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00:19StingK Is there any activity happening on mythmusic?
00:22Captain_Murdo| nothing major, more work is being put into the mfd program I believe. it's thor's work. Myth Frontend Daemon. handles sharing media between computers, talks openDaap I believe, uses zeroconf, etc..
00:24StingK Sounds cool. I think I'm going to move forward with my port of xbmc music then. thanks
00:26Chutt why?
00:27Chutt i've still never seen a reasonable explanation of what's so horribly broken with the current interface.
00:27Chutt but everyone always bitches that it is
00:28StingK I can see why people are happy with it if you haven't used something that is a lot easier to use. I'm used to xbmc and love it. I just can't get used to mythmusic. I don't like have to press my RC 500 times to get to one song.
00:29Chutt how's that?
00:29StingK I have a HUGE collection of music and I can get to anything in my collection within 5 "clicks" and queue songs up while others are playing.
00:29StingK using xbmc that is
00:29Chutt and that's quite easy with myth.
00:29StingK xbox media center
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00:30StingK It's just not for me. I actually don't like the interface. I want to browse my collection in a FS style
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00:30Chutt how do you select music faster than (in myth) split artist -> artist -> album -> track?
00:31Chutt with a remote, that is.
00:32Chutt especially with the number keys acting as position accelerators in long lists
00:32StingK root -> genre -> artist -> album -> track. all in a tree view not "all artists(a,b,c,d,e,f)"
00:32Chutt erm, you can add genre to myth's tree easily.
00:33Chutt the tree can be any stored field in the database, actually
00:33StingK No offence man. You're not gonna convince me that mythmusic has an intuitive interface. You should really try to try xbmc to see what I'm talking about.
00:34Chutt but you can't even explain why the current one's bad
00:34StingK That and I'm limited to a little box in the middle of the screen. It just sucks in my eyes.
00:34Chutt what the hell are you talking about?
00:34Chutt haven't you ever used the playlist editor?
00:34StingK Dude. Am I hitting a nerve or what?
00:35Chutt no, i'm annoyed with people that can't explain why they think something's bad
00:35Chutt and who obviously haven't even tried using the thing
00:35StingK I'm trying. I told you what I don't like. If you can't listen...
00:35Chutt no, you haven't told me what you don't like
00:36Chutt you're saying things that aren't even true about the interface
00:36StingK What? About being limited to a little box in the middle of the screen?
00:36Chutt what little box are you talking about?
00:36StingK That is completely true.
00:37Chutt and i said 'have you ever used the playlist editor'
00:37StingK this:
00:37Chutt and that's not the playlist editor.
00:38StingK That's not my point.
00:38Chutt what, that you're saying the music selection interface sucks and you haven't even used it?
00:38StingK I'd show you a screeny of what I want but, the xbmc site is down.
00:38StingK The fuck I haven't!
00:38Chutt that's not the selection interface
00:39StingK It is to me. I don't want to have to move around all over the place to play music.
00:39Chutt hit 3
00:39Chutt on that screen
00:39Chutt and you'll go to the real selection interface.
00:39StingK I can see that.
00:39Chutt or 'edit playlist' from the menu.
00:40Chutt none of what you said applies to the playlist editor
00:40StingK Listen man. I'm done. You can either use my plugin when it's done or not. Mythmusic and mythvideo have shitty interfaces. later
00:40wswanson chutt; ever have a chance to look at the crashdump I sent to mythtv-dev last night? ;) I know you're having fun in this conversation...
00:41Chutt naw, i haven't
00:41wswanson np
00:41Chutt didn't see anything immediately obvious in the first one, though, aside from the lines not matching up
00:42Chutt i wonder if every other idiot that bitches about the music selection hasn't used the playlist editor, either.
00:42wswanson I am off to Tokyo for 10 days anyhow -- noticed that I was not seeing a segfault today.... but rather getting "whack" video... but this could be the shit built-in video causing some of the problem... I can replicate on a high-end laptop ... will take another go when I return using a most current cvs
00:42cmorgan StingK: if its an improvement it will be welcome man
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00:43cmorgan StingK: if you can streamline the interface then cool, let everyone see your early work to see if it helps
00:43wswanson heh... I agree... I don't think mythmusic is fantastic yet -- but its a good basis to build on, with a very reasonable playlist editor... of course a snapshot of what he was talking about might be nice...
