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00:20Captain_Murdo| anyone else update to cvs after the big commit? :)
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00:27Captain_Murdo| nevermind, committed my compilation fix anyway. couldn't find usleep so I added an include for unistd.h to mythdbcon.cpp
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00:28Captain_Murdo| still compiling but nothing else found weird so far. have to hit the bed anyway, will check it when I get up.
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01:53juggler yo
01:53juggler i have a reliable mythfrontend coredump when I try to watch tv
01:54juggler is there any way I can help debug this?
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02:23juggler n
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06:24johnp_ That big commit broke the DVB build
06:24johnp_ I was working on a patch this morning, but got called into work :/
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08:42_GeckoFiend aaaaaaak my wallpaper is a picture of Bill Gates from teen beat magazine!
08:42* _GeckoFiend forgot to lock his workstation last night
08:42dja :)
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09:22Anduin are the plugin patches currently being worked on? (yes I read the thread, I'm volunteering to do one or more if someone isn't actively doing them right now)
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11:25Captain_Murdo| -dev post synopsis... "I'm a moron and upgraded to latest mythtv CVS and I don't follow the commit logs. Now all my plugins are broke. When are you gonna fix it?"
11:28Anduin In all fairness it was the last line, who reads the last line!
11:28Captain_Murdo| :)
11:29Anduin I knew it was broken when I updated, my only concern is with helping fix it if that will make it happen faster.
11:30Captain_Murdo| I updated just so I could test compile it to give it exposure. I only compile the plugins on my dev box if I have to touch one of them for some reason or when I compile a new "release" (aka cvs update) to put on my production boxes.
11:45kvandivo amazing how many bits can be sent over the ether for useless discussion
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12:15Chutt heh
12:15Chutt anduin, the plugins should be converted more quickly - they're already fairly close to what's needed.
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13:24Anduin Chutt - does that mean you wouldn't mind me doing it and sending it in? Or is it being done? (I have some time today)
13:31Chutt i believe it's being done, but, if you want to possibly duplicate effort.. :p
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13:43Anduin Yeah, it is the duplicate effort I was trying to save, if it isn't in by tonight then I'll risk duplication.
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14:00Chutt anduin, sounds good to me
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14:17Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I'm compiling the 2 dvb compile fix patches from Daniel & John right now and will commit in a few minutes if it compiles OK.
14:17Chutt great
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14:20Captain_Murdo| went to bed last night before my test compile finished and didn't get a chance to look at it this morning so I assumed it went ok when I didn't see others complain. I have been able to compile with DVB support on my dev box and just "make install" that to my air2pc slave without any problems though, so I can just keep 1 copy of the tree to save time/space.
14:40Anduin So MSqlQuery has no default ctor, or a ctor which takes a query, is this intentional? (It would seem having a default which just did ::InitCon wouldn't be too evil a default)
14:41Chutt yeah
14:41Chutt it was to make the conversion more obvious - ie., break all the old stuff
14:42Chutt it was a realy big change :(
14:42Chutt really, too.
14:44Chutt i figure once everything's fixed, we can do a big search'n'replace and move everything that does MSqlQuery(::InitCon) to just MSqlQuery()
14:44Anduin Yeah, it just catches the case where you weren't passing a db in anyway though right? Or might need to pass in the new query info... I guess.
14:44Anduin Ok.
14:44Chutt there's only a couple cases where we _don't_ want to grab a new connection from the pool.
14:45Anduin Yeah, that was what I was thinking... took a look at the first few required changes and then got confused by the fact that what I want most often isn't the default.
14:46Anduin No matter really, just checking.
14:46Chutt what'd you mean about the 'no new deps' thing the other day?
14:46thor_ is avalanche (sp?) working on modules, or should I start with, say, mythdvd ?
14:46Chutt he was going to do em, but i don't know what his schedule is like
14:46Anduin Chutt - maybe my too liberal interpretation of what you mean when you say no new deps. When I had looked at doing SOAP or SOAP like axis seemed the easy choice
14:47thor_ k
14:47Chutt for a new _external_ dep, it has to be available everywhere, in the default distros
14:47Chutt i don't have a problem integrating things into the source
14:47Chutt and a new build-time only dep is fine
14:47Anduin Chutt - yeah, I was starting to think that might be the case.
14:48Chutt build-time only external dep, that is
14:48Chutt so if it was some preprocessor or whatnot, etc..
14:48Chutt if soap can be made reasonably fast, i don't see why it can't be used
14:48Chutt i think i'm being reasonable wrt all that
14:49Anduin Yeah, I don't really but into the current MythSOAP plans, I was going to extract the protocol portion and reuse that, maybe use wsdl for clients that can use it...
