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01:17Chutt heh
01:17Chutt i remember neil
01:17Chutt crazy
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03:18woodefec hey there
03:18woodefec i have just compiled the mythtv from sources
03:19woodefec it asks me about access to mysql database - well - i have it instaled but i know totally nothing about that
03:19Chutt read the docs, you missed steps.
03:19Chutt as well as the topic of this channel.
03:21woodefec Chutt: thx
03:21woodefec ill go to the other chan
03:21woodefec but one thing: does it mean i need to install it again?
03:21Chutt no, it means you need to read the docs.
03:22woodefec :D
03:24woodefec ok i might be wanting to read te docs i got with mythtv
03:24woodefec c u
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09:50_rkulagow_ comp8sync
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10:03_GeckoFiend chutt around?
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11:24Wildgoose dopester: you around?
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11:29johnp Wildgoose, He'll be at work, no irc
11:33johnp He'll probably be around @ 11:00pm GMT
11:34Wildgoose Aha, john, perhaps you can help
11:34johnp go on
11:34Wildgoose I have traced my segfaults back to Jan 26th cvs dies. Jan 22nd cvs ok... Biggest change in between is the new dvb stuff...
11:35Wildgoose I'm pretty sure it's the new cvs code which is causing massive numbers of segfaults for me on all recent cvs builds
11:35johnp well that narrows it down :)
11:35Wildgoose Now, here are the symptoms. What I would like is some advice on disabling bits of code to try and narrow it down please?
11:35Wildgoose OK
11:35Wildgoose It's more frequent when recording. In fact it might only be when recording
11:36Wildgoose It seems to be slightly more frequent on channel changing. But perhaps not
11:36Wildgoose It happens even when just recording and with no frontend
11:36johnp did you change those deletes to delete[] ?
11:36Wildgoose It's always a memory problem with new/free in libstdc++ via libqt-mt
11:36Wildgoose Yep. No change
11:37Wildgoose I also patched the mysql libs like suggested in another thread and have also tried very latest cvs
11:37Wildgoose I have a feeling it might be to do with the background sip parser/scanner
11:37Wildgoose Is there something like that which runs more frequently while recording is going on?
11:37johnp hmm well that should be easy to disable
11:37Wildgoose In fact ny code at all which is looping fast during recordings only?
11:38Wildgoose OK, fire away
11:38Wildgoose I have a brandnew up to date cvs fresh checked out now
11:38johnp Hang on, I'll have to look myself
11:38johnp you've switched off EIT ?
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11:39Wildgoose Yep, never turned it on
11:40johnp I *think* that setting scanner to null line 97 tv_rec.cpp should do it
11:40johnp might be a few issues that aren't caught by it.
11:41Wildgoose ok, can I still get live tv then, or schedule some shows to record?
11:41johnp I think it's more of a nicety than a requirement
11:41johnp it went in quite late.
11:41johnp don't create the thread on the next line either.
11:42johnp you're not OnDemand ing are you ?
11:42Wildgoose nope
11:42johnp just a thought
11:42Wildgoose nor ts recording
11:43johnp It's really weird, been running this stuff for ages and not seen a problem.
11:43Wildgoose Hmm, fair enough
11:44Wildgoose I get a segfault usually within minutes
11:44Wildgoose Any recording sees segfaults about every 5-10 mins
11:44Wildgoose I have tried turning off nptl, no joy
11:44Wildgoose also it doesn't segfault under valgrind (which is very strange)
11:45Wildgoose Changing the compile flags for stackalignment changes where the crash occurs which leads me to think it might be some local variable which is getting clobbered and overwriting something else later
11:45Wildgoose qt 3.3.3
11:46Wildgoose Backend also uses up about 7% cpu on my P2.8...
11:46Wildgoose I assume thats the scanner running?
11:47johnp hmm 2% on my P3.0
11:47johnp (when not doing anything much)
11:47Wildgoose Hmm, still drawing 6% right now. I think a signal monitor thread is starting? Where would I find that?
11:48johnp dvbchannel
11:48johnp think that's an easy stop
11:48Wildgoose ok, is this ok to disable?
11:48johnp think so
11:48Wildgoose died almost immediately I hit live tiv...
11:49Wildgoose 0xb66129cf in _int_malloc () from /lib/
11:49Wildgoose I see a lot of that
11:49johnp make sure it's not something that you've provoked by removing the scanner.
