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---Logopened Fri Feb 18 00:00:27 2005
00:01Beirdo I'm not sure, it was Baylink's file
00:01squigly- can I talk about bugs here? Im trying to get enough useful information for some one to fix the problem . but I dont know where to start
00:01Captain_Murdo| ok. I think that should be easy to fix, looking at it a little now. should just be able to force raw = 0 and compressthis = 1 when transcoding I believe.
00:02Captain_Murdo| squigly-: is it a bug or a crash?
00:02squigly- bug
00:02Captain_Murdo| simple or big?
00:03squigly- hmm, its strange
00:03squigly- recordings are being made on the wrong channels,
00:03squigly- every thing says look at channel a and it records channel b
00:04Captain_Murdo| sounds more like a -users question, probably a configuration error. maybe even the wrong tuner specified
00:05squigly- I have been using the machine for a year, and it just started with one show on a channel
00:05squigly- but its begining to spread
00:06squigly- the channel it records has no program guide, when I sit in live tv I can swich through all my tuners and not get the wrong channel
00:06Captain_Murdo| no one else has reported anything like that that I know of so it sounds more like a problem on your system and a -users question.
00:07squigly- Cant I be the only person experiancing a bug?
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00:08nz17 I know this is an odd question, but does anyone know of a Web site where one could buy pre-built Linux PVRs?
00:08Captain_Murdo| no, but something as drastic as recording shows off the wrong channel would be seen by other users unless it's a config issue on your system.
00:08nz17 Oops, wrong channel, sorry.
00:08Captain_Murdo| just not open. :)
00:08nz17 Well we can't have closed, now can we. ;)
00:09nz17 Now going to mythtv-users.
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00:09squigly- Captain_Murdoch, Im fairly sure its related to the big DVB update
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00:11Captain_Murdo| so you are a DVB user? did you setup all your channels correctly after upgrading since the DB config changed for DVB.
00:12squigly- Captain_Murdoch, yes, and every other channel works fine, and most recordings on this channel work fine. but 2 dont
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00:17squigly- Im thinking I should start by catching the backend log at the time it happens, I will do that and then see what it says. When I look at the scheduling info right now its all fine
00:18Captain_Murdo| try turning on some of the backend debug log messages using the -v option and see if you can find anything useful in there.
00:19gr8nash-home | squigly- whats it doing exactly on the bad channels
00:19gr8nash-home | my hd3000 is not working for 1 of my channels after .17 even though mplayer playes it fine
00:20squigly- Im using DVB and it records a different program from the same transponder, I can use the channel though
00:20gr8nash-home | ok nevermind =(
00:20squigly- it just some times, gives me the wrong channel
00:20Captain_Murdo| could be the dvb driver for that card since it's fairly new.
00:20Captain_Murdo| check your syslog to see if there's anything in there.
00:21squigly- Captain_Murdoch, me?
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00:22Captain_Murdo| yeah
00:23squigly- my card is about a year and a half old, ive never had this problem before
00:24Captain_Murdo| are you using the dvb driver or the old hd driver?
00:24squigly- huh? there is only one driver for my card, twinham dvb
00:27Captain_Murdo| there was a driver for the hdX000 cards then recently I believe someone wrote a driver to make them act like a dvb card so they work with the linux-dvb stuff.
00:28gr8nash-home | sorry Captain_Murdoch i confused his question.. im hte one with the HD3000 card
00:28Captain_Murdo| read this thread. search for a post by "david at thegeorges", he talks about it.;post=109909;list=mythtv
00:28squigly- im in AU
00:28squigly- no atsc here
00:28Captain_Murdo| sorry, I misread, saw gr8nash-home post and read it as squigly. :( sorry, my fault.
00:29squigly- no worries
00:29gr8nash-home | =) my fault too
00:30Captain_Murdo| you're probably better off posting on the -dev list since the guys who worked on that rewrite usually read that. I haven't seen anyone mention anything like that that I recall though, but you can search the archives. I'm using the dvb support in Myth with my air2pc card and although I dont' use it much I haven't seen any problems yet.