00:43wswanson now if we could just have themes like mac os
00:44Chutt i won't accept any ui patch until someone actually says what's wrong with the existing ui.
00:44Chutt so far, no one's done that, so...
00:44cmorgan Chutt: or shows before/after mocked up screenshots?
00:44Chutt and explains why it's better :p
00:44cmorgan heh
00:46Chutt i'm just trying to understand how it's bad, but no one can say why
00:46cmorgan yep, all changes should be well justified
00:47Beirdo I'm sure someone can come up with a prettier interface, but until they do, I see nothing wrong with what we have
00:47rkulagow_ hrmm. getting a compile failure in transcode:
00:47rkulagow_ transcode.cpp: In member function `int Transcode::TranscodeFile(char*, char*,
00:47rkulagow_ QString, bool, bool, bool, QString)':
00:47rkulagow_ transcode.cpp:355: error: `GetVideoAspect' undeclared (first use this function)
00:47rkulagow_ transcode.cpp:355: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for
00:47rkulagow_ each function it appears in.)
00:47rkulagow_ make[2]: *** [transcode.o] Error 1
00:47Chutt <shrug>
00:47Beirdo if they think it's hideous, maybe they should make something "better" and demonstrate why it's better
00:47Chutt i was going to move the playlist editor onto the main playback screen
00:48Chutt well, use that same widget, at least
00:48Chutt ah well
00:48Captain_Murdo| rkulagow_: my fault, missed 1 line in my commit., fixed in a minute.
00:49rkulagow_ ok
00:49wswanson what would be really nice is a blend of mythgallery with mythmusic... similar to what mac os has going for it... with transitions on frames coming from audio... maybe in a year if the right person picks it up
00:49Chutt the only thing that came out of the last 'mythmusic sucks' thread was that people wanted a 'clear playlist' button
00:49Chutt wswanson, that's what mfd is for.
00:49Beirdo heh
00:50wswanson ah -- i pulled the cvs tree for mfd but just didn't "get it"... ;)
00:50Captain_Murdo| rkulagow_: fixed.
00:50Beirdo to be honest, I don't care what mythmusic looks like. if I'm playing music, I'm not looking at the TV anyways
00:50Chutt i am
00:50Chutt well, at the visualizer at least
00:50Beirdo ahh
00:51Beirdo as long as it will play files, it's all good for me :)
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00:52wswanson ciao for a 10 days.... now back to packing dark suits and ties to keep the japanese friendly....
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00:53Chutt i really don't understand how someone can complain about an interface, but never have used it
00:53Chutt that's just mind boggling
00:53Beirdo yeah, beats me
00:53Beirdo I don't think I've ever used the playlist editor, I usually just let it play random
00:54Beirdo but I'm not an average user for mythmusic I'd think
00:54wswanson i use it and think it works fine
00:55Chutt if there's a faster way to get to a single track or album than drilling down from a top level, i'd like to know about it
00:55Chutt other than a search interface, of course.
00:56Beirdo granted
00:57wswanson recurse-random and recurse-sequential would be a nice feature for mythgallery
00:57wswanson re: slideshow
00:57Chutt didn't someone add those?
00:58wswanson if so, not intuitive to make it work -- i don't think so
00:58Chutt i don't use mythgallery at all
01:00Chutt i mean, i guess it could be improved to have multiple levels of sorting in the tree at once
01:00Chutt but i never use anything but artist -> album -> track, so i've never bothered.
01:00wswanson I rsync backup my The Gallery (php) websites back to my mythgallery tree every night... when I'm travelling, the wife can pull up the latest photos that sync over night
01:01Chutt we don't take enough pictures to look at them often :p
01:01wswanson heh.. you're still thinknig about that StingK.... I doubt he'll come up with anything.... we'll see
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01:02Chutt i mean, if people complain then there's _something_ wrong with it, but if people can't even articulate what's broken, i can't do anything to fix it
01:03Beirdo true
01:03Beirdo I think they object to the looks of it, but can't really articulate why
01:09Beirdo grr
01:09Beirdo why does FC3 do things in such borked ways?
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02:08streamtrade I can solve my issue with text being cut off in menus but I am not sure of a generic case
02:10streamtrade In ThemedMenuPrivate, the text rectangle attribute seems to be based on the size of the button_on and button_off png.
02:10streamtrade I would think it should be based on the buttonarea rectangle in the theme
02:12Chutt the buttonarea is the entire area for all buttons
02:12Chutt the images are the actual buttons.
