in theory do you think it would be possible to use a combination of voice recognition and error checking against the closed captioning software to tell what people are saying on the video at a specific time?
18:23mikegrb sure, why not
18:24hadees mikegrb, i guess anything is possible in theory right? but really if it would be praticle
18:24hadees i wonder about the CPU requirements and how long it would take to go through like 30 mins of video
18:25kvandivo so what's the issue? you don't trust the closed caption writers and want to verify programattically that they are getting it right?
18:25--- <<-- pigeon [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:25mikegrb kvandivo: exactly
18:25mikegrb but just watching them would tell you they are wrong ;)
18:25kvandivo I've thought for a long time now that they are out to get me
18:25mikegrb I must use closed captions as I'm close to deaf and my wife doesn't like tyhe volume up loud enough for me to hear it
18:26o_cee wireless headphones? :)
18:26--- ---> pigeon [] has joined #mythtv
18:26hadees kvandivo, no a long time ago i read an article about the structure of TV News shows. It talked very detailed that how they are normally laid out and that based on the fact you normaly see a person between stories you could cut the show up into the various stories. If you could then know what each story was about and when they were talking about it, you could have your mytthv box record all news programs and only show you stories you wan
18:26hadees t to hear about, like a video slashdot
18:27mikegrb o_cee: would work, would take lots of batteries to use them /all/ the time
18:28hadees but that means being able to go through each news show and having a very good idea when they are talking about specific stories
18:28Chutt geckofiend, nope, but i'd not like to spend much time on that outside of mythui
18:28kvandivo what closed caption would provide, in other words...
18:30Geckofiend yeah I was thinking something simple, like a flag in the theme file that tiggered a mult readjustment
18:30hadees with the current limitations though of voice recognition you couldn't really trust it, although if you made it match up to the CC then I think you could be fairly sure you know what they said
18:30hadees in theory that is
18:31mikegrb hadees: I think there are windows programs that implement such
18:31mikegrb hadees: also there is a web company offering something similiar very soon, don't remember if it was google or was someone else
18:31hadees mikegrb, really? do they use a computer to do it automaticly or do they do it by hand marking everything
18:31mikegrb they just used cc though
18:32mikegrb why use voice recognition at all when the cc are there?
18:32hadees mikegrb, because i don't know if you can trust that the cc will come a set time after they speak
18:33kvandivo you place a high value on 5-10 seconds of your life
18:33mikegrb kvandivo: <3
18:33hadees kvandivo, huh? i just want to only watch new shows that intrest me much like i only read news stories that intrest me
18:34hadees and being to tell exactly when they are speaking about the story would be important for parsing News Shows since the stories are so short
18:35kvandivo go crazy
18:35hadees kvandivo, its all really theory right now, i don't know if i am going to do it, but i wanted some feed back on the idea
18:37hadees if i could trust that the delay between When something is said on screen and when the CC appears to be constant I could skip the voice recognition stuff
18:40mikegrb for news they are very variable
18:40mikegrb anywhere from 5 or so to as much as 30 or 40 seconds behind
18:41hadees mikegrb, so we know kvandivo thinks its a crazy idea, what about you?
18:41mikegrb I dunno
18:41o_cee yey, swe translations should be all 100% :)
18:41mikegrb it would take loads and loads and loads of work
18:42mikegrb I don't think the benifit is worth the work
18:42hadees mikegrb, hehe yeah thats why it is a theory
18:42mdz text data bss dec hex filename
18:42mdz 1888935 117008 1672 2007615 1ea23f mythphone-0.16/debian/mythphone/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/
18:42mdz it's huge
18:42mikegrb maybe in the future, with a readily available natural language recognition library
18:42hadees mikegrb, there are open source ones
18:42mikegrb hmm
18:42hadees i think i am going to pipe a couple recordings through them
18:42hadees see what happens
18:42mikegrb the one from cmu?
18:43hadees mikegrb, yeah
18:43mikegrb sphinx I think it is
18:43hadees and you can get your hands on the old ibm one
18:43mikegrb I want to find a small vocab solution
18:44mikegrb ie pass it some audio and yes, no, next, previous, delete, and it tells me which word they said or n o match
18:44mikegrb would be great for asterisk
18:47o_cee what's the difference between <window name="programguide-video"> and <window name="programguide"> ??
18:47mdz mythphone debs are up, if someone would like to test them and let me know if they work at all
18:49Geckofiend o_cee the -video is the one used for live tv that has the video window in the corner
18:50o_cee Geckofiend, the catcolors are needed in _both_ ??
