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01:17monofilez hi
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03:34o_cee btw, i'm accepting donations for a hdtv projector, so that i can make a ws-hd version of gant :D
03:35o_cee thinking about the panasonic pt-ae700
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03:49o_cee Captain_Murdoch, menu looks good :) still don't like the notification you get (generally) after changing stuff (comm flag and timestretch).. or maybe that's just the titivil osd theme.. but if i had it paused, it changed the pause windows and then removed it.. should have som other container for confirming changes
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07:18Geckofiend hrm does the MythMusic ratings image show up for anyone else?
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07:25Geckofiend nm didn't turn it on in the settings. Thought it was some osrt of problem with my themes.
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07:56Torq I quite fancy the idea of running mythtv on solaris...
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09:14Geckofiend chutt: Tracking down a redraw bug in the video manager... It's not properly redrawing sections of the screen until the entire window has been invalidated...
09:14Geckofiend Looks like it might be something I missed with the widscreen stuff
09:18Geckofiend I think I found it. The VideoManager stores a FullRect that it calculates itself instead of using the functions to do it
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09:31Geckofiend that was it... Time to grep the rest of the tree for the same bug
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09:44dopester o_cee: I am also taking donations so I can watch the card I wrote drivers and myth support for, but I have yet to get a cent :)
09:45o_cee heh
09:45o_cee dang
09:45o_cee doesn't look good then
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10:09dopester yep :)
10:09dopester we need to setup a donate here to the devs list with each of our names and what we have contributed :)
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10:28GreyFoxx You don't actually have an air2pc ? :)
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10:42_rkulagow_ hrmm. would the new way of doing deletes be causing the issue i'm seeing with mythweb? when i delete in mythweb, the screen gets repainted, but the program that i deleted is still there. if i wait a few seconds and then click on "recorded programs" again it finally disappears.
10:48Beirdo That would be my first guess
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11:55Captain_Murdo| it's possible if mythweb is doing it's own query. if it's using the QUERY_RECORDINGS backend command then it shouldn't see the items being deleted.
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11:58Beirdo I think the latest version uses QUERY_RECORDINGS
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12:09Captain_Murdo| not sure then. The SQL query in MainServer::HandleQueryRecordings only looks for rows where deletepending = 0 so it should never list the names of programs being deleted.
12:10_rkulagow_ you guys talking about me, or something else?
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12:13Beirdo about your issue, _rkulagow_ :)
12:13_rkulagow_ well, in that case, i approve. :)
12:13o_cee Captain_Murdoch, menu looks good :) still don't like the notification you get (generally) after changing stuff (comm flag and timestretch).. or maybe that's just the titivil osd theme.. but if i had it paused, it changed the pause windows and then removed it.. should have som other container for confirming changes
12:14_rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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12:24Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, saw that in the scrollback before I left home this morning but forgot to reply later. there's a minor bug in the checkbox group code but that doesn't affect the way it's being used now. I have a 1-line fix, just need to test it.
12:25Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow_: did it reload the screen when you clicked the delete link? and when it reloaded the recording was still there? then you reloaded again a few seconds later and it was gone?
12:26_rkulagow_ captain murdoch: yep.
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12:30Captain_Murdo| not sure what's going on then. the deletepending flag is set before the response to the delete request is sent back to the client, so as long as the client waits to requery the recordings list until after they get the delete response back, then they shouldn't see the deleted program in the new list they receive.
12:33Torq is 0.17 coming out tonight?
12:34beavis waitwait, there are a few new strings to translate again ;)
12:34Torq is commit list going crazy? i unsubscribed as it was too much
12:35Beirdo huh?
12:35Dibblah Torq: Fine for me.
12:35Beirdo there's nothing wrong with that list that I've seen
12:35Torq I mean getting too many emails
12:35Dibblah Apart from it being almost realtime :)
12:35Beirdo so switch to digest mode
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12:40Torq erk, multi-cpu support for ffmpeg
12:48Geckofiend Decision time... what the hell do I call the new widescreen theme? I'm thinking of "Minimalist" it's about 90% done now:
12:49* Geckofiend took a day off work to get it done before .17
12:49GreyFoxx heh
12:50Beirdo nice
12:51Beirdo too bad I don't have something widescreen to use it on :)
12:51GreyFoxx Can't wait to ge tmy projector and test it out :)
12:52Captain_Murdo| The font color used on the CD titles on the #10 image looks a little hard to read on some screens, or is it just me..
