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---Logopened Fri Feb 11 00:00:53 2005
00:01Chutt hmmm
00:01Chutt if i split out titivillus, minimalist, iulius, and titivillus-osd
00:01Chutt that shrinks the main tarball down to 8.4MB, and a tarball with those 4 themes is about 7MB
00:02Chutt bah, screw it
00:02Chutt bandwidth should be fine
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00:03xris Chutt: you wanted to talk to me?
00:03Chutt you have any commits pending?
00:03xris nope
00:03Chutt cool
00:03xris got Beirdo's fix in earlier
00:03Chutt i left mythweb for last, wasn't sure =)
00:05xris heh, ok
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00:05xris well, then. package away.
00:05Chutt that's what i'm doin =)
00:13Chutt geckofiend,
00:13Chutt geckofiend, _says_ it can load svg
00:15Chutt doesn't seem able to resize, thouh
00:15Chutt err, though
00:28Beirdo so, Chutt, release is done?
00:30Beirdo If so, I'd be happy to put that in the topic in -users :)
00:32Chutt not quite.
00:33Chutt hrmph
00:33Beirdo OK.. I noticed the files in the downloads. I'll wait until you're done.
00:33Chutt where's geckofiend's wide mode images?
00:33Chutt anyone have that url saved?
00:34Beirdo one sec
00:34Chutt great
00:35Chutt i'm just going to grab one of those for an example =)
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00:47Chutt there we go
00:47Chutt all done
00:47Beirdo Cool
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01:35o_cee later all, have a good weekend!
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01:56Beirdo oh dammit, people suck
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02:03dopester well i got ac3 working now with my new frontend and my reciever.. gotta see if i can get it to screw up now..
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05:24GeckoFiend Chutt thanks for grabbing that image locally. Last time, I screwed up and left a link to Titivillus images on my site and got HAMMERED
05:26GeckoFiend On the SVG front, those B&W fonts ended up looking like crap. Some of the other sets I uses do have SVG version so it might be usefull.
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08:35Tommck how does one find out why a patch was not applied. (I submitted it about 2 weeks ago)
08:36GeckoFiend_ Tommck post it again on the dev list. No comments on a patch generaly indicates nobody got to it. Rejected patches generaly get some sort of response.
08:37dopester morning geckofiend_
08:37Tommck cool... of course, that means I have to re-merge the code and recreate the patch for the 3rd time :(
08:37dopester it happens
08:40Dibblah Which patch?
08:40Tommck Dibblah - the --dd-custom-get option on mythfilldatabase
08:40dopester has any thought been given to making 4:3 themes only exist in the ntsc safe zone? wouldn't that mean you could whack out most of the gui sizing code / options?
08:45Dibblah Could you? Projectors, PAL,...
08:45Dibblah Not everyone uses Myth on a standard NTSC TV.
08:46dopester im just thinking about some way to deal with the gui sizing crap everytime i put myth on a tv.. there has to be a better way
08:46dopester does pal not have a safe zone?
08:49Dibblah Sounds to me like it may be a fiction even for NTSC... Documentation?
08:49dopester i digging now
08:49dopester i got a printout at work of the ntsc one, but nothing on pal
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08:59GeckoFiend_ dopester Technicly all theme developers are supposed to respect the safe zone but we don't ;)
09:01dopester ok cause it always irritates me to no end, so now i know who to blame :)
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09:03Anduin Blame the song, it makes the other zone sound more appealing than it actually is.
09:03dopester i wonder if a better method than gui dimentioning would be to just have a setting to re-scale the theme into the safe zone with the background the same color
09:04dopester takes forever to tweak it right now which is what irritates me, but i have no idea what else its used for
09:05dopester seems my tv moves around a tad so i will still get the background of the black/white default x background from time to time creep in at the bottom
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09:07lanzm I have a P4, configure gives me "-march=pentiumpro". can I improve that ?
09:11Dibblah ^ Topic.
09:13mikegrb har har har
09:13mikegrb I think he's a gentoo kid
09:13dopester not all gentoo kids are like that.. just 99%
09:13mikegrb dopester: ;)
09:14dopester i use gentoo but i also understand how to use it
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09:17lanzm debian, sarge
09:17lanzm sorry for disruption..
09:28lanzm ^nil
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09:32o_cee mdz, are the debs up yet?
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09:40GeckoFiend_ dopester You really should only need to set your gui size once per TV...
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09:51_rkulagow_ looks like i missed the cutoff last night.
09:57jams cd .
09:58jams oops
09:58Dibblah It's OK - You didn't go anywhere.
09:58jams yeah i screwed up twice
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11:30beablis the latest xvmc patches seem to break the build:
11:30beablis ../libs/libmythtv/ undefined reference to `VideoOutputXvMC::VideoOutputXvMC[in-charge]()'
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11:57mdz o_cee: not yet
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12:04beavis mdz, can all the mysql.txt creating stuff now be removed from the .postinst?
12:05mdz beavis: why?
12:05beavis Isn't it done by myth itself now?
12:06beavis the setup asks for a password
12:08mdz I'll have to look at it
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12:42GeckoFiend_ beablis MAKE DISTCLEAN
12:43GeckoFiend_ doh sorry caps
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13:04zophyx whnere do i put the username and password so that mythfilldatabase will work ?