02:12streamtrade If the button_on png creates a smaller rectangle than expected, QT breaks off menu choices by looking for white space (if the menu length is too large)
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02:12Chutt buttons include the image (optional) and the text.
02:13streamtrade so to make a longer text menu fit, I need to make the button_on and button_off pngs to be wider
02:13Chutt yup
02:13Chutt think of it this way - if you had those be actual images with a background (like blue), you wouldn't want the text to go outside the button image, right?
02:14streamtrade ok, it was not intuitive to me that was why my text was being cut off
02:14streamtrade I was thinking that the buttonarea width would determine where my text rect would be
02:16streamtrade For translations such as German where there are lotsa letters, it seems many menus could be "chopped"
02:16Chutt yup
02:19streamtrade I am stumped for now with a solution that would address the text and the background better than what is in place
02:19Chutt heh
02:19Chutt well, it could cut things off and add a ... or whatnot
02:19Chutt but, that gets ugly
02:22streamtrade if the text rect picked the buttonarea as its boundries, one would have to make the button_on and off rect wider (if it was shorter).
02:22streamtrade Is it feasible to extend the button_on.png?
02:22Chutt it'd really depend
02:22streamtrade That would work for transparency and solids
02:22Chutt well, if it's a circle, how do you extend it?
02:23Chutt would you then extend everything?
02:23streamtrade There are some assumptions in the code regarding the buttons tho?
02:23Chutt not really
02:25streamtrade one could define a rectangle within the shape where the text would go
02:27Chutt that's what it does
02:27Chutt genericbutton -> text -> area
02:27Chutt area within the button png the text goes
02:29streamtrade would it make sense to change font size if the text did not fit?
02:29Chutt then you'd get things with varying font sizes
02:30Chutt better to just write short text =)
02:30streamtrade Guess there short text in German? :)
02:30Chutt i dunno
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05:21Chutt hrm
05:21Chutt time to decide if i should stay up the rest of the night or not
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05:27o_cee well must be pretty late, i'm soon off to lunch so :)
05:28Chutt 5:30
05:28Chutt just found a bug for work, been looking since 10 or so
05:29o_cee heh, might be to late to actually fix it if your tired, but sleeping just 2h or so just doesn't help much either..
05:29Chutt oh, i don't have set hours
05:29Chutt unless there's a conference call i have to be on
05:29o_cee ah well that's nice :)
05:30Chutt which there aren't any tomorrow
05:30o_cee sleep all afternoon :)
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05:30Chutt well, really shouldn't do that
05:30Chutt hard to answer email when i'm sleeping :p
05:30o_cee heh
05:31o_cee that guy offering help with mythui haven't done anything yet?
05:32Chutt hah
05:32Chutt doubt he will
05:32o_cee heh yeah, too bad
05:32Chutt that's not the place to start contributing, as so much needs to be done by me or someone else who knows the structure of things really well
05:33o_cee yeah, and both you and thor busy :/
05:38o_cee time for lunch.. later!
05:39Chutt hrmph
05:39Chutt creating a db connection pool's not going to be fun.
05:40Chutt although, it would clean up a bunch of code.
05:41johnp_ Chutt, you awake enough to answer a MythWizard question (more of a style question really) ?
05:41Chutt sure
05:41Chutt if i'm not, well, still sure!
05:42johnp_ I'm thinking that as scanwiz gets more complicated. I might like to actually add pages in and out
05:42Chutt ah, well
05:42johnp_ but I'm not sure how I would do this
05:42Chutt _actually_
05:42Chutt the plan is to move all the settings code to something like the recording options screen
05:42Chutt with non-qt widgets
05:43Chutt since mythui can't use qt native widgets (at least with qt 3)
05:43Chutt and i believe that adding/removing stuff is fairly easy with that
05:44Chutt 'course some stuff's missing, but, not difficult to add
05:45johnp_ that's kind of what I was wondering about. Didn't want to do one thing and then have to re-implement when mythui came on stream
05:46Chutt of course, there's really no reason why more complicated settings type stuff could have its own ui bits
05:47Chutt where it wouldn't be any different than any other screen - the current settings code is just nice because it encapsulates all the common types of settings
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06:01Chutt geckofiend, 'morning
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06:06GeckoFiend morning
06:06Chutt bah
06:06Chutt heh
06:06Chutt i think your last commit just made the menus run really slowly :p
06:07GeckoFiend hrm it's probably that cleartobackground call. let me revert that change, I don't think it's really needed afterall
06:08GeckoFiend do the icons zoom now though?