12:53Geckofiend it's a lot smaller than my other themes, I've elininated a lot of gfx and reused stuff all over the place
12:53Captain_Murdo| otherwise, looks great. makes me want to run my dev box in a widescreen window when testing. :)
12:53Geckofiend Captain_Murdoch_ yeah, the font colors haven't been touched. those are the titivillus colors
12:53Captain_Murdo| ah, ok.
12:54Geckofiend I even made the video window in the EPG widescreen, though I'm not sure I have the right aspect ratio right now
12:55Geckofiend oddly enough, my widescreen is my monitor and the MBE it's connected to only does std def ATM
12:55Chutt yea, looks nice
12:59Geckofiend Chutt: release tonight or tomorrow night?
12:59Chutt tomorrow
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13:01Captain_Murdo| yeah, my laptop is widescreen but neither my TV or projector are.
13:02Captain_Murdo| or none of my monitors.
13:02o_cee i'm thinking about getting either a projector or a plasma.. hmm, decisions
13:03GreyFoxx I'm chomping at the bit to get my projector. The room is 95% done, just waiting on my last bit of tax info from my work to submit my taxes :)
13:03o_cee not sure if it's a good idea to _only_ have a projector considering the lamp-costs
13:04GreyFoxx I've got afew TV's throughout my house, the projector is my present to myself :)
13:04GreyFoxx a little something for me :)
13:04Captain_Murdo| yeah, in my case it will be mainly for movies and in a different room than our main TV viewing.
13:05GreyFoxx In exchange for a hassle free purchase of the projector I had to agree to buy my GF the new couch she wants which I wanted anyway heh
13:05o_cee :)
13:08Chutt i want my new couch :(
13:08Chutt stupid furniture store is taking 3 months
13:08GreyFoxx Wow, special custom order ?
13:08Chutt yeah
13:08Chutt and ordered just before the holidays and all
13:09GreyFoxx My father makes furniture and wood stuff, so much custom stuff either I make in his shop or he does. But the couch we want we found at sears heh
13:09GreyFoxx 3 months seems a little excessive though
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13:12Chutt well, couch, 2 chairs, ottoman
13:12Geckofiend I have to go get a new couch and chair. cat destroyed them both (leather).
13:13* Geckofiend no longer has a cat
13:13GreyFoxx doh
13:13GreyFoxx our's ignore the furniture thankfully
13:14Geckofiend I LOVED that couch. First couch I've ever been more than indifferent about. Of course it's not made anymore
13:14Geckofiend leather like butter
13:14Torq what did you do with the cat?
13:15kvandivo_ i intentionally walk by leather furniture _because_ i've got cats
13:15Geckofiend chinese resturant
13:15Torq you took your cat to a chinese restaurant? thats a novel method of cat disposal.
13:15Geckofiend she's now living on a farm actually
13:16Geckofiend time to hack up Mythweather to not download the animated maps or I'll never get this theme done. stupid dialup
13:17kvandivo_ while you are in there, reverse the order that it goes through the screens. current->radar->tomorrow->longTerm makes a lot more sense than current->longTerm->tomorrow->radar
13:18Geckofiend kvandivo_ heh I'm not making any changes that'll be checked in... though looking at the code, I can see it's due for some cleanup post .17 so I can do it then
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13:30GreyFoxx Cyber: Me too
13:30GreyFoxx oops
13:30_rkulagow_ chutt: what's the story on mythtv locking up a computer if it's run as root? the howto right now categorically says mythtv can't lock up your machine since it's a user-level task. there have been complaints in the mailing list though.
13:31Chutt realtime priority changes that
13:31Torq kugalow: it could potentially lock the computer up if theres a problem with realtime priority
13:32Chutt but that's the only way it could
13:33Beirdo other than very bad drivers that take down the kernel, I'd suppose, but that's hardly myth's fault
13:34_rkulagow_ ok, i'll update that portion of the text then. are we still discouraging running as root? what's the "problem" that realtime may cause that leads to a lockup?
13:34_rkulagow_ beirdo: i already mention that bad drivers could make it happen.
13:34Beirdo yeah, you have that one covered :)
13:35Chutt if something goes wrong and that realtime thread starts wanting a lot of cpu, you won't have any way to kill it
13:35_rkulagow_ ok
13:36Beirdo and if it happens to deadlock or something, that would be horriffic too
13:40Torq its just a deficiency of linux
13:40Chutt no, it's a deficiency of any os that offers real time caps
13:41Torq solaris has real time, but it wont bring the box down, it will kill it off if kernel threads have problems
13:43Dibblah So what you're saying is Solaris doesn't have realtime, then.
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13:43Dibblah do realtime, I mean.
