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00:18psm hi
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00:18psm sorry for saying this directly in here, please let me know if its inappropriate for this channel (i think this is the right place b/c i'm pretty sure its a bug report)
00:19psm basically, i had audio problems with playing back stuff recorded on my pvr-250, which were fixed by using the "Extra audio buffering" setting
00:20psm but, if i transcode something recorded on that card to mpeg4, the problem comes back
00:20Chutt don't transcode
00:20psm i dont have the drive space to store the mpegs :(
00:20Chutt buy more :p
00:20psm and i cant get mythtv to go below the 1000 kbps
00:20psm any other solutions?
00:21Chutt not really
00:21Chutt transcoding's fairly broken.
00:21psm hmm ok :-/
00:22psm ok then a related question, is there anywhere in the database or something that mythtv stores which tuner someething was recorded on? (i was thinking of having some sore of external transcoder process)
00:22Chutt don't think so.
00:22psm ok thanks
00:22Captain_Murdo| why do you care what tuner?
00:23psm because i have 1 bttv card and 1 pvr-250
00:23psm the pvr-250 recorded stuff is too big
00:23Captain_Murdo| check the filetype using the "file" command
00:23psm i actually tried that and it just says something generic for all video files
00:23fracmak what changes were made to transcoding to mpeg4 from .16 to .17?
00:24Chutt psm, it doesn't.
00:24psm (i'm actually really starting to regret buying that card, between the $$$ and no captions and video size)
00:24psm mythtv@VideoBox store $ file 1047_20050121100000_20050121113000.nuv
00:25psm 1047_20050121100000_20050121113000.nuv: data
00:25fracmak cause I'm having the weirdest problem with it spitting out files where the recordedmarkup table doesn't contain all the keyframes of the file
00:25Captain_Murdo| 1030_20050213140000_20050213142000.nuv: MPEG system stream data
00:25fracmak and I'm going batty trying to track it down
00:26psm probably my magic file then
00:26Chutt it'll say data for software encoded files.
00:26Chutt and what captain_murdoch pasted for hardware encoded files.
00:26psm oh ok
00:27psm alright got it, sorry bout that
00:27psm is there any possibility of being able to select a lower bitrate for mpeg in the near future?
00:27Chutt unfortunately, the 'extra audio buffering' setting can't easily be made to work for mpeg4 software encoded files
00:28Chutt nope, that's a function of the encoder on the card.
00:28Chutt it really quite poor at low bitrate encoding.
00:28psm i;m pretty sure the card goes lower
00:28psm because its supposed to be able to do vcd bitrates
00:28Chutt it does, and it looks like shit when it does
00:28psm ok
00:29fracmak I'm starting to think I'm the only one with this problem, must have installed some weird shared library that mythtv is linking
00:29fracmak don't really want to rebuild my box
00:29fracmak any help in tracking this down would be insanely helpful
00:29Captain_Murdo| fracmak: not much changed in the transcoder except a few bugfixes and the fact that it's called from the jobqueue now. check the CVS webpage for exact changes.
00:30Captain_Murdo| recordedmarkup won't contain keyframes after the file is transcoded, they should be in the file.
00:30Chutt vcd bitrate's > 1000kbs, btw.
00:30psm i don't actually know how the "extra audio buffering" works, but i'd think that for transcoding it should be applied while "playing back" for the transcode job, and not while playing back the transcoded file
00:30fracmak ya, but isn't the recordedmarkup table used for seeking?
00:30psm because my mpeg4s from the bttv card work fine
00:30Chutt fracmak, not for software encodes.
00:30Captain_Murdo| fracmak: only for mpeg2 files, not for mpeg4 files
00:30fracmak really?
00:30Captain_Murdo| it can be used for software encodes if the file is hosed and the seektable doesn't exist in the file.
00:31fracmak so why is there data in teh recordedmarkup table?
00:31fracmak ok
00:31fracmak hmm
00:32fracmak is there any other way of rebuilding the seek table besides mythcommflag --video "filename"?
00:33fracmak cause that's not working
00:33Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I just modified the transcoder to allow resizing video when reencoding, also took off the "Auto Transcode" setting off the settings page for the Transcoding profiles.
00:33Captain_Murdo| fracmak: that's for mythvideo files, use --rebuild
00:33fracmak that doesn't work either Murdoch
00:33fracmak whenever I seek it jumps 7 minutes into teh file
00:33fracmak after that everything seeks fine
00:33fracmak but I can't seek back
00:34Captain_Murdo| "doesn't work" doesn't help. :) If the file is transcoded it's likely it's a problem with the file.
00:34fracmak lol
00:34fracmak I'm just trying to get some fresh ideas of where to look for what's causing this problem
00:35fracmak any chance that I could have screwed up some of the libraries mythtv links to?
00:35Chutt nope
00:36fracmak *sigh*
00:36fracmak strange thing is, downgrading to .16 seems to fix things
00:37Chutt captain_murdoch, hey, in NVP::InitForTranscode()
00:37Chutt could you test adding a 'decoder->setLowBuffers();'
00:37fracmak it's like god is taunting me, cause I love the changes to hdtv recording in .17, but .17 screws up normal encodes
00:37Chutt and see if that does anything to 2->4 transcodes?
00:38Captain_Murdo| should I put the check for "DecodeExtraAudio" around it or just set it all the time?
00:38Chutt just set it all the time
00:39Chutt ie, that might fix psm's issue :p
00:39psm Captain_Murdoch: that was gonna be my other question, so transcoder will resize now?
00:39Chutt psm, if you've compiled from source, go do that too
00:39Chutt see if it fixes things for you
00:40Chutt at the end of the function, of course.
00:40psm Captain_Murdoch: and why no more Auto transcode?
00:40Captain_Murdo| psm, not quite yet, I'm still testing resize.
00:40Captain_Murdo| psm, the transcoding profiles don't need autotranscode, that's for the other profiles to say they need to be auto-transcoded. you don't auto-transcode a transcode profile though.
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00:41psm oh
00:41oneman hullo!
00:41fracmak hi
00:41Captain_Murdo| it's been a bug people have asked about for a while, why the transcode profile asked if they wanted to autotranscode.
00:41psm and related to auto transcode, how do i get it to auto commercial detect after auto transcode?
00:41oneman I dont have a pcHDTV yet, can anyone hook me up wit a sample of some 1280x720 60FPS video ?
00:41oneman I just want to see what the experience would be like
00:41oneman ESPN HD is spose to be 60fps....
00:42fracmak I wish I could get ESPN HD
00:42psm Chutt: should i get .17 or current cvs? (right now i'm running a cvs from between .16 and .17)
00:43Chutt current
00:43Chutt oneman, topic, please.
00:44oneman ok sry folx
00:44psm Chutt: would it be ok if i waited till tommorow on that and then reported back w/ results?
00:45Captain_Murdo| psm, you can't with current CVS, it always queues up the transcode after the commflag. I need to rewite the "if" statements to queue commflag after transcode if you autotranscode.
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00:45psm Captain_Murdoch: alright, cool :)
00:46psm a general question, where should i be posting feature requests in general (like say the auto commflag after transcode)? in here or some mailing list or something?
