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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-02-14

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00:02Captain_Murdo| heh, that user doing the comskip code stuff for SageTV is scrapping his DirectShow version because he says it's too slow. now he says he's writing his own mpeg decoder rather than using libmpeg2.
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00:04Beirdo hehe
00:05Beirdo bet he'll scrap that too
00:07Captain_Murdo| probably. he was doing good for a while supposedly. people were saying his mods worked ok, but I never got them to work anything near as good as my code. I think he tweaked it too much. he does have some good ideas though and has spent time on making it do CC and audio detection. I made a makefile for Linux so I could compile and run his code. he converted my commercial_skip.cpp back to straight C for some reason I can't recal
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00:32Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: I'd certainly prefer straight C myself, but that's just me
00:33Captain_Murdo| funny things it the code was originally C but I converted it to C++, then he converted it back. :)
00:33Beirdo heh
00:33Beirdo why not leave it as C in the first place?
00:33Captain_Murdo| watched the superbowl commercials tonight and it seemed like just about the only place flagging messed up was because of the short show segments that were less than 120 seconds.
00:34Beirdo nice
00:34Captain_Murdo| because I wanted it to conform better and I would have had to use statics all over the place which wouldnt' have worked well with running multiple flagging jobs at the same time, etc.. lots of reasons.
00:35Beirdo fair enough
00:37Captain_Murdo| earliest commercial_skip.cpp in CVS is only 133 lines....
00:38Beirdo heh
00:38Beirdo gah! Sandra Bernhard in this Crossing Jordan... ick
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00:48Captain_Murdo| here's a quote for you from that guy (I'm replying to it now). "And, BTW, the improved commercial skip code base that MythTV is releasing came from the comskip that Sage users have had for a while now. Unless there is something that I didn't notice, there isn't anything new to add."
00:48Beirdo heheh
00:48Beirdo little does he know
00:48Captain_Murdo| so he (and another guy) copy my code, then enhance it some, then when I implement some new things they say I copied them.
00:49Beirdo I love how he's now taking credit for code he scammed from you
00:49Captain_Murdo| I'm putting in my reply (on the sage forum) that everything he's done has been discussed time and time again on the Myth lists and I've got a TODO list a page long but not enough tiem to implement it.
00:49Beirdo heh
00:50Beirdo Oh great, getting a cold
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01:09MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: don't remember if I asked, but is there a way to turn the commercial flags into a cutlist from console only? I know the flagging might not be perfect.. but worst case, I just re-transcode it..
01:10Captain_Murdo| nothing easy, but a shell or perl script to do it wouldn't be that hard. (or a patch to mythcommflag would be accepted). :)
01:12MajestiK yeah, I keep thinking of trying to do it.. should be pretty easy, just pull the commflag, reformat, and call it a cutlist :)
01:12MajestiK I'd want to do it the "right" way, through the backend if that's possible..
01:12Captain_Murdo| no way to do it through the backend. all the cutlist and comm flagging code talk directly to the DB.
01:14Captain_Murdo| you're talking about only 20 lines of code to do it inside mythcommflag. create a QMap, call ProgramInfo::GetCutList, change the start/end cutlist marks into start/end commflag marks, then call ProgramInfo::SetCommBreakList with the same QMap. I think it's that easy.
01:15MajestiK hmm.. that's easier :)
01:15MajestiK However, that'll require me to learn C :)
01:15Captain_Murdo| maybe a few extra lines to hook it up to a command line option.
01:15MajestiK And, run a non-release version to test it too..
01:16MajestiK I think I'll see if I can hack it out in python just to see how it behaves, then maybe see about the right way in mythcommflag sometime later..
01:17MajestiK Although, I could just run a non-release mythcommflag against a release backend/frontend/everythingelse
01:17Captain_Murdo| as long as they're compiled against the same libmythtv
01:18MajestiK K
01:19MajestiK I should make the changes against CVS, or the release?
