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---Logopened Sat Feb 05 00:00:22 2005
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00:17Chutt so, who knows sendmail?
00:20Beirdo I do to a certain point, what are you looking for?
00:20Chutt snowman's busy, so...
00:20Chutt want to create another queue, and have it dump all gmail crap in there
00:20Beirdo Hmmm.
00:21Beirdo a worthy goal
00:21Beirdo I'm not sure how to do that. I think that's generally easier with postfix.
00:22Beirdo if I knew where my sendmail book was hiding I could see if it says anywhere
00:24Beirdo sorry, I can't be too much more helpful :(
00:25Beirdo Hmm
00:25Beirdo seems it might be possible, let me read up here
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00:35Beirdo OK. It seems you create a map with " gmail" in it that gets loaded as "queuegroup"
00:36Chutt yeah, see, never touched it before
00:37Beirdo and then create a new queue with "Qgmail, P=/full/path/to/queue"
00:37Beirdo you may want to wait for Snow-Man
00:37Chutt he just wants to tweak it :p
00:37Beirdo I've never actually tried using this feature before
00:37Chutt i was trying to talk him into the separate queue
00:37Beirdo but we have a couple old servers that could likely use this :)
00:40Beirdo a separate queue would have definite advantages, I'd think
00:40Chutt well, or it could be changed to allow a queue runner to hit a server more than once at a time
00:40Chutt i think doing both would be good
00:41Chutt seeing as gmail is almost 20% of the users on the list
00:41Beirdo so that's at least hundreds of recipients there
00:41Beirdo yeah, both may well prove to work best
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00:45rkulagow_ hey chutt: spelling fix, but it's in the jumppoints table. For mythweather, it says "Weather forcasts" rather than "Weather forecasts". i've fixed the source; can you add a quick update to dbcheck?
00:46Chutt sure
00:46rkulagow_ thanks
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01:30xris Chutt: are you thinking "this weekend" as in tomorrow morning or sunday evening?
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01:33Chutt sunday evening
01:33Chutt late
01:34xris ok, should give me plenty of time to fix up the remaining things I want to get done.
01:34Chutt hopefully will get the lists fixed tomorrow, too
01:34xris major stuff is done, though
01:35Chutt cool.
01:35rkulagow_ xris: i did a minor grammar commit in mythweb
01:36xris rkulagow_: ?
01:36xris when?
01:36rkulagow_ about 2 hours ago, maybe less.
01:37rkulagow_ it was themes/default/setting_key.php or something like that. there was an awkward sentence that said something like "that has that..." rather than "that has the"
01:37xris weird, I'm not seeint it
01:38rkulagow_ hrmm. neither am i.
01:38xris I think I see the problem sentence
01:38rkulagow_ let me check somethnig.
01:38xris but no update
01:38rkulagow_ well, if you see it, then you know what i mean.
01:38xris yeah, I'll fix it
01:38rkulagow_ ok
01:39xris ok, fixed now
01:39rkulagow_ great.
01:39xris I'm going to be a hardass from now on when it comes to patches
01:39xris no more crappy code allowed
01:41Chutt yay
01:41Chutt you get to feel my pain
01:41rkulagow_ either sci-fi broadcast 3 minutes of black right when stargate: atlantis started, or something else happened locally.
01:41Chutt they did
01:41Chutt Feb 5 06:40:45 www sendmail[21272]: grew WorkList for /var/spool/mqueue/hourly to 35000
01:41rkulagow_ the weird thing is their bug was in the lower right
01:41Chutt that's a fuckload of email
01:42rkulagow_ load->shitload->fuckload-> ?
01:42xris wow
01:42Chutt pretty much
01:42rkulagow_ fuckload - that's a technical term, right?
01:43Chutt yup
01:43rkulagow_ the first technical term i remember hearing was "deschmutzification" in my shop class.
01:44rkulagow_ ok, bbl. got to deduce what happened that's making mckay's panties get all in a twist.
01:45xris rkulagow_: atlantis seems to be getting slightly better this season
01:45GreyFoxx Well, since it's the first season it's gonnabe better than season 0 :)
01:45rkulagow_ i missed the first episode this season, so i don't know how they got rid of the genaii. (SP?) reruns, i'm sure.
01:46xris oh yeah. "this half-season" then
01:46GreyFoxx You mean this half of the season ?
01:46GreyFoxx hehe
01:47xris either way
01:47rkulagow_ oh, and the fact that a show called "robot chicken" will be on the air makes me proud to be an american.
01:47GreyFoxx hahahah
01:48* xris just wants a way to schedule BBC recordings into mythtv now.