06:08Chutt yeah, but they're kinda zooming down and to the right
06:08Chutt looks weird
06:09GeckoFiend yeah that's due to the fact that there's no way to specify an "activeoffset". I need to compensate for it in the artwork but haven't done so yet
06:09Chutt ah
06:11GeckoFiend that should speed it back up.
06:12Chutt cool.
06:12johnp_ YAQ, Is there a minimum screen size that setup has to work with ?
06:13Chutt 640x480
06:13johnp_ thanks
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06:13Chutt assume 4:3
06:13Chutt geckofiend, it's faster, but not as fast as before
06:14Chutt oh, and, hit the down arrow =)
06:14Chutt highlight disappears
06:14GeckoFiend I'm trying to decide if I want to bite the bullet and start going through all the settings to compile a list and then see what we can eliminate or play with cool stuff like mDNS for frontends to find backends next
06:15GeckoFiend heh I'll bet the code is making assumptions about having multiple rows still
06:15Chutt settings first, maybe that could happen for 0.18 =)
06:15Chutt gant's still pretty damn fast
06:16Chutt but minimalist is slow
06:16GeckoFiend sure. I wanted to get it out of the way before porting the settings to mythui anyway
06:17Chutt hrm
06:17GeckoFiend odd, the only thing different between drawing those two is that the rect is a little bigger due to having increased the are for the button rect to include the offsetted image
06:18GeckoFiend ahhh wiat might have found it.
06:18Chutt there's an extra erase() there
06:19Chutt and some more clearToBackgrounds() added :p
06:19GeckoFiend yeah found those while fixing the arrow key thing
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06:20Chutt hehe
06:26GeckoFiend what do you think of up/down acting as go back/select for single row menus?
06:26Chutt that's kinda weird.
06:26Chutt up would be 'back' i guess?
06:27GeckoFiend yeah kinda of a "go up" / "go deeper" thing. not sure if I like it myself. maybe I'll try it out tonight see if it feels natural
06:28Chutt now, if it kinda scrolled up and down
06:28Chutt then i could see it working
06:28GeckoFiend heh for myth ui then
06:28Chutt i dunno
06:30GeckoFiend I think it'd be nice when we get to myth ui to be able to indicate in the theme a "menu layout" where you could say horiz., vert, or even funky stuff like horizontal semi-circle instead of have to massage the images and what not to make things work the way you want them to
06:30Chutt sure
06:31GeckoFiend btw checked in a fix for the extra clear to backgrounds and the down arrow thing. gotta grab a shower and tkae the hour long drive to columbus for work.
06:31Chutt heh
06:31Chutt sounds crappy
06:32Chutt yup, it's all nice and fast as it used to be again
06:32Chutt nice work =)
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07:11lovely2 is it a bug that mythtv 0.17 supports overlapping programs ?
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07:32johnnyST A question why is the text missplaced when I use swedish?
07:33johnnyST It was the same with 0.16 is this a bug?
07:36stoffel afaik it's because Mediab... is one word and cannot be spit in two lines only for the blue theme. it looks ok with other themes and happens for other languages as well
07:36stoffel the optiska diskar button looks ok as it's two single words
07:39johnnyST ok I see.
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08:27Analyzer hello everybody
08:28Analyzer can i watching tv and writing it on hdd at same time with mythtv?
08:30--- User: *** Analyzer is now known as Russian_Mafia
08:37lovely2 wrong channel russian
08:37lovely2 yes you can
08:37lovely2 you go into recorded programs
08:37lovely2 and just start viewing the program that is being recorded
08:38lovely2 but this isn't the channel for this
08:38lovely2 go to mythtv-users
08:38Russian_Mafia| ok
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10:15* _GeckoFiend needs to stay away from the user list when he's just quit smoking (again)
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10:23* rw is back (gone for 11:39.30)
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10:51wyatt_earp w
10:52wyatt_earp hello, does anyone in here use chris kennedy's drivers for a pvr-350 ?
10:52wyatt_earp clear
10:53Anduin wyatt_earp - is this leading to a -dev question?
