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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-02-22

---Logopened Tue Feb 22 00:00:53 2005
00:02dopester ok well i added discoveryhd and tnthd with a few things changed
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00:07dopester any luck?
00:08rkulagow dopester: talking to me?
00:09dopester yes
00:09rkulagow no; haven't tried anything since you said your brain was fried.
00:10rkulagow what does your /var/log/messages say when you have a successful firmware upload?
00:10dopester look at your /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent file
00:10dopester see what your FIRMWARE_DIR is
00:10dopester mine is /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware
00:11rkulagow i've got:
00:11rkulagow FIRMWARE_DIR=/lib/firmware
00:11rkulagow ls -l /lib/firmware/
00:11rkulagow total 8
00:11rkulagow -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5908 Feb 16 22:53 dvb-fe-nxt2002.fw
00:11dopester hrmm.. then it should be going in
00:12rkulagow i don't even have a /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware directory
00:12dopester you messing with ota or cable?
00:12rkulagow cable
00:12dopester you got the patch in for qam in nxt2002.c?
00:12rkulagow don't have an aerial in the house?
00:12rkulagow sorry, that wasn't a question. i'm tired.
00:12rkulagow yes, i did.
00:12dopester np
00:12dopester qam patched azap?
00:13rkulagow no - wasn't aware i needed to do that.
00:13dopester what azap did you get?
00:13rkulagow dvb-kernel
00:13dopester dvb-apps cvs or 1.1x?
00:13rkulagow sorry, dvb-apps
00:13dopester cvs though?
00:13rkulagow yes
00:13dopester hrmm.. what cable provider?
00:14rkulagow comcast
00:14dopester using the channels.conf-qam file i put on my patches dir?
00:14rkulagow i just did an update on dvb-apps, and the only thing it updated was some dvb-t util stuff
00:15dopester i got a beer handy so my brain is starting to work
00:17rkulagow am i looking in the wrong directory? i don't see a channels-conf file.
00:17rkulagow but no, i don't recall doing anything to channels.conf
00:18dopester get the channels.conf-qam in there
00:18dopester did you "make" a channels.conf from the antennaweb scraper?
00:19rkulagow ok, got the qam file. yes, i made a channels.conf with the azap scraper (if that's what you're talking about. all my channels are 8VSB)
00:19dopester yeah if your using qam they will be re-modulated on qam and not hte same frequency (hence your problems i bet)
00:19dopester try azaping c80 and up
00:19dopester i bet you will get a lock that way
00:20dopester did you try the cable scan in myths setup app?
00:22rkulagow ok, i'm using azap -c channels.conf-qam c81
00:22rkulagow using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
00:22rkulagow tuning to 531000000 Hz
00:22rkulagow video pid 0x0000, audio pid 0x0000
00:22rkulagow status 00 | signal eb90 | snr 9048 | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 |
00:22rkulagow status 00 | signal edc0 | snr 8c7c | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 |
00:23rkulagow etc, etc. no lock. can azap increment through the channels automatically?
00:23dopester not all the channels from 80 and up will be digital
00:23dopester not that im aware of
00:23dopester i just hacked up the dvb-t app to make azap
00:23dopester its nothing elegant
00:24rkulagow yes, i did the mythtv channel scan, but i'm not sure i understand what i'm seeing. i did end up with some transports, but i don't know if they're automatically populated, or if the channel scan actually worked. let me check the box first. brb.
00:26rkulagow is this good?
00:26rkulagow azap -c channels.conf-qam c93
00:26rkulagow using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
00:26rkulagow tuning to 603000000 Hz
00:26rkulagow video pid 0x0000, audio pid 0x0000
00:26rkulagow status 00 | signal fff0 | snr 0000 | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 |
00:26rkulagow status 1f | signal fbe0 | snr de0e | ber 00007ff8 | unc 0000000d | FE_HAS_LOCK
00:26rkulagow status 1f | signal fc20 | snr df28 | ber 00007ff8 | unc 0000000e | FE_HAS_LOCK
00:26dopester got a shit signal
00:26dopester if your getting unc thats uncorrectable errors
00:27rkulagow is that resetting at each time tick, or aggregate?
00:28rkulagow should unc be 0? what's a good "low" number for it to have?
00:28dopester 0
00:28dopester im not really sure how its calculated
00:28dopester i didnt get a datasheet on the nxt2002
00:28dopester thanks ati :)
00:29rkulagow so far c93, 94, 95 and 96 have a signal
00:29dopester well thats good
00:29dopester so when you did the cable scan it didn't add anything?
00:29rkulagow but they all have unc errors.
00:30rkulagow let me check what i've got.
00:30rkulagow (box is in another room)
00:30dopester the unc errors are a show stopped
00:30dopester er stopper
00:30dopester you splitting the signal a few times or multiplexing other stuff on it?
00:30rkulagow hrmm. i'll check the cable while i'm at it
00:31dopester i got a bad signal and i got it split to my cable modem and thats it
00:31dopester but its a long wire run
00:32dopester i need to move my air2pc to my production box and shorten the run by about 100 ft and see if that helps
00:33rkulagow i'm not injecting anything, and i'm using a 1x8 channel vision amp / splitter. the cable run is 6 feet. can i be overdriving?
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00:34dopester could be
00:35dopester might just be amplifying a weak signal to begin with never know
00:35dopester qam256 requires a really really good snr
00:35rkulagow i'm not splitting before the amp, so inbound signal should be as good as i can get from comcast.
00:35dopester i think the cable companies would be better off using qam64 and whacking more analog channels
00:36HRearden Hey. Just joined -- you guys don't happen to be talking about HTDV over QAM?
00:36dopester but thats just the rf engineer in me griping
00:37dopester you got a digital set top box by chance there rkulagow?
00:38dopester yeah hrearden
00:39rkulagow dopester: nope
00:39HRearden I just hooked up my PCHDTV3000 card using the new DVB drivers. I did a scan and
00:39dopester yeah i kinda wish i did just to see if discovery hd came in as bad as im getting or not
00:39HRearden just got a very few channels from 51-3,4,5 and 8 and 54-3.
00:40HRearden I'm told by others in the area that Adeplhia has HD channels on 105-x,x,x and 113-x-xx. I don't find those in a scan.
00:40HRearden If I check the frequencies that are on, one of these (I forget which) isn't even in the current DVB frequency list.
00:41HRearden Should that list mirror what is in Myth for QAM?
00:41dopester no
00:41dopester if the channel is encrypted myth skips it
00:41dopester thats really a -users question too btw
00:42HRearden Others on AVS forums said that these are not encrypted channels.
00:42rkulagow dopester: ok, i've reset the test box; i'm in setup now, added the dvb card. anything on "Advanced" that i should alter?
00:42HRearden Is there a list some where that shows the frequencies for each QAM channel?
00:42dopester try commenting out the minor_channel number check in ParseVCT in siparser.cpp.. that should get some more channels
00:43dopester naw
00:43rkulagow ok, beer run. brb.
00:43dopester rkulagow: you might try what i just suggested to hreardon as well..
00:43dopester im heading to bed, so you kids are on your own
00:43HRearden thanks for the comments. I'll give it a try now!
