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00:20rkulagow_ captain_murdoch: yep.
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00:30Captain_Murdo| I was going to ask about that dbcheck.cpp change, but couldn't find where the jumppoint table was populated so I wasn't sure if libmythtv/dbcheck.cpp was the right place or not for the change you were talking about.
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00:31Chutt to update old stuff
00:31Chutt can't change it anywhere else, unfortunately
00:31Chutt if you want to make that change, that'd be great =)
00:32Chutt i'm pushing the release back a few days, btw
00:32Captain_Murdo| sure, I'll do it now. just updating the description right?
00:32Chutt i'm too sleepy to do it now, anyway
00:32Chutt yeah
00:33Captain_Murdo| yeah, saw the post. I think it's a good idea also. Quite a bit of new stuff has gone in over the past 2 weeks.
00:34Beirdo So aiming for Wednesday or so?
00:34Captain_Murdo| putting current CVS on my production setup now so I can burn it in for the few days to see if we notice anything.
00:34Chutt i'm going to fix the long blue screen before playback
00:34Chutt (not difficult)
00:34Beirdo ah nice.
00:35Captain_Murdo| I was wondering how much of that is related to loading the positionmap. I've thought about looking into trying to load the majority of that after playback starts.
00:36Chutt it'd be cool to speed that all up
00:36Chutt and not hard to profile
00:45mdz someone just emailed me asking for 0.17 debs
00:45Chutt ask them for the source
00:45Captain_Murdo| tell them because they asked, they have to wait 3 days now.
00:45GreyFoxx hahaha
00:45Captain_Murdo| and if they ask again.... :)
00:45mdz that must be a record, 3 days before the release
00:45Chutt well, it was _supposed_ to be tonight
00:47mdz Captain_Murdoch: good idea; I should load CVS on my box as well
00:48Chutt please do
00:48Chutt test stuff
00:49mdz it has been a while, you must have a lot of changes in
00:50wswanson a ton of changes over the last couple of days ; great stuff ; so far, no problems here with tonights CVS
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00:53xris so isn't it almost past sunday night for Chutt now?
00:53Chutt bah
00:53Chutt read your email :p
00:53xris ahh, I see the news
00:53Captain_Murdo| Chutt, dbcheck mod made for the Weather description.
00:54xris gives me more time to put stuff into mythweb, I guess. heh.
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01:00Chutt heh
01:00Chutt guess it's time for bed
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01:05xris Chutt: been meaning to ask you.. you have any issues with giving Beirdo cvs access (mostly for nuvexport)?
01:06Chutt nope, no problem with that
01:06xris cool. Beirdo, your call.
01:06Chutt next weekend
01:06Beirdo I'll be here then. Sounds good
01:07xris that's fine
01:07xris just figured I'd ask before I forgot again
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01:08Chutt g'night =)
01:08xris 'night
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01:09Beirdo night.
01:09Beirdo I should go to bed too.
01:12huhlig- grr
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01:12huhlig- me has found a bug or three in the latest mythburn
01:13Beirdo is that even an official plugin?
01:13huhlig- dont think so
01:13huhlig- it would be nice if there was one
01:14huhlig- that was official
01:14Beirdo then you won't get much help here.
01:14huhlig- ahh
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06:35Geckofiend Chutt FWIW I've kept my main frontend up to date with CVS and haven't had any issues, though it's a pretty generic PVR250 machine using nvidia on std def
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10:06_rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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10:10thor__ Chutt, was busy again for a couple of days there ... anything easy loose ends you'd like me to look at before Wed/Thu. ?
10:10thor__ err, any easy
10:12_rkulagow_ well, i saw a few warning type fixes in commits earlier. not sure if he's still fixing little BS stuff like that.
10:12_rkulagow_ audiooutputarts.cpp: In member function `virtual int AudioOutputARTS::GetVolumeChannel(int)':
10:12_rkulagow_ audiooutputarts.cpp:99: warning: unused parameter `int channel'
10:12_rkulagow_ audiooutputarts.cpp: In member function `virtual void AudioOutputARTS::SetVolumeChannel(int, int)':
10:12_rkulagow_ audiooutputarts.cpp:104: warning: unused parameter `int channel'
10:12_rkulagow_ audiooutputarts.cpp:104: warning: unused parameter `int volume'
10:13thor__ ah, very good I'll have a look ... with any luck, I can get the new audio code to work only through one channel
10:13thor__ :-)
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10:23thor__ _rkulagow_, that only happen with native ARTS support on?
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10:26_rkulagow_ could be. let me check
10:27_rkulagow_ yep. OSS and ARTS is on, the rest are off.
10:28thor__ cool, thanks
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10:39Delemas I'm trying to understand Chutt's explaination of why strange focus issues occur w/ mythtv.
