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00:00Baylink It's a rain bonnet, but it's also your parents.
00:00Baylink G'night folks
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02:20Mecworks Gees, I jsut tried a DVD in my computer, outputting to my projector and the color sucks (was using PowerDVD on WinXP). An actual DVD player is Soooooooo much better. Of course, I was using RGB, not componant but the resolution was 1280x720. I wonder how the HD-3000 tuner card will look...
02:22* Beirdo points at the topic
02:22Mecworks thx
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02:23Chutt #mythtv-users isn't even the place for that
02:23Beirdo true.
02:23Beirdo My point was that's massively off topic :)
02:23* stoffel_ giggles
02:23Beirdo Chutt: how are things going? :)
02:24Beirdo you guys have been keeping an impressive number of commits flowing.
02:24Chutt all good
02:25Beirdo I decided it was time for a clean checkout, maybe my odd occasional backend issues will fix themselves
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02:45Chutt hrm
02:45Chutt repeatable crash in music.
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05:24gfiend rkulagow_ I'm capturing at full resolution
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07:29Riff-Raff *argh*, this avformat is killing me
07:31Riff-Raff I'm trying to use it to read something else that mpeg video/audio (dvb subtitles) from TS
07:32Riff-Raff so far I've managed to hack it enough to give me packets but it only gives the TS packets and I'd like it to give PES
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09:30dopester chutt: do you have any problem with me removing channels 70-83 from frequencies.c? they were removed for analog cell phones ages ago in the states..
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10:23johnnyST I noticed that X takes 100% CPU as soon as I "Listen to music" it is so slow the graphics so it is impossible to use, this is yesterdays CVS version.
10:27johnnyST It is problematic to exit the playing of music as well.
10:29johnnyST This is on an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz with an Intel 82865G Integrated Graphics card.
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11:02jams_ oh ok, thats his direct number? no ext or anything?
11:03jams_ i was hoping that would be cyberlink
11:03stoffel_ johnnyST: known bug i believe. chutt's looking at it
11:04shadash cyberlink is a pain to deal with
11:04johnnyST stoffel_, I think that bug can be quite bad I hope it gets fixed..
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11:13o_cee if you're running cvs you should really keep up with the commits list...
11:14stoffel_ o_cee: hey, you're ok? what's that torill...itis you've got? nothing serious i guess, otherwise you wouldn't be here ;)
11:17GeckoFiend_ That's Sweidsh for crabs
11:17GeckoFiend_ Swedish even
11:20laga you mean cancer?
11:20Beirdo Remove the & from the external channel change line. Let's see if people notice...
11:20Beirdo muhahaha
11:20laga hehe
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11:23stoffel_ o_cee: did you notice some strings in mythweather are still shown in english? the Loading... for example
11:26GeckoFiend_ Beirdo yeah I left that one out of the patch notes
11:26GeckoFiend_ err release notes
11:26Beirdo :)
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11:32o_cee stoffel_, tonnsilitus or something like that.. the throat. better today, actually on my way to class now. haven't tried mythweather, remind me later tonight (leave a pm or somehitng)
11:33o_cee (only hurts when i swallow, talk and breathe)
11:33stoffel_ o_cee: ok, and don't forget my patches ;)
11:33stoffel_ ugh
11:33o_cee nah got em tagged
11:33o_cee later
11:33stoffel_ yeah
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11:41stoffel_ ok, it's all GeckoFiend_'s fault ;)
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12:04Verty anyone home ? :)
12:05* laga not
12:05Verty yeah right :)
12:08Verty anyway I gotta question, just checked out mythtv from cvs but I'm missing a or a decent configure file... any suggestions ?
12:08GreyFoxx There isn't one
12:08stoffel_ read the docs
12:11laga and you probably want to read the topic ;)
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12:11Verty laga: true true :)
12:11laga hehe
12:12Verty still the docs don't tell me how to compile cvs...
12:13laga it's compiled like a release.
12:13Verty well then cvs is broken... since configure doesn't generate any Makefiles
12:13Chutt you're not reading the docs.
12:14GreyFoxx Verty I just gave the the EXACT link that instructs on how to compile it
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12:14laga hint: there's a difference between qmake and make ;)
12:14Verty GreyFoxx: I read the docs already... and ./configure; make doesn't work... since some one put EOF on line 12 in configure
12:15GreyFoxx Verty, then you did not read the docs, It's ./configure; qmake; make
12:16GreyFoxx and the configure I believe is for setting up the libavcodec stuff used in myth
12:16rkulagow__ taylor jacob: here?