00:44dopester only thing that sucks about the minor channel check is if the channel IS encrpyted and they are sending it you will hang myth :(
00:44dopester sending it in the VCT that is
00:44dopester about 1/2 of the new channels i picked up are like that
00:45HRearden it hangs during the scan?
00:45dopester no just if you try to tune to it
00:45HRearden ahh.
00:45dopester its a digital tv issue that hasn't been fixed yet
00:45rkulagow ok, before you go then:
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00:46rkulagow what should i put as a start channel in connect source to input, and should "free to air" be selected?
00:46* dopester waits patiently
00:46HRearden OK -- which line/s are the check in ParseVCT -- never been in this code before.
00:46dopester free to air should be selected
00:46dopester 2200ish i think
00:47dopester start chan shoudl be the channel number of a valid qam channel
00:47dopester although with ber like that i wonder if you will get anything watchable :(
00:47rkulagow ah, but we don't know that at this point, correct?
00:47dopester 2205
00:48dopester rkulagow: yeah it might be ok some of my channels have bad unc errors but others are clean as a whistle
00:48rkulagow how does "c95" map to a channel number? just put in 95 in that field?
00:48dopester could be a resonant frequency of my amp or something else doing it so who knows
00:48dopester just do a full scan and select cable
00:48HRearden that's a "Reset()" in mine. Is the line to comment out the "if (minor_channel_number != 0")
00:49dopester we ought to make a #mythtv-dev-help channel for this :)
00:49dopester yeah hrearden
00:49HRearden thx.
00:49dopester its just tough with no opencable docs to know how the atsc cable spec is implimented
00:50dopester all the new channels i got were 51-0 here
00:50dopester time warner not comcast
00:50HRearden sorry -- one more q. comment out the if statement, or the ((ServiceHandler) line ?
00:50dopester just the if
00:51dopester you want it to always add it to the servicehandler or it WILL pickup nothing ;)
00:51rkulagow ok, i'm at scan now. there's a default transport of 243000000 (0) (0) (0), doing a "cable" scan. it's iterating through them now.
00:51dopester i ought to find a way to detect ntsc or something so the 2-80 scan can go faster :)
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00:52Segments hey dudes
00:52Segments mythtv's frotnend keeps complaining bout not able to connect to db?
00:52dopester the air2pc has an ntsc vsync detector but the dvb-api doesn't allow me to add it to the driver easily :(
00:52dopester segments: ask in mythtv-users
00:52Segments i did a apt-get install mythtv-suite
00:52Segments ok
00:53rkulagow well, we're in the 40's now. everything is still scrolling "no lock", as expected...
00:53HRearden dopester -- if the channels I got were 51-3,51-4..., would those have been NTSC? Can the pcHDTV3000 even pick these up?
00:53dopester yeah im afraid to start it at 80 since that seems to be the begining of the digital channels in most places
00:53HRearden I just assumed they were SDTV over QAM.
00:54dopester yeah they will be SDTV over qam
00:54dopester the 51 might be bogus anyway
00:54HRearden where do you get that number from?
00:54dopester most of my local stations have fiber feeds to time warner so they just modulate it over qam
00:54dopester so whatever is in the vct is what time warner sends
00:55dopester so if the ota major number is 5 then it come sout as 5 even though its on cable channel 94..
00:55rkulagow dopester: why'd you want to know if i had a STB?
00:55dopester just to know if you could get digital with it thats all
00:55HRearden I'm trying to compare notes with other Adelphia people locally who have "real" in-the-tv QAM tuners, and they all claim their HD feeds are on 105-3,5,6,8 or 113-1,2.
00:55dopester oh thats probbably cable channel - program number
00:56dopester not the major - minor number sent in the vct table
00:56rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:55:25.988 DVB#0 DVB signal fbe0 | snr de9c | ber 810 | unc e
00:56rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:55:25.989 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
00:56rkulagow Setting currenTID = 2
00:56rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:55:31.109 DVB#0 DVB signal fff0 | snr 0 | ber 0 | unc 0
00:56rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:55:31.111 DVB#0 Signal Lost
00:56rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:55:31.365 DVB#0 Signal Locked
00:56HRearden That's why I asked about the frequency list to see. These are not STB cable numbers.
00:56rkulagow got 4 of those, TID 2-5 so far
00:56dopester yeah i get a bunch with no tv channels
00:57dopester could be cable modem downlink
00:57dopester it adds anything it gets a lock on to the db
00:57rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:56:39.228 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
00:57rkulagow Setting currenTID = 6
00:57rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:56:44.345 DVB#0 DVB signal fff0 | snr 0 | ber 0 | unc 0
00:57rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:56:44.348 DVB#0 Signal Lost
00:57rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:56:44.602 DVB#0 Signal Locked
00:57rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:56:44.648 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
00:57dopester then it goes hunting for channels if it gets a vct it adds those to channel
00:57rkulagow of course, with my luck all the unc 0 ones aren't TV
00:57dopester i gotta dobounce the locking too :)
00:57dopester im not 100% sure the freqs are right either
00:58dopester they might use a different center freq for all i know
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00:58dopester and you are just close enough to be within the tuners spec for locking
00:58rkulagow maybe add which channel you're scanning at the time to the text output?
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00:58rkulagow ok, scan is done.
00:58dopester it should say "scaning qam channel 54" etc..
00:59rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:58:15.677 Closing DVB channel
00:59rkulagow 2005-02-21 23:58:15.736 DVB#0 DVB Signal Monitor Stopped
00:59rkulagow that's all i've got
00:59dopester did you get anything in the channel editor?
01:00rkulagow just channels from datadirect for the pvr-250 that's in the box. when i set video source to "QAM" (clever name, eh?) it just says "(New Channel)"
01:01dopester try commenting out the minor channel number check i told hrearden to comment out
01:01dopester i got about 8 new channels with it gone
01:01dopester that minor check is bad idea anyway
01:01dopester time to make a patch to take it out i think
01:03rkulagow ok; s.Reset() -> comment it out, or leave it in?
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01:04dopester no comment out the line
01:04dopester if (minor_channel_number != 0)
01:04dopester and with that im outta here
01:04rkulagow yep, got it. thanks.
01:04dopester i'll scroll up when i wake up but i really need to get to bed
01:04rkulagow later
01:04HRearden Thanks for your help.
01:05HRearden rkulagow -- you have a pcHDTV or air2pc?
01:05dopester np sorry i couldn't help last week..
01:05rkulagow air2pc
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01:17HRearden rkulagow, have you compared what you are getting with the card vs. what others in in your cable market say they get in unencrypted QAM?
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04:25shodan I just noticed that at least for some channel , there's no teletext for ads , maybe this could be useful to increase to commercial flagging accuracy ?
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08:52levon so... the dbox2 stream channel / recorder is almost implemented.
08:52levon the dbox is configurable in the mythsetup
08:52levon only one thing remains:
08:52levon I added channels using mythsetup for the dbox feed
08:53levon but they don't appear in the frontend
08:53levon (they do appear in the epg, though)
08:53levon so my question is: where is the sql statement that loads the channels for the frontend?