00:47Chutt feature requests without a patch implementing them are _generally_ ignored.
00:47Captain_Murdo| psm, don't bother with that one, it's been on my TODO for a while so I just did it. it'll be in CVS soon. if auto-transcode & auto-commflag, it will queue transcode first then commflag
00:49psm i also have some weird issues with video from my bttv card, where sometimes it'll stick in a frame from a couple frames back... would you guys be interested in seeing an example if i whittled it down to a couple seconds?
00:49psm (sorry for asking all these things, i've been using mythtv for about a month now, so a lot of questions in my hea)
00:49psm *head
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00:50Captain_Murdo| single-step through the video frame-by-frame in edit mode and see if it is really in the video.
00:51psm ok, will do
00:52psm Chutt: dont mean to second guess, just want to make sure that you really did mean setLowBuffers() (as opposed to setHighBuffers or something like that)
00:52Chutt decoder->setLowBuffers();
00:52Chutt to the end of that NVP::InitForTranscode() function
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00:52Chutt in libs/libmythtv/NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
00:53Chutt it will only affect _new_ transcodes.
00:53Chutt and may break em entirely, so, don't do it on anything important :p
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00:54psm oh none of my stuff is important :)
00:54psm plus my transcodes aren't currently usable anyways
00:54Captain_Murdo| psm, why do you want it to commflag after autotranscoding?
00:54psm so that i have commercials flagged
00:54psm at least it doesnt seem to keep them otherwise
00:54Captain_Murdo| it shoudn't erase the commercial skip marks when it autotranscodes accoridng to the code.
00:54psm let me check again just to make sure
00:55psm huh maybe youre right
00:55psm well you are right
00:55psm but i couldve sworn it wasnt
00:56psm heh
00:56Captain_Murdo| ok, thought so after thinking about it for a while. I remember talking about that with the guy who did the transcoder, that's why we scheduled the commflagging first
00:56fracmak ya, commflagging is useful to do first, cause often it's faster than transcoding
00:57psm sorry bout that, i dunno where i got the idea that it didnt work
00:57Captain_Murdo| if you use the cutlist, then it will wipe the commflag marks.
00:57psm maybe i was checking too soon after or something
00:57Captain_Murdo| but auto-transcoding doesn't use the cutlist.
00:57psm i never use cutlist
00:58Captain_Murdo| ok.
00:58fracmak attempt #532 to fix my mythtv box, wiping all traces of mythtv and reinstalling
00:58psm alright i'm gonna be gone for a while while i wait for it to compile
00:59fracmak Murdoch, is there any kind of options I could throw in to try and get some better feedback from myth as to why it's screwing up the seek table of mpeg4 files?
01:00Captain_Murdo| see if "mythfrontend -v all" gives you any more info. not sure.
01:00fracmak well, since all teh transcoding is done in teh jobqueue program, does that thing spit out any log files?
01:01fracmak or are there any options for me to check out what it's doing?
01:01fracmak like running it by hand?
01:01Captain_Murdo| here's a sample command line: mythtranscode -c 1030 -s 2005-02-13T14:00:00 -p autodetect -d -l
01:02fracmak thanks
01:02Captain_Murdo| I'm not sure how much debug output that will spit out. I had to manually add a bunch of test cerr's when I was trying to track down an issue with the transcoder recently.
01:02Captain_Murdo| it might not even honor the "-v" option, I'm not sure.
01:03fracmak hehe, isn't most of the transcoding done inside one of mythtv's libs?
01:03Captain_Murdo| programs/mythtranscode/transcode.cpp is the guts of it. it uses libmythtv yes, but the main loop is in transcode.cpp.
01:03fracmak ok, thanks, I'm going to poke around, see what I can find out
01:11wswanson curious -- why do I get a segmentation fault any time that I try to play hdtv recordings on my frontends -- even when the frontends are super-charged (ie. I have a P4 3.6 Ghz frontend I just put online that cannot play the stream)
01:12fracmak do you know what kind of hdtv stream you are trying to play? 720p? 180i?
01:12fracmak err, 1080i
01:13wswanson 1080i...
01:13fracmak what deinterlace settings do you have set in mythtv?
01:13wswanson it works great on my frontend (which is also supercharged... a dual 3Ghz Xeon w/ 5GB RAM)
01:13Chutt wswanson, get a backtrace, and i could tell you why.
01:13wswanson ok, will do
01:13Chutt why do people even bother asking questions about segfaults without getting a backtrace?
01:14Chutt it's just a waste of time otherwise
01:14wswanson :) good point -- ack
01:14Chutt they have to ask the question
01:14Chutt i have to say 'get a backtrace'
01:14Chutt seems really dumb.
01:14wswanson I know, I know... you're right
01:14fracmak kinda wish for a segfault with my problem, would make it easier to track down
01:14fracmak which is sad
01:16psm is there any way i can give a job priority in the queue? (i want to set up a test record as soon as this compiles done but theres still going to be commercial flag jobs queued)
01:17wswanson Chutt; will have that backtrace ready in a couple of minutes -- where best to send for the moment, pastebin or dev mailing list
01:17Chutt i don't really care
01:18wswanson k
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01:20Captain_Murdo| psm: you could change the starttime to be way in the past, it does the jobs in order of recording starttime.
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01:23psm Captain_Murdoch: ok that'll work
01:24psm now if only this compile will finish...
01:24psm oh, i just remembered another odd circumstance
01:25psm sometimes, the scheduler will schedule things suh that there is a conflict, and i'll be able to manually change which showing is recorded of just one program to get rid of the conflict... is this a scheduler bug?
01:25psm and both showings are on the same channel so its not a priority issue
01:25psm happens pretty rarely
01:26psm (i've encountered it 2 or 3 times)
01:26Chutt turn on 'reschedule higher priority' or whatever the hell it's called
01:26psm huh?
01:27Captain_Murdo| it's a setting that should fix that.
01:27psm where is this option? (and what does it do?)
01:28Captain_Murdo| in the frontend setup under recording priorities I believe.
01:29wswanson chutt; ok, segfault playing hdtv pasted;
01:29psm ok i see what the option does, but pretty much all my programs are at the same priority (i only tweak priority very rarely), so should it be affecting things?
01:29Chutt yeah
01:30Chutt bug in the scheduler up until a cvs commit a few days ago
01:30wswanson this segfault is 100% reproducable on a couple of different systems used as frontends...
01:30wswanson hmmm.. this is using cvs build (fresh, not update) from earlier today
01:31psm while am at it asking questions, is there any way to force mythfilldatabase to refresh more than just today/tommorow? (one time i got a bunch of listings in the future that didnt have episode names yet, and that throws off the scheduler)
01:31Captain_Murdo| that's definitely a -users question. :)
01:31wswanson psm: this is a mythtv-users question- - but yes, its in the ui
01:31fracmak what do the follow two messages mean?