01:19Captain_Murdo| do you compile your own or use a package?
01:19Captain_Murdo| shouldn't matter, mythcommflag isn't changing that much.
01:20Beirdo jeez I'm stupid
01:20Beirdo gzip -dc initrd.gz
01:20Beirdo hehe
01:20Beirdo and the whole damn thing is spewing to the ssh session, ctrl-C ain't doing squat :)
01:20MajestiK I'm using gentoo right now.. so sorta both :)
01:20MajestiK mostly package though for all useful definitions
01:21Captain_Murdo| give me about 5 minutes and I'll have a patch to mythcommflag.
01:22MajestiK Cool
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01:26Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: OK, this is great... as playback ends, it freezes two or three times first
01:27Captain_Murdo| that's been discussed over on -users some I think. I never get to the end so I've never seen it. :) I use 'D' from within playback all the time as soon as the credits roll.
01:27Beirdo and I've also noticed that if the last commercial break ends too close to the end of the show, you miss the end of the show.
01:32Captain_Murdo| you mean too close to the end of the recording and you miss the end of the show (which is after the commercial?)
01:33Beirdo yep
01:33Captain_Murdo| how long before the end of the recording?
01:33Beirdo 15-20s maybe
01:34Beirdo next time I see it happen, I'll load up the commflags and make sure it's not marked to the end of the recordin
01:35Captain_Murdo| probably is. since it's only 15-20 seconds, it probably thinks it's comm unless it has enough stuff to indicate it's not like if it has a logo, etc..
01:35Beirdo hmmm. aggravating
01:36Captain_Murdo| part of the reason I don't use auto-skip. :)
01:36Beirdo no kidding
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01:42Captain_Murdo| 81-line diff to add a --gencutlist feature. MajestiK, want a patch?
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01:55Chutt heh
01:55Chutt people are so whiney on the lists
01:57Captain_Murdo| Chutt, do you know if there was a reason that Geoffrey didn't recompute the timecodes in the transcoder instead of just using the originals?
01:58Chutt no idea
01:58Chutt feel free to take ownership of the transcoder, though
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01:59Captain_Murdo| :) not that I want it, but I do have a thing or two I'm looking at doing with it. testing now whether I can offse the timecodes so they are consecutive instead of jumping at every cutpoint.
02:00Chutt should be able to do that, yes
02:00Captain_Murdo| also would like to be able to resize so I can playback some HD/SDTV stuff on a slower frontend.
02:00Beirdo Please, if you do that, you will make my life infinitely easier with nuv2avi
02:00Captain_Murdo| testing my code, I figured I could do it, just trying to wrap my head around the transcoder and how it's files are handled by the player. :)
02:01Beirdo for non-transcoded mpeg4, it seems to be near perfect for most people
02:01Beirdo for transcoded stuff, it gets whacked by the timecode discontinuity
02:01Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's what I'm trying to fix. that's what Baylink's bug is caused by.
02:02Beirdo in spite of my various efforts to unwhack it... If it were done in the transcoder, muuuch nicer :)
02:04Captain_Murdo| I think it's a fairly trivial fix, testing now for the mpeg2->mpeg4 case.
02:06MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: Would love one :)
02:07MajestiK cool.. port 23510?
02:07Captain_Murdo| yeah, cox won't allow port 80
02:07MajestiK Ah..
02:07Captain_Murdo| that's a home server, not my normal webserver.
02:07Beirdo cox sucks itself
02:08MajestiK How long have you had that one ready Beirdo? :)
02:08Beirdo they also don't allow NTP for some users, apparently
02:08Beirdo heh
02:08MajestiK Thanks Captain_Murdoch, I'll throw it in sometime soon, and see how it goes.
02:09Captain_Murdo| let me know if you find anything wrong. it doesn't print out anything to the screen, but you can check the cutlist after running it. just use --gencutlist with --chanid and --starttime options and it will copy the commercial skip list to the cutlist.