08:54levon I guess I need to either tweak the where clause a bit or to change the channel setup to make them appear in the frontend
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09:08Anduin levon - most of that should be in tv_rec.cpp and channel.cpp
09:08levon k
09:08levon thanks
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09:41shadash Anybody know of a good hosting solution for a Myth based distro (distributing iso's) Currently we have a shared hosting site but bandwidth isn't free... Ideas?
09:41levon a-ha
09:42levon I think I got it:
09:42levon TVRec::DoGetNextChannel() queries the next channel by using the capturecard.cardid
09:42levon does that makes sense?
09:42levon you can only stay on one card that way
09:42levon in a system with multiple cards, you need to change channels accross the cards
09:43levon If noone objects, I'll change that and that will be included in my dbox patch.
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09:45GreyFoxx what is a "dbox" ?
09:46levon the nokia dbox2 is a dvb receiver.
09:46Anduin levon - sounds like a good way to have it rejected, crossing cards makes things a lot more complicated
09:46GreyFoxx ahh
09:46levon GreyFoxx, I've extended myth to use it as a "dvb card"
09:47levon Anduin, hm. why is that? I though mythtv supports multiple cards in one backend.
09:47levon s/though/thought/
09:47levon so when you zap through your channels it should use the next channel no matter what card it is on
09:47Anduin levon - take the simple case where you are viewing card one and card two is recording, you swith channels to something only available on card 2
09:48levon hm
09:48* levon scratches head
09:48levon we're running into a design problem here, I guess.
09:48GreyFoxx Anduin: Well, wouldn't you think a simple "That card is in use" warning should just pop up, and no change occur ?
09:49Anduin GreyFoxx - What I think doesn't matter.
09:49GreyFoxx Heh
09:49levon hehe, what does matter, then?
09:49GreyFoxx What Chutt thinks :)
09:49Anduin levon - getting an actual dev to go "oh that is a wonderful idea" I anticipate failure.
09:50levon in the long run I think everyone would like to be able to use any card in the system.
09:50levon well, I need it in this scenario already. I have Dvb-t and dvb-c supplied through different cards
09:50levon I want to be able to zap through both cards, since both give me different channels
09:51levon ok, I'll just implement that in my patch.
09:51levon if it get's rejected, I need to maintain it myself as an external patch
09:51_GeckoFiend levon Changing channels across cards is fine as long as you account for tuners being in use in a graceful manner
09:51levon but I think that in the long run, many users might want to have that cross-card-feature
09:51levon _GeckoFiend, agreed
09:51_GeckoFiend You also have to tear down things and rebuild them
09:52_GeckoFiend If tuner 1 is on one machine and tuner 2 is on another you have to account for that.
09:52Anduin exactly, your whole card id changes, you'll also need to make it so you know the other channes are there just on a different card
09:52_GeckoFiend it gets really complicated really fast
09:52_GeckoFiend which is why I didn't fuck with it when I added cross input channel changes
09:53levon I understood multiple card and frontend capability was a major goal of myth
09:53levon so it needs to be accounted anyway
09:53levon also it currently knows when "all inputs are currently in use"
09:53_GeckoFiend levon mutliple cards work just fine,
09:53levon so there is means of that already
09:53_GeckoFiend just switch to the new card and go
09:54_GeckoFiend most folks don't watch live TV across different cards so nobody has been too concerned about it :-p
09:54levon hehe, ic
09:54levon ok. I'll continue on my road then
09:54levon and hope that I don't end up in any dead ends :P
09:55levon thanks for your 2cents, guys.
09:56levon further note: since in a multi backend scenario we have a master backend, the accounting can and should be done on the master.
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12:30whimboo hi, who is responsible for the cvs server?
12:31Chutt me.
12:31whimboo i noticed a permission problem when checking out a release
12:31whimboo following warning i get
12:31whimboo cvs checkout: warning: cannot open /var/lib/mythcvs/CVSROOT/val-tags read/write: Permission denied
12:32Chutt <shrug>
12:32Chutt use head
12:33whimboo the cvs command i used: cvs -qz9 co -r release-0-16 mythdvd
12:34Chutt and -z9 is rather excessive.
12:34whimboo mmh but i need that release version.. how should i get it over head?
12:34Chutt why?
12:34mikegrb you would download the tarball from the webpage
12:35--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
12:35whimboo i write a script which automates the building process for deb-files. I want that the user can select the release version, if he wants to use an older one in case of problems
12:36Chutt cvs isn't guaranteed to build for older release tags.
12:36Chutt the release tarballs are.
12:37whimboo why is cvs not guaranteed?
12:38Chutt because it's not.
12:38whimboo nice answer! ;) so whats with release-0-17
12:38Chutt just use the release tarballs.
12:39Chutt anything else is stupid.
12:39Chutt if you want a release, use the distribution tarballs.
12:39Chutt if you want cvs, use head.
12:42whimboo since i'm working on mozilla i have to use this option and loved it to switch between trunk and branch. Ok, mythtv has only a release tag but this should also work.
12:43Chutt no, it shouldn't.
12:47--- <<-- blahblabhlabhlja [~viper@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:53whimboo mmh. ok. but the download links making it hard to grab the right file. :(
12:56--- ---> blahblabhlabhlja [~viper@] has joined #mythtv
13:00--- ---> jasonb [] has joined #mythtv
13:02--- ---> johnp [] has joined #mythtv
13:03shadash ;-) Gotta tweak out some scripts so they run from firstboot but it's working :-)
13:06--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
13:12_GeckoFiend all in favor of dropping releases all together and sticking with CVS for everyone raise your hand
13:13* Chutt raises hand
13:13levon w000t! cvs 4 every1one
13:13GreyFoxx heh
13:19_GeckoFiend Chutt I'm begining to understand why you're such a curmudgon sometimes. I really want to smack some of these people sometimes
13:19_GeckoFiend hell even the "lets rename time stretch" thread got on my nerves for some reason
13:20Chutt =)
13:21GreyFoxx Heh, I basically skim the subjects of the -users list now and mass tag/delete almost all of them :)
13:25--- <<-- batdog [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
13:25shadash anybody know of a way to set the mysql root passwd in a shell script?
13:26shadash ie not this...
13:26shadash # mysql -u root mysql
13:26shadash mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('ROOT_PWD') WHERE user='root';
13:26shadash mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
13:26shadash mysql> quit
13:26GreyFoxx mysql -uroot password 'password' ?
13:26GreyFoxx mysqladmin -uroot reload
13:26GreyFoxx something like that ?
13:27shadash that's what I'm looking for, thanks
13:27GreyFoxx when you run mysql_install_db for the first time it tells you how to set the initial root password
13:28thor_ no releases?
13:28thor_ what about the guys in Sales and Marketing?
13:31_GeckoFiend they can just rebrand CVS as our continuous release system
13:31thor_ check
13:31--- ---> aficionado [] has joined #mythtv
13:32aficionado Hi, I am thinking of building a DVR. Using a TV tuner (like Hauppagge TV GO Plus) you can get the signal into the PC but whats a good option for getting it from the PC to TV?
