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00:07streamtrade as I was debugging I noticed a check for xbox enabled (it returned true) and when I went to look for a way to turn off xbox I did not find a setting. Did I miss it somewhere?
00:08dopester rkulagow_: around?
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01:04o_cee Chutt, i'm not sure how much i'll be home this weekend, thus not knowing if i'll be home to apply patches.. will try to vnc and check, but you might want to apply last minute lang patches if i'm not around here :)
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02:15Beirdo Chutt: are you still up by any chance?
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02:37Chutt barely
02:37Beirdo Ahhh
02:38Beirdo my box dies hard seconds into livetv
02:38Beirdo I'm trying a CVS update first
02:38Beirdo I can record, I can playback
02:39Beirdo but livetv locks it hard, and if I play something that's recording, it locks hard
02:39Beirdo using ivtv and an ATI card, BTW
02:40Chutt heh
02:40Beirdo tnat's the last thing in the frontend log when it died
02:41Chutt try not running as root/suid
02:41Beirdo OK, this the realtime priority perhaps?
02:42Chutt possibly.
02:42Beirdo I'll let the CVS compile finish before trying as if it dies, the compile will be killed.
02:43Beirdo I hadn't thought of that possibility.
02:43Beirdo wonder why it would be doing this now but not a few weeks ago or whatever though.
02:43* Beirdo shrugs
02:43Chutt timing
02:44Beirdo like a race condition that wasn't there before or something? I guess that would be possible
02:44Beirdo this all started when I upgraded ivtv, and wanted to check that that worked.
02:44Beirdo it died, so naturally I suspected ivtv
02:45Beirdo backed out to the old version, still died.
02:45Beirdo hmph
02:46Beirdo the joys of running CVS code, I guess. Someome's gotta get hit by the bugs :)
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03:05Beirdo working as non-root with current CVS
03:05Beirdo now to try as root again, see if that's the issue, or if a recent checkin fixed it
03:08Beirdo and working as root too again
03:08Beirdo heh
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10:30_rkulagow_ dopester: around?
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10:56jams doubt it, irc is a nogo for him at work
10:57jams try back after 5 :)
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11:06GeckoFiend_ chutt around?
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11:08dja anyone know if current CVS is supposed to work with QT 3.1? (it's not, and I thought 3.1 compat had been dropped, but it was working earlier in the week after being broken for several weeks :-)
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11:22GeckoFiend_ dja none of the devs use 3.1 so you'll need to report it on the dev list, preferrably with a patch to make the offending code 3.1 compatibile
11:24dja yeah, I was afraid that was the answer. :-) I've not worked with QT, but I'll give it a shot...
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11:25Chutt heh
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11:25Chutt there was something just reported earlier for 3.1
11:25Chutt geckofiend, i'm here now
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11:26dja chutt: yeah, I'm trying to put off upgrading to Fedora Core 3 (from Fedora Core 1) :-)
11:27beavis Chutt, how much time do we have for the translations until 0.17 will be packaged?
11:27Chutt sunday or so.
11:28beavis great so still 2 days left :)
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11:32Beirdo dja: you can still use qt 3.3 in FC1, I've been doing so for quite some time
11:33Chutt yeah, but, still nice to keep 3.1 compat.
11:33Beirdo true
11:33dja can you point me at instructions on how to do it? the kde folks have removed the FC1 rpms from their distribution :-(
11:34Beirdo come on over to -users channel :)
11:34dja sorry about that -- see ya in users :-)
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11:59GeckoFiend_ Chutt just wondering what the game plan was for mythui. Wondering if I shouldn't focus my wide screen efforts on mythui
12:03Chutt probably should
12:03Chutt did you see what i said last night?
12:03Chutt you reverted music-ui.xml in titivillus =)
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13:43GeckoFiend_ blehc I'll fix it when I get home.
13:44_rkulagow_ is chris petersen here?
13:44Chutt heh
13:44Chutt rkulagow, xris
13:44_rkulagow_ thanks - looks like "no".
13:44Chutt might be in the users channel
13:45_rkulagow_ i'll check.
13:45_rkulagow_ looks like "no" there too.
13:46Beirdo he should be back in a few though
13:46_rkulagow_ mythweb now says "start x seconds early", but if you put in 120, it starts 2 hours early instead.
13:47Chutt heh
13:47Chutt 'oops'
13:47Beirdo he's back (in -users) _rkulagow_
13:55Beirdo Chutt: dunno if you saw the end of my fun last night, but with a CVS update, the livetv no longer crashed as root or non-root
13:55Chutt good.
