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00:20rkulagow_ dopester: here?
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00:47rkulagow_ thor: here?
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07:05Femi Hi, I have a little question: Do you use an IDE to develop MythTV, and if yes: which one?
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07:35beavis no they use no IDE
07:35beavis some are trying to use Eclipse
07:35Femi does eclipse support qt?
07:37splat1 isnt eclipse a java ide ?
07:38Femi i thought so too
07:38beavis you can use eclipse for everything
07:39splat1 ah
07:39beavis even for Cobol
07:39beavis you just have to install the CDT (C++ Development Tools) and you can code in c++
07:40* splat1 uses nano
07:41Femi but what about the qmake project (.pro) files?
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07:42thor_ those are created by hand
07:43Femi ah ok
07:43Femi would kdevelop be a good choice?
07:43thor_ dunno, never used it
08:14GeckoFiend I use KDevelop
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08:47Femi and doed KDevelop does good work?
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09:05GeckoFiend it does the jon yeah
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10:47GeckoFiend chutt around?
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10:53GeckoFiend thor_ those files I just checked in should clear up the redraw problems you were seeing
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12:10schnogg hey there! are people having trouble emerging mythtv .17 on gentoo? I am having a compile error that is hard to trace with mythmusic
12:11o_cee topic
12:11o_cee ah, you already asked the same question there. _before_ asking in here. way to go.
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12:44GeckoFiend we need to add "don't use gentoo" in the docs
12:46Wildgoose I thought linux was all about choice? Didn't we leave the "one distro to rule them all" behind when we reject MS?
12:47Wildgoose gentoo and debian are the only two distros that I know which stay "up to date" continuously. Does Fedora do that now?
12:49GreyFoxx "up to date" is overrated. Unless there is a security flaw, and or bug that affects your usage then it's ridiculous to constantly update a stable system just because a version number has changed
12:49GreyFoxx or of a course a feature you require
12:50GreyFoxx You want security? Don't allow other people on your box, don't expost any ser vices, and those that you do, keep up on secutiry reports for them
13:17mrrio Wildgoose: in answer to your question, yes fedora does do it, and however 'overated', it is still pretty handy
13:18Anduin seems more appropriate for #distropissingcontest or -users
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13:26psywar so I'm following instructions here:
13:27psywar it says to apt-get install nvidia-graphics6629-kmdl-$KVER
13:27psywar that says E: Couldn't find package nvidia-graphics6629-kmdl-2.6.10-1.766_FC3
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13:28psywar I did an apt-cache search for nvidia-graphics but no luck - did they take them down or am I doing something wrong?
13:29Anduin psywar - try #mythtv-users
13:29psywar ok ty
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14:53Tommck so.. nobody in the -users group has been able (or attempted) to help me in days, so I am appealing to those in here to help. I can't get my WinTV (bt878) card to work properly in MythTV. It looks great in kdetv. it's blacnk and white and flickery in Myth. The card is being detected properly (even pulled the card and verified the chips on the board) and I still have the problem. What are my options (and PLEASE don't say "buy a PVR")
14:56shadash use fedora it auto configures tv cards
14:56Tommck shadash - so does SUSE (which I'm using)
14:57GeckoFiend then it sounds like you card isn't fully supported
14:57Tommck Gecko - it's pretty standard... bt878... w/ Philips tuner (tuner=2)
14:57Tommck Hauppauge
14:57GeckoFiend at any rate it's not a development related question
14:57beavis that's what I'm using
14:57Tommck Gecko - I know... and I apologize for that
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14:58Tommck I've been trying for days and everyone in the -users forum has just ignored me... I'm desperate
15:05mikegrb and we will ignore you here too
15:05Tommck thanks asshole
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15:06mikegrb no problem babe
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15:30GeckoFiend Chutt around?
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15:32Sryvk hello
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16:26ehjay_home does anyone have a mythconverg database dump I can have? I installed knoppmyth for a backend, but it never setup the tables for mythconverg
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16:31Baylink That's a -users question. :-)
16:31ehjay_home doh, sorry about that
16:32ehjay_home didn't notice i grabbed the wrong channel
16:32ehjay_home Baylink: later...