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02:57fman guys,anyone know what version of mame you need for mythgame
02:57fman I'm getting this error message
02:57fman 2005-02-05 20:48:43.588 Checking xmame version
02:57fman 2005-02-05 20:48:43.588 This version of xmame is not supported
03:05duckeo are there many new features with the new myth next week?
03:05duckeo is there a list somewhere? i'm wondering if i should hold off building this new mythtv box till later
04:49laga duckeo:
04:49laga let's hope i got the url right this time
04:49laga BTW, please read the topic
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06:16Torq I'm seeing an audio delay of around 20-30ms, this is disconcerting for me. there doesnt seem to be a way to do delays in myth like in xine or mplayer
06:50stoffel is jeremiah here sometimes?
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07:17beavis how do I make a patch with new files (cvs diff works only with files in the repository)
07:20pigeon cvs diff -N
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07:38beablis pigeon, those files are not in the cvs repository so I get: cvs diff: I know nothing about i18n/mythphone_de.ts
07:38pigeon err... you'll need to cvs add first then?
07:38beablis or just ? i18n/ when I try to cvs diff the whole new i18n dir
07:39beablis cvs [server aborted]: "add" requires write access to the repository
07:39pigeon doh!
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10:52stoffel hm, with latest cvs the selection box in the 'exit this recording' osd-menu isn't positioned correctly when using the 4/3 zoom mode
10:52stoffel this is with the default osd theme
10:53stoffel Chutt: ^ fyi
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11:43dopester can someone with cvs access please remove the channels.conf import script in contrib? :)
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12:33Chutt heh
12:33Chutt dopester, i did yesterday
12:34dopester ok just checking..
12:34dopester after seeing 2 no -dev list reading cvs users in the last day i thought it might help
12:35dopester could actually replace it with a script that just says "RTFM" and exits :)
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12:39sugarbear HI.
12:41sugarbear Hi, I'm running mythtv on my NTSC TV with a Hauppauge 350 -- Fedora Core 3. Everything appears to be fine but the screen image appears to exceed the boundaries of the 720x480 desktop. Anyone know how I can fix this?
12:41Chutt you don't.
12:41Chutt that's desired behavior.
12:41gr8nash-home | ROFL
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12:41sugarbear Well, when the overlay appears, I can't see everything at the edges of the screen.
12:42dopester lord
12:42Chutt so go into the mythtv settings and change it.
12:42dopester go to -users
12:42Chutt all that's configurable
12:42sugarbear Pointers?
12:42sugarbear Please?
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12:42Chutt run mythfrontend
12:42Chutt go into settings
12:42sugarbear Which configuration?
12:42* gr8nash-home points to users
12:42Chutt try reading?
12:42mikegrb ha ha sugarbear is stupid
12:42sugarbear I tried changing the desktop offsets but it didn't seem to affect anything.
12:43cmorgan sugarbear: its something off of the settings menu for the gui
12:43mikegrb you all were thinking it, I said it
12:43sugarbear cmorgan: Thanks. I give it a try again.
12:44sugarbear mikegrb: Get a life. You need to learn some social skills.
12:44stoffel mikegrb: true
12:44Chutt sugarbear, everyone's referring to the topic of this channel, which you've decided to ignore.
12:44mikegrb stoffel: ;)
12:45mikegrb sugarbear: I'm sure the joy in my life greatly exceeds that in yours
12:45sugarbear brb: Oops. I read what my window enabled me to see at the time, which was only "For mythtv related user suppot".
12:45sugarbear Once I stretched the window. I saw the rest.
12:46o_cee Chutt, still not at home, but just read my mails.. will you do a translation sync for mythweather and the main module after those spelling fixes or whatever it was?
12:46dopester o_cee: i got some changes to videosource.. want to see them before i hand it over to chutt?
12:46Chutt sure
12:46dopester its just dvb settings stuff so probbably pretty universal across all languages
12:47o_cee Chutt, great, thanks. release tomorrow?
12:47sugarbear mikegrb: Judging by your behaviour, I SERIOUSLY doubt it.
12:47Chutt probably
12:47o_cee dopester, what kind of changes?
12:47o_cee okay
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12:47dopester fixed the ??? helptext stuff
12:47dopester im trying to chase down 1 bug so i dont ahve to break it into a few patches to give chutt
12:48mikegrb sugarbear: judging by your actions in the channel I can say that I value your opinions and evaluations less then those of the squirrels outside
12:48sugarbear Anyway, for those who decided to provide some support or kindly point me in the right direction, thanks. For the asshole, well ... you know what you can do.