12:18Verty ah figures... thought qmake was a make "clone"... like it was a choice.... sorry to bother :)
12:19laga hehe
12:19Chutt rkulagow, dopester
12:21rkulagow__ got it. not here.
12:22Randall32 woo, now I just have to burn several dvd-rw's at 1x
12:22Randall32 woops
12:22rkulagow__ i'm updating the HOWTO; HDTV card section says they can only capture OTA HDTV, wanted latest and greatest on QAM support
12:22rkulagow__ (since i don't have a card, i don't know)
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12:23Beirdo and dopester's not in at the moment :)
12:24Beirdo I think the latest was that he had the air2pc decoding QAM over cable, but (of course) only unencrypted channels
12:24rkulagow__ beirdo: right, that's what i figured about the unencrypted stuff. like i said, wanted it from the horse's mouth so to speak.
12:25Beirdo for sure. :)
12:25Beirdo I'm sure he'll be back soon enough
12:30Chutt i just got my air2pc card
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12:31rkulagow__ chutt: let me know how it works. according to the billing insert that i got last week from comcast, i should have a bunch of HD channels as a part of my basic service, including my local broadcast channels
12:33Chutt other alternative would be the firewire patch
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12:34jams_ works great for me :) for the qam support the myth code doesn't handle all cases but dopester is working on that.
12:34rkulagow__ right, but i don't have a STB.
12:35jams_ same here
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12:36stoffel_ i need food, can't think anymore
12:41GeckoFiend_ stoffel_ food is overrated. Quad white mocha from Starbucks is a perfect lunch
12:41stoffel_ that's my problem, i didn't had lunch today, neither breakfast
12:42Beirdo GeckoFiend: now that sounds good.
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12:42Moraiat MajestiK: grr
12:43Beirdo Moraiat: you're more likely to find him in #mythtv-users, I think
12:44Moraiat arr, i thank ye
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12:50stoffel_ o_cee: sent you patch for mythweather to 'fix' missing themestrings. i'm away this evening. cy tomorrow
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13:27Randall32 So are there plans to let you apply filters during capture?
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13:45Chutt randall32, err, no plans'
13:45Chutt that's been possible for a very, very long time.
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13:46_rkulagow_ chutt: i got disconnected there for a while. did you happen to say anything interesting about your Air2PC card in the meantime?
13:48Chutt nope
13:48Chutt got work to do
13:48_rkulagow_ ok
13:48Chutt probably won't be installing the thing until the weekend or later
13:49Beirdo Chutt: be pretty hard to apply filters pre-capture for DVB and PVR-250, I'd think?
13:49_rkulagow_ just in time for after superbowl, eh? i wonder if my card will arrive before then.
13:51Randall32 Chutt: Now the only problem is finding where it's done :)
13:51Chutt of course
13:54Randall32 jasoncohen: I discovered qdvdauthor last night, which looked promising.
13:54Randall32 woops
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14:16beavis o_cee, are you around?
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16:06stoffel o_cee: still in class?
16:10Beirdo Cardoe is amusing
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16:11Beirdo he wants to drastically change parts of the myth code. And thinks he can do this without forking the code just by submitting patches. In spite of several of us telling him that its doubtful they will ever be accepted.
16:11Beirdo like removing Qt from the backend
16:12Beirdo we told him it's a waste of time if it won't be accepted, but it's his time to waste, I guess.
16:14Captain_Murdo| coming Q4 2010, Cardoe's GTK port of Mythbackend.
16:15Chutt why would he want to remove qt?
16:15Captain_Murdo| say it's "bloat".
16:15Captain_Murdo| doesn't understand at all.
16:16Chutt so compile it against qt/e or whatnot
16:16Chutt port to one of the qt-4.0 betas, where the gui components can be removed from everything else
16:16* Captain_Murd can't wait to see Cardoe's "patches"
16:17Chutt i really don't understand how it can be bloat when we're using it to record multigigabyte video
16:17Captain_Murdo| I wasn't involved with it, just saw them going back and forth over in -users earlier.
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16:19Beirdo I'm sure it *could* be trimmer without Qt, but why bother when this works fine anyways?
16:19Captain_Murdo| yeah, some people don't get it. he probably runs gentoo with a 10-line long CFLAGS string for optimizations.