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16:45tuxristo Captain_Murdoch: have a minute
16:45tuxristo ?
16:46Captain_Murdo| sure
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16:48tuxristo Captain_Murdoch: is there any particular reason that commercial breaks at the end of recordingd need to be "closed off" ie the end marked as well as the beginning?
16:49Captain_Murdo| other than the fact that the code assumes that all breaks are closed, no, none that I can think of. it makes the code have to handle special cases in the flagger and in the playback skip code if it doesn't
16:50tuxristo i see
16:50Captain_Murdo| seeing a problem somewhere?
16:51tuxristo yup
16:52tuxristo it seems like the commercial end is flagged past the end of the show in some recordings
16:52tuxristo it causes hangs at the end of the show for up to 30 seconds
16:52Captain_Murdo| are you using CVS or 0.17?
16:52tuxristo cvs as of feb 16
16:52Baylink Hey, Captain
16:52GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch "Lost" makes a good commflag test show. it's the only one that messes up for me now. though the letterbox stuff might fix that
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16:54Captain_Murdo| tuxristo, can you re-run flagging with debugging turned on and email me the output? need to do 2 things to get the full output. set the DEBUGCOMMFLAG environment variable to 1 and then pass the "-v commflag" on the command line. redirect both stdout and stderr to a file and email me the results.
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16:55Captain_Murdo| GeckoFiend: yeah, we watched a Lost .last night and noticed it was missing some parts. the show was flagged using older code though, from shortly after 0.17. can't recall it being letterboxed and the one episode I have left unwatched isn't. I'll have to keep one of those around as a test from now on.
16:55Captain_Murdo| Hey baylink.
16:56tuxristo ok so set debug on in , recompile ; set the enviro var; and pass the "-v commflag" to the backend ?
16:57Captain_Murdo| yeah, the debug in isnt' as important, the env var and "-v" option will turn on a boatload of debug output.
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16:57tuxristo ok, did you see this post on the dev list ? --> "[mythtv] cvs mythfrontend freezing at end of _some_ recordings (with backtrace)"
16:57Baylink Any luck on the anti-explosion patch?
16:59Captain_Murdo| haven't had a chance to mess with it. I looked over the code on Friday but didn't code anything up. Beirdo said that the show he saw it on was RTJPEG is that true for you also?
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16:59Baylink I believe he was looking at mine, at the time; I'd run nuvinfo and mailed it to him.
16:59Captain_Murdo| I don't see anywhere in the code that would turn off compression unless you were using rtjpeg and not the libav* routines.
17:00Captain_Murdo| ok. have you had it happen recently?
17:00Baylink I dunno, but it seems to be very specific to shows that have been commflagged (not merely cutlisted).
17:00Baylink Yeah.
17:00Baylink Blew a half hour up to 8gb. Still playable, but not seekable
17:00Baylink *might* have kept it/
17:00Baylink Can reproduce on request, though.
17:02Captain_Murdo| are you using rtjpeg?
17:02Baylink Not on purpose. IVTV source; Xvid target
17:03Captain_Murdo| so your transcoding profile for mpeg-2 source is set to mpeg-4?
17:03Baylink Correct.
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17:04Captain_Murdo| ok, if it happens again, can you run his nuvscan program on the file and get the first 20 or so lines of the output so I can see what the file header looks like?
17:05Captain_Murdo| the only time it should switch to uncompressed mode is when using rtjpeg (that is a bug, the transcoder should never switch), but I'm also curious why it's switching for you.
17:07Baylink The one he was looking at before is at
17:09Captain_Murdo| ok, thanks.
17:10o_cee Captain_Murdoch, thought anything about the flagging ideas?
17:11Baylink I *believe* it's the same symptom now, a couple revs later, but if you can't see anything in the code that looks like that, I'll go break another one. Gotta run now. Thanks, again.
17:11o_cee mythsoap?
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17:15tuxristo Captain_Murdoch: it's reflagging now , I thought i'd mention the workaround i found for the hangs. load a cutlist by pressing "z" in edit recordings and delete the very last cut point at the very end of the show
17:15Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: yeah, I think I saw that post but didn't get around to replying to it yet.
17:16Captain_Murdo| o_cee, not much, been kinda fried lately.