02:10MajestiK K, thx
02:10Captain_Murdo| it doesn't run flagging, just copies the list when you use --gencutlist
02:10MajestiK is --gencutlist in --help?
02:10Captain_Murdo| yeah
02:11MajestiK K, I'm out for now though.. gotta sleep so I can work tomorrow :)
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02:41mdz heh, playback seems to be a bit funny on powerpc
02:42mdz the keyframe seems to decode OK, but after that all bets are off
02:43Beirdo interesting
02:43Beirdo mdz: got my UML stuff partially working :)
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03:00Captain_Murdo| hmmm, it helps if I encode audio and video with the same timecode offset rather than offsetting one and not the other, who'da thunk it.
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03:18Beirdo hehe
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03:32Captain_Murdo| Beirdo, adjusting the timecodes works for cases where the transcoder is reencoding video, not just cutting. that will be a bit harder to fix. I'll take a look into that when I can. I have a patch I'll give Baylink to test. time to get some sleep now... :)
03:32Beirdo coool
03:33Beirdo good to know you are half there
03:33Beirdo I should go to bed too
03:33Beirdo still fighting my way through my first ever UML setup
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12:16Chutt mdz, err, why are you reverting backendsettings in your deb?
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12:30mdz Chutt: looks like a merge gone bad
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12:30Chutt heh
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13:04mdz Chutt: fixed in 0.17-3
13:05mdz someone tried to tell me that their database upgrade didn't work (that the schema was updated, but DBSchemaVer wasn't), but I accept no responsibility for that
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15:48Baylink Hey, Captain.
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16:13Captain_Murdo| Hey, I think I have it working for transcodes where it has to convert the video (IE, not fifo and not just-cutting). The problem is because the transcoder doesn't change the timestamps on the frames, it just copies the old timestamps over. this causes problems in the player when the timestamps jump by too far because the A/V sync code doesn't know what to do. with my current mods, the timecodes are all changed and the video plays fine. if yo
16:13Captain_Murdo| u look at it frame-by-frame in the editor, you'll probably find that it isn't playing the last bit of audio over the new scene, it's actually skipping part of the old scene even though the video frames are there and you can see them if you step frame-by-frame in the editor. this is how I figured out what was going on. if you want to try a patch (it will only apply to new transcodes), you can download this:
16:13Captain_Murdo| mp/mythtranscode_timecodes.patch I want to do some more testing and see if I can fix the cut-only case as well before committing.
16:13* Captain_Murd notices that was almost flood-long.
16:14Baylink Aha.
16:14Baylink :-)
16:14Baylink I can apply it to the production 0.17?
16:15Chutt just use cvs :p
16:15Baylink Aw, c'mon; I was trying to get back *off* the critical path for the damned box, Isaac. :-}
16:16Baylink Am I the *only person left* transcoding 2->4, BTW? I can't imagine no one's reported this problem.
16:17Baylink BTW, Chutt: could you change the .org frontpage link to point to the 0.17 release notes page?
16:17Chutt yeah, i'm planning on doing that
16:18Baylink Cool. That's my permanent home for that page.
16:18Baylink I'm chasing down how to translate the Moin pages to Media.
16:18Chutt how goes the converter? :p
16:19Baylink And I'm also looking into how to pull it back out for flat-file.
16:19Baylink The latter, ironically, may be easier.
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16:19Baylink "Be careful what you wish for..."
16:21Baylink Later all; will report, Captain; thanks.
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16:27kvandivo so chutt.. now that you've had it for a while.. how are you enjoying the pt-ae700u?
16:27Chutt it's nice
16:28Chutt wish the contrast was a bit better, though
16:28kvandivo hard to imagine going back, huh?
16:28Chutt yeah
16:28Chutt normal tvs are so tiny now
16:28* kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
16:28Chutt 'course, i think i'm up to around 280 hours on the lamp now
16:28kvandivo nod
16:28Chutt had it for 2 months
16:29kvandivo sounds about right.. the GF is probably at about the same rate, if not higher..