12:48o_cee i'm sure it's okay ;)
12:48stoffel ah, dopester as i don't use dvb at all. are you interested in translating all the dvb settings/help texts into german? ;)
12:48dopester i just wan't sure if you wanted to translate that mess or not.. i figure modulation is pretty easy to figure out
12:48dopester bwaha you don't want me to translate it
12:49dopester it would be like "This settings will make your card eat the monkey"
12:49o_cee heh :)
12:49stoffel dopester: will be great fun to read i'm sure :)
12:49dopester for you
12:49dopester it will look right to me im sure :)
12:50sugarbear mikegrb: It's people like you who give these channels a bad rep. mikegrb: You don't have to be an asshole/jerk. I'm trying to teach this to my 12-year-old son. I told him that if he doesn't learn to be respectful of people, he will learn the hard way. If you don't give respect, you won't get any either. Anyway, I'm leaving to the proper channel.
12:51mikegrb sugarbear: if you would have respected the topic of the channel you would have gotten respect from me, you didn't read the documentation or the topic so you get no respect from me
12:51Beirdo sugarbear: you have already lost the battle. Give up and retreat.
12:51mikegrb Beirdo: :D
12:51mikegrb Beirdo: <3
12:51mikegrb multi threaded stuffs for winders is a pain in the ass
12:52sugarbear mikegrb: You ARE WRONG on both counts!!! As for the topic, like I said, my window cut of the rest of the message so I thought that this was the channel for support. It's an error on my part but don't mistake stupidity for a innocent error. That's why you shouldn't jump on people when they ask for help. You have to put yourself in their shoes first. You don't always know how they got to where there
12:52sugarbear are.
12:52o_cee dopester, if you want me to look at something just email it and i'll try to check it later tonight, but i can't promise anything. webmaster at trekotor dot se
12:53gr8nash-home | sugarbear please stop floodng the channel with your personal problems
12:53dopester yeah i dont think its worth worrying about really
12:53dopester since all the dvb docs are in english mostly and its all technical stuff that probbaly doesn't need translation
12:53stoffel yeah, nowadays spammers are looking everywhere for valid e-mail addresses ;)
12:54dopester i mean whats modulation and frequency in swedish.. probbaly close enough even if you didnt know english you could figure it out
12:54o_cee dopester, yeah it's a pita to translate
12:54o_cee yeah
12:55sugarbear gr8nash-home: You are in the same company as mikegrb. bye.
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12:55o_cee bye bye, time for some sex
12:55dopester this isn't 1.0 and the dvb stuff is only 1/2 way done imo anyway.. so screw it.. :)
12:56stoffel o_cee: go for it!
12:56Beirdo ahhh. that got rid of Mr. Needy sugarbear
12:56mikegrb o_cee: :D
13:14Beirdo This is driving me nuts.
13:15Beirdo I have *one* channel that won't record audio most of the time. it works in livetv, but not in recordings
13:15Beirdo and it happens to be CBC. :(
13:16Beirdo hmm. now it isn't working in livetv either
13:16Beirdo odd.
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15:26beavis is $LOCAL_LIBDIR_X11 always set to something on every platform?
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15:28beavis on my debian box it's not known so -L/usr/X11R6/lib is unknown for the Makefile
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16:21Chutt beavis, yes
16:21Chutt you can attempt to figure out why it's not getting set in
16:23Chutt in fact, i'd appreciate it if you did
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19:00dopester rkulagow_: you get anything useful from that page?
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19:11dopester chutt: around?
19:14beavis Chutt, I can't find out why it doesn't compile on debian now. I'll try in a few hours again.
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21:29Chutt allright
21:29Chutt who's got a epia-m?
21:34Geckofiend my wife has an eiplady will that help?
21:34Geckofiend err epilady
21:35Chutt heh
21:35Chutt not quite what i was looking for
21:35dopester chutt: got the atsc scan patch ready.. has some other stuff.. want a url or you want to post it to -dev?
21:36Chutt either way
21:36dopester k it touches settings.h so it will require a distclean :(
21:37Chutt why's it touch settings.h?
21:37dopester to make the tuning page re-draw properly when changing dvb card types
21:37dopester i can cut and paste johns explination for you if you want :)
21:40Chutt why the hell aren't you using the existing code to do that?
21:40Chutt that whole cardTypeChanged function is utterly broken and wrong.
21:41dopester how so?
21:42Chutt you shouldn't be enabling and disabling the visibility of individual settings
21:42Chutt that's just stupid
21:42dopester no its not
21:42Chutt put them in a group, and hide or show the whole thing
21:42dopester you can't with dvb
21:42Chutt like every other settings page in the entire rest of the app
21:43Chutt why not?
