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---Logopened Thu Feb 10 00:00:31 2005
00:02Chutt no
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00:02Chutt one connection is the control connection
00:03Chutt it sends commands
00:03Chutt the other connection is the data connection. aside from the ANN FileTransfer, it just gets data
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00:03Chutt when the frontend opens the control connection, it does an ANN Playback <hostname> 0, first
00:03Chutt then it opens the data connection
00:03Chutt then it sends QUERY_FILETRANSFER on the control connection
00:04Chutt then it reads data from the data connection
00:05Captain_Murdo| that's it
00:05Chutt and that's all there is to it.
00:05Captain_Murdo| I think.
00:05xris ok.
00:05Chutt hrmph
00:05Chutt geckofiend still didn't respect the safe area
00:05xris safe area?
00:05Captain_Murdo| I put this backend_command("ANN Playback 0", $host, $port); right above the ANN FileTransfer line and it downloaded a thumbnail
00:05xris but that explains the separation of backend_command backend_command2
00:06Chutt for his new theme
00:06Chutt supposed to keep some stuff clear on the edges for overscan
00:06xris Captain_Murdoch: really? sweet
00:06Captain_Murdo| he probably figured hdtv wouldn't have overscan.
00:06Chutt all of em do
00:06xris Chutt: ahh
00:06Chutt i've got about 20 pixels left + right
00:06Chutt dunno about top/bottom
00:07xris Captain_Murdoch: I'll try to replicate that on my box as soon as I'm done touching up mythweb weather
00:08Chutt heh
00:08Captain_Murdo| probably not the best place to put it, but it worked.
00:08Chutt not enough cpu for goom at full res
00:10xris Captain_Murdoch: I'll rearrange things
00:10xris I *really* want to clean up the backend_command and backend_command2 stuff
00:11Captain_Murdo| yep, I downloaded a clean copy of your new file and added that one line and it appears to have generated a pixmap and downloaded it.
00:12Chutt i should grab a fanless 6600 and just have it use component outs instead of vga
00:19xris Captain_Murdoch: sweet
00:24xris Captain_Murdoch: rock on. that solves it!
00:25xris Chutt: thanks a ton
00:26dopester got a 6600 today
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00:28xris Chutt: any specific reason why I'd need to close that socket? seems to work if I leave it open and do two ANN_filetransfers in a row
00:32Chutt not _really_
00:32Chutt but, probably should close it inbetween
00:32xris ok
00:33Chutt just to be safe
00:34xris I'll take your word for it.
00:34xris I haven't done much interapp communication like this
00:35Chutt heh
00:35Chutt i should apply patches, but, i don't really want to right now :(
00:36dopester go watch some tv then :)
00:36Chutt naw, books to read
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00:40xris Chutt: be glad they're cheap books
00:40xris my wife's next round of book purchases will be $100-200 apiece.
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00:55xris yay! such an old bug, squashed!
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00:59Beirdo I remember reporting that one like a little over a year ago :)
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00:59Beirdo good to see it finally squashed :)
01:02xris yeah
01:02xris couple of typos later, it all seems to work
01:02xris weather.php even looks a bit nicer
01:02Beirdo sweet
01:03xris yeah
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01:49Chutt blah
01:49Chutt mark andersen's patch is leaking shittons of ram
01:49dopester the aussie ac3 wizard?
01:49Chutt yeah
01:52Captain_Murdo| talk about a long set of dependencies. I'm trying to apt-get qt onto this box I'm putting the air2pc in and it is installing GTK+ because of some dependency.
01:52dopester is there not some kinda USE FLAGS equilivilant in debian?
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01:53Captain_Murdo| could just install the rpms straight and ignore deps
01:53Captain_Murdo| too late now, it's been running in the background. :)
01:54xris Captain_Murdoch: that's the downfall of rpm
01:54xris or deb
01:54dopester well i can finally WATCH hd.. got my p4 3.4 almost working now.. played the superbowl with mplayer..
01:55dopester i notied that 1 glitch in the ac3 would screw up mplayer.. i wonder if that was the issue other were having.
01:58Chutt yay, and it crashes and dies after 4 or 5 channel changes.
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02:30dopester revert revert1
02:30dopester er !
02:30Chutt naw
02:30Chutt i fixed it
02:31Chutt it's still a dumb way of doing things
02:31Chutt let's reinit everything!
02:31dopester something is weird with ac3 though.. could be liba52... seems like once it gets a bad packet it refuses to play again
02:31dopester not just an mplayer thing
02:31dopester i bet if i use ac3 passthrough it doesn't happen
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02:50Chutt there, patches done.