01:31fracmak rate: 29.97 speed: 1 skip: 1 = interval 33366
01:31fracmak Set video sync frame interval to 33366
01:31psm wswanson: ok sorry, i didnt see it before i'll look again
01:32Captain_Murdo| fracmak, grep for them in the source in libmythtv
01:33Chutt means it's setting the video sync frame interval.
01:33psm wswanson: oh and the other thing is i've never actually had a question answered in mythtv-users before, most of the things i'm asking now i've asked there before
01:33fracmak is it normal to be that high a number? assuming I've just fast forwarded from the beginning of the file
01:34Chutt it's not that high.
01:34Chutt it _is_ in usecs.
01:34fracmak ok
01:34fracmak :-P
01:35wswanson Chutt; any further thought to the segfault on pastebin; this was using a cvs co (not update) from 5:30pm MST7
01:35Chutt nope
01:35Chutt doesn't look like it's cvs at all, really
01:36wswanson ?
01:36Chutt line numbers aren't even close
01:36wswanson hmmm - strange... was a cvs co from earlier today -- will rm -rf and co again, build with debug, and trace again.. this will recur ... 100% sure of it
01:39wswanson compiling again -- btw; using distcc -- this wouldn't have anything to do with it? I'm not cc guru, though I do work with Martin Pool (who wrote distcc)
01:41Chutt shouldn't matter
01:41Chutt g'night.
01:42wswanson night -- will send dump coming up in a few minutes to the dev list- have good sleep
01:42psm i've got a problem...
01:42psm 2005-02-15 01:42:16.203 Upgrading to schema version 1065
01:42psm 2005-02-15 01:42:16.204 DB Error (Performing database upgrade):
01:42psm Query was: ALTER TABLE `program` CHANGE `stereo` `stereo` TINYINT( 1 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL;
01:42psm Error was: Driver error was [2/3]:
01:42psm QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
01:42psm Database error was:
01:42psm Error writing file './mythconverg/#sql-653a_9.frm' (Errcode: 28)
01:42psm new version: 1065
01:42psm 2005-02-15 01:42:16.205 Couldn't upgrade database to new schema
01:42wswanson are you using CVS?
01:43Chutt your mysql's broke.
01:43Chutt run mysqlcheck on it, there's instructions in the docs.
01:43wswanson yup -- looks like permissions issue
01:44psm it was working before... ( i didnt change anything in the mysql setup)
01:45wswanson Chutt; if you manage to keep your eyes open for two more minutes; the latest CVS build is complete -- running another backtrace..... ;) if you're gone, g'nite
01:46psm mysqlcheck also gives me a bunch of error: 28's
01:47psm my bad
01:49wswanson this one was
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01:50squigly quick question, where in the DB do scheduled programs live?
01:52psm red for current recordings looks ugly :(
01:52psm i liked green much better
01:52Captain_Murdo| schedule is in record table, list of all programs is in program table, there is no copy of the exact schedule to be recorded in the DB, that's in memory only on the master backend.
01:52wswanson Captain_Mudoch; any thoughts on that last backtrace I posted to pastebin?
01:55Captain_Murdo| no, never touched that area of the code before and nothing stands out.
01:58wswanson thanks for taking a gander; it happens on any frontend that I try to view hdtv recordings from the pchdtv... however, when I had the card on a slave backend, it worked fine to display on the primary backend as a frontend.... but now that card is moved to the primary backend, this segfaults any remote frontends
01:58wswanson they are all powerhouses... so I don't get it... but I'm no C guru... I leave that to you, Chutt and others. ;)
02:02Beirdo heh
02:02Beirdo I don't think there's much C in MythTV other than external libraries
02:02psm wswanson: a complete guess, i'm no expert by any means, or even experienced, but that looks like its happening on a mysql read
02:03psm so maybe try the same thing Chutt told me to do (mysqlcheck)
02:04psm that would also explain why it happens on all frontends
02:05wswanson nah, nothing to do with the mysql.. but thanks.... [I ran the 1st official mysql mirror in the west coast back in the mid 90's... i have my sql down pretty good. ; )
02:05psm alright sorry
02:05wswanson no worries
02:05psm i was just going off the top of the trace
02:06psm oh i get it its a threading thing
02:07psm heh sorry
02:08psm ok, Chutt's fix worked for me
02:09psm :-D
02:10psm i've got just a couple more questions, but i'll ask those tommorow (i really need to get to bed)
02:10psm thanks for all the help everybody!
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03:13omoore is this a place to field whether a suggestion to developers is worth of the mailing list?
03:13o_cee suggestion to developers?
03:13omoore yes.. regarding the upgrade schema process
03:15o_cee if you've got a patch just send it to the list.
03:15omoore what i mena is i had a problem that could be avoided, and i want to make the suggestion to the developers
03:15omoore (i'm not a developer myself)
03:16omoore namely, i auto update, when i logged in, i didn't know that an updated had been done, i clicked on my mythfrontend icon, nothing happened (since it was doing a schema upgrade but i didn't know this)...
03:17o_cee generally suggestions without patches aren't really looked at
03:17omoore i clicked on the icon again, and as you'd guess, i had two upgrades to the db going. was going to suggest that the script detect another thread doing an update
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03:18omoore is this somehting someone with shell scripting experience can offer as a patch? or would this require c/c++ knowledge?
03:18omoore (i know shell scripting, i don't know c/c++, tho)
03:18o_cee i guess the dbschema field could be set to something special while updating, but i don't know anything about that code
03:19omoore o_cee, then maybe i should report it as a bug? (because it corrupts the db, i'm working around it but will prolly have to re-install myth)
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03:20stoffel omoore: well, with almost every upgrade you can expect db schema upgrades as well
03:20o_cee sure you report it as a bug or something, but as i said, best way is to start digging yourself
03:21omoore stoffel, yes, but if you auto-update, the end-user may not realize that a delay in clicking on an icon to launch mythfrontend is doing an upgrade
03:21stoffel restart the backend after each auto-update then
03:21omoore stoffel, i did
03:22omoore stoffel, but the mythfrontend client triggered the upgrade
03:22omoore stoffel, and if you open mythfrontend from two or more sessions when the first mythfrontend launch post-update is launched...
03:23omoore stoffel, you end up with database issues
03:23o_cee can't really see why you'd have issues since adding tables again will just trigger sql errors about existing stuff
03:24stoffel the frontend started the upgrade? how come? if you restart the backend autom. it will start the db upgrade and this shouldn't take more than a few seconds
03:24omoore stoffel, o_cee, i agree it *should* not cause problesm, but here is the sequence of events i went through...
03:25stoffel i'd suggest not to upgrade s/w autom. in general, but that's only my view.
03:25omoore stoffel, [auto-update via atp-get upgrade] [restarted mythbackend] [user (me) clicked on mythfronten icon, nothing happened (tho i now know that it was doing an upgrade]...
03:25o_cee right, so write up a patch, send to the list, or just send an email about it
03:26omoore [clicked icon again] [ran mythfrontend from shell, saw upgrade message]
03:26Beirdo you *have* to wait for the backend to finish the upgrade before running the frontend
03:27stoffel omoore: hm, you don't loose anything by sending a mail to the -dev list describing your experience and suggesting a change
03:27omoore stoffel, i'll do that
03:27Chutt it's already a known issue.