11:49Wildgoose this one came from jobqueuestart when the thread was initialising
11:49johnp ugh
11:50GreyFoxx oh :)
11:50Wildgoose They are somewhat random, but usually seem to be triggered by the qt strings memory allocs
11:50Wildgoose recompiling with proper debug symbols. Hang on. Will also disable the other scanner
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11:54Wildgoose OK, I think I have disabled that other scanner. Got the backend running long enough to change a few channels, so it's looking ok temporarily
11:54Wildgoose I get a lot of these: free(): invalid pointer 0x80b7388!
11:55Wildgoose How can I find out where they are coming from?
11:55Wildgoose They just scroll up the screen...
11:55johnp good question
11:55Wildgoose (Oh, now it segfaults in malloc_consolidate())
11:56Wildgoose Happened immediately after the scheduler ran and then this line appeared in the log: 2005-02-24 16:54:33.585 Started recording "To Trap a Spy" on channel: 5 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
11:56johnp could do with a debug allocator and a function that checks the heap/stack
11:56Wildgoose Is that a clue?
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11:57Wildgoose Is there such a tool?
11:57johnp I can only think of a commercial one
11:58Wildgoose Strange that valgrind isn't finding it?
11:58thor_ so probably a timing issue ....
11:58Wildgoose I could turn on a "hardened" kernel and see if that traps it. This adds canaries on most variables
11:58Wildgoose Agree
11:58johnp threads
11:59johnp Just spotted a pass by ref on a string for a signal
11:59Wildgoose I am using pthreads right now, but have tried nptl as well.
11:59Wildgoose hmm
12:00johnp I doubt that's the problem though. Especially since you've switched the scanner off.
12:00Wildgoose Isaac had suggested already turning one of the signal defs to pass by const Qstring &
12:00Wildgoose Yeah, just compiling up the version without the signal monitor as well
12:00Wildgoose Want to tell me the reference and I can put a printf on it to see if it's called at all?
12:01johnp ServiceScanUpdateText
12:02johnp What's the snow like down there then ?
12:02Wildgoose hardly any today
12:03Wildgoose just a bit of rain (south london)
12:03thor_ lots here
12:03Wildgoose pretty nasty a few days ago though
12:03Wildgoose Where are you?
12:03johnp Managed to get snowed in today :) Yorkshire
12:03thor_ D.C.
12:03Wildgoose Thor: I bet you get nice now though... not wet useless manky snow...
12:03Wildgoose now==snow
12:04thor_ lived in London for 3 years, despised winter there, really awful
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12:09johnp do you have a lot of scheduled recordings etc ?
12:09Wildgoose quite a few
12:09johnp I'm just wondering what's provoking this.
12:09Wildgoose I often schedule stuff to always record if it's a series and these mount up in the dead bin
12:10Wildgoose I can have a look, but I think it's between 40 and 100 schedules
12:10Wildgoose It's not crashing much at the moment. Often on channel change seems to provoke it. But even just sitting there recording something and it goes down every 5-10 mins
12:11Wildgoose ok, running now without siscanner and also without signal monitoring thread. That signal is definitely not firing
12:11johnp (didn't think it would be)
12:11Wildgoose agree
12:13Wildgoose cpu dropped off, so it looks like the signal monitoring thread consuming that 6% cpu...
12:13Wildgoose nothing died yet... Not conclusive, but interesting...
12:13johnp that's not good
12:13johnp 6%
12:13johnp start putting stuff back in ?
12:14johnp (after leaving it running for a while)
12:18Wildgoose hang on. Gotta test it for a good while
12:19Wildgoose Wasted all of yesterday thinking I had tracked it down when I just hadn't waited long enough
12:19Wildgoose Seems to happen more easily when the machine is under load, eg watching and recording, hence suspect timing or something else being part of the problem
12:21Wildgoose ok, it's not dying as fast, so I'm going to leave it recording for an hour or two and then start to suspect something in the signal monitor thread
12:21Wildgoose Will report back if it crashes, otherwise I think we may have localised it to the signal monitor
12:21Wildgoose Cheers
12:21johnp I think I'm going to download purify and try with that
12:21Wildgoose cool
12:22Wildgoose that would be really helpful
12:22johnp Well you never know.
12:22johnp Might find all kinds of nasties.
12:22Wildgoose that thread has turned up lots of may backtraces
12:23Wildgoose Isaac suggested changing some of the definitions on the signals, eg the emit in MonitorLoop in case of a compiler bug with qt
12:23johnp Well looking at the code, I'm beginning to wonder about it
12:23Wildgoose Where?
12:24johnp dunno how thread safe it is.
12:24Wildgoose The old signal monitor always used to segfault on me.... I assume this is a rewritten one....?