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16:31Baylink Ah; projector.
16:31Baylink What are those lamps rated for?
16:31Chutt 3000 hours on high mode
16:31Chutt but i run mine in low, so, i dunno
16:32Baylink Probably 4500 or so.
16:32Baylink FIgure a bulb a year.
16:32Baylink Maybe 2 years.
16:33Chutt well, i'm _hoping_ that a decently priced 1080p native projector will be available by the time this bulb burns out
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16:53kvandivo good luck. heck, i'll hope right along with you.. i wouldn't mind having one of those..
16:57_GeckoFiend I'm just pleased to have 720p now.
17:01_GeckoFiend Gotta get an amp for my antenna tonight and hope that raises my quality high enough to record my 3 main shows in high def
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17:02_GeckoFiend heading out again
17:03kvandivo i've got to decide whether or not i need multiple antenna to do the HD thing. According to I need to have large uni-directional antenna with preamps pointing in 3 different directions..
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17:12gr8nash fyi antennawebs color rate have had no barin on reality for me and my family at least
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17:13gr8nash it said i had violet.. (huge antenna and amp) and i used a desktop and no amp.. its perfect.
17:13--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
17:18kvandivo gr8nash: good to know.. i had suspected as much, but couldn't find any data to back up my thoughts
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18:28Blymie Like, I have mythtv 1/2 way compiled on my amiga, buyt I need help to get it to work all the way.. can someone give an idea on what code to optimize so it gets better fps?
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18:45Torq mythtv on an amiga?!? are you serious
18:45Torq Youre taking the piss. amiga doesnt have enough horses in it
18:48TheAsp Torq: add on ppc boards
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18:49TheAsp blymie: what chip you using?
18:49TheAsp :)
18:53fith Yeah the kicker, from what he asked in #mythtv-users, was that he only had 1MB of ram in it... Sounds like a troll to me :)
18:54Beirdo don't feed the trolls
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19:09Baylink Torq; you needed me last night?
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19:34--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
19:45Chutt there, ordered a case & ram for the mini-itx motherboard
19:45--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:46hadees Chutt, what case did you get?
19:48Chutt uhm
19:48Chutt ah
19:48Chutt travla c-158
19:52--- ---> [M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
19:52--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58Chutt baylink, here?
19:59--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
19:59--- <<-- Chuji [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:01Baylink Yep.
20:02Baylink 'sup, Chutt.
20:02Chutt so, should i install the devel version of media-wiki?
20:03Baylink 1.4 beta, they're telling me, yeah. rc1 is due in a week or two, I gather.
20:04Baylink I'd expected some mail back from DG etal on the mini-list by now; no reply. You get something I missed?
20:04--- <<-- sreality [] has quit ()
20:04Chutt couple off-list things
20:04Baylink Hmmm...
20:04Chutt nothing major, really
20:05Baylink Ok. I'll be needing to get some sample page dumps from DG for translation
20:05Chutt you were the last one in that thread
20:05Baylink Ah. 'k.
20:05Baylink I'll poke him tonight; gotta put in CM's transcode patch
20:06Chutt i've got the subdomain all set up, anyway
20:06Baylink wiki.? Cool.
20:07Baylink You can go ahead and do the install if you want; I'll put an account on and you can admin me.
20:07--- <<-- jd86 [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:07Baylink It's pretty trivial, IME.
20:07Baylink Set up 2 or 3 private ones already.
20:07Baylink (1.3.8, but still)
20:07Chutt i wanted to put a better php cache/accel on there, though
20:07Chutt so i'll probably go do that first
20:08Chutt heh, case is out of stock
20:08Chutt hrmph
20:09Baylink Look at what [[Wikipedia]] does for that; clearly, they have lots of practice. You might want to postpone it, for the nonce, though; I don't know what our hit counts are, but we're probably not pushing 90M hits/day
20:09Baylink :-)
20:09Chutt well, also for the main website.