03:28stoffel heh, just wanted to note that most dev's are probably sleeping right now but, i'm wrong ;)
03:28omoore Beirdo, agreed, and at 0.17, i understand how it would be an issue, just didn't want to clutter a mailing list
03:28omoore Beirdo, so figured i'd ask if it was something worth mentioning
03:28Beirdo it'd be nice if there was some sorta lockout to prevent the multiple upgrade somehow though
03:28omoore if i know shell scripting, would i be able to help with this?
03:29Chutt no.
03:29o_cee stoffel, your patches are in
03:29omoore then i'll just write a script to launch mythfrontend that will guard against this
03:29omoore (for my own use)
03:30stoffel o_cee: thx
03:33o_cee Chutt, any major issues with .17 yet? been away over the weekend
03:33Chutt nope
03:33o_cee nice
03:34stoffel bye
03:35o_cee when i got home yesterday my mythbox was 100% dead.. no idea what happened. no blinking lights, but 100% cpu (full fan).. :/ haven't happened for a loong time. strange
03:37o_cee and nothing in the log.. ah well
03:42Beirdo gotta love that.
03:42Beirdo and it likely won't happen again for months
03:43o_cee nah :)
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05:18GeckoFiend *sigh* Hooray, but I'd still like more tweaking in the MythTV Player code. Is
05:18GeckoFiend it a fork of the mplayer CVS tree ?
05:23--- <<-- tomimo [] has quit (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
05:23--- ---> johnp_ [~jmp@] has joined #mythtv
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05:47--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
05:57o_cee Captain_Murdoch, around?
06:14--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
06:50--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
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07:55--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
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09:18--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
09:21Captain_Murdo| o_cee, am now.
09:24--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
09:24--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
09:44--- ---> Roots^ [] has joined #mythtv
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09:55--- <<-- Dibblah [] has quit (".")
09:58o_cee Captain_Murdoch, was just going to ask you about comm_detect_debug.h and also what methods are used for the logo detection, mostly edge detect? got some ideas
10:01Captain_Murdo| commmercial_debug.h is a file that I have which I use for debugging. It has routines in it for creating a window in X and displaying the frames as they are processed by the flagger so I can see what's going on. not much to it really. logo detection uses horiz & vert edge yes. I have a patch from a guy who had what he said was better detection for opaque logos but he's still reworking his patch after my recent changes and additi
10:01Captain_Murdo| method.
10:02o_cee k. would be nice to try the debug window thingie, trying to figure out stuff :)
10:02o_cee what do you think about "blurring" the image (and making it easier to detect the stationary logo) by adding together say 10 seconds of video?
10:03o_cee or simply (?) looking at non-moving peaks in the histogram? (more movement = remove peaks from the histogram).. then you should end up with just the logo..
10:05Captain_Murdo| might work, but how to you detect it later after you've isolated it. I'm thinking that the opaque detection and transparent detection may be 2 different beasts, what you're describing probably would work better for opaque. I'd like to have code in to detect both and depending on which is found, a different method would be used.
10:06Baylink Morning, Cap.
10:06o_cee probably better for opaque yes. it could be used only for the detection, to determine the area. the last version to look at the histogram might be used all the way, dunno. the stationary peak would dissapear so
10:07--- ---> _rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
10:07Baylink Morning, RK
10:07Captain_Murdo| hey Baylink, so that patch worked OK?
10:07o_cee just some ideas i had when i was on class ;)
10:09Captain_Murdo| o_cee, yeah, I think I looked a little at trying to detect the highs sort of like you are talking about, but stopped when it wasn't doing good enough on transparent logos. then later I decided that different code would probably work better for the 2 kinds of logos.
10:10o_cee ok. i'll look at some histograms later and see if it would be detectable. you're using histograms for other stuff i think?
10:10--- <<-- Shdwdrgn [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:10--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MYTHTV
10:12Baylink Yeah, but now transcode is back to its old trick of blowing 1.6G up to 10 or 11, and when I rebooted, the backend couldn't *find* it anymore, though it was right there in /usr/local/bin where it belongs.
10:12Baylink Swear that box is hexed.
10:14Captain_Murdo| I've got the transcoder resizing video now, currently running a test reencoding a recording from my air2pc card down to 352x480 so it's playable on my slower frontend.
10:15Baylink Yeah. But this is something else: Gavin looked at my output with nuvinfo; it's leaking uncompressed files for some reason. Intermittently; can't characterise yet.
10:17Captain_Murdo| yeah, I know it's unrelated, just saying I hooked that in. :) allows me to use my air2pc card before getting a machine fast enought o playback HDTV
10:18_rkulagow_ captain: i'll be in the same boat, unless i move processors around.
10:19Baylink So, when does someone set up the first blade-rack to run Myth?
10:19Baylink I would *love* to sell it to news-clipping services, myself. Need a different clutlist handler, though.
10:19Baylink (cutlist)
10:20Baylink So, RK: you're not feeling toe-smashed about this whole wiki/doco thing, are you?
10:20Baylink Not trying to horn in on your patch.
10:21_rkulagow_ it's not my project, so if chutt wants a wiki then why should i care?
10:21--- <<-- Shdwdrgn [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:21--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MYTHTV
10:22--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:23--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
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10:23--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
10:23--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:26Baylink Well, you'd been maintaining the doco -- and it's got quite a bit of good stuff not duplicated in other places, so...
10:27--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
10:28_rkulagow_ chutt: here?
10:28_rkulagow_ baylink: i haven't been in IRC, so this is the first i've heard of a wiki replacing the HOWTO. are you talking about a hosted wiki?
10:29Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow_: I have a projector but don't want to dedicate a fast machine to it, so I need to do something for now until I get a semi-decent machine connected somehow to the projector.
10:30Baylink Yikes; sorry. Yes; chutt has set up a MediaWiki 1.4 instance at
10:30Baylink The rough plan it to suck in the stuff, and hopefully the FA stuff, and then set it up so we can re-extract a flat file in DocBook to transform for inclusion in releases.
10:30Baylink I'm jawboning the docbokk folks and the mediawiki folks as we type.
10:31Baylink (FAQ stuff, that is)
10:31_rkulagow_ sounds peachy.
10:31Baylink That's a happy thing to hear. Not trying to displace the people, don't want to lose the content; just trying to patch in a more comfortable toolset for the contributors.
10:31--- <<-- kurre2 [] has quit ("leaving")
10:32Baylink And still end up with the format everyone likes for inclusion in the release.
10:32Baylink There's already DocBook to * translators, so...
10:34Beirdo and we'll give users less excuse for not reading the docs. them and their "it's hard to contribute, use the wiki" crap.
10:36_rkulagow_ well, i'll do one last sync of stuff that i've got local and then leave it up to you guys to do whatever.
10:37Beirdo it should make your life easier too, _rkulagow_ :)
10:38_rkulagow_ ok, i synced the sgml.
10:38Baylink Cool. I'm hoping to get the .info stuff ported this week; some rearrangement to mesh them will likely be necessary.
