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00:22thor_ grrr, dopester
00:22dopester hola
00:23thor_ trying to get QAM on air2pc working
00:23dopester i just spent 3 hours driving around San Juan trying to find a hotel room
00:23thor_ heh
00:23dopester ended up staying with a co-worker
00:24dopester so whats the problem?
00:25thor_ bit confused on the whole scannig thing
00:25thor_ err, scanning
00:25dopester choose cable and hit go :)
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00:26thor_ I scan, which ends up giving me some transport numbers (eg, 727000000)
00:26thor_ but no actual channels ever appear
00:26ijwyn hello, I just installed mythtv but when I try to run it in console, I get this error message:
00:26ijwyn Driver error was [1/1045]:
00:26ijwyn QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
00:26ijwyn Database error was:
00:26ijwyn Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES)
00:26ijwyn what does it mean?
00:27dopester well i found out from a guy there is some channels in my market im missing so the scan clearly isnt right
00:27dopester but im still in pr so i can't really do crap from here
00:27thor_ heh
00:27Captain_Murdo| ijwyn, it's code for "try the #mythtv-users channel"
00:27ijwyn whoops, lol, sorry
00:27Captain_Murdo| :)
00:27dopester the guy from on the dev list told me discovery-hd is free in Raleigh
00:28dopester he lives maybe a mile away from me too.. small world..
00:28thor_ I've got a samsung standalone box, so I know the QAM is working
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00:29thor_ am I supposed to scan twice (all transports, then for each transport)?
00:29thor_ or is it just supposed to work?
00:29dopester its supposed to work
00:29dopester BUT
00:29dopester from what i gather i am expecting a 100% valid vct
00:29dopester which i only get from my locals
00:29dopester and i get some bogus looking ones but those clearly are channels i need to add to the db
00:30thor_ I just never get any channels at all
00:30dopester yeah that makes sense
00:30dopester if you want to mod the logging macros in siparser.cpp and siscan.cpp to be VB_VERBOSE you should be able to get some more info
00:31dopester can't increase the logging in setup easily so thats the easiest thing i can think of
00:31thor_ ok, will have a look
00:31dopester you should see some "Found Channel xx-xx" somewhere in there
00:31dopester if you see those jsut let me know what they are
00:31dopester but chances are i will just make it add anything regardless of if it looks right or not
00:31Beirdo heya dopester
00:31dopester hey man
00:31thor_ k (just rebuilding now)
00:31dopester if i recall i was getting 0-51 for the channel number and no name
00:32dopester but could be different where you are at
00:32Beirdo I was saying earlier... you'd better not be in Toronto area :)
00:32dopester naw im in San Juan, Puerto Rico
00:32Beirdo ah, somewhere warm
00:32thor_ [23:04:49] <Beirdo> if he came up towards Toronto and doesn't call me... :)
00:32Beirdo business/pleasure/both?
00:32dopester hehe i got your number somewhere
00:32dopester business
00:32dopester pleasure isn't really something i would go to san juan for
00:32Beirdo ah, could be worse, they coulda sent you to Alaska
00:32dopester its like new jersey..
00:33Beirdo heh
00:33thor_ but better surfing
00:33dopester just more bars on all the windows
00:33Beirdo and fewer MythTV users
00:33dopester yeah well if i do move here i will be 1 of 3.5 million using it :)
00:34Beirdo heh
00:34Beirdo I wonder if defaultro needs telling off again?
00:34dopester lord hes one person i don't miss
00:34Beirdo I've been getting pretty blunt with him on occasion
00:35Beirdo hello, thor_, BTW :)
00:35thor_ heh, hi
00:35dopester hehe ive been outright rude here
00:35dopester everything in puerto rico takes about 10 times as long as north america.. the people here are so goddamn lazy
00:35dopester the project i came here for i didn't really get to start until thursday
00:35dopester and i was supposed to leave on friday
00:35Beirdo so I go to hook up my asterisk box to the phone line... can't find the f'ing phone cord
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00:36Beirdo dopester: at least it's warm :)
00:36dopester yeah thats true
00:36dopester probbably 22 or so now
00:36Beirdo C I assume?
00:36dopester yeah
00:36Beirdo whew
00:36dopester a canadian asked so i replied in C
00:36dopester if thor asked i would reply in F
00:37Beirdo I understand both :)
00:37dopester here all the speed limits are in mph, but all distances are metric
00:37Beirdo and 22F ain't warm for PR :)
00:37thor_ and I'm Canadian
00:37dopester well thor_ aren't you around the DC area though?