20:09Baylink Ah.
20:09Baylink You're co-hosting them, then?
20:09Baylink virt-
20:10Chutt redirects to at the moment.
20:11Baylink Got it.
20:12Chutt hrm
20:12Chutt know if php4-imagick is required?
20:12Chutt it's not currently installable in unstable.
20:13Baylink I believe IM is optional, particularly if you have GD
20:19Baylink Captain_Murdoch, you round?
20:22Baylink Here's a weirdo: his patch leaves the binary different, but the identical bytecount.
20:25Chutt heh
20:30Baylink We're testing it now.
20:30Baylink Assuming my sister doesn't kill me. Suggestion: in edit mode, change 20 secds to 30...
20:31Baylink And should I hang an RFE on my suggestions about merging edit mode, or just mail them to the dev list?
20:35Chutt whatever you want :p
20:37Baylink 'k.
20:50GeckoFiend so the UI guru looked over Minimilist. in a nutshell "it's pretty good as it is but I could make it better given enough time to tinker" gonna try and hook him up with a lower end myth box
20:51Baylink Is theme?
20:51GeckoFiend yeah it's the new widescreen theme
20:52--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
20:52Baylink Ah. Cool. Chutt: re caching: you know MW has built in memcached support right?
20:53Chutt yeah, and turck_mmcache
20:53Baylink COol.
20:53Chutt it's running
20:53Chutt i think
20:54GeckoFiend oooooooh flower power
20:55Baylink I have logged in; you may sprinkle holy sunflower pee upon me at your leisure. :-)
20:55Baylink I'll have a logo tomorrow, too, unless you wanted to do it.
20:56Chutt naw, less stuff i have to do the better
20:56--- ---> mdew [~news@] has joined #mythtv
20:56Chutt so, where's the admin interface?
20:57--- <--- mdew [~news@] has left #mythtv ()
20:57Baylink Excellent question. :-)
20:57Baylink I haven't needed it yet.
20:57Baylink Wait one
20:58Baylink I believe that if you're logged in as WikiSysop, you get extra Special Pages that comprise it.
20:58Baylink Perhaps on the User List.
20:58Chutt yeah
20:58Chutt found it
20:59Chutt Special:MakeSysop
20:59Chutt err, Makesysop
20:59Chutt what's your user name?
20:59Baylink Baylink.
21:00Baylink (duh :-)
21:00Chutt do you want to be a beaurocrat?
21:00Chutt err
21:00Baylink Up to you.
21:00Chutt yeah, spelled right, too
21:00Baylink I forget what extra they can do. Sprinkling, i think.
21:01Chutt yeah, i'll just do that
21:01Baylink FYI
21:04Baylink Got it. Thanks.
21:04Chutt restarting apache
21:05--- ---> Aneurysm9 [] has joined #mythtv
21:05Baylink Aw, c'mon; Chicago Hope is on the TV behind me...
21:07Baylink We need to think about licensing, Chutt
21:09Chutt hrm?
21:10Baylink What license we're considering people's contributions to be made under.
21:10Chutt ah
21:10Baylink Doesn't matter, (well, it does), but we need to pick one, and not change it.
21:10Chutt docs licenses suck
21:10Baylink I know.
21:11Baylink GFDL appears to suck worst.
21:11Chutt how about, 'everything you submit is owned by me'
21:11Chutt not that that's legal, or anything
21:11Baylink :-) We could do that.
21:11Baylink Yeah, it actually is.
21:11Baylink As long as everyone has notice in advance.
21:11Baylink I'd recommend a Creative Commons license.
21:11--- ---> okieplaya [] has joined #mythtv
21:11Baylink I'll look and make a recommendation.
21:12Chutt ok
21:12Chutt should i disable anon edits?
21:12--- <--- okieplaya [] has left #mythtv ()
21:13Baylink For now, certainly.