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10:40Delemas It was my understanding that playback of recorded shows was handled by mythtv and not by an external program. Is this incorrect?
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10:42thor__ yes (and wrong channel)
10:43bline hey thor
10:43thor__ hey
10:43bline how's your mfd coming along?
10:43thor__ slowly
10:44thor__ :-)
10:44bline heh
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10:44bline can't believe im doing cgi work in C right now
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10:45thor__ still moving though; got music visualization working across network
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12:59GeckoFiend_ chutt around?
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12:59Chutt yup
12:59Chutt conference call, though
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13:01GeckoFiend_ since the release is being delayed mind if I check in the proof of concept stuff for widescreen theming? I figure it'll help theme folks get used to the scale of things, plus allow me to have some folks play with the widescreen theme I'm dinking with without having to run CVS.
13:01Chutt sure
13:01GeckoFiend_ btw: more shots up at
13:01GeckoFiend_ Going for a very muted minimalist look
13:01Chutt cool.
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13:03GeckoFiend_ hrm shooting for thrusday for the release now right? Maybe if I bust my ass I can get the theme done enough for folks with widescreens to reap the benefits by then
13:04Chutt dunno
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13:20thor__ hmmm ... cvs mythmusic has got compile errors in metaiomp4.cpp
13:21Chutt yeah
13:21thor__ lemme poke at it
13:21Chutt should be simple
13:21thor__ hmmm ... logic of album artist ...
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13:53_rkulagow_ yay. got my air2pc card today
13:53Chutt mine's still sitting on my desk
13:54_rkulagow_ do i understand correctly that when i get the card i'll be able to capture unencrypted SDTV and unencrypted HDTV as well? (once i have the QAM stuff installed?)
13:55Chutt something like that
13:55_rkulagow_ and now someone is putting out a bounty on PVR USB2 code for mythtv.
13:55Chutt heh
13:58Beirdo hhehe
13:58Beirdo how much of a bounty?
14:00mikegrb $5
14:01laga isaac said it shouldn't be hard
14:03Beirdo Chutt: you don't want group info on freenode?
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14:14_rkulagow_ $75 to either buy a pvr for yourself, or you can have the one the guy has now. "[mythtv] WinTV PVRUSB2 support/reward?" on -dev
14:14_rkulagow_ hell, you can borrow mine.
14:14Beirdo Hmm
14:14* Beirdo considers how much spare time he doesn't have
14:14* mikegrb borrows _rkulagow_
14:15Beirdo I'll think about it
14:22thor__ rkulagow, anything that's QAM, which is mostly just HDTV
14:23thor__ at least on my cable
14:23_rkulagow_ thor: thanks
14:23thor__ (well, plus random PPV)
14:23Chutt beirdo, hmm?
14:24Beirdo -lilo/Wallops- Group contact request for mythtv will be cancelled at the request of lead developer
14:24Chutt hah
14:24Chutt i told them that o_cee could act as the contact
14:24Chutt apparently that's not good enough, though
14:25Beirdo guess not
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14:28Chutt o_cee can take it up with him later, i guess
14:29Beirdo you sure that they don't want to just verify with you over the phone? I think that's how they work
14:29Chutt that's what they want to do
14:29Chutt i said 'no'
14:29Chutt i don't want that idiot calling me
14:30Beirdo heh. Fair enough. :)
14:30Chutt and i said that o_cee could act as the 'official' contact for the project
14:31Beirdo Ah well, we can live without it anyways
14:31Chutt but, apparently this network's run on mistrust of its users
14:31Beirdo can you blame them? there are a lot of real assholes on IRC :)
14:32Chutt right, but how is having an irc user put in some info and a phone number any different?
14:32Beirdo Good point
14:32Chutt i don't see how that's any more secure than irc
14:32Beirdo I think they may have gotten your contact info from whois?
14:32Chutt right
14:32Chutt but again, how's that secure?
14:33Beirdo true. More secure than absolutely nothing
14:33Chutt if you guys want it set up, tell them that o_cee's the guy to talk to.
14:33Chutt and to stop annoying me
14:33Beirdo We'll see what we can do.
14:34Chutt he's got cvs access and all, i don't see why they need _my_ permission
14:36_rkulagow_ that's stupid. why do i need to be a list member to read the v4l archives?
14:36Chutt heh
14:36Chutt redhat's archives?
14:36_rkulagow_ yep
14:37Chutt i thought those were open..
14:37_rkulagow_ doesn't seem to be:
14:37_rkulagow_ " (The current archive is only available to the list members.)"
14:37Chutt ah
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14:57Chutt thor, ah, cool, you fixed the metadata editor crashing too
14:57Chutt thanks =)
14:58thor__ yup
14:58Chutt so, how's the vis over network work?