16:19Beirdo of course he does, he's a Gentoo developer :)
16:20Beirdo I wish him luck with his non-forked fork of the code. What a flaming waste of time
16:20Chutt it wouldn't be terribly much smaller
16:20Beirdo true enough
16:20Chutt you'd need to replace all the things that it's using qt for
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16:21Beirdo it would still need to be pthreads, and you'd have to implement all sorts of stuff that's in qt
16:21Chutt but then, i really don't understand why it matters
16:21Chutt video files are huge
16:22Beirdo there are so many more productive things to do, but he seems intent on doing this. I'm sure you will enjoy rejecting all the dumb patches :)
16:22mikegrb what is incredibly hilarious, all these smart people that were gentoo devs that I know, have all left gentoo
16:23mikegrb they hate what it has become with these ricer kiddies and what not
16:23mikegrb out of about 10 people all of them have left gentoo
16:23jams_ wasn't that the person complaining that myth was broken and not the ebuild ?
16:23mikegrb heh
16:23mikegrb wouldn't be suprised
16:23Beirdo jams: that would be him
16:24Chutt no, qmake was broken
16:24Chutt but i think i've fixed all their issues in the last week or so
16:24Riff-Raff do any of you have experience with ffmpeg?
16:24Beirdo yeah, if he'd just try to work with developers instead of work around them, he'd get a lot further, I think
16:25Chutt <shrug>
16:25Riff-Raff I'm trying to get my subtitle patch to work with TS recordings but it's not easy :(
16:25Chutt if he wants to waste his time doing stuff that i'd never accept, that's his choice
16:26Beirdo Chutt: that's basically what we told him.
16:26Beirdo it is open source, he can do what he wants, but it won't be supported by any of us unless it's in the official project.
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16:28gr8nash chutt.. you were qouted as saying xvmc is working fine in cvs (pertaining to hd playback) is that an accurate qoute?
16:28gr8nash or statement..
16:28Chutt as far as i know, it's working fine
16:28gr8nash cool thank you.
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16:30jams_ heh when starting the backend I get this in the logfile "Unknown command: RESCHEDULE_RECORDINGS"
16:31Chutt you're outta sync somehow
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16:40jams_ correct , i didn't run make install as root so it could not overwrite the old files. stupid error
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16:41_rkulagow_ "Use the wiki. The documentation is hard to update and no one ever feels like writing stuff for it. That's why the wiki was created." well, now I know.
16:42Beirdo ??
16:42_rkulagow_ message in -dev in the "themes" thread.
16:43Beirdo Ahh, I don't think I saw that one yet ;)
16:43Beirdo I didn't find the documentation all that hard to update. Edit, send in patch.
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17:26Dibblah Has someone got a "fake" video source coded up already? Something that serves repeatable video / audio?
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17:28Captain_Murdo| nothing that serves repeatable, but there is a way to "record" from an existing mpeg2 file for testing.
17:29Captain_Murdo| actually now that I think about it, I think I made that code repeat if it got to the end of the mpeg file.
17:29--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:29Captain_Murdo| so if you had a 2-minute sample you could still test a 1/2 hour recording and it would just be repeated 15 times.
17:30--- ---> dopester [] has joined #mythtv
17:35Dibblah OK. I'll browse for the code now I know it exists. Thanks :)
17:37laga Captain_Murdoch_: could that feature be used to stream mpeg2 over http?
17:37laga e.g. by calling a script with the external channel change feature
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17:45Captain_Murdo| Dibblah, just set your video device name to be "file:/the/path/to/the/mpeg/file.mpg" and set the type to be mpeg2 capture card and it should read from the file.
17:46Captain_Murdo| laga, don't think so, this is just to help development testing in mpegrecorder.cpp. I added it so I could develop on my laptop which doesn't have a tuner card.
17:46Captain_Murdo| also allows you to simulate multiple tuners for testing the scheduler, etc..
17:46--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
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17:48Captain_Murdo| laga, all it does is copy the file, it doesn't transcode or anything, that's why it has to be a mpeg2 file and uses the mpegrecorder.cpp recorder class.
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19:50o_cee blah i'm back for those who yelled
19:50GeckoFiend hows your throat?
19:51o_cee better, i can swallow without making funny faces now hehe
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19:55Beirdo that's a good step, o_cee
19:55o_cee yeah i think so too
19:55Beirdo I've suffered through that a few times, it's not pleasant
20:00dopester chutt: torbjorn's EIT patch looks ok to me if you want to apply it
20:00o_cee stoffel, i don't touch mythweb, send that to chris instead, better that way :)
20:01Chutt pl
20:01Chutt blah
20:01Chutt ok
20:01Chutt stupid keyboard requiring my hands to be in the right position
20:02Beirdo :) I hate keyboards like that
20:03o_cee bah. titivillus has its own weather-ui.xml apparently, couple of strings that differ (capitalization only).. would be better to change the global strings instead of just makin local changes like that
20:03Chutt change em in Titivillus
20:04o_cee allright
20:04dopester chutt: play with your air2pc yet?