10:55--- <<-- squigly [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
10:59Baylink xris, you here?
11:03--- ---> mecraw [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
11:03johnnyST Hi have a patch for siparser.cpp can I give the link to it?
11:04johnnyST it is patch to fix a compilation problem in the debuing code.
11:04johnp_ send it to the list
11:04Captain_Murdo| email the -dev list preferably so the guys who maintain that code can view it.
11:06johnnyST johnp_, I am not subscribed to the list, can you send it there perhaps?
11:06Beirdo so subscribe ;)
11:07johnnyST oh I am on so many lists already I really would not like to be on another one ;)
11:08johnnyST Well I guess i have to then...
11:11johnp_ email me then
11:12johnp_ or tell me what it is
11:12johnp_ or paste bin it.
11:21--- <--- gr8nash [] has left #mythtv ()
11:21--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
11:26--- ---> hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
11:29johnnyST johnp_: Well I am on the list already patch sent so no need to ;)
11:30Captain_Murdo| what's the change?
11:32Captain_Murdo| ahh, nevermind, need to read the whole email. :)
11:32johnp_ change of sdtout to stdout (looks like)
11:32johnp_ don't know how that got through.
11:34Captain_Murdo| committed, thanks. if I had known it was only that 2-letter change I'd have said tell me here and I'll commit it.
11:50Torq Baylink: Whats wrong with the .info wiki (apart from all the damn spam)
12:05Beirdo 1) moin sucks
12:05Beirdo 2) they died when slashdotted
12:05Beirdo 3) moin sucks
12:05Beirdo 4) it's not official
12:05Beirdo :)
12:06Beirdo the owners were looking to move it anyways
12:07Baylink Torq: Do you mean where it physically lives, what it contains, or what it's running on?
12:07Baylink Oh, and don't forget Moin sucks. :-)
12:07Baylink (Specifically, the community around it feels really insecure)
12:07Baylink The Damn Spam is one thing: MW has much better anti-spamming tools.
12:09Baylink Though, Beirdo: "it's not official" can be good. ;-)
12:09Beirdo that's true
12:09Beirdo it has some advantages
12:10Beirdo but it has some disadvantages too
12:10Beirdo the major one being the duplication of effort in documentation
12:10Baylink One extra downline thing I'd like to see while I'm hacking the code on MW is a toggle checkbox that says "when retrieving pages, if there's a tagged one in the page's history, show me the last tagged one."
12:10Beirdo and the politics that arise from it
12:11Baylink Well, given RK's blessing too this am, and DG's happy, we seem relatively politics-free, thank ghod.
12:12Beirdo yup
12:12Beirdo thank God for slashdotting, I guess
12:12Baylink How do you register a nick again? :-)
12:12Beirdo use /msg nickserv register password
12:12Beirdo and then to identify later: /msg nickserv identify password
12:13Baylink I gotta do it every time I sign on?
12:13Baylink Annoy-o-rama
12:13Beirdo you can make your client do it automatically, likely
12:13Baylink naim. Maybe not
12:13Beirdo heh
12:14Beirdo not my fault you picked the client :)
12:21Baylink See Fennecus' reply on #mw?
12:26--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (".")
12:28--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
12:30Captain_Murdo| Baylink, I committed that timecode offset patch to CVS in case you didn't notice.
12:31johnp_ where is it in tools.cid ?
12:31johnp_ sorry
12:32--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
12:32--- <<-- Anduin [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:41--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
12:43Chutt yo
12:44Chutt rkulagow, i'm here now
12:44_rkulagow_ i was just trying to find out about about the wiki that will be hosted on
12:44Chutt yeah
12:44--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:45Chutt i don't want to kill off the official docs or anything
12:45Chutt they just needed better hosting
12:45_rkulagow_ i've synced what i had in my tree, so i don't know what you want me to do with the HOWTO
12:45_rkulagow_ oh, ok
12:45Chutt and i figure it might be easier to pull stuff from there into the real docs if it's all in one place
12:46Chutt the wiki was apparently being hosted at a place where they do uml instances, with like 40 uml instances per real machine
12:46Chutt so, more than a little slow
12:47_rkulagow_ sounds delightful
12:47Chutt so you ok with that? :p
12:49Chutt not trying to step on your toes or anything, and like i said, really don't want the official docs to go away or change or anything
12:50_rkulagow_ hey, your project, so don't worry about my toes!
12:50Chutt bah
12:50Chutt your docs make it accesible :p
12:50_rkulagow_ will it be an open wiki?
12:50_rkulagow_ (ie, anyone can edit, etc)
12:50Chutt dunno
12:51Chutt i was thinking of locking it down to registered users, but baylink said they were getting a bunch of decent anon submissions
12:51shadash Chutt: I'm working with PowerDVD they are looking for someone to help out with the Linux version do you have an email I can forward to?
12:51Chutt err, what for?
12:52shadash pdvd for linux works but needs things like command line arguements
12:52Chutt unless they're going to open source it, no.
12:52shadash Ahh ok
12:52shadash just thought I'd see what you think
12:52shadash it's a way to get around using decess for DVD playback
12:53Chutt i get around decss by using a real dvd player :p
12:53shadash same thing but in software
12:54Chutt not really
12:55--- <<-- Torq [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:57Beirdo Chutt: I personally would suggest registered users only on the wiki, but the thing is that it's easy to rollback crappy changes
12:57--- <<-- _johnp [~jmp@] has quit ("Leaving")
13:02--- ---> Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
13:03shadash Chutt: Also I've been working with covant. The manufacturers of the mpeg2 chip pvr 250, 250's use. To allow dvd playback we steal a couple of firmware files out of the windows driver. They are willing to consider open sourcing the firmware but need to know what it means if they do.
13:04shadash not dvd playbad mpeg compression
13:04Chutt that's funny, since they've not been willing to even provide docs on their firmware for us in the past.
13:04shadash I'm emailing the product manager
13:05shadash not Haggapage
13:05shadash Covant
13:05Beirdo Covant?
13:05--- <<-- mdz [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:05Beirdo Conexant makes the chips last I heard
13:05Chutt hauppauge, and conexant
13:05shadash they manufactur the chipsets + provide the firmware
13:05--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
13:06shadash hauppauge just rebundles
13:06Chutt right
13:06Chutt and conexant hasn't been willing to give _anything_ in the way of docs/information about their chips
13:06shadash email me and I'll forward correspondence
13:06Chutt and hasn't allowed hauppauge to release info either
13:07shadash from what I've seen hauppauge just doesn't know
13:07Chutt despite repeated requests.
13:07Chutt no, they know
13:07shadash ahhh
13:08shadash Well either way I'd like to forward my correspondence to someone that can assist them better than I can
13:10Chutt tell them to ask a lawyer if they want license advice
13:11shadash They're willing to allow distribution if I sign an NDA. Which is how knoppmyth did it from what I hear
13:12Chutt redistribution doesn't really matter much
13:12Chutt information or access to the source does.