17:16o_cee allright, getting my messages?
17:16tuxristo Captain_Murdoch: ok whenever you have time, i'll email you the debug output as well
17:17Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, just read them. the pixel count is the number of pixels that had the edges, so that will change with the different threshold used even though the area is the same. does that recording have a logo on it?
17:19o_cee Captain_Murdoch, yeah it does, it's from Kanal5, think you got a test of it. could send you a screenshot if you want?
17:19o_cee thought that count was the size of the area
17:19Captain_Murdo| no, it's the pixels that match I believe (off the top of my head)
17:20Captain_Murdo| this is a 5 with a circle around it right?
17:20o_cee yeah
17:20o_cee don't think they changed their logo recently either
17:20Captain_Murdo| yeah, got a sample of that. I'll try to take a look at it.
17:20o_cee cool
17:21Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: you can email it anytime.
17:23o_cee Captain_Murdoch, i really don't see why it won't work, it's not at all very different from TV4 wich works very well. a little transparent, that's all
17:25Captain_Murdo| o_cee, could be too small. do you have the output from earlier where it checked with a edgeDiff of 5 or 7?
17:25o_cee yeah, one sec
17:27Captain_Murdo| so it's not getting it at all, I was wondering if it was too small. this is in the upper right hand corner right?
17:27o_cee yep
17:33Captain_Murdo| didn't find it here either when I just ran a test on that sample.
17:34o_cee i don't think the logo itself looks _that_ bad?
17:36Captain_Murdo| not really. let me turn on some more debuging and run it again.
17:37o_cee playing around with some thresholds in the gimp.. and trying to figure out the logodetection.. what kind of method is actually used, i mean, there's lots of edge detection algorithms
17:38Captain_Murdo| don't know. :) it just looks at the pixel edgeDiff pixels away up/down/right/left and determines if that pixel looks like it's an edge.
17:38Captain_Murdo| I'm far from a graphics programming person, I'm suprised it works as good as it does sometimes. :)
17:38o_cee allright, would probably be possible to do something better then :)
17:39Captain_Murdo| probably
17:39o_cee i'm reading about stuff like this right now so maybe i can come up with something
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17:39Captain_Murdo| ok
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17:48o_cee Captain_Murdoch, did you see anything more from your debugoutput?
17:49Captain_Murdo| no, turning on some graphical output so I can see why it's not detecting edges (or what it is detecting)
17:49Captain_Murdo| had to code a little.
17:49o_cee okay.. what do you think about using templates for searching for the logo?
17:52Captain_Murdo| this would contain what? a layout of what the logo looks like?
17:52o_cee yeah
17:55o_cee hard to tune
17:55Captain_Murdo| could work, you got example code? :) I'd have to see some logic on how to check for it because it'd take me forever to think up something to do that.
17:55o_cee still think looking at non-moving parts of the image could work out well
17:56o_cee yeah well got it here in a book but it would work better for things like text recognition, don't think it's fuzzy enough for a logo like this, especially not half transparent
17:56Captain_Murdo| the code is picking up edges in that area (at least on the first frame it just displayed, stepping through frame-by frame now.
18:01Captain_Murdo| ok, testing something now. the code was detecting the diagonal edges also but I wasn't doing anything with them, I'm wondering if the diagonals were throwing off the other and causing it to miss the logo. compiling a new version now to test.
18:01o_cee ok
18:02o_cee in the meantime, check out edge detection in the gimp, especially something like Sobel..
18:02tuxristo channel icons are stored in ~/.mythtv/channels/ right and they look exactly like the logos that get displayed, any way to leverage thet?
18:02o_cee "exactly" != exactly
18:03tuxristo well not exactly but close
18:03tuxristo if you ran edge detection on the channel icon it'd be very very close
18:03tuxristo to the logo in the program
18:03Captain_Murdo| close but no cigar. :) NBC here uses 3-4 different logos at different times.
18:03o_cee yeah, guess the problem is the big variety
18:04o_cee yey, gimp lets you do your own kernel to play with :)
18:05Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: there's a lot of stuff missing from that log output, did you turn on both the environment variable and the "-v commflag" option?