12:24johnp To some degree. I wasn't paying attention when Jesper moved it etc.
12:25Wildgoose Hmm, if it's the same old code, then it used to segfault all the time on me before...
12:25Wildgoose Backend is still alive by the way...
12:25johnp I think dopster fixed somethings with it.
12:27Wildgoose Where do you think it isn't threadsafe?
12:27Wildgoose Can't see anything too worrying myself?
12:27johnp I worry about the setting of exit and running, also the use of fdfrontend
12:28johnp It's probably fine and just me worrying.
12:28Wildgoose exit is never initialised?
12:29johnp in MonitorLoop
12:30Wildgoose Oh yeah. So you think the card fd is not safe too call from any other thread whenever it feels like?
12:30Wildgoose sounds plausible
12:30johnp Sounds plausible, but I thought it should be ok due to how it's used in dvbchannel
12:31johnp anyone got any thoughts as to why Chutt thinks a const ref is better than a QString in a signal ?
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12:41_GeckoFiend johnp Because a const ref is more efficient to pass around... Because you shouldn't be passing a non-const ref as a parameter unless you expect it to be modified...
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12:51Chutt whee
12:51_GeckoFiend he lives!
12:51Chutt barely
12:57johnp yeah, I get that. I guess I'm wondering if it's safe to pass a QString via a signal or if it needs to be copied in some form or is an emit thought to thread safe in some way.
12:58Chutt it should be safe
12:58johnp good enough for me
12:59Chutt it's _imagine_ that perhaps adding a new fd for that thread to read from might be better
12:59Chutt and that code really shouldn't be using signals, it should be sending events
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13:00Chutt maybe something's getting fucked up because it's trying to reuse the same fd in two different threads?
13:01_GeckoFiend Chutt heh I had started the don't use signals use events comment in response to johnp then backpsaced over it after you "it should be safe" comment
13:01Chutt signals get handled in the same thread they were sent from
13:01Chutt ie, they'd be in the signal monitor thread
13:01Chutt events get handled in the qt/ui thread
13:02Chutt so.. not great either way, but..
13:04johnp ok, I'll try and sort it out
13:04Chutt well, i wouldn't bother unless wildgoose reports back that it doesn't crash if that thread's disabled. =)
13:04johnp yeah
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13:56Wildgoose "Wildgoose reporting back...": It's still up and running, has recorded a couple of programs and has been left on live tv for a couple of hours now. This means it's almost 99% likely that it was the dvb signal strength monitor which has been causing my problems
13:58Wildgoose I'm going to assume its sorted though and try and get a working frontend now! Thanks John and others for helping me track this down
14:08Chutt you'll have to retest once johnp sees about changing it to use a different fd for that thread
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14:40_rkulagow_ so that plextor capture thing with the hardware mpeg-4. i'm assuming that since it will be hardware encoded you won't need to jump through hoops (endless bitching in -users about .nuv format and the mpeg-4 that it carries) to view it on windows machines / mplayer. it should be just like the pvr-250 files, right? mpeg-4 with a .nuv filename?
14:41Chutt nope.
14:42_rkulagow_ well, re-reading what i wrote i know pvr-250 is mpeg-2 with a .nuv filename. what's the "nope" apply to?
14:44thor_ still need 'um container format
14:47Chutt it doesn't produce a real file
14:47Chutt just compressed video frames
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14:49_rkulagow_ ah, there you go then.
14:54gr8nash is this the plextor device you are talking about PX-M402U?
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14:57gr8nash is it a taboo question?
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15:04Chutt err, what device did you think we were talking about?
15:04Chutt they've only got one hardware mpeg4 encoder.
15:07gr8nash ok i didnt know how many devices they had. thank you
15:07Chutt you could have figured that out by going to their website
15:07Chutt or reading the mailing lists.
15:08gr8nash i do read the mailing list religously
15:08gr8nash but i must have missed it
15:08Chutt there was a whole thread about it
15:08gr8nash k
15:08Chutt with the model #s in the subject, even
15:10johnp hmm, looks like I've got some work to do then.
15:10Chutt don't think it'd be difficult
15:11_GeckoFiend so this client has a moral officer who sends out a quote of the day.. I offered "Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."
15:11_GeckoFiend as a suggestion, and she accepted it
15:11Chutt just have to open another fd in DVBChannel::Open() and pass that to the signalmonitor class instead
15:11Chutt or pass in the cardnum and make the signalmonitor class handle it itself
15:12Chutt or just kill the thread entirely, and make it check the signal on demand from DVBChannel
15:13johnp right
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15:21Chutt johnp, err, is the only thing using the signalmonitor right now the scanner?