21:43dopester each type has differnet tuning parameters
21:43Chutt so?
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21:43Chutt all the more reason to do it the same way
21:43dopester so if you are using dvb-s you don't need to see all 20 settings dvb-t needs
21:43dopester just confusing
21:43Chutt each capture card type has different stuff it sticks in the capture card table
21:43Chutt run the fucking setup program
21:43Chutt go to the capture card page
21:43Chutt do you see the same settings for each type"?
21:43Chutt no, you don't
21:45Chutt please explain how that's any different than changing the dvb card type
21:46dopester i guess its not as far as you are concerned
21:46Chutt as far as i'm concerned?
21:47dopester i can't explain why john did it the way he did..
21:48dopester it could be cause it based off of Kenneths old shit
21:48dopester i can see how its similar
21:48dopester it may have to do with the way the pages integrate to feed data into the scaning page
21:48dopester and i suspect thats WHY its that way
21:49Chutt doubt it
21:49Chutt there's no reason it'd be any different
21:49dopester maybe i'll come back a tad later.. im a bit angry right now..
21:50Chutt oh, and there's nothing in kenneth's config stuff that hides and shows individual settings :p
21:50Chutt at least that shows up with a quick grep
21:51dopester yeah it was the most user unfriendly setup ever
21:51dopester thats why it was changed
21:51Chutt but you don't reinvent the wheel
21:51Chutt if code's there that _everything_ else uses to show groups of settings, you use it
21:51dopester all that changed was the hiding of groups its already like that in whats in your cvs
21:51Chutt right
21:51Chutt it's going to be changed
21:52dopester that coee doesn't work now
21:52dopester this what john said
21:52dopester john_pullan2001 [18:16:59]: The problem was that some of the widgets weren't being added because they were invisible (that was the line of code I got you to comment out). But rather than add all the widgets all the time, which I though was too dangerous at this point in time, I opted to rewrite the hide/show stuff so it didn't depend on the existing visible flag.
21:52Chutt <shrug>
21:53Chutt i'm not accepting code that does something the wrong way.
21:53dopester ok fair enough
21:53dopester care to let me know what the right way is then?
21:53Chutt how the capturecard page is done.
21:54Chutt how the codec settings page is done
21:54Chutt how stuff like the 'use internal volume controls' is done
21:54Chutt there's _lots_ of examples
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22:33dopester chutt: the code in question is kept in one class / group because the scanner uses parent->frequency, etc to get the settings
22:34Chutt it can still be that way.
22:34Chutt nothing stopping it
22:36Chutt and arguably, having the scanner access stuff like that is wrong, too
22:36Chutt would be better to use a signal
22:37dopester clarify stuff
22:37Chutt you can still store a pointer to the objects in the same place
22:37Chutt just don't addChild em to that same object
22:38Chutt create a triggeredconfiggroup and add them to it, instead
22:38dopester ok i'll let john know.. all of the gui side of the scanner is his..
22:39dopester next time you see something like that let me know before I add / change code you don't approve of already
22:41dopester can i get any of the rest of that code in, or should i just not worry about it until some agreement is made on the group/hiding stuff between you and john..
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22:42Chutt sure, want to split out the patch?
22:43dopester if i cut out settings.cpp/settings.h and scanwizard.cpp the rest ok?
22:44Chutt aren't there necessary parts in scanwizard?
22:44dopester oh yeah ya know what. i guess just do the dbcheck.cpp part
22:45Chutt sure, i can do that
22:46dopester the rest of its all weaved into the part im not going to argue about.. i'll let you and john do that..
22:46dopester or the code to call what i added..
22:46Chutt right
22:46Chutt it's _not_ a big change, really
22:46Chutt just means getting rid of all that hide/show stuff
22:46Chutt be less code, most likely
22:47dopester well the setVisible didn't work was the reason it was done that way is my understanding
22:47dopester its an edge condition (i.e. people with 2 dvb card types)
22:47Chutt right
22:48Chutt and it's also getting rid of the setvisible stuff :p
22:48Chutt shouldn't ever need to do that
22:48Chutt ok
22:48Chutt mailing lists are going to be down for a bit
22:48Chutt yadda yadda yadda
22:50Beirdo moving the queues around?
22:50Chutt something like that
22:50Beirdo fun
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23:23Chutt dopester, patch on the dev list for dvb
23:24dopester heh
23:25Chutt the (new faster) dev list =)
23:25dopester the edge condition has arrived :)
23:26dopester thats the problem the hide() stuff fixes..
23:26Chutt the channel changing?
23:26Chutt you're talking about the patch from Tim Davis, right?