18:50Geckofiend :( yeah
18:50o_cee really need to do something about that
18:50hadees mikegrb,
18:50o_cee dammit crap
18:50mikegrb hadees: thanks, have a cookie
18:52hadees mikegrb, hehe there are 4 sphinx programs, i think the one that would do what you want is that one
18:52mikegrb I looked a few days ago and gave up
18:52mikegrb I will certainly try that out
18:55Chutt geckofiend, (back from dinner), anyway, using 1280x720 is a good, since that's what my projector is natively =)
18:55Geckofiend hehe and my monitor ;)
18:56--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
18:59--- <<-- ExElNe1 [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
18:59o_cee are there any gfx cards with hdmi yet?
19:00dopester is hdmi different from dvi? i thought they were the same just differnet shape
19:01o_cee yeah maybe
19:01o_cee think hdmi takes sound as well though
19:02o_cee so dvi out -> hdmi.. hmm, would be nice. thinking about getting a new screen
19:02dopester i know ive seen adaptor cables for 75 bucks on the net
19:02dopester i assumed the price was a 20000% markup like all hd related things
19:03mikegrb yup
19:03mikegrb big markup
19:03mikegrb signal is the same, hdmi can carry sound too
19:03mikegrb like 3 or 4 digital channels
19:03o_cee that adaptor is 40$
19:05--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:08--- ---> ryano [] has joined #mythtv
19:08--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit ()
19:08--- <--- ryano [] has left #mythtv ()
19:08--- ---> cuban [] has joined #mythtv
19:08--- <--- cuban [] has left #mythtv ()
19:09mikegrb oh my, mac word has no template for a resume, and it's got like 10,000 others
19:10cmorgan mikegrb: if you can afford a mac you MUST have a job
19:11mikegrb well I was in the navy and just got out
19:11mikegrb have a job lined up but he wants a resume "if it isn't a problem"
19:11mikegrb "just needs education and work experienced, doesn't even need to look pretty"
19:12Randall32 Resumes are kind of free-form for a template.
19:12mikegrb I get 2 weeks to do what ever I want, then have to fly to nashville for a few days
19:15Geckofiend oh joy: Ohio Supreme Court justice cited for drunk driving at two in the afternoon
19:19dopester whats Cory's deal with "profit" being a reason to have analog support for the hd3k?
19:20jams it's a joke that slashdot ran into the ground
19:21dopester oh ok.. i was thinking it was kinda arrogant but i don't read slashdot that much cause it seems like a buncha stupid crap most of the time
19:21jams it is
19:21dopester :)
19:21dopester jams: im going to try to do the atsc full scan tonight
19:22jams cool
19:22rkulagow_ why i love mythtv:
19:22rkulagow_ Encoder 1 - WGN (Local Chicago) - Gilmore Girls
19:22rkulagow_ Encoder 2 - WMAQ - Scrubs
19:22rkulagow_ Encoder 3 - WFLD - House
19:22rkulagow_ Encoder 4 - WTTW - Nova
19:22rkulagow_ sweet.
19:22jams rkulagow_your in chicago?
19:22rkulagow_ yes
19:22jams never mind I should have got that from the station names :)
19:24dopester i was guessing somewhere in the east coast :)
19:31--- ---> CanadaBo_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:38--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:38o_cee hmm, Colin Cross just posted the exact same question again.. heh
19:40dopester o_cee: when are you moving.. i know you want to play with my dvb code :)
19:41--- ---> cfreeze [] has joined #mythtv
19:43o_cee dopester, another two months :/
19:43--- ---> customsex [] has joined #mythtv
19:46dopester what country are you in again?
19:47Beirdo hint... they made Volvos until Ford bought that out :)
19:48dopester :)
19:48dopester custom sex.. interesting nick
19:49o_cee dopester, sweden
19:49o_cee :)
19:50dopester thats what i was thinking.. seems to be lots of swedish myth users
19:50Beirdo I coulda said "It's where Osama used as an example of a free place he didn't attack"
19:50Beirdo heh
19:54--- <--- gr8nash [] has left #mythtv ()
19:55--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
20:06--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
20:08--- <<-- l0ser [] has quit (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
20:09stoffel grrr, message body too big sending all the translation patches
20:10--- <<-- CanadaBo_ [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:11o_cee send them directly to me
20:14stoffel sent
20:19--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
20:21--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:22--- ---> hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
20:23o_cee will apply it tomorrow, too late now
20:24stoffel sure
20:28--- ---> sigtom [] has joined #mythtv
20:31sigtom evenin all
20:32sigtom anyone tried the new dvb drivers for the hdtv3k card?