15:00thor__ whole lotta binary data over a socket
15:00thor__ :-)
15:00Chutt heh
15:01thor__ just finishing up letting the client control hoe much
15:01thor__ err, how
15:01Chutt it's in sync and stuff?
15:01thor__ it's just taking the PCM data, adding a minimal amount of info (essentially Content-Length), and pumping it out
15:02thor__ works fine on 100MBit
15:02thor__ haven't even thought about trying anything else
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15:11Chutt heh
15:11Chutt just did a quick interview with cnet
15:11Chutt answering the same questions over and over is annoying, though
15:11Chutt i should put it all on a page on the website
15:11Beirdo I'd imagine so
15:13jwhite don't worry, they won't read it anyways
15:13_rkulagow_ a radio station from cleveland want to interview me or isaac.
15:13Chutt yeah, i ignored them
15:14Chutt one of the local tv news stations, too
15:14Beirdo if you guys do do a radio interview, I wanna listen to it :)
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15:14Chutt i turned down another radio interview, since they wanted the story to be like the NYTs
15:15Beirdo yeah
15:16Beirdo nothing like some more bad press.
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15:46Dibblah Any feelings on exporting mythtv-setup?
15:46Chutt i don't care either way
15:48Dibblah Patch against current CVS in -dev.
15:48Chutt right
15:48Chutt i'll probably apply it
15:48Dibblah It's probably wrong - But you knew that by now ;)
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16:00o_cee anyone actually using 2,0 time stretch speed in the osd menu? i like 1,2 - 1,3, thinking about changing the menu a little to imo more usable stuff
16:00o_cee alternatives
16:01Chutt i use the menu, then adjust it, generally
16:01Chutt it'd make sense to have more slower fast speeds, though, and not 2.0
16:01o_cee yeah, me too, but we might as well add some more useable alternatives i think
16:01laga the timestretch feature is fun ;)
16:01Anduin o_cee - I've yet to find anything useful at 2.0
16:01o_cee 1,3 is ok i think
16:01* Dibblah will get round to cusomisable sticky ffwd speeds...
16:01o_cee and 1,2
16:01Dibblah Sometime.
16:01Chutt 1.1
16:01Anduin o_cee - 1.4 sounds normal to me for most things now
16:02o_cee yeah, i think 1,1-1,4 should be in the menu
16:02Chutt ok, and trash 2.0?
16:02Chutt feel free to check that in
16:02Anduin o_cee - though with the new patches 1.5 doesn't sound too bad
16:02o_cee yeah, don't see the need for that
16:02o_cee okay, 1,1-1,5 then ;)
16:02Chutt what about slower?
16:02o_cee who uses <1,0 speeds anyway?
16:02Chutt i dunno
16:02laga 0.5 doesn't sound well, the audio is a bit stuttering. but i'm running cvs from a few days ago, so this might be fixed...
16:03Chutt might as well keep a couple, though
16:03Anduin o_cee - I think you need to keep that in.
16:03o_cee lets see how many there are
16:03Chutt crazy europeans and their , instead of .
16:03o_cee hehe sorry :P
16:03Beirdo heh
16:03Chutt haha, no worries :p
16:03Beirdo once again, North America is the oddball :)
16:04Beirdo but we like being oddballs
16:04--- ---> gr8nash-homeo [] has joined #mythtv
16:05Chutt sweet!
16:05Chutt my 5:30 conference call just got cancelled
16:05o_cee 0,5 and 0,9, guess i could remove 0,5
16:05o_cee :)
16:05Chutt if it doesn't sound right, kill it
16:05Anduin o_cee - you are breaking the learning machine
16:05Chutt but, maybe add a 0.7 or so
16:05Dibblah o_cee: I wouldn't kill 0.5 unless it's unusable - Foreign language learners.
16:06Anduin It isn't unusable at all.
16:06Dibblah Toast it, then :)
16:06Anduin No, it sounds fine for me.
16:07o_cee doesn't sound very good here, 0,7 seems better. you can always adjust it
16:07--- ---> euphobot [[] has joined #mythtv
16:07o_cee i'll fix it a little later tonight
16:08--- <<-- gr8nash-home [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:08Chutt eh, keep 0.5, then
16:11o_cee on the comm-skip osd submenu, what alternatives are there in english?
16:13o_cee here it says first: "Autoskip OFF" then "Autoskip ON"
16:13o_cee doesn't look right to me
16:14Chutt ask c_m
16:14Anduin o_cee - AS Notify, AS Pre-Notify, AS ON
16:14o_cee Anduin, change the one on top
16:14o_cee to AS off... heh
16:15Anduin o_cee - yeah, that is weird
16:15o_cee will talk to chris about it later, time for some tv..