00:37thor_ yup
00:37* Captain_Murd waits patiently for the /tmp cleanup job on the cvs server.
00:37thor_ but I'm wearing grey wool socks and everything
00:38Beirdo woohoo :)
00:38Beirdo good Canadian socks
00:39dopester im barefoot in shorts and a tshirt :)
00:39Beirdo so am I, but I'm inside and on the couch :)
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00:55jasonb Hi there. This may be a common question, but: What version of mysql does mythtv require?
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01:03Captain_Murdo| try #mythtv-users, I think they use MythTV over there.
01:03dopester :)
01:03Captain_Murdo| just a hunch I have
01:03Beirdo burn.
01:03dopester beirdo: been watching that 70s show?
01:04Captain_Murdo| in this room some of us spend too much time developing to get to use it that much.
01:04Beirdo dopester: but of course
01:04dopester well its 2am here im beat after driving around listening to crap music for 3 hours trying to find a hotel room.. take care guys..
01:05dopester <-- there you can listen to what 80% of puerto rican radio is like there
01:05dopester choose any track the all sound the same to me
01:11Captain_Murdo| need to get this aspect ratio detection code in CVS so I can quit having to strip it out of my diffs when I apply other patches. :)
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01:25lotia anyone know of a fanless pci express geforce card?
01:26* Beirdo points at the topic
01:28lotia Bierdo: thanks sorry :
01:28lotia (
01:34rw Beirdo, this channel should be users channel and development should have a channel like #mythtv-devel, makes more sense.
01:35* jasonb agrees, obviously.
01:37Beirdo rw: not our channel to say that :)
01:38rw Beirdo, i know, im just commenting since you are older then i am.
01:39Beirdo that decision is up to the owners of the channel, who disagree :)
01:39rw do you know why?
01:40Beirdo not off hand, and don't ccare that much :)
01:45rw "audiocd", virtual audio cd filesystem which copies and encodes audio tracks on the fly
01:45rw that's cool
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02:05Chutt heh
02:10rw what's up Chutt?
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02:59skone is there a keystroke that changes the recorded programs list?
02:59skone I had a different layout before, and I dont recall changing it in setup
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03:04skone sorry
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04:45blorro so anyone got the hang on radeon tvout in fedora??
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06:56PappaChri what is the correct xmltv-category to get movies to show up as movies in mythtv? (using mythweb, the movies link is empty)
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09:57thor_ Chutt, the dvorak is actually far from objectionable. Kudos
09:58GeckoFiend yeah that wasn't bad at all
09:58thor_ GeckoFiend, you doing Minimalist-wide?
09:58GeckoFiend yeah
09:59thor_ is the horizontal text layout intended ... I seem to be having problems with some text "buttons" disappearing
09:59thor_ until I select over them
09:59GeckoFiend yeah it was chutts idea
09:59GeckoFiend you using the latest copy of themedmenu.cpp?
10:00thor_ couldn't say for sure, I'm messing around with DVB-QAM, kind of going back on forth on things recklessly
10:01thor_ if I find a clear problem with genuine CVS current, I'll let you know
10:01GeckoFiend eventualy there will not be any just plain text buttons but themed menu had a number of issues coping with the horizontal menu that I had to clear up
10:02thor_ if you're tallying votes, I prefer the vertical list, but only mildly
10:03GeckoFiend I did too at first till I started to get some ideas (that'll have to wait till mythui) for the horizontal
10:04thor_ ahh, yup ... kind of hoping Chutt gets one of his creative bursts and does the bulk of libmythui in a day and a half :-)
10:05GeckoFiend hehe I should driver up next friday with a case of Bawls and a bottle of no-doze
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10:53thor_ dopseter, mail for you on -dev
10:53thor_ err, dopster
10:53thor_ bah
10:58dopester thor: just change the VB_SIPARSER to VB_GENERAL
10:59thor_ k
10:59dopester I might have said VB_VERBOSE last night i was dead tired when i got on irc
10:59thor_ yup
11:00dopester when you say QAM is working do you know that you can get some of those channels in the clear on your samsung box?