13:56Beirdo there was a bit of panic for a bit, but it all worked out :)
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14:53dja Chutt: thanks for patching commericial_skip.cpp -- now I can put off that upgrade for a little longer :)
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14:55Smak I'm looking at nvidia based cards, I see some that have tv-tuners, but none that have MPEG decoder/encoder hardware. Anyone know of any?
14:55Beirdo I'm sure someone does in -users.
14:55stoffel the friendly people over in #mythtv-users will be glad to help you, after you searched google
14:55Beirdo see the topic
14:57Smak Sorry
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15:07fman hey developer people
15:07fman anyone able to help me with a compile problem?
15:07Chutt depends
15:07fman can i post the output from the error, this is when compiling mythgame, althgouh I get the same when compiling mythvideo
15:08Chutt ok.
15:08fman main.cpp:59: error: `GetLCDDevice' undeclared (first use this function)
15:08fman using cvs compile of myth from about a week ago
15:08Chutt you're out of sync.
15:08fman ?
15:08Chutt must have cvs mythtv compiled and installed before compiling the plugins.
15:09fman I do
15:09Chutt if you're getting that error, you do not.
15:09fman ok, so my myth cvs is to old ?
15:09fman one week
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15:09Chutt nope.
15:10stoffel fman: that change went in a few weeks ago afair
15:10Chutt you simply don't have it installed.
15:10fman sorry, I'm confused...
15:10Chutt more than a few weeks :p
15:10fman I've got myth installed and running from cvs from one week ago
15:10Chutt no, you don't.
15:10fman I will download again and compile
15:10fman chutt: I beg to differ :)
15:10fman I've never had myth on this machine before (and its a ppc machine, so I know I had to go through hoops to get it to compile)
15:10fman :)
15:11Chutt you don't have current cvs of the plugins, either.
15:11fman nope
15:11fman I got the plugins directly from the www
15:11Chutt they're not magically interoperable
15:11Chutt cvs requires cvs.
15:12fman ok
15:12fman how do I pull down mythvideo sources from cvs then?
15:12Chutt that's in the docs.
15:12fman ok
15:12fman hmm, mythvideo docs are here
15:13fman and that don't mention cvs
15:13Chutt why would it be in that section?
15:13fman becasuse that is the intructions for installing mythvideo!
15:13fman we arn't all developers :)
15:13Chutt it doesn't tell you where to download it.
15:13Chutt we aren't all idiots, either
15:14fman true
15:14fman I'm an idiot
15:14Chutt basic reading comprehension is a requirement for using mythtv
15:14fman :)
15:14fman really
15:14Chutt the instructions for getting things from cvs are all in the same place
15:14GreyFoxx PSsst,
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15:14fman yep, reading that now
15:15GreyFoxx Sepcifically the big yellow sign with a bolded NOTE next to it )
15:15fman sorry for being a dick
15:15Beirdo looks like Chutt gets to confiscate another computer
15:16fman :0
15:16Chutt oh eayh
15:16fman I've found the paragraph in mention
15:16fman :)
15:16fman thanks
15:17Chutt anyone who complains of compile errors because of out of sync cvs plugins
15:17Chutt doesn't deserve to own a computer, really
15:17fman wtf
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15:18fman ok, it looks to be compiling now
15:18fman sorry for the trouble, your help is appreciated
15:18fman I'll go hit myself with a bat
15:19Delemas sigh... Someone borked the build process again...
15:20Chutt how so?
15:20Beirdo must have been you, Delemas. works fine for me
15:20Delemas Same deal as last time except my patch to fix it doesn't work...
15:20Chutt what was last time?
15:21Delemas + qmake
15:21Delemas Project ERROR: Please run the configure script first
15:21Delemas error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.70208 (%prep)
15:21Chutt i'm absolutely positive that that's fixed in cvs
15:22Delemas hmm perhaps it is something else, I'll poke it a bit...
15:22Chutt the _only_ place it appears is in the top level
15:22Chutt and it _only_ appears if there is no config.mak in the current directory
15:22Delemas ya
15:22stoffel hm, the translations are currently broken, english is used regardless of the language selected
15:23Delemas This isn't the same now that I think about it... Similar message but this is the main mythtv rpm which built properly last time...