13:43Torq yes it does
13:43Dibblah Riiight.
13:45Torq man rt_dptbl on any recent solaris box
13:48Dibblah So how, exactly, does the kernel "magically" decide what is a runaway thread and what is just in a tight polling loop?
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13:53Torq if you have more than one processor, you can run one processor real time pri and the others normal pri
13:55Torq I see linux now has preemptive kernel as of 2.6.9 etc so it is getting there.
13:55Dibblah ... Which you can do with Linux.
13:55Dibblah Anyhow. This is not -dev material. Sorry to have continued it.
13:56Torq how the heck are you going to do realtime priority properly without preemptive kernel
13:56o_cee Chutt, php-nuke got rss feeds? activate that and make it the default mythnews feed ;)
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14:27o_cee Geckofiend, don't you need tr()'s there? in mythweather? pita to add strings this close to the rel, but since you already did
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14:32Geckofiend that things hasn't ever been translated before but you're right it should have trs
14:33Geckofiend I'll fix is since the second message is wrong anyway
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14:56stoffel any news about 0.17?
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15:00Anduin Chutt said tomorrow earlier
15:01stoffel ok
15:02stoffel anyone else having problems with view-cvs? it always says 'No change'when viewing diffs' between the most recent two versions
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15:03stoffel ah, seems only to happen for one-line changes. i saw it for programs/mythfrontend/mainmenu.xml
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15:05o_cee Geckofiend, yeah i saw they wheren't translated, so do wichever you want, might as well wait two days ;)
15:06Anduin it is already checked in
15:06o_cee yeah just noticed ;)
15:07kvandivo anyone else noticed commercial flagging with an error of 254? started happening in the last 2 or 3 days.. running cvs from yesterday afternoon.. updating to current as we speak
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15:18Captain_Murdo| kvandivo: look at the backend logs, mythcommflag probably can't be found or something
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15:19Captain_Murdo| actually, that might be that it can't open the file.
15:20Captain_Murdo| should print something in the backend logs either way.
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15:25kvandivo it's actually giving 2005-02-08 21:00:14.982 NVP: Couldn't find a matching decoder for: /mnt/store/nuv//1037_20050208195900_20050208210000.nuv
15:25kvandivo but it's a heisenbug.. other stuff flagged fine
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15:32Captain_Murdo| can you play the file using "mythtv /mnt/store/nuv//1037_20050208195900_20050208210000.nuv"
15:32Captain_Murdo| guess it's hosed if not.
15:33Beirdo _rkulagow_ are you around?
15:33Captain_Murdo| I should put back in a special case to check for the 254 result rather than just printing the number. 254 is returned in NVP::FlagCommercials when it can't open the file or it can't init the video (which shouldn't be an issue with the null driver/output)
15:34kvandivo hmm.. the file doesn't appear to be the right size..
15:34_rkulagow_ beirdo: yes
15:35Beirdo OK, I was just wondering if the current docs will mention that we need to be running X at 100dpi for the themes to look right
15:35Beirdo I don't remember noticing it in there previously
15:35_rkulagow_ i don't think that's mentioned. i can check.
15:36Beirdo I found that out only on IRC. We may want to make mention of it somewhere.
15:36_rkulagow_ the problem is that every distro has a different way of starting X, and some are pretty obtuse. is there a universal place to add the 100dpi parameter?
15:36_rkulagow_ or just tell everyone to modify the display size in x.conf?
15:36Beirdo hmm. good question.
15:36Beirdo I use startx -- -dpi 100
15:36Geckofiend display size is the universal way
15:36Beirdo but not many people do it that way :)
15:37kvandivo hmm.. interesting.. i've had about 4 recordings since feb 7, 8pm that are all between 429 and 446 megs.. which would equate to about 8 minutes of recording..
15:37Beirdo Geckofiend would know the details better than I would on how to set it. :)
15:37_rkulagow_ i know people are using display size for 16:9 screens
15:37kvandivo and those 4 all failed commerical skipping, of course
15:38_rkulagow_ or 16-to-9 in case you just saw an emoticon show up instead of what i typed
15:38Beirdo heh
15:40Geckofiend Beirdo I set my by trial and error really. It shouldn't be hard to write a calculator for it though
15:40Chutt wouldn't waste too much time on things
15:40Chutt mythui fixes it
15:41Beirdo at least mentioning that you need 100dpi for now would probably help though. They can come ask us in -users on IRC how to do it
15:41Beirdo heh
15:41Beirdo when is mythui going to be rolled in, is that planned yet?
15:42Chutt later.
15:43Beirdo Ah :) Fair enough.