14:49Anduin er buy
14:51Chutt hell, it'd be nice to push the networking layer to another library
14:51Chutt i wouldn't have to maintain it anymore =)
14:51Anduin I would like a new myth protocol though, I just didn't want to encourage anyone to go away and come back with a new protocol, I'm certain more people than just me would like to have at least an opportunity to look at it beforehand.
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14:57Chutt apparently, i need to change my release schedule to put out a new release after every bugfix
14:57johnp__ don't we all :P
14:57Chutt 0.18's mid march, btw.
14:58Chutt hopefully i'll get my air2pc setup and bang on the dvb stuff myself a bit
14:58johnp__ BTW, I've nearly got scanwiz into some kind of shape. I'm just waiting on dopster and Jesper to ok it.
14:59Chutt cool.
14:59johnp__ less signals etc. (ahem)
14:59_rkulagow_ chutt: is plextor sending you one of those ConvertX boxes?
14:59Chutt yeah
14:59Chutt someone needs to send me a pvr-usb2 :p
15:00Chutt their stuff looks like it'll be easy to integrate
15:01Chutt just be using the v4l2 stuff in NuppelVideoRecorder, but it'll grab compressed frames instead of uncompressed
15:02Chutt so, it'll be using the .nuv format still
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15:06Captain_Murdo| some people will never get it... "You want people to use your neat product." no, not really, Chutt & devs are _letting_ them use it.
15:07Captain_Murdo| this thread is kinda funny at points.
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15:09Wildgoose Chutt: I think I have traced my constant segfaults to a checking done sometime on the 13th Feb
15:09Chutt 13th?
15:09Wildgoose However, looking through the list of checkins, the only thing which stands out as even vaguely possible to cause this is the scheduler.cpp change
15:09Wildgoose Can you please eyeball it and see if you think it could cause some bug like I am seeing?
15:10Wildgoose Date:13th Feb 05:35
15:10Chutt sure, one sec
15:10Wildgoose The only other code change is the one in avformatdecoder.cpp
15:10Chutt but that wouldn't crash the backend
15:10Wildgoose Agreed
15:10Chutt well, it _could_, but, it's unlikely
15:10Wildgoose Hence, the only thing I can see is the backend/scheduler.cpp change
15:11Wildgoose Well, I just built from 14th and it crashes within secs
15:11Wildgoose On the 13th code it is up and recording right now...
15:11Chutt well, if you can narrow it down more..
15:11Wildgoose I tried lots of other versions from 31st jan up to 14th feb before I found this bracket
15:11Wildgoose Can do. I will revert out that change and see if it's the one
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15:11Chutt jan 31st works fine, too?
15:11Wildgoose Will take a few hours because the evening viewing just started...
15:12Wildgoose Yep, everything before 14th Feb works fine
15:12_GeckoFiend Chutt I'll mkae a note of that change channel browse mode thing for when I'm going trhough the settings stuff on friday
15:12Wildgoose 14th Feb and 28th Feb both crash for me (haven't tried in between)
15:12Chutt geckofiend, cool
15:12Chutt no sense in trying in between
15:12Wildgoose agree
15:12Chutt i don't see anything obviously wrong in the scheduler.cpp change
15:12Wildgoose OK, next stop is to revert the change to scheduler.cpp and see what happens
15:12Chutt so, if you can verify that it _is_ that
15:12Wildgoose OK, will report back later
15:12Wildgoose Cheers
15:12Chutt cool, thanks
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15:24Captain_Murdo| Chutt, only reason I didn't make browse mode the default when I added that feature was cause I figured somebody out there wouldn't like it so I made people turn it on to use it. :) I have it on as well (for the rare time I use LiveTV).
15:24Chutt yup
15:25Chutt that's cool.
15:25Captain_Murdo| love that feature on my DishNetwork receiver.
15:31_GeckoFiend I alwasy use the program guide for changing channels myself
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15:44thor_ I'm just going to buy 125 PVR-250s and constantly record everything, much simpler that way
15:44Chutt heh
15:50thor_ wholy friggin avalanche, he's a machine
15:51thor_ holy, even
15:52Chutt heh
15:52Chutt yeah, he does good stuff
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15:58sniffer qwertzz
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15:59Chutt thor, he might not do mfd/mfe, though, i dunno
15:59Chutt since they're not really in use yet..
16:01Captain_Murdo| thor, better to wait for support for that Plextor USB gadget then you can put them on much fewer machines using USB vs PCI. :)
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16:23Anduin avalanche isn't here?
16:23Chutt he's only got dialup
16:24Anduin ah, looks like a file was missed for mythdvd (dvdripbox), I'll spam -dev
16:25Anduin ok, more than a file
16:26Chutt heh
16:26Chutt thanks
16:26Anduin yeah, there is one more I missed, sending soon.