20:04Chutt nope
20:04Chutt i looked at it
20:04Chutt i like the holes through the pcb where the tuner is
20:04dopester cooling
20:04Chutt i know, just struck me as funny
20:04dopester the demod gets hot
20:04dopester i got some dvb cards like that
20:05Chutt wasn't aware that the thing was completely oem, but, that doesn't matter
20:05Chutt i don't have time to play with it right yet
20:05o_cee haven't really used mythweather in a long time so i dunno if the changes would be better globally. a bit late maybe
20:05Chutt gotta get everything together for the release
20:05Beirdo I remember one card we had at work (DSLAM)... it got so hot under the processor that the BGA part reflowed its solder and it stopped working.
20:05dopester as far as i know it was only used for datacasing before i got a hold of it
20:06dopester so no real purpose for fancy packaging
20:06Chutt neat
20:06Chutt plextor just emailed me
20:06Chutt about their usb2 mpeg4 stuff
20:07Beirdo cool.
20:09GeckoFiend ohhhhhh that would be nice to have
20:10o_cee GeckoFiend, what do you say, move your custom strings globally or remove your custom strings, pita to maintain for translation
20:11GeckoFiend in the theme file?
20:11o_cee in weather-ui.xml
20:11o_cee - <value>loading...</value>
20:11o_cee + <value>Loading...</value>
20:11o_cee as an example
20:13GeckoFiend For the most part I don't care there's only a couple things I felt strongly about really
20:13GeckoFiend more to the point my WIFE cared about
20:13Beirdo far more important
20:13o_cee i don't use it so i have no idea what it looks like, but it'd be better if you'd change it in mythweather instead
20:14Captain_Murdo| How about moving "Watch TV" down and making "Media Library" the top/default choice? :)
20:15Beirdo and then listen to all the users whine (for no good reason)
20:15dopester why not make the order of the menu randomly change if they ask stupid questions on the lists or irc :)
20:15Beirdo heh
20:16--- ---> Dibblah_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:16--- <<-- Dibblah [] has quit ()
20:16Captain_Murdo| make it change randomly when they go up/down. :) kinda like those javacripts on some webpages which move things around when you try to click them.
20:16dopester ooo.. good idea..
20:16Chutt bah, why make it change
20:16Chutt just make the actions be random, keep the text the same
20:17o_cee that would be amusing
20:17Beirdo heh
20:17Captain_Murdo| :) really confuse them. "submit a backtrace, unless we can replicate we can't fix the issue"
20:17dopester need me to code that up before .17? :)
20:17GeckoFiend See that's why myth is such a great project visionary ideas
20:17Beirdo you'd have to have a way to remotely set a "dumbass user" bit
20:18o_cee or punish the ones watching commercials during superbowl? hahha
20:18Beirdo why, it's the only good part of the game :)
20:19o_cee heh, just sounds so damn stupid :P
20:19Beirdo doesn't it though?
20:19dopester i call it the stupidbowl
20:19Beirdo stuporbowl
20:23Chutt there, emailed plextor back
20:23Chutt let's see if i get some new hardware out of this =)
20:24o_cee what hw was it?
20:24Chutt usb2 mpeg1/2/4 encoder
20:24Beirdo nice.
20:24o_cee oh, sounds neat
20:24o_cee only thought they where into burners
20:24Chutt they said they're releasing a linux sdk soon, and myth users were hounding them for support
20:25Beirdo wow, and they are listening?
20:25dopester what kinda sdk i wonder
20:26--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:27Chutt that's what i asked
20:27--- <<-- ColinCross [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:27Chutt told em they could add it themselves and send in a patch, or donate some hardware and i'd look into it
20:27dopester buncha binaries to link against that tell ya nothing..
20:27Chutt depending on what the sdk looked like
20:28dopester and don't work.. thats what i would expect.. :)
20:40o_cee bigass commit :)
20:40o_cee felt good
20:43o_cee GeckoFiend, so wich way, it's 6 strings that differs
20:44Chutt for now, i'd just change Titivillus
20:44GeckoFiend yeah.
20:44Chutt that'd be the least impact on the other translations
20:44o_cee allright
20:44Chutt we can change em both after the release
20:44GeckoFiend /agree
20:45--- <<-- Dibblah_ [] has quit (Connection timed out)
20:50--- <<-- dakeyras [dake@] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:51--- ---> vagrant [] has joined #mythtv
20:52--- ---> RandallPPC [] has joined #mythtv
20:52o_cee there, all done with my patches :)
20:52RandallPPC woo, ppc build from kind of works
20:52RandallPPC from cvs anyway
20:53--- ---> Russ [] has joined #mythtv
20:54RandallPPC ah, livetv was kind of working, but it dies in View Recordings.