20:33sigtom building the new kernel now so hopefully i will be using them tonight
20:37--- <<-- greenghost [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:40dopester i heard they work
20:40sigtom yeah im hoping they do
20:47sigtom soo how big of a hdd should you need to build a new kernel?
20:49Delemas Uhm anyone using an Nvidia 6600 series PCI E and a NF4 mainboard for a MythTV PVR?
20:50Beirdo what do either of those questions have to do with the development of MythTV?
20:50Delemas oops
20:50Delemas lol
20:50Beirdo get to the -users channel, people ;)
20:50Delemas k sorry though I was already 8op
20:51Beirdo uh huh :)
21:02--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:12--- <--- sigtom [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:14dopester oo firewire patch
21:16--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:17--- Netsplit <-> quits: jwhite, cmorgan, onyxsoft, mae^, levon, splAt1, flatronf700B, johnnyST, stoffel, Captain_Murdoch, (+4 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
21:17--- Netsplit over, joins: cmorgan, Captain_Murdoch, levon, rkulagow_, Randall32, splAt1, mae^, onyxsoft, johnnyST, jwhite (+3 more)
21:17--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
21:18Baylink Who's JobQueue guy, again?
21:20Captain_Murdo| Me
21:21Baylink Noticed some possibly anomalous behaviour in the UI in post-Jan CVS...
21:21Baylink Two things:
21:22Baylink The job request submenu "Begin Transcoding", etc, shows two different behaviours:
21:23rkulagow_ huh. wonder if that firewire input patch is the real deal.
21:23Baylink Transcoding's button label toggles based on the queued-ness of the transcode job, switching immediately when you 'Begin', but the one for COmmflagging appears only to change once the job starts *running*.
21:23rkulagow_ awful lot of patches coming in right before .17 :)
21:23Baylink Secondly: aborted commflag jobs show up in the backend status as "Completed Successfully" rather than the expected "Cancelled by User."
21:24Baylink Excuse me: "Successfully Completed."
21:24Baylink That's what release announcements are *for*, rk. :-)
21:24Captain_Murdo| Baylink: I did the Queue & added commflagging to it and Geoffrey added his transcoding to it later. I'll take a look at the menu. the 2nd issue should be fixed in current CVS I believe. I fixed a bug related to the return code from mythcommflag not being properly interpreted by the queue.
21:25Baylink Ok. The first one is, arguably, more important. I believe I characterized it correctly, but I haven't traced it.
21:25Baylink I'd assert that toggling the button when you enqueue is the proper behaviour.
21:25Baylink FWTW. :-)
21:26Baylink Should I bugzilla this?
21:27Captain_Murdo| I know what you mean about the menu. Since they are queued, maybe the button's should have 3 states: "Queue Job", "DeQueue Job", and "Stop Job".
21:27Baylink Well, I'm happy with "Stop" for either QUEUED or RUNNING, myself.
21:28Baylink It's just a question of when you toggle the button state (or what you base it on, which is functionally equivalent, I guess).
21:28Captain_Murdo| could work, but I don't want people to be saying things like "I started transcoding and it says it started but it's not running" because they don't understand it's queued.
21:29Baylink Yeah. But the entire *concept* of a queue can br problematic, there, I think; no?
21:29Captain_Murdo| if they have a max of 2 concurrent job and queue 5 things, It probably should be clearly defined somehow that the last 3 are just queued and aren't actually running yet.
21:30Captain_Murdo| tell them it's like a fast-food drive-thru, first-come, first serve. :)
21:30Baylink "Transcode This"/"Don't Transcode"
21:30Baylink ?
21:30Baylink Or possibly a third button label: "Stop Transcoding".
21:30Baylink Cause it's really the "begin" label that's the problematic one.
21:31Baylink Of course, all this is moot since English isn't a translation. :-}
21:33Captain_Murdo| yeah, wondering about changing it pre-0.17 though. I agree that "transcode", "don't transcode", and "stop transcode" are probably more readible type things than "queue" references for non-techy types.
21:34Captain_Murdo| so you think it's more intuitive currently for it to work the way transcoding works or commflagging? both are just "if" statements. transcoding actually checks the status of the job in the queue, commflagging checks the value of the commflagged field in the recorded table which can be left in a bad state I believe sometimes.
21:35Baylink I feel that you should be able to unqueue a commflag job without waiting for it to start, as you can with transcoding jobs. Currently, you can't.