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05:39Geckofiend Chutt I'll take a look at adjusting it. I have zero overscan here and assumed others were the same
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06:50o_cee gfiend, what do you think about this for libmythui and skinning.. a debug flag that shows all containers with or without sample text, and a half transparent background in different colors.. would make it alot easier to see the different containers. (just an idea i had)
06:51o_cee and maybe a built in grid for overscan in the same manner
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08:37setre is it possible to use a pinnacle showcenter for mythtv frontend?
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09:21johnp has the website fallen over ?
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09:59dopester yeah site looks like its gone
10:00Torq Did .17 come out or something?
10:01johnnyST Torq, I do not think so.
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10:14Snow-Man grrr.
10:16Snow-Man whoah...
10:17_rkulagow_ snow-man is channeling keanu
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10:23Baylink Why would anyone channel Keanu?
10:31Snow-Man Alright, I think that shit's fixed.
10:31Snow-Man php is fucking stupid.
10:32Snow-Man Everything should be back to 'normal' now.
10:32Snow-Man If anything isn't working, let me know.
10:32_rkulagow_ dopester: here?
10:33_rkulagow_ anyone: doesn't specify why you'd use XvMC_VLD support versus standard XvMC. (other than saying that it's incompatible)
10:36_rkulagow_ anyone: is the "+" to switch audio tracks for live TV only, or does it also work for folks that have mulitple audio streams recorded (like the DVB people seem to have)
11:00Dibblah It does multiple streams once the latest patch-set is applied, AFAIK.
11:03Dibblah ... But I can't see any CVS commits, so I'm not sure. Sorry to waste your time :(
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11:16Cardoe _rkulagow_: VLD is for Via only
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12:01Anduin xvmc is back on in
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13:01GeckoFiend_ _rkulagow_ it works for any file with multiple streams in it. I put the feature in for DVD rips, then applied it to Live TV
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13:24Chutt geckofiend, it'd just be nice to have some padding around the edges for themes =)
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13:54GeckoFiend_ Chutt yeah, I'll take a look at some padding though can't the gui size things be used to compensate for that? Everything fits on my widescreen and on my std def I have the gui size adjuted
13:54Chutt yeah, but it's a pain
13:54Chutt the theme _should_ just respect the safe area
13:54Chutt all themes should
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14:17_rkulagow_ chutt: xvmc is now enabled in
14:18Chutt yes, i know
14:18_rkulagow_ ok
14:18Chutt i'll disable it later
14:18Chutt i'm too busy to do something right now, especially since it's a 3 character change anyone else can do
14:18_rkulagow_ well then, allow me.
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14:58Chutt thanks =)
15:33GeckoFiend_ I ran my screenshots past some of the
15:34GeckoFiend_ UI folks here got some good ideas on how to improve it
15:35Chutt heh
15:36Chutt there were a few text bits that weren't lining up right in the new theme
15:36Chutt that i noticed last night =)
15:36Chutt and, could you increase the height of the blank image used for the buttons on the main menu?
15:36Chutt that's what's causing them to be cut off on the very bottom (g's mainly) and the alttext to be used in most places
15:37Chutt i fixed titivillus last week or so
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15:56Chutt what's the ui folks have to say, though?
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16:04GeckoFiend_ The biggy was to punch up the alpha on the lighter grey so the background's highlites don't bleed through as much.
16:04GeckoFiend_ I'll be bringing my LCD and a spare box in next week so one of them can go over all the font and shoaw colors
16:06Chutt cool
16:06Chutt i did notice that the epg looked a _lot_ brighter/more pastely than everything else
16:07GeckoFiend_ Chutt yeah it's a byproduct of light colors being used on top of that light gray. I'll probably make that background behind the GPE the dark grey
16:07Chutt cool.
16:07Chutt the theme looks nice, though
16:08Chutt everything's very sharp =)
16:09Cardoe Chutt: thinking today or tomorrow?
16:09Cardoe for release
16:11Chutt got one blocker-type bug
16:11Chutt if it's fixed tonight, then tonight
16:12Chutt you have anything pending?
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16:13Chutt you notice that i fixed the parallel make issue, btw?
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16:15Cardoe Chutt: anything pending I don't have patches completed for
16:15Cardoe so.. nope.
16:15--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
16:16Chutt and the ffmpeg people fixed one of their more broken inline asm statements, which should help with newer versions of gcc
16:17Cardoe I think I actually pulled their CVS from there.
16:18Chutt that won't quite work with myth, since i've got a bunch of local changes/fixes
16:18Cardoe cause I've got 3.4.3
16:18Cardoe well.. I replaced a section
16:18Cardoe I don't really remember what.
16:18Chutt i'm synced up with their cvs tree, though
16:19Cardoe I wish they packaged their libs seperately.