20:54dopester chutt: you'll want to delete from contrib since it will just corrupt the db now..
20:58GeckoFiend o_cee is it going to crew everyoen up if I fix the spelling mistake in manage recording -> schedule recordings?
21:01o_cee basically, yes
21:02o_cee dunno about the timeframe so :)
21:02jams GeckoFiend is that mispelling an image?
21:02GeckoFiend ohhhhhh yeah that I can fix right away
21:03--- <<-- Russ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:04Captain_Murdo| if you have to correct a spelling error, is it possible to just hand-edit (ie, search & replace) all the .ts files and make them match the new spelling, then regen the .qm files?
21:06o_cee would be possible yeah
21:07o_cee when running lupdate, the old string will be marked as obsolete, and the new corrected one will be untranslated. you could just manually fix that
21:09--- <<-- mdz [] has quit (No route to host)
21:10--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:12Captain_Murdo| are the .qm files totally generated from the .ts or is there some info stored in the .qm. I was wondering if you updated the .ts file's spelling and the .cpp's spelling, then ran lupdate, would lupdate realize the two were the same or would it generate a new entry in the .ts file (which would be a dup since you already corrected the spelling).
21:13o_cee qm's are totally generated from .ts
21:13o_cee lupdate would realize it's already there
21:13Captain_Murdo| that's what I was thinking.
21:14o_cee i'm pretty sure it's like that at least ;)
21:14o_cee if you succeded you should see "0 new strings" etc
21:14o_cee when running lupdate -verbose
21:14Captain_Murdo| I did that once before a long long time ago to fix a typo without having to have people retranslate and I thought it worked OK.
21:14GeckoFiend it was just the title image so nothing needs translated thank god
21:15o_cee yeah, most of the time the typos aren't translated ;)
21:15Captain_Murdo| yeah, but I was just curious. this was a logic typo, not a misspelling. :)
21:15o_cee ah, yeah well that's better to leave the translators to look at ;)
21:15Captain_Murdo| something to do with a setting description or something I think. anyway, not important now.
21:16Captain_Murdo| can't remember exactly so doesn't matter.
21:16o_cee Chutt, have you got any idea when we'll see mythui? really want to start with the new theme stuff :)
21:17o_cee didn't hear anything more from CodeLogic?
21:19GeckoFiend hmmm "Lost" looks pretty nice in HD
21:20o_cee that show just started here today, missed it.. worth seeing?
21:23Captain_Murdo| seems pretty good. I think I've seen a few people in here or -users saying they are recording it.
21:25GeckoFiend it's one of the few shows I watch live
21:25o_cee just added a recording.. there's a re-run so :)
21:25GeckoFiend if I don't I have to deal with evryone at work saying "did you see lost last night? wasn't it good?"
21:26o_cee :P
21:27dopester around the water cooler? :)
21:28Beirdo my answer would be "it's on my PVR, I'll watch it when I get a chance" :)
21:30--- <<-- ExElNeT [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
21:32GeckoFiend problem is I've had more than one ruined by people tlaking about it and me overhearing them
21:33Beirdo yeah, that can be an issue
21:37dopester cube world?
21:38dopester i just shut my door and ignore everyone
21:38Beirdo I just put in my iPod earbuds and crank it
21:39GeckoFiend I have an office but I'm out and about a lot
21:39GeckoFiend I'm expected to "mentor"
21:41dhofstra nice to see GeckoFiend around again
21:41GeckoFiend heh nice to be back.. I should be back to fully engaged by the weekend
21:42--- ---> warren [~warren@warren.wombat.redhat] has joined #mythtv
21:42--- <--- warren [~warren@warren.wombat.redhat] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:46--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: is mythjobqueue meant to be run in the background, or will it detach itself?
21:57Captain_Murdo| needs to be run in the background like mythbackend.
21:57Captain_Murdo| isn't fancy enough to background itself, but patches are welcome. :)
21:58Beirdo hmm. OK, fair enough. I may well add the --daemon flag to it after the release :)
21:58dopester ooo... state of the union address in HD.. :)
21:59Captain_Murdo| I fire it up manually occasionally on my dev box connecting to my production server so I can run through the queue and flag a bunch of shows real quick.
22:00Beirdo I was planning on running it on my fileserver to double the commercial flagging speed...
22:00Beirdo with 3 tuners, the queue really backs up sometimes
22:00Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's part of why I did it, so you could run it places without having ot put a fully copy of mythbackend everywhere.
22:01Captain_Murdo| I rarely watch stuff the day it records anyway so usually mine doesn't backup unless I put a new version of code on the box and I fire off flagging jobs for all the current recordings still available.
