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00:54lightbringer | Woah, cool, there is a channel for MythTV!
00:55cmorgan mythtv rocks man, why wouldn't it have a channel? in fact it has TWO channels, this one and #mythtv-users
00:55lightbringer | I want my MythTV!
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00:59Baylink Indeed, gents. This one's for developers and people with wet hands in CVS; user support is on #mythtv-users.
00:59Baylink But I see that lightbringer has figured that out. ;-)
00:59Baylink (-users is after the dev channel in my window list)
00:59* lightbringer is shocked
01:03Chutt baylink, hey
01:03Chutt so, mediawiki?
01:03lightbringer | MythTV seems like a pretty sweet project, I'm just curious how it performs, how polished it is, and if I can help.
01:07Beirdo Chutt: I think mediawiki is what he had in mind, yes. (since he's not answering at the moment)
01:08Chutt i'll look into installing it tomorrow, i guess
01:08Beirdo good stuff
01:08Beirdo I think Baylink was looking into a moin->mediawiki data exporter
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01:30Baylink Among several things, including speakers that work.
01:31Baylink Assuming we can easily port the page data, yes, I'd like to switch to mediawiki.
01:32Baylink There's some markup conversion that would be necessary (mostly un-CamelCasing things), but it oughtn't be horribly hard.
01:32Beirdo it shouldn't be too hard to do
01:32Baylink I infer that Moin is flatfile, which helps a lot. :-)
01:33Beirdo nasty design, but does make things easier to convert
01:33Baylink Indeed. I have a couple of buddies who eat perl for lunch.
01:33Beirdo heh.
01:34Beirdo and xris too
01:34Baylink Does he? Cool.
01:34Beirdo yeah, nuvexport is his baby, all perl
01:34Baylink Seems to me like "read words, converting blank lines to <P> tokens in real time, then convert prefix and suffix tokens as you go.
01:34Beirdo I've helped him with it, but the infrastructure's all his
01:35Baylink What we *really* need is a clean archival system that maintains the metadata in Myth.
01:35Baylink [Select program from list]
01:35Baylink [Myth prompts you to "insert DVD #147"]
01:36Baylink This is all tied in with "multiple media directories"; who was banging that drum?
01:36Baylink Oh, and I'm going to RFE :
01:37Baylink ==SECOND|Second Section== as a mod for clean tags
01:37Baylink in parallel to the other uses of '|'
01:38* MajestiK says Python
01:38Beirdo blech
01:41Baylink I don't object to python, but I'm also more concerned with the final product than the implementation language. MediaWiki is clean, functional, and powerful.
01:41Baylink In fact, i *like* Python.
01:42Baylink Go rewrite MW in it, will you? ;-)
01:43MajestiK :)
01:43MajestiK No-one should be subjected to my code except for me
01:44Beirdo heh
01:44Beirdo well Perl was designed for data manipulation, and is really good at it
01:45MajestiK Nasty code :)
01:48Baylink Heh.
01:50Baylink Beirdo: see bug msg on mediawiki?
01:50MajestiK Now.. can anyone figure out what it's supposed to do? :)
01:50Beirdo nope, been ignoring the channel for a bit
01:50Baylink if I could open it...
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01:51MajestiK Baylink: you can't download it?
01:51Baylink I can't *read* it at the moment; windows, no vim.
01:52MajestiK Ah.. Ok
01:52Baylink Lying: didn't show up in program files for some reason, but there...
01:53Baylink Looking now. 20 years practice, but almost no csh.
01:53MajestiK that should render nicely :)
01:53Baylink And clearly, it's idiomatic as fuck-all.
01:54Baylink Also clearly, it's some support component of some larger tools package I don't know anything about. :-)
01:55MajestiK it's more the core.. well, it's a script to allow users to select which hunk(s) of environments to use
01:55Baylink Ah
01:55MajestiK it's way too brute force though
01:56MajestiK If I give the users a complete environment, $PATH turns into about 2000 characters.. possibly much more.. plus they can't pick versions of tools
01:56Baylink Since I upgraded, MythWEB is wanting to send compressed pages, and the browser is accepting them but choking.
01:56MajestiK but, no-one really cares :)
01:57Baylink Changing accept-encoding to text in about:config fixes it, but that's ugly.
02:00Baylink Anyway, night, dude.