00:31gr8nash-home | could it be a driver isusee if mplayer playes channel 6 fine?
00:32squigly- before i post to dev, i wondered what else I should collect, the backend log aany thing else
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00:34Captain_Murdo| not sure. I'm not sure what debugging messages they put in the dvb code. you can try using "-v channel" to see if that gives any useful output.
00:35squigly- ok
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01:30MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: that patch you sent me the other day, is that commited? and can I share it?
01:30Captain_Murdo| which one was that? :)
01:31MajestiK the commflag -> cutlist one
01:31MajestiK to mythcommflag
01:31Captain_Murdo| --gencutlist? that's in CVS now.
01:31MajestiK I still haven't tried it yet..
01:31MajestiK Ok, cool
01:33MajestiK do you know offhand if I can pull mythcommflag from CVS and just compile it?
01:34Chutt just update everything from cvs
01:34Chutt nothing's gone in aside from fixes yet
01:36MajestiK I'd rather stick with the packaged release version for gentoo..
01:37MajestiK Is it possible to pull a given piece out though?
01:40Chutt not easily
01:40MajestiK Ok.. probably just compile into an alternate root then and just pull the binary then for commflag
01:40Captain_Murdo| MajestiK: the patch I gave you is what went into CVS
01:40Chutt if the libraries change, that won't work.
01:40MajestiK yeah
01:41MajestiK Hmm.. is that something that sould be an objective? allow to compule frontend only or something? or backend with no frontend?
01:42Chutt err
01:42Chutt that's easily done, but, not really all that worthwhile
01:42Chutt there's no additional dependencies
01:43Chutt the problem is if libmyth or libmythtv changes (as it has in this case, as all the commflagging is done by libmythtv)
01:43Chutt everything else needs to be updated as well
01:43Chutt since it'd be kind of silly to update the library soname or whatnot with each cvs checkin.
01:44MajestiK Ok.. so it's only a small time window that it might even be useful..
01:44Chutt mixing cvs and non-cvs just doesn't work :p
01:44MajestiK Do you have the cvs root offhand?
01:45Chutt it's in the docs
01:47MajestiK K, found it.. thanks
01:50Chutt Captain_Murdoch, thanks for applying patches =)
01:51Captain_Murdo| :) figured I'd get some out of the way that I knew were safe. just converted statusbox.cpp over to MSqlQuery also so that should be easier when the db fix is done.
02:46MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: I'm trying this new mythcommflag, and I'm not getting any output at all from it.. with the --gencutlist option
02:57MajestiK nevermind.. It's too late to figure stuff out.. I was looking at the wrong recording
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04:19johnp_ Has anyone any suggestions for debuging saved TS streams ? I'm thinking about looking at the DVB saving TS streams feature, which seems to limp along but obviously has some issues.
04:20johnp_ (Of course what I'd really like is a 'whats wrong with this recording" command :) )
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08:04radiatorbp hi! noobe question : how can I add additional tv_grab_?? items into the backend setup? they area all installed, but only a few show up.
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09:36_rkulagow_ exit
09:36_rkulagow_ whoops. wrong window.
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11:20kvandivo i hate to say it but, being the lemming that i am, i've almost grown accustomed to taking zap2its little poll every three months...
11:22Beirdo :) A small price to pay
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11:23dja I wish they would let us take it more than 1 week in advance (last time I was on vacation and almost missed it :-)
11:29hadeees didn't it used to be like 1 every month? i guess they ran out of things to ask us about
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11:32kvandivo i believe zap2it has always been 3 months
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15:42GeckoFiend 164g takes forever to copy!
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15:58Baylink Depends on your disk channels, GF.
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16:05Baylink G'day, Captain.
16:05Captain_Murdo| hey
16:05Baylink How's Trix?