21:14Baylink In the long run... I dunno. We've gotten a lot of useful stuff the last week, since the slashdotting, from anons.
21:17Chutt ok, i can leave it enabled
21:17Chutt anyway
21:17Baylink Well, until we get the pages inhaled, we might *want* to shut it off...
21:17Chutt <shrug>
21:17Chutt no one's going to go there
21:18Chutt i've only talked about it in here
21:18Chutt and it's not linked from anywhere
21:18Baylink One can only hope. I guess we're safe. And I put up a Go Away sign on the mainpage for the nonce, anyway. Yeah, leave it open
21:25--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
21:44Beirdo OK, registered on the new wiki.
21:48Baylink Chutt: is there a functional difference between an empty cutlist, and a NULL one? We're seeing a falls-over-dead problem trying to "go back into" edit mode, all of a sudden.
21:58Baylink Pretty reliably, if we try to edit a show with 'editing'=1, it crashes hard.
22:07--- <<-- levon [~levon@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:19Baylink What file has the include for the comflagged column in recorded?
22:21Captain_Murdo| programinfo.h CommFlagStatuses
22:21Baylink Thanks.
22:22Baylink I thought the crash was coming from edited=1, it's not.
22:22Baylink Patch appears to have worked.
22:22Captain_Murdo| so you've transcoded with a cutlist and files are playing fine?
22:22Baylink I think I'm still a frame or two off, but it's in livetv, too, so it must be playback related.
22:23Baylink I still get the outpoint blop, oddly, but the audio sync seems ok, now
22:23--- <<-- laroth [] has quit ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041107]")
22:25--- <<-- Aneurysm9 [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
22:35--- <<-- SgtYork [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:41Baylink Captain: in lieu of that column, any idea what *else* could pop the "commercials are being flagged" icon? No jobs in queue, either.
22:42Beirdo there's a setting in recordedmarkup I think too isn't there with a type that's negative
22:42Baylink Looked; no records.
22:43Baylink All type 7 for that starttime
22:46Beirdo hmm
22:46Beirdo dunno :)
22:46Captain_Murdo| In MainServer::HandleQueryRecordings, it looks like it's just the commflagged and editting fields that would trigger that icon to turn on.
22:47Baylink I'll investigate further. I guess I'm going to have to setup for backtrace generation.
22:47Captain_Murdo| that's the FL_EDITING flag.
22:47Baylink Cool. Thanks again for the pointer, Cap.
22:47Captain_Murdo| what is the value of the commflagged field.
22:48Baylink I think I've closed my MyAdmin by now Wait one.
22:49--- <<-- m0j0 [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:50Baylink I have a single '2', about a dozen '1's, and mostly '0's
22:50Baylink THe one that's breaking is a 0
22:51Captain_Murdo| doesn't look right. 0 shouldn't do anything, it just means it hasn't been flagged. and editing is 0 for that record?
22:51Baylink Until it crashes, then it gets set to 1
22:52Baylink And yet, I have the icon
22:52Captain_Murdo| but before it crashes, is the icon on?
22:53Baylink We'll try again. editing=0, commflagged=0
22:53Baylink And has a cutlist already. Survey ... says:
22:54Baylink Says we don't have the icon anymore. One moment for crash results.
22:54Baylink 'P' plays, 'E' then crashes.
22:55Captain_Murdo| if it crashes in edit mode and leaves the editing column set to 1 then it will show the icon next time you go in because that icon indicates editing or commflagging.
22:55Baylink Yeah; I'm on that now. So the crash is being prompted by something else.
22:56Captain_Murdo| try going into edit via the MENU 'M' key for kicks. does it crash right when it goes in or when?
22:56Baylink Cutlist syntax seems ok
22:56Baylink Now, I can't get back into Watch Recording for some reason.