15:23TheWildgoose | Here's an annoying bug. If the backend dies while the frontend is viewing a show, then when the show ends the frontend comes up with the generic "backend gone away" msg, but then the main frontend window disappears, but the frontend doesn't actually "crash" properly and die (and hence my restart script doesn't restart it either). I think I posted a backtrace from this state a few days back, but it should be easy to repro.
15:24TheWildgoose | I haven't investigated how to fix it myself.... (Sorry). Babies crying and my folks fly in tomorrow... Desperately cleaning the house...
15:24Chutt heh
15:25TheWildgoose | by the way, the dvd strength monitor seems to run way too frequently. I should have thought once per sec was enough?
15:26Chutt i would have thought never would be enough, since nothing's using it apart from the scanwizard.
15:26Chutt but hey, not my code
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15:34TheWildgoose | agree
15:34TheWildgoose | Chutt: If you were able to fix that segfault on the preview screen, or drop me a private note on where I need to look to fix it myself I would be in seventh heaven!
15:35Chutt i know what i need to do to fix it
15:35Chutt hard to explain, though
15:35Chutt just have to find the time
15:39rt Q: using a bt878 and an 800mhz celeron, what video size/compression/framerate should I configure mythtv to use?
15:41Beirdo A: go to #mythtv-users
15:41* rt sighs.
15:41--- <--- rt [] has left #mythtv ()
15:47johnp I was just thinking about that. Think I'll try and sort that as well.
15:47johnp err, Monitor running too often that is.
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15:54johnp Wildgoose, which dvb driver are you using ?
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16:00mtjs anyone awake ?
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16:03TheWildgoose | johnp: I have two nova-t cards. One is the old one which uses the driver in kernel, the other is the very new version which needed a cvs fest of stuff to make it work in 2.6.9
16:03TheWildgoose | Oh, and I'm using 2.6 kernel with low latency stuff enabled. It's very low latency as well!
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16:05johnp I was wondering what size ints the frontend was expecting for the stat ioctls ? (Think they should be pointed to by function ptrs at the bottom of the frontend files)
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17:19johnp Wildgoose ?
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17:30johnp Well I've got a patch for signalmonitor. It now only runs if it's being used from scanwiz. (calls dup on the fd as well). I think the reason it ran all the time was a hangover from stat gathering which doesn't seem to happen now. The only other thing I've done is increase the size of two of the stat vars to 32bits.
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17:56TheWildgoose | Cool. Would be happy to test it out, especially if it just drops into cvs?
17:56TheWildgoose | My parents are about to arrive tomorrow, so it may take me a little while to test it though. Sorry
17:57TheWildgoose | Oh nuts, just realised you posted to the list... Sorry all
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18:12Dibblah Is anyone successfully running mysql-4.1 with current CVS?
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18:52Chutt geckofiend, around at all?
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19:13--- ---> pandect [] has joined #mythtv
19:13pandect Hello
19:14pandect Anybody here?
19:19--- ---> Skaface [] has joined #mythtv
19:25mikegrb nope
19:27pandect Awesome
19:28pandect I was thinking of building a MythTV Linux PVR -- but had a question before starting: Is HDTV over cable not supported by any capture cards? Or do some cards support this?
19:30thor_ whomever did that unique-identifier stuff needs to be strung up
19:32gecko chutt yeah
19:32--- User: *** gecko is now known as Geckofiend
19:33Geckofiend pandect QAM is supported yes. and see /topic for more info
19:33--- <<-- BlurredWe [] has quit (Connection timed out)
19:34--- ---> digitalb0y [] has joined #mythtv
19:35thor_ and have their ball sack placed in an hydraulic vice
19:35Geckofiend so how do you REALLY feel?
19:35Geckofiend let it all out
19:35Geckofiend stop holding back
19:36thor_ don't get me started
19:37NightMonkey pandect: Try #mythtv-users for that question.
19:38Chutt heh
19:38Chutt thor, what unique identifier stuff?
19:38thor_ as a substitute for hostname in settings
19:39pandect MightMonkey: The nice tip about QAM running over cable lines seems to be doing me well for now :)
19:39pandect thanks Geckofiend
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20:03--- <<-- pandect [] has quit ("Client Exiting")
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20:13--- ---> rw [] has joined #mythtv
20:17Chutt heh
20:18Chutt "Apple's management indicated it expects the long term trend for DVR appears to be headed toward commodity status, and we believe Apple wants to stay focused on selling select proven products."