15:23stoffel maybe i synced at the wrong time
15:23Delemas Last time only most of the plugins wouldn't build...
15:24Delemas sorry for jumping to conclusions...
15:26Delemas hmm apparently this isn't allowed anymore:
15:26Delemas qmake
15:26Delemas %build
15:26Delemas %configure
15:26stoffel does this 'Translation GUI, for RFE #79' commit require a make distclean?
15:27Chutt stoffel, possibly.
15:27Chutt may have missed a few things, too
15:27stoffel i should have just tried instead of asking ;)
15:27Chutt but it just went in, so...
15:27stoffel yeah
15:28stoffel hm, maybe i'll run setup again. that's what bug 79 is about
15:29Chutt naw, it'll happen the first time any of the gui apps are run - frontend, setup, etc
15:30stoffel ok, i'll patiently wait then, until it's fixed
15:31* Delemas is puzzled why atrpms didn't follow the docs... Building fine now...
15:32beavis mdz, is there a reason why you don't create the /wwww/htdocs/myMythWebDirectory/{image_cache,php_sessions} directories in mythweb?
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15:39mdz beavis: because that's not the standard doc root in Debian?
15:39mdz beavis: I set everything up under /var/www
15:40beavis yes sure that's what i mean
15:40mdz the php package handles the sessions
15:40mdz mythweb creates the image_cache
15:40beavis not on debian
15:40mdz yes, on Debian
15:40Beirdo especially with 4 ws
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15:40beavis everyone has to create those two directories manually
15:40Beirdo never heard of /wwww before :)
15:41mdz I don't
15:41mdz session.save_path = /var/lib/php4
15:41stoffel Chutt: false alarm, the translations work on my other frontend. pebkac most likely ;)
15:41mdz that's the default in Debian
15:41Chutt heh
15:42mdz lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 30 2005-02-03 00:06 /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/image_cache -> /var/cache/mythweb/image_cache
15:42mdz drwxrwxr-t 2 root www-data 4096 2005-02-03 00:09 /var/cache/mythweb/image_cache
15:42mdz those are set up by the mythweb package
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15:42beavis mdz, so why do we *all* get errors in mythweb about missing image_cache? *confused*
15:43mdz beavis: sounds like you're not using the same packages that I am
15:43stoffel hm, but the language selection changed e.g. from english to en or deutsch to de.
15:43mdz I'm using the ones that I released
15:43beavis mdz, there are only your myth packages ;)
15:43mdz and my image cache is full of images from my own usage
15:43beavis I'm using your diff
15:43mdz and my php session directory has sessions in it
15:43mdz you're not using my debs
15:43beavis well, I had to create /var/www/mythweb/php_sessions manually
15:44Chutt the diff's probably not valid for current cvs anymore.
15:44mdz my packages do not have that problem
15:44mdz my packages do not have that .htaccess damage in them
15:44beavis We're all having this error since 0.16
15:45mdz I don't believe you
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15:47beavis I've just removed the manually created php_sessions from /var/www
15:47beavis /var/www/mythweb
15:47beavis Warning at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/init.php, line 50:
15:47beavis session_start(): open(php_sessions/sess_3334f69ca351e5c51719f582988921be, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2)
15:47stoffel ok, the plugins (at least weather and video) ingore the selected language atm. i'll wait and see if a fix is coming...
15:47mdz beavis: delete /var/www/mythweb/.htaccess
15:48mdz or remove the session_save_path from it
15:49Beirdo you distribute mythweb with no .htaccess at all? :)
15:49Beirdo wow
15:49beavis mdz, it works without session_save_path
15:49mdz I distribute one, but it's patched if I recall correctly
15:49Beirdo ahhh
15:49Beirdo gotcha
15:49beavis mdz, hmm, I've never touched it
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15:50mdz beavis: I get no errors, so there is something different about your configuration
15:50mdz beavis: I wouldn't release packages which didn't work for me, you see
15:50beavis are you using apache2?
15:51mdz yes
15:51mdz that .htaccess has problems
15:51mdz there is no reason for it to set session_save_path, and I have no idea why it disables safe mode
15:51beavis in apache1 only?
15:52mdz <beavis> are you using apache2?