21:36Baylink IE: three states, or queued and running as the same state, instead of running vs not running.
21:36Baylink FOr commflag.
21:38Captain_Murdo| easy 1-line fix to make commflag make it like the current transcode. 3-state button will probably wait till after 0.17 though. submit a bug report/enhancement request on that if you want. I'm changing the commflag thing right now.
21:39Baylink It's looking like I will actuallu be able to shake loose the time to pore over the codebase post-0.17, to look for that sort of stuff.
21:39Baylink Cool. A two-state button is fine for me. As long as the state changes in the right place. You have commit?
21:39Captain_Murdo| yeah
21:40Baylink In addition, I hope to be able to harmonize logging... Gotta talk to Kevin about that.
21:40Baylink Off to watch some, now. Thanks.
21:40--- User: *** Baylink is now known as Baylink_tv
21:41Captain_Murdo| compiling now and will test in a minute. so both will now look at the jobqueue table to determine if a job is running.
21:43o_cee intresting: 2005-02-02 03:41:54.876 Detected Logo area: topleft (626,83), bottomright (672,128)
21:43o_cee that's wrong, it's in the upper right corner..
21:45--- User: *** Randall32 is now known as RandallPPC
21:46* Captain_Murd needs to enable a debug way to print out the detected logo area. Have it already but not easily usable.
21:47o_cee ah is that the xy, xy of the area? thought it meant two different areas. nevermind me.
21:47--- ---> laroth [] has joined #mythtv
21:47--- <<-- laroth__ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:47--- <<-- laroth_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:47o_cee it should dump a full size png with a red square :)
21:48Beirdo a general bug report for you guys... with current CVS, if I tell the frontend to delete a show, it hangs
21:49Beirdo If there's anything specific you'd like me to get backtraces of or anything, let me know. I'm going to watch some more shows for now
21:49Captain_Murdo| o_cee: I already have some code which displays each frame and prints a white box around the area. png would be easy also.
21:49Captain_Murdo| so compile in debug mode and get a backtrace. :)
21:50Beirdo I have compiled in debug mode.
21:50o_cee Captain_Murdoch, something like that would help alot to optimize stuff i think
21:51Beirdo I will backtrace the backend and frontend both... right after my recordings finish :)
21:51Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, I have a lot of debug info that can be spit out. if you set and environment variable called DEBUGCOMMFLAG, then it prints out info about each frame in the video.
21:51Captain_Murdo| I think you have to turn on "-v commflag" also to get the full debug output.
21:52o_cee ok, will try that tomorrow
21:53o_cee it seems to pin down the logo quite nicely, a bit to big bounding box, dunno how that'll affect the result
21:53o_cee don't think i've tried on this channel with the new code
21:56o_cee time for bed, 4 am
21:56o_cee g'nighty!
21:56Captain_Murdo| I made the box a little big, it actually makes it bigger than what is detected a little for various reasons.
21:57Captain_Murdo| might have a different method of logo detection in after 0.17 sometime and have the code pick the best method. I think different code might work better for transparent vs opaque logos.
21:57Captain_Murdo| so look for both and whichever is found use that detection code.
21:58o_cee yep. queued up a couple of recs here so i'll let you know how it works
21:59mikegrb o_cee: GO TO BED!
21:59o_cee yeah yeah :)
21:59mikegrb o_cee: !
22:05--- ---> laroth_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:09Geckofiend woooot HDTV goodness!
22:12dopester hdtv rocks :)
22:12dopester what card you using Gecko?
22:13dopester hd3k.. i just scrolled up :)
22:14RandallPPC Hmm, looks like HAVE_ALTIVEC means HAVE_ALTIVEC_UNDER_OS_X.
22:16--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:18--- ---> DarkHelmut [~mbrennek@] has joined #mythtv
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22:34rkulagow_ gecko: are you capturing and displaying at HDTV res, or capturing and downconverting? (i've don't have an HDTV display but might try out a HDTV card for the digital capture goodness)
22:41--- <<-- Shdwdrgn [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:41--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MythTV
22:44--- ---> dakeyras [dake@] has joined #mythtv
22:49--- <<-- Viddy [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:54mikegrb rkulagow_: makes sense
22:55mikegrb we are concidering getting a high def digital cable receiver for our bedroom rather then normal digital cable box so we can get the network stations digitally
22:55dopester rkulagow_: better get a card to "try" before the flag date just to be safe..