02:00Baylink (s)
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02:36Chutt heh
02:36Chutt yet another bug due to those shitty ac3 patches
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08:13BattousaiX Chutt are you here?
08:14Anduin BattousaiX - last message from him was at 2:36, my guess is no.
08:15BattousaiX Thank you Anduin.
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10:13lanzm i'd like to implement a "permanent record searchlist". has anyone tried to to such funtionality ?
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10:49stoffel hm, either mythmusic or the media monitor insist on ejecting my (empty) laptop's cd-rom drive after exiting myth
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10:50stoffel even though i didn't use it inisde mythtv
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10:55lanzm i'd like to implement a "permanent record searchlist". has anyone tried to to such funtionality ?
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12:02jams geckofiend, what resolution are you using? i'm getting major clipping with the new theme.
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12:56geckofiend 1280x720
12:57geckofiend hrm just realized I'm at 100x93 DPI
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13:02mkoebele hi
13:02mkoebele wouldn't it be faster to compile mythtv with included moc files?
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13:15GeckoFiend jams: I'm at 100dpi now and will fix what I find
13:15Chutt geckofiend, i don't think you have everything in cvs
13:15Chutt the button_off.png, for instance
13:15dhofstra GeckoFiend: jams figured it out I think... i'll know in a minute
13:16BattousaiX Chutt, did you get my last message yesterday?
13:16Chutt no
13:17BattousaiX It was an appology, and thanking you for pointing me to the #mythtv-users.
13:17Chutt ... ok
13:17BattousaiX I thought I would get more pre sales type answers from the developers. I don't even have the PVR yet. ;)
13:19BattousaiX So, Chutt are you a developer?
13:20Chutt i'm the main developer
13:20* stoffel giggles
13:21BattousaiX Nice. :)
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13:26mkoebele Chutt: wouldn't it be faster to compile mythtv with included moc instead of the extra moc files?
13:26Chutt not really
13:26Chutt and putting generated files into cvs is pretty dumb, really
13:26mkoebele who would do that?
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13:27Chutt you would, apparently :p
13:27mkoebele no
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13:27Baylink G'day. Chutt, did you see my late comments from last night?
13:27Chutt oh, you mean an #include "moc_baha.cpp"?
13:27mkoebele yep
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13:28Chutt i don't see how it'd be much of a difference
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13:28mkoebele you would compile only one file instead of two for the same class
13:28mkoebele for my project compiletime improved after I switched to included mocs
13:29Chutt most of the compile time is spent on non-qobjects, though
13:29jams GeckoFiend ok ,just noticed i'm not exactly 100dpi as well
13:29mkoebele oh ok
13:30Chutt baylink, which ones?
13:30Baylink [01:30:45] <Baylink> Among several things, including speakers that work.rn[01:31:14] <Baylink> Assuming we can easily port the page data, yes, I'd likern to switch to mediawiki.rn[01:31:54] <Baylink> There's some markup conversion that would be necessaryrn (mostly un-CamelCasing things), but it oughtn't bern horribly hard.rn[01:32:21] <Beirdo> it shouldn't be too hard to dorn[
13:31Chutt yeah, i saw that
13:31Chutt so, you're looking into the conversion process?
13:31Beirdo ooh, pretty paste, Baylink
13:32Captain_Murdo| Baylink, I've setup a recording with auto-transcode tonight so I'll see if I can replicate the sync issue you're talking about. It might be another framesPlayev vs framesRead type issue (the reason the cutlist was broken for a while in transcoding)
13:32Captain_Murdo| Baylink: does it happen on all recordings or just some?
13:32Baylink Yeah, I am.
13:33Baylink It seems to happen on all transcodes (again, MPEG2->MPEG4), and has since back into January sometime on CVS.
13:33Baylink Note the skip at commercial breaks issue, too, as a clue
13:33Baylink Beirdo: naim is your friend.
13:36Chutt heh
13:36Chutt php's still out of sync in debian
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13:38BattousaiX Chutt have you worked on any other products?
13:38Chutt yes.
13:39BattousaiX Chutt, What are they?
13:39Captain_Murdo| Baylink: the transcoder doesn't resize does it?
13:39mkoebele can I skip the grabbing step of xmltv during mythfilldatabase when I already have an xml file of xmltv?
13:39Baylink I believe we're transcoding from 480x480 to 480x480; ie: no.