13:32_GeckoFiend shopping around for a new case for a FE only machine... leaning towards but it's $176 :/
13:32GreyFoxx aficionado: try #mythtv-users
13:33--- ---> batdog [] has joined #mythtv
13:33GreyFoxx _GeckoFiend: I'm on the hunt for a new one to go in my projector room. The one I want starts at $325 US as a base cost... ouch
13:33aficionado GreyFoxx: oops... sorry, I should have paid attention to the topic :(
13:33GreyFoxx That one looks nice though
13:34_GeckoFiend I'd just reuses my d.vine 5 but it can't hold the silverstone fanless PSU, and it's too big for my entertainment center.
13:34GreyFoxx That is what I want
13:35GreyFoxx except without the rackmount frontpannel
13:35GreyFoxx and with a tray slot for the dvdrom
13:36_GeckoFiend yeah I looked at his stuff a while ago nice stuff but expensive
13:37_GeckoFiend hell I hated giving up the $220 for the d.vine 5
13:37GreyFoxx yeah. I'd LOVE to have one of those with the front buttons and volume knob etc, but I'm acheap bugger :)
13:37Chutt i like my little aria case
13:37GreyFoxx the aria are microatx ?
13:38Chutt yeah
13:38GreyFoxx cool
13:38agd5f anyone used the silverstone LC10M? I perfer the dvine4, but I'd like to integrate the IR.
13:38--- ---> lotia [~lotia@] has joined #mythtv
13:38agd5f s/perfer/prefer/
13:38Chutt it's neat in that it's only got the one bigass 120mm powersupply fan
13:39_GeckoFiend heh had I known my d5 wouldn't have fit in my entertainment center I'd have probably gotten an aria.
13:40Chutt too deep?
13:40_GeckoFiend hmmm I've been toying with building my own case for a while maybe I should
13:44_GeckoFiend yeah it' a hair too deep
13:45_GeckoFiend when I put an hdtv set in my living room I'm going get a new entertainment center
13:45Chutt i made mine =)
13:45Chutt though, i want to make it a bit prettier
13:46_GeckoFiend first I have to convice the wife that HDTV is "needed". Seeing Myth on my LCD in the office has primed the pump
13:46_GeckoFiend that's always an option
13:48--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
13:50GreyFoxx _GeckoFiend: Hehe I took my GF to a friends and we watched several hours of stuff on his projector. That was all I needed to convince her :)
13:50kvandivo you know.. i suspect that half the time they are like, 'ya, whatever. i'll act amused because it seems to make you happy'
13:50kvandivo but, i digress
13:51GreyFoxx She was the one who started asking me if we could get one. and keep sbugging me to know when it's done and installed :)
13:51GreyFoxx but most often you are likely right :)
13:52_GeckoFiend GreyFoxx I figure it shouldn't be too hard of a sell. 48 hours after the Myth box was hooked up to the TV she wanted the Tivo gone.
13:52_GeckoFiend A week later she started making suggestions.
13:52GreyFoxx Haha mine use to say she would never use it. Then fell in love with skipping commercials and recording stuff, now she uses more of the overal functionality than me. the hardest was getting her to use mythmusic but now she uses it daily :)
13:53GreyFoxx and the fact that all of the content is available on every tv makes it easier :)
14:03--- <<-- aficionado [] has quit ()
14:05--- <<-- shadash [~shadn@] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
14:09--- <<-- Omnic [] has quit ("bah")
14:13--- ---> shadash [~shadn@] has joined #mythtv
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14:17--- ---> Omnic [] has joined #mythtv
14:22--- ---> shadash [~shadn@] has joined #mythtv
14:32--- <<-- Omnic [] has quit ("feh")
14:36--- ---> [CSI]Octane [] has joined #mythtv
14:36--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
14:36--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
14:37--- <<-- [CSI]Octane [] has quit (Client Quit)
14:38--- <--- johnp [] has left #mythtv ()
14:41--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:45--- <<-- lotia [~lotia@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:51--- <<-- Octane [] has quit ("")
14:51--- ---> Omnic [] has joined #mythtv
14:58--- ---> lotia [~lotia@] has joined #mythtv
15:00--- <<-- lotia [~lotia@] has quit (Client Quit)
15:01--- ---> lotia [~lotia@] has joined #mythtv
15:20--- <--- agd5f [~agd5f@] has left #mythtv ()
15:23shadash can someone test something for me... (this is for setting up mysql from s script)
15:23shadash this works...
15:23shadash mysql -u root mysql -e "UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('mythtviscool') WHERE \
15:23shadash user='root'; \
15:23shadash FLUSH PRIVILEGES;"
15:23shadash but does this command?
15:23shadash mysql -u root -p=mythtviscool < /usr/share/doc/mythtv-0.17/database/mc.sql
15:25Beirdo and why is this a development issue?
15:25shadash b/c I'm putting it on my distro that's based on myth
15:25shadash plus don't have a myth system at work
15:26shadash trying to make things "just work" for users
15:32--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:35shadash reread the man... looks like it will work
15:57--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
15:58--- ---> PowerKe [] has joined #mythtv
16:00--- <--- whimboo [] has left #mythtv ("Konversation terminated!")
16:04--- User: *** Netslayer is now known as Netslayer|class
16:06o_cee isn't mc.sql obsolete?
16:07Beirdo it creates the db and the user, no?
16:08o_cee thought that was all handled with dbcheck now
16:08Chutt no.
16:08o_cee allright, long time since i installed ;)
16:13--- <<-- PowerKe [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:14--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
16:36--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39--- ---> [shodan] [~shodan@] has joined #mythtv
16:40--- <<-- shodan [~shodan@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:43--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
16:43--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
16:43--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
16:49--- ---> tuxristo [] has joined #mythtv
16:58Chutt there
16:58Chutt bugzilla upgrade looks to be complete
16:59thor_ whooo hoooo
16:59Chutt eh, not really :p
17:03Chutt been meaning to do it, is all
17:03Chutt 2.16.5 -> 2.18
17:03Chutt so, new stuff + security fixes
17:06Beirdo nice
17:06Beirdo good to get stuff like that done once in a while
17:08Baylink Cool. Any chance you could poke that wikilink, too?
17:08Chutt i'll do it once the data's migrated over.
17:09Baylink Ok. Jon.Somebody is looking at translation of the page data*Ghod* the net weather is bad today
17:13--- ---> wigginjs [] has joined #mythtv
17:14--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (Connection timed out)
17:17--- <<-- tuxristo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:18--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
17:18Baylink That laged about 5 minutes
17:18--- <<-- tidify [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:19thor_ My my, the users are testy today
17:20Beirdo hmm?
17:20thor_ "I wanna play AVI's", "Shut up you pirate", "No you shut up"
17:20* thor_ should really stop reading -users
17:21* o_cee has been clean for 6 months now
17:21Beirdo ah, you mean the mailing list.
17:21Beirdo I skim it these days, way too much cruft
17:21thor_ cruft is the word
17:23Chutt heh
17:24Chutt the guy that wrote the driver for plextor's stuff is going to get some hardware sent to me
17:24thor_ dig 'em
17:24Beirdo cool
17:25--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:26--- <--- gr8nash [] has left #mythtv ()
17:26--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
17:28--- <<-- NemLappy^ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:29o_cee i'll probably buy a hd screen when i move, so i'll (hopefully) do a rewrite of gant and make it gant-wide as well :) only problem is that the date for moving in got pushed back a month.. :/
17:30--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:30Beirdo don't forget to keep the 4:3 version for us poor losers without HD :)
17:31o_cee i really hope it'll be possible to make that automagic
17:31Chutt how, though?