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17:13thor_ I'm doing mfd now
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17:21Chutt funky
17:21Chutt my work computer spontaneously rebooted itself
17:21Chutt and got stuck on the post screen
17:25mikegrb sounds like hardware, they should buy you a new one and give that to me
17:26Chutt hope it isn't hardware :(
17:26Chutt this is the "new" box
17:26Chutt hah
17:26Chutt vpn rsa key was all 9's
17:27Chutt that's secure
17:27thor_ man, the Myth Mac OSX package works amazingly well
17:31gr8nash anyone got a link or model number to this plextor device you guys keep talking about?
17:32mikegrb thor_:
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17:34thor_ mikegrb, The requested URL /rasterbate.jpg was not found on this server.
17:34mikegrb :O
17:34mikegrb silly me
17:34mikegrb it turned out much better then I thought, and now heidi wants more of them to put up on the walls
17:35thor_ exceedingly cool
17:35thor_ gimp?
17:35mikegrb nah there's a website, I'll have to find the url
17:35mikegrb generates a pdf
17:36Chutt hmm
17:36mikegrb going to print another one then trim the white borders off and frame them with this very narrow border frames we have then hang all the frames up
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17:37mikegrb thor_:
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17:39thor_ cool
17:41thor_ I moved the kids to a dot mac account ( They just make it so easy (camera, usb, mac, click click)
17:41mikegrb yes
17:41mikegrb mac stuff in general is easy
17:43kvandivo easy stuff for easy.. ahh. nevermind
17:43mikegrb kvandivo: exactly
17:43mikegrb kvandivo: your mommie must have had loads of time raising you!
17:43mikegrb kvandivo: tell her I pitty her next time you talk to her ;)
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17:48mikegrb it is amazing how fast something as simple as a refregerated teething ring can bring peace to our house
17:49gr8nash mikegrb amen to that
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17:58Beirdo I'd bet a few drops of booze would too, but it's hardly the "correct" way :)
17:59mikegrb I'm out too
17:59mikegrb had a few beers last night at a poker night though ;)
18:00johnp__ quick UI style question for someone : In setup which is the preferred location for trigger combo boxes. Inside the pane with the controls which change (e.g videosources), or outside, (e.g capture cards) ?
18:01johnp__ or should I not care :)
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19:03thor_ anyone even understand that ASCII art?
19:08Anduin anyone actually run with the new db patches? (it is probably something on my end, would just like to check)
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19:15Icemaann damn ffmpeg wont build with pp support. libavcodec.a never has pp_get_context defined
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19:18Chutt anduin, i haven't yet.
19:19Anduin Chutt - I'm getting a column out of range message... I'm tracking it down.
19:19Chutt heh
19:19Chutt there's likely a few bugs here and there
19:19Anduin Yeah, currently no play... glad I checked now :)
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19:25Anduin just incase there was any doubt, yeah, my fault, apparently I was too quick resolving conflicts in mainserver
19:25Chutt ah
19:25Chutt i think datadirect might be busted
19:26Chutt but should be an easy fix
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20:56lofi-rev I have an Epia M10K with a PVR-350 and would like to be able to use the onboard video for a second x server, but when the X for the PVR tv-out starts it grabs control from the onboard video - any ideas?
20:59Anduin only the one that this might not be the best channel
21:06lofi-rev Anduin, I figured this would be the most likely channel with people using similar hardware
21:06Anduin lofi-rev - I'd try #mythtv-users, then the ivtv ml.
21:09lofi-rev Anduin, thanks
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23:27linagee what is it with strategically placed commercials in shows? soon PVRs won't work anymore.
23:29linagee formula is: "replace all common nouns with name brands." LOL
23:29Beirdo PVRs will work as long as we can record. and I'm sure you meant to be in #mythtv-users for this rant
23:30linagee Beirdo: oh, whoops. :)
23:30linagee Beirdo: what if it has some effect on the programmers though? ;-)
23:30Beirdo it doesn't particuarly :)
23:30linagee Beirdo: ??? mythtv programmers don't eat their own dogfood?
23:31Beirdo huh?
23:31linagee Beirdo: mythtv programmers don't use their own creation
23:31linagee ?
23:31Beirdo if this isn't about development issues, it's the wrong channel
23:32Beirdo as a general rule
23:32linagee Beirdo: what if it's a rant like, "microsoft windows home media edition" is the dumbest thing ever
23:32linagee -users?
23:32Beirdo certainly not here
23:32GreyFoxx anywhere but here
23:32linagee :(
23:33linagee i don't get it. why isn't #mythtv a general topic and #mythtv-dev or something... you see what i'm getting at. ;-)
23:34Chutt because this is my channel
23:34Chutt and i make the rules.
23:35GreyFoxx Sounds reasonable to me :)
23:35Beirdo Yup.
23:36Beirdo and I'm sure Chutt's heard that argument at least a hundred times. Obviously he has his reasons, so live with it :)
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