10:54wyatt_earp well, more to the point of finding someone that's having the same issue
10:55wyatt_earp i can't seem to get the screen to fit on my tv using the pvr-350
10:55--- <<-- Dibblah [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:55wyatt_earp and googling has come up short of results
10:55Anduin wyatt_earp - try over in #mythtv-users
10:55wyatt_earp alrighty
10:55wyatt_earp thanks
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11:00Baylink *Is* 100dpi still the intended target resolution for people's X servers?
11:01Anduin Baylink - It was last time someone told me to use it.
11:02Baylink Ok; was telling someone, just double checking
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11:29_GeckoFiend Baylink yes it is until MythUI is done. MythUI can compensate for that.
11:30_GeckoFiend in some themes it's more important than others
11:31Beirdo has that crept into the docs yet?
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13:23--- ---> Torq [] has joined #mythtv
13:24schnogg Where can I find more help with using a Matrox G450 eTV card as far as the video capture, tuner and Tv out?
13:26rw schnogg, read the topic
13:26--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
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14:03Xana_ I get this when i try to compile mythtc: libpostproc/postprocess_template.c:3252: error: can't find a register in class `GENERAL_REGS' while reloading `asm' can anybody help me ?
14:04kvandivo as a myth developer, what code have you changed from the default cvs installation that might have caused that?
14:04Chutt nonstandard cflags aren't supported.
14:06mikegrb kvandivo: <3
14:07mikegrb kvandivo: that is classic goodness
14:07mikegrb kvandivo: gold stars for you
14:22--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
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17:21--- ---> grogan [] has joined #mythtv
17:23grogan okay.. it's been a while since I last played around with mythtv, but can anyone tell me whether or not there now exists a solid scheme by which one can control digital cable set-top boxes?
17:23shadash IR out is the only way
17:23grogan when I was at college, I had no cable box, so mythtv worked brilliantly (with 2 tuners and all)
17:24shadash well not only
17:24Icemaann shadash: im using serial
17:24Icemaann this isnt the channel anyway, #mythtv-users
17:24grogan but lirc will only give me support for one set-top box.. lirc did not support addressable emiters the last time I checked
17:24Chutt and firewire works for some boxes, too, but that's off topic.
17:24grogan ah...
17:24grogan oh.. I'm so sorry...
17:25grogan well.. from a development standpoint, I did try to control the cable boxen via usb
17:26grogan but at least in the case of time warner's DTV boxen in manhattan, only "boot-mode" usb HID keyboards are supported
17:26grogan with that, I apologize for the intrusion into the development channel and I will shut up now
17:27shadash don't apologize :-) but your question might be better answered in #mythtv-users
17:33--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:27--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
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18:31streamtrade GeckoFiend: did you add some sort of animation to the menus? Your comments in the channel made me think so, but I have not found anything in the code
18:33--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:58--- ---> sugarbear [] has joined #mythtv
18:59sugarbear Hi, is there a bug database for myth? I'd like to find out why the GUI X/Y offsets don't work.
19:01--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
19:03--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
19:04--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
19:13rw sugarbear, try #mythtv-users and read the topic...
19:16sugarbear Thanks.
19:16rw no problem...
19:22--- ---> bobbyz [] has joined #mythtv
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19:49--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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19:57--- ---> mae^ [] has joined #mythtv
19:57--- ---> warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has joined #mythtv
19:58* warlord waves
19:58warlord Is David Engel around?
20:05--- <<-- tazmaniac [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:05Baylink timing out?
20:05Baylink Transient
20:06Baylink Someone remind chutt again to fix the frontpage wikilink; I'm going off to cross-load some stuff from my mythbox into my head.
20:08--- ---> digitalboy [] has joined #mythtv
20:16Chutt fix it how?
20:16Chutt warlord, david doesn't hang out on here at all
20:16warlord Oh. Darn.. I'm seeing weird behavior with my attempted pvr patch.
20:17warlord When I "save" 0 or 1 bytes, it works fine. When I save "2" bytes it doesn't.
20:18Chutt heh
20:18Chutt funky
20:18warlord yea...
20:18warlord I dont understand.
20:24Chutt i don't see anything obviously wrong
20:24warlord I don't, either.. But one works and the other doesn't.
20:24* warlord is completely confused by that
20:25Chutt i ordered ram and a case for my epia-m + pvr-350 box, though
20:26warlord Neat.
20:26Chutt so i may be able to at least test that stuff again eventually
20:26Chutt but the case is backordered for a couple weeks :(
20:26warlord the Epia is a nice form factor.