16:16Anduin o_cee - hmm, disconcerting at first (I never use it) but it makes sense after playing.
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17:13dopester GeckoFiend_: there?
17:16_rkulagow_ OT: anyone know if there's an IRC channel for xawtv / bytesex / v4l?
17:17_rkulagow_ dopester: got my air2pc card today.
17:44dopester cool.. since we have a few days im going to be able to write up some howto stuff for setting it up
17:44dopester i figure its OK to only cover once you have the card azaping around since Angel Li's howto seems to cover that well enouh
17:45dopester if figure anything that will avoid more dumb -users questions is a good idea :)
17:46beavis the frontend's stupid, I've compiled without LCD support and it complains Could not connect to LCDd: connection refused
17:53Dibblah You have not compiled without LCD support.
17:53Dibblah The option to disable does not exist any more, in any meaningful sense.
17:55--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:12--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:12gfiend dopester here now
18:13--- User: *** gfiend is now known as Geckofiend
18:14dopester you see what i added to the wiki for dvb?
18:17Geckofiend nope not yet, thanks for doing that though
18:17dopester np.. i dont think its a complete list so i may add more to it.. i still need to probbably make some distinction between the pchdtv and "everything else"
18:20Geckofiend it's a lot better than it was that's for sure
18:20dopester yeah i couldnt get to my website from work so i was just going from memory but its been WAY too long
18:20Levia how about adding a "days" option to the mythfilldatabase ? some grabbers (tv_grab_no f.ex) can't grab more than 7 days
18:21o_cee Levia, uhm, that's controlled in the source
18:21o_cee Levia, on a per grabber basis
18:22o_cee 0.5, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5.. that ok for speeds for everyone?
18:22o_cee i'd say 0.5 -> 0.7, but
18:22Levia o_cee: how? i have set up myth to use tv_grab_no but it still tries to grab more than 7 days
18:23Levia (using CVS from about a week ago)
18:23laga o_cee: sounds good
18:23o_cee Levia, then no-one has come forward saying how many days needs fetching for _no, checking source now
18:24o_cee Levia, it's on maxday 14. what does it need to be set to?
18:24Levia 7. i'm the maintainer :)
18:24Levia my source doesn't deliver more
18:24o_cee Levia, great, changing it right away
18:24o_cee Levia, pm me please
18:32--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
18:35--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:37o_cee 2005-02-08 00:35:31.038 Changing time stretch to 0.5
18:37o_cee 2005-02-08 00:35:31.652 Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!
18:37o_cee anyone else seing t
18:37o_cee that?
18:37o_cee also, that "Changing time stretch.." message should be removed from the standard output i think
18:40o_cee 0.55 is ok, but as soon as i hit 0.5..
18:44Anduin o_cee - didn't see it here
18:46o_cee ok
18:48--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:01--- <--- f1shhead [] has left #mythtv ()
19:15o_cee would anyone mind if i changed this to VB_AUDIO?
19:15o_cee libs/libmyth/audiooutputbase.cpp: VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, QString("Changing time stretch to %1")
19:20--- ---> ShockValue [] has joined #mythtv
19:22--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:25--- <<-- digitalb0y [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:34* Geckofiend begins to hate the program finder
19:38dopester its always super slow for me
19:38Geckofiend It works ok here, I just hate themeing the damn thing. It's the worst screen to do I think
19:40dopester can you completely change the layout with themes? ive never really looked into em
19:40dopester mythmusic really agriavtes me not being able to just have the tags and the art up without all the other things on the screen
19:40dopester i jsut dont know how to fix it (yet)
19:42--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
19:43Geckofiend yeah you can eliminate a lot fo that stuff. Though it depends on how it was coded, as long as they bother to check that an item is there before attempting to use it you're ok
19:43dopester ahh ok
19:43dopester might have to do that one of these days
19:53--- <<-- hadeees [] has quit (Connection timed out)
19:56Anduin o_cee - why not VB_PLAYBACK (though seeing the last post from Chutt, maybe it is right to avoid putting stuff there)
20:01--- <<-- bline [] has quit ("leaving")
20:01--- ---> bline [] has joined #mythtv
20:04--- ---> jeffpc_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:07--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
20:22Geckofiend finally done with that thing:
20:25dopester oooo.. 720p
20:27Geckofiend dopester heh yep, now that I'm in HDTV land I want things to look better when people come over.