16:19Chutt heh
16:19Cardoe it'd be easier for everyone
16:19Cardoe so many programs out there just copy in their libav* stuff
16:19Cardoe right into their source tree
16:19Chutt that's because they insist on not supporting shared libraries
16:19Chutt and don't care at all about binary compatability
16:20Beirdo or documentation
16:20Chutt docs don't really matter :p
16:20Beirdo heh, they sure make life simpler though
16:20Cardoe Beirdo: eh.. documentation... minor technicality.
16:21Cardoe it'd be nice if they got a clue though
16:21Cardoe I guess I gotta finish up my Gentoo install guide tonight then.
16:21Chutt whether i release tonight or not really depends on bruce + david, though
16:22Chutt i can't reproduce their problem, but i'll wait until they say it's ok
16:22Cardoe well if you said you're holding off till sunday-ish
16:22Cardoe I would have just put off the doc.
16:22Chutt ah, heh
16:22Chutt i'm _hoping_ for tonight, still
16:22Cardoe should hopefully reduce the gentoo populace in #mythtv-users
16:23Cardoe Cause I've talked to all the wiki guys and gentoo install guides and forums instructions
16:23--- <<-- _rkulagow_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:23Cardoe about consolidating and just linking to the "official" doc.
16:23Chutt would be nice
16:23Chutt but they all like doing their own things
16:23Cardoe since every doc out there has some stuff in correct.
16:24Chutt and every time i suggest having _one_ source for docs, no one likes it
16:24Cardoe I agree with that too
16:24Cardoe As far as people doing their own thing.
16:24Beirdo having anciliary documentation for clarification isn't the end of the world, but rewriting the docs rather than using the real one... that's lame
16:24--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
16:24Chutt right, but anything worthwhile should be in the 'official' set
16:25Cardoe I'm gonna link a whole lot to the docs.
16:25Beirdo correct :)
16:25Cardoe but Gentoo specifics... like setting up ivtv
16:25Cardoe and modules and configuring the kernel
16:25Cardoe I'll handle that.
16:25Cardoe and people LOVE to recommend love-sources for Gentoo.
16:25Cardoe they're the same people that have more then CFLAGS="-march=i686 -O3 -pipe"
16:26Chutt love-sources?
16:26Baylink Chutt: to recap my thoughts on -dev the other day, it's not a case of they don't like having one source, it's a case of the malleability of that source.
16:26Chutt baylink, well, then why aren't people pushing real changes back up?
16:26Baylink CVS is easy for you coders...
16:27Baylink What format would you like those in?
16:27Chutt text is fine
16:27Chutt i think rkulagow would accept html, too
16:27Chutt sgml would be preferred, but...
16:27Cardoe Chutt: love-sources are vanilla kernel with -mm patches + other random stuff that -mm didn't include... specifically a crazy scheduler.
16:27Baylink Yeah, but diffs? Or are informal comments ok?
16:28Chutt cardoe, ah. stupid stuff =)
16:28Chutt baylink, diffs would be best, but i imagine anything's fine
16:28Beirdo they should call that riceboy-sources
16:29Baylink Ok. Cause even just for doco, figuring out how to create diffs that the maintainer can apply reasonable is non-trivial, if you aren't already a coder.
16:29Cardoe Chutt: Baylink does have a point though. People are encouraged to try CVS to test bug fixes or new features, etc... but the docs never reflect the changes needed to use CVS
16:29Cardoe Baylink: diff -Nur old new
16:29Baylink I've recently linked the fulltext site of The CVS Book on the wiki; hopefullt that will help.
16:29Cardoe or if you're incapable... diff old new
16:29Chutt cardoe, well, that's _mostly_ because there generally aren't any, and those changes are all in the cvs logs =)
16:29Chutt i dunno
16:29Cardoe Chutt: yeah
16:29Cardoe Baylink: so stay on top of it for the rest of the world
16:30Cardoe submit changes that are marked **CVS ONLY**
16:30Chutt maybe i should get the wiki moved to
16:30Beirdo and it would require someone to constantly be updating the docs for the changes as they come out. That's a lot of work
16:30Baylink I would love to.
16:30Cardoe and whent he new version comes out... it's trivial to strip off **CVS ONLY**
16:30Chutt if someone else would take care of maintainence
16:30Beirdo Chutt: I'm all for that, but please not moin :) mediawiki is much easier to deal with
16:30Baylink But I'm as busy as Beirdo. I'm hoping to con Laga into doing it; he's 17, he should have Copious Free Time.
16:30Chutt and rkulagow didn't mind using it
16:31Baylink Hey, we're at 0.16+. We've got plenty of time to sort it out before 1.0
16:31Beirdo I'd be happy to help with maintenance, and I'm sure Baylink would too
16:31* Baylink grins
16:31Chutt there's no such thing as 1.0
16:31* Baylink roars
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16:31Chutt no, the release number is just that - the number of the release :p
16:31Chutt 17 will be the 17th release
16:31Beirdo with a 0. in front of it :)
16:32Chutt right, but that's so i can say 'it's only 0.16'
16:32Chutt 'see the 0.'?
