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00:28mdz Chutt: so I'm supposed to stop initializing the database entirely, right?
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00:30Chutt well, the mc.sql script still needs to be done
00:31Chutt but mysql.txt is generated on demand
00:31Chutt it prompts the user for the connection parameters if the defaults don't work.
00:38dopester whoops.. when you use the aspect ratio zooms the osd goes off the screen..
00:39Chutt heh
00:39Chutt it stays within where the picture is
00:39dopester yeah
00:40dopester just now its hanging off the screen :)
00:40Chutt but if you've got a 16:9 screen, that's off the top + bottom
00:40dopester im watching 1080i feed thats upconverted 4:3 on my 4:3 tv.. so i zoomed..
00:41dopester so i actually see just the bottom line of Titivillus-OSD
00:42Chutt heh
00:42dopester er bottom center half.. you know what im sayin though..
00:42Chutt right
01:03dopester chutt: slammed? taking forever to come up here..
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01:43gr8nash-home | hi all. is down?
02:00benc- it was on slashdot
02:01gr8nash-home | damn slashdot!
02:01gr8nash-home | =/
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04:23PappaChri should i ask questions about compile problems here or in mythtv-users?
04:23PappaChri :)
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04:31PappaChri anyhow... compile (fresh cvs update) fails with this error:
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06:40shodan why isn't mythvideo respecting the browseable flags in gallery mode ?
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08:33BKCH hi guys - anybody here with some experience getting dvb-t cards going (not up to myth yet - just trying to get the card going....)
08:33GeckoFiend shodan /topic
08:33GeckoFiend BKCH /topic
08:33BKCH meaning?
08:33BKCH ok
08:33BKCH sorry
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08:35GeckoFiend chutt you see the request for better hosting for the Wiki?
08:37Chutt yeah.
08:38Chutt already emailed the guy
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08:50GeckoFiend I ran into some issues with the wholoe zoming of the button images thing figure it's not worth messing with till MythUI is ready. The buttons don't take the offset of the artwork into account when invaludiating the parent so you end up with chunk of the big images left over
08:51GeckoFiend One things I'd like to put in MythUI is the seperation of layout from artwork, so that "skinners" can have an easier time grokking things
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09:45saablover could it be possible to build mythfrontend on uclibc ?
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10:00Anduin saablover - I can't imagine that between it and its dependencies that would work
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10:02saablover Anduin: it would be cool to run it from a flash card
10:02Anduin saablover - so try it
10:03saablover Anduin: does it work fine with directfb yet ?
10:03Anduin saablover - QTe worked last I heard
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10:17saablover Anduin: with qt embedded this should be possible
10:20Chutt why would you need qt/e to run from a flash card?
10:21saablover Chutt: the smaller the system the faster it starts up
10:21Chutt err, no
10:22saablover Chutt: you are correct but it's interesting to try, X is just bloated for a frontend
10:22Chutt why?
10:22Snow-Man ah, yer back
10:22saablover X on a flash card ?
10:23saablover seems bloated to me
10:23Chutt why?
10:23saablover just my personal feeling
10:23Chutt how's it bloated?
10:24saablover networking support, several drivers that are not needed
10:24thor_ retaining water
10:24Chutt considering that a 1GB CF card goes for, what, $60/$70 these days.
10:24Chutt i really don't understand how it could be considered 'bloated'.
10:24saablover on a embedded system, yes it's bloated
10:25Chutt how?
10:25saablover when you can use a frame buffer system, why shouldn't you ?
10:26Chutt because you don't get any acceleration with modern hardware?
10:26saablover there you have a point
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10:27saablover directfb does have acceleratioo
10:27Chutt not for anything recent.
10:27Chutt if you really like buying your hardware off of ebay, then, that's fine, i suppose.
10:27saablover no I want my system to be as small and quiet as possible
10:28Chutt and the installed binary size directly reflects the noise level of a computer
10:28Chutt gotcha.
10:29saablover you are a difficult humang being :)
10:31Chutt i just don't have any idea how people could think that X is too much for a pvr system
10:31saablover I just think there is a correlation between a strong cpu, big hd and noise
10:31Chutt nope
10:32Chutt seeing as a 1GB CF card gives you more space than all those live-cd distros, you don't need a hd
10:32Chutt cpu doesn't need to be anything special.