20:27dopester i will be soon
20:27dopester whats all this crap with mythgame and command line options
20:27dopester looks like you can put everything in a .xmamerc and just tell it the rom to load
20:28Geckofiend well yeah, you can. I never understood the need to put all that stuff into code myself, except for the special case roms, and they'd be best served by a simple "custom command line" setting
20:29dopester yeah i might have to fix that soon :)
20:31Geckofiend there's a guy at work who built a windows based frontend for emulators... Pretty sweet actually,, I tried to get him interested in taking on MythGame but he's such a Microsfot fanboy it's not even funny
20:31dopester well if i need a break from dvb/atsc i might fix it up
20:31dopester it can't be that hard
20:31dopester its just a frontend
20:32Geckofiend heh wait till you look at the code. some of it is fugly
20:32dopester nothing a re-write won't fix
20:43dopester good lord you weren't kidding
20:54--- ---> jasonb_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:56cmorgan Geckofiend: i think a lot of people that develop windows apps for a living don't realize the magnitude of oss out there
20:59--- ---> wseltzer [] has joined #mythtv
20:59* Geckofiend develops windows apps for a living
20:59* dopester writes rotten asp crap for work
21:00* wseltzer defends technologists' rights in court
21:01dopester hello wendy :)
21:01wseltzer hi dopester!
21:01--- <<-- gr8nash-home [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:02Geckofiend heya wendy
21:02dopester hows your air2pc working?
21:02wseltzer hi Gecko
21:02wseltzer air2pc's working well.
21:02wseltzer Wish I had someplace to test the QAM support
21:02wseltzer that sounds like a great development
21:02dopester works here :)
21:02Geckofiend mail it to me I'll test it for ya!
21:03dopester well you'll save me if cablelabs comes up with some crazy lawsuit right? :)
21:03wseltzer I can't promise, but I'd try
21:04dopester well if it got too bad id just hide in canada or something :)
21:04wseltzer they have no First Amendment, but no broadcast flag either
21:05Geckofiend any word on the whole "FCC overstepped it's authority" thing?
21:05wseltzer Arguments will be heard in the D.C. Circuit Feb. 22.
21:05dopester we barely have a first ammendment anyway :)
21:05Geckofiend hmmm wonder if it'll be on court TV?
21:06wseltzer sad but true :(
21:06wseltzer (not the Court TV part)
21:06dopester ya still owe be a beer whenever im out there next :)
21:07--- <<-- jasonb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:07--- User: *** jasonb_ is now known as jasonb
21:12wseltzer wacky question of the day: does anyone know if I can override the "English" text in just a few places?
21:19jasonb wseltzer: You want to change Tomcat's messages? Which ones?
21:19Geckofiend depends on where it is
21:19jasonb oops... wrong channel . heh!
21:20wseltzer I've re-mapped some of the ID3 tags and wanted to tell mythmusic that "title" is "performers"
21:25Geckofiend thor might be able to help there but I imagine you'd have to patch MythMusic
21:26dopester wonder if you could make up a new language that only translates those strings? (im just talkin out my ass so i could be completely off base)
21:27Geckofiend you could, but that'd be almost as much hassle as just doing a find/replace and recompile I think.
21:29--- ---> HRearden [] has joined #mythtv
21:29wseltzer dopester - that's why I was wondering if a new "translation" could override just a few strings
21:30wseltzer I suppose I'll ask on-list and see if anyone has done anything similar
21:31Geckofiend hmmm wonder if I could implement a "jive" translation?
21:32wseltzer pig latin, anyone?
21:32dopester someone did an aussie one as a jooke didn't they?
21:35rkulagow_ dopester: i'm about to compile 2.6.10 + dvb stuff from where's the secret sauce for QAM?
21:35dopester you MIGHT need to use 2.6.11 since dvb-kernel cvs follows current kernel..
21:36--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:36rkulagow_ ok, i'll take a look.
21:36dopester just apply the nxt2002 patch for qam
21:36dopester oh wait
21:36dopester duh
21:36dopester the qam stuff is in dvb-kernel cvs
21:36rkulagow_ even more better.
21:37dopester myth cvs has "east atsc scan"
21:37dopester grr easy
21:38dopester i cant even type anymore
21:38rkulagow_ 2.6.11-rc3 is latest 2.6.11...
21:38rkulagow_ use that for linux-dvb?
21:38dopester yeah
21:38rkulagow_ ok
21:39dopester its hard to tell what really works since ive helped so many people in -users and im not sure how many of them are inept
21:40--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
21:41--- ---> gr8nash-home [] has joined #mythtv
21:44--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
21:44xris anyone know what this means? ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/include/qvaluelist.h (372)
21:44xris it prints tothe screen right before mythfrontend segfaults when I try to watch livetv on my pvr-150
21:45xris I can record and play back just fine with it, but not livetv.
21:45dopester sounds like a -users issue to me :)
21:45xris dopester: it's something not right in the code.
21:46xris only happens with my pvr-150.
21:46dopester im just giving ya hard time..