11:01thor_ yes
11:02dopester i still have to play around at home because there might not even be a vct for the unc channels
11:02thor_ np, there's no hurry, just like to figure it out
11:03thor_ (rebuilding new libmythtv)
11:05dopester problem with opencable is most of the si is sent out of band on a qpsk channel that i can't decode with any card out there
11:05dopester i can look at the mpeg ts stuff and see if the channels are encrypted but i really don't want to have to do that unless necessary
11:13thor_ scanning now, it needs to get through 85 channels to something with QAM on it :-(
11:13dopester fix the loop in siscan thats what i did when testing
11:14dopester started mine at 80
11:14dopester but there IS a chance you could have one lower so i gotta include em all
11:14thor_ yup
11:17thor_ here's a snippet:
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11:17thor_ Setting currenTID = 8
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:37.987 SIParser: Table[0]->RequirePIDs() == true
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:37.987 SIParser: Adding PID 0 Filter 0 Mask ff Buffer 40960
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:37.987 SIParser: Table[2]->RequirePIDs() == true
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:37.987 SIParser: Adding PID 1ffb Filter ff Mask 0 Buffer 40960
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:37.988 SIParser: Table[3]->RequirePIDs() == true
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:37.988 SIParser: Adding PID 1ffb Filter ff Mask 0 Buffer 40960
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:41.990 SIParser: About to do a reset
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:41.990 SIParser: Closing all PIDs
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.004 SIParser: Resetting all Table Handlers
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.004 SIParser: SIParser Reset due to channel change
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.099 DVB#0 DVB signal 0 | snr 0 | ber 0 | unc 0
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.099 DVB#0 Signal Lost
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.607 DVB#0 Signal Locked
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.704 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
11:17thor_ 2005-02-19 11:20:42.704 SIParser: Requesting PAT
11:18thor_ Setting currenTID = 9
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11:19thor_ you want the whole output via e-mail
11:19dopester yeah
11:20thor_ I only changed the siparser macro, not siscan, let me change that as well, rerun, and send you the whole output via e-mail
11:20dopester I THINK siparser will be enough
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11:22thor_ to rtjacob at ?
11:22dopester si
11:22thor_ gracias
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11:37thor_ mail on its way
11:37thor_ 2005-02-19 11:29:55.024 SIScan#0: Tuning to mplexid -1
11:37thor_ seem to be a lot of those around
11:37thor_ (no idea if it means anything)
11:39dopester naw
11:39dopester just means its tuning to something not already in the database
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11:41thor_ in case it's useful info, there is known QAM on 122 (.1.2.3) 123 (. and 124 (.2.3), plus things that come and go (PPV, I think) on 86, 87, 88, 89, plus a smatter of other things
11:41dopester yeah when i get back to the states i can look more into it
11:42thor_ k
11:42dopester cause if i can get discovereyhd for free im really interested ;)
11:42thor_ heh
11:42dopester i just hope it doesnt get so big that they start encrytping all those channels
11:44thor_ no discovery here, just broadcast ATSC over the cable (and even some of those are missing)
11:44dopester yeah im not surprised
11:44dopester like i said the guy down the road from me said he can get about twice the channels i can pick up
11:45thor_ but it's so much more reliable over the cable (on the samsung box)
11:45dopester i didn't spend enough time digging through the different channels
11:45dopester 8vsb seems to just be crap like all the 8vsb vs. cofdm posts out there
11:46dopester when it rains i get nothing
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11:46thor_ heh
11:46thor_ hundred year old building, 4 foot walls, real plaster over metal grill walls
11:47thor_ I'm lucky to get an OTA signal at all
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11:50dopester looks like my scan doesnt get a vct at all
11:52thor_ when it's on a QAM channel, in the popup GUI, the signal is high (like 98%), the S/N is high (like 92%), and LOCKED is constantly displayed, but then it just says failed to tune (in the main window) and moves on to the next one
11:53dopester yeah thats what i expect
11:53thor_ well, whenever you get back, I'd be happy to test stuff
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15:06Torq Baylink?
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15:39Baylink Yeah?
15:40Baylink Torq?
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16:13rkulagow_ anyone see dopester in the last few days?
16:13Anduin rkulagow_ - he was here earlier, in PR still I think
16:13rkulagow_ ah, ok
16:17GeckoFiend yeah he said he was going to be "stuck" there a couple more days
16:19rkulagow_ just my luck. got the Air2 card installed, now trying to work through getting it configured. Channel scan didn't find anything, even though according to Comcast I should have about 6 channels available.
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16:23benc ever since I upgraded to 0.17 all mythtv recordings seem to produce large volumes of mpeg2video errors. this seems to be a result of changes in encoding as older files do produce such errors. could this have something to do with attempts to embed vbi/cc data?
16:24benc ack. s/do produce/do not produce/
16:24Anduin rkulagow_ - when he was here was was chatting with thor about that
16:25rkulagow_ ok, i'll check scrollback. bbl.
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16:43Torq Baylink? sorry missed you
16:56bsm117532 Can you guys suggest how to debug the frontend not being able to connect to the backend?
16:56bsm117532 The backend is running and I can telnet to it, but frontend complains it cannot connect.