15:52mdz <mdz> yes
15:53Beirdo you'd have to ask xris for the reasoning
15:53beavis I'm using a1 so perhaps this problem only occurs in a1
15:54mdz I think that .htaccess is being ignored entirely in my setup
15:54mdz you really should upgrade
15:55--- User: *** AluCarD_ is now known as stupid_me
15:56mdz the only thing in the mythweb .htaccess which makes sense to me is the memory_size
15:57mdz though I don't see why mythweb uses such an insane amount of memory, it clearly uses more than the default
15:57beavis don't you set a user/password in .htaccess
15:58mdz no
15:58Beirdo ah, the insecure default. :)
15:58mdz I don't allow random Internet users to connect to my MythTV box
15:59Beirdo you probably should enable that for the default packages for the users that want to be able to connect remotely though, I would think
16:01mdz that's user customization
16:01mdz shipping it with a default password is the same thing as shipping it open anyway
16:02Beirdo heh, true, I didn't mean a default password, just with the support lines enabled, but you have a good point
16:02beavis you could just use the mysql password there
16:02Chutt heh
16:02Chutt just did a quick interview with some reporter from the eff
16:02Beirdo Chutt: cool.. we might see some *balanced* press soon? :)
16:02beavis this way let all the debian users their mythwebs completelly unsecured
16:02mdz beavis: that would not be a good idea
16:03mdz listen, guys, last I checked, the myth backend protocol didn't do any authentication at all, so if your Myth box is Internet-accessible, you have bigger problems already
16:03Chutt yup
16:03beavis mdz, you just could ask for a password while installing
16:04Chutt anyone could delete your tv shows
16:04Torq Chutt: excellent, are the eff going to respond to NYT?
16:04Chutt no
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16:04Torq I bet wendy got em on the case
16:04Chutt they're talking more about their build-ins or whatever they're calling em
16:04mdz beavis: why would I want to do that?
16:04Beirdo mdz: people will punch a hole for port 80, whether or not the backend protocol is unsecured. The two aren't the same thing
16:05Chutt beirdo, i'd say they are
16:05mdz Beirdo: if you make a hole, you take responsibility for restricting access if that's what you want
16:06Beirdo mdz: true.
16:07* Beirdo shrugs and gets back to work
16:16beavis mdz, could you give me the diffs when you're ready so we can test them?
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17:52stoffel Chutt: support for mjpeg h/w encoder seems broken with latest cvs '[mjpeg @ 0x40896010]colorspace not supported in jpeg' and '2005-02-04 23:50:46.230 NVR: Unable to open FFMPEG/mjpeg codec' in the logs. probably from the latest ffmpeg/avcodec sync
17:52stoffel and the backend crashes after that
17:54Beirdo wow
17:55Chutt hrm
17:55Chutt encoding?
17:56stoffel it's a marvel g400 tuner with mjpeg h/w encoder iirc ;)
17:56Chutt right
17:58Beirdo I guess I won't bother trying to fix mine this weekend :)
17:58stoffel hehe
17:59stoffel now i've got 'from dusk till dawn' in 5 parts due to the crashes ;)
18:00Beirdo how annoying
18:00Chutt try current cvs, please.
18:00stoffel Chutt: is cvs from ~1-2 hours current enough?
18:00Chutt no
18:00stoffel oh, cool
18:01Chutt cvs from 5 minutes ago isn't current enough :p
18:01stoffel lol
18:01stoffel i see, you really mean what you write
18:01stoffel ok, this will take a few minutes
18:03Beirdo the number of checkins just before releases never ceases to amaze me
18:03Beirdo a lot of work being done :)
18:03stoffel maybe there should be a release every month. lot's of work getting done this way :)
18:05* Delemas nods
18:06Beirdo I think you made Chutt pass out with that comment, stoffel :)
18:07stoffel i hope not, maybe this bug isn't fixed yet ;)
18:08stoffel come on cvs! starting sycning already
18:08stoffel ah, just needed a little push
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18:18--- <<-- beavis [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:18dopester that dude with dvb-c issues is the reason why those old dvb tables should have been dropped
18:20stoffel Chutt: the backend doesn't crash anymore but picture is still messed up. the drivers aren't the most stable so i'll reload/reboot them. bbl
18:20--- <<-- Geckofiend [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:20--- <<-- jeffpc_ [~jeffpc@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:21--- ---> Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
18:23stoffel hrm, no luck, i'll reboot.
18:23--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit ("leaving")
18:25--- <<-- Dibblah [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:29--- User: *** gfiend is now known as Geckofiend
18:32--- ---> cmorgan [~cmorgan@] has joined #mythtv
18:32--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
18:34--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:34stoffel hm, still no luck. sound is ok, but the picture is messed up all green with some noise in it. i'll test with xawtv...