13:04Anduin zophyx - ask in #mythtv-users
13:05zophyx yeah i see that now
13:06zophyx they don't answer
13:06zophyx i just want to press the up arrow and go to another channel
13:07Anduin zophyx - wait for someone in that channel to answer, people in here will generally just tell you to get lost
13:08zophyx i know :)
13:08jams GeckoFiend_, Has the wide theme been tested with the list view of mythvideo? Things look out of place for me
13:09GeckoFiend_ heheh no
13:09GeckoFiend_ list view for mythvideo and the mythgame ui haven't been done yet
13:09GeckoFiend_ I'll do them either tonight or tomorrow
13:10jams well that explains it then
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13:48zophyx linux is just freek'in garbage, it goes throough the motions and then it errors out sayint "i can't do that"
13:48zophyx suck me linux and eat large bull manure
13:49Beirdo get bent, this is not the channel for that
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13:49zophyx i'm usin' apple's ipoon
13:49zophyx it booowgies
13:50Beirdo and what the hell does that have to do with this channel?
13:50Beirdo look at the topic, please
13:51zophyx here i am researching linux and i end up at a page titled "The Life of King Henry the Fifth"
13:53zophyx oh, sorry i am fscking on the wrong channel
13:53Beirdo as I said twice so far :)
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14:51_rkulagow_ website being hammered?
14:51Chutt slightly
14:51_rkulagow_ ah, slashdot
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15:03Beirdo So, Chutt, you planning on slumming it in -users for a while? :)
15:04Beirdo you get to see all the lameass questions :)
15:10_rkulagow_ chris pinkham: here?
15:12GeckoFiend_ tooo funny I submitted the release as a Linux article this morning and it was rejected, someone else submits it as an apple article and it gets accepted
15:13Beirdo yeah. go figure
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15:37GeckoFiend_ oh and I have mod points :-p
15:41wswanson damn; seems like the CVS is being hammered right now -- taking forever to pull an update
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15:42BlurredWe join #mythtv-users
15:42Beirdo likely from the machine being slashdotted (in part)
15:43BlurredWe eerrr...missed the slash :)
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15:50_rkulagow_ dopester: here?
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17:12Chutt website's better now.
17:12Chutt + lists should be catching up, eventually
17:13Beirdo stupid slashdot
17:13Chutt naw
17:13Chutt we bumped it up to a 100mbps port instead of a 10mbps one
17:14Beirdo ahh.
17:14Beirdo having fun watching the idiocy on -users? :)
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17:15Chutt oh, heh
17:15Chutt i'm still in there
17:16Beirdo yeah, and nobody was harassing you, I'm impressed
17:16kvandivo they probably don't know who he is
17:16Beirdo probably not. too dumb to look at whois
17:17Beirdo and I'm not going to educate the lameasses, if they can't figure that out, it's their own problem :)
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17:20jams Beirdo, just put it in the channel way to keep things a secret ;0
17:21Beirdo hehe
17:21Beirdo so it seems
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18:10bobb hello
18:11dopester _rkulagow_: there?
18:11digitalboy hello
18:11bobb I'm not sure this is the place to ask this question, but a friend of mine has a TV with HDMI input and we want to connect Myth to it through DVI on his video card with a DVI->HDMI converter. anyone know if its just a straightforward process or if there'll be quality loss and the like?
18:12dopester see topic
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18:12bobb ah, sorry :-)
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18:47GeckoFiend heh one new download every 10 seconds
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18:50rkulagow_ dopester: here (sort-of)
18:56dopester heeh im about to grab some dinner.. just curious if you ever got it all workin
18:56rkulagow_ card not installed yet; considering setting up a secondary backend so that i don't break anything
18:57rkulagow_ also, adding stuff to the HOWTO at the end, wondering if you saw it. take a look at the SGML i just commited.
18:57rkulagow_ dinner. bbl.
18:57dopester heeh yeah i hosed my .16 db yesterday playing with my new frontend..
18:57dopester i had about 1/4 of the dvb schema already applied..
18:57dopester dont be like me :)
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20:35GeckoFiend bleh where's the vbi setting again?
20:36Beirdo in the backend setup, no?
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20:46GeckoFiend yeah found it
21:01dopester oi
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21:36Anduin Has David written anything about how the scheduler should work?
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22:21Beirdo mdz
22:21Beirdo you around?
22:21Beirdo missed the :
22:21mdz Beirdo: yes, and yes, I'll be releasing 0.17 debs
22:21Beirdo actually, that's not what I was going to ask :)
22:22Beirdo I was wondering about UML experiences :)
22:23Beirdo I'm thinking of trying it, and saw that you made root filesystems of Debian before, so thought I'd see if you had any pointers, or websites that would be good to look at?
22:23mdz #uml on OTFC would be a better place to discuss it
22:23Beirdo OK
22:23Beirdo thanks.
22:24Beirdo and with that I'll let you get back to your deb building before the lynch mob arrives :)
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22:58Chutt don't use uml
22:58Chutt too much of a performance hit/resource hog
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23:08Beirdo well, I plan on installing FC1, FC2, FC3
23:08Beirdo and in i386 and x86-64 modes
23:09Beirdo I don't know of any other way to do it
23:10Beirdo this would be for building RPMs for all platforms, etc
23:10Beirdo and while I'm at it, I can play with debian, etc :)
23:11mikegrb can you not do cross compiling of builds?
23:11mikegrb I mean uml would have other advantages for playing with distributions
23:12Beirdo possibly, but I can't guarantee it will work just right
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