21:46xris ah. then :P
21:46xris I'm just weirded out that it's the frontend crashing, not the backend.
21:47xris oh, and the little mini-preview plays fine.
21:47xris oh, wait, that's irrelevant. recordings play fine.
21:49Chutt heh
21:49Chutt xris, i really don't know :(
21:49xris are there instructions somewhere for how to do a backtrace?
21:49Chutt yeah, troubleshooting section in the docs
21:49xris ok
21:50xris first have to figure out why mythweb isn't scheduling manual recordings properly.
21:50--- <<-- linuxwhore [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
21:51xris hmm, and it seems that with my new slave backend, I can now actually see the no-preview bug in mythweb.
21:51Chutt heh
21:52xris not that I can do anything about it.
21:53xris the can't-manual-schedule thing is more annoying.
21:53xris but I just sent a note to david and bruce for more info there.
21:53xris so how long before the actual release of .17?
21:57Chutt still thinking wednesday/thursday night
21:57xris ok, off to compile (I hope) with debug enabled.
21:57HRearden xris, do you ever get feedback that the no-preview bug was related to not echoing the QUERY_FILETRANSFER?
21:57xris HRearden: no clue. I haven't thought about it in ages.
21:58HRearden I still don't use the "recorded programs" tab because of it...
21:58xris but I just realized that in my case it was merely that the backend was down and the master didn't realize that it was sharing filespace.
21:58HRearden Do you have a single NFS share for both?
21:59xris yeah.
21:59xris slave backend is just to test my 150 before I put it in my main box
21:59HRearden Oh -- then you still won't see the problem that I was having.
21:59xris yeah, I just realized that.
21:59xris anyway, what's up with the query_filetransfer thing?
21:59HRearden Does anyone who is on right now know if there ever was an intent to echo the QUERY_FILETRANSFER to the correct slave backend, like is done with QUERY_GENPIXMAP?
22:00Chutt shouldn't have to echo it
22:00HRearden So, are you saying that it should just be directed to the correct backend?
22:00--- ---> paulc36 [] has joined #mythtv
22:00Chutt no
22:00Chutt the path the master gives for the file should be correct - ie, it should be the slave
22:01HRearden Right, but if the master and slave don't share a filesystem, then the path won't work for all files.
22:01paulc36 I see on mailing list archives that MythTV now has support for firewire capture from some of the HD cable boxes. Is this correct? [I use MythTV with pvr-350..very happy, but considering a complete upgrade to HD sometime in ...
22:01paulc36 the next few months]
22:02xris paulc36: #mythtv-users
22:02paulc36 ok..thx
22:02Chutt HRearden, that shouldn't matter.
22:02--- <--- paulc36 [] has left #mythtv ()
22:02Chutt the path the master gives should reference the slave in that case.
22:03HRearden Mythweb just doesn't deal with that case, then, I guess.
22:03xris I'd be happy to make it do so, but have no idea how
22:03Chutt shouldn't be any different than the master alone
22:04Chutt well, assuming the master was on a different box than the mythweb instance
22:04HRearden The path I started down was opening up a separate connection to the slave and then doing a specific QUERY_FILETRANSFER with the slave as the target.
22:04Chutt that's what you're supposed to do
22:04Chutt because that's what the path to the video file returned from the backend indicates
22:05HRearden OK. That's what I thought originally. I just must have screwed up in my attempts to make mythweb talk to more than one backend.
22:05xris ahh.
22:05xris that almost makes sense to me now
22:06Chutt like, when you do a query get recording
22:06Chutt or whatnot
22:06Chutt you get filenames like myth://masterip/blah.nuv
22:06Chutt and if it's on the slave, and the master can't access the file over nfs or whatnot, you'd get myth://slaveip/blah.nuv
22:07Chutt and if you'd talk to the slave for anything regarding that file
22:07HRearden In my attempt, I was parsing out that slave IP and opening another connection. Looks like I was on the right track...
22:07Chutt yup, sounds like it
22:08* xris is still trying to figure out where that info comes into mythweb
22:08Chutt result of a QUERY_RECORDINGS
22:08Chutt unless you bypass that and hit up the db manually?
22:08xris still trying to figure that out.
22:08xris all of this code is before my time.
22:09Chutt heh
22:09HRearden No, it was in that result set as I recall. Trying to re-locate my hacked up version.
22:09Beirdo nothing like taking over some legacy code
22:09Chutt heh
22:09xris hmm, I only see fileurl coming in as /path/to/nuv
22:09Chutt back in a few
22:10Chutt that's because it's a local path
22:10xris yeah
22:10xris guess I need to make my local backend go to a different path
22:10Chutt the backend attempts to be smart about things
22:10Chutt make things easy for the frontend it's talking to
22:13xris aha. there we go
22:14HRearden OK. Found some of the code. In generate_preview_pixmap I parsed fileurl to see if it started with myth://
22:14xris HRearden: yeah, and I have a sample now.