16:32Chutt heh
16:32Cardoe he's doing the gaim trick
16:32Baylink Hey, just call it "release 17". Less is up to release 194, I think?
16:32Cardoe Baylink: gaim trick.. ;)
16:33Chutt it's easy, and i don't have to worry about version numbers
16:33Baylink Indeed.
16:33Chutt i'm all about making stuff easy for me
16:34Beirdo for sure. :)
16:35Baylink Seems to me the real trick is extracting the stuff back out to the "master" documentation file.
16:35Chutt yeah
16:35Chutt and since no one wants to do that, maybe i should just give in and accept a wiki
16:35Chutt as long as i don't have to police it...
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16:35Cardoe wiki's are dubious
16:36Cardoe cause sometimes idiots think they know better
16:36Chutt i generally don't like em, but...
16:36Cardoe then everyone else.
16:36Cardoe Chutt: I feel the same way
16:36Chutt if all the people writing stuff want to use it, then maybe
16:36Baylink I am, actually, working on extracting from MediaWiki to DocBook; there's a project in pause somewhere, and I'm trying to locate the people.
16:37Baylink We could then lock and tag pages before a release, extract, and convert.
16:37Beirdo We'd have enough people around to police it, I'd think
16:38Baylink It really only takes 5 or 6 people to monitor a wiki this size, from what I can see. That's what .info is doing it with now, more or less.
16:38Baylink I don't like cars, either, cause you can kill people with them. :-}
16:38Cardoe but don't use moin!
16:39Beirdo and I think I can convince xris to help :)
16:39Baylink Media sets up in about 38 seconds.
16:39Chutt baylink, so, think i should move it all to
16:40Chutt since you seem to contribute to it on .info a bunch..
16:41Baylink Well, while .info could use some overall cleanup, I'm not sure you couldn't just alias it to, assuming we can convince David to change engines.
16:41Baylink There's the whole territoriality thing in open source :-)
16:41Baylink But DG ain't too bad about that.
16:41Chutt i don't like depending on other machines for stuff, though
16:42Chutt that's all, and now that snowman fixed the lists, the main server's generally pretty unloaded
16:42Baylink Well, no reason you *couldn't* host it, if it's convenient. Be nice to have o have it all on one wiki; negotiation with DG would seem indicated.
16:42Chutt ok
16:42Baylink Typing, me? :-)
16:43Chutt bah, typing's optional
16:43Baylink (Does lirc do speech rec?)
16:43Beirdo if so there'd be a lot of unprintable comments from me in -users
16:43Baylink :-)
16:43--- ---> Chang [] has joined #mythtv
16:44Beirdo I'd be happy to move the channel FAQ one over to a more official one at should the time come.
16:44Baylink I'll chat DG up and see where he's at.
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17:22Chutt stoffel_, if you see this, i finally fixed the exif stuff
17:24kvandivo and if you don't, he didn't
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17:44--- ---> fman [] has joined #mythtv
17:44fman hey all
17:45fman with mythtv 0.16 and now 0.17 I get segmentation faults when switching to the scheduler
17:45--- ---> gom_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:45Beirdo that would be tough as there is no 0.17 yet
17:46Beirdo and you are on the wrong channel. :)
17:48fman no 0.17?
17:49fman and this is the dev channel
17:49Chutt get a backtrace, then.
17:49fman hfrontend version: 0.17.20050130-1
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17:49Chutt if you don't have one, you're in the wrong place.
17:49fman well, thats what I was going to ask
17:49Chutt what, if you should get a backtrace?
17:49fman how to get a backtrace ?
17:49fman yes
17:49Chutt it's in the docs.
17:49fman ok
17:49Chutt i shouldn't have to say that.
17:49Beirdo RTFMA.
17:50Beirdo (again that is)
17:50fman ok wil ldo
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18:34o_cee Chutt, going to bed now, and probably won't be home until a couple of days after that..
18:34Beirdo Seeya, o_cee
18:35o_cee yeah, going to paint an apartement with a friend ;)
18:35Beirdo oh fun
18:36Beirdo don't get too high on paint fumes :)
18:36o_cee can't promise anything :)
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18:42--- ---> Chang_ [~chang@] has joined #mythtv
18:45--- <--- Chang_ [~chang@] has left #mythtv ()
18:45--- ---> hadeees [] has joined #mythtv
18:45o_cee how's i re-arange stuff in mythfrontends globalsettings? need to put an item below another instead of side by side... settings, tv, playback, view recordings.. "List Newest Recording First Sort Episodes:" they're a tiny bit to close
18:46Baylink x and y parms in the XML of the theme?