20:26Chutt eh
20:26Chutt i like my uAtx replacement box a lot better
20:27warlord although not a very powerful processor
20:27Chutt and it worked out to be quieter than the epia-m
20:27warlord who makes your uAtx?
20:27Chutt got a biostar motherboard (nf2), an xp-m 2200+ undervolted/downclocked a bit, in an antec aria case
20:28Chutt w/ a gf5200 for video
20:28warlord dvi out to your hd?
20:28Chutt 80mm fan on the cpu, 120mm fan on the power supply, and that's it
20:28Chutt naw, just vga for now
20:28Chutt couldn't find a hdmi adapter locally
20:29Chutt i figure i'll buy a fanless 6200/6600 and just use component out, though
20:30Chutt so i don't need to flip inputs on the projector
20:30GeckoFiend you don't get those for free?
20:30warlord I still need to acquire an hdtv
20:30Chutt geckofiend, not for personal use :p
20:30Chutt i get a decent discount on a few vendors, though
20:30warlord Chutt: do you still use pvr-x50 for input devices?
20:30Chutt yeah, just have one pvr-250 recording right now
20:31Chutt keep meaning to put a couple more in my file server, but i'm too lazy
20:31warlord I've got one recording right now, and all four scheduled in 30 mins
20:31warlord 4 recording + pvr-350 output can be somewhat... special.
20:31Chutt i've whittled down my record schedule a bunch =)
20:31Chutt since i wasn't hardly ever watching things
20:31warlord So have I, but the darn TV networks put them all on at the same time.
20:32Chutt and i actually want a bunch of stuff live
20:32Chutt bypassing myth completely
20:32Chutt because i don't have any hd recording setup yet =)
20:32warlord You don't use myth for livetv?
20:32warlord Ahhh
20:33GeckoFiend heh My HD is in my office. need to move it out to the living room
20:33warlord Do you think your xp-m 2200+ will be sufficient to decode ATSC / hdtv?
20:33Chutt my 1800+ is, without deinterlacing
20:33Chutt (dev box)
20:33warlord Hmm...
20:33warlord (that's an athlon, right?)
20:33Chutt yup
20:34Chutt juuust enough cpu
20:34warlord Hmm.. I wonder how the xp-m+ 2200+ compares to an xp 2600+?
20:34GeckoFiend yeah I can do 720p here on my 1800+ dev box.
20:34warlord so 720p, but not 1080i?
20:34GeckoFiend dunno nothing I've recorded is in 1080i yet
20:35* warlord wants to find a 1080p hdtv.. not sure whether that's better than a 720p hdtv
20:35Chutt late this year
20:35Chutt 1080p would be _much_ better
20:35warlord what would a 1080p tv do with a 720p signal?
20:35Chutt scale it
20:35warlord 2:3 pullup?
20:36Chutt shouldn't have to
20:36Chutt they'd both be progressive
20:36warlord true. sorry, I meant 2:3 line-expansion
20:36Chutt but 1080p's 2.25x the resolution
20:36Chutt interpolated scaling :p
20:36* warlord clearly needs remedial math
20:37warlord ;)
20:37Chutt i'm hoping that there's a decently priced 1080p projector around when the bulb burns out in my current one
20:38warlord 1920x1080p projector?
20:38warlord I dont have room for a projector -- I can probably house a 30" HDTV in my living room (to replace my 27" ntsc crt)
20:39Chutt it's not a terribly big room - only 12 feet wide
20:40Baylink Sorry. Was watching box, instead of talking about it. Redirect link to the 0.17 page.
20:41Chutt ah, right
20:43Chutt i'll do that tonight
20:46warlord unfortunately my tv is sort of in the corner.. I dont have a good wall to mount a projector or screen..
20:48warlord (the walls are only about 8' apart)
20:53GreyFoxx my new HT room is 85% done
20:54GreyFoxx I'm investigating how I'm gonna do my screen now
20:54GreyFoxx Can't wait :)
20:54GreyFoxx I took my GF over to see a friend of mines projector, and she fell in love heh
20:58rw Chutt, nice basement, i just don't see the computer, wireless?
20:59Chutt it's in the second picture
20:59--- ---> CanadaBo_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:00rw it's dedicated to media then?
21:03mikegrb yes, like a proper media pc
21:03GreyFoxx isn't everyones dedicated ?:)
21:04rw cool, nice basement
21:05--- <<-- GreenGhost [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:06rw :D
21:06GreyFoxx Chutt: What kind of screen did you go with for your projector ?