22:14xris moved my slave backend's video path
22:15xris I think it'll require caching the file pointer used to communicate with the backend
22:16HRearden I ended up creating a new "backend_commandxtra" to allow multiple backend connections to be in play simultaneously. I'm not sure what backend_command2 was for, but I tried to leverage it as well.
22:16HRearden So you didn't write that piece?
22:16--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
22:18--- <<-- jasonb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:18xris HRearden: no, I think that Thor did
22:18xris long before I took over.
22:18xris I think I can come up with something relatively simple to resolve this.
22:19HRearden Great. Anything I can do let me know. More than willing to test whatever you come up with.
22:20xris Chutt: is there a command to pull a slave's port based on its IP?
22:20--- <<-- wseltzer [] has quit ("later")
22:20xris HRearden: I'll let you know in a half hour or so
22:21HRearden Great. I never thought about it being on a non-default myth port... Ugh.
22:21Chutt xris, the port should be in the myth:// address
22:21Chutt it'll always be there, in fact
22:21xris Chutt: for the files, yes. trying to make something generic.
22:22Chutt you should be able to grab it from the settings table
22:22xris so I don't necessarily have to pass the port to the "backend command" function;
22:22Chutt you need the hostname, but not the ip
22:22Chutt i'd just pass in the port if you have it :p
22:23xris ah. that's a problem, since at least in my case the myth:// has an ip in it
22:23xris and the db has the hostname
22:23Beirdo sounds like xris has some more work ahead of him :)
22:24xris this looks fairly easy now that I know what I'm looking for.
22:24xris will just do the pass-everything-in for now.
22:25HRearden you can do a lookup in settings on BackendServerIP to get the hostname. Then lookup the BackendServerPort associated with that host in settings.
22:30xris well, the only problem I see with this now is that my mythbox is in my dmz and can't talk to my "slave"
22:32Beirdo heh
22:32xris odd.
22:32xris it's trying the wrong IP
22:33xris lol, my bad
22:35--- ---> merf [] has joined #mythtv
22:35--- ---> nfsv4 [] has joined #mythtv
22:35--- <--- merf [] has left #mythtv ()
22:37xris w00t. I found out how to kill mythbackend
22:39Beirdo uh oh, you found a bug? :)
22:39xris dunno. for awhile, I was requesting the file from the master backend instead of the slave. file wasn't really there, and the master backend was dying
22:39xris now I just get an empty file.
22:40--- <<-- nfsv4 [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:41--- ---> linuxwhore [] has joined #mythtv
22:42xris and a REALLY slow page load
22:43--- <<-- linuxwhore [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:43--- ---> linuxwhore [] has joined #mythtv
22:45--- ---> merf [] has joined #mythtv
22:45merf does anyone mind if i ask a database question in here?
22:45xris merf: you're not likely to get it answered.
22:46merf xris: i figured as much
22:46* merf wades mailing lists
22:48HRearden I can't even count the number of times I killed mythbackend in my last attempt at this...
22:50--- <--- merf [] has left #mythtv ()
22:50xris well, I have it working now, except that nothing is getting returned from the slave backend
22:53xris ok, so in the "ANN FileTransfer" -- should I pass the full myth:// stuff, or just the name of the nuv file?
22:53xris I'm getting myth://
22:54xris which is clearly not the full path to the file
22:55Chutt you can send back the full thing, or just the filename
22:55Beirdo what, you don't store your files in /? :)
22:55Chutt it'll generate the full path internally
22:56xris ok
22:56HRearden If I recall, I thought that the code only really worked if you passed just the filename, not the full URL.
22:57Chutt i'm pretty sure it'll work with both, but..
22:57xris and the ANN FileTransfer should also request the .png?
22:57Chutt well, if you want the png, tack .png on the end :p
22:57xris gotcha
22:57xris I get it
22:57xris annoying. each fail takes like 30 seconds to load the page as things time out
22:58Chutt heh
23:00Chutt also, if you can write little snippets of php or whatnot that crash the backend, please do so..
23:00Chutt i'd like to get those fixed
23:00xris I think I was just querying the backend for a file that it didn't have
23:01xris so file exists on slave, ask master for slave's file, master crashes.
23:01Chutt ok
23:02xris but I may have been requesting something incorrectly, too.
23:02xris man, no clue what I'm doing now in here.
23:03xris damn, still getting an empty file
23:03HRearden xris, you are right -- that scenario does crash the backend -- that was the root cause of the original bug.
23:04xris HRearden: w00t. I found a bug!