22:55mikegrb heh
22:57dopester besides id like more americans to use my code.. :)
22:58--- ---> ramb0 [] has joined #mythtv
23:03--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
23:05dopester ooo... not the "its the size of the antenna that determines your manhood" thread starting.. heh
23:08--- <<-- ramb0 [] has quit ("Leaving")
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23:11* Captain_Murd notices that his vonage box sure does generate a lot of backend udp traffic even when it's not in use.
23:11SexyMikegrb yes
23:11SexyMikegrb so the nat mapping doesn't expire
23:11Captain_Murdo| ahh.
23:12SexyMikegrb every 60 seconds is the default for the cisco ata 186
23:12Captain_Murdo| got a local number and a Canadian number so my wife's family can call us for free (for them).
23:12SexyMikegrb yes, we have a toll free number
23:12SexyMikegrb my ata registers to a box sitting next to it though :D
23:12Beirdo wow, VOIP is just taking over everywhere these days :)
23:12SexyMikegrb ja!
23:13SexyMikegrb my buddy in brazil calls via fwd
23:13SexyMikegrb we both have hardware phones so quality is most excellent
23:14Captain_Murdo| Beirdo, just my long-distance bill is normally $30+ and that doesn't count incoming calls from Vancouver. with the vonage box, it will drop to $16 and just an additional $5 for the Vancouver phone number for incoming calls.
23:14Beirdo :)
23:14Captain_Murdo| mike, cool. I debated just getting my own box, but went for the vonage linksys one for now as in intro for me to voip.
23:15Beirdo I have a Vonage/Linksys PAP2 that I need to unlock to use :)
23:15Beirdo but that's hopelessly off-topic
23:16Captain_Murdo| yeah, I did some googling on that before I bought this one. almost bought the na version but figured I'd go for the locked version right now.
23:16Captain_Murdo| yeah.
23:16Beirdo well if I can't unlock it, I now have another Vonage person to check if they want it :)
23:17dopester you need to go to #vonage see topic :)
23:17SexyMikegrb Beirdo: don't give up
23:18Beirdo anyways, I restarted my backend, if it wedges again, I'll try for a backtrace. One of the last times this happened, it was an uninitialized variable in the playing thread or something
23:18Captain_Murdo| :) this is myth development related, I'll mention mythphone and SIP and the fact that voip is SIP.
23:18Captain_Murdo| Beirdo: did the frontend die again yet?
23:18Beirdo not yet
23:19dopester almost got atsc full scan working.. :)
23:19jams nice
23:19dopester couldn't be easier to setup.. choose the card.. chose cable or terresterial..
23:19--- Acknowledged: You're now known as mikegrb
23:19Beirdo it seems to be something in the backend wedging based on the frontend use or something, but I'll need to try to narrow this down a bit
23:19dopester let it do its magic
23:21Beirdo mmmm. magic :)
23:21Beirdo I wonder if I shouldn't try a completely clean checkout... I do make distclean, but hmmm
23:23dopester can't hurt
23:23--- <<-- Geckofiend [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:23streamtrade dopester: I would like to talk you about how hdtv channel tuning does / should work?
23:24dopester ok
23:25dopester then talk
23:25jams heh
23:25dopester im such a smartass sometimes
23:25streamtrade on hdtv, should one be able to go up and down channels one by one?
23:25streamtrade ie: I have only 4 hdtv channels and one is 7 the next is 11
23:26dopester yes.. if you are using dvb drivers then i can answer that correctly.. if you are using hte pchdtv better email dtk..
23:26streamtrade by choosing next channel should it go from 7 to 8 or 7 to 11?
23:26streamtrade I am using pchdtv
23:26streamtrade I am getting some strange results and lockups and am starting to look at the code
23:27streamtrade dtk = thor?
23:27dopester oh then its a users channel thing.. you might also want to try the dvb driver for the hd3000, or email Daniel (DTK)
23:27--- ---> laroth_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:30jams dopester, I will have to test the change out tomorrow.
23:30dopester yeah im not there yet so don't worry baout it
23:30jams later
23:31--- ---> obe1 [] has joined #mythtv
23:31obe1 can mythtv be used to watch tv without recording, etc...? :)
23:31dopester see topic
23:32obe1 haha, sorry
23:32Beirdo and does it julienne fries?
23:32--- User: *** customsex is now known as l0ser
23:38--- ---> delirium [] has joined #mythtv
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23:38--- <--- obe1 [] has left #mythtv ("Konversation terminated!")
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23:57Baylink_tv It's a dessert topping *and* a floor wax.
23:57--- User: *** Baylink_tv is now known as Baylink
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