18:46o_cee no
18:47--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Connection timed out)
18:48o_cee found some of it.. hmm
18:49o_cee compiling it now..
18:49o_cee Baylink, you see it's pretty tight as well?
18:50--- <<-- stoffel_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:54Chutt oh yeah, i wanted to go through the settings and make sure they all fit properly
18:55o_cee ok then that's one for you, i just changed them to vertical instead. compiling it now. shouldn't be any problem fitting in height
18:56Chutt going to commit whatever?
18:56o_cee yeah testing it in 3 seconds
18:56Chutt i'll start on rearranging things once you've done that
18:58--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:58o_cee looks fine. there's a setUseLabel(false); as well? looks just fine enabling it, any idea why it's off?
18:59Chutt gets rid of an extra line/label
18:59Chutt changes the spacing some
18:59--- ---> GeckoFiend [] has joined #mythtv
18:59--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:00o_cee k, will leave it off then. but it's kinda weird to have a box without a label :)
19:00o_cee ah yeah is down, cvs seems down as well
19:00Chutt whole machine's unreachable.
19:01o_cee :/
19:02o_cee need to go to bed. it's line 566 and 569 anyway. g'night!
19:02Chutt later =)
19:09--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
19:09--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
19:09xris Chutt: releasing tonight?
19:10Chutt depends if david/bruce fixes that bug he mentioned last night
19:10xris heh
19:10xris ok
19:10xris just wanted to make sure you gave me enough time to get home and fix a "bug" that Beirdo found
19:10--- <<-- lotia [] has quit (Client Quit)
19:10Beirdo heh
19:10Beirdo It's not important enough to push off release though
19:10Chutt it won't be until fairly late tonight
19:11xris oh, and you can tell your coworkers that they did a good job on the linux driver. all of my computer problems for the past couple of days were directly related to trying to run dual-head on ati cards.
19:11xris Beirdo: well, would be enough to push it back 10 minutes, though.
19:11xris switched to nvidia and it worked perfectly.
19:11Chutt heh
19:11Chutt i've never talked to any of those guys
19:11xris heh
19:11Chutt apparently, they all hate linux now, though
19:11Beirdo heh.
19:12xris even my kvm switch behaves in windows (before, the dvi port on the windows box wouldn't activate if the linux box was plugged into the kvm)
19:12Chutt too many distros, stuff changing, etc
19:12xris go figure
19:12Beirdo doing driver devel in Linux does give headaches too
19:12Chutt box is back up
19:12Chutt btw
19:13xris nice. no sound on the new box.
19:13Baylink Did a transcode audio sync bug get fixed in the last couple weeks?
19:14xris aha
19:14xris "headphone" volume.
19:14Chutt i don't think so
19:15--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
19:15Baylink Bummer. Cause I'm told I have to fix one, before our 500GB machine eats its last 10GB
19:15* Baylink prays for a release tonight.
19:15* Baylink doesn't think you wanted to know to whom.
19:16Chutt heh
19:16--- <<-- lotia [] has quit (Client Quit)
19:18--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
19:18--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:18--- <<-- lotia [] has quit (Client Quit)
19:18--- <--- blizzow [~blizzow@] has left #mythtv ()
19:24--- <<-- Cardoe [~Cardoe@Cardoe.developer.gentoo] has quit (Connection timed out)
19:25--- <--- xris [] has left #mythtv ()
19:25--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
19:25--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
19:34--- ---> Cardoe [~Cardoe@Cardoe.developer.gentoo] has joined #mythtv
19:36Chutt really need to switch all the settings over to geckofiend's new settings ui code
19:36Chutt then i wouldn't have issues fitting crap in
19:37Cardoe after 0.17!
19:37Chutt yup
19:37Chutt during the mythui rewrite, anyway
19:48--- <--- gr8nash [] has left #mythtv ()
19:49--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
19:50Chutt fucking hell
19:50Beirdo oh oh
19:50Chutt python's going crazy
19:50--- <<-- DonLKSAB [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:50Chutt ie, mailman
19:50Beirdo ah crap
19:55Cardoe the two of you have issues
19:55Chutt the bounce processor was using almost 800MB of ram
19:55Beirdo holy crap, that's not good at all
19:55Chutt eh, it's fixed now
19:56Chutt not exactly sure _why_ it was using so much ram
19:57dopester Mark Anderson patch :)
19:57Chutt naw, i fixed that too
19:58--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
19:58dopester blue looks bad in ws.. it looks like a buncha eggs instead of the neat circles.. heh
19:58Chutt use the new theme
19:59dopester i saw that one.. looks good
19:59dopester your talking about minimalist?
20:00GeckoFiend I toyed with the idea of using the orbs like blue in it. Still migth try it out to see how it looks
20:00Chutt geckofiend, hey, i was thinking
20:00Chutt for the minimalist theme
20:00GeckoFiend that's dangerous
20:00Chutt why don't we line up buttons left->right?