13:40Anduin mkoebele - I'll answer that over in #mythtv-users
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13:40BattousaiX LOL. Maybe not.
13:41mkoebele ;)
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13:41BattousaiX Hmmm, connection issues.
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13:41mkoebele ya, looks like
13:42Captain_Murdo| Baylink: I think I may add a resize option.
13:43Baylink Could be. RIght for now, though, I'd settle for a "friggin' do it right" option. :-)
13:44Captain_Murdo| I'll see how my test case goes tonight and see if I can find anything wrong.
13:44GeckoFiend Chutt I just tried to readd the button_off image and it says it exists
13:45Chutt i don't think it's up to date
13:45Chutt it's 475 pixels wide :p
13:45Chutt doesn't look so hot on the main screen
13:47Captain_Murdo| Baylink: is the audio getting behind?
13:48GeckoFiend chutt: heh forgot I'd changed that. it's in now
13:48Baylink IIRC, the audio is *ahead* about 10 frames.
13:48GeckoFiend jams: should be a lot less clipping now
13:49jams cool i will check it out in a bit
13:50Captain_Murdo| Baylink: ok, thanks.
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13:51Baylink Cause it replays the last half-second or so of the before-cut audio after the cut.
13:51Chutt the main menu text isn't centered :p
13:51Chutt and the icon size doesn't change at all =)
13:52Captain_Murdo| Baylink: ok, I think I may know what it is then. so the audio is behind then. if it's playing it late.
13:53GeckoFiend chutt can you check the theme.xml? It *might* be caused by a font substituion
13:53Captain_Murdo| He's not calling NVP::ClearAfterSeeks after he calls decoder->DoFastForward, so there is still data in the audio buffer when he goes to encode the audio starting after the cut. That may be it.
13:53GeckoFiend I've noticed that if the text is too big to fit the centering breaks down
13:54Baylink Yeah, I guess that *would* make it late, wouldn't it.
13:54Chutt i'll check later
13:54Baylink Wait one; will check.
13:54Chutt gotta go now
13:55Baylink Later, Chutt.
13:59Captain_Murdo| scheduling a recording for now so I can make a cutlist when it's done and test to see if that fixes it before tonight hopefully.
14:00Baylink Cool. If it's another one-liner, let me know, and I'll slap it in. Our recording block tonight starts at 20EST
14:01Captain_Murdo| need to run out to Lowes, be back in a few, recording will be done and flagged by then, then I can transcode and test, then apply the fix and retest.
14:04Baylink Cool; awaiting brethlessly. :-)
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14:17jams GeckoFiend, clipping is gone but as Chutt said text is off centered
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14:27beablis amiuztrfghjuikkkkkkkkkk
14:31* beablis says sorry, little daughter ;)
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14:47xris Chutt: you around?
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14:48GeckoFiend jams can you check the theme.xml file and see if it has the centered tag set for those?
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14:58ByteNik I'm trying to see if I can compile and package for distribution mythtv for windows... I have qt3.3 built natively in windows with mysql support. I'm having an issue though with libmyth...
14:59ByteNik It wants xinerama, and I don't know if I can just disable that.
14:59ByteNik functions like GetMythTVGeometry depend on it...
14:59ByteNik I'm assuming those are necessary functions?
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15:12jd86 has anyone had any luck getting a msi tv @nywhere card based on the connectanxt chip working?
15:12--- <--- xris [] has left #mythtv ()
15:14Anduin jd86 - I think only the wizards over in #mythtv-users would know.
15:15jd86 ok
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16:50skone if I use apt-get to upgrade mythtv, do I need to kill the backend, or will it do it automatically?
16:51dhofstra skone: topic
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17:11Baylink xris: since .17, mythweb seems to want to send pages compressed, and unless I set accept-encoding to text in Firefox, I get compression-barf. Any thoughts?
17:12Baylink Once I get it to talk to me, it's gorgeous, mind.
17:13Torq baylink, you need to adjust the apache settings
17:13Torq the mime type is not being set properly on the http header
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17:18xris Baylink: I haven't changed any of that.
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17:24Torq baylink: you did something to your apache...
---Logclosed Sun Feb 13 17:26:41 2005
---Logopened Sun Feb 13 17:42:58 2005
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17:42-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 91 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 91 normal
17:42skone nothing, just a page cannot be found
17:43-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #mythtv was synced in 16 secs
17:43Baylink Are you spelling out index.php?