22:02--- ---> gr8nash-home [] has joined #mythtv
22:03Captain_Murdo| testing aspect ratio detection code right now but won't put it in CVS till after 0.17. just running this on a few samples, one with letterboxing from NBC, and one DVB sample from the UK that has actual aspect changes in it.
22:04dopester captain: if you need more let me know
22:07Captain_Murdo| might want another one at some point. this is a 4:3 show with 16:9 commercials. code should work either way though because it looks at what aspect ratio or letterbox/non-letterbox the majority of frames have. then since it knows the "norm", it can tell which frames don't match the norm.
22:08Captain_Murdo| the letterbox/pillarbox detection doesn't seem to be slowing the code down much either because it's done as part of the blank-frame detection routine.
22:08dopester cool
22:09gr8nash-home | Captain_Murdoch that is very cool
22:11Captain_Murdo| it isn't totally relying on the aspect changes, it's using that info as part of the "ALL" method. because some places may have 16:9 content, then a 4:3 commercial, then a 16:9 commercial, then 4:3, then more 16:9 content. I figured if I made it just use the aspect ratio as hard breakpoints then it would get less and less accurate as more content and commercials go to 16:9 from 4:3.
22:13Captain_Murdo| can DVB change fps? like commercials are one fps, show is another?
22:13dopester it COULD
22:14Captain_Murdo| but not normally?
22:14dopester i dunno if they do
22:14dopester ive seen mplayer freak out trying to ivtc 1080i content before
22:14dopester but thats not what your talking about :)
22:14Captain_Murdo| ok, just curious. thought I heard someone mention that it might.
22:14dopester well its possible
22:15dopester i could stick some debug in dtvrecorder to print out header changes
22:15Captain_Murdo| but not in use enough to spend coding time detecting it right now. :)
22:15Captain_Murdo| well, SetVideoParams gets called with the fps whenever the aspect ratio changes so I was curious if the fps could change.
22:15dopester yeah its all in the video header
22:16dopester bitrate, size, fps
22:16dopester size being resolution
22:16Captain_Murdo| during flagging, whenever the decoder calls NuppelVideoPlayer::SetVideoParams, that in turn now will call CommDetect::SetVideoParams so I can catch the aspect ratio change.
22:16--- ---> Forty| [] has joined #mythtv
22:16dopester gotta remember dvb and atsc are just mpegts by the time it hits the hdd :)
22:17dopester and i bet the firewire stuff would be too
22:17Captain_Murdo| I know enought about mpeg to get by but not a lot, hence my question. :)
22:17--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
22:18dopester yeah np
22:18dopester i know enough about commercial flagging to ask dumb questions :)
22:18--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
22:19Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: when running mythcommflag, at the end of every file, I get:
22:20Beirdo 2005-02-02 22:19:26.399 Waited 2 seconds for data to become available, waiting again...
22:20Beirdo twice
22:20GreyFoxx I got that same thing last week when I rebuilt the seek tables on all my recordings
22:20--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
22:20Beirdo just thought you might wanna know in case you weren't aware :)
22:25Captain_Murdo| Beirdo, that's not mythcommflag, that's the RingBuffer. not sure why that started popping up, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with flagging and didn't start when I made any flagging changes.
22:26Beirdo OK
22:26Beirdo fair enough
22:28Captain_Murdo| I wonder if it happens when you play a recording to the end normally.
22:28--- ---> tkoster [] has joined #mythtv
22:29Beirdo I think it might happen when you skip near the end
22:29Beirdo although the frontend isn't logging it
22:30Beirdo so maybe not
22:30Captain_Murdo| could be because commflag runs full-speed it's starving the buffer
22:30Captain_Murdo| didn't do it here in mythfrontend when I played something to the end, but I've been seeing it occasionally with mythcommflag.
22:35tkoster Having successfully constructed my mythbox and recorded a number of shows, I'd like to burn a number of those programs to a dvd. What's the best methodology for doing that?
22:35RandallPPC tkoster: good question
22:36Beirdo tkoster: see you in #mythtv-users for an answer
22:46--- <--- tkoster [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
22:49--- ---> KeyserLaptop [] has joined #mythtv
22:50Beirdo heheh
22:50Beirdo "I wanna be buried face down... so anybody who doesn't like me can kiss my ass"
22:50Beirdo Gotta love That 70s Show
22:52mikegrb ja
22:52mikegrb but It takes a thief is on!
22:52--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
22:54* Beirdo yawns
23:00Beirdo GeckoFiend: you got a second?
23:03--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:04Chutt patch time!