13:12shadash That they won't allow
13:12shadash but they will allow redistribution of firmware
13:13Chutt then it's pretty damn worthless, really
13:13Anduin shadash - mot having to guess at things like the mailbox api to the firmware are the important things
13:13Beirdo and an NDA means you can't tell anyone squat about the details
13:14Beirdo welcome to Conexant's world
13:15shadash Anduin: I'll forward to you if your interested. At least you can get their product managers email
13:19Anduin shadash - well, now days I occupy myself full time with pissing matches about the scheduler... still I'd like to see an actual real _new_ channel open up, tmk is posting more, maybe some day he'll oust CK and care again.
13:21Chutt hah
13:25--- ---> funduk [] has joined #mythtv
13:29--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
13:29--- <--- funduk [] has left #mythtv ("rm -rf /")
13:53--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
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14:23--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
14:23--- ---> KiwiKid [~kiwi_kid_@] has joined #mythtv
14:26--- <--- KiwiKid [~kiwi_kid_@] has left #mythtv ("Kopete 0.9.2 :")
14:26--- ---> KiwiKid [~kiwi_kid_@] has joined #mythtv
14:41--- <<-- rkulagow_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:42--- <<-- _rkulagow_ [] has quit ()
14:49--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
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14:50--- ---> _rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:54--- ---> purplefrog [~thoth@] has joined #mythtv
14:54--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
14:56mdz Chutt: who did the new artwork?
14:57Chutt what new artwork?
14:58--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:00--- ---> Roots^ [] has joined #mythtv
15:04--- ---> gom [] has joined #mythtv
15:05--- ---> jmk [~jmk@] has joined #mythtv
15:05johnnyST mdz: Did you work on the ubuntu debs?
15:08beavis they're ready
15:14--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
15:16--- ---> BlackHussar [] has joined #mythtv
15:17mdz johnnyST: all of the builds should be complete now
15:17mdz hoary, warty and sid
15:17mdz mythtv + all plugins
15:18johnnyST mdz I built debs today on sarge and I had two problems let me check what it was.
15:19Beirdo heh
15:19Beirdo hoary?
15:20Beirdo wonder how many people are spelling that whorey?
15:20purplefrog tons, I'm sure.
15:20--- <<-- Aneurysm9 [] has quit ("leaving")
15:23--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
15:23beavis mdz, in debian mythtv's still 0.17-1
15:23mdz beavis: mythtv isn't in debian, and 0.17 is the newest version of mythtv
15:23beavis sure but didn't you update mythtv yesterday to 0.17-3?
15:24johnnyST mdz, tts.cpp:18: /usr/include/festival/festival.h:44:17: EST.h: File not found I have it in /usr/include/speech_tools/EST.h
15:24beavis you need festival-dev
15:24mdz johnnyST: yes, I'm aware of that one
15:24mdz beavis: no, it's an include search path issue
15:24mdz whoever wrote mythphone was apparently using unpacked source trees for everything, and not installing them
15:25johnnyST aha
15:25mdz the file is in /usr/include/speech_tools/EST.h or so
15:25johnnyST I have festival-dev 1.4.3-16
15:25johnnyST Yes I have them in /usr/include/speech_tools
15:25beavis so when will the modules appear on dijkstra?
15:27--- ---> tazmaniac [] has joined #mythtv
15:28_GeckoFiend chutt: you were far too nice to those guys spouting off about shit they had no clue about.
15:31mdz Chutt: the default theme is different in 0.17
15:32Chutt it is?
15:32Chutt i thought the default was still gant
15:36--- <--- KiwiKid [~kiwi_kid_@] has left #mythtv ("Kopete 0.9.2 :")
15:36beavis Blue's new
15:38--- <<-- _rkulagow_ [] has quit ()
15:39Chutt oh, yeah
15:39Chutt but it's not the default anymore
15:39Chutt mdz, geckofiend did that
15:40mdz Chutt: ah, ok
15:40mdz my upgraded systems were set to blue, and they changed
15:40mdz I like the new blue better
15:40Chutt i don't use it anymore :p
15:40purplefrog I kinda want a solid-color-based theme, so it can work over VNC.
15:41mdz beavis: I'm building 0.17-3 for sid now; these builds take forever
15:41purplefrog At least until the day that there's a low-bandwidth management interface.
15:41Chutt mythweb does most everything that's needed remotely.
15:42jams while on the topic of themes, is the activeimage tag supported? my tests do not show the image changing
15:42Chutt should be
15:46purplefrog mythweb doesn't seem to have an interface for "delete, but allow future recordings".
15:47Beirdo that is true
15:47Beirdo xris knows about it
15:48--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
15:49Chutt speak of the devil, and he shall appear
15:49Beirdo speak of the devil
15:49Beirdo :)
15:49kvandivo his ears were burning
15:49Beirdo heya, xris.
15:50Beirdo purplefrog was just mumbling about the lack of "delete and allow re-record" in mythweb :)
15:50purplefrog I mumble about EVERYTHING.
15:50xris speaking of me?
15:51Chutt <Beirdo> xris knows about it
15:51Chutt --> xris ( has joined #mythtv
15:51Chutt like, immediately
15:51--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
15:51Chutt well, a minute or so
15:51xris heh
15:51xris so what do I know about?
15:51Chutt but nothing inbetween
15:51kvandivo 54 seconds, to be precise
15:51purplefrog "purplefrog: mythweb doesn't seem to have an interface for "delete, but allow future recordings". "
15:54_GeckoFiend jams activeimage in the themedmenu? It works here, though I *might* have fixed it in my local tree
15:54_GeckoFiend do the icons zoom in Minimalist for you?
15:56Chutt not here
15:57xris purplefrog: you are correct. I want to redo the whole interface on that page.
15:57jams _GeckoFiend, yes
15:57jams _GeckoFiend, yes in the themedmenu, but no my icons don't zoom
15:59_GeckoFiend ok I'll diff my copy and check in the nessesary code. I had tried to fix the issue of the icons not being cleared due to the buton not accounting for the offsets but discovered that it was easily solvable by adjusting my button rect so that IT accounted for the offsets
16:01xris Chutt: how would you feel about putting out a .17.1 mythweb? the wml theme author didn't get to me in time for the .17 release, and I've since added some stuff to prevent people from selecting the non-normal-browser type themes on the settings.
16:01xris or .17.0.1
16:01Chutt i'm thinking i might do a 0.18 next month
16:01Chutt just to get a decent release out before i start breaking things by rewriting the ui
16:01xris lol
16:01xris ok. that should be fine
16:02xris ooh, lunchtime. afk.
16:02Chutt and i may consolidate the plugin builds/tarballs for that
16:03jams I was attempting to switch the active b/w icon with a color version, just to see how it looked. But it didn't work :)
16:04_GeckoFiend jams the biggest problem I have with the color icons is I'm not real happy with a lot of them. For some things it's easy to find art for but for large portions of the menus there's no good free art around
16:05_GeckoFiend At least as B&W it's not as obvious that they're different
16:05Chutt that's why we need dedicated artist type people
16:06_GeckoFiend I can't believe that not one single user does icon work. Wonder how some of the folks that contribute to would take it if I sent some "please help" emails.