20:00Chutt just a single row
20:01Chutt got tons of space
20:01GeckoFiend yeah that'd work
20:01Chutt kinda like the button bar in osx or whatnot
20:01GeckoFiend heh I was just about to say "not like there's not lots of space"
20:01Chutt have the watermark be right above the text or whatnot
20:01Chutt well, it'd be a button icon then, not a watermark
20:02Chutt could even make it grow when selected
20:02GeckoFiend I like it!
20:02GeckoFiend I started a download of some nice looking greyscale icons from kdelook but the DL was corrupted :(
20:02Chutt and when we switch to mythui, can make it all smooth moving and stuff
20:03Chutt ooooh
20:03GeckoFiend it'd be nice if we could use SVGs and then smoothly zoom them
20:03Chutt that'll be cool.
20:03Chutt ah, i dunno
20:03dopester yeah i will have to make a dish moving animation then for my dish :)
20:04GeckoFiend I might just use color icons and greyscale them in photoshop
20:04dopester could also do some funny stuff for signal loss.. make gremlins start eating an antenna or something.. hehe
20:05Chutt make em greyscale when not selected, colorized when selected..
20:09Beirdo hopefully the smooth moving stuff doesn't eat too much CPU on non-OpenGL setups :)
20:09Chutt it's disabled there.
20:10Beirdo whew :)
20:10Beirdo one of these days I'll get OpenGL working right on the ATI card
20:10Beirdo or just put in an nVidia with component out
20:10Beirdo :)
20:15Beirdo eye candy is cool :)
20:15Chutt eh
20:16Chutt as long as it doesn't negatively impact the useability
20:16GeckoFiend hrm Looks like the best I'll be able to manage is two rows.
20:16Chutt really?
20:16Beirdo true true...
20:16Beirdo breaking functionality for eye candy would be... Microsoft-ish
20:17GeckoFiend unless I use a really small font and blank image.
20:17GeckoFiend I tried using a 200px blank background, forced it into alt-text mode
20:18GeckoFiend and that's even with dropping the font 3 points
20:18Chutt you should be able to fit at least 6 items across, i'd think
20:18Chutt make it tall enough for two lines of text, and it should wrap like blue does
20:19GeckoFiend ahhh let me try that
20:24GeckoFiend what's the deal with the <area> tag for the text?
20:24Chutt area within the button pixmap
20:25Chutt lets you do the circles like blue does
20:25Chutt basically
20:25GeckoFiend I tried using 0,0 thinking that would be top left, ended up with the text starting off the blank image
20:26Chutt i don't remember how it works, exactly =)
20:29GeckoFiend hrm my image is 206x200, and I gave it a button area of 0,115,1280,600 and it refuses to got 6 across. must be some padding or something
20:30Chutt dunno
20:30Chutt i believe there's a tag to disable all the padding
20:30GeckoFiend I'll take a look
20:33Chutt ah
20:33Chutt there's no way to disable x spacing
20:33Chutt you can disable y spacing, though
20:33--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
20:33Chutt didn't need to have a x-spacing disable before =)
20:33--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
20:36Chutt so, maybe say 3% on all edges, btw?
20:38GeckoFiend heh // keep the rows balanced
20:38GeckoFiend if (numbuttons <= 4)
20:38GeckoFiend {
20:38GeckoFiend if (columns > 2)
20:38GeckoFiend columns = 2;
20:38GeckoFiend }
20:38GeckoFiend else
20:38GeckoFiend {
20:38GeckoFiend if (columns > 3)
20:38GeckoFiend columns = 3;
20:38GeckoFiend }
20:38GeckoFiend that's why it never goes to 6 columns
20:38Chutt heh
20:38Chutt it's for blue
20:39Chutt add in a test for rows == 1, and it should be fine
20:39Chutt check out his ui mockups
20:40--- <<-- vagrant__ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:40--- ---> vagrant__ [] has joined #mythtv
20:41Chutt there's a bunch of ui mockups in that thread
20:41Chutt some new mac mediacenter project
20:41Chutt see, why can't linux people be artisty :(
20:41--- ---> Kilaz [] has joined #mythtv
20:42GeckoFiend I like that first one a lot
20:42--- ---> darkfrog [] has joined #mythtv
20:43GeckoFiend We *need* people with talent instead of programmers with a copy of photshop
20:43darkfrog Anyone here familiar with the workings of lirc?
20:43darkfrog GeckoFiend, I've got photoshop. :-p
20:43darkfrog hehe
20:44GeckoFiend darkfrog so do I unfortunatly
20:45GeckoFiend I want to use GIMP I really do but I've been spoiled
20:45darkfrog GeckoFiend, I'm in the same boat...I own Photoshop and Illustrator at home, but at work I have to use GIMP (I know...seems like it should be the other way around)
20:46darkfrog GeckoFiend, don't suppose you know much about LIRC?