18:40Beirdo hey, that sounds familiar
18:40Beirdo mine is green and magenta
18:40--- ---> _aliz [] has joined #mythtv
18:40--- <<-- aliz [~aliz@aliz.developer.gentoo] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40stoffel :{ xawtv works fine, so i guess there's another problem with the ffmpeg sync
18:41stoffel Beirdo: stay away from my backend! ;)
18:41dopester _rkulagow_ im here now
18:41Beirdo I didn't do it :)
18:41dopester wasn't me
18:41stoffel Chutt: it doesn't crash anymore, but the picture is all green with some noise in it now :(
18:42stoffel surely that description will be helpfull
18:43--- <<-- _aliz [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:43--- ---> _aliz [] has joined #mythtv
18:43stoffel the osd is fine though
18:44stoffel i used to see this in the backend's log while using the marvel g400 '[mjpeg @ 0x40873010]removing common factors from framerate
18:45stoffel which isn't shown anymore with latest cvs
18:45Delemas Hmm mythbrowser doesn't want to compile... My noon build did... This was from a couple minutes ago: main.cpp:23:33: mythtv/langsettings.h: No such file or directory
18:46stoffel Delemas: probably related to jeremiah's changes in cvs. did you udpate your mythtv sources?
18:46* Delemas nods. checking...
18:46stoffel and also compiled/installed them ;)
18:47Delemas mythtv snapshot: 2005/02/04 17:33:44 EST
18:47--- ---> BlackBsd [] has joined #MythTv
18:47Delemas hmm time for another snapshot? 8o)
18:49--- ---> aliz_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:50* Delemas cvs updates again
18:52--- <<-- _aliz [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:56--- <<-- aliz_ [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:57--- User: *** Kilaz1 is now known as Kilaz
19:01dopester man dev list looks backloged.. 2 hours for my post to show up from 5.. heh
19:01--- <<-- [M-M] [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:02Chutt it's gmail's fault.
19:02Chutt (honestly)
19:02dopester how so?
19:02Chutt google's taking a very long time to accept mail
19:02Chutt and since a little under 20% of the list is using gmail
19:02Chutt it's slowing the entire process down
19:02dopester ahh so it stalls everything else while waiting to send?
19:05Chutt essentially
19:05Chutt if there weren't so many people using it, it wouldn't hurt things as much
19:07dopester i think if the drop tables for the old dvb tables are left commented out there will be tons more posts like that french dude today
19:07Delemas stoffel: yep. Another CVS update did the trick. Thanks.
19:10Torq sounds like you need a better, parallel MTA
19:17Chutt it's already going in parallel
19:19--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
19:19mikegrb Chutt: add a rule for the list, "no gmail accounts"
19:19mikegrb or digest only
19:20Chutt snowman's going to tweak things a bit
19:20Chutt maybe move em to a separate queue as well
19:20mikegrb :D
19:20mikegrb that would work
19:20Chutt but, won't be until this weekend
19:20Chutt well, later this weekend
19:20mikegrb is sticking them at the end of current queue possible?
19:20mikegrb would have to be resorted periodically
19:21Chutt sorting the list takes a looong time
19:21Chutt i dunno, he'll play with it :p
19:21mikegrb Yes, seperate queues is probably the best bet
19:23Torq how many subscribers ooi
19:26mikegrb 10
19:39--- <<-- NemLappy^ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:00--- <<-- hamsta_myth [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:06--- <--- BlackBsd [] has left #MythTv ("Leaving")
20:11stoffel hm, i aborted & deleted an in-progress recording yet in the epg & mythweb it still shows up as 'is being recorded'
20:12laga stoffel: "hit reloaded". if it doesn't help, complain to xris. he rewrote some of the stuff that communicates with the backend
20:12stoffel nope, happens in mythfrontend as well
20:12laga oh, sorry
20:13laga i thought it was -users, anyways ;)
20:13stoffel np
20:18stoffel hm, libavcodec stuff is all greek to me
20:29GreyFoxx What exactly is stored in recordedmarkup ?
20:29stoffel Chutt: mythtv cvs from 12/31/2004 works, actually that's the backend's version, the frontend is current cvs
20:31stoffel Chutt: this one also shows '[mjpeg @ 0x4089e290]removing common factors from framerate' in the backend's log when watching tv on the marvel g400
20:31--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit ("leaving")
20:37--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
20:37stoffel so does myth cvs from 01/29/2005
20:39--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
20:39stoffel and cvs from 02/05/2005 doesn't (gives audio but mostly green picture). all backend versions tested against a current remote frontend setup.