18:06tuxristo Captain_Murdoch: hmm which one do you think didn't take, i'll try again
18:06Captain_Murdo| the -v commflag it appears. the "Fr:" lines are from the environment variable debug setting.
18:07tuxristo probably a typo on my part let me try again :(
18:09tuxristo export DEBUGCOMMFLAG=1 && mythbackend -v mythcommflag 2>/root/trouble-rereflag.log 1>/root/trouble-rereflag.log
18:10Captain_Murdo| just run mythcommflag, not mythbackend
18:10Captain_Murdo| and it's "-v commflag", not "-v mythcommflag"
18:10tuxristo doh
18:10Captain_Murdo| DEBUGCOMMFLAG=1 mythcommflag --chanid CHANID --starttime YYYYMMDDHHMMSS -v commflag
18:10Captain_Murdo| substitute in your chanid and starttime
18:11Captain_Murdo| and send the output to a file
18:13tuxristo i was gonna do -v all
18:14tuxristo but i'll do -v commflag ; i also shut down the backend
18:14tuxristo mythcommflag -v commflag -f /mnt/store/1042_20050216183000_20050216190000.nuv 2>/root/trouble-rereflag.log 1>/root/trouble-rereflag.log
18:14o_cee just the filename
18:16tuxristo 281fps :)
18:23Captain_Murdo| o_cee, I downloaded some sample sobel code from and will take a look at it. I also looked at the samples on looks nice.
18:26o_cee yeah. it's very simple really, two kernels say 5x5 with a special layout, run them over the image (place on top, multiply with the underlying pixel, and add em all together to the pixel in the middle for the final image). run thru all pixels like that. since you're already cropping the image the edges won't be a problem, normally you'll get an image wich is 1px smaller at the edges, doesn't matter much here anyway. anway, two kernels, one
18:26o_cee for hori and one for vert. then just add the two images together and you've got edges :)
18:26o_cee guess there might be better computer algorithms
18:27Captain_Murdo| I'll do some reading up on it. looks like it could be better and would probably mean I could check less frames.
18:29o_cee yeah seems like a good start the first page
18:33MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: FYI, I just tried the mythcommflag -> cutlist, and it seems to be working perfectly
18:34Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: that looks better.
18:34Captain_Murdo| MajestiK: cool.
18:35Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: so on that show, what is the last frame you can get to in the editor?
18:36o_cee Captain_Murdoch, there's also the "Canny Edge" detector, probably overkill though
18:36Captain_Murdo| that page I linked to says that laplace is subject to noise which is something we have to consider also.
18:37o_cee yeah, canny edge is supposed to handle noise good
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18:38MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: you think anyone would be interested in a script that would convert all recordings with a clean commflag to a cutlist?
18:38Captain_Murdo| don't know, post on -users and see. users want a lot of things I might not be interested in. :)
18:39Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: you still here?
18:39MajestiK K, I should prolly test it a little more first :)
18:39tuxristo yup
18:40tuxristo ok first i loaded the cutlist by pressing z
18:40tuxristo echo 'select cutlist from recorded where chanid=1042 and starttime="20050216183000";' | mysql -uroot mythconverg
18:40tuxristo cutlist
18:40tuxristo 0 - 887\n15619 - 19089\n27092 - 32165\n47612 - 53853\n
18:40tuxristo this is what i got
18:40tuxristo then i deleted the last cut point and put it in manually
18:41tuxristo ie added a "delete before this frame" right at the end and got:
18:41tuxristo 0 - 887\n15619 - 19089\n27092 - 32165\n47612 - 53792\n
18:41Captain_Murdo| yeah, the flagger played consecutive frames 0-53852 but you are getting cut off 2 seconds prior to that for some reason. let me look at the recordedmarkup stuff you sent.
18:42tuxristo k
18:42o_cee Captain_Murdoch, did the change help anything or you haven't tried it yet?
18:43Captain_Murdo| o_cee, keep having to recompile. my test sample isn't long enough to grab the logo using the normal method so I had to change the timeframes it checks to test.
18:44Captain_Murdo| lots of noise (in the detection algorithm) in the sample I have and that is messing it up I think.