22:57--- ---> Knghtbrd [] has joined #mythtv
22:57Baylink 2005-02-14 22:56:40.018 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 4)rn2005-02-14 22:57:00.019 ReadStringList timeout (quick).rn2005-02-14 22:57:00.020 Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION:
22:58Baylink BE seems still up
22:58Baylink Nope, I'm lying.
22:58Baylink It's in the process table but mythweb can't get to it either.
22:58Baylink Reboot time.
22:59Baylink Out of space, for no apparent reason.
22:59Baylink <sigh>
23:00--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:00--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
23:01Beirdo computers so suck :)
23:01* Baylink weeps
23:04Baylink Oh goodie: the amazing exploding transcodes again.
23:05Baylink I *so* didn't need extra stress.
23:06Beirdo I hear ya
23:07* mikegrb pulls on beirdo to stress him
23:07Beirdo heh
23:08Beirdo having a cold that put me outta action today's enough stress for me
23:08mikegrb Beirdo: I had lobster bisque, fetta cheese on toasted bread, giant pasta shells with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce and these greek things with grape leafs wrapped around them for dinner
23:08mikegrb Beirdo: you really should get a wife ;)
23:08Beirdo yeah, I know
23:08Beirdo she cooked all that?
23:08Beirdo wow
23:08mikegrb oh, and don't forget the chocolate fondue and strawberries for desert
23:09Beirdo you musta been busy with the little guy then :)
23:09Beirdo that's a lot of cooking
23:09mikegrb she cooked the pasta and the sauce
23:09mikegrb and rice to go with the lobster bisque
23:09mikegrb the rest she picked up from the international foods mart
23:09mikegrb the only place with more samples then sam's
23:10Beirdo :)
23:10Beirdo that sounds like a good dinner though
23:16mikegrb yes indeed
23:16mikegrb I stuffed myself
23:17Beirdo good job :)
23:18Baylink And suddenly, my backend cant find transcode.
23:18* Baylink strangles computer
23:19* Beirdo hands Baylink a sledgehammer, and a camcorder to Baylink's sister
23:19--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:19Baylink Fuck me to tears.
23:20Beirdo I'll pass
23:20--- <<-- FatDarrel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:21mikegrb I'll take that
23:22--- ---> Aneurysm9 [] has joined #mythtv
23:22Aneurysm9 anyone know why I would get high IO wait values in top using mythtv but not using dd+mplayer?
23:22Aneurysm9 this is with a PVR-500 (dd+mplayer) though I get high IO wait with a BT878 too
23:22mikegrb haha
23:22* Beirdo looks at the topic.
23:22mikegrb you are so in the wrong channel
23:22Beirdo nope, wrong channel, dude
23:23mikegrb you obviously have no clue what mythtv is or does
23:23--- ---> warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has joined #mythtv
23:23warlord Chutt: you around?
23:23Aneurysm9 the idiots in the users channel seem more interested in their self-absorbed babble than people's problems
23:23Aneurysm9 I do have a pretty good idea what mythtv does, I've been using it since .12
23:23Beirdo Aneurysm9: what difference does that make, you are off-topic here
23:24Chutt warlord, yup
23:24Aneurysm9 well, excuse me, just hoped I might be able to get some help
23:24mikegrb Beirdo: <-- my other valentine's present
23:24--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
23:24warlord Chutt: I'm still using PVR-350 output, watching a currently-recording TV and we noticed that it's keeping time improperly again. ISTR this bug pre-0.16, and it seems to have been reintroduced in 0.17
23:25Chutt heh
23:25Chutt you're on your own
23:25--- ---> FatDarrel [] has joined #mythtv
23:25Chutt i'm not using one of those anymore
23:25warlord :(
23:25warlord Finally got an hdtv? ;)
23:25Chutt yup
23:25warlord heh
23:25Chutt sorry :p
23:26Beirdo so hopefully someone else will take up the PVR-350 torch
23:26Beirdo won't be me, I don't have one either
23:26Chutt and i got tired of the driver sucking
23:27Beirdo can't blame you there
23:27warlord It was pretty much the same bug I remember having a long time ago -- we're watching along with the recording, maybe a couple minutes behind realtime. It comes to a commercial so we forward-skip 30 seconds, but the video actually jumps backwards (to something we already saw)
23:27* warlord can't blame you there, either.