20:46GeckoFiend darkfrog that's not really a topic for this channel see:/topic
20:46darkfrog that's MythTV related development...
20:47GeckoFiend oh? how so? planning on improving the lirc interface?
20:47darkfrog Yes, actually writing a real one in Java
20:48darkfrog The one they release for Java is nothing more than an interface into the system specific one...defeats the purpose of having it in Java.
20:48darkfrog I'm trying to avoid looking at C code though. :o
20:50GeckoFiend not to be an ass but, how is a new vesion of lirc written in java mythtv releated? mythtv isn't in java and the existing lirc works just fine...
20:51darkfrog ...come on...where else can I go to get any specifics on LIRC from a person?
20:53GeckoFiend an lirc channel? the lirc mailing list?
20:54GeckoFiend chutt: any reason for the "must have room for at least 2 rows" thing? if not I'm gonna change it to one.
20:55GeckoFiend I'm really thinking we need a horizontal tag for mythui to allow horizontal scrolling
20:59Chutt probably
20:59Chutt i don't remember the reason
20:59Chutt probably was for blue
21:00GeckoFiend The more I get into this the more problems I uncover.
21:01GeckoFiend buttons aren't drawing right when you change menus.
21:01GeckoFiend might be the text blank image drawing over the text not sure
21:03--- ---> orion2012 [] has joined #mythtv
21:22--- <<-- jasonb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:22GeckoFiend chutt: here's a rough idea of what it might look like:
21:22--- ---> Elenyon [] has joined #mythtv
21:22--- <--- Elenyon [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:28GeckoFiend I had been thinking of using these as the watermarks and what not kinda fits with the name
21:31Chutt if you stick a centered attribute in there, it'll look a tiny bit nicer =)
21:31Chutt and maybe lose the outline..
21:31Chutt i dunno
21:32Chutt and those icons look nice
21:33GeckoFiend downloading the svg versions of those icons now, I'll have to convert them but the png versions archive is corrupt.
21:41--- ---> defaultro [] has joined #mythtv
21:42defaultro hey guys, good evening. I don't know if this is a mythtv bug or a dvb driver bug
21:42defaultro I'm encountering too many issues when changing channels. My system is comprise of air2pc, 512mb, athlon 64 3000+ and a plain vga card.
21:43defaultro One of the errors I'm getting is Transport Stream Continuity Errors
21:43Chutt that's a dvb issue
21:43defaultro ok
21:43Chutt most likely, anyway
21:43defaultro cool
21:43defaultro I will post it then to linuxdvb
21:44defaultro anyways, are you also using a dvb driver?
21:45defaultro Thanks Chutt. I hope the person who helped me in mythtv-user channel will be there someday again. :)
21:45defaultro Aight, later.
21:45--- <--- defaultro [] has left #mythtv ()
21:47--- ---> dakeyras [] has joined #mythtv
21:47--- ---> scott [] has joined #mythtv
21:50--- <<-- dakeyras_ [dake@] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50--- ---> dakeyras_ [dake@] has joined #mythtv
21:51Beirdo that boy has been an endless question asker on -users. RTFM obviously doesn't mean much to him
21:53Beirdo I just keep whacking him with the clue-bat, but it doesn't seem to stick
21:54--- <<-- darkfrog [] has quit ()
21:57--- User: *** scott is now known as Cafemusique
22:09--- <<-- dakeyras [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:10fman right - i'm back
22:10fman I had a segmentation fault when entering the scheduler....
22:11fman I've recompiled myth cvs with debug turned on and captured a stack trace
22:11fman should this go to the dev mailing list (I'm not subscribed to that list....but can register)
22:16Anduin fman - yes
22:23dopester its cause of defaultro that i don't go in users anymore.. hehe
22:24--- ---> Chewie71 [] has joined #mythtv
22:25--- <--- Chewie71 [] has left #mythtv ()
22:31--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
22:33--- ---> _Figti_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:36Captain_Murdo| just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out why it didn't appear my air2pc card didn't seem to be working at all and then realize the firmware wasn't loaded. figured the client would have given me an error or something.
22:37Captain_Murdo| s/didn't appear/appeared/
22:47Chutt heh
22:48Captain_Murdo| getting channels detected now OTA using a 25-year old antenna up in the attic. :)
22:48Chutt cool.
22:49Captain_Murdo| and that's through about 50 foot of crappy cable. there is hope for me & hdtv.
22:49Chutt i'm going to start tagging stuff in 15 minutes or so
22:49Chutt leaving the main module for last
22:49Captain_Murdo| cool, I saw Bruce's message.