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15:51Geckofiend bleh MythWeathers parse is broken
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16:07--- <<-- tobo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:08Geckofiend wonder how many users we have now? Curious what the download numbers are going to be like.
16:09Chutt approximately 8.
16:09Geckofiend heh I said "users" not "users that matter"
16:10Chutt i said 'approximately'
16:10Chutt =)
16:22--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
16:34--- ---> gom_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:42Baylink Well, since everyone thinks you can use MythTV to steal TV shows... Makoff is such an asshole.
16:42--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
16:43Chutt yay, qt crap's fixed
16:45--- <<-- gom__ [] has quit (Success)
16:49--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53--- ---> Zeno2k4 [] has joined #mythtv
16:58--- User: *** hamsta_ is now known as Hamstaman
16:59Chutt two todo list items
16:59Chutt neither blockers
17:00Beirdo here's hoping :)
17:01--- <<-- gom_ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:04--- <<-- derekr_ [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:04Geckofiend yay Minimalist-wide is in
17:04--- ---> derekr [~derek@derekr.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
17:04Geckofiend 11+ hours straight without a break. I'm freaking done for a while
17:05Chutt i'll probably split it out for the release
17:05Chutt tarball's big enough as is
17:06Geckofiend yeah, make it a separate download. I have no idea how many wide screen folks there are to be honest
17:06o_cee Geckofiend :)
17:06Geckofiend come to think of it.. that might help give us an idea though
17:07Geckofiend divide total downloads by Minimalist downloads
17:07beavis o_cee, could you apply the german frontent stuff?
17:07o_cee beavis, yeah, been watching tv
17:07beavis thanks ;)
17:07Chutt geckofiend, naw, doesn't work
17:08Chutt just look at how many people grab a plugin
17:08--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:08o_cee make a poll :P
17:08--- ---> Hamstaman [] has joined #mythtv
17:09o_cee beavis, patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line
17:09o_cee that's no good
17:10o_cee removed it, please send a working version
17:11--- <<-- Chang [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:15--- <<-- jeffpc [~jeffpc@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:18--- <<-- derekr [~derek@derekr.silver.supporter.pdpc] has quit ("leaving")
17:25--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
17:27--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
17:27--- <--- Zeno2k4 [] has left #mythtv ()
17:29Baylink Is anyone special in charge of the manual cutpoint editor?
17:31Chutt nope
17:34Chutt is it busted?
17:35Baylink Not busted, no; but having now used it in person, I see why it occasionally frustrates my sister. :-)
17:35Chutt heh
17:35Baylink Is it possible to go into play mode while in the editor, and I've just missed the key?
17:36Chutt shouldn't be
17:36Baylink Cause, if you're trying to use it, say, to keep some commercials and drop others,and you don't know what you want to keep, then little blip of audio isn't enough.
17:37Baylink See my query on -users just now.
17:37Baylink Is there a reason why it would be difficult implementation-wise to *allow* play mode inside the editor?
17:38Chutt breaks a couple assumptions that are made in the editor code
17:38Baylink Figured maybe.
17:39Baylink I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier from a user viewpoint to put the mark-in and mark-out keys right up in play, and make the fancy navigation just a side-effect of pause mode.
17:39Baylink That approach likely to get any traction, you think?
17:40Baylink Pop-up the edit timeline everytime you add a cutpoint, and fade it away on a timer...
17:40Chutt i dunno
17:40Chutt that adds some extra keybindings..
17:40Baylink Yeah; I know; I always forget some people use a remote.
17:40Chutt like me =)
17:41Geckofiend and me
17:41Baylink Yeah. If the underlying code is compatible, you could do it as an overlay. Or do a version of what it looks like now as an overlay to that.
17:41Chutt i'll think about it for when i (eventually) rip out + redo the pvr backend
17:42Captain_Murdo| you wanting to code it? If so, you could fairly easily add an option to the OSD menu to add a cutpoint going forward or backward from the current position. you can popup the OSD menu while paused. so just pause, use frame-by-frame to go to the exact frame you want then hit M to popup the OSD menu, then hit the new "Add Cutpoint to the left" or "Add cutpoint to the right" menu items.
17:42Chutt wouldn't be difficult
17:42Chutt could even just make 'pause' be 'edit mode'
17:42Baylink If it can be OSD'd, can it also be keybound?
17:42Chutt yup
17:43Baylink That was my thinking, yes: put the frame-jump-count on the pause screen, greyed down.
17:43Baylink Captain: is the code structure such that you can call add_in_cutpoint from pause()
17:43Baylink ?