10:32Chutt etc, etc.
10:32dopester i run my myth frontend off of a 40md ramdisk image
10:32dopester er mb
10:32Chutt yeah, X is really quite small :p
10:32saablover dopester: X based ?
10:33dopester i said myth didn't i?
10:33saablover dopester: you can run on qt/e
10:33dopester stripped down busybox image
10:33saablover on uclibc ?
10:34Chutt why would you need uclib?
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10:34Chutt minimyth is tiny, too
10:35saablover Chutt: because it's cool to try
10:35Chutt no, it's a waste of time to try
10:35dopester chutt: if you want any help this weekend with your air2pc make it today, im flying to Puerto Rico for work sunday..
10:35Chutt no time today
10:35Chutt i have a strenuous schedule of reading and playing games planned
10:36dopester yeah no worries, i just have no idea if the hotel will REALLY have high speed internet like it claims.. after all it is Puerto Rico.. :)
10:36Chutt The image is currently about 66M, but since it runs in a cramfs file system, it really only takes up about 34M.
10:37Chutt (the minimyth distro)
10:38hardwir3d is there any possibility to decrease the default program length of 120 minutes when doing a manual recording? is that in the db or a constant somewhere?
10:38dopester i just put together a p4 3.4 (prescott core) box and the fan noise watching hd for hours is still less than my ac/heat vents.. you just need to do some research..
10:38Chutt the default's probably a constant.
10:39thor_ dopester, you have an air2pc yet?
10:39hardwir3d Chutt: any idea where to look for it?
10:39Chutt programs/mythfrontend/
10:39dopester thor_: i had the first working air2pc in linux, so yes :)
10:39thor_ grep "120" *
10:39hardwir3d cool, thanks
10:40thor_ heh
10:40thor_ weren't we have a conversation 10 days or so ago about a paypal link for you?
10:40thor_ err, having
10:41Torq yeah, you should put an amazon referral link on your web page, and sit back and watch the money flowing in
10:41hardwir3d manualschedule.cpp: m_duration->setValue(120);
10:41hardwir3d whee, that was easy
10:42Chutt amazing how that works :p
10:43Torq MythTV v0.17 was released at 0545UTC - no wonder i missed the release :(
10:44Torq I wish new releases were done at a sensible time.
10:44hardwir3d sensible for what timezone?
10:45Torq for UK time :)
10:45Chutt why would i do that?
10:45Chutt considering that none of the developers are in the uk.
10:45Torq then everyone could install it as fast as possible ;)
10:46Chutt most of the users aren't in the uk..
10:46dopester thor_: you think i have a snowballs chance in hell of getting more than say 50 bucks?
10:46Torq ah, but could release at say 2100 UTC or something, then UK and US users would have time to install it
10:47Chutt why the hell does it matter?
10:47thor_ no, actually I was going to offer to buy you one
10:47Chutt if you wanted it early, you could have grabbed it from cvs
10:47dopester thor_: i do still want to get another one for my production box.. i only have 1 in my dev box now..
10:48dopester actually another 2, but im not going to be greedy at all
10:48Snow-Man Feel free to buy me one, and a nice quiet box to go around it...
10:48Snow-Man :)
10:48thor_ heh
10:48Chutt snow-man, bah, your check's in the mail
10:48Torq Chutt: it sure as hell doesnt matter dude.
10:49thor_ was just thinking that if lack of access to hardware was holding up development, I would try and solve that problem
10:49Snow-Man Chutt: Too bad I don't get to use that to buy myself an air2pc. :P
10:49Chutt heh
10:49Snow-Man whee, someone portscanned the cvs vserver.
10:50Chutt oh yeah, i wanted to fix viewcvs on there
10:50Snow-Man It's busted?
10:50dopester thor_: well i don't really get to do burn in tests as much since my dev box tends to be way less stable than my production box
10:50Chutt kinda
10:50dopester thor_: i presume you got yours working ok then?
10:51Snow-Man Looks ok to me?