22:51--- ---> gr8nash-home [] has joined #mythtv
22:53--- <<-- gr8nash-home [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:54--- <<-- _Figti_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:55--- ---> abstrcrndm [~abstrcrnd@] has joined #mythtv
22:59--- ---> Torq [] has joined #mythtv
22:59dopester captain_murdoch: dmesg should say something about hotplug not getting the firmware
22:59dopester seems to be the most common mistake people are making with those
22:59Captain_Murdo| yeah, didn't have firmware.hotplug and /sys wasn't mounted for some reason
23:00--- User: *** hadeees is now known as hadees
23:00Captain_Murdo| sweet, I'm watching HDTV. since it's my last card, it started up in LiveTV right away.
23:00Captain_Murdo| thanks dopester. :)
23:01Torq I'm very jealous
23:02dopester how many stations do you get?
23:04Captain_Murdo| not sure of proper stations teminology, but 8 distinct stations, 19 channels?
23:04dopester 8 multiplexes
23:04dopester 19 virtual channels (for atsc)
23:04Captain_Murdo| ok, wanted to say transponders but that didn't sound right. :)
23:04dopester or 19 programs for generic mpeg transport
23:05dopester yeah thats why i changed the tables to multiplex
23:05dopester more universal sounding
23:06Captain_Murdo| and on my athlon 1333, I can actually watch some of them. no way my master frontend will though since it's only a 466Mhz Celeron. plan on getting a better system and hooking up to my projector though.
23:06dopester yeah im trying to get my new p4 to play back right
23:07dopester its plenty fast enough but on my 27" 4:3 tv its zooming everything now
23:09--- ---> Hamstaman_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:09Captain_Murdo| to get good playback I should get at least a 2.4Ghz P4 or Athlon 3000+?
23:10dopester i dunno i got a p4 3.4 which is overkill
23:10dopester mplayer takes about 30% cpu to playback 720p
23:10Captain_Murdo| have to let my wife see the quality, then she won't mind.
23:10dopester but in myth its about 50% for the same videos
23:10dopester yeah i was playing it on my monitor before and was blown away
23:12Captain_Murdo| I've got a few samples from people before to test commercial flagging with, so I knew what to expect, just didn't think it would work this well right off with my old antenna and cable. I didn't get anything detected when I scanned my cable, so I guess nothing is on there.
23:13dopester did you get any locks but no channels?
23:13Captain_Murdo| I only have the basic service and a cablemodem though, nothing special because I have dishnetwork for most stuff.
23:13Captain_Murdo| I got 1 I think.
23:13dopester ooo.. do i have zoom mode turned on i wonder..
23:19Captain_Murdo| dopester: do I have to have the DVB kernel on a box to compile Myth with DVB support? I'm wondering if I need to keep 2 copies of Myth since only my test dev box (now maybe slave backend) has the air2pc in it but my main workstation doesn't. usually I compile 1 copy on my main box and just "make install" everywhere else.
23:20Captain_Murdo| or can I just get away with dvb-kernel?
23:20dopester naw you just need the headers
23:20dopester it won't work without drivers of course but compilation just needs hte headers
23:21Captain_Murdo| ok, I'll try it. thanks. makes it much nicer if I can compile on the faster box considering my slave is only a P3-1Ghz and my frontend is the slow celeron I mentioned earlier. :) with the air2pc, I've now spent more on a capture card than I paid for either the slave or the frontend.
23:23dopester heheh
23:23dopester ok im completely confused.. all my video is getting zoomed in.. probbably a -users question really.. first time i hooked this 6600 up to my tv..
23:24Chutt whoever added the eff links to mythnews busted it
23:24--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:27Chutt has a bare & in there, needs to be &
23:28dopester bah.. i got it..
23:43Chutt anyone know if xris is still working on anything for mythweb?
23:45dopester he only commits every 5 minutes, so its tough to tell
23:48--- ---> Chuji [] has joined #mythtv
23:49Captain_Murdo| dopester, what does the dvb code use in the channel table to know what to tune to when I select one of those channels using the channum
23:50Captain_Murdo| can I just copy mplexid, serviceid, and atscsrcid to another row and it will tune correctly?
23:51Captain_Murdo| trying to figure out the best way to fixup my channels table since mythfilldatabase ran and filled in dups for all the channels it detected during scanning.
23:51Chutt hrmph
23:51Chutt the watermark directory in Titivillus is > 4MB.
23:51Captain_Murdo| yeah, that theme is huge.
23:51Captain_Murdo| nice but huge
23:57dopester captian_murdoch: mplex is the link to the tuning information
23:57dopester serviceid is the programid
23:57dopester atsc srcid is used with guide only
23:57dopester id just dump the table and re-scan :)
23:58Captain_Murdo| :) looking at it now. thanks.
---Logclosed Fri Feb 11 00:00:53 2005