17:43Baylink in the url?
17:43skone I did this time
17:43skone let me insert the full path
17:43Baylink ynot just wire a redirect in your config?
17:44skone The requested URL /var/www/html/mythweb was not found on this server
17:44Baylink Well, *that's* a bogus error
17:45skone I just want to be able to hit http://mythtv
17:45Baylink You're gonna bookmark it anyway, right? So why bang your head?
17:46skone well I figured its an easy fix
17:47skone there it goes
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17:51xris Baylink: I may have done that. dunno.
17:56Baylink Well, if you get any more reports, I'd be happy to help track it down.
17:56Baylink Pretty redesign, BTW
18:00xris yeah. also let me know if you figure anything out.
18:00xris and thanks. :)
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18:14Beirdo man I hate computers sometimes
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18:37Torq baylink: u there?
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18:37Torq how do we know when 0.17 is "stable" ?
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20:00Baylink Here now
20:00Baylink Torq
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20:20Captain_Murdo| Baylink, does the audio stay out of sync after the cutpoint?
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21:02* Karlos_32 posts a bug report for myth tv on
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21:19Karlos_32 isaac are you here?
21:19--- <<-- _Figti_ [] has quit (Connection timed out)
21:19Karlos_32 I just emailed you
21:19Karlos_32 about that bug
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21:24Baylink Captain_Murdoch, you round again yet?
21:24Baylink There you are.
21:24Baylink Yeah, it's out of sync from frame one, we think; double checking now.
21:24Baylink Hey, Chutt?
21:26* Karlos_32 sighs
21:26* Karlos_32 sighs
21:27Captain_Murdo| about to leave. I've been messing with it. I think it's a video sync issue caused by the transcoder not setting something correctly or by the fact that it doesn't change the timecodes. if you turn on the playback debug messages with "mythfrontend -v playback" then I think you'll see some messages about A/V diverging too much and that frames are being dropped to get A/V back in sync.
21:28Captain_Murdo| I can reproduce it though, just need to figure out why it's happening.
21:28Captain_Murdo| getting closer but not quite there yet.. :)
21:28Captain_Murdo| be back later....
21:29Karlos_32 Chutt I'm very confused I've been trying resolve issue for almost a year
21:30--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
21:30Baylink Cool. I was trying to track down whether it was happening before the first cut, but it's proving... problematic.
21:32Baylink Karlos_32; I've just read your bug report, and to the extent that I can understand it -- it's fairly confusing -- I concur with Isaac; it's not a Myth problem.
21:33Karlos_32 Baylink: what is confusing?
21:33Baylink Your description of the problem, mostly.
21:33Karlos_32 Baylink: simply put the sound does not turn off when I close mythtv
21:33Karlos_32 why?
21:33Baylink The sound from *what*?
21:33Karlos_32 fromthe tv feed
21:34Karlos_32 tv sound
21:34Karlos_32 it keeps going
21:34Karlos_32 inorder to shut it off I have to start up tvtime and then close tvtime for it to shut off
21:34Baylink You have way too many unqualified nouns in that bug report, and you completely fail to mention what is probably the most important item: that you're using a tuner card that feeds analog sound to a sound card for capture.
21:34Karlos_32 Baylink: oh sorry
21:35Karlos_32 Baylink: I put this in ATI TV Wonder (Sound is passed through a cable to line in on the SB live from
21:35Karlos_32 this card.)
21:35Baylink We use IVTV cards here, so it's not a problem I can have, and therefore I dont spend much time in that part of setup, but I rather suspect you have a switch flipped wrong in setup.
21:35Baylink ALSA support is dodgy as well, IIRC.
21:36Baylink But this really belongs on -users, any road.
21:36Karlos_32 Baylink: well they don't know
21:36Karlos_32 Baylink: I've been askinga bout this for almost a year
21:37Beirdo have you tried asking on the mailing list?
21:37Karlos_32 Baylink: yes no answer
21:37dhofstra just seems like more people would have this same problem with how many people have bttv cards
21:37Karlos_32 dhofstra: I sure like to know what the heck I'm doing then
21:37Karlos_32 wrong I mean
21:38Karlos_32 heck if someone has it working fine with the same setup send me your config files so I can compare....and find otu the error of my ways
21:38Karlos_32 btw I've done installs of this on gentoo and debian and encounter the same issue
21:38Beirdo well, it's not a development issue per-se, so Baylink is right, it should be on -users rather than here
21:39Karlos_32 and manyfresh installs
21:39Karlos_32 Beirdo: I'm not convinced of that
21:39Beirdo exactly what development is it with regards to?