10:51thor_ haven't had time to fiddle with QAM on it
10:51dopester you tried 8vsb?
10:51thor_ yup, worked great
10:51Chutt there's a couple bugs in that version
10:51Snow-Man oh, heh.
10:52Snow-Man I was gonna dist-upgrade and change to postfix, like, soonish.
10:52dopester ok cool.. i had some horrid reception problems 2 days ago.. i really dispise 8vsb.. affected my stb as well..
10:52Snow-Man You can do that if you want. :)
10:52dopester seems 8vsb isn't robust enough..
10:52Chutt snow-man, go to a file in the viewcvs, then scroll down
10:52Torq qpsk rocks
10:52Chutt An Exception Has Occurred
10:52Chutt Python Traceback
10:52Chutt etc.
10:52Snow-Man hah.
10:52Snow-Man I never went that far down
10:52Chutt but, doesn't look like there's a newer version available
10:52Snow-Man my son is yelling at me.
10:52Snow-Man doh
10:52Chutt so yell back
10:52Torq tell him to be quiet
10:53Torq do you need advice
10:53thor_ my money is on the kid
10:53Snow-Man da! da! da! ddaaaaaaaa! ball! ball! baaaaallllll!
10:54Torq heres a medicine ball, catch!
10:54Chutt have you seen cvschangelogbuilder?
10:55Chutt by the awstats guy, i think
10:55Snow-Man nope.
10:55Torq is that what they use for
10:55dopester grr.. this hank guy on -users is pissing me off.. i asked him for a dvbsnoop dump weeks ago now
10:55Snow-Man I've been thinking about moving my stuff to svn.
10:55dopester you saw there was an awstats exploit discovered a week ago or so right?
10:55hardwir3d more like 3 weeks ago
10:56Snow-Man heh.
10:56Snow-Man cross-site-scripting thingy?
10:56dopester yeah
10:56hardwir3d only if you use the cgi-bin
10:56Snow-Man Chutt: Looks cute.
10:56Chutt thinking of sticking that on the cvs vserver
10:56dopester i wasnt really worried about it.. apache has no permissions to do crap on my box anyway..
10:56* Snow-Man shrugs.
10:56Snow-Man Fine with me.
10:56Snow-Man I don't suppose it's in Debian, eh?
10:57Chutt doesn't look like it
10:57Snow-Man Oh well.
10:58Torq Chutt: wow, i like that cvs analyser. are you running it over mythtv
10:58Chutt haven't you read _anything_ of what i've written?
10:59Snow-Man hahhaha
10:59Torq I cant see anything relevant in my scrollback
10:59Chutt <Chutt> thinking of sticking that on the cvs vserver
11:00Chutt what the hell do you think that meant?
11:00Torq hmm, I dont see that in my scrollback...
11:00Snow-Man hahaha
11:00Chutt it was 4 fucking minutes ago
11:00Chutt _4_
11:01Snow-Man It was the next thing he said after he posted the link.
11:01Torq nope. this is strange
11:01dopester reading is optional on irc.. this channel should prove that :)
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11:04Torq that cvs change script thing needs some kind of paging on it. the page will get ridiculously large for mythtv
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11:06batto__us Hey everyone.
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11:06dopester just get xris to commit less than 50 times a day and it won't be that big :)
11:07BattousaiX Has anyone found out how to get past the 125 channel limit with the PVR 350?
11:07dopester wrong channel
11:08BattousaiX I thought that this may be a good channel for it. MythTV highly recommends the card. Uh, do you have a suggestion for channel?
11:08hardwir3d dopester: 125 is the wrong channel? :-)
11:08BattousaiX I want to buy a pvr next week.
11:09Chutt 125 channel limit?
11:09dopester channel 125 is the top of the analog cable band.. everything above that is a digital channel
11:09BattousaiX Thanks. So if I do some kind of digital conversion, I can get more channels?
11:09Chutt right, but, there's no limit
11:09Chutt you get the same thing if you plug your tv in
11:10Chutt battousaix, read the topic of this channel.
11:10Chutt what does it say?