20:40stoffel Chutt: so the bug was introduced between 01/29 and 02/05 (or very close to that dates) hth
20:45Chutt can you test just libavcodec and libavformat changes?
20:45Chutt then one and then the other?
20:45Chutt try to isolate it a bit?
20:47stoffel hm, i can try (tomorrow, it's 02:45am here). so far it was easy as i only had to untar a full build.
20:48dopester Oooo.. I ought to add LCD support to dvb-tuning and printout snr and signal levels...
20:50GreyFoxx Hrm, my CVS from 30 minutes ago fails to compile
20:50GreyFoxx Anyone else seeing this too ?
20:50stoffel Chutt: meaning mythtv/libs/libavcodec: and mythtv/libs/libavformat?
20:53stoffel 'ffmpeg resync. NEEDS A DISTCLEAN ...' <- compilation would have failed if i had forgotten make distclean, right?
20:53stoffel nm, that was 2 month ago
20:55stoffel chutt, sound works fine, so which lib would be more likely to contain the bug?
20:57--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
20:58Chutt actually, it's probably just in libavcodec
20:58Chutt i don't think libavformat's got anything to do with mjpeg
20:58Chutt does playback of your old mjpeg recordings work, though?
20:59stoffel well, i can watch tv with current cvs connecting to the older backend
20:59Chutt ok
20:59Chutt so it's not that..
20:59Chutt hmmm
20:59Chutt one sec.
21:01stoffel old recordings also work (i've only got one left ;) )
21:02Chutt heh
21:02Chutt sci-fi's fucking up
21:04Chutt ok
21:04stoffel pip with the marvel as the 2nd picture actually worked still with current cvs, just not 'full-screen'
21:04Chutt try updating the backend to second.
21:05Chutt err, to current
21:05Chutt nfc where that 'second' came from
21:06stoffel ok, i'll see how it works in a few minutes
21:07Chutt make sure you do an update -PAd
21:07Chutt to clear off the date tags
21:07stoffel ok, i don't have set any tags
21:12stoffel Chutt: you only changed NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp, right?
21:13stoffel nm
21:14--- <<-- NightMonkey [] has quit (Client Quit)
21:16Chutt yup
21:20stoffel Chutt: you're my hero!
21:20stoffel missed a 'video format' or s/t like that?
21:21--- ---> Wildgoose [] has joined #mythtv
21:23stoffel ok, i'm not accidentally using the pvr350 right now ;)
21:24stoffel Chutt: thumbs up for the 0.17 release ;)
21:24stoffel good night folks
21:26Delemas hmm
21:26Delemas Anyone noticed mythcommflagging going nuts with today's CVSes?
21:27Chutt naw, my first fix made it go into rtjpeg mode
21:28Chutt which doesn't tend to work all that well on mjpeg hardware
21:28Delemas My snapshot 0.17-0.2005/02/04 18:51:07 is comflagging with 11% of CPU w/ mythbackend is going at a full 50%. That is quite odd on a P4 2.4GHz HT.
21:29stoffel chutt: but your response time was excellent!
21:29stoffel ;)
21:30Delemas ?? very odd... mythbackend stays at 50% even once I kill mythcommflag. hmm...
21:38--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
21:39Chutt heh
21:44--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:44Delemas hmm none of the recent commits seems obviously borked 8o/
21:45rkulagow_ dopester: here?
21:45dopester yep
21:45rkulagow_ you were looking for me last night?
21:45dopester was looking at the docs
21:46dopester i gotta look at em again now.. you around for a while?
21:46rkulagow_ yep. in and out (got to watch TV, you know? have to delete shows to make room for HDTV captures...)
21:47rkulagow_ let me sync what i have to make sure you're not looking at old stuff. brb.
21:47dopester ok np
21:49rkulagow_ ok, on the way
21:51rkulagow_ great. my air2 card is sitting in a warehouse for delivery on monday.
21:52rkulagow_ chutt: here?
21:55rkulagow_ if you see this in scrollback:
21:55rkulagow_ 2005-02-04 11:01:00.131 2C0h05a-02n-g0i4n g1 1f:r0o1m: 0Re0cor.di1n31gO nlRye stcoh eNdounlee reques
21:55rkulagow_ ted for id 0.