17:43Chutt not right now, i don't think.
17:44Chutt it'd also have to deal with edit points not being matched up
17:44Chutt while playing
17:44Baylink I so want to dive in, but I'm married to *so many* code bases right now...
17:44Baylink Hey, wait. CM implies that you *can* set cutpoints from pause. No?
17:45Chutt no, i don't think you can easily
17:45--- <<-- choenig [] has quit ("wuuuusch...")
17:45Baylink Captain_Murdoch_: expand? Or were you just speculating?
17:45Captain_Murdo| no, but the cutlist is just a QMap, so it's easy to add a point, make sure there's not another one next to it that you need to delete,, then save the new cutlist then call setdeleteiter
17:45Chutt that doesn't take into account matching them up
17:46--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
17:46Chutt edit mode's special right now in that it ignores the cuts when seeking around
17:46Baylink Yeah. Is the cutlist togglable?
17:46Chutt not really
17:46Chutt it's _slightly_ more complicated than all that
17:46Chutt but the code's all in NVP.cpp
17:47Baylink Ok. This is hairballing. Let me write up what I think and get some user comments so I know I'm not off-base, and then I'll mail it to you.
17:47Baylink Will look.
17:47--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:47Baylink Tnx
17:47--- ---> derekr [] has joined #mythtv
17:48Chutt cool.
17:49--- <<-- derekr [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:49--- ---> jsldub [] has joined #mythtv
17:49--- <--- jsldub [] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
17:50Anduin Baylink - an easier test play might be useful (have a definable window that you could seek back to, plays over your new point, back to editing)
17:50--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
17:51Chutt any test mark andersen's xvmc/remove_stream patch?
17:51Chutt err, 'anyone'
17:53Captain_Murdo| don't have xvmc that I know of.
17:57o_cee anyone who knows a bit about apache/php stuff?
17:57beavis o_cee, the file's ok
17:58o_cee beavis, it doesn't apply
17:58o_cee but i'll check out the files -C just to be sure
17:59o_cee the patch is not fine
17:59beavis o_cee, absolutelly no difference when I create a new one
18:00beavis is it 11.993byte?
18:00o_cee not compressed
18:01beavis yes, not compressed it's 11.993 here.
18:02beavis o_cee, I've just tested my diff and it's ok here
18:02beavis strange
18:03o_cee worked when i unpacked it instead of using gzcat
18:03beavis so it's ok now\xDF
18:03beavis ?
18:03o_cee in cvs
18:04beavis great, thanks
18:04o_cee yeah
18:04--- <<-- beavis [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:05--- <<-- Geckofiend [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:07o_cee Chutt, did you see my filldata addition? should i make it more safe as in moving the check for empty sub-title outside the main loop (like that content tag is doing it)?
18:08BlurredWe is there a beginner's guide to the source of Mythtv? Something I can use to get aquainted with it?
18:09o_cee BlurredWe, no, not really
18:09BlurredWe hmm, ok then, I'll just browse it then :)
18:09Beirdo that would be better asked in the -users channel too :)
18:09Beirdo someone there may have done some doxygen for all we know :)
18:09o_cee BlurredWe, there's a little bit of important info
18:09BlurredWe well, this is the dev channel, and I'd like to start helping, just not sure where to start
18:09BlurredWe thank you
18:10* Beirdo needs more caffeine
18:11* o_cee needs a HD screen so that i can motivate myself for the upcoming rewrite of the greatest.availible.nonsucking.theme.
18:13--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
18:14Beirdo :)
18:14--- ---> Chang_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:14o_cee are there any 42" plasmas with 128x720 resolution? read somewhere they haven't been able to make the plasma cells small enough yet
18:15Torq it is unlikely there are any with 128 pixel horizontal resolution.
18:16--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
18:17o_cee Torq, yeah, but if you're that stupid you don't deserve any donuts.
18:18Torq I eat donuts every morning
18:18Beirdo good for ou
18:18--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
18:18Beirdo stupid y key
18:20o_cee damn you bruce!
18:21--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
18:25--- <<-- Chang_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:25--- <<-- BlurredWe [] has quit ()
18:36--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:37--- <<-- ciphergoth [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:37--- User: *** gfiend is now known as Geckofiend
18:42--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:49--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit ()
18:58Beirdo OK, that's IT!
18:59Beirdo I hope you guys caught the bug already, I'm gonna CVS update and try, but first, I'll see if I can't get a core dump
19:03Beirdo every once in a while, if I abort playback, and tell it to delete, the frontend segfaults before getting back to the Watch Recordings chooser
19:04Beirdo now running with core dumps on, I'll see if I can catch one
19:06o_cee i had one like that earlier today as well, but no debug build
19:07Beirdo it's only happening occasionally. hopefully I catch a dump now that they are enabled.