11:10BattousaiX I can't read. ;)
11:10dopester digital channels are still send between 2 and 125 jsut they are numbered differently
11:10Torq It says "Chutt is boss"
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11:14BattousaiX Is there anything that a cable provider can do to stop this from working?
11:15Chutt read the fucking topic.
11:16Torq read my fucking comment.
11:16Chutt torq, you're getting annoying.
11:17BattousaiX Chutt. I did. Can you think before typing. Obviously, my question invovles the usage of mythtv. As in. Do you think that there is anything that a cable company can do to prevent mythtv from being able to record live tv?
11:17Chutt This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users
11:17Chutt how is that complicated?
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11:21dopester thor_: is your offer still valid or do i need to setup a paypal button for you?
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11:22BattousaiX Chutt, well first of all. If you read my statements you would know that I don't have mythtv yet. So, Why the fuck would I need support with it? Secondly, development would be the place to query since it's created by the people here. They would be aware of software limitations if there are any. Or do you just want to be an ass?
11:22Chutt this channel is for the developers to use, not idiots with stupid user questions.
11:23Chutt you were told, but you ignored that
11:23Chutt so why exactly should anyone give a shit about your question?
11:23BattousaiX Chutt read the topic you jackass. ;) It does not say for developers. Does it?
11:23Chutt This is the MythTV development channel.
11:23Chutt that's what that means, or do you need an english lesson?
11:24Chutt i can recommend some very good tutors
11:24BattousaiX Chutt I'm finished with college english. Do you have a point?
11:25Rule Hello all, I am adding some information to my country's xmltv grabber, such as the year of release in movies. Currently, the interface displays the year of 'previously-shown' in brackets after the title, which seems strange or incorrect to me. Is this the intended behaviour, or should it really be the 'year released' ?
11:25Chutt rule, which interface?
11:25Rule the mythweb interface for one
11:25Chutt yeah, it does that special for movies
11:26Rule yeah but previously shown isnt the correct field I would have thought
11:26Chutt since it's how the na grabber formatted things
11:26Rule oic
11:27--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:27Rule so what is the correct fix then ? changing the xmltv grabber to put the year released data in previously-shown seems wrong :/
11:27--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
11:27Rule can do as a workaround for myth I guess...
11:28Chutt well, the field _is_ called originalairdate
11:28Chutt in the db :p
11:29Rule so technically mythweb is wrong.. of course breaking the na grabber is harsh ;)
11:29--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:29Chutt well
11:29Chutt if you read the xmltv dtd, the previously-shown field is pretty undefined
11:30Rule I did read it, and I realise the 0.6 dtd is still on hold
11:30Rule the comment says it is about _air_date though
11:31Rule one other thing, I get errors when inserting long fields into the actor field
11:31Rule should check if theres a length limit or something
11:31Chutt if you're writing your own grabber, though, maybe following the datadirect spec would be a better idea?
11:31Chutt it's much more complete
11:32Rule I'm extending the python xmltv grabber atm
11:32Rule I don't know about the datadirect spec
11:32Rule got a pointer ?
11:32Rule cheers
11:32Chutt have to sign up, info in the myth docs
11:32Rule oh ok
11:33Chutt if the xmltv guys were actually going to release 0.6 ever, i'd say use that, but....
11:33Rule yeah I know... been years now
11:33Rule or at least feels that way ;)
11:34Rule was just using some pretty basic 0.6 fields for additional stuff
11:34Rule such as aspect ratio, colour, subtitles, permiere, etc
11:34Chutt i've got a 128 character limit on people's names
11:34Chutt is that not enough?
11:35Chutt i can increase it fairly easily..
11:35Rule it should be, just that the grabber puts the character that is player in backets behind it, so gets long sometimes, 128 should be ok though...
11:36Rule just tracked it down to an error in the script, multiple actors were being put in the same field
11:36Chutt ah
11:36Chutt you might want to strip the character parts out
11:36Chutt well, i guess it wouldn't matter
11:36Chutt just thinking for people searches
11:36Rule yeah
11:36Chutt they'd use a like query, anyway
11:37Rule is that done anywhere in the gui/web/other ?