17:31o_cee yeah dunno
17:33o_cee guess all the values could just be scaled, but that probably won't work.. so i guess it'll have to be two different themes.. would be a little better if we had two xml's instead at least, so that gfx can be shared
17:34--- ---> tobo [] has joined #mythtv
17:37thor_ libmythui widgets that take scale/don't scale flags
17:38Chutt naw
17:38--- ---> Exstatica [] has joined #mythtv
17:38thor_ ok, preserve_aspect_ratio ?
17:38--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:39Chutt different amount of content visible, though
17:39Chutt can't just scale
17:40--- ---> Roots^ [] has joined #mythtv
17:42o_cee and the space will probably be better used in different ways instead of just scaling.. ah well.
17:43o_cee but being able to share stuff and keeping it in one theme will probably be a good idea
17:43o_cee maybe seperate stuff like the colors and button definitions, from the layout..
17:44thor_ some notion of TeX-ish stretchability, plus ability to ask if the aspect ratio is close to 4:3 or 16:9 ?
17:44--- ---> MaxeyPad [] has joined #mythtv
17:44--- <<-- blahblabhlabhlja [~viper@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:44--- <--- MaxeyPad [] has left #mythtv ()
17:45--- ---> AtomicBanana [] has joined #mythtv
17:47AtomicBanana | 2
17:47AtomicBanana | ahem... damn keyboard ;)
17:47--- <<-- AtomicBanana [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:48--- <<-- tobo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:48--- ---> mom [] has joined #mythtv
17:48--- <<-- mom [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:50--- ---> tuxristo_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:50--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
17:50--- <<-- Levia [] has quit ()
17:51--- ---> beablis [] has joined #mythtv
17:52--- <<-- beablis [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:54--- ---> gbrite [] has joined #mythtv
17:58thor_ 2005-02-21 19:00:05.086 Unknown command: UNKNOWN_COMMAND
17:58--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
17:58thor_ any idea why I'm getting those every 1/100th of a second in mythbackend output ?
17:59--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:00kvandivo at least at that frequency they aren't that bothersome.. ;)
18:02--- ---> shodan- [~shodan@] has joined #mythtv
18:02--- ---> davatar [] has joined #mythtv
18:06Chutt heh
18:06Chutt what's sending UNKNOWN_COMMAND?
18:06thor_ haven't the slightest
18:07thor_ there's a MBE with no local frontend, a remote BE with FE local to that, and a remote FE
18:07thor_ I'll poke around at it
18:07Chutt looks like it might be getting stuck in a loop
18:08--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:08thor_ my mythbackend.log ( > redirect) is 300 megs (2-3 days uptime)
18:08thor_ it comes and goes
18:08--- <<-- reppal [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:08Chutt what's the _first_ Unknown command: line?
18:09Chutt it should be something other than 'UNKNOWN COMMAND'
18:09thor_ taking a sec to get this into an editor
18:09thor_ 16 lines of:
18:10thor_ 2005-02-21 19:00:00.091 Unknown command:
18:10thor_ followed by bazillions of:
18:10thor_ 2005-02-21 19:00:00.252 Unknown command: UNKNOWN_COMMAND
18:10thor_ above that:
18:11thor_ 2005-02-21 16:49:10.437 adding: lcd as a client (events: 1)
18:11thor_ 2005-02-21 18:00:02.364 Started recording "The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer" on channel: 1022 on cardid: 2, sourceid 1
18:11thor_ 2005-02-21 18:15:02.025 Started recording "Wuthering Heights" on channel: 1055 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
18:11thor_ 2005-02-21 18:15:02.667 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
18:11thor_ the bazillions are occassionaly interspersed with something like:
18:11thor_ 2005-02-21 19:00:00.526 Unknown command: 5
18:15NightMonkey Hi, all. I found a "bug" in MythWeather - I posted my solution to mythtv-users. Apparently not all MythWeather settings are placed into the DB?
18:15NightMonkey (mythtv-users mailing list, that is)
18:16thor_ is it possibly I've just stupidly messed up JobThreads ?
18:16thor_ err, it is
18:16thor_ that is, is it possible
18:17--- <<-- [shodan] [~shodan@] has quit (No route to host)
18:24--- User: *** shodan- is now known as shodan
18:24--- <--- shodan [~shodan@] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:29--- ---> tidify [] has joined #mythtv
18:31Chutt thor, possibly, yeah
18:33thor_ let me try and de-screwup that
18:33--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
18:34Chutt nightmonkey, that's fixed in cvs.
18:34--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
18:34Chutt geckofiend broke it.
18:34NightMonkey Chutt: Thank you.
18:35GeckoFiend Chutt heh what did I break now?
18:35Chutt WeatherWantAnimated
18:35GeckoFiend doh tell me I didn't leave that test code in MW
18:35Chutt no, you just set it to 0
18:36NightMonkey Chutt: Was that fixed just now, or was it a done deal before my post?
18:36Chutt i just committed the fix, but i had it in my local tree for a day or so
18:36Chutt someone else found it already :p
18:39--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:39--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42thor_ see, see, how do you expect people to test current CVS if you won't even commit changes. MAN!
18:43GeckoFiend thor_ you mean you don't have his /usr/local/src NFS mounted? And i thought you were inner circle
18:43Chutt hah
18:46NightMonkey Chutt: Dang. ;) Thanks.
18:47thor_ inner circle, I'm not even a Free Mason
18:47thor_ hah
19:00* thor_ is beginning to suspect that enabling all job threads every time he runs setup on any FE or BE is probably not a good idea
19:00GeckoFiend woooooooot A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday stated that regulators had overstepped their authority by imposing a rule designed to limit the copying of digital television programs."
19:00Chutt but they didn't stop it or anything
19:00Chutt so, doesn't mean terribly much
19:01Chutt and still doesn't affect cable or whatnot
19:01Beirdo They still have time to overturn the FCC ruling
19:01Chutt yeah, but even so
19:01Chutt who the hell watches broadcast tv?
19:02Beirdo with HDTV, I'm sure a lot of people
19:02Beirdo but good point
19:02Chutt naw, once stuff's more available on cable + satellite
19:02Chutt it'll be back to people using those
19:03Beirdo I wouldn't doubt it
19:03Chutt i (obviously) don't care much about the broadcast flag =)
19:04Beirdo :)
19:04Beirdo I do as I can get Buffalo clearly. So even though I'm not under FCC's purvue, I still get affected
19:06thor_ I'm terrified they'll overturn it
19:06dopester im not parsing the broadcast flag now, and don't want to ever have to..