19:10o_cee i didn't have "delete on playback end" active btw
19:11Beirdo I don't think I do either. It happens when I quit like 5min into a show and tell it to delete in the menu you get when you hit escape in the playback
19:13--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
19:14--- ---> dakeyras_ [dake@] has joined #mythtv
19:14--- <<-- dakeyras [dake@] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16--- <<-- kvandivo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:19o_cee Beirdo, haven't got that one activated either
19:19Beirdo ahh
19:21--- <<-- laroth [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:21--- ---> kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
19:22--- ---> laroth [] has joined #mythtv
19:26--- ---> gixxer [] has joined #mythtv
19:38--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
19:43--- ---> skone [] has joined #mythtv
19:44--- <<-- riksta [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:44skone I have a single channel on my mythtv box, that I am unable to receive any audio in from, but it works fine on my tv, and all my other channels seem to work too
19:44skone any ideas?
19:44o_cee skone, normally when you enter a channel, you read the topic first of all..
19:45skone yea I knew that sorry
19:45skone i've done that 3 or 4 times
19:46o_cee next time all your computers belongs to us.
19:46skone fair enough
19:47dopester maybe he has a p4 i can take and sell the stuff i just got
19:47skone na, just a celeron
19:49--- <--- skone [] has left #mythtv ()
19:54--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
20:01Beirdo come on, crash, dammit!
20:02o_cee give it a donut
20:03Beirdo heh
20:07Geckofiend hmmm my job options menu shows "begin transcoding" and "stop commflagging" but the show isn't comm flagging
20:08o_cee any opinions on removing "Start transcode" from the osd menu?
20:08Beirdo and moving it where?
20:09o_cee it's on watch recs
20:09o_cee the i-menu there
20:10Beirdo yes, that's true
20:10o_cee i mean, there's no "start commflag" in the osd menu..
20:10Beirdo so you're debating removing it from the osd menu within playback?
20:10o_cee yes
20:10Beirdo ahh
20:10Beirdo I'm sure people will miss it
20:11o_cee i think it's silly to start playback just to start transcoding
20:11Beirdo I don't use that feature (transcoding) anyways
20:11o_cee i use it rarely (since tehre's no mpeg2 cutting)
20:12Beirdo I have no good use for it (lots of drive space)
20:12o_cee heh :) yeah need to get a couple of those
20:15o_cee Beirdo, got any spare hd's? :)
20:16Beirdo but of course, but I wouldn't subject anyone to their crappiness
20:16Beirdo trade you a hard drive for a Volvo P1800 :)
20:17o_cee hah
20:17bomba o_cee: what if you are done editing, then it would make sense to start transcoding from there
20:17Beirdo it was worth a try
20:17bomba or rather, just finished editing
20:21--- ---> laroth_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:35Chutt hrm
20:38o_cee oh?
20:39Chutt code's more important than translations.
20:39Chutt so is proper operation.
20:39o_cee the update bruce did?
20:39Chutt yup
20:40--- <<-- laroth [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:40Chutt since lots of people ask about that
20:40o_cee wasn't a code change, but yeah. true, but it _would_ be nice with at least a couple of days for translators to do their thing
20:40Chutt <shrug>
20:40Chutt i really don't care
20:40o_cee yeah i don't really care either since i'm keeping the swedish translation up to date anyway
20:41o_cee but i understand that people get frustrated
20:42Chutt then they shouldn't worry about keeping things 100% up to date
20:44o_cee btw you might think about removing the .ts files from the release, main module: 3,3M total
20:44o_cee probably compresses pretty much, but
20:44Chutt then people who download that can't use them as a starting point
20:44Chutt if anything, i'd remove the .qm files from the release, since they can be generated.
20:45o_cee well that would be another way of doing it, but starting to work on a translation from the release will just cause them to re-make it with cvs
20:45o_cee the .qm's: 964K total
20:47Chutt the .ts files compress down to 250k.
20:47o_cee there you go, well yeah that would work, doesn't take long to generate either
20:48Chutt and the .qms compress down to another 250k
20:49o_cee either way then. but keeping the .ts's from there would force new translators to cvs since that'd be needed anyway.
20:51--- ---> jruscio [] has joined #mythtv
20:51jruscio in edit mode, is there any way to extend a cut point to the end of the recording?