18:44o_cee okay. well going to bed now.. will see what i can come up with, will need to talk to one of my teachers about it maybe
18:45Captain_Murdo| it is picking up the edges, the logo area is clearly defined in the video output...
18:45Captain_Murdo| hmm, it picked it up fine.
18:45o_cee with the change you made?
18:45Captain_Murdo| yeah, not sure if that fixed it though since I couldn't run it full before because of the short sample. want to try something?
18:46o_cee sure
18:46Captain_Murdo| ok, in commercial_skip.cpp, find CommDetect::DetectEdges and go to the bottom of that method and search for the line that starts like this: edges[pos].ldiag++
18:47Captain_Murdo| you want to comment out the "if" statement that has the edges[pos].ldiag++ in it as well as the next "if" statement that has the edges[pos].rdiag++ in it. comment out the whole if statement.
18:47--- <<-- rw [marcelo@rw.user] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:48Captain_Murdo| then, on the next "if" statement that says "if (edgeCount >= 3)" change that to "if (edgeCount == 2)"
18:50Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: what kind of encoder do you have?
18:50o_cee Captain_Murdoch, compiling.. gimme a minute
18:51tuxristo pvr 250
18:53Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: the whole seektable appears to be in the DB, there is a keyframe 3590 which is 53850 frames.
18:56--- User: *** PappaChri is now known as Levia
18:59Captain_Murdo| tuxristo: not sure right now and I have to run out. I'll check into it further and try to simulate.
19:00tuxristo ok
19:01tuxristo want me to post the nuv somewhere?
19:03Captain_Murdo| nah, that probably won't help. I can simulate easy enough to test but I'd like to figure out why. I'll see if any of mine do it in case it does it everywhere. usually I hit 'D' to delete before getting to the end of a program
19:04tuxristo it only happens to one out of every 20 show -> bc it's not very often that there is a commercial flagged right to the end like that
19:04tuxristo also i never saw it b4 0.17
19:06Captain_Murdo| lots of big changes from 0.16 to 0.17, could be any one of a few things.
19:08tuxristo ok ttyl then; thanks for your time
19:09Captain_Murdo| bbl
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20:04GeckoFiend hrm trying not to be an ass about the whole multiple audio tracks thing. Is asking for an implementation that doesn't break stuff for existing users too much to ask?
20:07--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
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20:54jasonb Ugh.. the atrpm packages of mythtv 0.17 are not compiled such that firewire input doesn't work.
20:55jasonb s/not compiled/compiled/
20:55* jasonb recompiles with --enable-dc1394
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21:21Chutt heh
21:35--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
21:45Baylink Hey, Chutt.
21:46Baylink Me, Tyler and Jon are working on the site translation.
21:46--- ---> dopester [] has joined #mythtv
21:46dopester back in america
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21:54gfiend I love dialup I REALLY do
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21:54--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
22:02jasonb RPM build errors:
22:02jasonb File must begin with "/": %{_varlibdir}/mythtv
22:02jasonb Anyone know how to fix that? I'm building on FC3.
22:02jasonb Apparently atrpms define some extra variables for RPM builds, and I'm missing the configs for that, and I can't find info on where to get it.
22:09jasonb Hmm, maybe these:
22:09jasonb %_varlibdir /var/lib
22:09jasonb %_varcachedir /var/cache
22:09jasonb %_initdir /etc/rc.d/init.d
22:09jasonb %_sysconfigdir /etc/sysconfig
22:09jasonb %_logrotatedir /etc/logrotate.d
22:09jasonb %_logdir /var/log
22:09shadash jasonb: look at the .spec file
22:10shadash it will tell you what params they've added
22:15--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
22:17jasonb shadash: Nah, these are atrpms macros definitions that are outside the scope of MythTV, but aren't part of the distros.
22:18jasonb shadash: I may have figured it out though.. rebuilding now.
22:22--- ---> topping [] has joined #mythtv
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22:34schnogg got any idea about Session management error: authentication rejected
22:35schnogg is anyone actually here? am I able to talk in this channel?
22:38--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
22:39GeckoFiend schnogg read /topic
22:39schnogg hrm.... I must have typed it wrong. I thought that I went tehre and it was empty.
22:39schnogg thanks
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23:59rkulagow_ hey, dopester. here?
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