16:06_GeckoFiend hell I'll hold their hands through the install or even mail them a hard drive with an install on it
16:07--- ---> whimboo [] has joined #mythtv
16:10Captain_Murdo| Took just over 3 hours to transcode down a 1-hour 1920x1088 HDTV recording to 352x480 on my measely P3-1Ghz test/slave backend.
16:11--- ---> beablis [] has joined #mythtv
16:11--- <<-- psm [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
16:11Chutt heh
16:11Chutt not bad
16:11Chutt would be faster with faster resize code
16:12Captain_Murdo| at least it's watchable now. :)
16:12Captain_Murdo| this is using the libav* routines the same thing that NO_XV mode uses.
16:12Chutt right
16:13Captain_Murdo| aspect ratio is screwed up though. is there a reason that the aspect ratio is hardcoded at 1.0 in the nuppel files?
16:13Chutt they're pretty damn slow
16:13Chutt cuz software encodings are only at 1.0 :p
16:13Chutt well, 4:3
16:14Captain_Murdo| so frameheader.aspect can or can't be changed to 1.33333 or 1.7777 and have the player respect it?
16:14Captain_Murdo| sorry, fileheader.aspect
16:14Chutt yeah, it'll ignore it
16:14Captain_Murdo| so all nuppel is assumed to be 4:3?
16:14Chutt shouldn't be hard to fix, though
16:14Chutt yup
16:15Captain_Murdo| ok, I'll look into fixing that. not sure how long it will be before I get a decent machine hooked up to play hdtv on my projector. feels kinda bad giving that a more powerful machine that I have at my desk. :)
16:15wswanson Hi chutt; I sent a fresh backtrace from a fresh cvs build to mythtv-cvs, but it was held due to size... any thoughts on that -- or you probably haven't seen it. the segfault seems to happen 100% of the time
16:15Chutt haven't seen it
16:15Chutt can't look at it now
16:15Captain_Murdo| and it will be even longer before I have hdtv in the living room probably.
16:18_GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch couldn't you nuvexport them to xvid then reimport them? the built in transcoder had issues the few times I tried it. audio / video suttering when a scene fades to black
16:18Chutt geckofiend, we just fixed that last night
16:19--- <<-- Netslayer [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:20Captain_Murdo| _GeckoFiend: transcoder needs to honor the aspect ratio anyway and the task is built into myth already so it's probably easier to just let them transcode & resize.
16:20_GeckoFiend ahh hsweet
16:27Captain_Murdo| think I have that fixed, am compiling and testing now. I defaulted the aspect to 4.0 / 3 if fileheader.aspect was greater than 0.999 and less than 1.001 so it should still work with old files.
16:28--- ---> Networker [] has joined #mythtv
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16:36--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (No route to host)
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16:38--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
16:42--- ---> abarbaccia [] has joined #mythtv
16:42abarbaccia hey all - i was thinking of setting up a mythTV box - any recommendations on cases/MBs?
16:43purplefrog I used an Asus A7N8X-VM/400, and the nvideo audio module crashes it immediately.
16:43purplefrog Otherwise it's a fine 3-PCI-slot mobo.
16:44purplefrog Just be careful what RAM you buy for it. I have a PNY stick that doesn't work.
16:44abarbaccia wait - the onboard audio crashes it?
16:45Chutt topic.
16:45--- <--- purplefrog [~thoth@] has left #mythtv ()
16:50--- ---> tomimo [] has joined #mythtv
16:51_GeckoFiend purplefrog I'm running the same board in my HD box without issue.
16:52--- User: *** _Figti_ is now known as [EricS]
16:54xris Chutt: I was supposed to remind you about cvs access for Beirdo over the weekend (but you weren't around when I remembered)
17:04abarbaccia hey - anybody here make a pundit myth TV box with a hauppague card in it?
17:05Chutt heh
17:05--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
17:05Chutt abarbaccia, read the topic.
17:05xris abarbaccia: read the topic
17:05Chutt xris, later, busy right now
17:05abarbaccia alright alright
17:05abarbaccia thought someone might want to lend a hand
17:05--- <--- abarbaccia [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:05xris Chutt: np. just thought I'd remind you while I was thinking of it.
17:06xris wow. he won't read the topic and gets upset when we tell him to.
17:07Baylink Shocked, I tell you. :-)
17:07xris heh
17:07Baylink Spiffy new knobs in MW, xris. Thanks.
17:09xris Baylink: knobs?
17:09xris as in the icons?
17:09xris or just in general?
17:09Baylink Naw; the new radio buttons on the scheduler stuff
17:09Baylink and some of the new labels
17:10Baylink on said buttons
17:10xris ah
17:10xris yeah, I keep finding little things not working properly, though. like the "override" stuff shouldn't show up on shows that don't have a recording schedule.
17:10Baylink Higher Spiffiness Factor.
17:11--- ---> mithro [~tim@] has joined #mythtv
17:17--- <<-- whimboo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:23--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
17:38--- ---> psm321 [] has joined #mythtv
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17:40--- ---> mecraw [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
17:43--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
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18:06--- ---> smr [] has joined #mythtv
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18:11--- ---> Chuji [] has joined #mythtv
18:27--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
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18:50--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
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18:59--- ---> xander [] has joined #mythtv
18:59--- User: *** xander is now known as [Xander]
19:00[Xander] ok, so is there a trick to getting .16 database to be read by .17?
19:02[Xander] i'm getting a problem upgrading the schema because 'duplicate column name' firewire_port
19:05--- ---> m0j0 [] has joined #mythtv
19:08--- <<-- gfiend [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:09--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
19:17--- ---> knebel [] has joined #mythtv
19:17knebel Hey, mythtv people. How's it goin.
19:18knebel Who would I have to bribe to start a ATI usb tvwonder device project?
19:18--- ---> Torq [] has joined #mythtv
19:19knebel I was told there was a guru who worked on these things, who also lived nearby.. His name sounded Swedish and he lived around Medford, MA.
19:19knebel Anyone, familliar.
19:22--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
19:30--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
19:32[Xander] can someone please help me with my .16 to .17 woes? mysql schema update is broken for duplicate column on 'deletepending'
19:33--- ---> chenno [] has joined #mythtv
19:33--- <--- chenno [] has left #mythtv ()
19:35knebel [Xander], I have no idea.
19:36Anduin [Xander] - Unless there is an error in dbcheck you will probably get more help over in #mythtv-users
19:36knebel huh. I thouhght I was alone.
19:37[Xander] hehe
19:37Beirdo anything that starts with "can someone please help me with..." most likely belongs in #mythtv-users
19:37[Xander] kewl... i found my original problem of the same thing but for column 'firewire_port' on a channel, but it caused a different problem... will jump over there... thanks!
19:38--- <--- [Xander] [] has left #mythtv ()
19:39knebel I should've known there was a channel.
19:39--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:39knebel another channel
19:40Beirdo if you'd read the topic...
19:45Baylink Captain_Murdoch: you round?