20:51o_cee yeah, by reading the topic
20:52jruscio ouch
20:52jruscio sorry
20:52jruscio is there a myth-users channel?
20:52Beirdo read the topic!
20:52--- <<-- jruscio [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:52Beirdo damn..
20:53o_cee hm
21:05--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:08--- <--- Anduin [] has left #mythtv ()
21:08--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:08--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:08--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
21:09--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:09--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:09--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:10--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:17--- <<-- mdz [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:17--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:17--- <<-- mdz [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:17--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:22--- User: *** bomba is now known as pgunnels
21:28--- ---> warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has joined #mythtv
21:28--- <--- warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:33--- User: *** pgunnels is now known as bomba
21:35--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:03--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
22:03--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
22:04xris anyone around interested in helping me track down this slave-preview-pixmap bug in mythweb?
22:05--- <<-- ShockValue [] has quit (Excess Flood)
22:08Beirdo heh
22:08Beirdo if it were about a year ago and I still had the setup for it, I'd be all over it
22:10xris brad brought up some good points.. about running 2 branches. "release bugfixes" and "cvs"
22:11xris oops, wrong window. good suggestion, nonetheless.
22:12Beirdo that can prove to be a PITA though
22:12Beirdo I have 3 branches in my mud code, it can be a total pain
22:12xris yeah. esp. for someone like me who doesn't really understand cvs
22:12xris (cvs the program, not the idea)
22:13Beirdo the worst part is merging changes between branches
22:13xris yup
22:14xris I still want to play with subversion, too.
22:14xris but seems that it's taking a long time to catch on with the more established projects.
22:14dopester i just want to get qt compiled so i can see how 1080i looks on my new box
22:15Beirdo I haven't looked into subversion yet
22:16dopester i just mastered tags :)
22:17xris Beirdo: you should. then you can teach me.
22:17Beirdo hehe
22:18xris that's one reason I was hoping that we'd hire Jarod -- he has "subversion" on his resume.
22:19xris I should write something into mythweb so it cleans up its image cache directory
22:19Beirdo good plan :)
22:21--- <<-- jasonb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:28--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
22:32xris hmm, looks like it already has that. but I don't think it works properly
22:43--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
22:49--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:51rkulagow_ hey, all. any discussion about delayed deletes and mythweb?
22:53xris rkulagow_: I can add a second or so pause after delete attempts
22:53--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:53--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
22:53rkulagow_ xris: whatever you guys think is best. just wanted to get that out there.
22:55dopester rkulagow_: get it working?
22:55xris rkulagow_: ok, it's committed
22:55rkulagow_ dopester: had class tonight, and i just got home.
22:56rkulagow_ i think i may actually run out of PCI bus. 4xPVR-250, 1xAir2, 1x3ware RAID card.
22:56rkulagow_ oh, and a PVR USB2 if i ever get the driver sorted out.
22:56--- <<-- drd [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:57dopester hehe
22:59Beirdo rkulagow_: you're worse than me :)
22:59--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
23:01rkulagow_ bbl
23:04Captain_Murdo| xris: why do you have to sleep. the backend doesn't return a status from the delete request until it marks the deletepending flag in the DB. the QUERY_RECORDINGS query ignores shows with deletepending marked, so you shouldn't see those. is MythWeb not waiting for the result from the delete request?
23:06xris Captain_Murdoch: dunno. I've never experienced the issue.
23:06--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
23:06Captain_Murdo| I couldn't see anything in the code that could be the cause. did he say if it was on a slave backend?
23:07xris mythweb sends the delete request, then redirects itself (new page load) back to the recordings page (to remove any query string and avoid issues with page reloads reposing form data)
23:07xris Captain_Murdoch: dunno
23:07Captain_Murdo| do you know if it waits until it gets the status of the delete request in the backend_command2 function?
23:09Captain_Murdo| dopester, got my air2pc today but probably can't play with it for a a few days, don't have any systems here running 2.6.x currently so I have to upgrade one.
23:09dopester ahh
23:09dopester dvb made me go all 2.6 :)
23:10--- ---> _hamsta_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:10--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:10xris Captain_Murdoch: no clue. I just know that it sends the command, gets the result and then returns the result.
23:10xris Captain_Murdoch: do you know anything about query_filetransfer?
23:11Captain_Murdo| yeah, I put 2.6.9-ac4 on my RH9 laptop so I've been through it once.
23:11dopester wow i finally can watch HD!
23:11Captain_Murdo| xris, hardly anything.
23:11xris oh well.
23:11xris still trying to find someone who can help me fix the slave-pixmap bug in mythweb.