23:27warlord the driver is _mostly_ stable, but...
23:28Chutt heh
23:28Chutt it's the 'but...' =)
23:28warlord which HDTV input card(s) do you use?
23:28warlord yea...
23:28Chutt none, at the moment
23:28Chutt but i'm hooked up to my projector at 1280x720
23:28warlord Oh, so you just output NTSC 480p?
23:28Chutt i've got an air2pc sitting on my desk
23:28--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
23:28Chutt well, it's upconverted
23:29warlord cool...
23:29warlord I need to get an hdtv this spring, I think. or summer.
23:30warlord Ah well, I suppose I'll have to figure out what happened here.. This is a WAF issue here. :(
23:31Beirdo mikegrb: that's one bitchin' remote :)
23:31mikegrb Beirdo: it so is, it sends ir commands to my tv I didn't know existed and the original remote didn't have
23:31mikegrb Beirdo: ie, Switch to Input 7
23:31mikegrb whereas I would have had to hit the input button 6 times
23:32mikegrb I thought tv listings on the remote's lcd sounded funky but it is quite usable
23:33Beirdo cool
23:33mikegrb you define favorite channels so it shows you what is on those, you hit the softbutton next to that show and bam, you're watching it
23:33mikegrb or you can hit the listings button again to go through all channels
23:35warlord Hmm, looks like someone commented out some of your code that I recall fixing this..
23:35Chutt mikegrb, seen the 880?
23:36mikegrb I will in a minute, me googles
23:36mikegrb oh wow
23:36mikegrb you were going to get me one, right?
23:36Chutt heh
23:37mikegrb that is just amazing
23:37mikegrb I was actually amazed at how amazed I was by this remote
23:37Chutt i need a new remote, going to wait to see how that one reviews on remote central
23:37mikegrb do you have an 880?
23:37mikegrb ahh
23:37Chutt it's not out until april :p
23:37mikegrb well I would definitly say you can't go wrong with a harmony
23:38Chutt current one can't deal with my projector
23:38mikegrb that base for charging is great, it encourages you to put it where it goes on the end table so it isn't lost
23:38mikegrb ahh
23:38Chutt i don't have an end table :(
23:38Chutt or a coffee table
23:38mikegrb well, you know, on the floor in front of the couch
23:38mikegrb I saw some very spiffy home theater chairs today
23:38mikegrb essentially two leather recliners side by side
23:38warlord Chutt: looks like someone commented out your code in IvtvDecoder::MpegPreProcessPkt() that dealt with extra packets in the ivtv stream.
23:39mikegrb but they looked like theater seats and shared an arm rest in the middle
23:39mikegrb oh and had cup holders in the arms
23:39Chutt hrm
23:39Chutt warlord, well, try it with it uncommented
23:40mikegrb I wouldn't be suprised if this remote sends multiple ir codes simultaniously
23:40mikegrb there are multiple ir led's in the end, not uncommon, but they are shielded from each other and it accomplishes some macros pretty damn fast for the number of commands to be sent
23:41Chutt warlord, that's david's change, # 1.32
23:41warlord David Engel?
23:41Chutt yup
23:42warlord I wonder what his excuse is/was for commenting out those two lines in the PICTURE_START case?
23:42warlord I'll try with those back again, but I dont want to restart right now; the backend is recording.
23:42Chutt ask him :p
23:42warlord Let me see if it fixes the problem first. :)
23:45warlord anyways, I think I'm going to test in the morning. I'll send mail if it works.
23:45warlord g'night, and thanks for all the hard work on Myth. I keep showing it off to everyone and I've convinced a bunch of people to build myth boxes. :)
23:46--- <--- warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:53--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:56--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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