23:04Beirdo :)
23:05Beirdo Well, in case anyone else is interested... in the video manager using Titivillus, the text is a mess.
23:06Beirdo like "IMDB Number" has the IMDB number right over part of it
23:07gr8nash-home | what does uncle chutt have us today!!
23:07gr8nash-home | heh
23:08Chutt nothing big
23:10gr8nash-home | still i hate being behind even on spelling mistakes.. >=)
23:15dopester chutt: did you see my q about frequencuies.c earlier today?
23:20--- ---> skone [] has joined #mythtv
23:20skone if I copy a mp3 to my music folder, what is the easiet way to make it appear on mythweb?
23:21gr8nash-home | skone.. wrong channel read topic
23:21--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:21skone yea sorry
23:22rkulagow_ dopester: here?
23:22dopester yep
23:22rkulagow_ hey, updating the howto. you did the driver for Air2PC card, correct?
23:22dopester yep
23:22dopester and the dvb code
23:23rkulagow_ QAM support is now in linux-dvb?
23:23dopester nope
23:23dopester they haven't done anything with my patch yet
23:23rkulagow_ ah, my bad.
23:23--- <--- skone [] has left #mythtv ()
23:23dopester i dont see them rejecting it but its not going to be in a kernel
23:23dopester my driver with just 8vsb support will be in 2.6.11 it looks like
23:23Chutt dopester, no
23:24dopester chutt: do you know if there are any countires that still use NTSC channels 70-83?
23:24Chutt i dunno
23:25rkulagow_ ok; just to make sure i've got the wording correct. 8VSB is OTA HDTV, which will be in 2.6.11. QAM is HDTV over cable; if your cable provider isn't encrypting HDTV, then the card can tune it in. is that correct?
23:25dopester k kinda wanted to whack em from there, but there will probbably some complaint from someone in nicaruga or something then
23:25dopester yeah thats not bad
23:25dopester you might want to use some more clear working about HDTV vs just Digital TV
23:25dopester er wording
23:26dopester might be too confusing to the morons reading though
23:27Chutt for the setup screens, is there really any point in binding e + d for edit and delete when menu's bound, and the only thing on the edit menu is 'edit' and 'delete'?
23:32rkulagow_ dopester: i'm not sure _I_ understand the difference. analog cable is channels 2-125. "digital" cable is some proprietary scheme where they're sending MPEG-2 down the line, but you can't get a consumer card that can tune it in, so you have to use a STB. HDTV over cable uses MPEG-2 with QAM, and the Air2PC can tune it in (unencrypted), and maybe the HD-3000 at some point. i'm pretty sure i got the analog cable part correct. how
23:33--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:33Chutt hdtv is digital tv
23:33Chutt but digital tv is not necessarily hdtv
23:34rkulagow_ got it
23:34--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:34dopester i get 3 hd stations with my cable and the air2pc
23:34dopester the rest are std def
23:34Chutt stations must broadcast in digital tv by whenever the deadline is
23:34Chutt they _don't_ need to broadcast hdtv
23:34rkulagow_ so it will still be 480i?
23:34Chutt some, sure
23:34dopester rkulagow_: digital cable as you are refering to it is standard mpegts (like atsc and dvb) but its encrypted
23:34Chutt or 480p
23:35Chutt or any of the other 14 formats =)
23:35Beirdo I wonder how much more expensive that will make creating a college station for instance.
23:35Beirdo and I wonder if the FCC cares :)
23:35dopester fcc is stupid as hell..
23:36Chutt it's cheaper
23:36Chutt less power required to transmit
23:36Beirdo but more expensive up front for equipment, I'd bet.
23:36dopester not if you were an VHF station that now has a UHF allocation :)
23:36rkulagow_ i remember reading years and years ago about HDTV, and how japan had come out with an "analog" version, and then the U.S. said, "hey, we want it too!" but we went our own way, and there were competing standards, some from MIT, some from other places. and all was good. and then the computer people came and said, "interlace is stupid!" and then there were even more standards.
23:36Chutt heh
23:37Chutt dopester, it's still less, no?
23:37dopester heh naw..
23:38dopester a vhf station will be say 1000kw
23:38dopester a uhf station might be 1million watts
23:39Beirdo umm, that's the same number
23:39Beirdo :)
23:39dopester dammit
23:39dopester you know what i meant
23:39dopester like 50kw
23:39dopester we hew! atsc / cable scan is working
23:40Captain_Murdo| is it more succeptible to being blocked by trees? trying to figure out if I'd be able to get anything here. I
23:40dopester multipath is your enemy with 8vsb
23:40Captain_Murdo| 'I'm surrounded by 80 foot tall trees but can pickup normal local stations with my antenna in the attic pretty clear.