19:46--- <--- shadash [~shadn@] has left #mythtv ()
19:54--- ---> shadash [~shadn@] has joined #mythtv
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20:00--- ---> rw [marcelo@rw.user] has joined #mythtv
20:00--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
20:09--- ---> hadeees [] has joined #mythtv
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20:16--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
20:24--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:40--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
20:42Baylink xris?
20:42--- User: *** [EricS] is now known as EricS_
20:42--- User: *** EricS_ is now known as outch
20:50Beirdo he's probably on his way home from work or just home or something
20:51Baylink I'm trying to change the jobqueue colors in the CSS and it doesn't seem to want to pick them up.
20:52Beirdo ahh
20:53rw hello all...
20:53Beirdo Baylink: which CSS are you tweaking?
20:54--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
20:55rw I just had a meeting today, this company wants to hire me to work full time on mythtv. This first month I will be working on a presentation to show stuff that exists and works, what does not work and what has to be done.
20:55Baylink Themes/Default/status.css
20:56rw I am not experienced with mythtv, but I am a long time free software developer, so I would like to introduce myself.
20:57mikegrb hello
20:58Beirdo Baylink: so the CSS in mythweb, not in the backend code. good
20:58rw I just subscribed to the mailing list and I hope to meet all the developers and contributers.
20:58Beirdo maybe your browser has the old CSS cached?
20:58--- ---> Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
21:26--- <<-- Shdwdrgn [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:26--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MYTHTV
21:36Baylink I restarted it from scratch.
21:37--- ---> gixxer [] has joined #mythtv
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21:40--- ---> Forty|| [] has joined #mythtv
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21:54--- ---> hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
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22:02--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
22:02xris any devs have "multiple favorites lists" on their todo list?
22:03rw i think everyone is half a sleep...
22:10--- <<-- Shdwdrgn [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:14Baylink "favorites" lists?
22:16--- ---> Goldfish [] has joined #mythtv
22:19Goldfish Guys, I've decided to start looking into building some of my own enhancements to MythTV. I figure I should start reading this code before actually changing anything. Do recommend any particular place to start down this yellow brick road?
22:19xris Baylink: there's a "favorites" now. I'm wondering if anyone plans to add named-lists to this. so I could have "favorites" and "audio only"
22:19xris etc
22:23xris rw: so by "work on mythtv" does that mean that you'll be contributing code back to the community?
22:23Goldfish Yup.
22:23rw xris, that's it!
22:24xris that's pretty cool. what company?
22:24Captain_Murdo| xris, it's been mentioned before but I don't know of anybody working on it. I like that feature of my DishNetwork receiver.
22:24rw it's a brazilian company that builds computers. called prv.
22:25xris Captain_Murdoch: yeah. would be REALLY nice for mythweb. got a patch to enable the single favorites list in mythweb, but I want it to do more. heh.
22:26Captain_Murdo| I'm not a gui person and that would be best with a gui to set it up so I never even considered it. plus I don't use the current favorites list because I rarely use LiveTV. most used screen in my house other than watch recordings is the program finder.
22:26xris rw: well, welcome to the team, I guess.
22:26Captain_Murdo| I added the browse mode and never even use it anymore. :)
22:26xris Captain_Murdoch: but it'd rock for mythweb.
22:27rw xris, yeah, thank you. I will have a lot of things to do of course. But I will have a blog so people can see what's going on...
22:27xris could show only the channels you want in the main view, or like with Dish, could have a list of just the music channels.
22:27xris rw: well, if you have mythweb or nuvexport questions, I'm usually around in the users channel
22:28rw xris, thanks, i saw a few of your commits, do you work in mythweb only?
22:28xris just scripting stuff -- mythweb and nuvexport (both are "my" projects for now)
22:28xris never got into C/C++ coding after high school.
22:30--- ---> digitalboy [] has joined #mythtv
22:30Goldfish I'm interested in working on the information display that pops up for 'i' when watching a show. Usually the text runs off the end of the screen. I want to figure out some way to scroll it or display it all. Is anyone else working on this?
22:30rw cool, that's an important part of the project, and you are in, i think if you got interested in contributing with c/c++ it will be easier to get things done...
22:31rw Tomorow I will be checking out the hardware I will be working on with. I saw many references in the web...
22:32xris rw: I'm happy to help there, too. haven't done a lot of research, but I work for a systems integrator ( and have wanted to offer a mythtv-ready box.
22:32Captain_Murdo| Goldfish: not that I know of.
22:33xris but no C coding for me. I don't have time to learn gnu auto* and if I do that, I want to do it right.
22:33rw xris, that's what basicaly this company wants me to do...
22:33Goldfish Any hot tip about where I should start reading? I guess I have some homework to do.
22:33--- <<-- tomimo [] has quit (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
22:34Captain_Murdo| reading to work on that popup box? most of that code is in the osd files in libmythtv and is called from tv_play.cpp and NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
22:34Captain_Murdo| popup OSD I should have said. :)
22:35rw xris, it's easier then you think. I suggest you to start here:
22:35rw Goldfish, are you in the devel list already?
22:35xris rw: mostly, I have no interest. any projects I'd want to do I can do with perl/php/bash.
22:35xris anything that would require C, I'd just ask Beirdo.
22:36xris ;)
22:36rw hehe
22:36* Beirdo hides
22:36Goldfish rw: I signed up a few minutes ago. That should also help me pick up bits and pieces. Crawl before walking, I say.
22:36Beirdo rw: there will be no autotools used in MythTV, Isaac has made that clear in the past
22:37rw Goldfish, that's probably the best place to start...
22:38rw Beirdo, I know nothing about the project [yet], but I will read all that pretty soon. But that's curious.
22:39rw xris, since you like script languages - if you already don't know - you should check out ruby (
22:40xris rw: again, no need. not enough machines out there use it.
22:40xris python is next on my list, and even that isn't particularly interesting to me.
22:41rw that's my prefered script language...
22:41rw python :)
22:42rw need some sleep now. i will be back in 8 hours.
22:42--- <--- xris [] has left #mythtv ()
22:42rw bye bye and nice to meet you.
22:45Goldfish rw: Take it easy. Look forward to your patches.
22:51--- ---> Regulus [] has joined #mythtv
22:51--- <--- Regulus [] has left #mythtv ()
22:57--- <--- mithro [~tim@] has left #mythtv ("Thousand Parsec:")
22:58Captain_Murdo| xris, you still here?
23:01--- ---> nfsv4 [] has joined #mythtv
23:06--- <<-- outch [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:07--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MythTV
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23:13--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
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23:37--- <<-- Goldfish [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
23:40--- ---> ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
23:45streamtrade can someone point me to the code that determines what text in a menu gets displayed. I am having issues with text getting cut off
23:49Captain_Murdo| probably somewhere in themedmenu.cpp but I'm not 100% sure. you mean the theme or the osd or what?
23:50streamtrade For example I want a menu to say "Recorded Broadcast" but that is too long so the menu displays only Recorded. Changing the buttonarea in theme.xml does not seem to make a difference
23:51streamtrade I have been wandering in themedmenu and in uitypes with no luck
23:54--- <<-- psm321 [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:59Captain_Murdo| what does it say now?
---Logclosed Wed Feb 16 00:00:39 2005