19:06Beirdo terrified? I don't understand, thor_
19:07dopester its in the epg anyway.. you could probbably make a mod chip to mangle the crc on those packets if you really wanted to that would be universal
19:07dopester be just like psx chips
19:07thor_ how else are we going to ensure that true innovation happens in Asia, where they make good stuff cheap
19:07dopester you mean crappy stuff cheap? :)
19:08thor_ I mean, imagine DVD players without codes for region elimination
19:08thor_ shudder
19:08dopester you can always mod that shit out
19:08--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
19:08dopester if its just a yes / no flag its usually trivial to bypass it
19:09dopester sounds like the "clip the resistor and stop the clock" on the original divx
19:09dopester id rather them do that than come up with some real enc system for hd
19:10--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
19:10thor_ anything that shoots the big American media firms in the foot is progress
19:11thor_ :-)
19:11dopester only watching small and foreign films works too
19:12--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:17--- <<-- MajestiK [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:21o_cee Chutt, still no inside info on upcoming driver release? this vesa driver really sucks
19:21Chutt couldn't tell you anything if i knew
19:22o_cee ah well :/
19:22--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:23thor_ unless, of course you were a FreeMason or a member of the Bavarian Illuminata
19:24Beirdo or a fellow employee
19:25GreyFoxx hehe
19:26--- <<-- lotia [~lotia@] has quit ()
19:27* GreyFoxx goes to work for Nvidia to gather the Linux driver secrets
19:29* GreyFoxx then gives that info to Beirdo for gputrans :)
19:29Beirdo heh
19:30Beirdo I don't need any secrets for that, the public info will do fine
19:30Beirdo now, if you can pay me well to sit on my ass at home for a month to work on it.... that will help a lot more
19:31GreyFoxx hehe
19:32Chutt gputrans?
19:32GreyFoxx would be interesting to see just what you could do with it
19:33GreyFoxx using the gpu on a videocard to do video transformations to help speed up transcoding. basically just trying to use the math calculating abilities for a more general purpose than display
19:33Chutt ah
19:33Chutt ie, the shaders bits of the 'purevideo' driver stuff, essentially
19:33GreyFoxx With the speed and amount of calculations gpus can handle these days it might be interesting to try
19:33GreyFoxx yeah
19:34Chutt only thing is that with pre-pci-express cards, bandwidth back to system ram is really limited.
19:34Beirdo Chutt: that's true, but still a fun idea to look into, in my so copious spare time :)
19:35GreyFoxx paralell gpu transformations hehe
19:35Beirdo and that
19:35GreyFoxx 4 old pci gefoc
19:35GreyFoxx \
19:35GreyFoxx geforce cards heh
19:35GreyFoxx hrm, my daughter wants to type for me :)
19:35Chutt naw, it's cool.
19:36Beirdo chunking the video out would be tricky, but can be done, I think. the PCI bandwidth will still be the limiting factor, I expect :)
19:36Chutt i'd be more interested in a pure opengl video renderer
19:36Chutt colorspace conversion in the shaders, etc
19:36Chutt cuz that'd tie in nicely with mythui =)
19:36Beirdo that's in my plans (the colorspace part)
19:36GreyFoxx hehehe
19:36GreyFoxx rgb->yuv type transformations ?
19:36Chutt yeah
19:37Chutt and then you can do better scaling
19:37Beirdo yeah, and vice versa
19:37Chutt and deblocking
19:37GreyFoxx that would be pretty sweet
19:37Chutt and all sorts of stuff
19:37Beirdo and denoising is another pipedream too
19:37Beirdo that one will be a royal pain to implement though
19:38Beirdo yuv->rgb will be pretty simple to test given time
19:38GreyFoxx Would be really sweet to make use of those abilities
19:39Beirdo I got as far as installing Cg, then ran out of time (once again)
19:39GreyFoxx heh
19:39--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
19:39Beirdo I even have a PCI Geforce4 MX440 and MX4000 sitting in my devel box.
19:40Beirdo and will be buying a PCI FX5200 if the price is right
19:41Beirdo wrapping your head around the denoising algorithms really hurts the brain after a few hours
19:42GreyFoxx heh
19:42davatar I thought about that... but you just need to be lazy for cpu's to get faster.
19:43Beirdo nah
19:43Beirdo the GPUs are way more powerful for this kind of thing than a general CPU
19:43Chutt very parallel
19:43--- ---> hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
19:43Beirdo very much so
19:44GreyFoxx I should dig out the OpenGL book I got the otherday. a guy at work is moving to Europe and selling basically everything and I picked it up for $2
19:44Beirdo for colorspace conversion, it should be basically 0 CPU
19:44Beirdo it's perfect for that application
19:45Beirdo MPEG encoding may never be practical in the architecture though
19:45Chutt i believe i shall now watch tv.
19:46Chutt i'm pretty damn tired.
19:46Beirdo good plan :)
19:46GreyFoxx naptime heh
19:46Beirdo I think I should head home from work
19:46GreyFoxx I just got back from the gym, and can't sleep now.. too wired
19:50--- ---> rw [] has joined #mythtv
19:57--- <--- gr8nash [] has left #mythtv ()
19:57--- ---> gr8nash [] has joined #mythtv
19:59--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
20:10--- ---> SmoothCri [SmoothCri@] has joined #mythtv
20:14Wildgoose Anyone around to talk segfaults...
20:15--- <<-- poptix [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:15--- ---> poptix [] has joined #mythtv
20:16--- <<-- poptix [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:17--- ---> poptix [] has joined #mythtv
20:20nfsv4 touch ur self
20:27--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01Wildgoose anyone understand valgrind...
21:04--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Connection reset by peer)
21:04--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
21:06dopester :)
21:07--- <<-- MajestiK [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11thor_ Wildgoose, only enough to get myself in trouble
21:11--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
21:14Beirdo I've used it in the past
21:15dopester rkulagow: did you get it working?
21:16thor_ dopester, I tried it with the minor if() commented out, and it still came back with no channels
21:17dopester you know what you can get there with cable?
21:17thor_ yup (via the samsung standalone)
21:18dopester how many is it missing?
21:18thor_ all of them
21:18dopester which is how many channels?
21:18thor_ about 12
21:18thor_ well, 4 majors by 3 minors each
21:19dopester are your channels all qam256 or qAM64?
21:20thor_ no idea (unless SD is always 64 and HD is always 256)
21:20dopester naw
21:20thor_ samsung doesn't tell me 64 versus 256
21:20dopester ahh
21:20thor_ bbi 2 minutes
21:22dopester try changing line 299 of siscan.cpp to be qam_64 instead of qam_256 and re-run it
21:24thor_ k will do
21:26Wildgoose OK, the wretched dvb stuff ain't segfaulting under valgrind at all, but does so regularly under gdb or standalone. I suspect a small "one over" bug, but it's hard trying to track it down
21:26Wildgoose I think valgrind might be doing mem accesses aligned to some larger number?
21:27Wildgoose say, at least 8 byte alignment, which is giving enough room for it not to show up...?
21:27Wildgoose tenuous... Any ideas on how to get gcc to build me something similar so I can test my hunch?
21:28Wildgoose dopester: you catching any of this?
21:28* thor_ gazes at the ceiling in ignorance
21:29Chutt valgrind should flag off by ones
21:33Wildgoose Well, the docs imply it might not... I dont really understand the testing it does well enough to comment though.
21:33Wildgoose Perhaps it's a "use after free" then?
21:34Wildgoose The code which is getting trampled is a stack allocation, but still, it's wierd...
21:34Wildgoose Also, why is it not die-ing under valgrind...? Must be something to do with the way valgrind is allocating memory..?