23:04Chutt i'll get that fixed sometime
23:04xris s/bug/reproduceable bug/
23:04xris well, I think I have things set so I expect them to work, but I'm not seeing any results. just an empty file
23:05HRearden I'm willing to take a look at your fix, if you'd like.
23:05xris HRearden: you running latest cvs?
23:05HRearden yes.
23:06xris it has a bunch of debug code in it
23:06xris and the page takes like 30 secs to load as file pointers time out
23:07HRearden Is that the only file that needs to be replaced?
23:07xris should be
23:09xris wait, I'm doing a bunch of wrong stuff in here.
23:09--- ---> _hamsta [] has joined #mythtv
23:13--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
23:13--- User: *** _hamsta is now known as Hamstaman
23:15HRearden xris, by the way, in testing this new version I am getting the occasional IE error: Line 213, is null or not an object.
23:15* Captain_Murd thinks those idiots on -users talking about how they are "stealing" (my word) cable aren't helping with things like the recent NYT article.
23:15xris HRearden: odd. I've seen that sometimes when a page isn't fully loaded
23:15xris since all of those popups things display hidden at the end of the page
23:16HRearden Doesn't seem to be the problem.
23:17xris ooh, no more slow load. just a NULL image.
23:19xris HRearden: odd
23:19xris slow load again. ick
23:21HRearden OK. I'll bite -- my PHP skills aren't that great. What the heck does that preg_match line do?
23:21wswanson xris; a bug found in latest mythweb:CVS. from video.php, movie titles are cutting the first few chars of the linked file in video_url. so video_url/movie.mpg is video_url/ie.mpg
23:22wswanson I can take a look at it and fix -- but maybe related to other work you are doing -- let me know
23:22xris wswanson: weird. no, I'm not touching it.
23:22xris HRearden: which preg_match line?
23:22wswanson ok, will send a patch on in a few
23:22HRearden nevermind... I looked it up.
23:22xris preg_match is just perl regex match
23:23HRearden got it.
23:23xris ok, I have it such that the slave will generate the pixmap
23:24xris now I just need to know how to get that data TO me. heh.
23:24dopester _rkulagow_: get it working yet?
23:25xris wait, crap, I think I got it.
23:25xris no. damn
23:33xris looks like gen_pixmap is broken for me now
23:35xris yeah. slave isn't generating a pixmap
23:35HRearden Hmm. That one always worked for me. I always sent the gen_pixmap to the master
23:35HRearden It does echo that appropriately to the slaves and they do the right thing.
23:35HRearden It looks like you are sending directly to the slave now, right?
23:36xris I thought that's what I was supposed to do
23:36HRearden Try sending the genpixmap to master and ann_filetransfer to the slaves.
23:36xris ok, genpixmap is back
23:37xris now to figure out how to do the query_filetransfer bit
23:40xris it even gets the correct size of the file to read
23:42rkulagow_ dopester: no joy for me:
23:42rkulagow_ drivers/media/video/saa7134/saa7134-dvb.c: In function `dvb_init':
23:42rkulagow_ drivers/media/video/saa7134/saa7134-dvb.c:56: error: too few arguments to function `videobuf_dvb_register'
23:43dopester kill all the saa related stuff in the kernel
23:43dopester thats what was broken in 2.6.9
23:43dopester av7110 cards i think uses that
23:43dopester all you need is skystar2 and the nxt2002 frontend under dvb
23:43rkulagow_ you mean back to menuconfig and get rid of the rest?
23:43dopester get rid of the rest if your getting crap like that
23:43rkulagow_ ok, got it.
23:43--- <<-- gr8nash-home [] has quit ()
23:43dopester yep :)
23:45xris hmm, backend is showing "unknown socket" errors
23:45HRearden I get those occasionally even when not running mythweb. For instance, a mythbackend --printsched will generate that sometimes.
23:46rkulagow_ ok, restarting the compile...
23:47rkulagow_ that page that angel li has doesn't state "de-select everything except what you need..."
23:47dopester when he did it dvb-kernel was working
23:47rkulagow_ ah
23:47dopester im not sure who to blame.. the dvb devs or the linux kernel guys
23:48dopester i THINK v4l is a moving target
23:48rkulagow_ i blame it on rio
23:48dopester but sometimes its been the kernel as wel
23:54xris so QUERY_FILETRANSFER just isn't working for me
23:56HRearden Did you make sure that you did ANN FileTransfer and then QUERY_FILETRANSFER to the same host -- both should go to the slave.
23:56xris pretty sure
23:56xris yeah
23:57xris query returns ''
23:57--- ---> gr8nash-home [] has joined #mythtv
23:59--- ---> seberino_ [] has joined #mythtv
---Logclosed Tue Feb 08 00:00:02 2005