21:55rkulagow_ 2005-02-04 11:01:03.488 Scheduled 378 items in 3.4 = 0.03 match + 3.32 place
21:55rkulagow_ 2005-02-04 11:01:18.312 Starting Commercial Flagging for "Sesame Street" recorded fr
21:55dopester rkulagow: nothing sticks out as wrong.. ya musta fixed whatever it was
21:56rkulagow_ looks like there are two threads trying to write output at the same time; didn't DTK do some sort of semaphore thing?
21:56--- <<-- Forty| [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:57dopester rkulagow_: you can't read urdu? its obvious to me :)
21:58rkulagow_ dopester: glad i fixed whatever was wrong the first time around. i'm still considering what parts to drop out because they don't apply, or because someone else does a better job. the lirc stuff will probably be on the short list for next time around.
21:59dopester had something to do with mpeg2 decoder on the air2pc i think
21:59--- <<-- Geckofiend [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:59dopester you might want to add a section about setting up dvb/atsc since its completely changed
22:00rkulagow_ i don't think i ever claimed it had one. stormlogic sent me this email after i'd ordered a card saying "our ad copy was wrong, there's no MPEG-2 decoder on the card"
22:00Chutt rkulagow, yes, he fixed that
22:00Chutt but i'm not applying it until after the release
22:00rkulagow_ chutt: got it.
22:01rkulagow_ dopester: i'd add it if i knew what to write. that's why i was hoping to get the card before the weekend so i could get it installed and see what's what.
22:01rkulagow_ anything you want me to put in there?
22:01Delemas Anyone have details of the "fixes" to the ivtv stuff?
22:01Delemas i.e. this stuff ?
22:02Delemas Something is currently quite borked in ivtv recording land...
22:02dopester rkulagow: you can start with the one i did..
22:02dopester i might have some time to get you something more useful
22:03dopester for atsc im working on a complete scan so ignore the whole atsc section..
22:04rkulagow_ is there still a seperate DVB MegaPatch out there, or is everything now in CVS?
22:04dopester its all in cvs with the exception of the atsc full scan im about to give chutt
22:04rkulagow_ ok
22:04dopester megapatch is done man.. that was a complete pain :)
22:05dopester nothing like releasing a patch and watching dbcheck.cpp to get reved within a day making it not apply :)
22:07rkulagow_ screenshots show you're in charlotte, or maybe r-d?
22:09dopester rfu
22:09dopester er rdu
22:09rkulagow_ i just realized that i've got to wait for the QAM patch anyway, since i no longer have an antenna on the roof.
22:10dopester qam is supported in what im about to give isaac
22:10rkulagow_ dopester: i'll see of i can pull anything out of the link you sent that i can put into the howto
22:10dopester and the qam code was accepted into linux-dvb a few days ago
22:11dopester yeah i dont know how helpful that setup page will be for writing a screenshot free page
22:11rkulagow_ chutt: you should have releases more often. there's nothing like a deadline to make patches start flying all over the place.
22:11dopester rkulagow_: what station made ya figure out the charlote/rdu thing?
22:13rkulagow_ i had taken screenshots of every page in backend setup a while ago when i was putting together a user guide and realized that i just couldn't keep up. too much was happening and by the time i had gotten through to the end there were already changes at the beginning.
22:14dopester yeah those shots are already outta date :)
22:15rkulagow_ i think wral (14, right? or maybe 11) was the one. in-laws are in NC.
22:15dopester close enough to give you an idea but not 100% right
22:15dopester ahh..
22:15dopester wral is 5, wtvd is 11
22:17dopester where are you at rkulagow?
22:17jams chicago i think
22:18rkulagow_ which is the one that left a website that's supposed to be used for local business / church / school closure notifications open to the public? i recall seeing TV captures of stuff like: "Business Notice: All your base are belong to us", overlaid on their regular programs. apparently it took hours before someone noticed and closed down the site.
22:18dopester sounds like something stupid they would do here
22:18rkulagow_ yep, chicago.
22:19rkulagow_ brb
22:19* jams used to live there
22:19* dopester used to live in charlotte
22:22--- <<-- fman [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
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22:59--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
22:59--- ---> m0j0 [] has joined #mythtv
23:01GreyFoxx pretty odd timing if it's not your ISPs filters :)
23:02GreyFoxx oops, wrong place
23:10--- ---> _hamsta_ [] has joined #mythtv
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