21:35Chutt it flags all that
21:35thor_ well, just run everything in valgrind then (you may need a slightly faster box though)
21:35Chutt unless it's a timing issue, then valgrind can change that
21:35Wildgoose Yep, it's all running under valgrind and I have --trace-children as well
21:36Wildgoose agree though on the timing possibility, the box is pegged 100% and not keeping up...
21:37Wildgoose chutt: Do you have any insight on my segfault on the preview video?
21:37Wildgoose the GetFrame function seems to be returning junk?
21:37Wildgoose Backtrace was posted a few days ago
21:37Wildgoose It's been a long standing issue, but I have had a hard time getting a backtrace before
21:37Chutt nope
21:37Wildgoose Did you look at the BT...?
21:37Chutt yup
21:37Chutt didn't see anything wrong with it
21:37Wildgoose hmm
21:38Wildgoose Err, well didn't it have a duff buffer pointer?
21:38Wildgoose but otherwise the frame looked ok?
21:38Wildgoose it's always the same frame in the preview which crashes it
21:38Wildgoose So once you can find a duff video then it's always repeatable
21:39Chutt simply knowing that it's bad pointer doesn't really help fix anything
21:39Chutt where's my info i requested on the goom stuff?
21:39Chutt i figured that'd take about 30 seconds to get.
21:39Wildgoose Thought occurs that it could be due to corrupted frames since this is DVB. Perhaps there are conditions where the decoder cant decode the frame and returns nothing?
21:40thor_ dopester, same deal steady 97% signal strength, but "Timeout Scanning Channel"
21:40Chutt shouldn't ever return nothing
21:40Wildgoose Yeah, yeah... Been at work all day, then came home and the baby was screaming all evening. Wife has gone to bed and it's now 2:40am and this is the first time I have to look at the video problems...
21:40Wildgoose I need to roll back to my old code if I can't get this fixed because I just can't record anything at the moment (which is a bummer)
21:42Chutt what version of mysql are you using?
21:43Chutt ah, i see the issue with the preview window.
21:43Chutt nothing major
21:44Wildgoose really?
21:44Chutt should be an easy fix
21:44Chutt what version of mysql are you using.
21:44Wildgoose Cool. What is it?
21:44Wildgoose Mysql 4.0.22
21:44Wildgoose Same as before though...
21:44Chutt and where's the goom info? :p
21:44Wildgoose ok, ok. Getting it now
21:44Wildgoose back in 10
21:46dopester wildgoose: i saw you say "wretched dvb code"
21:46--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
21:47dopester thor: do you know what frequency anything you need is on?
21:47thor_ channel major and minor?
21:47dopester frequency
21:47thor_ ah, nope
21:47dopester i wonder how the samsung does its scan
21:48dopester i THOUGHT i should get a vct for every valid channel
21:48dopester how many entries in dtv_multiplex did it add?
21:48thor_ 1 sec
21:48Wildgoose dopester: well, nothing intended at you, just flexing my frustration at this regular segfault. Sorry for that
21:49dopester np.. only possible segfaults im aware of are related to getting lost parsing tables but ive only seen it from time to time with a really bad signal
21:49thor_ dopster, 75
21:49dopester lord..
21:49Wildgoose "Alias" for example is a 40 minute show and is in 6 parts due to the backend crashing. Sometimes it stays up for 10 mins or more, but that is just lucky...
21:49thor_ ah, that's cause it never cleared old ones out
21:50Wildgoose I have posted some details on the segfaults to the list, they are always in the same place and look like something is clobbering the stack..?
21:50dopester ok please clear it and re-do the scan with 256 should get a starting point so i can see how i need to do this scan better
21:50thor_ on the qam_64 run, about 25
21:50thor_ k
21:50dopester chutt: you got any time for me to bounce some digital tuning concepts off of ya?
21:51Chutt nope
21:52Wildgoose dopester: you ignoring me now...
21:54Wildgoose Hmm, interesting, just compiled with "-mpreferred-stack-boundary=3" and now it still crashes, but it's crashing in a different place... Looking like something mashing the stack...
21:55--- <<-- jasonb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:56Chutt you need to disable optimizations when you compile in debug mode, btw.
21:56Chutt and no funky cflags
21:56dopester naw i was folding laundry sorry..
21:56dopester back now
21:56Chutt that's why some of the line numbers don't match up.
21:58--- <<-- MajestiK [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:00Wildgoose I only changed the default compile debug flags just now, and only to check out this other bug. Probably the lines don't match up due to some changes in my local tree. I have some extra debug lines here and there to do some timings on stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience of course...
22:00--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
22:01Wildgoose dopester: I think there is some funny trashing of the stack going on. I have an NPTL glibc at the moment which might be why I see it and you don't?
22:01--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
22:02Wildgoose Hmm, adding in that -mpreferred-stack-boundary has completely changed the place it's segfaulting...
22:07Wildgoose Chutt: Looks like my goom "fix" might not be so good after all
22:07Wildgoose Will send private mail
22:08Chutt try changing the name of the Status(QString) signal in the dvbsignalmonitor.cpp file as well.
22:13thor_ dopester, 17 rows in set (0.00 sec)
22:13dopester thor: you used dvbsnoop before?
22:13Chutt or converting the Status(QString) to be Status(const QString &)
22:14Chutt (and change anything that connects to it, obviously)
22:14thor_ not on QAM (I don't have current CVS of dvb tools)
22:16dopester just add the azap patch to azap (
22:17dopester that only connects to the scan wizard code which isn't used while hte backend is up
22:19thor_ okey dokey
22:19--- <<-- MajestiK [] has quit (Connection timed out)
22:19thor_ azap ??
22:21thor_ I'm guessing I need to do something QAM'ish to ~/.azap/channels.conf ?
22:21jams thor_, yeah dopester has a channels.conf for qam on his site
22:22--- ---> dem [] has joined #mythtv
22:22thor_ ah, yes
22:22dopester id just use the ones it scanned into dtv_mutliplex to start your search
22:22dem anyone got a clue what's going on with the pvr 250's
22:22dopester need to see if you can get vcts on any of those frequencies
22:22--- <<-- orion2012 [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:22* thor_ is moving files around
22:23dem can't find em anymore, i wanted to get a second one, and everyplace it's sold out, or out of stock?
22:23jams dopester, I can try the 64 stuff tomorrow if you want
22:23--- ---> orion2012 [] has joined #mythtv
22:25thor_ dopester, first try: status 1f | signal f840 | snr d4ae | ber 00007ff8 | unc 0000000d | FE_HAS_LOCK
22:26--- <<-- orion2012 [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:27Wildgoose Chutt: I see what you might be getting at with the "const", but since it's allocated once per loop, can it really get trodden on by something it's passed to?
22:28Chutt nope
22:28Wildgoose I don't quite see where you are going by renaming it though? Do you suspect some compiler bug?
22:28Chutt could always move the declaration out of the loop, too
22:28Chutt yup, in the overloading
22:28Chutt since it's a signal, not a 'real' function.
22:28Wildgoose Indeed. That would probably also save quite a lot of thrashing as well
22:28Chutt naw
22:28Chutt that's all low overhead
22:29Wildgoose I'm compiling up now with the signal defined as "const" in the .h file. That what you had in mind?