11:37Beirdo so Chutt: seems the people running are looking to move their wiki after getting slashdotted to death
11:37Chutt i already emailed them.
11:37Beirdo Ah, cool :)
11:38Chutt rule, yeah
11:38Chutt frontend, under 'search words'
11:38Chutt there's a people section
11:38Rule any chance of adding additional fields in mythtv for the 0.6 stuff, or is it really off limits on account of not being released yet ? :)
11:38Chutt as long as it doesn't break stuff for other people
11:38Chutt i don't mind accepting patches.
11:38Rule cool, never noticed, been looking for it myself :)
11:39Rule cool
11:39Rule ok thanks for the info
11:39Rule oh, another thing
11:40Rule the subtitle stuff in teletext is broadcast on different channels per channel here in my country... I read somewhere someone was adding a channel field somewhere ? I might be mistaking, I don't even know if any teletext subtitle stuff is in myth yet
11:40Rule s/channels/pages
11:40Chutt there's some support for teletext with analog grabbers
11:40Chutt i really don't know anything about it, though.
11:41Rule will take a look at the code
11:41Chutt it's messy :p
11:41Rule there should probably be a place to set the teletext page per-channel
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11:42Rule also, xmltv defines a field that can be set if there are subtitles... not all programs are subtitled
11:42Rule sounds like an interesting area to look at, I'll keep quiet now and look around
11:42Chutt heh
11:42Chutt have fun :p
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12:32BattousaiX Chutt, I appologized to everyone else earlier. I'm sorry I responded like that. I'm kind of tired and wasn't thinking. But, I kind of guessed this channel would be able to answer kind of presales questions.
12:34thor_ dopester, if it would truly aid in development, then yup, absolutely
12:35BattousaiX Thanks thor_.
12:36BattousaiX Well I learned from #mythtv-users that I should go with the PVR-250 instead of the 350 because of my video Card.
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13:38--- ---> mecraw [] has joined #mythtv
13:43--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
13:54Beirdo OK, so I caught a coredump this time when my frontend died on me
13:54Beirdo it's segfaulting on a free in the OSDSurface destructor
13:55Chutt post it somewhere.
13:57Beirdo sure thing. Just the thread that killed it?
13:57Chutt all threads
13:57Beirdo what I was doing was exiting and saving location, BTW
13:57Beirdo OK
13:58--- <<-- TheAsp [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
13:58Beirdo you want a mailing list post, or a web page, or don't care?
13:58Chutt not really
13:58Beirdo OK, give me a moment :)
14:03Beirdo OK.
14:05--- <<-- Icks [] has quit (Connection timed out)
14:05Beirdo that was a | tee crash.txt on the gdb session
14:05Chutt don't see anything obviously wrong.
14:06Beirdo yeah, me neither, unless it's trying to free something that's already freed
14:06Chutt don't see how it could be, really
14:06--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
14:07Beirdo yeah, it stumps me
14:08Beirdo but I'll keep an eye on it
14:09Beirdo this only happens every once in a while, not terribly repeatable
14:10GeckoFiend chutt: checking in the first bits of the horizontal menu in Minimalist...
14:18--- ---> streamtrade [] has joined #MythTV
14:27shodan is chocking on titles that have double-quotes in their names (ie 0142032 0149460 0096657)
14:29Anduin shodan - are you going to fix it (not being smart, I'll look at if you don't)?
14:30shodan no , just reporting / can't touch perl
14:35Anduin shodan - hmm, seems to be when it is grabbing the picture, I'll look at it.
14:38shodan Anduin, yes , the rest of the metadata is in
14:42shodan also I just noticed something else , when using the -M option could you make it escape certain terms like , DVD VHS FR EN CD# 19## 200# ? (though this is wishlist territory not bugfixing)
14:42--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:43Anduin shodan - yeah, I have my own wishlist (better 169 mostly), maybe the maintainer would like to do it
14:43--- <<-- tazmaniac [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:49--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
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15:06--- ---> jmk [~jmk@] has joined #mythtv
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15:17--- ---> londo_home [~georgiou@] has joined #mythtv
15:28--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
15:36--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
15:39--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
15:48--- ---> Icks [] has joined #mythtv
15:59--- ---> streamtrade [] has joined #MythTV
16:05shodan someone please add a [continue/cancel] dialogbox to entering video manager for mythvideo , think of the children !