23:12Captain_Murdo| did you get a backtrace of where it hoses up the backend?
23:13Captain_Murdo| is the preview pixmap being created on the slave?
23:14xris Captain_Murdoch: I got beyond the "hose the backend" part (that was because I was requesting a slave's file from the master)...
23:14--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
23:14xris and yeah, the pixmap gets generated (because I send that command to the master, which echoes it to the slave)
23:14xris but I get timeouts when trying to read/write to/from the slave
23:15xris I think that I'm just doing things in the wrong order or something, but can't find anyone who can tell me what the right order is.
23:15Captain_Murdo| did you still have a copy of that posted somewhere?
23:15--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:17--- User: *** _hamsta_ is now known as Hamstaman
23:18--- <<-- kvandivo [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:20xris Captain_Murdoch: the one where I try to talk to the slave? yeah
23:20Captain_Murdo| I wonder if the default preview pixmap offset needs to be further into the show. probably half of the episodes of one show I record have almost the same image on them because it's part of the show intro.
23:21Captain_Murdo| that's nothing to do with you, just noticing that in mythweb. :)
23:21xris I think there's a setting for it in the config somewhere.
23:21xris what *really* needs to happen is that the preview needs to honor the cutlist.
23:21--- ---> sugarbear [] has joined #mythtv
23:21--- <--- sugarbear [] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:21xris should pull it from like 30 seconds into the show, but ignoring any cut-out times.
23:22xris I just updated mythweb so that it'll regenerate pixmaps if a recording has been altered.
23:22Captain_Murdo| would probably have to record what frame number the preview was taken so it could recreate if the cutlist changed.
23:22Captain_Murdo| you mean the modifiedtime?
23:22xris yeah
23:22Captain_Murdo| cool
23:22xris lastmodified. meant to do that a long time ago
23:22xris like 3 lines of code. heh.
23:22Captain_Murdo| yeah, forgot the name (and I even added that column I think). :)
23:23xris anyway, the mythbackend.php is at
23:23--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
23:23xris it's sort of halfway between what the code is now and what I think it should be.
23:23xris basically, it does what it does now, but it smart enough to query the slave instead of the master.
23:24xris it uses 2 sockets to communicate, and does some other messy stuff that I don't thnk it should have to do
23:28Captain_Murdo| can I just drop that in in place of mythbackend.php from current CVS?
23:28xris yeah
23:28xris last I checked (I forget what state I left it in), it gives you a 0byte image
23:31xris I'd *expect* that you only need one socket to communicate with (which would simplify things greatly and require only the single backend_command() again).
23:32xris but can't find someone who can tell me what to do
23:32Chutt need 2
23:32Chutt what's recs[3]?
23:32Chutt positions 2 + 3 are the filesize, from a long long
23:33Chutt but these should all be small, i guess
23:33Chutt did you verify that that it's asking for the same size as the file actually is?
23:34Chutt other than that, i don't see anything wrong.
23:34Captain_Murdo| I'm getting this in the backen log with "-v network" 2005-02-09 23:34:07.559 7 0[]:[]0
23:34Captain_Murdo| 2005-02-09 23:34:09.076 Couldn't find backend for: :
23:34Captain_Murdo| 2005-02-09 23:34:09.076 3 BAD
23:34Captain_Murdo| does that everytime I reload that page.
23:35xris hang on
23:36xris can you get the full query passed in that causes that snippet?
23:38Captain_Murdo| from where? that's all it prints. let me insert something into the php.
23:38Chutt why are you closing $datasocket before the gen_pixmap query?
23:39Chutt ah, nm
23:39xris Chutt: I didn't write it. I'd like to know much about that, too
23:40xris it doesn't make any sense to me why it closes at all.
23:40Chutt it's testing if it can grab that file first
23:41Chutt that GEN_PIXMAP query is busted
23:41xris the "ANN FILETRANSFER" thing.
23:41xris it is? it works.
23:41xris well, sort of.
23:41Chutt not for slaves
23:41Chutt hostname's in the wrong place
23:41xris what's broken about it?
23:42Chutt err, maybe it's ok
23:43xris I'm more than happy to rewrite this stuff. it looks to me like a huge mess.
23:45--- <<-- nfsv4 [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:48Chutt it mostly looks right
23:49Chutt the major difference in the backend code is that the QUERY_FILETRANSFER is a separate connection that does a 'ANN Playback <hostname> 0' first
23:50xris so after the "ANN FileTransfer" it sends "ANN Playback" ?
23:51xris so which connection actually reads the data? the query_filetransfer or the "ann filetransfer"?
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