23:40dopester well any signal
23:40dopester what kinda trees/
23:40dopester ?
23:40Captain_Murdo| I know, especially when it rains. :)
23:41Captain_Murdo| you name it. I live in a fairly wooded area.
23:41Captain_Murdo| oak, pine, gum, etc..
23:41dopester trees can do bad stuff.. i work for cingular.. we always get more complaints about coverage in teh summer when the leaves are up
23:41dopester if you can get a good analog signal you got a good shot
23:41Captain_Murdo| I have DishNetwork, but also have basic cable for my cablemodem.
23:42dopester i love it when the execs call up in teh middle of the winter.. "thanks for fixing the coverage at X" when we did nothing but watched the leaves fall off he trees.. heh
23:42dopester i got my locals free on digital with my free cable
23:42dopester how many times can i say free. geezz.
23:42Captain_Murdo| I used to have the same problem with my BUD, couldn't hit the west coast sats except in the winter when my neighbors trees were bare.
23:42Chutt freeeeeee
23:42rkulagow_ dopester: you stated you're getting 3 HD and the rest in SD; comcast?
23:42dopester Time Warner
23:43dopester i get CBS,ABC,NBC and FOX on cable
23:43dopester oh and PBS
23:43dopester OTA i also get WB in HD
23:43Chutt no pbs for me
23:43dopester thats the best HD..
23:43dopester well at least imo
23:43Chutt discovery's great in hd
23:44dopester watchy mikey do something stupid in hd? :)
23:44Chutt heh
23:44Chutt it's a combination of all their stations programming
23:44Chutt very very few commercials
23:44Chutt (but those are all hd, too)
23:44dopester cool.. i gotta find a way to get it into myth
23:45dopester oh i asked the guys at bbti about CI slots on the Air2PC and they said they were thinking about it
23:45Chutt the travel channel stuff's pretty cool.
23:45Chutt sweet
23:45Chutt they've got another sale if they do =)
23:45dopester im sure CableLabs would be REALLY happy about CableCard support in OpenSource world.. hehe
23:45dopester i'll have to purge my name from the source and go into hiding :)
23:46Chutt patch contributed by, uh, anonymous
23:46Chutt right.
23:46--- <<-- KaZeR [~kazer@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:46rkulagow_ excellent. according to my channel lineup, "Channels 187-192 are available on Basic Service with HDTV equipment." 187-192 are CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS and WB. maybe i'll start pulling PVR-250 cards out of the masterbackend.
23:46dopester only problem will be finding docs on OpenCable SI tables..
23:47rkulagow_ hopefully Air2PC qualifies as "HDTV equipment". (crossing fingers)
23:47dopester ifs its not encrypted you should be able to get it
23:47dopester so far 3/3 testers have gotten channels
23:48dopester chutt might be next after .17
23:48--- ---> kazer_ [~kazer@] has joined #mythtv
23:48--- Netsplit <-> quits: kazer_
23:48rkulagow_ will Xv do the right thing and scale a HD channel down to SD?
23:48dopester does it here
23:48Chutt yup
23:48Chutt still uses tons of cpu to play, though
23:48dopester libmpeg2 seems to be much better here for me on my pos dev box
23:48--- Netsplit over, joins: kazer_
23:49dopester yeah i never get full framerate
23:49rkulagow_ ok, so that relieves CPU burden compared to full HDTV res a bit? or still sucky?
23:49dopester 1080i seems to play better htan 720p which i dont get..
23:49rkulagow_ you guys type faster than i do...
23:49rkulagow_ just trying to see if i need to update the CPU requirements portion of the HOWTO.
23:49rkulagow_ of course, faster == better, i'm sure
23:49dopester chutt: you want this atsc "easy scan" in .17?
23:50rkulagow_ pretty short section:
23:50rkulagow_ <sect3>Firewire.
23:50rkulagow_ <p>You may use the Firewire output of the DCT6200 or the SA3250.
23:51Chutt dopester, if it's safe
23:51--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (No route to host)
23:52dopester its probbably safer than siscan.cpp is now acutally.. :)
23:52dopester i'll get jams to test it out since hes the only one with the air2pc hooked up to cable i know of now that is capable of applying a patch
23:52gr8nash-home | chutt just fyi i compiled xvmc and it works pretty good but the osd freezes it until you esc and goback into it..
23:54gr8nash-home | oh and datapoint libmpeg2 decoding takes 10% load off my intel 3.2
23:56--- ---> Ksoze [] has joined #mythtv
23:56--- <--- Ksoze [] has left #mythtv ("Client exciting")
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