20:18Captain_Murdo| kinda like mp3 players are commodities. :)
20:19Chutt heh
20:19Chutt well, you don't get a dvr free with your cable/satellite sub
20:21Chutt err, mp3 player
20:21Chutt not dvr
20:21Captain_Murdo| :)
20:24--- <<-- rw [marcelo@rw.user] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:26Geckofiend heh too bad the cable company DVRs suck so badly
20:28--- ---> rw [] has joined #mythtv
20:28Chutt eh, they'll all get better
20:29Geckofiend they're like the AOL of PVRs adds everywhere right now
20:32--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
20:37mikegrb Geckofiend: really, my cable company pvr had no ads
20:38Geckofiend the TW one in columbus my friend has is full of adds in the EPG
20:38* Captain_Murd never sees his cable company's ads.
20:38--- <<-- mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ()
20:38Captain_Murdo| ah, on-screen?
20:38Geckofiend yeah
20:40dopester yeah the guide of the ones ive seen here are littered with crap like that
20:41thor_ Chutt, where's that quote from?
20:41mikegrb that sucks
21:08--- ---> BlurredWe [] has joined #mythtv
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21:46--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
21:48Skaface sigh
21:49Skaface i have an analog tuner, and also a digital tuner
21:49Skaface i can get either of them working fine seperately
21:49Skaface but when i set up myth to use them both (different channels for each card) it only wants to change to the digital tuners channels
21:50Skaface it worked fine in the .16 cvs version that i had
21:50Skaface but not in this .17 release
21:50mikegrb your irc client is broken too
21:50Skaface why do you say that?
21:51mikegrb it's sending stuff to the wrong channel
21:51Skaface strange
21:51mikegrb or it could be user error just like your myth problem
21:51Skaface oh shit sorry
21:51Skaface wrong channel
21:51Skaface :D
21:52Skaface but you are quick to assume its a user error
21:52mikegrb you are quick to assume it isn't
21:52Skaface ive played around with it for about 3 hours
21:53mikegrb that doesn't change anything
21:53mikegrb I'd try #mythtv-users
21:53Skaface yeah thats where i meant to have this conversation
21:53Skaface sorry
21:54--- <<-- Flik [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:09--- ---> Flik [] has joined #mythtv
22:34--- ---> _hamsta_ [] has joined #mythtv
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23:28--- ---> Malinon [] has joined #mythtv
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23:34--- ---> Gorbulas|iBook [] has joined #mythtv
23:34Gorbulas|iBoo| my myth is busted :'(
23:35Gorbulas|iBoo| I have 6GB of free space, but the backend stops recording soon after it starts
23:35Gorbulas|iBoo| the only error message I can find is "strange error flushing buffer"
23:36Gorbulas|iBoo| could it be a v4l problem? I recently upgraded my kernel
23:37mikegrb you need to read stuff
23:37Gorbulas|iBoo| it records fine for a few minutes, but a few minutes only
23:37mikegrb like mythtv settings
23:37mikegrb and the channel topic
23:37Gorbulas|iBoo| where?
23:37Gorbulas|iBoo| I remembered the channel topic thing after about the third message
23:38mikegrb and you still continued?
23:38Gorbulas|iBoo| I'm used to #name being support and #name-dev being development
23:38mikegrb that maked you dumb
23:39Gorbulas|iBoo| but I do have something that would be more fitting to tell devs: I cannot change up channels, only down
23:39Gorbulas|iBoo| I changed to channel 8 a few days ago, and then I couldn't change back to 296
23:41mikegrb remember the topic thing
23:42Gorbulas|iBoo| I'm only reporting that it doesn't work so that a developer can look into it
23:42Gorbulas|iBoo| it might be related to external tuners being used on cards that have internal tuners
23:46mikegrb not interested
23:46mikegrb go to the user support channel
23:48--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
23:49--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:51Baylink mikegrb: mightn't you be being a *touch* rough on people who don't get it?
23:52mikegrb Baylink: nah
23:52mikegrb Baylink: being nice doesn't work
23:52mikegrb 95% of the time anyway
23:52Baylink I dunno, Beirdo and I seem to succeed with it, most of the time.
23:52mikegrb felt a little bit about that guy earlier, Skaface as he apologized for the mistake
23:52mikegrb but people like this guy keep going anyway
23:53Baylink Yeah, I know.
23:53Baylink ANd he's still not getting it, over there...
23:54Beirdo all your topics are belong to us
23:57--- ---> T` [] has joined #mythtv
23:57--- <--- T` [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
---Logclosed Fri Feb 25 00:00:37 2005