21:07GreyFoxx rw: Is that your place ?
21:07GreyFoxx Love the huge couch :)
21:08rw GreyFoxx, that's my friend's house in columbus, ohio
21:08GreyFoxx Ahhh nice setup
21:08rw it's an awesome house, the screen is huge!
21:08--- ---> Forty| [] has joined #mythtv
21:08rw check out the auxiliar tv on both side
21:09GreyFoxx noticed. I like the wood cabinet. Originally I was just gonna put mine flat on the wall, but maybe I'll put the screen on a cabinet . I was deciding where to put all the DVD's anyway heh
21:11rw GreyFoxx, this is intersting because you have space to work between it and the wall...
21:11GreyFoxx I have 2 doors in that room. And one I never use so I was going to convert it to the equipment rack, and I have easy rear access without having to move the gear
21:13rw cool
21:14--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:15rw GreyFoxx, where are you from?
21:18--- ---> [CSI]Octane [] has joined #mythtv
21:19--- User: *** [CSI]Octane is now known as Octane
21:19--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Client Quit)
21:20Beirdo Mars, I think :)
21:21rw lol
21:21GreyFoxx Hehe
21:21--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:21--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
21:21GreyFoxx rw: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
21:21Beirdo close enough :)
21:23--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
21:23GreyFoxx Better than living in or near TO!
21:23GreyFoxx hehe
21:23GreyFoxx I wouldn't mind the opportunity to go to Mars if it ever came up heh
21:24Beirdo I hear ya.
21:24rw GreyFoxx, do you have tv listing for the shows there?
21:24Beirdo on both counts :)
21:24GreyFoxx rw: I'm not living in the back woods of nunavut... yes we have TV Listings :)
21:24GreyFoxx Or at least Zap2it has them for me :)
21:25rw GreyFoxx, we don't :)
21:25GreyFoxx Where are you ?
21:25* Beirdo laughs
21:25rw but we're already negotiating with a company.
21:25rw brazil
21:26--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
21:26rw <-- tv listing in Brazil
21:26GreyFoxx Cool. Where? I was in Sao Paulo for a week back in Oct 2003
21:26rw that's poor me.
21:27rw GreyFoxx, I am from Sao Paulo. I moved to Salvador 6 years ago...
21:27rw GreyFoxx, but my father still living there, every 6months I am there. What you did there?
21:27GreyFoxx Cool.
21:27GreyFoxx Cable Industry tradeshow :)
21:28rw it was in the city of sao paulo or campinas?
21:28GreyFoxx In Sao Paulo
21:28GreyFoxx But I spend a day or two driving all over the place, I have no idea where I was then heh
21:29rw sao paulo is huge!
21:29rw 22 milion people in the state!
21:29GreyFoxx we drop a couple hours each way, outside thecity... I don't remember where it was now heh
21:29rw a mess
21:30rw oh! good place for meeting girls! awesome nightouts...
21:31rw GreyFoxx, where do you work?
21:32GreyFoxx For a company that produces Provisioning systems for broadband ISPs, at least my department. The rest makes various support center management tools and custome projects for companies.
21:32GreyFoxx I hate my job. I'm bored all the time :)
21:33rw i though you want to sao paulo with your company...
21:33* GreyFoxx moves this to -users
21:33rw s/want/went
21:33--- <<-- Forty| [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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22:21--- ---> gixxer [] has joined #mythtv
22:30bobbyz what all is needed to get mythtv to build against qt-embedded? \xA0So far I compiled qt-embedded without the -fno-exceptions and -fno-rtti flags and then I've exported QTDIR=/usr/qt/3-embedded and PATH=/usr/qt/3-embedded/bin. \xA0I've commented out X support in and uncommented directfb.
22:30bobbyz \xA0I also added DEFINES += QWS. \xA0Then I ./configure && qmake -spec /usr/qt/3-embedded/mkspecs/qws/linux-x86-g++ && make qmake && make. \xA0The make always dies with a bunch of undefined references like: \xA0 undefined reference to `typeinfo for QPushButton'
22:30bobbyz is there anything else I need to do?
22:31--- <<-- Forty| [] has quit (Success)
22:31--- ---> Forty| [] has joined #mythtv
22:35--- ---> abarbaccia [] has joined #mythtv
22:36abarbaccia anybody here know if the ivtv drivers work for the pvr-150?
22:37abarbaccia sorry - wrong channel
22:38--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
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