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18:09batdog strange problem... mythbackend occasionally quits with no debug message. I have --verbose=all. happens often when make schedule changes from mythweb. (using cvs as of last night)
18:09batdog anyone seen this before?
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18:11batdog normally i run from gentoo init script. now running from terminal, hoping it will drop a core file but so far no crash, of course
18:18Captain_Murdo| read the debugging section of the howto on how to get a good backtrace. core file won't help any since Myth is multithreaded.
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18:28batdog aha. got the crash, plus core file
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19:07batdog if someone would care to see a backtrace of a segfault in mythbackend (cvs as of last night), here it is:
19:08batdog happens sometimes when updating schedules from mythweb. as a side note, my mythweb runs on a separate machine from the backend
19:11batdog trying to wade thru the code but this is my first time looking at it
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19:16Anduin batdog - That isn't a very long bt, all you can really tell is that the socket is probably invalid at that point.
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19:19batdog Anduin: any tips? its from a core file. without loading symbols the stack is 7 calls deep. i'm not very familiar with gdb
19:20Anduin batdog - get it to crash while running in gdb, when it does: thread apply all bt full
19:21batdog Anduin: last night when i did that it was hanging up when it forked the channel change program. i'll try it again.
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19:29batdog Ok, i got it to crash in gdb. updated the bt at
19:33batdog to get this i edited a recording schedule from mythweb, changed the recording priority, then clicked update. however, this does not happen every time by any means... maybe 1/10
19:33batdog again mythweb is on a different machine than the mythbackend
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19:37batdog gut feel is that it happens when the backend is recording but i'm so frequently recording it could be coincidence
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19:50streamtrade Anyone here who works on the calculations for where you are in a live tv program?
19:51streamtrade When I hit page up and page down, I am seeing numbers that do not make sense to me, was wondering if anyone was working to address this
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20:07* batdog yawns
20:11--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
20:11streamtrade GeckoFiend: do your last changes to themedMenus allow for animation?
20:12GeckoFiend no
20:12GeckoFiend animation wil come with mythui
20:12GeckoFiend they just allow the active image to work properly
20:13streamtrade ok, I got the impression from your comments that some movement was addressed in your changes
20:13streamtrade thx
20:15GeckoFiend in the minimalist theme the active image is a larger version of the normal image so it appears to zoom
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20:16streamtrade ok, I had noticed the tag was only in minimalist
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20:17streamtrade I had to laugh when I looked at one of the menus in minimalist. I thought where are the images and then I thought, oh minimalist.
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20:32paulc36 devel question: upgrading from 0.16 to 0.17 on my debian box appears to have borken the tv-out on the pvr-350 for the mythfrontend program. Is this a known issue on some systems?
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20:56Torq animated images in menus? god forbid. I hope we never see the day
20:56GeckoFiend hehe better not upgrade to .19 then :-p
20:59Torq they are pointless and only serve to distract
20:59cthompson so use a theme that doesn't have them
21:07GeckoFiend are pretty muc hall graphics pointless then?
21:07Torq muc hall?
21:07GeckoFiend much all
21:08Torq static nice, animated not nice
21:08GeckoFiend ahhh got it. things you like = good, things you don't = pointles s :-p
21:08Torq very good. congratulations.
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22:07Anduin batdog - You should probably post to -dev, I'd blame endConnection but the UpRef should be keeping it alive long enough even in that situation.
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22:13Wildgoose Any dvb folks here?
22:13Beirdo GeckoFiend: sounds like Torq is getting pretty pointless :)
22:14Wildgoose Beirdo: I get confused with people's nicks, is the DVB stuff your code?
22:14Beirdo nope
22:14Beirdo it's dopester's
22:14Beirdo and he seems to not be on
22:14Wildgoose Aha, thanks
22:15Beirdo not a problem
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23:01GeckoFiend doepster is on vacation
23:01GeckoFiend or a business trip or somthing. at any rate he's out of the country
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23:03Beirdo ahhh
23:04Beirdo if he came up towards Toronto and doesn't call me... :)
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