21:39Karlos_32 mythtv shutting sound off properly
21:40Beirdo seems to be a pretty clear user-support issue, even if they other users aren't able to help
21:40Karlos_32 Beirdo: oh really then why does tvtime close the sound channel and mythtv doesn't?
21:42Baylink <sigh> Beirdo: isn't there a know in mythsetup that discusses how myth manhandles the mixer?
21:42Baylink What's that called/
21:42Baylink ?
21:43Beirdo :)
21:43Beirdo I think that there is a setting, yes, but I don't recall what it's called
21:44Beirdo and it might actually be in the frontend setup if it's the one I'm thinking of
21:45Karlos_32 yes mixer stuff is in frontend setup
21:46Karlos_32 general
21:46Baylink All of a sudden, this week -- apologies to xris, it's clearly not mythweb's fault -- firefox is blowing it's brains out on UTF-8
21:46Baylink I thought it was compression, but it's not.
21:46Baylink meta.wikimedia won't load either, and my accept-encoding is set to text here.
21:47Baylink *intermittently.
21:47Baylink I wonder if roadrunner is transparent proxy caching and having problems.
21:47Beirdo quite possible
21:47Karlos_32 audio device is : /dev/dsp, use internal volume controls are checkmarked, mixer device is: /dev/mixer, mixer controls are pcm, and both volumes are set to 70
21:48Beirdo Karlos_32: you are off-topic, PLEASE go to -users
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22:52--- ---> _Bradders [] has joined #mythtv
22:52_Bradders Heh all...
22:53_Bradders Anyone used mythtranscode on the CLI?
22:55_Bradders Hmm
22:55_Bradders ajb-linux:/software/mythtv0.6/mythtv-0.16 # mythtranscode --showprogress -p default -i /root/1000_20050213125800_20050213133000.nuv -f /tmp/
22:55_Bradders stream: 0 Type: 0
22:55_Bradders stream: 1 Type: 1
22:55_Bradders input #0, mpeg, from '/root/1000_20050213125800_20050213133000.nuv':
22:55_Bradders Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, 720x576, 25.00 fps
22:55_Bradders Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 256 kb/s
22:55_Bradders only MP2 audio is currently supported
22:55_Bradders mythtranscode: mpeg2trans.cpp:375: uint32_t Mpeg2trans::process_mp2_audio(Avpacket*): Assertion `0' failed.
22:56_Bradders Any ideas?
22:58Beirdo yup. Read the topic
23:01_Bradders Eek
23:01_Bradders Sorry!
23:01--- <--- _Bradders [] has left #mythtv ()
23:02--- ---> _Bradders [] has joined #mythtv
23:02_Bradders Though I will be here one day soon - having trouble's modifying the MythWeather module
23:02--- <--- _Bradders [] has left #mythtv ()
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23:30Baylink Did Captain_M wander back in whilst I wasn't looking?
23:32Baylink Guessing not.
23:32Baylink Night all.
23:32--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
23:44Captain_Murdo| no he didn't, but he just did and saw it was too late. :)
23:46Beirdo heh
23:46--- <<-- streamtrade [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:48Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: you don't have any UML experience do ya? :)
23:49Captain_Murdo| a few hours worth and that's about it.
23:49Captain_Murdo| played with it a little, but nothing too complicated.
23:49Beirdo I can't get the UML kernel to compile, and I'm getting pissed at computers :)
23:51Captain_Murdo| never went that far myself, used a precompiled one.
23:51Beirdo well, I like doing it all myself
23:54Beirdo Make sure that you don't build this kernel in /usr/src/linux. On some distributions, /usr/include/asm is a link into this pool. The user-mode build changes the other end of that link, and things that include <asm/anything.h> stop compiling.
23:54Beirdo heh
23:54Beirdo well, I'm not doing it in that dir
23:54--- ---> streamtrade [] has joined #MythTV
23:55Beirdo but it's including crap from <asm/> anyways, which don't match the kernel I'm compiling
23:55Beirdo argh
---Logclosed Mon Feb 14 00:00:54 2005