23:26dopester no hes trying to do a scan with 2 cards type
23:26dopester no i didn't see a tim davis patch yet
23:27dopester oh there it is
23:27dopester Phil Vids problem is fixed with what i gave you.. setVisible didn't work
23:27Chutt right
23:29dopester tim davies patch im ok with
23:30dopester only bad thing is....
23:30dopester if someone renumbered a channel themselves it will undo it everytime you tune
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23:31dopester let me mull over it for a bit
23:31Chutt ok
23:31Chutt it's your decision - we took that stuff out of mythfilldatabase, though
23:31dopester i can see doug larrick screaming that his channel numbers changed
23:31Chutt well, made it optional
23:31Chutt well, yeah
23:31dopester hes the _ guy
23:31Chutt i can understand that, if you went to the trouble to rename stuff
23:32dopester i made the atsc numbers 503
23:32dopester would be 50-3
23:32dopester cause i have no dash
23:32dopester but he is mr underscore
23:32Chutt heh
23:32Chutt well, you can't always just concat em, though
23:32dopester well of its ota it could be 5003
23:32dopester if its cable would have to be 50003
23:32dopester ;)
23:33dopester neither of which is really useful
23:33dopester leave it for now
23:33dopester i need to re-do most of the logic in service updating anyway
23:34Chutt ok, you'll tell him?
23:34dopester there has to be a better way to deal with that stuff..
23:34dopester yeah np
23:34Chutt cool.
23:35dopester any chance the Hide() stuff can go in to avoid more of the Phil Vids problems at least for now and you and john can agree on how to fix it?
23:35dopester i know the lists are going to be loaded with people screaming about dvb changing anyway
23:35Chutt nope, don't want to change settings.h for something that's completely incorrect
23:36Captain_Murdo| Chutt, re that last minute delete feedback patch. does that seem a bit overcomplicated? What do you think of Kevin's suggestion (that Bruce also liked) of changing the font color when an item is being deleted. and I wonder if the ScheduledRecording::signalChange(0); can be moved to the backend anyway so it happens when the file is actually deleted and not something the frontend triggers in playbackbox.
23:36dopester ok.. well you'll probbably want it fixed whenever you setup your air2pc.. the scan is much better than the code before.. :)
23:36Chutt dopester, so, get him to fix it quickly :p
23:36dopester when he wakes up i'll have him re-send
23:37Chutt captain_murdoch, changing the colors sounds better to me
23:37Chutt and yeah, moving it to the backend's even better, since it can just talk to the scheduler directly =)
23:37dopester hell id make him fight with you about it rather than me if you 2 were on even remotely similar time schedules ;)
23:37Chutt don't use signalChange() in the backend, if you go that way
23:38Captain_Murdo| how's it done in the backend? I haven't looked at the new code that gigem put in. what if it's a file being deleted on a slave backend, wouldn't I need to use the normal method then?
23:38Chutt oh, i dunno
23:39Chutt maybe you do use that
23:39Captain_Murdo| I'll post a reply and look around the code a little.
23:39Chutt yeah, signalChange works
23:39Chutt nevermind =)
23:39Chutt it was fixed to do the proper thing on a backend
23:40Captain_Murdo| ok, I didn't see it anywhere in mythbackend's source files.
23:40Captain_Murdo| ok, cool.
23:40Captain_Murdo| so just signalchange after the delete file and delete recorded table entry.
23:40Chutt sure
23:40Chutt just going to make the frontend change the font by itself?
23:41Chutt shouldn't be terribly difficult
23:41Captain_Murdo| probably also better to wait till after the delete recordedmarkup so the DB isn't busy doing the big delete and scheduling at the same time.
23:41Captain_Murdo| yeah, have the frontend just change the font.
23:41Captain_Murdo| should be easier and less complicated than avalanche's patch.
23:42Captain_Murdo| I don't even think there's a need to do a "connected = filllist();" in doremove() anymore since that will be handled when it receives the event when the file is deleted.
23:42Chutt yup
23:42Chutt i think
23:43Captain_Murdo| I'll verify. I think it's been reloading twice on deletes. easier to notice on a slow frontend. :)
23:44dopester chutt: replied to him.. well more rambled to him..
23:49dopester ooo.. list is MUCH MUCH faster now..
23:49dopester now the "my antenna is bigger than yours" thread can grow much faster.. heh
23:49Chutt well, it broke for a short time
23:50Chutt but it's working again now
23:50dopester i emailed john and told him to take it out for now and post the full patch to -dev so when you get up hopefully it will already have been there for hours..
---Logclosed Sun Feb 06 00:00:42 2005