16:06--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
16:07--- <<-- drd [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:09--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
16:10* GeckoFiend waits for the cvs garbage collector to run
16:16* dopester waits for nick on the -users list to be capable of reading
16:19--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
16:24--- <<-- tobo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:36--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:37--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:09--- ---> _Figti_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:22--- ---> matt_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:24matt_ I'm contimplating setting up a mythtv box, or buying a PVR, but what I can't seem to find is if mythtv can somehow decode digital TV streams coming in through the cable provider (I'm using Shaw up in canada), can anyone tell me if mythTV can do digital channels too? or just analog?
17:25Anduin matt_ - ask in #mythtv-users
17:25matt_ Anduin: will do, thanks, was unaware of that channel.
17:28--- ---> Polydwarf [] has joined #mythtv
17:28--- <--- Polydwarf [] has left #mythtv ()
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17:37--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
17:43--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
17:46--- ---> Beached [] has joined #mythtv
17:46--- <--- Beached [] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
17:49--- ---> toonces [] has joined #mythtv
17:49toonces hey all.. , i've been reading and am completly stumped as to the cause of this. i've installed knoppmyth and i have a pvr-250. when i go to watch tv, i get snow (this would be analog cable)
17:50toonces i've tested the wire, and it has a proper signal on it
17:50toonces and mythtv is set to tuner0
17:50toonces am i missing something?
17:50toonces wrong channel.. sorry
17:50toonces i'll ask again in mythtv-users :)
18:00--- ---> obsidian [] has joined #mythtv
18:05--- ---> _tony_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:11--- <<-- _tony_ [] has quit ()
18:11--- ---> ^ [] has joined #mythtv
18:16--- ---> yyc747 [] has joined #mythtv
18:16yyc747 can someone recommend to me a linux-compatible, fairly inexpensive, tv tuner card? I want to try out mythtv
18:17--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:21--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
18:21--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
18:22--- ---> braniff [~dfd@braniff.user] has joined #mythtv
18:23Anduin yyc747 - ask in #mythtv-users
18:24braniff bug in 0.17: if mythphone by default picks an unused NIC, mythfrontend segfaults, leaving user unable to select a working NIC for mythphone so that mythfrontend does not segfault.
18:25Chutt solution: don't install mythphone.
18:25--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
18:26Chutt i don't see why many people would want to install it in the first place
18:26braniff i did not want it -- it was in the fc3 apt pkg
18:28braniff i will try just renaming the mythphone executable so that it does not start w/ mythfrontend
18:29Chutt just remove the package.
18:30braniff i'll try that 1st then
18:30Anduin fixing mythphone would be even better
18:30Chutt sure, but, i don't expect that
18:31--- <<-- drd [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:32braniff yeah, apt-get remove mythphone works...
18:33braniff mythfrontend running now wirelessly from backend
18:33--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
18:33obsidian Are the 0.17 debian packaages imminent or should I continue cooking up my own?
18:33--- ---> sasquatc4 [] has joined #mythtv
18:35--- <--- braniff [~dfd@braniff.user] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:35--- <--- sasquatc4 [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
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18:38--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:39^ is a windows version of mythtv in the pipeline, or are you going to kick me for asking? ;) :P
18:39--- User: *** ^ is now known as Red
18:40Baylink Red: there's a frontend out there somewhere already, I *think*. Check; there's a page on this.
18:40Baylink And that's close to the edge for -devel. :-)
18:41Red ta :)
18:44Baylink Chutt: could a library version mismatch (as I'm so fond of getting bitten by) be causing an audio mis-sync problem in 2->4 transcodes, that you can see?
18:44Baylink It persisted over y CVS->.17 transition
18:44Baylink (my)
18:45Chutt don't think so.
18:46Baylink Is that your code?
18:47Baylink 2->4 transcode, i mean.
18:48Chutt nope
18:48Baylink whom's?
18:48Chutt geoffrey hausheer's
18:49--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:49Baylink Gecko?