22:29dopester thor_: dvbsnoop 0x1ffb and see if you get anything returned
22:29--- ---> orion2012 [] has joined #mythtv
22:30Wildgoose I'm also changing that compile flag to change alignment so I can see how the crashes are changing... Seems to be causing different things to happen which seems to confirm something getting trampled...
22:30Chutt possibly.
22:30Chutt wildgoose, no, const &
22:30Chutt const QString &
22:30Chutt and you need to change the couple places which attach to that signal
22:31thor_ dopester, should that take a while?
22:32dopester thor_: nope.. if you don't see something after about 5 seconds move on to the next channel
22:32Wildgoose thanks
22:33thor_ ah, ok ... where do come up with 0x1ffb -like values ?
22:34--- ---> Hamsta [] has joined #mythtv
22:36dopester thor_: english please? :)
22:37thor_ you said move on to the next channel ... with dvbsnoop or with azap?
22:37dopester azap
22:37dopester and repeat the 0x1ffb test
22:37thor_ ah
22:37thor_ k
22:37dopester just to make sure dvbsnoop is working do dvbsnoop 0 and you should get SOMETHING
22:39thor_ nope
22:40thor_ with azap running and FE_LOCKED, dvbsnoop 0 gives no output
22:40thor_ dvbsnoop V1.3.77
22:41dopester try a few some of those multiplexes could be cable modem downlinks
22:43thor_ just to be clear, I am doing "azap C86", "azap C123" etc, which are channels I know work (from the Samsung)
22:43thor_ if I do any other channels, I get no FE_HAS_LOCK
22:44dopester yeah thats fine
22:44thor_ and in no case does dvbsnoop 0 produce any output
22:44dopester the 86 might not be correct tbh you might want to validate hte frequency field from dtv_multiplex with a cxx entry in channels.conf
22:44thor_ ah, ok ... will have a look
22:45dopester the frequencies as far as i know are right but 86 isn't 86 i don't think
22:46dopester if anyone has cablelabs docs please send em so i don't have to deal with this mess :)
22:48--- <<-- Hamstaman [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:49thor_ Well, I seem to be getting clear signal and FE_HAS_LOCK on any channel that the samsung gets, and no/bad signal without a lock on anything the samsung doesn't get
22:49thor_ using your channels.conf
22:50dopester ok well thats a starting pont
22:50dopester whats dvbsnoop 0 return on one you get a fta signal on?
22:50thor_ nothing
22:51thor_ well, hang on, what's fta?
22:51thor_ ah, nm
22:51--- ---> HRearden__ [] has joined #mythtv
22:51thor_ the samsung only gets unencrypted, if that's your question
22:51dopester bad terminology when used in a cable contenxt
22:52dopester free to air
22:52thor_ (it's not a comcast provided thing, just an off-the-shelf QAM tuner)
22:52dopester yeah i understand that
22:52--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
22:52dopester do you get channel names or anything on the samsung?
22:53thor_ ah, no I don't think so ... lemme check
22:55thor_ no names in OSD, no guide data either
22:55dopester so on the stb you said 84-X were some you get?
22:56--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
22:56thor_ other than pay per view/music/etc., the CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS stuff is 122.x, 123.x, and 124.x
22:56dopester AHHHHH...
22:56dopester the driver i wrote capped the top frequency at 806mhz
22:57dopester its really 860
22:57dopester there is a patch for that, thats already in dvb-kernel cvs
22:57dopester well ota is 806, cable is 860
22:58dopester i think the dvb drivers aren't even trying to tune those
22:58dopester hrmm.. that might not be it either.. hrmm..
22:58thor_ well, there's almost always stuff on 86, 87, 88, 89, 'cause that's PPV
22:58dopester try azaping 123 and see if you get a lock
22:59dopester opencable sends its channels si table out of band
22:59dopester so it wont be present on the tuned frequency
22:59dopester they only seem to send a vct if there is anything in the clear
22:59thor_ both "azap 123" and "azap C123" get an FE lock
22:59dopester azap c123 and then dvbsnooping 0x1ffb
23:00dopester the out of band stuff is a real pisser cause thats where the guide and channel names are
23:00dopester but its qpsk not qam
23:00dopester so no way to even tune to it and get the good stuff with any of the pc cards out there
23:01HRearden__ dopester -- when using azap with this stuff, what channels.conf are you using -- where can I get a copy?
23:01thor_ nothing on dvbsnoop
23:01dopester try dvbsnoop 0
23:01thor_ FE has a solid lock
23:01dopester try running femon in a seperate window and see if it keeps the lock just by chance
23:02dopester some version of the dvb drivers put the frontend to sleep if it doesn't think you are using it
23:02--- <<-- dem [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:02dopester dvbsnoop runs passively so it might ont think its using the card
23:02thor_ dvbsnoop 0, nothing
23:02dopester damn thats weird
23:02thor_ femon has a lock as well
23:02dopester and this card works with ota (8vsb)?
23:03thor_ yes
23:03--- <<-- rkulagow_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:04--- ---> riley [] has joined #mythtv
23:04dopester man im kinda stumped.. no si tables at all.. seems odd as hell..
23:05dopester you have 1 dvb card?
23:05thor_ heh, yup
23:05dopester you rebooted / rmmodded the drivers?
23:06thor_ not in the last hour. no
23:07--- <--- riley [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:07dopester well last hour should be ok
23:07dopester could i maybe poke around a bit and see what i can see?
23:07thor_ hang on, rebooting
23:07dopester np
23:08dopester id just try manually doing what the scan is
23:08dopester if you get nothing on pid 0 thats a bad sign
23:08--- <<-- NemLappy^ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:09thor_ hmmm .... now how do I make monowall forward ssh ?
23:09--- <<-- lotia [] has quit ()
23:09dopester i get that a tad here on a few channels but i have to assume thats cable mode downlink channels
23:09dopester ssh and screen would be ok so you can see me screwing around
23:09thor_ let me try and figure this out
23:10thor_ (monowall port forwarding)
23:12--- ---> lotia [] has joined #mythtv
23:15HRearden__ dopester, if you do azap -r and then in another session cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 to a file, do you get something -- i only get a 0 length file.
23:16dopester i dont htink the dvr device works for most cards
23:16dopester it may be deprecated tbh
23:16HRearden__ any other command line utils to get the stream out that you know work with dvb/qam?
23:16dopester dvbstream works fine
23:17dopester dvbsnoop and dvbstream are really all you need to validate it works ok
23:17thor_ you have mail
23:17dopester thor_: if you can't get it in a few minutes it will have to be later.. i gotta get to bed.. i have to drive to charlotte to give a presentation tomorrow
23:18dopester k let me check it
23:18HRearden__ ok. with dvbstream, i don't need azap running, right?
23:19dopester im in
23:19--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
23:19thor_ yup
23:23dopester see my /msg?
23:35--- <--- okare [] has left #mythtv ()
23:42--- <<-- thor_ [~thor@] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
23:45--- <<-- ahbritto [] has quit (Client Quit)
23:56--- <<-- HRearden__ [] has quit ("Leaving")
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