16:57bsm117532 are there debug flags for the mythtv or mythfrontend binaries?
16:57Anduin bsm117532 - it is probably a config error
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17:00bsm117532 Audin: that's the obvious answer but I cannot figure it out...How can I get more info out of the frontend besides "cannot connect".
17:01Anduin bsm117532 - there are several ways, many of them -users before you jump to gdb
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17:46shadash Hey all I just created my first iso for VMC/OS :-) it's a distro based on FC3 but is completely customized for installing MythTV :-)
17:46shadash WooHoo
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17:47shadash I still need to tweak things out but the process worked
17:47shadash I'll have everything on next Tues
17:48shadash Also I'm going to be selling specialized Visual Media Centers (Myth based media centers)
17:48shadash they are really cool
17:49GeckoFiend shadash will they play MP3s?
17:49shadash the distro will have the correct rpms to play mp3s
17:49shadash although I'm still kinda up in the air about it
17:50shadash might be better not to to keep the lawyers away
17:50shadash jams helped out a lot on the project
17:50GeckoFiend heh MP3s are just the tip of the iceberg when attempting to sell a Myth box in the US
17:50--- <<-- linuxwhore [] has quit (Connection timed out)
17:50shadash That's why I created a distro
17:51--- ---> linuxwhore [] has joined #mythtv
17:51NightMonkey shadash: Is that picture the actual device you'll be selling?
17:51shadash no
17:51shadash it's much better
17:52shadash everything you need in a myth center
17:52shadash plus it's expandable.. :-) ie you can purchase a separate unit that is stucked with sata drives
17:52shadash stocked
17:53shadash I'll do a more formal announcement next week
17:54shadash but just thought I'd put a heads up here first ;-)
17:55NightMonkey shadash: Good luck!
17:57--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit ()
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18:13--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
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19:14Wildgoose shadash: what are you putting inside the boxes? How have you found silencing them...?
19:30benc is commercial-skip data stored in the db or the nuv file?
19:31mikegrb db
19:31mikegrb recordmarkup
19:31mikegrb with other stuff
19:39Levia what is the correct xmltv-category to get movies to show up as movies in mythtv? (using mythweb, the movies link is empty)
19:39tuxristo question. i did a 'select * from recordedmarkup where chanid=1015 and starttime="2005-02-19 13:00:00";' and got over 3000 rows. how do i figure out where the commercials are from this data?
19:46--- <<-- CosmicRay [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:48--- ---> Goldfisch2 [] has joined #mythtv
19:49Goldfisch2 I want to work on the description pop-up that occurs while watching a recording or live tv. It shows program details. Can someone give me a hot tip about where that widget is displayed in the source?
19:51--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
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19:56--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
19:58--- ---> gearz [] has joined #mythtv
19:58gearz ┬Źdoes anyone know if there are rpms for mythtv that support firewire?
19:59gearz i am having a hard time getting all the libraries built for firewire support and it would be a real time-saver if someone else happens to have done this already
20:09--- <<-- PowerKe [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:11--- <<-- ccsp64 [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:12--- ---> Russ [] has joined #mythtv
20:13Russ any news on bug 89
20:13Russ I'm seeing something with the same sytmptoms in .17
20:13--- ---> GreenGhost [] has joined #mythtv
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20:17--- ---> ccsp64 [] has joined #mythtv
20:24GeckoFiend Goldfisch2 it's called hitting the info button
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20:30--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
20:32Goldfisch2 GeckoFiend: Haha. I am trying to find the piece of source code where that function is carried out. This stuff is hard to sift through.
20:40dopester thor_: around?
20:49--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:56--- ---> dem [] has joined #mythtv
20:56dem anyone here use directfb?
20:59GeckoFiend Goldfisch2 ummm how about HandleKeypress?
20:59--- ---> mrrio [] has joined #mythtv
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22:51--- ---> mrrio [] has joined #mythtv
22:51mrrio hey
22:51mrrio still have no mythvideo in menu
22:51* mrrio *yawns* ... 3:51am...
22:52mrrio gonna give up soon and try another app i think
22:55Beirdo good for you.
22:55Beirdo you are in the wrong channel :)
22:55* Beirdo points at the topic
22:55* mikegrb points at Beirdo and touches his nose
22:56Beirdo you putting a hex on me or something? :)
22:56--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
22:57mikegrb :D
22:57mrrio your only right
22:58mrrio im getting tire
22:58mrrio d
22:58* mrrio wanders off in the vague direction of #mythtv-users
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23:24--- User: *** _batdog is now known as batdog
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