18:50--- <<-- toonces [] has quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
18:50Chutt nope
18:50Chutt doesn't come on here
18:50Chutt doesn't really contribute anymore, either.
18:51Baylink Ick.
18:51Baylink This Could Be Bad.
18:52--- ---> Beached [] has joined #mythtv
18:52wswanson Chutt; do you know if there is a problem on the cvs server?
18:53wswanson unable to write, file
18:53wswanson No space left on device
18:53wswanson this is for a cvs update run, but I have 36G free on my smallest partition
18:53Beached Im sorry if this is the wrong channel, but I think I might be able to get an answer here. What version of libiec61883 do I need. I must have the wrong version as myth when compiling cannot find iec61883_cmp_disconnect in firewirerecorder.cpp
18:53Chutt there's plenty of space on the cvs server.
18:54Chutt Beached, ask in the users channel.
18:54Beached I have, no one knows
18:54Chutt so, ask on the mailing lists.
18:54Beached ok
18:55--- ---> jeh65 [~jharrell6@] has joined #mythtv
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19:00wswanson hmmm. was strange, but cvs working fine now.... dunno
19:04wswanson ok, hate to ask -- but what is the purpose of mfd; hard to find any info... I see that it liked to update plugin metadata for audio items..... ;-/
19:05--- <<-- matt_ [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
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19:20--- ---> jeh65 [~jharrell6@] has joined #mythtv
19:21jeh65 Having troubles with lirc-native. frontend immediately disconnects from lircd right after startup. Myth 0.17, lircd 0.7.0, Fedora3 custom 2.6.10 kernel. Anyone around? :)
19:24jeh65 Where in the code base would I find the lirc connections, startup, communications, etc?
19:26--- ---> kuhndog [] has joined #mythtv
19:27wswanson jeh65: some stuff in libs/libmyth/lirc.cpp
19:28--- <<-- jmk [~jmk@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:28wswanson also lircevent.cpp in same tree
19:29--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:29jeh65 Found SpawnLirc, seems to generated a thread for the lirc interface. Seems the thread is dying during startup
19:31--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
19:32--- ---> BlackHussar [] has joined #mythtv
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19:59--- ---> _Figti_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:00jeh65 who/where do we submit patches to?
20:01jeh65 Turns our lirc & myth work fine, but when using native mode the libmyth doesn't fall back to reading /etc/lircrc if the home-dir .mythtv/lircrc doesn't exist
20:01jeh65 LIRC 0.7.0 states that it falls back there now as part of their release notes, though the lirc-client code in myth wasn't updated to do the same
20:05Captain_Murdo| submit to the -dev mailing list preferably with "[PATCH]" in the subject.
20:05Baylink Captain, you got a minute?
20:07--- <--- shodan [~shodan@] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:11--- <<-- obsidian [] has quit ("no reason")
20:22--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
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20:23Captain_Murdo| not now, headed out on an errand with my wife. be back a little later though. (I typed the previous comment when I came into the computer room to pick something up, same as this comment). :)
20:27--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
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21:10Baylink Rog, Captain. Having audio sync probs with transcode, and while I know that's not your patch, I though you'd said you'd had your nose in it a bit. Heading out myself to pick up a friend at work. Catch you later, or tomorrow.
21:10--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
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22:07--- ---> Gorbulas [] has joined #mythtv
22:07Gorbulas hello
22:07Gorbulas I got 0.17 running on Gentoo, but it always says that /dev/mixer doesn't exist
22:07Gorbulas it most certainly does
22:09Anduin Gorbulas - you should probably try #mythtv-users first
22:25jeh65 Captian still here?
22:25Gorbulas they don't seem to know what is wrong with my sound :(
22:26Gorbulas ALSA lib control.c:739:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL
22:26jeh65 what's the preferred diff format for patches (ie: just diff -U old.cpp new.cpp?)
22:26Gorbulas it has the name of whatever I set it to on the end there
22:27Gorbulas jeh65: I thought it was -Naur for most people, but it might vary by project
22:38Gorbulas I got it working
22:38--- ---> BlackBsd [] has joined #MythTv
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